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For people who buy, sell or collect old art, the hope of unearthing a new work by a big name is a motivating dream. And names don’t come much bigger than that of Leonardo da Vinci.对于买卖和收藏古老艺术品的人们来说,发掘著名大师的未知作品堪称鼓舞人心的梦想,而最有名的大师恐怕莫过于列奥纳多·达·芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)了。For eight years, the Canadian collector Peter Silverman, who lives in Paris, has been trying to convince the art world that a drawing of an aristocratic young woman he bought for around ,000 is a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo, potentially worth as much as 0 million. Now the controversy surrounding the drawing, “La Bella Principessa,” has taken a new turn. Shaun Greenhalgh, the notorious British art forger who is thought to have created fakes that spanned centuries of art history, has declared it to be his work.八年来,现居巴黎的加拿大收藏家彼得·席尔瓦曼(Peter Silverman)一直都在试图说艺术界,自己手上有一幅遗失已久的达·芬奇真迹,这幅贵族年轻女子的肖像名为《美丽的公主》(La Bella Principessa),是他花大约二万美元买来的,可能价值1.5亿美元。现在,围绕着这幅画作的争议又进入到新的一轮。臭名昭著的英国艺术品伪造者绍恩·格林哈尔(Shaun Greenhalgh)所仿造的赝品跨越艺术史上的几个世纪,如今他声称这幅画是自己的作品。Mr. Greenhalgh says the subject was not an Italian noblewoman, but a check-out girl named Alison who worked at a supermarket in Bolton outside Manchester in northwest England.格林哈尔说,图上的女人不是什么意大利贵妇,而是英格兰西北部曼彻斯特市郊外尔顿某超市内一个名叫艾莉森(Alison)的女收银员。That sensational claim emerged on Nov. 29 in an article in The Sunday Times by the art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who is part of a consortium that has just published a memoir by Mr. Greenhalgh, “A Forger’s Tale.” Mr. Greenhalgh, who in 2007 was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison on forgery-related charges, was responsible for a number of well-documented fakes, including a Gauguin sculpture of a faun bought by the Art Institute of Chicago and an Egyptian alabaster sculpture of a princess purchased by the Bolton Museum. Now he has added “La Bella Principessa” to the list.这个耸人听闻的声明出现在11月29日的《星期日泰晤士报》(The Sunday Times)的一篇文章里,作者是艺术家瓦尔德马尔·雅努茨扎克(Waldemar Januszczak),他所隶属的财团刚刚出版了格林哈尔的回忆录《伪造者的故事》(A Forger’s Tale)。格林哈尔因涉及伪造艺术品,于2007年被判入狱四年零八个月。他所仿造的艺术品包括一尊高更的农神雕像,被芝加哥艺术学院购买;以及一尊古埃及公主的大理石像,被波士顿物馆购买。如今他把《美丽的公主》也加入了这个名单。Mr. Januszczak says Mr. Greenhalgh was about 20 years old when he made “La Principessa,” while he was working at the supermarket in the late 1970s.雅努茨扎克说,格林哈尔创作《美丽的公主》时20岁左右,当时是20世纪70年代末期,他在那个超市上班。“To draw her he says he bought an old land deed that had been written on vellum, and finding the ‘good’ side to be too ink-stained to use, turned it over and drew on the rough side instead, as Leonardo would never have done,” Mr. Januszczak wrote in The Sunday Times.“他说,为了给她画像,他买来了一张旧地契,是用上等羊皮纸做成的,上面写了字,他发现,纸张‘好’的那一面上有太多墨水字迹,所以就把它翻过来,在粗糙的一面上画画,列奥纳多从来不这么做,”雅努茨扎克在《星期日泰晤士报》的文中写道。Mr. Greenhalgh was unavailable to comment.格林哈尔先生未能置评。“It’s ludicrous and absurd,” Mr. Silverman said in a telephone interview. “It’s shameless that an art historian should stoop to that level to promote his book.”“这太滑稽,太荒唐了,”席尔瓦曼先生电话采访中说,“一个艺术史学家为了宣传新书,竟然做出这么有失身份的事,真是无耻之极。”Mr. Silverman said he would pay Mr. Greenhalgh 10,000 pounds, about ,000, if he could reproduce “La Bella Principessa” on vellum in front of a committee of experts. “And he goes back to jail where he belongs if he doesn’t,” he said.席尔瓦曼说,他愿意付格林哈尔1万英镑(约合1.5万美元),看他能不能当着一个专家委员会的面,在羊皮纸上重新画出《美丽的公主》来。“要是他画不出来,就回监狱呆着去吧,”他说。The story of “La Bella Principessa” and its attribution started in January 1998, when Kate Ganz, an art dealer in New York, bought a hea·or ,850 with fees at Christie’s in New York. Executed in pen, ink, chalk and watercolor on vellum, it was cataloged by Christie’s as “early 19th century, possibly German.”《美丽的公主》及其作者鉴定的故事始于1998年1月,纽约艺术品交易商凯特·冈兹(Kate Ganz)以21850美元(含交易费)的价格,从纽约佳士得买来了这幅身穿意大利文艺复兴时期饰的年轻贵族女子的半身侧面像。这幅画以钢笔、墨水、粉笔和水在羊皮纸上绘制而成,被佳士得标记为“19世纪初,可能是德国作品。”Nine years later, in January 2007, Ms. Ganz sold the drawing, which she described as “based on a number of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and may have been made by a German artist studying in Italy,” to Mr. Silverman for the original purchase price, minus a dealer’s discount.9年后的2007年1月,冈兹把这幅画以原价减交易商折扣的价格卖给了席尔瓦曼,她当时对它的描述是,“可能是一个在意大利学习的德国艺术家根据一幅列奥纳多·达·芬奇的画临摹的”。In June 2008, Lumière Technology, a company in Paris that specializes in digital scanning, announced that its analysis had determined that the portrait was by Leonardo. The work was subsequently valued at 100 million by the London art dealer Dickinson, who offered it for sale to selected clients. Timothy Clifford, a director of the National Galleries of Scotland from 1984 to 2006 who joined Dickinson as an adviser in 2007, declared the drawing a genuine Leonardo in an article in The Times of London in October 2009.2008年6月,法国数码扫描公司“光明技术公司”(Lumière Technology)声称,经分析,公司认为这幅画是出自列奥纳多本人之手。因此,这幅作品被伦敦艺术品交易公司迪金森(Dickinson)标价为一亿英镑,并向高级客户提供这幅作品的出售。蒂莫西·克利福德(Timothy Clifford)于1984年到2006年担任苏格兰国家艺术馆馆长,2007年出任迪金森的顾问,2009年10月,他在《伦敦泰晤士报》上发表文章,认为这幅画是列奥纳多的真迹。The attribution has also been endorsed by a half-dozen Leonardo scholars. Martin Kemp, an emeritus professor in art history at Oxford University who began researching the work in 2005, was an early convert, identifying the sitter as Bianca Giovanna Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of Ludovico Sforza, the duke of Milan from 1494 to 1499.这个结论还得到了半打列奥纳多专家的背书。马丁·肯普(Martin Kemp)是牛津大学的艺术史荣退教授,他从2005年开始研究这幅作品,是最早相信它是真迹的人之一,他认为画面上的人是比安卡·乔万娜·斯福尔扎(Bianca Giovanna Sforza),是于1494年至1499年任米兰公爵的卢多维克·斯福尔扎(Ludovico Sforza)的私生女。Research by Mr. Kemp and Pascal Cotte, a co-founder of Lumière, suggested that the drawing had been removed from a Sforza family album, now in the National Library in Warsaw, made to celebrate the 1496 marriage of Bianca to the Milanese military commander Galeazzo Sanseverino.肯普与光明技术公司的联合创建者之一帕斯卡·科特(Pascal Cotte)认为,这幅画是从斯福尔扎家族的画册中被拿出去的,该画册于1496年制作,是为了庆祝比安卡与米兰军事指挥官加里亚佐·桑瑟夫内洛(Galeazzo Sanseverino)的联姻,目前收藏于华沙国家图书馆。Those developments prompted the owner of the drawing when Christie’s sold it to Ms. Ganz, Jeanne Marchig, the widow of the artist and restorer Giannino Marchig, to sue Christie’s for breaches of fiduciary duty and of warranty, as well as negligence and negligent misrepresentation, claiming they should have known it was a Leonardo.佳士得把作品出售给冈兹时,该画像的主人是艺术家与艺术品修复家詹尼诺·马奇格(Giannino Marchig)的遗孀珍娜·马奇格(Jeanne Marchig),因为这一事态的发展,她起诉佳士得公司违反信托与担保责任,以及疏忽和做出草率鉴定,她主张,佳士得本应鉴定出那是列奥纳多的真迹。The suit was rejected by a ed States appeals court in 2011 on the grounds that the statute of limitations had expired. In a separate suit against Christie’s, concerning the loss of the drawing’s frame, Ms. Marchig stated that the drawing had been in her husband’s collection by 1955, long before Mr. Greenhalgh is supposed to have made it.该诉讼于2011年被美国一上诉法庭以诉讼时效过期而拒绝。在另一项起诉佳士得遗失了这幅作品的边框的诉讼中,马奇格女士指出,这幅画于1955年便归她丈夫所有,远远早于格林哈尔声称的创作时间。As a Leonardo, “La Bella Principessa” has yet to win over the art establishment. The work has not been shown in any major national museum, and it was not included in the landmark exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” at the National Gallery in London from November 2011 to February 2012.艺术界权威尚未彻底认可《美丽的公主》是列奥纳多的真迹。这幅作品还未在任何大型国家级物馆展出,2011年11月至2012年2月于伦敦国家物馆举办的重大展览“列奥纳多·达·芬奇:米兰宫廷时期画作”(Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan)也没有收入这幅作品。That show did, however, include a recently rediscovered Leonardo, “Christ as Salvator Mundi,” circa 1499, which was bought in 2013 by the Russian collector Dmitry E. Rybolovlev for 7.5 million from Yves Bouvier, a Swiss businessman and art dealer.不过,那次展览确实收入了一幅新近发现的列奥纳多作品:《救世主基督》(Chirist as Salvator Mundi),创作时间约在1499年,是2013年俄罗斯收藏家德米特里·E·雷波诺列夫(Dmitry E. Rybolovlev)以1.275亿美元从瑞士商人与艺术交易商伊夫·布维尔(Yves Bouvier)手中买下的。Mr. Rybolovlev sued Mr. Bouvier after discovering that he had paid the sellers, the New York dealers Alexander Parish and Robert Simon, between million and million for the work.后来雷波诺列夫发现,为这幅作品,布维尔只付给卖主纽约交易商亚历山大·巴利什(Alexander Parish)与罗伯特·西蒙(Robert Simon)7500万到8000万美元左右,便对布维尔发起了诉讼。Last Tuesday, meanwhile, Kasia Pisarek, an independent art historian who specializes in attribution, became the latest scholar to make a case against a Leonardo “Principessa.” In a paper presented at a conference in London, she ran down a checklist of what she termed “inconsistencies” — the lack of any documentation or copies, the presence of just three stitch-holes in the side of the vellum sheet ( the Sforza volume in Warsaw has five) and what she saw as anatomically incorrect quality of the drawing itself.上周二,专门鉴定艺术品作者的独立艺术史学家卡西娅·皮萨莱克(Kasia Pisarek)成了最新一位为列奥纳多的《美丽的公主》发起诉讼的学者。她在伦敦的一次听会上呈送文件,列举了这份作品的“矛盾清单”——它没有任何相关文件记载,也没有复制品、羊皮纸边上只有三个装订孔(华沙收录的斯福尔扎家族画册有五个装订孔),还有她眼中其他一些不符合真迹特质的细节。Her conclusion was that “the present attribution to Leonardo must be deemed unreliable.”她的结论是,“列奥纳多是作者这个结论是站不住脚的。”The drawing itself is at the Geneva Freeport storage warehouse and is not for sale, Mr. Silverman said, who added that in 2012 he had been offered million for it but had rejected the offer. “I want the drawing to be shown all over the world so that people can decide for themselves,” he said. “But the experts who won’t accept it have refused to see it. Bureaucrats don’t like to take a chance. They’re afraid of controversy.”席尔瓦曼先生说,这幅画作目前被存放在日内瓦自由港,不做出售之用,他还补充说,2012年,有人曾经出价6000万美元,但被他拒绝了。“我希望这幅画能在全世界展出,让人们自己来判断,”他说,“但是那些不接受它的专家们拒绝看它。官僚主义者们不愿把握机会,他们害怕争议。”By various accounts, then, it would seem that “La Bella Principessa” is either a real Leonardo worth tens of millions; a 19th-century Italian Renaissance style drawing worth tens of thousands; or a modern fake worth hardly anything at all.出于种种原因,这幅《美丽的公主》要么就是价值数千万的列奥纳多真迹;要么就是价值数万美元的19世纪意大利文艺复兴风格作品;再不就是一文不值的现代赝品。But adding characters like Shaun Greenhalgh and Alison from the supermarket into the mix will liven up the debate — and make it ever more difficult to discern what the scientifically minded Leonardo would have recognized as the truth.但是随着绍恩·格林哈尔与“超市艾莉森”等人卷入混战,争议无疑进一步升级了;列奥纳多是个相信科学的人,如今,要找到他渴求的真相,更是难上加难。 /201512/415094。

Further development of Neo-Confucian philosophy: Although Confucianism had been adopted as “orthodox” state doctrine since the Han Dynasty,and Neo-Confucianism since the Yuan Dynasty, there existed many liberate and oppositional ways of thought among the Confucian scholarship, especially from the Donglin A-cademy.新理学的进一步发展:尽管理学自汉朝以来被认为是正统的国教,但是,自元朝时候起,新理学就以多种自由的和相反的思想形式在理学者,特别是东林院中流行。Taoism and Chan-Buddhism showed their influence in the thinking of Ming scholars that retired from official posts and developed quietistic philosophies.道教和禅宗佛学在明朝退休的高官中有很大影响,并发展成了清静无为哲学。The greatest Ming philosopher is Wang Yangming or Wang Shouren. He proposed that an innate knowledge enable man to reach goodness even without learning or studying the Confucian Classics.明朝最伟大的哲学家是王阳明(王守仁),他认为,人可以不学习、不研究理学,其良知就能让其达到善界。Li Zhi even renounced the orthodox Confucianism and accused his contemporaries of pharisaism.李贽甚至完全放弃传统的理学,并批评他同时期的哲学家的伪善。He sympathized with Buddhism and vernacular literature of the urban population, and he acted as advocate of discriminated and disadvantaged groups like the poor average people, women and ethnic minorities.他同情佛教和城里人的本语言文学,并为那些受歧视和处于弱势的人群如贫穷的老百姓、妇女和少数民族而充当辩护人。Li Zhi’s words and behaviours were lodged a false accusation against the classics and orthodoxy by the governors and he was arrested and put into prison and died there.李贽的言行被当时统治者诬为离经饭道,结果被捕下狱而死。Science and technology :In the field of science and technology, numerous publications about geography also of foreign countries, techniques, agronomy, geology, craftsmanship, military, medicine and pharmacology were published, for ex-ample Chen Fu9s and Wang Zhen#39;s Nongshu or Book of Agronomy 11, Xu Guan-gqi^ agronomic encyclopedia Nongzheng Quanshu , and Li Shizhen^ pharmacological encyclopedia Bencao Gangmu .科学技术:在科学技术方面,一系列的关于国内国外的地理学、技术、农学、地质学、手工业、军事、医学和药物学的作品出版发行。如,陈甫和王祯的《农书》,徐光启的《农政全书》和李时珍的《本草纲目》。Another interesting book is the illustrated encyclopedia 5a^icai Tuhui Of u Assembled illustrations of the Three Realms of Heaven y Earth and Man 11.另一本有趣的著作是《三才图会》,书中诠释了三大王国——天国、地球和人类的关系。Another famous book which is about science and technology is Song Yingxing#39;S Tian Gong Kai Wu M.著名的科技读物是宋应星的《天工开物》。And u Traveling Notes of Xu Xiake 19 \S a book about Chinese geography by the greatest traveler Xu XiaKe then in the Ming dynasty, who traveled on foot to all the famous and great mountains and rivers in China.而明朝时期大旅行家徐霞客的《徐霞客游记》则讲述了中国的地理情况,徐霞客徒步游遍了中国的名川大山。At the end of the Ming, Jesuit missionaries translated Western writings (and not only the Bible ), and Chinese writers described machines the Jesuits had presented to the Chinese Emperors.明朝末年,耶稣使者翻译了大量的西方作品(不仅仅是《圣经》),中国作家也讲述了使者们送给中国皇帝的机器。Like today, the Chinese scholars of late Ming Dynasty were especially interested in science and technique of the West.和今天一样,明朝时期的中国学者们对西方的科学技术都极为感兴趣。The Western missionaries and travelers also brought Chinese science to Europe.而西方的传教士和旅行家也把中国的科学带到了欧洲。Anecdotes, stories and novels:The advance in printing technique as well as the demand from an urban public made it necessary and possible for vernacular literature to become more widesp than ever before.文学艺术:印刷术的发展和城镇居民的需要使本土文学有必要、有可能比以前任何时候发展的更快。Anecdotes, stories and tales were published in collections like M PaVan Jingqi y,or u Surprising Stories Causing the Reader to Pound the Table ”“Jingu Qiguan ”or“ Wonderful Tales of Old and New Times.奇闻逸事、小说和故事常常成册发行,如《拍案惊奇》、《今古奇观》等。Probably the most important late Ming anecdote writer is Feng Menglong who wrote the ghost story u Pingyaozhuan and the collection Xingshi HengyanOf M Proverbs Awakening the World yy .明朝晚期最著名的奇闻作家也许是冯梦龙,他著写了神鬼小说《平妖传》和《醒世恒言》。Apart from short Stories ,voluminous novels were written that consisted of hundreds of small tales a-bout local and historic heroes : the hero tales “ Journey to the Westby Wu Cheng n, Investiture of the Gods edited by Xu Zhonglin, the M Three Kingdoms , and the u Water Margin 11 Of u Bandits of Liangshan Swamp by LllO Guanzhong, and finally, the erotic social critic M Plums in a Golden Vase Theatre plays had been popular since the Song Dynasty, and we possess a collection of famous Yuan theatre plays published during Ming, the u Yuanquxuan 11. The greatest Ming theatre play is Tang Xianzu^ u Peony Pavilion.除短篇小说外,长篇小说又叫章回小说也有大量出版,它们通常包括有关地方和社会英雄的数百个故事。如,吴承恩的《西游记》,还有许仲琳编辑的《封神演义》,罗贯中的《三国演义》和《水浒传》,还有最后时期的描写性爱的遭到社会批判的《金瓶梅》。自宋朝以来戏曲一直很流行,直到现在我们还有在明朝时期出版的著名元曲集锦《元曲选》,明朝时期最伟大的戏曲是汤显祖的《牡丹亭》。 /201603/428562。

Meituan, a group buying service backed by Alibaba, said Thursday that it would join forces with Dianping, a consumer review website backed by Tencent, hoping to create an e-commerce juggernaut.本周四,阿里巴巴投资的团购务美团网宣布,它将与腾讯投资的消费者点评务大众点评网合并,希望能携手打造一个电子商务巨头。The two companies said in a news release that they would set up a new company that would help businesses sell goods and services online in China. They did not provide further details on how the new company would work. They said both Dianping and Meituan would keep their brands and management structures and operate independently.这两家公司在新闻稿中表示,他们将成立一家新公司,帮助企业在中国境内在线销售多种商品和务。他们没有提供新公司运营的更多细节,但表示大众点评和美团两个品牌和现有业务将继续保持独立运营。;We both recognize the enormous potential of China#39;s O2O industry, and therefore this strategic cooperation was a shared and almost inevitable decision,; Zhang Tao, the chief executive of Dianping, said in the release, referring to online-to-offline transactions.;帮助1000万商家务好10亿消费者,是两个团队共同的追求,合作是大势所趋,是两个团队的共同选择,;大众点评网首席执行官张涛在宣布消息时表示。He added that the joint venture would allow ;both companies to better leverage our respective advantages in order to accelerate product innovation, deepen service offerings and speed up industry expansion.;他还表示,;O2O行业前景无比巨大,合作后大家将会发挥各自优势,加快产品创新、深化务和行业拓展的步伐。;O2O指的是线上线下融合务。The merger shows the power China#39;s largest Internet companies wield over emerging start-ups. Though Meituan is one of the last survivors of a huge subsidies war between group buying sites over the past five years, the site has suffered as cash-rich companies like Baidu and Tencent have thrown more money at group buying through investments in rivals like Nuomi, Dianping and the food delivery service Ele.me.这起合并显示了中国互联网巨头对新兴初创公司的影响力。美团虽然是过去五年中团购务巨额补贴战的最后幸存者之一,但百度、腾讯等现金充裕的公司在糯米、大众点评网和外卖务饿了么等竞争对手上投入了更多资金,令美团受到影响。The competition has been tough on Meituan, which has gotten some investment but little other support from Alibaba, one of China#39;s giants. This deal seeks to improve that, bringing one of China#39;s last large independent e-commerce companies into the orbit of Tencent, and to a lesser extent Alibaba.美团在竞争中步履维艰,尽管中国网络巨头阿里巴巴给它注入了一些资金,但却几乎没有提供其他持,本次合并就旨在改善这种状况,而中国最后的大型独立电子商务公司之一也从此纳入腾讯的轨道,阿里巴巴对它的影响力则变得相对较小。Mr. Tao will be co-chairman and co-chief executive with Meituan#39;s chief executive, Wang Xing. Mr. Wang said the cooperation would enable ;us to focus on better serving our consumers and merchants, and allows us to concentrate on developing new businesses and driving product innovation.; Neither company would say how much the new joint operation would be worth.张涛将与美团首席执行官王兴出任联席主席兼联席首席执行官。王兴表示,;合作后我们在产品创新、体验改进和新业务拓展上将可以投入更多精力和资源。;两家公司都没有谈到新公司的估值。Since setting up in 2010, Meituan has expanded into businesses that include food delivery and seat bookings at movie theaters. Its 0 million fund-raising round in January valued it at billion.自2010年成立以来,美团已经拓展了包括外卖和观影订座在内的多种业务。在今年1月的融资轮中,该公司以70亿美元的估值筹措到7亿美元资金。Dianping began as a consumer review and merchant information company, but it has expanded into group buying, food delivery and restaurant reservations. It raised 0 million in its last round of fund-raising in April, and media reports value the company at billion.大众点评网最初以消费者点评和商户信息为主,但现在已经拓展到团购、外卖、订餐领域。在今年4月的最新一轮融资中,它筹集到8.5亿美元资金,媒体报道其估值为40亿美元。Neither Dianping nor Meituan is publicly traded.大众点评网和美团都没有上市。The joint venture will compete directly with the Internet giant Baidu, whose stock closed down 3.4 percent on Wednesday after rumors of the deal were reported. In spite of this, Kaiser Kuo, the international communications director for Baidu, said, ;We#39;ve got momentum in this space.;合并后的新公司将与中国互联网巨头百度开展直接竞争,媒体报道了交易传闻后,百度的股票本周三收跌3.4%。尽管如此,百度国际媒体公关总监郭怡广表示,;我们在这个领域势头不错。; /201510/402655。

The China Consumers Association announced on Tuesday that it has worked out a cooperative mechanism with 17 e-commerce platforms, including JD.com, Taobao.com and Vip.com, to deal with online shopping complaints of consumers quicker and better.中国消费者协会周二宣布,已与京东、淘宝、唯品会等17家电商平台制定出一种合作维权机制,以便更快更好地解决消费者网购方面的投诉。According to the new mechanism, if the association finds a complaint that involves any online sellers from any of the 17 e-commerce platforms, the complaint will go directly to the platform#39;s after-sale system and will be prioritized to be dealt with.根据这种新机制,如果消费者协会发现消费者投诉涉及这17家电商平台中的任何一家,便可将投诉直接转给该电商的售后务系统,投诉此后将受到优先处理。As online shopping often involves consumers and sellers in different places, consumers often find it hard to protect their rights when conflicts occur. The problem is expected to be better solved with the establishment of the new cooperative mechanism.由于网上购物往往涉及到消费者和销售者的所在地不同的情况,所以在发生冲突时,消费者往往难以保护自己的权利。随着新的合作机制的建立,这一问题有望得到较好的解决。In this year#39;s World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on March 15 in China, a sting of media exposures have been focusing on counterfeits from online shops.在3月15日在中国举行的本年度世界消费者权益日上,媒体曝光点集中于在线商城的假货问题。According to the China Consumers Association, 26.2% of the consumers who did online shopping have met with shopping conflicts in the year of 2015.根据中国消费者协会的数据显示,在2015年网上购物的人群中,26.2%的消费者已经遇到了购物冲突这一情况。 /201603/432313。

Is your phone cooking your sperm?你的手机是否在烹饪你的精子?Maybe it’s guilt about overusing them, maybe it’s the shadow of cigarettes, maybe it’s just technophobia. Whatever it is, it seems like we won’t be happy until it’s proven that we’re being slowly exterminated by our phones. To be clear, mobile phones are small radio transmitters, which means they are too weak to damage your DNA but they can warm up the tissue they pass through – slightly – perhaps as much as 0.2C. Other things that risk warming your body include: eating dinner, exercising, a sunny day. Could there be some other danger we don’t know about, however? Erm … well we don’t know. Here are some of the theories that have been floated – and sunk.或许是因为过多使用带来的愧疚感,或许是受雪茄的阴影,或许只是技术恐惧。无论是什么,似乎只有当明自己正被手机慢慢损伤着,我们才会满意。要弄清楚,手机只是小型无线发射器,这意味着他们太微弱了,不会毁坏你的DNA,但可以略微加热靠近的肌肤,最多大概0.2摄氏度。其他有加热你身体风险的事情有:吃晚餐,锻炼,晴天。然而,还有其他我们不知道的危险吗?额…我们不知道。以下是一些已知而被遗忘的理论。Do phones cause male infertility?手机是否会导致男性不育?New research from Israel found lower sperm counts and motility among men who were heavier phone users, suggesting that “certain aspects of cellphone usage may have adverse effects on sperm concentration”. There have been similar studies before, and heat does affect sperm production. However, this study involved questionnaires filled out by 106 men who had aly been referred for semen analysis at Carmel Medical Centre in Haifa. That isn’t very many men, so it could easily be a chance result. Nor is it good evidence anyway, since men who use their phone a lot might also be unusual in other areas, and it might be those areas, not their phone, that are responsible.以色列的新研究发现,手机的重度使用者有更低的精子数量和活跃度,这意味着“使用手机在某些方面或许会对精子集中度有不好的影响”。这之前还有类似的研究,温度确实会影响精子繁殖。然而,这项研究包含了106位男士所填的调查问卷,这些人已经在海法的卡梅尔医学中心进行了精子分析。参加的男士的数量并不多,因此这很可能是个巧合。不论如何这也不是个好的据,因为过多使用手机的人还会减少其他活动,故可能是那些活动的问题而不是手机。Do phones cause eye cancer?手机会导致眼癌吗?In 2001, a German doctor, Andreas Strang, found that rates of mobile phone use were much higher among a group of 118 uveal melanoma patients than in a control group. This was widely reported around the world, even though Dr Strang himself advised people not to take it too seriously. The results haven’t been repeated, and Cancer Research UK does not consider phones an eye cancer risk.在2001年,一个德国医生Andreas Strang发现一群118人的葡萄膜黑色素瘤患者比受控制群体的手机使用率高得多。尽管Andreas Strang医生建议人们不要太当回事,这项研究的结果却在全球广泛传播。结果并未被再次实,因此英国癌症研究会并不考虑将手机作为眼癌风险。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430222。

Chinese cultural exchange groups unveiled the country#39;s first ever official mascots for the all-important Chinese lunar New Year.中国文化交流组织为最重要的春节公布了全国首批官方吉祥物。The two mascots, named ;Nian Wa; and ;Chun Ni;, meaning New Year Boy and Spring Girl, are based on characters form traditional woodblock prints widely seen as symbols of good luck and happiness.两个春节吉祥物分别被定名为;年娃;和;春妮;,寓意为新年男孩儿以及迎春女孩儿,其设计基于传统木版印刷中象征幸运和幸福的人物形象。Chun Ni and Nian Wa also symbolize a balance of yin and yang, and the patterns on their costume – a bat and two fish respectively – are signs of longevity and prosperity according to Chinese folklore.;年娃;和;春妮;还象征着阴阳平衡,它们的衣上分别装饰着;蝙蝠;、;双鱼;图案,在中国传统民俗中意为;福庆(蝙蝠)有余(鱼);。Li Hanqiu, a professor of classical Chinese literature at Peking University, says this could be a way for the world to better understand Chinese culture.北京大学的中国古典文学教授李汉秋表示,这一方式对于全世界来说能够更好地了解中国文化。;We are announcing official symbols and mascots for the Spring Festival because we hope to share traditional Chinese culture to everyone through modern communications means and let it take root among all Chinese people. We also hope to attract a bigger fan base among young people, and make the festival more popular and accessible for the global audience.;“我们发布官方春节符号和吉祥物,是因为我们希望通过现代的沟通方式与所有人分享中国传统文化,使其在全体中国人的心中扎根。我们还希望吸引更多年轻人成为粉丝,使春节更受欢迎。”The doll-like images stood out among more than 2,000 applications. China Post has released a collection of commemorative stamps featuring the two mascots. The Chinese New Year falls on Feb 8 this year.据悉,这两个春节吉祥娃娃是从两千多件应征作品中脱颖而出的。中国邮政集团也已发行了;年娃;和;春妮;纪念邮票。今年中国的农历大年初一是2月8日。 /201601/421498。

5.Focus on only one thing at a time.5.专注做好一件事Multi-tasking is a thing of the past. Focusing on only one task at a time increases your productivity as well the quality of what you are doing. The great teachers of our time have known this and now science is also agreeing. Focus on one thing and do it well.如今多面开工的做法已经显的有些过时。专注做一项任务不仅会提高效率还能提高质量。我们这个时代的伟人们早已深谙此法,现在科学也明了这一点。所以我们只要专注于一件事情并且把它做好就可以。4.Practice an attitude of gratitude4.培养一种感恩的心态When you are truly appreciative and grateful for everything in your life, you are more aware of our surroundings. Being aware of your surroundings is a form of mindfulness. When you express gratitude from your heart you can feel it radiate from the center of your chest into your entire body. It is a great stress buster.一旦真正对生活中的事情充满了感激之情,你将对自己周遭的一切更加留心。这也是保持专注的一种形式。当这种感激真的由心而发时,你就能感到它是一种从心脏直达全身的感受,并且能释放巨大的压力。3.Breathing3.深呼吸Mindfulness and breathing go hand in hand. Focusing on your breathing automatically brings you into the present moment and stops your thoughts. Try it! Take a few deep breaths, keeping your focus on the air moving in and out of your body then see if you notice any thoughts. The quickest way to slow down and be mindful is to take a several deep breaths.专注和呼吸是一对“好兄弟”。一旦专注于呼吸运动,你自然而然就会更关注当下,不会胡思乱想。来,尝试一下。做几个深呼吸,全身心地感受空气从你的身体吸进呼出,看看你是不是还在考虑其他事情。放松自己,更加专注的最快方式就是做几个深呼吸。2.Set the tone for your day(1)2.为你的一天开个好头(1)Before you roll out of bed to begin another frantic day, lie still for a few moments. In those moments set the tone for your day by taking a couple breaths and telling yourself how you want this day to be. Use an affirmation or saying that has meaning for you. Such as, #39;Today, is going to a great day!#39; or #39;Today, I am going to breeze through all my tasks.#39;在你起床开始忙碌的一天前,先在床上躺一会儿。在这期间,做几个深呼吸,想想今天自己想要怎么度过,以此开启新的一天。你可以试试一些喜欢的名言或激励性语言来鼓励自己。比如,“今天将是美好的一天!”或者“今天我一定会轻松解决所有任务。”1.Set the tone for your day(2)1.为你的一天开个好头(2)If (1) doesn#39;t work for you, then try getting up, going into the bathroom and looking at your self in the mirror. Before you begin your morning ablutions look at yourself in the mirror and greet your self, “Good morning Carolynne” and then add other positive things like, “It is going to be a great day. Isn#39;t it?” or I like, “Fabulous Day Carolynne! Thank you (Great Spirit or whatever you choose) for another wonderful day to be alive.”如果刚才的方法没有效果,那就起床,走到盥洗室,看看镜子中的自己。在你进行梳洗之前,先对着镜中的自己打个招呼,说声“早上好,Carolynne”,然后再来几句积极的鼓励,像是“今天一定会很顺利的,对吧?”或是“Carolynne,多棒的一天啊!感谢大神(GREAT SPIRIT 北美印第安人所信仰的首要神灵。你选择别的神灵也可以。)让我又迎来了这么美好的一天。”审校:晴晴晴天 橘子 前十网 /201601/421172。