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兰州市做飘眉多少钱和田市韩式半永久纹眉多少钱听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):After nearly going extinct, the bald eagle population across the ed States has been recovering. In Michigan, the number of nesting pairs of bald eagles in Michigan has doubled in the past 15 years.Heather Good is the executive director of the Michigan Audubon Society. Good joined Stateside to talk about the bald eagles recovery, and new challenges facing the birds of prey today.Good says even after the passage of the Bald Eagle Protection Act in 1940, the widesp use of pesticides like DDT decimated Bald Eagle populations in Michigan. She says DDT bio-accumulates in animals like fish (a favorite food of Bald Eagles), and causes problems.;In general … [DDT] can cause deformities, neurological damage, brittle eggs, or just the eggs wouldn’t hatch,; Good said. ;In the case of the bald eagle, it could impact their breeding season. They might not breed, or their breeding would be delayed.;Good says there were at one point fewer than 40 pairs of nesting eagles. Nowadays, it’s more than 800.There are lasting effects of pollution from PCBs and lead. President Donald Trump’s interior secretary recently rescinded an Obama-era rule banning lead shot for shotgun shells and lead sinkers used in fishing.Listen to the full interview to hear how lasting effects from pollutants like PCBs, lead and mercury which Good says still pose a ;substantial threat; to bald eagle populations in Michigan.201705/511599广汉市韩式秀眉哪家好 In the interest(s) of sth: in order to help or achieve sth 为了,有助于In the interests of safety, smoking is forbidden. 为了安全,禁止吸烟.Pay sth back/return sth with interest: react to the harm sb has done to you by doing sth even worse to them 加倍回击(或惩罚)Peter pushed his sister, so she paid him back with interest by kicking him hard. 彼得推了一下,反过来狠狠踢了他一脚. /201005/102770Subject:I hope our cooperation does without a hitch. 迷你对话A: I will pass on your idea about the new project to our boss. I look forward to further discussion.我会把你说谈的关于新项目的想法转告我们老板。期待与您进一步的洽谈。B: Thank you. I hope our cooperation does without a hitch.谢谢你。我希望我们的合作顺利。 地道表达 without a hitch 1. 解词释义Hitch的本意是“绳子的结”,引申为“障碍,阻碍”或“问题,困难”。习语without a hitch的意思就是“毫无阻碍地,顺利无阻地”也就是是“成功地,一帆风顺地”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. The five-hour operation went without a hitch.5小时的手术进行得非常顺利。e.g. The transaction passed off without a hitch.这笔生意顺利地做成了。e.g. It went off without a hitch.事情顺利进展。e.g. The shooting of The Maltese Falcon proceeded without a hitch.《马耳他之鹰》的拍摄进展顺利。 Ps 1:pass on是“传递,传给”的意思。此处,表示“传达,转告”的意思,pass on one one’s idea to sb.的意思就是“转告某人的想法”。例如:The winner is passing the money on to a selection of her favourite charities.获胜者将把钱捐给几个她最喜欢的慈善机构。The late governor passed on much of his fortune to his daughter.已故州长把财产的大部分传给了他的女儿。 Ps 2:look forward to的意思是“期待,期盼”。例如:We was looking forward to working with the new manager.他很期待和新经理一起工作。He now says that hes looking forward to increased trade after the war.他现在说他正期盼着战后的贸易增长。 /201408/317390巴中做韩式雾状眉多少钱

成都/混血儿半永久艺术学院做眉毛好吗听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):What better way to bring people together than through food? Thats the idea behind the gastrodiplomacy movement.Mana Heshmati is bringing gastrodiplomacy to Southeast Michigan with her low-profit start-up Peace Meal Kitchen.She hosts pop-up events at different venues around Metro Detroit, highlighting different countries. A recent event paired traditional Iranian food with the film Offside, by Iranian director Jafar Panahi.;It begins to open the door, and its a really good introduction to the country and the culture,; Heshmati said.The proceeds from each event are donated to a non-profit that benefits the people of the showcased country.In the future, Heshmati hopes to reach more people.;Weve noticed most of our events bring out people who are very like-minded,; she said. ;But wed really like to figure out how to reach across the aisle, reach the people who wouldnt go out of their way to come to our events.;Listen to the full interview above.201703/496749海北黄南海南藏族自治州做飘眉多少钱 迷你对话:A:My two children often fight with each other. Ive criticized them, but they never listen to me.我的两个孩子经常打架,我批评他们,他们也不听。B:Dont criticize them to much. Sometimes you can leave them alone to settle the problem. You are only there to seefair play.别批评得太多,有的时候你可以让他们自己处理这些问题,你只用在一旁看看是否公平。A:Is is all right to be just like this?这样还能行吗?B:Of course.当然行。地道表达:fair play:公正无私解词释义:这是一条名词性的习语。Fair有“公正的,公平的”等意思,play的意思是“比赛,竞争”。从字面上看,改习语是“公正的比赛”,由此引申为“公正无私”。持范例:Eg. There must be fair play whatever the competition is.不管是什么样的竞赛都必须公平合理。Eg. I merely wish fair play from you.我只希望你办事公平。Eg. The Olympic Spirit is the spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play.奥林匹克精神是互相了解、友谊、团结和公平竞争的精神。Eg. Her sense of fair play made her a favourite with her classmates.她公平待人,这使得她的同学都喜欢她。词海拾贝:1.fight with:和......打架Eg. The boy was to blame for fight with his brother.和弟弟打架是那个男孩的过错。Eg. Henry could not have had a fight with Bill, because he had never even met him.因为亨利甚至没有见过比尔,他不可能与比尔有什么冲突。Eg. After the game was over, Harry got mixed up in a fight with another player.比赛结束之后,哈利被卷进了与另一位球员斗殴的事件中。Eg. Don t get into a fight with him : he can really dish it out.别跟他动手, 他揍起人来可凶了。2. listen to:听Eg. It is boring to listen to the same story.听相同的故事是令人厌烦的。Eg. Tell me the reason why he refused to listen to my advice.告诉我为何他拒绝听从我的劝告。Eg. Watch your mouth!I will not listen to any more of this slime!闭上嘴!在我面前不许再说这种脏话。Eg. The President was in no mood to listen to prolonged debate.总统没有心思去倾听冗长的辩论。3.leave alone:别理会Eg. He will leave alone things that might cause trouble.他从来不干招惹是非的事。Eg. He hasnt enough money for food, leave alone amusements.他连伙食钱都不够,更不必说了。Eg. The principal is busy at his desk. Youd better leave him alone.校长正忙于桌上的工作,你最好别打扰他。Eg. I should leave that question alone if I were you.我要是你,这问题我就不管。4.settle the problem:解决问题Eg. If you really want to settle the problem, we are y to meet you half - way.如果你们真想解决问题,我们愿意作一定的妥协。 /201208/194953四川省眉毛纹绣

成都/种眉医院Subject:I smell a rat. 迷你对话A : Wait! I smell a rat!等等!我感到有点不对劲。B: What? Oh, we are in the wrong classroom!什么,哦,我们走错了教室。 地道表达 smell a rat 1. 解词释义Smell a rat中的rat是指“老鼠”。老鼠在人们心中是个鬼鬼祟祟的样子,如果你问到了老鼠的味道,你会感觉到恶心,心里发毛,同时还可能想你的东西是否被他咬过。这种感觉和俚语中的smell the rat的意思相近了,意思是“让人觉得不对劲”“发觉可疑”“感觉事情蹊跷,不对劲”。其英文解释为:to suspect that something is wrong; to sense that someone has caused something wrong。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Why are the police looking for me? I smell a rat.警察为什么在找我?我觉得事有蹊跷。e.g. The old man would probably smell a rat if he were to claim them now.马上去要,恐怕老头子多心。e.g. Every time Joe visits me, one of my ash trays disappears. Im beginning to smell a rat.每次乔来看我,我就有一只烟灰缸不见了。我开始起了疑心。e.g. The teacher did not smell a rat until he found Jack kept looking downwards at his own feet instead of at his own paper.直到老师发现杰克不在看自己的卷子,而老盯着自己的脚看时,他才发现有问题。 /201401/271566 A director with the World Health Organization thinks neuroscience research can boost humanitys understanding of mental health.世界卫生组织的一位主任认为,通过对神经科学的研究可以提高人类对心理健康的理解。Shekhar Saxena, who heads the department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, 负责精神卫生和物质滥用部门的Shekhar Saxena补充道,added collaboration between neuroscience and mental health researchers is improving, but more is needed, especially in developing countries.神经科学和心理健康研究人员之间的合作正在提高,但需要更多合作,特别是在发展中国家。Citing global suicide figures at 800,000 people per year, Saxena stated mental health issues are a hidden epidemic.引用全球每年800,000人自杀的数字,Saxena表示心理健康问题是一个隐藏的流行病。Although research on mental illness has progressed, Saxena added no easily used diagnostic test exists for most of the wide ranging disorders of the mind.虽然精神疾病的研究已取得进展,Saxena表示对大部分广泛的精神失常不容易使用诊断测试。译文属。201612/483273成都市做半永久韩式眉多少钱嘉峪关做半永久韩式眉多少钱



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