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International peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has warned 100,000 people could die in Syria in the next year unless world powers press the Syrian government and rebels to negotiate an end to their 21-month conflict.国际和平特使卜拉希米警告说,除非世界各强国迫使叙利亚政府和反政府武装组织进行谈判来结束持1个月的冲突,否则明年可能0万叙利亚人丧生。Speaking Sunday in Cairo, Brahimi said the warring sides are not speaking to each other, despite his recent intensified diplomatic efforts to promote a peace plan approved by world and regional powers last June in Geneva. The U.N.-Arab League envoy said ;help is needed from the outside; to start a Syrian national dialogue based on that plan.卜拉希米星期天在开罗发表讲话时说,尽管他最近加紧外交努力,推进世界和地区强月在日内瓦达成的一项和平方案,叙利亚冲突双方并未进行对话。联合国-阿盟特使卜拉希米说,需要外界的帮助才能展开基于这项和平方案的叙利亚全国对话。The Brahimi says the situation in Syria is deteriorating and if the civil war continues, Syria will turn into a Somalia-style failed state ruled by warlords.卜拉希米说,叙利亚局势正在恶化,如果内战继续下去,叙利亚可能成为由军阀统治的索马里式国家。The Geneva plan calls for all sides in Syria to end hostilities, enter a national dialogue, and form a transitional government leading to new elections. It says nothing about the fate of President Bashar al-Assad, an omission that appears to have stalled its progress.日内瓦和平方案呼吁叙利亚各方结束敌对行动,展开全国对话,并组建一个过渡政府来安排新的选举。这项方案没有涉及阿萨德总统的命运,看来这一点阻碍了和平方案的实斀?来 /201301/218064

The UK government and central bank last night announced plans for a pound;100bn support programme for the British economy,as they battened down the hatches for a worsening ;eurozone debt storm;. 英国政府和央BoE)昨晚宣布,计划针对英国经济推出一千亿英镑的持计划,防患于愈演愈烈的;欧元区债务风暴;George Osborne,UK chancellor,told an annual financial gathering that he was working with the Bank of England to ;deploy new firepower; amid fears that turmoil in the eurozone could lead to a severe credit crunch and higher interest rates in Britain. 英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯George Osborne)在一个年度金融会议上表示,他正在和英国央行合;部署新火;,目前各方担心欧元区的动荡可能导致英国出现严重的信贷紧缩和利率上升Mr Osborne’s aides said they would unleash an aggressive monetary policy, aimed at passing on cheaper loans to businesses and housebuyers.Sir Mervyn King, BoE governor, also raised the prospect of a new round of quantitative easing, saying ;the case for a further monetary easing is growing;. 奥斯本的助理们表示,英国官方将推出激进的货币政策,力求为企业和购房者提供廉价信贷。英国央行行长默#8226;金爵Sir Mervyn King)也提出,可能推出新一轮量化宽松,他表;实施进一步货币宽松的理由正在增强;Sir Mervyn, speaking at the same event, said ;ugly; economic conditions and ;today’s exceptional circumstances create a case for a temporary bank funding scheme to bridge to calmer times;. 默文·金在这次会议上表示,;丑陋;的经济状况和;当前的异常情况要求实施暂时性融资计划,度过难关,迎来平静时;The BoE unveiled a so-called ;funding for lending; scheme to cut bank funding costs in exchange for lending commitments to companies and households. The Treasury claims the programme, designed to address rising loan and mortgage costs, could back an estimated pound;80bn in new loans. 英国央行推出了所谓的;为放贷提供资;计划,以削减资金成本,换取向企业和家庭放贷。英国财政部表示,旨在应对贷款和抵押贷款成本上涨的该计划,可能持约800亿英镑的新贷款The BoE will also activate an emergency scheme offering banks six-month liquidity in monthly tranches of at least pound;5bn. Sir Mervyn called the initiatives ;a textbook response; to the UK’s economic woes, combining tight fiscal policy and loose monetary policy. 英国央行还启动了一项紧急计划,向提个月的流动性,按月提供,每月至0亿英镑。默文·金称,这项举措结合了从紧的财政政策和宽松的货币政策,是对英国经济困境作出的;教科书式的回;;It is very hard to argue that monetary policy in all its forms has run out of road,; Mr Osborne told his Mansion House audience. ;The government with the help of the Bank of England will not stand on the sidelines and do nothing as the storm gathers.; 奥斯本在伦敦金融城市长官Mansion House)对听众表示:;很难说货币政策——以其所有形式——已经走到了尽头。政府在英国央行的帮助下,不会袖手旁观,坐等风暴来袭而无所作为; He added that ;things could get worse before they get better; in the eurozone, repeating his claim that it ;may take [a] Greek exit; to spur other members of the single currency bloc to take action needed to ensure the euro’s survival. 他补充道,欧元区;出现起色前可能会进一步恶;。他再次表示,他认为也许需;希腊退;才能刺激单一货币联盟的其他成员国采取必要行动,保欧元的生存The opposition Labour party has for months been urging Mr Osborne to adopt a ;Plan B; to stimulate the UK economy, but the chancellor insisted there were ;real and significant; risks in abandoning his fiscal plan: ;Credibility is hard-won and easily lost and losing it is extremely costly.; 数月以来,英国反对党工党一直敦促奥斯本采纳一;B计划;来刺激英国经济,但奥斯本此前坚称,放弃他的财政方案存在;切实以及重大;的风险:;建立信誉来之不易,但毁掉信誉却轻而易举,且代价不菲; /201206/1870321.When could you start working?你什么时候可以开始上班?.What about Next Monday?下周一么3.Would you be able to start to work us next week?你下周能来上班吗?.Id like to begin to woik any time you want.只要你们需要,我随时可以上班5.Im afraid not, but can you make it Thursday aftanoon?不行,星治四下午怎么样?6.I wont be able to leave the institute until I get my diploma and bachelor degree certificale at the end of this month.我要到本月底拿到毕业和学士学位书后才能离开学校7.Therere a few personal things I have to take care of, I can start to woik in a month.我有一些私人事务需要处理,下个月我可以来上班8.In addition, you will undergo an orientation process on your first day.另外,报到第一天会有人领你熟悉新的环境9.I hope to see your boundless prospects.希望你前途无量.I sincerely thank you letting me join your company. I wont let you down.真诚感谢你让我加人贵公司我不会令你失望的Dialogue 1Dialogue 1A:We are happy to have you with us. When could you start working?A:很高兴公司能有你这样的人才加 Aa你什么盼候可以开始上班?B: Id like to begin to work any time you want.B:只要你们需要,我随时可以上班A: What about Next Monday?A:那下周一…怎么样?B: No problem.. See you next Monday.B:没问題下周一见Dialogue Dialogue A: When can you start the job?A:你何时能开始工作?B: Ill go and quit my job in the A Company.B:我要先到A公司辞职A: Can you start on Monday?A:星期一能来上班啤?B: Im afraid not, but can you make it Thursday afternoon?B:恐怕不行星期四下午怎么样?A: That all right. When you come, ask Smith, OK?A:好吧你来的时候就找史密斯,行吗?;B: Yes. See you then.B:好,到时见 3583

指示房间位置5号房就在走廊的尽头A: This way, please. Room 5 is at the end of the corridor.请这边走,,5号房就酵廊的尽头B: The corridor is well-decorated. How lovely.这个走廊装饰得很好,非常可爱同类问句:May I have your room number, please? 可以告诉我您的房间号吗?Yes, it . 可以,是号房Sir, your room is at the end of the corridor. This way, please. 先生,您的房间在走廊的尽头请这边走请这边走请过来,好吗?A:Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. Would you care to come this way, please?It is along here啊,威尔逊先生,威尔逊太太,请过来,好吗?B:Oh, how do you know our name?你是怎么知道我们的名字的?同类问句:Come this way please, Mr. Bennett. 请这边走,本内特先生This way, please. Let me help you with that bag. 请这边走,让我帮您提那个包吧 1189In Youth Hotel在青年旅社Hello.have you made a reservation?您好,你预订了吗?No.are there any vacant beds us?没有,还有空床位提供给我们吗?Of course.How do you like your room?当然有您想要什么样的房间呢?Just an ordinary one,six people living in a room.一个普通的,6个人住一间的OK.how long are you staying?好的,你们住多久呢?3 days.3天 386691At the Recreation Center 康乐中心务经典对话RReceptionist 接待员 GGuest 顾客R:Good afternoon. Can I help you?下午好有什么能为您效劳吗?G:I’d like to take some exercise. Could you tell me what facilities you have here?我想做运动能不能告诉我这里有什么运动设施?R : Certainly, sir. We have a well-equipped gym with all the latest recreational sports apparatus-exercise bicycle, weights, swimming pools, tennis courts- that sort of thing. You may find more details in this map.当然可以,先生我们体育馆有许多最先进的运动设施,像运动脚踏车啦、举重设备啦、游泳池啦、网球场之类的您从这张地图能知道更多细节G:That sounds terrific!听起来棒极了!R:Then we have an excellent sauna, with a free supply of towels and soap.我们还有一个不错的桑拿浴室,免费提供毛巾和浴皂G:Great! I’d like to go swimming-by the way, do you sell swimming trunks here? I’ve left mine at home.太好了!我想去游泳-顺便问一下,你们这里有游泳裤卖吗?我的游泳裤放在家里了R:Yes, you can find them at the shop nearby.是的,在游泳池旁边的商店里就有卖常用句型百宝箱1. 为客人提供运动指导和建议1) You’d better do some stretches bee you work out.在健身前您最好做伸展运动) You’d better warm up first.您最好先做热身运动3) Can you show me how to use this machine?你可以教我怎么使用这台机器吗?) Sit here and pull this bar down to your shoulders.坐这里,把这杠拉到肩膀处5) Push it. Give me five more reps!加把劲跟着我再做 5 次6) Please wipe off the machine after use.健身器材使用后请擦干净7) Do you need some help using that machine.您使用那台机器需要协助吗?8) This exercise is good your back.这个运动对您的背部很好9) This exercise will help build your shoulders.这项运动能让您的肩膀更有型) Let me tell you a good way to work your abs我告诉您一个训练腹肌的好方法) How often do you work out?您多久运动一次?) How about bowling?打保龄球如何?) I would suggest you try a yoga an aerobics class.我想建议您上瑜伽课有氧运动课. 介绍运动设施1) Our gym has all the latest exercise equipment, including Stairmasters, exercise bikes, and Nautilus machines.我们的健身房拥有所有最新的运动器材,包括台阶器、运动脚踏车和全身型健身器) There are personal trainers and coaches standing by to show you exactly what to do.还有训练指导员和教练做正确的示范,让您指导该怎么做3) There’s an area exercise machines, one area free weights, and a completely separate area stretching and special classes.健身房有一个健身器材区、一个自由重量训练区和一个完全隔开的区域,可进行伸展操和特殊课程) We offer yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and Tai chi classes.我们有瑜伽、普拉提、武术和太极课程 65

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