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青岛妇保医院人流怎样青岛检查输卵管是否通畅需要多少钱青岛比较好无痛人流 Philippine president blames US forMiddle East violence菲律宾总统认为是美国引发了中东暴力MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The newPhilippine president blamed U.S. intervention for the bloody conflicts in Iraqand other Middle Eastern countries in his latest criticism of Manila#39;s closestsecurity ally.菲律宾马尼拉(美联社)——菲律宾新总统指责美国的介入导致了伊拉克和其他中东国家的血腥冲突,这是他对菲律宾最亲密安全盟友的最新批评。President Rodrigo Duterte suggested in aspeech Friday that intrusive policy was to blame for attacks on U.S. soil,saying, ;It is not that the Middle East is exporting terrorism to America,America imported terrorism.;总统杜特尔特在周五的讲话中称侵入性的政策导致美国本土遭袭,称“并非中东将恐怖主义出口到美国,而是美国自己引进了恐怖主义。”;They forced their way to Iraq ...look at Iraq now, look what happened to Libya, look what happened toSyria,; he told the Muslim community in southern Davao city in a ceremonymarking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. ;People are beingannihilated there including children.;“他们强行入侵伊拉克。。。看看现在的伊拉克,看看现在的利比亚,再看看叙利亚,”他在南部达沃市的一个庆祝穆斯林斋月结束的仪式上对穆斯林发表了讲话。“那里的人们正在被毁灭,包括儿童。”The former Davao mayor has said he would bea leftist president who would chart a foreign policy not dependent on theed States.这名前达沃市长称自己将会是一个左翼总统,在外交政策上将不会依赖美国。 /201607/453658青岛市北区私密整形大概要多少钱

海阳市儿童医院电话BEIJING — If there is ever a time when one truly understands what it feels like to live alongside 1.4 billion people in the world’s most populous nation, it is the annual Golden Week holiday in China.北京——如果说真有那么一个时刻可以让你体会到,和世界人口第一大国的14亿人一起生活是什么感觉,那就是中国一年一度的黄金周了。The holiday always begins on Oct. 1, the celebration of the Communist founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. And this year, the crowds have gotten even more epic in scale, with hordes of travelers taking to the highways, the rails and the air. (Also, of course, to tourist camels in the Gobi, horses on the Tibetan Plateau and boats on the Yangtze River.)这个庆祝共产党1949年建国的假期一向从10月1日开始。今年,人群的规模更大,游客成群结队地涌向公路、铁路和空中。(当然,也有不少人涌向戈壁滩上用于搭载游客的骆驼、青藏高原上的马匹和长江上的游船。)People’s Daily, the Communist Party newspaper, said 589 million people were expected to travel this week — almost twice the population of the ed States.党报《人民日报》称本周预计会有5.89亿人出游,这几乎相当于美国人口的两倍。Though tourists may gripe about the crowds, they are a welcome sight for Communist Party leaders who say that China must move to a more consumer-driven economy. The country’s economic growth has been fueled for many years by infrastructure investment, which officials say is economically and environmentally unsustainable.尽管游客可能会抱怨人群拥挤,但对共产党领导人来说,这是一个他们乐见的迹象,他们认为中国必须转向更依赖消费驱动的经济。多年来,推动中国经济增长的一直是基础设施投资。官方称这种方式在经济和环境上不可持续。But “sustainable” means different things to different people. Photographs of miles-long traffic jams on highways and oceans of people at the country’s top attractions are circulating online this week.但“可持续”对不同的人来说含义不同。本周,网上流传着长达数英里的公路交通堵塞和中国著名景点人山人海的照片。On Tuesday, the official Twitter account of People’s Daily posted one such photo from the Forbidden City, in Beijing. It said the palace had sold 20,000 tickets within two hours on Sunday, or 166 tickets a minute.周二当天,《人民日报》的官方Twitter账号就发布了这样一张照片。照片的拍摄地是位于北京的故宫。该报称周日当天,故宫两小时内售出了两万张门票,相当于一分钟售出166张。The newspaper also pointed out the miseries of being on the road. Early Tuesday, it reported via Facebook (which, like Twitter, is blocked in China) that 500 people had become stuck on Mount Hua overnight after heavy winds forced a cable car to stop operating.《人民日报》还指出了在路上的痛苦。周二凌晨,该报通过Facebook(和Twitter一样,在中国属于被屏蔽状态)报道,在大风迫使一辆缆车停止运行后,500人在华山上被困一夜。One photograph online showed fog and mist enveloping the mountain, and others showed many elderly tourists and women and children gathered in a cave near the mountaintop cable car station. Mount Hua, or Huashan in Mandarin, is a sacred Taoist mountain in Shaanxi Province that is about 7,067 feet tall. The West Peak, where the cable car station is, has an altitude of 6,850 feet.网上的一张照片显示华山被云雾笼罩,其他一些照片上则是很多上了年纪的游客,以及女性和儿童聚集在山顶索道站附近的一个岩洞内的情景。华山是道教圣地,位于陕西省境内,高约7067英尺(约合2154米)。索道站所在的西峰海拔约6850英尺。China Central Television, the main state television network, reported on Monday that 14.4 million people traveled by train on Saturday, the first day of the holiday week, an increase of 15 percent over the same time last year. More than 500 additional trains were put into service, it said.主要官方电视台中央电视台周一报道,上周六——长假开始的第一天——有1440万人乘坐火车出行,比去年同期增加了15%。报道还称此次增开了逾500列火车。Air passengers that day numbered 960,000, a 6.4 percent increase over 2015.飞机乘客人数达到96万,比去年增加了6.4%。Driving was also popular because governments do not collect tolls on roads during this time, “which led to the inevitable gridlock on the country’s highways,” the television network said. The same report said traffic on a six-mile stretch of road in Shanghai ground to a halt.自驾也非常流行,因为政府在节日期间不收公路过路费,“这不可避免地导致公路上出现交通大堵塞”,中央电视台报道。其中还提到,在上海一段六英里长的道路上,交通陷入了停顿。Police officers were using drones to help monitor traffic conditions during the holiday, according to Xinhua, the state news agency. It ed the Ministry of Public Security as saying that 214,000 officers were on the roads on Saturday. There were 55,000 cases of speeding violations, 1,100 cases of drunken driving and 3,100 cases of the illegal use of emergency lanes, the report said.据官方通讯社新华社报道,十一期间警方使用无人机监控交通状况。报道援引了公安部的说法称,上周六有21.4万名警察在路上执勤。报道还称,当天有5.5万违规超速案件,1100起醉驾和3100起非法使用紧急通道的案件。A photograph in a slide show on the website of Xinhua showed cheek-by-jowl crowds beneath an outdoor archway at the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing.新华社网站上发布的一组幻灯片中,一张照片显示了南京中山陵一道牌坊下肩接踵的人群。Domestic tourism has been on the rise in China for years, with the Golden Week period generating more revenue for most tourism-related businesses than any other week of the year.多年来,中国境内游规模一直在增长,与旅游相关的大多数生意在黄金周期间产生的收入,比一年中的任何其他周都多。In 2015, Chinese tourists made four billion domestic trips, twice as many as in 2010, according to government data. That number is also much more than the 122 million trips they made abroad last year.官方数据显示,2015年中国境内游达40亿人次,是2010年的两倍。这个数字也远远多于去年的1.22亿人次境外游数量。Beijing has been quiet outside of the most popular tourist attractions like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. On streets that are usually clogged on workdays, there are few cars. Many restaurants are closed.在故宫、长城、天坛和颐和园等热门景点之外的北京非常安静。工作日,街道上往往会出现交通拥堵,节日期间却少有车辆。许多餐馆也停止营业了。One resident, Mu Shuhua, said he was staying in town this week. Outside it, he said, “there are too many people traveling.”一位名为穆舒华(音)的市民表示,他这周一直待在城里。外面“太多游客了”,他说。 /201610/469773莱芜治疗不孕不育 连云港四维彩超费用

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