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Here are five reasons why Donald Trump could actually become president:唐纳德·特朗普是否真能成为美国总统?以下列个理由:“It’s the Economy, Stupid.”“问题是经济,笨蛋!”That’s a famous Carville dictum (from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign). It could sum up Trump’s chances, too, given the well-documented stagnation of America’s middle class and the possibility of another economic slowdown.这是一个卡维尔的名言(源992年比尔·克林顿竞选期间)。或许也能判断特朗普获胜的机率,众所周知,美国中产阶级萎缩,或将迎来另一轮经济下行。Republican Weakness共和党的问题Some Republicans and conservative commentators are warning Republicans that they face a “Joe McCarthy Moment,in which they must repudiate Trump or risk the wrath of history’s judgment.部分共和党人与保守派员都警告党内人士,他们面临着“乔·麦卡锡时代”,因此,党内必须否决特朗普,否则将承担历史审判之痛。But GOP leaders such as Chairman Reince Priebus are more interested in immediate peace than their place in history, and amenable characters such as former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman have said that nominating Trump is no big deal.但是比起历史地位,像普里巴斯主席这样的共和党领导人则更在意眼下的和平,而跟前犹他州州长乔恩·亨茨曼(又名洪培)一类的温和派曾表示,提名特朗普并无大碍。Journalistic Weakness新闻业的问题It comes in two flavors. One is false equivalence. Reporters have yet to fully examine Trump’s record, especially the details of his business dealings and personal life, but soon enough his story will be yoked with and compared to Clinton’s, which will make it easier for Trump to slide by in the resulting din.体现为两个方面。首先是“假对等”。记者并未对特朗普的个人历史进行全面调查,尤其是在商业运作以及个人生活的细节方面,却很快就将他的事迹与希拉里相提并论,轻易将特朗普置于舆论中心。The second flavor is the media’s hunger for an audience. The closer Trump gets to the White House, the more frightening he becomes, the more desperate his enemies become the more eyeballs are focused on smartphones and TV sets.第二个方面则是,媒体渴望获得更大的关注度。特朗普离白宫的距离越近,他就会愈加令人恐惧,他的对手也会因此感到更加绝望。如此一来,人们会更加关注智能手机和电视上的最新报道。That means more billions in “freemedia for Trump.这意味着,媒体会报道几十亿条有关特朗普的消息,相当于免费给特朗普做宣传。Hillary the “Incumbent.”希拉里任现任国务卿As much as Clinton talks about new ideas and a fresh start, she will be attempting the difficult task of holding the White House for the same party for a third-straight term. That last happened in 1988.希拉里讲述了许多有关美国的新想法和新开端,因此,她将试图担当重任,代表民主党连任三期总统,上一次同党派连任发生988年。More important, Clinton and her husband represent a force in the Democratic Party that is a kind of incumbency within an incumbency, and that is a perilous place to be at a time when voters so despise Washington.更重要的是,希拉里和她的丈夫代表着民主党的强大势力,民主党派是美国两大主要政党之一。而选民强烈鄙视华盛顿的情况,对希拉里极为不利。The Numbers赢得大量选票Shockingly given his outrageous, race-baiting and even violence-tinged rhetoric Trump is not that far behind in the horse race as the “fallcampaign informally begins.尽管特朗普性格蛮横,有种族偏见,甚至还常常发表暴力言论,但是令人震惊的是,特朗普并没有在“秋季”非正式总统竞选中落后选票。With the possible exception of Arizona, there are few, if any, red states that he would likely lose. There are also at least five large blue states in which he could compete. Together, they represent more than enough electoral votes to send Trump to the White House.可能除美国亚利桑那州以外,特朗普在红色州(选民倾向于投票给共和党的州)失去选票的几率很小。同时,特朗普至少可以在五个蓝色大州(选民倾向于投票给民主党的州)获得大量选票。将红色州和蓝色州获得的选票相加,特朗普获得的选票足以让他问鼎白宫。来 /201605/441479。

  • Human Rights Watch said Thursday that both sides in the conflict in Ukraine have indiscriminately attacked schools, which could amount to a war crime.人权观察星期四说,乌克兰冲突双方都不加区别地袭击学校,这样做可以等同于战争罪。In a report entitled “Studying Under Fire,the rights group documented how both the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed rebels have carried out attacks on schools and used them for military purposes, including basing troops or weapons in or near schools.人权观察发表题为《在战火下学习》的报告,记录了乌克兰军队和由俄罗斯持的乌克兰反政府武装袭击学校,把学校用于军事目的,包括在校园或附近地区驻扎军队或存放武器。Yulia Gorbunova, the HRW researcher who authored the report, said this happened on a wide scale in eastern Ukraine.撰写这份报告的人权观察研究员戈尔布诺娃说,这种行为在乌克兰东部广泛存在。According to data in the report provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, 119 schools and kindergartens in its areas were damaged in fighting between April 2014 and November 2015. De facto rebel authorities reported damage to nearly 900 schools in their areas during the same period.乌克兰教育部提供的一份报告里的数据显示,014月到20151月,乌克兰政府控制地区有119所学校和幼儿园受到战火破坏。反政府武装报告说,在其控制区内,同一时期有将00所学校遭到破坏。HRW’s Gorbunova said both the government and rebels are open to discussions about the right’s group’s findings.戈尔布诺娃说,乌克兰政府和反政府武装都愿意就人权观察的调查结果进行讨论。HRW urged both sides to take concrete actions to deter the military use of schools.人权观察敦促乌克兰双方采取具体行动,不再把学校用做军事目的。来 /201602/425857。
  • A group of senior Republican Asia experts have declared their support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, warning that Donald Trump would lead to the “ruinous marginalisationof the US in Asia if elected president.多名共和Republican)亚洲专家宣称持民主Democratic)候选人希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton),并警告称唐纳德#8226;特兰Donald Trump)一旦当选总统,会导致美国在亚洲遭遇“毁灭性的边缘化”。In the latest open letter by prominent Republicans denouncing their party’s nominee, a group of former officials who served in previous GOP administrations say they would “reluctantly for some but unavoidablybe voting for Mrs Clinton.这是知名共和党人谴责这位该党提名人的最新一封公开信。在这封公开信中,多名曾在共和党行政当局效力的前官员表示,他们中“部分人将不情愿却不可避免地”投票持希拉里。“The current Republican presidential candidate offers only bluster or preposterous panaceas for Asia ideas which, if they ever find their way into policy, will wreck our country’s credibility, economy and leadership in very short order,says a copy of the letter seen by the Financial Times.英国《金融时报》看到的该信副本写道:“当前的共和党总统候选人能为亚洲提供的,只有虚张声势或违背常识的万灵药——那些思路一旦进入政策,会在极短时间内严重破坏我国的可信度、经济和领导力。”The repudiation by the anti-Trump Asia specialists, who include former senior officials at the White House, Pentagon, state department and the USAID development agency, comes in an open letter set to be published this week.这些反特朗普的亚洲专家包括了曾在白宫(White House)、五角大Pentagon)、美国国务院和美国国际开发署(USAID)任职的高官。他们在定于本周发表的一封公开信中表达了自己的观点。The letters signatories include several George W Bush administration officials, among them Michael Green, senior director for Asia on the White House’s national security council; James Clad, deputy assistant secretary of defence for Asia; Patrick Cronin, who was number three at USAID; and Frank Lavin, former undersecretary of commerce.该信的署名人包括了几名乔#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)政府的官员,其中包括白宫国家安全委员会的资深亚洲主管迈克#8226;格林(Michael Green)、主管亚洲防务的副助理部长詹姆斯#8226;克莱James Clad)、美国国际开发署第三号人物帕特里#8226;克罗Patrick Cronin)、以及前商务部副部长雷文Frank Lavin)。If Mr Trump were to put his “nostrumsinto practice as president, he would risk pushing key US allies into China’s arms, the letter warns.这封信警告称,一旦特朗普以总统身份将其“偏方”付诸实践,他可能会将美国的关键盟友推向中国的怀抱。“In their varying ways, Asia’s big or small countries will be forced to tilt towards America’s challengers, most especially the Chinese. Some of them may move quickly to seek security in a new proliferation of nuclear weapons,it says.公开信表示:“亚洲大小国家将以不同方式被迫倒向挑战美国的人——尤其是中国人。其中一些国家或许会迅速采取行动,在新一轮核武器扩散中寻求安全。 /201608/461129。
  • A changing Chinese military strategy and planned troop reductions in the Peoples Liberation Army are having an impact on students recruiting and training of military academies.我国军事战略的改变和人民解放军裁军计划正对军事院校招生和培养学生方面产生影响。Recruitment of students needed to bolster Chinas combat capability will be increased, even as the overall number of military school students will be reduced, officials said at a military school recruitment conference in Beijing that ended on last Tuesday.在上周二闭幕的全军院校招生工作会议上,官员表示将加大对有助提高国家作战能力专业的学生的招募,甚至会将军事学校的学生人数有所减少。Compared with last year, 24 percent fewer students will be admitted to studies related to the army, including the infantry and artillery, while logistic and support departments will see their recruits fall by 45 percent, said a news release from the Central Military Commissions Training Management Department.中央军事委员会训练管理部在一次新闻发布会上表示,与去年相比,步兵、炮兵等陆军专业的招生数量将压减24%,后勤持类专业的招生数量将压减45%。In comparison, students studying in aviation, missile and maritime fields will increase by 14 percent. The number of recruits in sectors where there is an urgent need, such as space intelligence, radar and drones, will rise by 16 percent.与此对应,航空、导弹及海事领域相关专业,空天情报处理、雷达、无人机等急需紧缺学科专业,招生数量将分别增加14%6%。The changes were announced in line with ongoing military reforms and were made after rounds of negotiations with the army, navy, air force, rocket force, regional military commands and military academies, PLA Daily reported, citing an unidentified officer from the departments Training Establishment Bureau.人民解放军报引用一位训练管理部的负责人的话称,这些变化是在与正在进行的军事改革一起宣布的,是经过与陆海空军、火箭部队、区域军事指挥和军事院校几轮谈判之后做出的。The department has pledged to intensify supervision of military schools admissions, the officer said, adding that officers and applicants parents will be invited to monitor the admission process.该负责人表示,训练管理部已承诺加强对军事学校招生工作的监督,并补充说道,相关人员和申请人的父母将被请来监督整个录取过程。来 /201605/441846。
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