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抚顺刮宫疼吗多少钱抚顺做人流好的地方新抚区妇幼保健院胃肠科 Tens of thousands of people marched through Moscow yesterday in memory of Boris Nemtsov, the slain liberal politician, in the largest opposition demonstration the city has seen in three years.数万人昨日走上莫斯科街头游行,悼念被杀的自由派政治人物鲍里斯#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov),这是三年来该市爆发的最大规模反对派示威。People carrying portraits of the charismatic opposition leader and waving Russian flags moved in a sombre procession towards the spot where he was murdered on Friday while walking home from a restaurant a stone’s throw from the Kremlin.人们举着这位富有政治魅力的反对派领袖的画像,并挥舞着俄罗斯国旗。游行者在肃穆的气氛中走向他在上周五被谋杀的现场,当时他在离开一家餐厅后,正步行回家,案发地点距离克里姆林宫很近。Gennady Gudkov, a former member of parliament and opposition activist, said: “[Nemtsov’s] death has shocked people both inside and outside the Kremlin. People realise it’s a watershed moment.”前杜马成员、反对派活动家根纳季#8226;古德科夫(Gennady Gudkov)表示:“(涅姆佐夫的)离世令克里姆林宫内外的人们感到震惊。人们意识到这是一个分水岭时刻。”President Vladimir Putin has vowed to pursue those responsible for Nemtsov’s killing, which he called a “provocation”. But government critics have blamed the Kremlin for the politician’s murder.总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)誓言追缉那些要对涅姆佐夫被杀负责的人,称这起事件是“挑衅”。但批评政府的人士将这起谋杀归咎于克里姆林宫。Nemtsov’s death has demoralised an anti-Kremlin opposition aly weakened by Moscow’s crackdown on dissent and the big jump in Mr Putin’s approval ratings following Russia’s annexation of Crimea last year.涅姆佐夫的离世挫伤了反对克里姆林宫的势力的士气。反对派势力本已被削弱,原因既包括莫斯科方面打压异见,也包括俄罗斯去年吞并克里米亚后普京的持率大幅跃升。Yesterday’s march came with Moscow awash with conspiracy theories about who could have killed Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister who came to prominence in the mid-1990s as one of the so-called young reformers and had once been touted as a potential successor to Russia’s first democratically elected president, Boris Yeltsin.昨日举行游行的同时,莫斯科充斥着有关谁可能杀害涅姆佐夫的阴谋论。涅姆佐夫曾是俄罗斯副总理,他在上世纪90年代中期作为所谓的年轻改革者之一声名鹊起,一度被吹捧为俄罗斯首任民选总统鲍里斯#8226;叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)的一名潜在继任者。While Putin critics blamed the authorities, state media, government officials and pro-Kremlin politicians portrayed the killing as an attempt to destabilise Russia and floated the idea that the west was behind it.尽管普京的批评者指责当局,但官方媒体、政府官员和亲克里姆林宫的政界人士将这起谋杀说成是企图破坏俄罗斯稳定的举动,并提出了西方是幕后黑手的构想。Organisers estimated the number of marchers yesterday had reached 50,000 — although police put it at 21,000. Florists in Moscow city centre sold out of their stock, as people bought tributes to lay on the spot on Great Moskvoretsky Bridge, close to the Kremlin, where Nemtsov was shot dead while walking with his girlfriend.组织者估计昨日游行人数达到5万,尽管警方估计有2.1万人。莫斯科市中心的花店售出了全部存货,因为人们纷纷购买花束,然后向克里姆林宫附近的莫斯科河大桥上涅姆佐夫被杀的现场献花。击发生时,涅姆佐夫正与女友一起步行。Marchers held black-framed placards with the words: “Boris, I’m not afraid,” and “They killed you, they are killing freedom.”游行者举着黑框标语牌,上面写着:“鲍里斯,我不害怕,”以及“他们杀了你,他们杀了自由。”The marchers appeared to be a broad cross section of Russian society. “I am proud that I’m here today,” said Pyotr, a 60-year-old man who would only give his first name. “I have never been to a demonstration before, except for those marches we had to attend in the Soviet Union.”游行者似乎代表着俄罗斯社会各界。“我很自豪我今天在这里,”一个只愿意说自己名叫“彼得”的60岁男子表示。“我以前从来没有参加过示威——除了我们在苏联时代不得不参加的那些游行外。”But the atmosphere differed markedly from past opposition demonstrations. There was no stage, no music and no speeches. Most people simply chatted quietly under an icy drizzle.但是,现场气氛与过去的反对派示威活动明显不同。没有舞台,没有音乐,也没有演讲。大多数人只是在冰冷的细雨中悄悄地聊着。Occasional shouts of “Russia will be free” and “Russia without Putin” rose from the crowd — slogans that had been popular during the mass anti-Putin rallies of 2011-12. But the chanting quickly died down.偶尔,人群中爆发出“俄罗斯将会自由”和“俄罗斯没有普京”的高喊——这些口号在2011-12年的大规模反普京集会中曾经流行。但这些高呼很快就沉寂下来。“I’m glad that so many people came, but I don’t think this changes anything,” said Vera Matveyeva, a 34-year-old civil rights activist.“我很高兴有这么多人来了,但我不认为这会改变任何情况,”34岁的民权活动家维拉#8226;马特维耶娃(Vera Matveyeva)说道。 /201503/361986抚顺市妇幼保健院治疗痔疮多少钱

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