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6.Extramarital Affair Dialogue6.婚外恋 对话Stevens friend Jim has an affair with his secretary. His wife has found it, and is going to divorce him.史蒂文的朋友吉姆同他的秘书有婚外情,被他妻子发现了,他妻子要同他离婚。Jim: Steven, I need badly your help.吉姆:史蒂文,我真的很需要你的帮助。Steven: Whats the matter?史蒂文:发生什么事了?Jim: My wife has found that I have an affair with my secretary, and now she is going to divorce me.吉姆:我妻子发现我跟秘书有婚外情,现在她要和我离婚。Steven: How could you cheat on your wife? You have been married for ten years.史蒂文:你怎么对你的妻子不忠呢?你们已经结婚十年了。Jim: Yes, I know Im wrong. But I swear that the affair lasts only for two months. And I still love my wife. I couldnt live without her.吉姆:是的,我知道我错了。但是我发誓这段婚外情只持续了两个月,而且我还很爱我的妻子。没有她我活不下去。Steven: I will try my best to persuade her to reconsider the divorce. But are you sure that from now on you will be faithful to her forever?史蒂文:我会尽力说她重新考虑离婚的事。但你肯定从今以后会永远忠于她吗?Jim: Yes, I swear.吉姆:当然,我发誓。 /201507/389348Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:John:Wait up, Jim。吉姆,等等。Jim:What’s up, buddy?伙计,有什么事儿吗?John:That was a great party you had last Saturday. And I have to tell you that your girlfriend is a real knockout。你上周六的派对很棒,而且我得告诉你,你女朋友真是个美女。Jim:I’m glad you had fun and yes, she is very beautiful。我很高兴你玩得开心,是的,她是很漂亮。John:You’ve had a string of pretty ladies, haven’t you? You really like to play the field。你交往过的漂亮女士得有一长串了,不是吗?你真喜欢拈花惹草。Jim:Well, I’m not interested in settling down yet。嗯,我只是还不想稳定下来。John:Have you always been a bit of a playboy?你一直是这样有点像个似的吧?Jim:I’ve always been interested in women, if that’s what you mean。我只是一直都对女人很感兴趣,如果这就是你所谓的画画公子的话,那就算是吧。John:And I think they know you are a womanizer。我想她们知道你是玩弄女人的人吧。Jim:It doesn’t matter. I don’t pretend. They always know right from the start that I’m not planning to stick around for the long haul。那没关系。我不装。她们大一开始就知道我并不打算和她们长期交往。John:So do they just like to play around?那她们也只是想玩儿玩儿吗?Jim:Some of them. I think the others hope they can be the one that settles me down。有些是,我想另外一些都是希望能和我成家的人。重点句子:那个男人无耻地遗弃了妻儿,另寻新欢。The man shamelessly abandoned his wife and child for another woman。我女朋友在和另一个男人约会。My girlfriend is seeing another man。你是否有别人了?Is there someone else?你真是个。You are such a playboy。她对男朋友不忠。She’s disloyal to her boyfriend。你不能背叛我。You can’t betray me。我女朋友有外遇了。My girlfriend is cheating on me。她真是个。She is a real slut。他喜欢沾花惹草。He really likes to play the field。他用情不专。He’s not faithful in love。她的男友换了一个又一个。She likes to go from man to man。 /201502/358696

Language Points1. Do what you love, no matter how small you are.做你热爱的事情,不管你多渺小2. It’s important to feel like your house is a home.让你的房子有家的感觉,很重要3. It’s worth it to spend money on things you care about.把钱花在你真正在乎的东西上是值得的4. It’s okay to kick back and relax with a few drinks.当你觉得心累的时候,平静下来,喝点东西放松自己5. Always be blogging.坚持记录生活(发客)的习惯6. Celebrate the holidays in style.不失时髦地庆祝节日7. Venture outside your comfort zone.敢于走出你的舒适区8. Make time to travel.抽出时间去旅行 /201610/471028

unit 186 山盟海誓dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can you believe me?A:你能相信我吗?B:Sure.B:当然。A:please count on my love.A:请相信我的爱。B:I will.B:我会的。A:Ill be yours through endless time.A:我将永远属于你。B:I see. And Ill always be devoted to you.B:我明白,我将对你忠贞不渝。A:Thank you. I know Ive nothing to offer you, but Ill never give you reason to cry.A:谢谢你。我知道我不能给你什么,但我决不会让你伤心流泪。B:Ill never hurt you; Ill never lie.B:我决不会伤害你,也决不会欺骗你。A:My love will grow, like a river to flow.A:我对你的爱,像河水滔滔不息。B:It cant be dry, and cant die.B:它永远不会干涸、不会桔竭。A:I dont know whether we are in a dream.A:我不知道我们是不是在做梦。B:Aha, Aha...B:哈,哈…… /201509/397178

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