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Im in Arnhem Land, Australia...Get around this corner,heading north towards the coast,我身处澳大利亚阿纳姆地 绕过这个角 朝北部海岸进发but Ive ended up at a difficult dead end.却走进了条死胡同I can get my foot back on it.Ive got it.踩不着 上来了Not going to be going around that way.Okay. Back up.不能走那边了 好吧 调头In tough country like this, youll never win every battle.在这种艰苦的地方 不可能屡战屡胜Theres no shame in making another plan and searching out an alternative route down.换个计划 另辟蹊径 并不丢脸Look, theres a mad old cave here.Goes all the way in there.瞧 有个够呛的老岩洞 想办法进去See, its more than likely gonna be aboriginal, this.瞧 肯定是土著干的 这玩意儿See all the soot right here on the ceiling from the fires?看到岩顶这些烟熏的痕迹了吗Its gonna be a good place, though, just to shelter from the heat of the day,get out of the sun a bit.不过这地方不错 可以用来躲躲烈日 在炙热的白天休憩一下Okay, so, use this as a base.Gonna try and find some food.好了 就把这当大本营吧 去找点吃的Generations of aboriginal hunters going back to the stone age一代代土著狩猎人回到石器时代have left a record of their prey on thousands of sites across Arnhem Land.在整个阿纳姆地处处留痕 标记下了几千处捕猎地点Theres cave art here.Looks like a fish,a barramundi.Sort of like a turtle there.有幅岩画 看起来像条鱼 澳大利亚肺鱼 那个像只乌龟This is what the aboriginals would do paint their prey onto walls like this and caves. 土著人是这么干的 他们把猎物画到像这样的墙上和岩洞里Believed if they then rubbed it,would encourage the prey to multiply when they next passed through. Just amazing.相信画完以后再上去蹭蹭 下次来到这里的时候 猎物就会增多 不可思议Some of this stuff could be up to 40,000 years old.有的岩画可能有4万年的历史201612/486451Saturday was the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and the citys mayor took the opportunity to encourage other world leaders to be more like Obama.周六是广岛原子弹爆炸71周年纪念日,广岛市长借机鼓励其他世界领导人效仿奥巴马。The mayor was referring to Obamas May visit to the city, which was hit by an atomic bomb from the U.S. during World War II.市长谈及奥巴马对广岛的五月之行,第二次世界大战期间美国向广岛投掷原子弹。The scientific revolution that lead to the splitting of the atom requires a moral revolution as well. Ordinary people understand this, I think.在发展原子爆炸的科技革命的同时,也需要进行道德革命。我想普通人明白这一点。The Hiroshima mayor wants more world leaders to visit the city and to work toward getting rid of nuclear weapons.广岛市长希望更多的世界领导人访问该市,并共同努力消除核武器。The trip earlier this year made Obama the first sitting president to visit the Japanese city since the atomic bomb killed more than 100,000 people in 1945.自1945年原子弹造成10万人死亡后,今年早些时候奥巴马成为首位访问广岛的在位总统。Kyodo News reports the mayors statement didnt offer ;concrete steps; to abolishing nuclear weapons.日本共同社报道,市长的声明没有提供废除核武器的“具体步骤”。译文属。201608/458993Three people, including a student, have died after a shooting at a California elementary school.加利福尼亚一所小学发生击事件,包括一名学生在内的三人死亡。It happened at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino on Monday morning.事件发生在周一早上圣贝纳迪诺北园小学。Police say 53-year-old Cedric Anderson went into a special needs classroom and shot his estranged wife, Karen Elaine Smith, before killing himself. Smith, who was a teacher at the school, died.警方称,53岁的塞德里克·安德森走进一间特殊需要教室,杀他已分居的妻子伊莱恩·史密斯,随后自杀。史密斯是学校的一名老师,已死亡。There are two students in the classroom that were behind the teacher that were struck by gunfire.教室里有两个学生在老师后面,他们被击中了。One of the children, 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez, died at a hospital. Another child, a 9-year-old, was in stable condition Monday evening.其中一个孩子,8岁的乔纳森·马丁内斯在医院死亡。另一个9岁的孩子周一晚上病情稳定。The school, which has about 500 students, was evacuated. Children have since been reunited with their parents.这所学校大约有500名学生,他们都被疏散。孩子们已经和父母在一起。Police say Anderson and Smith were married for a few months and have been separated for the past six weeks or so.警方说安德森和史密斯结婚几个月了,在过去的六个星期左右分居了。Im told he does have a criminal history that has to do with weapons charges, domestic violence past as well as possible drug charges in there as well.我听说他有犯罪史,与武器指控、家庭暴力以及可能的毒品指控有关。译文属。201704/503277

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/457296

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I Dare You to Watch This Entire Video我敢说,你看不完这短短三分钟影片I dare you to watch this entire . I dare you to watch this entire . No skipping ahead, no pausing, no opening another tab and letting this play in the background. I dare you to sit still and do nothing but watch a single three-minute Internet .我挑战你看完这整部影片。我挑战你看完这整部影片。不能跳过去、不能暂停、不能打开其它视窗然后让这在背景播放。我挑战你乖乖坐着然后什么事都不做,只单看一部三分钟的网路影片。Hmm, its difficult for you, isnt it? Youre becoming bored. Your brain is beginning to itch inside your skull, begging for a morsel of distraction from the Internet. And youre holding it together for now, but the truth is, youre frightened. Its been so long since youve tried to focus like this that you dont know if you can do it anymore.嗯,这对你来说很困难,对吧?你开始感到无聊。你的大脑开始在头颅内骚动,哀求着要从网路上得到一点点能分散注意力的东西。而你现在还撑着,不过事实是,你吓坏了。自你上次试着这么专注已经过了好久,久到你都不知道自己还能不能做到。And this is boring, isnt it? Maybe you think its a trick, that theres some reward for sticking it out. You think that at two minutes and 50 seconds, a funny message will appear for a frame or two, and youll only see it if you watch the whole thing. Youve probably aly scrubbed along the bottom of the progress bar to see if that happens, right? Well, it doesnt. Theres no joke, no prize. Theres just you and this . Either you watch it or you dont.而且这部影片很无聊,对吧?或许你认为这是个花招,认为坚持到最后会有某种奖励。你以为在两分五十秒时,一个好笑的讯息会出现个一两幕,而你只有看完整部影片才会看到那讯息。你搞不好已经沿着时间轴拉看看那会不会发生了,对吧?这个嘛,并不会。没有笑话、没有奖励。只有你和这部影片。你要不看完它,不然就是不要看。I dare you to watch it. But the obstacles are mounting. That was an email. That was a new post on Instagram. That was a celebrity who just died on Twitter. Maybe it was Shaq. Everyones tweeting about Shaqs death, and youre missing it. Are you comfortable with that?我挑战你看它。不过阻碍正在增加。那是封信件。那是 Instagram 上的一则新贴文。那是推特上一个名人刚过世的消息。搞不好是侠客。大家都在推文说侠客的死,而你在错过。你对那感到自在吗?That was 10 seconds. But it felt like a year, didnt it? A decade of instantaneous entertainment has made you so mentally soft and fat that you find even 10 seconds of boredom excruciating. How sad.那是十秒钟。不过感觉起来像一年,是吧?十年来的即时刺激使你心理上变得如此软弱又肥胖,你发现就连十秒的无聊都难以忍受。多悲哀啊。Remember when you were a child? You could spend an entire hour watching an ant crawl across a rock. One afternoon, you checked out a library book, and you were so engrossed that you the entire thing in just one day. When was the last time that happened to you?记得你还是个孩子的时候吗?你可以花整整一小时看一只蚂蚁爬过石头。有个下午,你从图书馆借出一本书,而你是那么入迷,所以你在仅仅一天内就读完全部。你上次那样是什么时候了?The truth is, youre weaker now. Attention is the scalpel you use to cut away the fat from your life, but the Internet has robbed you of it. And now, instead of choosing what you experience, you drift from tab to tab full of content you hate, like a hungry ghost who will never be full. Your life is filtering through your fingers, and you are doing nothing to stop it. But if you watch this entire , if you make the choice to sit and be bored for these 180 seconds, you will have finally taken the first step in regaining control over the one truly unrenewable resource in life: your time.事实是,你现在变得更加软弱。专注力是你用来将脂肪从生活中切除的解剖刀,但网路已经把它从你身上夺走了。现在,不是选择你所经历的事物,你反而游荡在充满你厌恶的内容的视窗间,就像个永远不会满足的饿鬼。你的生命在从指间流逝,而你却没做任何事来阻止。不过如果你看了这整部影片,如果你选择坐着然后感到无聊 180 秒,你将会终于采取第一步,取回生命中唯一不可更新资源的控制权的第一步:那资源就是你的时间。Less than three minutes ago, I dared you to watch this entire . In a moment, you will have won or lost, and only you will know the difference. Either way, the dare will be over. To decide what youll do with the rest of your life, youll have to dare yourself.不到三分钟前,我挑战你看这完整部影片。马上,你就会胜利或落败,而只有你会知道差别。不管怎样,挑战将结束。要决定你接下来的人生要怎样,你将得挑战自己。201605/444671

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