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新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson19:REASSURANCES AND CONSOLATIONS抚慰与安慰271. Don’t worry about it. 别担心。272. That’s what counts#61557;. 那才是重要的。273. That makes me feel a little better. 那使我感觉稍微好些。274. Look at the bright#61558; side. 看看光明的一面。275. That’s understandable#61559;. 那可以理解。276. Don’t let it get you down. 别为此气馁。277. Things will get better. 事情会好转的。278. Just keep trying. 继续尝试/别就此放弃。279. Don’t give up. 别放弃。280. We all have bad days sometimes. 我们都会有不顺利的时候。281. I know how you feel. 我知道你的感受。282. I’m here for you. 有什么要帮忙的,我就在你身边。283. It’s okay. 没问题。284. It’s not your fault. 不是你的错。285. No one blames#61560; you. 没有人责怪你。【生词解读】1. count v. 有重要意义;有价值 2. bright adj. 明亮的;发亮的;晴朗的3. understandable adj. 能懂的;可了解的 4. blame v. 责备;指责 /200708/16921For Rockefeller and Carnegie, Morgan#39;s passing is a reminder-- time is running short and the realization triggers a new contest.对洛克菲勒和卡内基来讲 根的去世敲响了警钟 提醒他们时间不多了 意识到这点 新的较量也随之开始No longer is their competition about who makes more money, now the question is who can give more away.现在他们比的不是谁赚的钱多 而是谁捐的钱多了Andrew Carnegie was the first of the big capitalists of this era to be bitten by the philanthropy bug.安德鲁·卡内基是这个时代 第一个热心慈善事业的大资本家了He decided that he was going to use his wealth to good purpose and he said that a man who dies rich dies disgraced.他决定用他的财富做善事 他说抱着钱死去是一种耻辱Andrew Carnegie was not a very popular man among his millionaire friends because he demanded that the millionaire has to give away all of his money.安德鲁·卡内基在他的富豪朋友圈内不是一个很受欢迎的人 因为他要求他们把钱全部捐出去There#39;s nothing wrong with making a lot of money. Making money is fun. I enjoy that very much. But I enjoy giving away money, even more so.赚很多钱没什么不妥 赚钱很好玩 我也乐在其中 但相比之下 我更喜欢捐钱Carnegie gives away more than three hundred and fifty million dollars.Sixty-seven billion, today.卡内基捐款超过三点五亿美元相当于今天的六百七十亿Most goes to education and his favorite cause--libraries.大多数都用在教育以及他的挚爱 图书馆As more than twenty-five hundred ;Carnegie libraries; are built in forty-nine states and around the world.在四十九个州乃至全世界 一共有两千五百多座卡内基图书馆But even in this contest Carnegie will be bested by his old rival.但是即使是捐钱比赛 卡内基还是输给了他的老对手 Article/201608/457584

The top of the walls allow me to make a rapid initial assessment.从墙顶俯瞰能让我先快速判断这里的情况There haven#39;t been people here for a long time.这里已经很久时间 没有人居住了But, it#39;s the new inhabitants I#39;m after.但我要寻找的是新的;居民;Any of the scorpions, snakes,creepy crawlies that might be living amongest all of the rubble.那就是有可能藏身于碎石中的 蝎子 蛇 和其它可怕的爬行生物And for the desert survivor,you#39;ve got to have energy.对沙漠求生者来说 一定要补足能量And that means, you#39;ve got to find food.换句话说 你要找到食物You often get condensation, a bit of damp under metal like this. That#39;s basically dried out.这样的金属下面 一般都很潮湿 这个已经干透了Let#39;s check this.There#39;s a scorpion.See this guy?来看看这个 这有一只蝎子 看见了吗Look at his tail right up.That#39;s a death stalker.它的尾部翘起来了 这是以色列杀人蝎He#39;s got one of the most deadly toxins of any scorpion, this guy.它是众多种蝎子中 最致命的毒蝎Get hit by that,you could be dead in 24 hours.若被刺到 你可能会在24小时内就送命The lethal sting is in the tail,so it needs to be disarmed before he#39;s safe to eat.有毒物质在尾部 所以在吃它之前 要把尾部拔掉It#39;s also good food.Not very tasty food.这也是很有营养的食物 不过味道不怎么样That sounds like a vehicle.Truck!Truck!Get them all, get them all.好像是汽车的声音 是卡车 是卡车 拦住它 拦住它The sahara has claimed many lives and going head to head with it is a formidable challenge,撒哈拉沙漠已经吞噬掉许多生命 和它正面交锋 绝对是艰难的挑战but with the right skills and attitude,it really is possible to endure.但若有正确的技巧和良好的心态 你也能够逃出生天 Article/201612/481443

Man, how did you start playing the blues, though, man?孩子,你是怎么开始弹布鲁斯的?I don#39;t know. It made me feel nice. So I just decided to bring it on.我不知道,它让我感到很舒。所以就这么开始了。The blues made you feel nice?布鲁斯让你感到舒?Yeah, cause it#39;s calm and relaxing, and it just makes my head feel good.它让我感到安静舒,让我的头脑清醒。Really? You know... my father was a huge, huge blues man. Yeah.真的?你知道我爸爸是布鲁斯铁粉。很好。And we had to listen to it, too.我们不得不听他的音乐。That#39;s good. I like that. Well, I was the most depressed 8-year-old at the school.我很喜欢。说实话,我是学校里最“布鲁斯”忧郁的八岁少年。I ain#39;t got nobody我一无所有I#39;m so all alone我孤独难耐Somebody left me人们离开了我Sitting here at home独自一人在家I ain#39;t got no daddy我没有父亲No mama, too我没有母亲So all I do is sing the blues to you我只有唱布鲁斯给你I#39;m so sad我悲痛伤感And you into it, ain#39;t you, man? You love that.你沉入其中了,年轻人,你喜欢这个?That, like, did something to you?它真的起了一定的作用?You#39;re a good singer. What? This boy.你唱得真不错。什么?这孩子。Boy, you ought to let me go. I#39;m trying to tell you, man.孩子,说真的,你应该让我走。我告诉你。Hey, man, so tell us about your tribute to B.B.King.说一下你对B.B.King的喜爱。Well, it all started off with me going into my bedroom, putting on a onesie.从我进入卧室的那一刻开始,穿着我的休闲连体衣。You put on a onesie? Yeah.你穿着休闲连体衣?是的。Cause I#39;m comfy when I play.穿着它弹琴会让我感到舒。A onesie is comfy when you play? Yeah. Wow.穿着它弹琴会让你感到舒?是的。喔。So you just put a backing track on, played it to make B.B.King feel better,打开伴奏,开始弹奏B.B.King的歌曲,这会让他感到高兴,but then sadly, the next week, he passed away.但第二周就收到他去世的消息。But his, his daughters rang me up.但他的女儿给我打了电话。And they let me play with B.B.King#39;s all star band in Memphis.他们让我与B.B.King的全明星乐队一起演奏,在孟菲斯。Really? Yeah. My man.真的?是的。天啊。That#39;s really good, man.这太棒了。What are you gonna do in the future? What#39;s that look like for you?你未来想做什么?你未来会有怎样的计划?Um, I just wanna carry on what I#39;m doing, and hopefully it#39;ll kick off.我希望继续做我正在做的事情,希望它真的能够实现。I don#39;t wanna give up when I#39;m a teenager. I wanna carry on.我不想放弃,我还是个青少年,我想继续下去。Yeah, man. Let#39;s make it happen.对!让它实现!Come on, kids. Do it! Yeah!来吧,让我们尽情地做吧!Hey, folks, do you wanna hear Toby play?朋友们,想听托比的演奏吗?He fell in love with the blues when his grandma gave him a ukulele.奶奶送给他的一把四弦琴让他爱上了布鲁斯。He#39;s 11 years old. Give your love for Toby!他才只有11岁。为托比献上掌声!Yeah, show your love for Toby!为托比的精表演鼓掌!Man, you#39;re out of sight. Give me some of that, boy! That thing right there.孩子,我们看不见你了。你站在那里去。 Article/201706/513851

Grant and I were friends until Grant stabbed me in the backGrant在我背后说我坏话之前我和grant是好朋友。stab表示刺,戳。 stab someone in the back表示在某人背后说坏话。这种人也可称为a backstabber。 /200802/27261

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