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德兴市妇幼保健院激光去红血丝多少钱上饶哪家去唇毛技术好的Chinese younger generation rediscovers ancient poem#39;s roots in music.中国的年轻一代在音乐中重现了古诗的根源。A piece of ancient Chinese poetry, which was written about 1,200 years ago, has recently become an online sensation among teenagers, after two young musicians composed a song for it.一首1200年前所写的中国诗词,在由两个年轻音乐人为其谱曲后,近日通过网络在年轻人中引起了轰动。Two days after a namesake song of the household ancient Chinese poem ;Song of a Pipa Player; was posted on Bilibili, a popular sharing website among the younger generation, it has aly earned over 20,000 hits and some 1,300 comments.在这首家喻户晓的诗词《琵琶行》的同名歌曲发布到哔哩哔哩--一个在年轻人中很流行的视频分享网站上两天之后,它就获得了超过2万的点击量和约1300条。Many teenagers liked and shared the five-minute song, saying that they finally found the ;correct way; to recite the ancient Chinese poems.很多青少年都对这个五分钟长的歌曲进行了点赞和分享,他们表示,自己终于找到了背古诗词的正确方式。The poem ;Song of a Pipa Player; was written by Bai Juyi, a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Consisting of over 600 characters, the poem is on the high school syllabus across China and is a must for the students to recite.《琵琶行》是中国唐代诗人白居易创作的。全篇共有600余字,是在全中国的高中教纲中都有的一首诗词,并要求学生们全文背诵。The composers of the song, named Qiran and Shenmiren online, are both online musicians. Qiran said he has been thinking of composing songs based on ancient poems since high school years.这首歌的作曲人在网上名叫奇然和沈谧仁,他们两人都是线上音乐人。奇然称,他从高中就开始打算以古诗作为基础来谱曲了。;I hated reciting poems during that time, so I made up some melodies to help, and it really helped,; said Qiran.奇然说道:“我那个时候很讨厌背诗,所以我编了些曲调来帮我记忆,而这真的很有效。”;It is a great pleasure to see so many high school students enjoying the song. If it helps them learn and recite the poems, we will continue to compose for sure. We hope that after listening to the whole album, they will get full marks in the Chinese examination,; he said.他表示:“看到那么多高中生都喜欢这首歌,我感到很开心。如果这能够帮他们学习和背诵这些诗,我们一定会继续谱曲的。我希望他们在听完整张专辑后,能够在语文考试中拿到满分。” /201705/508877上饶市立医院去眼袋多少钱 Google has partnered with a young UK designer to create what they claim to be are the world’s only ‘really blue’ jeans.谷歌和一位年轻的英国设计师合作,制作出了据称是全世界仅有的“真蓝色”牛仔裤。The designs are the latest phase of Google’s alliance with the fashion industry (they’ve previously collaborated with Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors to launch their new Pixel smartphone ‘Really Blue’ edition).该作品是谷歌和时尚业联手的最新进展,此前谷歌还与杰瑞米?斯科特和迈克高仕品牌合作发布了新款“真蓝版”Pixel智能手机。The work of Cambridge-born designer Christian Cowan - who has designed outfits for some of the world’s biggest names, including Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus - the jeans are designed to match the new phone.出生于剑桥郡的克里斯蒂安?考恩是“真蓝”牛仔裤的设计师,他曾为世界上最大牌的一些名人设计过装,包括嘎嘎夫人和麦莉?塞勒斯,设计该牛仔裤是为了和新款“真蓝”手机配套。Fresh from his debut runway show at New York Fashion Week, the Central St Martins graduate’s brief was to redefine what we think of everyone’s favourite fashion staple.考恩刚刚参加完伦敦时尚周的T台首秀,这位毕业于中央圣马丁艺术设计学院的设计师想要重新定义我们对这件人见人爱的时尚必备单品的看法。Alas, Cowan designed the jeans in the bluest blue after scouring dye houses all over New York City to find an exact match to the phone cover.在扫荡了纽约所有的染坊之后,考恩终于找到了和手机外壳完全搭配的蓝色染料,并设计出了最蓝的蓝色牛仔裤。Interestingly they also feature just one pocket instead of the usual five - because we do everything on our phones, says Google.有趣的是,这款牛仔裤只有一个口袋,而不是普通牛仔裤常有的五个口袋,谷歌表示,这是因为我们什么事情都用手机搞定。From taking photos, to paying for food and watching TV, smartphones like the Pixel save us the hassle of carrying round a myriad of gadgets.从拍照到付款买食物再到看电视,像Pixel这样的智能手机让我们免于携带一堆电子产品的繁琐。The marketing campaign features the true blue jeans modelled by Toby Huntington-Whiteley – the younger brother of Rosie – and others and are available to buy now.在宣传推广活动中,穿这条“真蓝”牛仔裤做广告的模特包括罗茜?汉丁顿-惠特莉的弟弟托比,而且该牛仔裤已经上市。 /201702/494226The saying goes that you can’t help who you fall in love with, and sometimes you just fall out of it too.俗话说得好:你无法控制自己爱上谁,也无法控制自己不爱谁。But a new study has found that we can in fact control our hearts with our heads more than we thought - psychologists from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Erasmus University Rotterdam found that it’s possible to wilfully increase or decrease how much you love someone.但一项新的研究发现:事实上,我们的头脑对心的控制远比我们想象的大得多——密苏里大学圣路易斯分校和鹿特丹伊拉斯谟大学的心理学家发现:我们可以有意识的增加或减少对某人的爱,这是可能的。It’s called ‘love regulation’.这就叫做‘爱情调节’。The researchers studied 40 people, twenty of whom were in a long-term relationship, and the other half having recently come out of one - the average time since the break-up was three months.研究人员对40人进行了研究,其中20人已恋爱了很长一段时间,另外一半则刚刚失恋——平均失恋时间为3个月。Each participant was asked to bring in 30 pictures of their current or ex-partner. First, they were asked how infatuated with and attached to the person they felt and had their brainwaves measured - the researchers particularly looked at the Late Positive Potential (LPP) brainwave, which becomes stronger when we focus on something emotionally relevant.研究员们要求每一位受试者携带30张现任或前任的照片。首先,研究人员们询问受试者对照片之人的迷恋和喜爱程度,并测量了他们的脑波——研究员们尤其关注了晚正电位(LPP)脑波,当我们专注于情感相关之事时,晚正电位会变得更强。The participants were then told to look at the pictures and think positive thoughts about their partner, their relationship and their future together, before their brain waves and feelings were measured again.然后,在又一次测量他们的脑波和情感前,研究员们让受试者看着图片,并积极思考另一半、情感关系以及共同的未来。But can we really control love? “Control implies suppressing it and being king or queen of it,” Harvard Medical School psychologist Susan David told The Wall Street Journal.但我们真的可以控制爱吗?“控制意味着抑制或是成为其王或后,”哈佛医学院心理学家苏珊#8226;大卫在接受《华尔街日报》的采访时说道。So even if we can’t actually control love, we can shape it.所以即使我们不能控制爱,我们也能塑造爱。How to fall back in love如何再次坠入爱情* Make small changes - whether that’s hugging your partner before leaving for work in the morning or greeting them warmly when you come back, it can make a difference.* 做出细小的改变——不管是早晨上班前拥抱另一半还是回家时热情的问候他们,都能使一切变得不一样。* Smile at them - smiling releases the feel-good chemical dopamine and they’ll likely smile back too.* 对他们微笑——微笑会分泌感觉良好的化学物质多巴胺,反过来,他们也很有可能对你微笑。* Think positively - focus on the things you like about your partner, imagine happy times in the future and write them down.* 思想乐观——专注于你喜欢对方的那些方面,想象未来的美好时光,并将这些付诸纸笔。* Don’t sweat the small stuff - try not to resent your partner for failing to take the bins out or leaving pants on the floor, and remember they didn’t do it because they don’t love you.* 不要为小事烦恼——不要因为另一半没有倒垃圾或把裤子扔在地板上而怨恨他们,也不要以为他们没有那样做是因为不爱你。* Try new things together - it’s proven to help couples feel more attracted to each other.* 一起尝试新鲜事物——已有人明这样能让情侣更爱彼此。* Ask questions - just like you probably did when you first met, ask each other about your hopes and dreams again.* 问问题——就像初次遇见时一样,现在的你们也可以再问一问对方的愿望和梦想。译文属 /201612/486213上饶哪里取痣比较好

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