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W: what's your favorite sport?Z: it's hard to say. Perhaps swimming is my favorite. I like swimming because it helps improve my lung capacity. In the scorching summer days, there's nothing like a cool swim. Currently, I go to the pool twice every week.W: is the entrance charge expensive?Z: well, it costs an arm and a leg—30 yuan per person. What a costly sport! That is why I have to refrain from even thinking about it. And I find jogging a very agreeable substitute. W: haha, jogging? Perhaps it might be a bit too boring?Z: you know what? You won't get a rush from it until you fully understand it. It is a simple sport and doesn't require skills of any sort. This leaves room for me to enjoy the beautiful suburban scenery while jogging. Fresh air caresses my face and blows into my chest, which translates into inspirations. Inspirations are really good stuff for a writer like me. Sometimes, I even come up with a verse or two.W: you are really a man who knows how to enjoy being alone. /201004/101755R: do you have s second?A: sure. What do you want?R: I want to tell you I've put in my notice. A: really? Why?R: I've been thinking about this for several months, well before the Spring Festival holidays. A: and the holidays provided you a chance to think over all this and make a decision?R: yeah, after reeciving my yearly bouns, I want to search out better opportunities in the spring job market. I've been working in the company for nearly a year and a half and I still haven't received a pay rise. It's unfair.A: absolutely. With your expertise and experience, you're clearly working below your pay grade.R: that's exactly why I decided to quit the job and find a new one. A: this way, you'll earn more at the new work place. R: that's right. I am not the only one who has done this. Job hopping is quite common in the IT industry.A: that is to say, most IT professionals can get a pay rise more easily by changing a job than waiting for a rise. I'm wondering why IT companies are always willing to pay more to new employees instead of giving an attractive pay rise to retain the old ones. /201002/97062千万不要只是观看,务必跟着录音大声朗读,这样口语才能步步高 /200808/45329365天英语口语 第64讲:新年暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200810/52953

Workplace stress experts are saying that “computeritis,” a term that has made it into the Oxford and other dictionaries, can cause long-lasting health problems if not addressed. Even children are suffering signs of computeritis, experts said. 工作压力问题专家们说“computeritis”(该词被收入牛津和其它词典)如果不解决好,会引起长期健康问题。甚至儿童也有computeritis的迹象。 Tell Me More Computeritis is what happens when you sit in front of a computer screen for too many hours. Your legs and buttocks become numb from sitting too long. Because you’re sitting, you’re not exercising, which means you probably will be gaining weight or at least losing muscle tone. A lack of exercise can lead to heart problems and other ailments. Computers have generated lots of new words and phrases. You have a “computer face” if you have eyes that looked glazed over and an open mouth, like you have been staring at a TV or computer screen. “Computer vomit” is what happens when users open up a Microsoft program and it spews scrambled numbers and letters. If you download a program with a dangerous software virus attached, you have committed “computercide” on your now-nonworking laptop. 当你在电脑屏幕前坐好几个小时,就会出现Computeritis这种情况。坐太久了,你的双腿和臀部都会感觉麻木。只坐着不运动,你可能在长体重或者失去肌肉弹性。缺乏锻炼会导致心脏病和其他疾病。 有很多由电脑衍生出来的新词和词组。如果你目光呆滞,嘴巴张开,就说明你有一张“computer face”(电脑脸),就好像你一直盯着电视机或电脑屏幕那样。Computer vomit是指当你打开一个微软程序的时候,跳出一串乱码和字符。如果你下载的程序带有危险的恶意软件,你就对笔记本犯了“computercide”的罪行,导致它瘫痪。 /201110/155948

J: are you a blogger?K: sure I am. I've been writing a blog for almost three years.J: oh, it seems that I'm the only one who never blogs. When did you get started?K: I began blogging when I first went to the US for my graduate stuides.J: what do you usually write about?K: at first, I'll write about my life there. Like interesting things on the campus, travel stories, special English words that I come across. Sometimes, I'll post my pictures on my blog so my family and friends can get to know how everything's going.J: that's interesting. How often do you write a blog?K: it's random. If there happen to be a lot of things going on, I may add several new entries in a week, and if I've got nothing to share, I may leave my blog untouched for weeks.J: got it. Are you still updating your blog?K: sure, since I came back from the US, I've been keeping the habit of blogging, simply to share my personal insights on any topic I like.J: good for you. I know many people just leave their blogs alone after the first few months. /201001/94601

Larry和李华正在商量如何帮助他们的朋友Jane,因为Jane在工作上碰到了困难。今天李华会学到两个常用语:a can of worms和cut one's losses。 LL: I think that maybe we should just be supportive of Jane. It's best not to open a can of worms by trying to give her advice. LH: 当然我们应该持Jane。你说我们不要什么?Open a can of worms? Worms是虫子,持Jane,给她提建议和一罐虫子有什么关系?而且哪儿有什么罐子里装虫子的? LL: "To open a can of worms" means to do something that results in a complicated situation full of problems. LH: 我说呢,open a can of worms是个比喻,不是真的开一罐虫子。所以To open a can of worms 是指做了某件事会把问题弄得更复杂。可是,Larry, 我不懂,为什么给Jane提一些建议反而会造成更多问题呢? LL: Well, if she follows your advice and it doesn't solve her problem, then she might blame you. LH: 这倒也是,如果Jane听了我们的建议,但是问题解决不了,她可能会反过来怪我们。还有,我们也可能因为不了解情况而给她错误的建议呀! LL: Right. There are so many things that could go wrong when you give people advice that I usually avoid opening that can of worms. LH: 这是没错,给人提建议是很可能会出问题的,因为你毕竟不了解他的情况。可是,你也不能因为这样就避免给人提建议,不能因咽废食。给朋友出主意也是应该的嘛。对了,Larry, 你还不知道,那天在课堂上我才真的是opened a can of worms. LL: What did you do? LH: 我问教授为什么不讨论第13章,结果教授要全班回家读第13章,而且星期一还要考试呢! LL: I bet that everyone in your class is unhappy with you right now. LH: 就是啊,现在全班同学一定在骂我。更惨的是,连教授也生我的气,因为这本来是他的疏忽,可给我指明了。所以喽,我真的是招惹了更多麻烦。 LL: Wow, that's a tough situation. You really did open a can of worms. LH: 就是啊,所以我现在很后悔,早知道什么都别说就好了。 LL: Unfortunately, sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the only way to avoid opening a can of worms. ****** LL: Well, Jane decided to cut her losses and quit her job. She's going to start looking for a new job tomorrow. LH: 真的?Jane决定要辞掉那个工作啦?Larry,什么是cut her losses? LL: To cut one's losses means to give up and withdraw from a losing situation. LH: Cut one's losses就是看到形势对自己不利就决定改变方向,这样可以减少损失。所以Jane决定宁可辞职,也不要再浪费时间去解决工作上的问题。是这个意思吗? LL: Exactly. She didn't see any way to improve her relationship with her co-workers, so she decided to cut her losses and leave. LH: 嗯,要是根本没有希望改善和她同事的关系,那还不如趁早离开,免得再继续受罪。 LL: Sometimes, there's nothing you can do to improve a situation. All you can do is cut your losses and try to find a better situation. LH: 说的也是。人生有许多事情真的是你再怎么努力,也没办法改善的。像我一位朋友,她是研究生化专业的士生,可是她和她的指导教授关系很差。 LL: What happened? LH: 跟了那个教授三年后,决定不能再浪费时间了。所以她决定cut her losses,拿了个硕士学位就走人。士学位也不要了。 LL: She gave up on her PhD? LH: 她实在没别的选择,就只能放弃喽! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是to open a can of worms,意思是做了某件事会造成更多问题。另一个常用语是to cut one's losses,这是指及时从对自己不利的局面里撤出来,以减少损失。今天的流行美语就进行到这里,谢谢大家收听,我们下次节目再见。 /200809/47644

英语口语王 第5部分:第34章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200811/55635

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