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不可不知的好莱坞新词好莱坞明星的分分合合引人关注,但是你是否知道明星的分合居然也能够创造新词呢?starter wife \stahr-ter wahyf\ n: long-suffering woman who marries and emotionally supports a man through his lean years—maybe paying his way through medical school, or holding his hand while he auditions for non-speaking roles. Once he's reached the pinnacle of success and is making millions pumping lips full of collagen or gracing the silver screen, the starter wife is kicked to the curb in favor of a younger or more famous new mate. In Los Angeles, this often happens right before the 10th anniversary, as California law states that after 10 years, a husband can be made to pay alimony indefinitely.LEFT BEHIND Starter husbands Chad Lowe and Ryan Phillippe got dropped by their more successful wives.有负心汉就有薄情女。头号前妻 【名】 坚忍的已婚女性,心甘情愿地全力持丈夫度过消沉岁月——比方说资助他完成医学院的课程,或者在他出演龙套角色的电影试映会上握着他的手。一旦他爬上事业高峰并且开始制造成千上万富含胶原质的饱满嘴唇或者在银幕上风度翩翩的时候,头号前妻就将被一脚蹬开,取而代之的将是更为年轻的或者更有名的新伴侣。在洛杉矶,以上情况通常发生在锡婚到来之前,因为根据加利福尼亚的法律规定,要拖到结婚十年之后的话,前妻就能要求一笔数目不定的赡养费了。 to be Cruised \crooz-ed\ vb: to be canned just shy of one's 10th anniversary, in the manner of Nicole Kidman, who wasdiscarded by Tom Cruise shortly before the decade mark. 10-YEAR DITCH Nicole Kidman, you got Cruised!妮可·基德曼,你被克鲁斯了!被克鲁斯了 【动】 在10周年到来之际被抛弃,就像妮可·基德曼一样,在离结婚十年纪念之前没多少日子的时候被汤姆·克鲁斯蹬了。 /200803/31441。

China’s Tomb Sweeping Day清明节April the fourth or fifth of the solar year (according to the Gregorian calendar) is a traditional day for the Chinese people to show respect for their ancestors.每年公历4月4日(或5日)的清明节,是中国人传统的扫墓祭祖、哀悼先人的纪念日。On this day, people sweep their ancestors’ tombs and burn paper money to wish their ancestors good luck.每到了这一天,人们纷纷来到祖先的墓地,焚化纸钱,拜祭先人。There is a legend related to this tradition.清明节这一习俗源于晋文公重耳悼念介之推的。According to the legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period, a person named Jie Zhitui followed his master Chong’er, the prince of Jin, and stayed with him during all the 19 years when the prince was in exile.传说:相传春秋时期,晋国的介之推跟随晋公子重耳逃亡国外19年,忠心耿耿。Jie Zhitui was so loyal to his master that once when the prince was starved to death, Jie cut one piece of flesh from his leg to feed his master so as to save his life.一次重耳在魏国被困,几天吃不上饭,介之推就偷偷割下自己腿上的肉来给他吃。However, when the prince ascended the throne and became king of the Jin state, he forgot about Jie Zhitui completely. He awarded all his other followers except Jie.后来,重耳回国登上王位,成了晋文公,对跟随他逃亡的大臣论功行赏,却偏偏忘了介之推。Jie, on his part, left his master with his old mother without even one word of complaint.介之推也没有争功,自己一个人背起老母悄然离去。The local people were very indignant about this and they compiled a rhyme to satirize the king.晋国的老百姓很替介之推鸣不平,就编了一首歌谣讽刺晋文公。The king learned about this and in order not to ruin his reputation, he ordered his men to go to Jie’s home to bring him back,yet they failed to find Jie.晋文公得知后,立即派人去介之推家里找他,却没找到。The king then learned that Jie had hidden in the Mian Mountain, so he ordered his men to search the mountain,again, they failed to find Jie.后来听说介之推去了绵山,又派人去找,也没找到。The king knew that Jie was a filial son, so he thought if he set the mountain on fire, Jie,for his mother’s sake,would definately come out.晋文公知道介之推很孝顺,就想在绵山上放一把火,逼迫介之推自己背着母亲跑出来。The fire lasted three whole days and nights,绵山一场大火烧了三天三夜。In the end,Jie and his mother’s burned bodies were found beside a tree.当晋文公派人去看时,介之推母子已抱着一棵枯柳被烧死了。That was the 103rd day after the Winter Solstice.这一天正好是冬至后的103天。The local people admired Jie Zhitui for his moral integrity.老百姓很敬佩介之推的骨气,To commemorate him, they ate cold food and restrained from making fire on that day and the following two days.后来每到了这一天,人们就不忍心生火做饭,连续3天只吃冷食,以纪念介之推。Due to the fact that Cold Food Day and Pure Brightness often fall on the same day, the two are combined to form a comprehensive folk festival, during which time people go for outings, play kites, and sweep their ancestors’tombs.因为寒食节和清明节在日期上经常是在同一天,久而久之,人们 便将寒食与清明融合在一起,逐渐形成了祭祖、扫墓、踏青、放风筝等习俗,从而使 清明、寒食融为一体,成为一个综合性的民俗节日。注:寒食节是每年冬至后的103天,也就是次年的4月4日(如果2 月是29天,则为4月3日),而清明一般是每年的4月4日或5日,所以经常是在同一天的。 /201509/395327。

Despite viewing it from a distance this footage demonstrates the magnificent force of one of the world#39;s most powerful dams.尽管我们是从远处端详它,但这个镜头着实向我们华丽地展示了世界上最强悍的大坝。The Xiluodu Hydropower Station on the Jinsha River in China - which was built with 240 million cubic feet (6.8 million cubic metres) of concrete - spews out a record 164 feet (50 metres) of water per second when it is in full flow.溪洛渡水力发电站坐落在中国的金沙江(四川和云南交界处)畔,这个大坝用掉了680万立方米混凝土,当大坝蓄满水时候开闸放水的速度突破每秒50米下降水位的记录。Standing 937 feet (285.5 metres) tall it is one of tallest dams around - measuring almost six times the height of Niagara Falls. New clips taken from the sky shows water violently cascading through the giant artificial barrier with mist filling the surrounding steep-cut valley.大坝高285.5米,是世界上最高的大坝,据测量是尼亚加拉瀑布的6倍高。最新的航拍视频里可以看到水从大坝中冲出,溅起的水雾弥漫整个峡谷。Xiluodu which opened in July 2013 is the world#39;s third-largest hydropower station. It took eight years and 79.2 billion yuan (£9 billion) to construct the beast.2013年投入使用的溪洛渡水电站是世界上第三大水电站。建成这个巨型水电站耗资792亿元人民币,工程历经8年完工。Last year it received global recognition after the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) awarded the station as a FIDIC Outstanding Project of the Year.Liao Jianxin an engineering director with the project#39;s contractor China Three Gorges Corporation said the #39;intelligent management system#39; of the dam won the judges over.去年获得国际咨询工程师联合会杰出建筑奖,作为三峡集团的工程指导,廖建新说到是大坝的智能管理系统赢得了大会的认可。#39;The digital dam in a nutshell consists of the thermometer strain gauge and other detecting equipment in the concrete of the dam.大坝的智能管理系统是由无数温度检测仪器和其他检测设备组成。#39;The whole construction process was monitored by these equipment which gives a real-time account of the stress state and condition of the dam for the convenience of adjustment#39; said Liao.廖工程师说,在整个大坝施工过程中,对大坝的受力情况进行实时检测预警,并有相应对策。The Three Gorges Dam also in China is the world#39;s largest power station in terms of power output.三峡大坝是中国也是世界上最大的水力发电站。This is then followed by the Itaipu Dam on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay. Xiluodu scores third place.世界上第二大水电站是坐落在巴西和巴拉圭交接的巴拉那河上的伊泰普水电站,溪洛渡水电站紧随其后成为世界第三大水电站。 /201702/494020。

Google last Wednesday made available in China a new version of its translation app that is accessible without censor-evading software, a move likely to fuel speculation that the internet giant was mending fences with Beijing.上周三,谷歌公司对旗下翻译软件进行更新,并且对中国用户正式开放,省去了安装规避审查软件的麻烦。这一举动很可能意在为宣传“谷歌这一互联网巨头有意和中国搞好关系”这一新闻制造噱头。Google shut down its www.google.cn website in 2010, moving its Chinese search service from mainland China to Hong Kong in a row over cyberattacks and censorship.谷歌在2010年宣布关闭其网站www.google.cn website,并在接连不断的网络攻击和审查之下将其在中国的搜索务从大陆转到了香港。Chinese have for years been able to utilise a web-based version of Google Translate, but the mobile app has required the use of virtual private network (VPN) software to get around the ;Great Firewall;, China#39;s huge system of online censorship.多年以来,中国只能使用基于网页版的谷歌翻译,若想使用其移动应用就需要使用虚拟私人网络(VPN)软件来避开中国庞大的网络审查系统--中国防火墙。;Today we#39;re releasing version 5.8 of the Google Translate apps for Android and iOS, adding instant visual translation between English and Korean, as well as an improved experience for users in China,; Google announced in a blog post.谷歌方面在一篇文中宣布:“Google翻译App的iOS版和安卓版目前已更新至5.8版本。新版本增加了英语和韩语之间的即时视觉翻译功能,同时优化了中国用户的体验。”It provided a link for Android downloads, while saying iPhone users can search Apple#39;s app store.谷歌方面还为安卓用户提供了一个下载链接,并表示苹果用户可以在苹果的应用商店中自行搜索。It did not explain why the app was now accessible, and a Google spokesman declined to comment on the matter.对于该应用为何突然向中国大陆开放,谷歌方面并没有给出具体原因,其发言人也拒绝就该问题进行任何回应。The move could mark a step forward in China for Google, whose main search engine, its Gmail email service, maps, and other offerings are blocked.这一举动算是标志着谷歌在中国又向前迈进了一步,但谷歌的主要搜索引擎、Gmail电子邮件务、谷歌地图以及其他功能目前仍被封锁。 /201704/502717。