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上饶蓝光祛痘多少钱信州区去色斑多少钱上饶余干县复合彩光祛斑多少钱 C. Keywords. armchairs, bed, dresser, desk, chair, bookcase, TV, stereo, speakers, table lamp. Vocabulary. dresser, diagonally.A young couple is moving into a small apartment. Write the name of each piece of furniture in its correct position on the floor plan.Gee, I dont remember it being this small. I thought the room was a lot bigger. So did I, but itll be OK once we get the furniture in.Look, why dont we put the armchairs in front of the fireplace?Yeah, Um, maybe we should decide really where the bed goes first. It the biggest piece of furniture, after all...Right, well, why dont we put the bed behind the door as you come in? Oh, yeah, that a good idea. Um, we can put the bed in the corner.OK, now, what next? Well, how about the dresser?Why dont we put it across from the fireplace in the corner next to the closest?Im going to put it there now. Why dont you help me. Why dont you move it and Ill just watch. Oh, yeah, right.Come on. lift your end. Now dont scratch the floor. OK, but it heavy. What in it? I thought you were supposed to empty out the drawers.Well, I didnt get around to that this morning...Ah...didnt get around to it...Let me see, how does that look? It looks good. Hmm, now where do you want your desk?Well, how about in the far corner between the two windows, I mean I need lots of light.Do you think itll fit there? Well, itll probably fit if we...we can put it diagonally.Oh, good idea, and then the chairs can have its back to the fireplace. Yeah, I could live with that.All right, what about the bookcase? Well, how about on the far wall between those two windows I guess, so itll be right near the desk.Yeah, Yeah, Good idea. All right, where do you think the TV should go?How about in the corner to the left of the fireplace. So we can watch it from the armchairs.And we can put the stereo next to the TV, with the speakers on either side of the fireplace.Terrific! Now let me see, what else is there?Well, there the table lamp. Well, the table lamp should go on top of the dresser.Hold it a minute, Im...Im trying to find the outlet...You know, that really looks nice.Looking at that desk, though, I think I may need some more light to work. Well, I could buy a desk lamp. Good idea.You know, the place really looks good. Yeah, you want to put your books in the bookcase now, or do you want to wait ....? 50Dr. Miao:At Berthiaume College, we take mental health issues very seriously.苗士:在波西姆学院,我们非常认真地对待心理健康问题That why we have so many mental health services on campus.这就是为什么我们校园会开设如此多心理健康务的原因Dean:Such as?迪安:比如?Dr. Miao:Well, example, there is a meeting tonight of our support group anorexics and bulimics.苗士:嗯,例如,我们今晚有一场厌食症与贪食症互助小组的会议Tomorrow night, Ill be speaking to a group of students about depression to make them aware of the warning signs.明晚,我将为学生们讲解关于让他们意识到警告信号的抑郁Dean:Those are very important issues.迪安:这些都是非常重要的问题Dr. Miao:Yes, they are.苗士:是的In this student health center, we see cases ranging from social anxiety disorder to schizophrenia.在这个学生健康中心,我们有从社交焦虑症到精神分裂症的病例In addition to serious mental disorders, college students are at risk of developing many types of antisocial behaviors resulting from the pressures of college and the stress of being on their own.除了严重的精神障碍,大学生还面临因为学业及自身压力所造成的反社会行为的许多类型风险Dean:I know what you mean. One of my roommates copes with stress by binge drinking.迪安:我明白你的意思我的一个室友用酗酒的方式缓解压力My other roommate has become obsessive-compulsive. You should see how clean our apartment is.我的其他室友已经变得具有强迫性你应该去看看我们的公寓被他们打扫的有多干净Dr. Miao:And you? How have you been dealing with the stress?苗士:你呢?你最近怎样处理压力?Dean:Me? I think Im the only well-adjusted one in the group.迪安:我?我想自己是唯一一个完全适应的Dr. Miao:Are you sure?苗士:你确定吗?You seem to have developed a nervous habit of pulling your hairs out one at a time.你似乎已经形成一种在某个时刻会拨弄头发的神经紧张习惯Dean:What?! No, I havent.迪安:什么? !不,我没有Dr. Miao:Denying you have a problem is often a sign that you have a problem.苗士:否认自身问题通常是一表明你就是有问题Dean:That crazy!迪安:这太疯狂了!Dr. Miao:Shh! We dont use the c-word here. Come with me.苗士:嘘!我们这里不能使用这个C开头的字眼随我来 3188上饶信州区臀部吸脂多少钱

信州区妇幼保健人民中医院激光去红血丝多少钱【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension Listen to the episode and choose the correct words. 听录音,选择正确的一项1 Bindyu is Fadi’s Harry’s girlfriend. Fadi has been visiting his family girlfriend.3 Fadi suggests starting a campaign demonstration. Bindyu is an editor a journalist.5 Sarah is pleased annoyed to see Carlos.6 Magda Olivia has got a distinction in her degree. 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 13江西上饶去除黄褐斑多少钱 上饶减肥

上饶吸脂丰胸哪家医院好詹姆斯;爱德华多;弗兰科在01年凭借在电影《詹姆斯甸(James Dean)的表现获得了金球奖的最佳男主角奖弗兰科在年出演了《蜘蛛侠中的哈利?奥斯本一角,并声名大噪其后弗兰科又继续出演了《蜘蛛侠和《蜘蛛侠3年弗兰科出演了《菠萝特快(Pineapple Express)一片,并凭借此片获得了金球奖提名,同年亦在《米尔克中饰演哈维?米尔克的情人斯科特;史密斯(Scott Smith)他在6岁时被《人物杂志选为世界上最美的五十人之一本期做客的他要和我们谈谈;猿王;;;-Now, let talk about this movie. It the ;Rise of the Planet of the Apes;?现在,让我们谈谈这部电影它是人猿星球的崛起?-Yes.是的-And it works just fit in the history of the Planet of the Apes movie. Is this like a prequel.它很符合人猿星球电影的历史这就像一部前传-Yeah.是的-Is it? Oh, it a prequel.是吗?哦,这是一部前传-It is a prequel. Yeah.这是一部前传太棒了-Does this tell you how we got to the planet of the apes?这部电影为你讲述我们是怎样到达人猿星球的吗?-Yeah, exactly, the first, the 1968 film is actually supposed to be in the future.-是的,就是这样第一部,在1968年的电影其实应该是在未来-Hum.恩-And so this is how earth got taken over by the apes, or at least...这就是地球如何被猿类占据,或者至少;-I mean, there are actually apes in the movie. Did you work with apes in the movie?我的意思是,其实电影里还有猿类拍电影时你与猿一起工作?-I didnt work with any real chimpanzees. I worked with the amazing permer named Andy Serkis who play Gollum in the ;Lord of the Ring;s and actually played King Kong in that, in the Peter Jackson film. And he plays Caesar that leads chimpanzee through a process called ;permer capture;, and it , actually, you now, it sounds like that all the CG work, you know a lot of actress think it the debt of acting, but now technologies come around circle, so that you can actually just get to old fashion, kind of two permers opposite, opposite to each other, can actually look at each other, and we do all the scenes and then afterwards they put the effects on him and make him look like a chimpanzee.我没有任何真正的与黑猩猩一起工作我曾与知名演员安迪?瑟金斯一起工作,他曾经在《指环王中扮演咕噜姆而且还在导演彼得?杰克逊的电影中饰演金刚,他饰演凯撒带领黑猩猩穿的过程叫做;表演者的捕捉;,实际上,你现在,这听起来像所有的CG工作,你知道很多演员抱怨这种表演,但现在的技术使一切成为可能这样你可以把旧的时尚,两种演员相反,互相对立,能够互相看着对方,我们所做的一切都是幕后所以,他们特效的让他看起来像一只真正的黑猩猩-Interesting.非常有趣-Yeah.是的,这非常有趣-It has come to a circle again.这再次进入了一种另外的领域-Yeah, I mean.恩,我的意思就是这样-You are right.你是对的-It great.这太棒了-You dont have to act tennis balls.你甚至不用扮演网球-No, all right, so we are gonna take a look at the scene here from the Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes? (Great) So the planet of the apes. So its from James Franco, take a look.-不,好吧,我们要在这里看看人猿星球,人猿星球的崛起?人猿星球,它来自詹姆士?佛朗哥,看一看-I see what you mean now.我明白你的意思了-Yeah, it a prequel, so...是的,它是一部前传,所以;-It actually one on one, you are really there with the actor.其实你是真正的演员-What did he have in the end, look like smoke a bond.他在结尾怎么了,看起来像一团烟雾一样-Then they add the effects, I dont know what he was doing. It your movie, god sakes, James.接着他们增加特效,我不知道他在做什么这是你的电影,在上帝的份上,詹姆斯-Interesting.这太有趣了词语解释:1. prequel n. 前传. perm v.表演3. effects n. 效果 18 上饶市红十字医院激光去斑多少钱上饶肿瘤医院打溶脂针多少钱



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