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抚顺龙风矿职工医院医院抚顺中医院外科怎么样Cartel-busting商业组织联合体机制正被打破Boring can still be bad无趣之势依旧呈现糟糕状态Market-rigging in unsexy industries costs consumers a lot. More can be done to detect and deter it.无聊行业在操纵市场方面使得消费者耗资巨大。对此,政府可以施行更多的措施检测和阻止这一现象的发生。MENTION price cartels and many people will think of big, overt ones like the one OPEC runs for oil and the now-extinct one for diamonds. But at least as damaging are the many secret cartels in such unglamorous areas as ball-bearings and cargo rates, which go on unnoticed for years, quietly bumping up the end cost to consumers of all manner of goods and services.提到价格垄断,很多人会想到一些大型和公开明显的垄断企业,如欧佩克石油输出国家组织以及现今已经退出市场的钻石垄断公司。然而,至少在单调乏味的领域,有很多秘密运营的垄断企业,诸如轴承和货运费率领域里也同样具有损害性,这些企业数年未被关注,最近在各大产品和务方面,迅速增长其对客户的所需产品和务的首尾成本。Collusion among producers to rig prices and carve up markets is thriving, with the cartels growing ever more intricate and global in scope. Competition authorities have uncovered several whopping conspiracies in recent years, including one in which more than 20 airlines worldwide had fixed prices on perhaps 20 billion of freight shipments. They were fined a total of 3 billion; and so far the compensation claims from ripped-off customers comfortably exceed 1 billion. One academic study found that the typical cartel raised the price of the goods or services in question by 20%. Another suggested that cartels were robbing poor countriesconsumers of tens of billions of dollars a year: if so, negating all the aid that rich countriesgovernments send them.随着卡特尔垄断更为复杂地增长并且呈全球范围扩展的趋势,生产者共同谋求操纵以及划分市场的现象正逐渐兴盛起来。竞争当局发现近年来存在一些巨大的阴谋,包括超过二十多条的国际航线之一的一家公司,私定200亿元的货物装运价格。他们因此被处以30亿元的罚款;并且到目前为止那些确定为敲消费者竹杠的公司被处以的赔偿金超出了10亿元。一个学术研究表明典型的卡特尔垄断使得有疑问的商品和务增长了20%。另一个研究表明卡特尔垄断是从贫困国家的消费者中剥夺了他们平均一年上百亿美元的钱财:如果正如这样所说,否定所有富有国家政府对他们施行的援助是有道理的。Investigators are still unravelling a huge global network of cartels among suppliers of a wide range of car parts. Makers of seat belts, radiators and foam seat-stuffing have had hefty fines slapped on them. Earlier this month the European Commission fined five makers of automotive bearings a total of 953m (1.32 billion). This week its investigators raided a bunch of makers of car exhausts. Also in recent days, Brazilian prosecutors have charged executives from a dozen foreign train-makers accused of rigging bids for rail and subway contracts in the countrys main cities. Price-fixing has infected high finance, too. Some of bankings biggest names stand accused of fiddling interest-rate and foreign-exchange benchmarks.研究调查者仍然在试图解决一项关于大量汽车零部件供应商的巨大国际垄断网络问题。汽车座位安全带、散热器和泡沫座位填充物的生产者,已经被处以了巨额的罚款。这个月早些时候,欧洲委员会对汽车轴承的制造商处以了总计13.2亿元的罚款。这个星期,调查者们突袭了一群汽车尾气的制造商。并且在最近几天,巴西的告发者起诉了十几个国外火车制造商的高管,缘由是他们在国家主要的城市垄断铁轨和地铁合同的竞标。操纵价格也已经同样影响到了巨额的投资。的大腕们也面临着人们对其摆弄利率和基准的指责。The good news is that enforcement has got tougher, smarter and more co-ordinated. Gone are the days when price-fixers got a slap on the wrist. Firms can expect swingeing fines, and bosses can go to jail. Since many cartels now operate across borders, so do investigators: American and Japanese trustbusters joined forces to flush out the car-parts cartels. And incentives for whistleblowers have also increased: around 50 countries now offer immunity or reduced penalties for snitches.好消息是,执法方面变得更为严格,更加智能,也更为协调。价格固定器被撞到腰的日子一去不复返了。企业可以预期被处以巨额的罚款,老板可能会进监狱。由于许多卡特尔垄断组织从事跨国经营,调查者们也同样是跨国合作的:美国和日本的反托拉斯者联手改变汽车零部件垄断现象。并使举报人的奖励也得以增加:约50个国家现在规定提供豁免权或对打小报告减少处罚。That is all for the better, but the penalties for price-fixing remain too mild. The best study of the issue so far concluded that, given the still-low risk of detection, collusion pays. Yet beyond a certain point—which the fines now imposed by American and European regulators have probably reached—fines inflict so much damage on guilty companies that they undermine competition instead of enhancing it. The answer is stiffer prison sentences, particularly for senior executives. American courts, only too y to lock up other types of miscreants for a long time, have rarely jailed egregious price-fixers for anything like the maximum of ten years that the law allows. Other countries have even more scope to increase sentences.这是为了能够使得情况有所好转,但是对于操纵价格的处罚仍然过于温和。这个问题的最好的研究,就是到目前为止的结论是,鉴于检测仍低风险,共谋会付出代价。然而,除这点之外,现在由美国和欧洲监管机构处以的罚款可能已经达到——罚款对于有罪责的公司所造成的破坏,相比提升其竞争力而言,反而削弱了该公司的竞争力。就是严厉的监狱刑,特别是对于高级管理人员的处罚。美国法院很愿意关押其他类型的歹徒达更长的时间,他们很少对过分的价格制定者实行监禁,比如法律所允许的最长可达十年的监禁期。其他国家拥有更多的增加刑罚的范围权限。Buy some geeks购买一些技术型极客More can be done to aid detection, too. Statistical tests to “screen” markets for unusual pricing patterns helped uncover the interest-rate and foreign-exchange scandals. Potential conspirators may think twice if they suspect their market is being screened. European and Latin American trustbusters are making good use of the technique; their American counterparts should do so, too. Deploying such cutting-edge technology is costly; and increased funding is a big ask at a time of public-sector parsimony. But cartel authorities in Europe and America generally bring in far more than they cost to run, so extra money pushed in their direction is likely to be well spent.同样也有更多可以帮助检测的办法。统计测试表明屏蔽市场不寻常的定价模式有助于揭开利率和外汇丑闻。如果潜在的阴谋者他们怀疑自己的市场被屏蔽,可能会三思而后行。欧洲和拉丁美洲的反托拉斯人员正利用该技术;他们的美国同行们应该也这样做。部署这种先进的技术是昂贵的;而增加的资金对公共部门而言,每次都是一个很大的要求。但在欧洲和美国卡特尔当局通常会远远超过他们的成本运行,因此多余的钱促使他们朝着自己的方向,用得其所。Another way to discourage the formation of cartels is to factor the increased risk of collusion into scrutiny of proposed mergers. Price-fixing is likelier, and easier to sustain, with fewer players. This could never be the primary determinant in competition decisions, but it should be in the mix. Blocking a few more mergers—whose benefits anyway tend to be over-egged—might both save companies from themselves and spare their customers the costs of collusion.另一种方法来阻止卡特尔的形成,是官商勾结因素的危险性增加,被作为合并建议的审查考虑在内。操纵价格是更有可能的,并且更容易维持,只需要较少的参与者。这不可能是竞争决策的主要决定因素,但它应加以进行混合调整。阻止少数几个兼并者——这种行动所带来的收益往往是在过度怂恿之下促成的—这样既为企业节省了他们自己的开,也使得企业对客户活动追踪的成本得以减少。译者:肖登怡 译文属译生译世 /201506/381629望花流产手术哪家医院好的 Refugees The hard journey Europes plan to cope with maritime refugees needs to go further难民 艰难的旅途 欧洲为应对海飘难民而制定的计划还需要做的更多,考虑的更深远。THE gulf between sentiment and action is as wide as the Mediterranean itself. On May 13th the European Commission issued its plan for dealing with immigration, including the multitude who take to boats on the shores of north Africa in the hope of reaching asylum on European Union soil or, more likely, of being plucked from the wavesby a passing vessel. The reports authors clearly lament the shameful drowning of thousands of migrants,left to their fate because of cuts in marine patrols that were deemed to be picking up too many people. Nevertheless, the commissions ideas on what to do fall lamentably short.同情感性与实际行动之间的鸿沟正如地中海的宽广。5月13号,欧委会商讨处理包含大量从北非海岸乘船起航寄希望于在欧洲大陆寻求到政治避难,但讽刺的是此行更大的可能性是被路过的船只从海浪中救起来的难民的外来移民问题。报告的作者叹息的将这令人感到惭愧羞耻的溺亡数以千计的移民者的悲惨事件归咎于他们的命运,因为由于海军巡逻的介入,理应并已经救起过很多很多人了。虽然如此,欧委会将如何去做才能弥补目前(在应对此类问题)的不足作为了商讨的重点。A nut to crush a sledgehammer大题小做,宰牛用了杀鸡刀War in the Middle East, oppression in Africa and the ubiquitous human desire for a better life: all have played their part in causing a surge of migration into the EU. The fighting in Syria alone has crammed 4m fugitives into refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. The tide is hardly about to dry up.中东的战争,非洲的压迫和各处想要过上更好生活的人们,这些都成了目前欧洲呈井喷状的移民潮问题的一部分原因。仅叙利亚的战争就已经使4百万的逃亡难民涌入了位于黎巴嫩,土耳其和约旦的难民营。这股移民浪潮怕是很难变得干涸。Not all of these people can find a new life in Europe. The UN convention is clear that refugees automatically qualify once they reach the EU, because they need protection. By contrast, economic migrants do not. A country picks its economic migrants and deports those it does not want.并不是所有的难民都能在欧洲得到新生。联合国公约明确表明因为难民需要被保护,所以一旦难民到达了欧洲,他们便自动获得资格,而经济移民并不具有这项特权,一个国家可以挑选这些经济移民,可以把不符合要求不想要的这些移民驱逐出境。That is the theory. The reality is a tide of human misery. Traffickers charge thousands of dollars, and rob and rape their customers. Refugees and economic migrants are mixed in together, so those that survive the sea journey are cooped up in camps to be sorted. Fewer than 40% of those who fail to gain asylum are ever deported. Some countries, like Sweden and Germany, accept a lot of refugees, many others, including Britain, are grudging. There was international outrage after more than 1,000 people drowned in a few days in the Mediterranean in April.This weeks report is supposed to ensure that such a catastrophe never happens again.这只是理论上的,而现实却要悲惨的多。人贩子收着数以千计的美元的同时,抢劫和强奸他们的客户。难民和经济移民者被统统放置在一起(用船渡海),所以当这些挺过艰难的海上路途,被一同安置在难民营的人们,要被分成难民和经济移民者的类别来分别处理对待。不到40%的难民会因得不到避难许可而被驱逐出境。有一些国家,如瑞典和德国,接收了很多难民,而另一方面,包括英国在内的大多数国家并不愿意接收这些难民。在4月份的几天时间里,有超过1000人溺亡在地中海中,这引起了国际上的愤慨。这周的报道(欧委会的专题会议)强调要确保这样的惨剧绝不能再次发生。Some of its recommendations were expected. It suggests, for instance, that the budget for maritime patrols should triple, that the EU should take on the traffickers by force, and that countries must accelerate the sorting of refugees from economic migrants. Others go further. Refugees are now the responsibility of the country where they land. The commission rightly wants EU countries to share the burden according to their capacity, going by GDP, population, unemployment and how many they have taken in the past.一些建议已经被预料到了。例如什么海军巡航的经费应该提升3倍啊,欧盟应当用武力打击蛇头人贩子啊,各国应加速分辨难民和经济移民者啊之类的建议。而另一些建议则更为深远。难民现今已经成为各个位于欧洲大陆的国家的责任。欧委会理所应当的提出想让各国根据自身GDP水平,人口基数,失业率和以往已经接收的难民数量而得出的可接收容量,来分担这一份重任。In graphics: Why Europes boat people are such a huge problem图表:为什么前来欧洲的海飘难民会成为一个巨大的问题。Compared with Thailand and Indonesia, the plan is a model of compassion. Those countries are callously pushing boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh back out to sea. Yet the EUs plan fails in two ways. One is that the scale of the effort is unequal to the task. The traffickers will not be stopped. Development assistance of a few hundred million euros will not prevent economic migrants setting out. Too little aid is going to countries that host the vast majority of Syrias refugees. The commission calls for the EU to take in a total of 20,000 refugees who are still in third countriesthe UN says the EU should take in 20,000 a year.The other is that the plan is sure to be watered down. Britain, unlike Ireland, has refused to share the burden—which, thanks to a long-standing waiver,it is legally allowed to do, even if that course is morally reprehensible. When the plan is debated in June other countries will also seek to wriggle out of their responsibilities.尽管与泰国和印度尼西亚直接无情的将来自缅甸和孟加拉国的海飘难民直接驱赶回海上相比较而言,欧盟的处理方案简直就是同情难民的楷模,但这个方案从两个方面来说还是挺失败的。一方面这种程度的努力和重任本身是不相等的。(这种程度下)蛇头人贩子是不能被制止的。持续援助的数亿欧元不能阻止经济移民迁出。对安置了大量叙利亚难民的各国援助太少。欧委会提出让欧洲接收总共20000名还处在第三国家的难民,而联合国提出欧盟应该一年接收20000难民。另一方面这个方案一定会枯竭(watered down)不同于爱尔兰,英国拒绝分担这个重任,由于长时间的弃权,虽然这么做会招致道德上的责难,但这么做却是合法的。当这个方案计划在六月份被商讨的时候,其他国家将也可能寻找可逃避责任的机会。The only way to keep migrants off the Mediterranean is to set up camps in north Africa that can take in people rescued at sea and sort through asylum applicants. Getting it right will be hard. North African countries will need money to host them. The processing must be fair and fast. Economic migrants can be sent home. But the one thing EU countries cannot avoid is taking in more refugees.只有在北非建立起兼顾安置从海上救援起的难民和提供甄选政治避难申请人类型的难民营,才能使海飘移民者远离偷渡地中海这条道。要做到拨乱反正会很艰难,北非国家将会需要资金去安置难民,整个过程还必须快且公平,欧洲移民可以返回家园,但接纳更多的难民却是欧盟国家不能避免的事。 译文属译生译世 /201505/376029One study zeroes in more closely, showing that marriage not only benefits well-being in a general way but also lowers your risk for developing heart problems.一项更精细的研究指出,结婚不仅仅能够带来一般意义上的幸福快乐,而且能降低弭患心脏病的风险。Not all marriages, however, are good for the heart.然而,并不是所有的婚姻都有益心脏。A bad marriage that causes lots of stress and heartache—no pun intended—is obviously not good for physical or mental wellbeing.一段失败的婚姻能带来巨大的压力和心痛(这不是在含沙射影),这明显不利于身心健康。But, on average, being married is better for you than being single.但通常来说,结婚比单身更好。Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center looked at data collected from more than 3.5 million Americans and came up with some interesting findings.来自纽约大学兰贡医学中心的研究人员分析了收集到的超过350万个美国人的数据后找到了一些有趣的发现。They found that married couples are 5 percent less likely to have cardiovascular disease than people who are single.他们发现和单身人群相比已婚夫妻患心血管疾病的可能性低5%。People who are widowed have a 3 percent greater risk of having heartdisease, and people whove been divorced have a 5 percent greater risk.丧偶的人患心脏病的风险增加3%,而离婚的人则增加5%。Marriage appears toespecially benefit people less than 50, who, according to the study, have a 12 percent lower risk ofheart disease than single people in their age range.结婚似乎对50岁以下的人特别有益,根据研究表明,在他们的年龄范围内,已婚人群比单身人群患心脏病的风险低12%。So why is marriage so beneficial?那为什么结婚会带来这些好处呢?The study doesnt provide a definitive answer, but it may be because being married or in a committed relationship means having a spouse or partner who encourages healthful habits.研究并没有提供一个明确的,但或许是因为婚姻或者一段忠诚的关系意味着伴侣或搭档有鼓励的良好习惯。In fact, the study found that bad habits such as smoking—which raises the risk for heart disease—was highest among divorced people.事实上,研究发现像吸烟(能增加患心脏病的风险)这样的坏习惯在离婚的人群中最高。And obesity, another common factor in heart disease, was also most common among divorced and single people.引发心脏病的另外一个因素—肥胖同样也常见于离异和单身人群中。So being married may not guarantee good health, but it may tip the odds in your favor.所以结婚并不能保身体健康,但它或许能增加你获益的可能。 201412/349236抚顺肿瘤医院男科电话

望花区医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好Sarah Price is the choir teacher at Saline High School, and this week she is releasing her debut CD, SarahTonin.Price studied vocal performance and music education at Michigan State University. She tells us that her musical background is mostly choral and classical, but through singing with different groups around the Ann Arbor area she has been experimenting with funk and jazz and that side of her voice.SarahTonin is a collection of original songs, save for the final piece on the album, George Frideric Handels ;Oh People.;She says she included that track as a nod to her roots. ;I love singing classically,; Price says. ;Choir has made me the musician that I am, so I wanted to feature that side of myself.;Price tells us that while shes excited to be performing and sharing her art, she isnt leaving teaching behind.;The students just inspire me every day,; she says. ;I often think you teach what you want to learn, and I push myself as a songwriter and a creator while I do that with them.;Visit Sarah Prices website to learn more, and listen to some of her music in our interview above.201506/381172抚顺做人流好医院 Britain Dug prohibition英国 禁毒Banning the east African stimulant may backfire东非的兴奋剂禁令可能会适得其反OUTSIDE a newsagents shop in the Clapham Road, a south London thoroughfare, a man sucks on a rolled-up cigarette and asks passers-by whether they want to buy some cannabis. 在伦敦大街南部的克拉彭路的一个报刊亭旁,一个人正叼着卷烟问路人他们是否需要大麻。 But shoppers seem more interested in khat, a mild narcotic popular with Ethiopians, Somalis and Yemenis. 但消费者似乎对阿拉伯茶—在俄塞俄比亚人、索马里人和也门人群中颇受欢迎的一种轻度镇定剂。Inside, the shopkeeper pulls out bundles of the yellowish leaf and explains that it is the last batch he will sell. 店里内部,店主拿出少许淡黄色叶片并说明这些是他将卖出的最后一批货了。“After tomorrow, they stop, no more,” he says.“明日之后,再没有这些东西了,”他说。 On June 24th the sale of khat was prohibited in Britain, almost a year after Theresa May, the home secretary, told the House of Commons that she intended to ban it. 6月24日,阿拉伯茶的销售在英国被喊停,这距离内政部长Theresa May告知下议院她将下令禁止阿拉伯茶几乎有一年的时间了。The government argues that since the leaf has been banned elsewhere, Britain risks turning into a distribution point if it remains legal; 政府认为,由于该叶片已在他处被禁止,如果阿拉伯茶的禁令仍然合法,that khat is a dangerous intoxicant that harms its users and that the “marfashes” where men go to chew are breeding radicalism. 英国就是在冒险转变至一个交易点,阿拉伯茶成为一种会伤害其使用者的危险致醉物质,But both the governments advisory council on the misuse of drugs and the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee advised against the crackdown.同时人们常聚集食用叶片的的“marfashes(提供阿拉伯茶的店)”也逐渐滋生出激进主义。但政府针对药物滥用的咨询委员会和下议院民政事务委员会的建议都反对镇压。Unusually for a drug ban, prohibition seems likely to stop the use of khat. 与一般禁毒令不同的是,禁止似乎更可能意味着对阿拉伯茶的停用。Users must chew great wodges of the leaf, which loses its potency just a few days after being picked. 使用者必须咀嚼大量的在采摘数天后会失去效力的叶片。That makes it uneconomical to smuggle. 这使得走私该叶片变得不合算。Unlike cannabis, khat cannot be grown easily in Britain. 与大麻不同的是,阿拉伯茶在英国很难生长。Before the ban, loads were flown in from Africa and distributed from warehouses near Heathrow airport—in 2013 around 15m-worth (m) was imported from Kenya. 禁令之前,货物从非洲空运,而且分布在伦敦希斯罗机场附近的仓库的货物—2013年价值1500万是从肯尼亚进口的。That trade is likely to dry up.那样的交易很可能逐渐衰退。The broader effects of the ban are less clear. 禁令更广泛的影响并不太明显。Some Somalis and Ethiopians hope that khat-chewers will find something more productive to do with their time. 一些索马里人和埃塞俄比亚人希望那些咀嚼阿拉伯茶叶的人能利用他们的时间发现更有效益的事情。Supporters of the ban include women who complain that their husbands chew the leaf almost without ceasing. 禁令的持者包括那些抱怨他们的丈夫几乎没有停歇的咀嚼叶片的妇女们。The Home Office points to studies which suggest that the drug is associated with marital problems, poor attendance at work and financial stress.内政部的研究指出了该药与婚姻问题、工作的低出勤率和财政压力的相关性。Less happily, people may turn to other substances. 不幸的是,人们可能会另觅他物。“Most people, they just chew it at weekends, chat, watch football,” says an Ethiopian waiter. 以为来自埃塞俄比亚的侍者说“许多人只在周末、闲聊和看球赛时咀嚼阿拉伯茶叶片,“I see these women on the TV saying that their husbands chew every day, and I think, your husband, he has no self-control.” 我看到那些在电视上说他们丈夫每日都在咀嚼叶片的妇女们,我想,你们的丈夫缺乏的是自我控制力。”Most users will simply drink more coffee, he reckons. 他预测,大部分使用者会喝更多的咖啡。But some wont. And other drugs are not difficult to find.但是有些人可能不会这样。并且其他的毒品也不难寻找。译者:张娣校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201508/391274抚顺市人民医院宫颈糜烂多少钱

抚顺做个彩超多少钱Local television地方电视台Small-town views小城眼光The fruits of government meddling in the television market政府干预电视市场的后果FOR more than a decade staff and media students at the Grimsby Institute, a college in Lincolnshire, have broadcast worthy programmes to a smattering of nearby cable TV subscribers. In November their audience quadrupled. With a new name—Estuary TV—and a prominent spot on Freeview, a free digital television platform, their news and discussion shows now reach 350,000 homes around the Humber. A station long propped up by grants and donations is courting advertisers.十多年来,林肯郡格里姆斯比学院的一些员工和传媒专业的学生,一直为附近零星几户有线电视用户播报有价值的节目。11月,他们的听众翻了两番,而且名字改成了河口电视,同时还在免费数字电视平台Freeview上占据了显要位置,现在亨伯河附近收看他们新闻和讨论节目的用户达到了35万家。一个昔日需要靠补助金和捐款苦苦撑的电视台现在居然可以招商引资了。Estuary TV is the first of 19 television stations launching in Britains towns and cities over the next year—the fruits of a plan laid out in 2010 by Jeremy Hunt, then the culture secretary, to revitalise local media. Ministers hope they will help promote small businesses, train new creative talent and generally make people more civic-minded. London will get a station in March, Birmingham in the summer. Ofcom, the television regulator, plans to license about 30 more.河口电视是19家电视台中第一个登陆英国乡镇的电视台,下一年的目标是城市,2010年文化部长亨特为了复兴地方传媒业而制定了此计划,现在的发展就是计划结出的果实。部长希望这个举措可以带动小型企业,培训新兴有创意的人才,并且逐步让人们变的越来越热心公益。明年3月,伦敦就会新增一电台,而伯明翰在明年夏天也会跟随其脚步。电视总局英国通讯部计划,明年会再批准成立30余电视台。High costs and low positions on on-screen TV channel guides have killed previous efforts to launch local services. So the government has tilted the market to help them. In England and Northern Ireland local television will air on Freeview channel eight, a coveted slot. A single operations centre in Birmingham, set up with £25m(m) from the television licence fee, will keep them on air. Over three years the B will dole out a further £15mto the stations, in exchange for local footage that can be used in its own news reports.屏幕上电视频道的高成本、低地位,使先前许多开展地方电视务的努力都付诸东流。对此,政府为他们调整了市场。英格兰和北爱尔兰本地的电视,会在每晚8点黄金档在Freeview频道播出。独立运营的电视节目将集中在伯明翰展开,需要花2500万英镑(约合4100万美元)的电视许可费才能保持其正常播出。未来三年,为了能让地方电视中的画面能被自己的新闻报道所用,B将要为此多付1500万英镑给地方电视台。These bungs have attracted some well-known firms. STV, a big Scottish broadcaster, plans services in Glasgow and Edinburgh; the Evening Standard, a newspaper, will launch Londons channel. In many towns local papers are involved, in part for fear of interlopers such as Made TV, a firm from the capital which will run services in Leeds, Newcastle and three other cities.这一系列福利吸引了许多知名的企业。苏格兰一家大型广播公司,苏格兰广播,计划对格拉斯哥和爱丁堡提供电视务;《标准晚报》将会登陆伦敦。许多当地报纸都包括其中,某种程度上是担心伦敦Made TV这样的入侵者会在利兹、纽卡斯尔和其他三个城市推行电视务。Most will air only a few hours of new telly each day. Local bulletins are a condition of the licence; cheap chat shows are inevitable (station controllers like to cite “The One Show”, a jovial B programme, as a model). Bill Smith of Latest TV, Brightons new channel, hopes viewers will want to contribute films on topics that engross them. Estuary TV is airing a nightly talk show for fans of the paranormal.大多数城市每天只用几小时播放新的电视节目。本地新闻快报是许可执照的条件之一;廉价的谈话类节目是难以避免的(广电总局总喜欢引用B一档节目“一个秀”作为反面教材)。布莱顿一个新频道“最新电视”的史密斯希望,观众能够提供可以鼓舞他们的影片。河口电视为一些灵异事件爱好者还提供了夜间谈话节目。Britains local channels are inspired by America. But there the market is different, and more favourable. The tiniest local channels, of the kind lovingly lampooned in “Waynes World”, a comedy, are publicly funded. Others are supported by advertising from large regional businesses. But Britains high streets are dominated by national firms who advertise nationally. Jamie Conway of Made TV insists big chains that do not yet splurge on costly campaigns will welcome a chance to experiment in smaller media markets. His team have aly secured more than half the cash they hope its channels will make next year.英国的本地频道是受美国启发。但是英美的市场是截然不同的,而且英国的更有优势。最小的本地频道是政府资助的,这类频道会被亲切的笑话成喜剧《反斗智多星》。其他频道由大型地区企业的广告撑。但是英国高速公路的广告还是全国广告的国企占了主导地位。Made TV的康维坚持认为,大型连锁不会在耗资高昂的活动中撒钱,而会倾向在小型传媒市场中尝试。他的团队已经筹集到所需资金的一大半了,他们希望频道明年就能建立。In titchier towns where local television stations are planned, such as Cambridge and York, the economics look grimmer. Small businesses increasingly advertise online. Simon Terrington, an analyst, thinks channels may survive through the benevolence of local bigwigs and the generosity of volunteers. “People get involved in media for no money,” he points out. Regional studios will test that.已规划的地方电视台在例如剑桥和约克这样的小城镇中,经济问题似乎更加严峻。小型企业不断增加网络广告的份额。分析家特林顿认为,本地频道要靠当地权贵的手下留情和志愿者的慷慨解囊才能幸免于难。他指出,“人们被无偿的卷入了传媒”。地方电视会检测这一说法。译者 周雨晴 校对 曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201511/410537 抚顺市龙风矿职工医院挂号网抚顺市石化总医院疼痛科怎么样



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