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广州长安妇科医院妇科检查多少钱广东广州长安医院检查卵泡番禺妇幼保健院收费标准 Britains economy英国经济Spurious George虚伪的乔治The chancellor is poised to put forward a long-term plan for Britain—about the wrong thing英国财政大臣信誓旦旦的准备在错误的事上为英国提出一个长期计划。THE British governments great boast is its resolve. Fainter hearts might have trembled before the political law that you cannot cut your way to re-election. But the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, forged in the dark days following the financial crisis, formed a plan for the economy and stood its ground. Its reward has been to see unemployment tumble and Britain grow faster than any other big rich country in 2014.英国政府的自我吹捧是其解决问题的手段。不能阻止连任,就意味着你脆弱的心脏将在政治法律面前颤抖。但保守党和自由民主党组成的联合政府,在金融危机后的黑暗的日子里,形成了计划经济,稳如磐石。奥斯本指出,2014年英国的失业率大幅下降,且经济增长速度远高于其他发达国家。It is a rousing refrain. And when George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, gives the budget speech on March 18th, less than two months before a general election that will revolve around the economy, he is sure to utter the words “long-term economic plan” and to affirm his iron commitment to a fiscal surplus for Britain by 2018-19 (see Bagehot).最能鼓舞人心的消息则是在3月18日,英国财务大臣乔治·奥斯本做了预算演讲,使得还有不到两个月就要开始的大选将会始终围绕经济展开。在演讲中他明确提出“长期计划经济”,并许下铁一般的承诺,声称于2018到2019年度英国将会出现盈余。The shabby truth, however, is that the success of Mr Osborne stems from the goals he has abandoned, rather than the guns he has stuck to. And next week, unless his budget plans are more apt, Britain risks paying a heavy price.然而,事实的真相则是,奥斯本的成功源于被其遗弃的目标,而不是他一直以来所坚持的武器。除非他的计划非常贴切,否则英国极有可能在下周为此付出沉重的代价。The government has done sensible things with Mr Osborne as chancellor—not least cutting corporation tax, raising the income-tax threshold and pinching Mark Carney from Canada for the Bank of England. But it has been at its best when it has been at its least consistent, in three main areas.政府与财政大臣奥斯本做出了一个明智的决定。尤其是削减公司所得税,提高所得税阈值和任命加拿大央行行长马克·卡尼为英国央行行长这几个方面上。然而在这最主要的三个方面上,虽然他们已经尽力,但仍未能使其统一战线。The first is fiscal policy. Five years ago the Conservatives pledged to eliminate almost all of Britains structural deficit—then estimated at 8.7% of GDP—by the end of their term. They now lead a coalition government that is only half way there. Borrowing this year will probably be about 5% of GDP or £90 billion (5 billion), £55 billion more than first planned. After two years of weak growth, because of austerity and a European slump, the chancellor pushed back his deadline for closing the deficit. So much for what was then known as “Plan A”.第一条财政政策就指出,五年前,保守党在任期结束前,曾承诺将要剔除近乎所有的英国结构性赤字,并预估其GDP为8.7%。而现在,联合政府只做到了一半。今年的借款可能约占GDP的5%或约900亿欧元(约1350亿美元),远超出第一计划时的550亿欧元。因为经济紧缩和欧洲经济衰退,英国经过了两年的经济增长疲软,为此,财政大臣推迟了缩小财政赤字的最后期限。这些计划在当时被称为“计划A”。Red box, black box红盒,黑盒That change was welcome and necessary. Sticking to the plan would have meant tax rises or bigger cuts to public spending, or a combination of the two. It would probably have pitched the economy back into recession, and might have wrecked public services. As it is, the state has coped with deep but steady cuts. Crime is down and the sky has not fallen on local government or the National Health Service.改变是受欢迎同时也是必要的。继续坚持这个计划意味着税收的提高或者公共基础设施花费的大幅减少,甚至是两者同时进行。它可能会使得经济回到之前的萧条,并且不能更好的务大众。即便如此,在面对大幅削减的情况下国家经济仍然能保持稳定。犯罪率下降,地方政府和国家医疗保健务上也没有出现差错。A second change of course was equally welcome. After coming to power in 2010, the coalition first stuck to the previous Labour governments plans to slash capital budgets. Public investment—always the easiest bill to cut quickly—fell by 35% in two years. That was foolish. Spending on infrastructure is essential to long-term growth and is chronically low in Britain. Mr Osborne tempered the cuts in infrastructure spending starting in 2011. Again, his change of heart was good.第二个改变同样也受到欢迎。联合政府在2010年上台后,首先坚持前工党政府的计划,削减资本预算。其中削减公共基础设施的投资是最容易的法案(两年内就降低了35%)。但这真是个愚蠢的决定。毕竟基础设施开对英国的长期增长和持续低迷是至关重要的。奥斯本的这项削减计划是从2011年开始的,当再次谈到这个话题时,只希望他要是能改变主意会更好The biggest and best departure from the blueprint is also the most embarrassing. Before he became prime minister, David Cameron pledged to reduce annual net migration to the “tens of thousands”. The coalition government has never abandoned that goal. Yet at the last count net migration stood at a UKIP-maddening 298,000 and rising. Because they are young, healthy, hardworking and enterprising, immigrants have boosted growth and swelled the public purse. A big fall in net migration would have weighed on the economy: GDP has risen by 7.8% over this parliament; GDP per person is up by only 4.2%.在计划实施的最大最好时撤离也是极为尴尬的。在大卫·卡梅伦成为首相之前, 他承诺每年减少“成千上万”的净移民。联合政府从来没有放弃这一目标,然而最后净移民达到足以让英国独立党发狂(UKIP-maddening)的 298000且还在上升。因为他们年轻,健康,勤奋进取,新移民促进增长且增加公众的收入。但是净移民会使得国家经济大幅下挫:议会上就宣布了英国全年GDP增长达7.8%,而人均GDP增长却只有4.2%。You might think that the governments vacillations are ancient history or that doing the right thing is more important than saying it. But plans focus the mind. And in the upcoming budget Mr Osborne risks focusing minds on the wrong issue.你可能会认为政府的犹豫不决已是过去式,相比下做对的事情比把事情做对更重要。但计划很侧重于关键点。相比即将到来的预算风险,奥斯本的焦点则在错误的问题上。Britains biggest problem today is not the deficit but stagnant productivity growth that leaves output per hour 2% below its peak in 2008.The countrys economic future depends far more on boosting how much Britons produce at work than how quickly the deficit is cut. Mr Osborne surely knows that and may secretly plan to shift priorities later. But he is making good policy less likely. U-turns are embarrassing, so plans tend to last for too long. By preparing for deficit-cutting and neglecting productivity, government departments are dissipating their efforts. Mr Osborne did well to change course before. The right thing today is to make a plan for productivity—and stick to it.如今,英国最大的问题不是赤字,而是生产力的停滞不前使得输出量相较于2008年的峰值正以每小时2%的速率下降。该国的经济前景更取决于英国人在工作中产生量能比赤字削减的速度快多少。奥斯本当然知道这一问题,且可能正在秘密计划再稍后调整计划顺序。在准备削减赤字和忽视生产力这一问题上,政府部门正在努力解决。奥斯本先生也改变了观点。现如今最需要做的事是提出关于提高生产力的计划并坚持下去。 翻译:杨霭琳 译文属译生译世 /201504/367613We are back with Jon Cryer.So now I assume Ashton,he probably doesnt know every single thing that Demi has been in欢迎回来 这是Jon Cryer 我想Ashtoon很可能不清楚跟Demi合作过的每个人But did he know that you had worked with his wife before他知道你之前跟他妻子合作过吗Well,when I did No Small Affair with Demi back,Ashton was seven当我和Demi合作拍《爱情使你盲目》的时候 Ashton才七岁So he wasnt exactly in the demo that we were going for.was that your first movie他根本不知道我们在做什么 那是你第一部电影吗That was yeah,and how old were you in it.I was nineteen playing sixteen是的 那时候你多大 我那时19岁 不过演16岁的少年and so this is you and I dont know if you have been this or not,maybe he has seen it那么这就是你了 我不知道你以前有没有看过 也许他已经看了I actually find it very interesting,lets take a look at you and Demi其实我觉得这非常有趣 让我们看看你和Demi的表演吧Could I kiss you goodbye,I never kiss anybody like that before.I was pretty good,wasnt I我可以有个吻别吗 我之前都没有过这样的吻 这个吻非常棒 是吧You look the same,yeah,I look the same.Oh,thank you,god bless you.God bless you Ellen Degeneres你看起来都没什么变化 是的 没有变 谢谢 真有你的 Ellen Degeneres 真有你的So you are getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,is that correct?Yeah,wow.thank you,fantastic你在好莱坞星光大道上也拥有一颗星星了 消息正确吗 是的 谢谢 太棒了And you are also nominated for another Emmy,how many Emmy you.another.I am so tired.Nine,six.Its just so tiring你再次获得了艾美奖提名 你已被提名多少次 又一次 我都感到累了 9次 6次 这可真是累人Ive been nominated for so many Emmies,Its boring,its just boring me now我已经被艾美奖提名很多很多次 都快厌烦了 我真的厌烦了You deserve it.Thank you.we wish you the best and I want to give you something to wear那是你应得的 谢谢 祝你好运 我想送你一件衣I mean,you will be wearing a tuxedo,but just in case,and you want to open up your tuxedo and have this on underneath.我知道你外面会穿燕尾 确保可以获奖 当你穿燕尾时 你可以穿这件衣打底 谢谢 /201610/473660东莞人民医院靠谱吗

从化治疗多囊卵巢公立医院Japan and Abenomics日本与安倍经济Riding to the rescue拯救之路The prime minister has been given an opening. Will he take it?安倍晋三已经看到了出路。那么问题来了:他会选择并走下去吗?WHEN the Bank of Japan (BoJ) moved unexpectedly on October 31st, the effect was to galvanise the worlds financial markets and, at home, to breathe new life into Shinzo Abes programme to pull the country out of deflation. The scale of the central banks action—it will print money to buy ¥80 trillion (8 billion) of government bonds a year, equivalent to 16% of GDP—directed politics away from a string of distracting cabinet scandals.日本在十月三十一日出人意外的举措在刺激了全球金融市场的同时,也给安倍晋三的救日本于通缩泥淖的计划带来了新的活力。此次日本央行举措的规模之大——将印刷八十万亿日元(合6980亿美元)来购买一年的国债,相当于GDP总值的16%——已经成功挤掉了闹得满城风雨的内阁丑闻事件,成为了政治热门头条。Mr Abes plans for the economy had been flagging. A rise in the consumption (value-added) tax in April had prompted an alarming drop in spending by consumers. The first shoots of inflation started to retreat. Having climbed to 1.5% in April, core inflation fell to 1% in September—far off the 2% target that the central bank had said it would achieve by the spring of 2015. Meanwhile, some sp rumours that a conservative old guard at the central bank was regaining sway and could block Haruhiko Kuroda, its governor, from fulfilling his promise to do “whatever it takes” to rid Japan of deflation.安倍的经济计划也已经显出疲态。四月份开始上涨的消费(增值)税已经使消费者们的开大幅缩水。通货膨胀刚发的嫩芽已经开始凋零。核心通货膨胀率从四月份的1.5%跌倒了九月份的1%——这比之前日本央行所说的在2015年春之前达到2%的目标可还差得远了。此外,有传言说日本央行中的一位保守阵营中的老一辈大人物正逐渐重获话语权,并可能让央行行长黑田东彦无法履行其“不惜任何代价”地为日本消除通货紧缩。As it was, Mr Kuroda only narrowly won consent for the banks move. On October 31st four of the boards nine members voted against expanding quantitative easing. That lack of consensus caused almost as much of a stir as the easing itself.鉴于此,黑田东彦在这次事件中也只堪堪得到了过半数的持。十月三十一日的董事会九名成员中有四名选择了反对扩大量化宽松。这种意见不一的混乱局面所引起的关注和量化宽松本身相比也不逞多让。Yet the BoJs move strengthens another consensus among Japans policymakers, which is that Mr Abe will soon be obliged to press ahead with a second rise in the consumption tax, next October, from 8% to 10%. Mr Abe has to decide by the end of this year if he is not going to, in order to introduce legislation to stop the hike. After a dful second quarter, when GDP shrank by an annualised 7.1%, many of Mr Abes economic advisers are convinced that the initial rise was a mistake. A battle is on between the finance ministry, which is pushing for the increase to deal with Japans ballooning public debt, and the prime ministers office, which leans towards altering the timetable. Akira Amari, the key minister for economic reforms, seems to favour sticking to the timetable.不过日本央行的这次举措倒是让日本决策者们在另一件事上更加意见一致。这指的是安倍晋三在明年十一月将不得不推行的第二轮消费税上调,将从8%上涨到10%。安倍如果不想这么办,那就得在年底前作出决定,好通过立法程序来阻止消费税的上涨。第三季度可谓凄惨,年化GDP缩水7.1%,不少安倍的经济顾问都认为最初的消费税上涨就是个错误。日本财务省力推提高消费税以期解决日本不断膨胀的公共债务,而另一边的首相一方则倾向于修改消费税上涨的时间,这便是交战的双方。经济改革中的重要大臣甘利明似乎持保持目前的计划不变。In reality, argues Gerald Curtis of Columbia University, the radical action taken by Mr Kuroda, a staunch advocate of a hike in the consumption tax in order to maintain the countrys fiscal credibility, may have removed most of the prime ministers political leeway for postponing one. Mr Abe is likely to make his decision after final GDP figures for the third quarter are released in early December; a closely watched preliminary estimate comes out on November 17th.而哥伦比亚大学的Ferald Curtis表示,实际上作为坚持要提高消费税的黑田东彦,他这次的大动作可能以及让安倍晋三在推迟税改问题上没有太多的政治余地了。安倍很有可能在十二月初时候第三季度最终的GDP数据出来后作出决定;而备受瞩目的初期预估数据将在十一月十七日公布。The problem with an increase in the consumption tax is that it hits the very people who need to spend more. In similar fashion to America or Europe, quantitative easing has benefited big businesses and wealthy individuals owning shares or property in Tokyo and a few other big cities. But ordinary Japanese, notably in the regions that are emptying of people, feel left behind. Support for Abenomics is slipping as more people feel there is little in it for them. As well as the rise in the consumption tax, households have had to contend with higher prices from a weaker yen, notably higher energy and fuel costs. At least these have fallen in recent weeks as global demand for oil has weakened. It is one reason Mr Kuroda felt able to act by loosening policy further. The yen weakened immediately. The news that the government pension fund will double its holdings of equities, including foreign ones, has also helped drive down the yen even as it has boosted stockmarkets.消费税的提高打击的正是那些需要敞开腰包多多消费的人们,而这便是问题所在。和美国或者欧洲类似,量化宽松的受益者是大型企业以及坐拥东京地产或者其他不多的几个大城市地产的富人。但是日本的普通民众,尤其是那些患无人烟地区的人们,似乎感觉是被抛弃了。越来越多的人们感觉安倍经济并没有给他们带来什么好处,于是安倍经济的持也开始走下坡路。In all the excitement over monetary easing, the part of Mr Abes programme to do with structural reform has gone mostly unmentioned. The government has at times dangled the prospect of impressively bold reforms, such as allowing firms to fire permanent workers in return for severance pay while also making the employment of Japans millions of workers on non-permanent contracts more secure.在所有货币宽松所引起的骚动中,安倍晋三的结构性改革计划是最为不引人注目的。政府已经不止一次地拿大胆锐意改革的美好前景来吊人胃口了,例如,承诺公司可以通过付买断费来解雇长期工,以此来使日本数以千万计的非长期合同工得到更多的保障。In some areas, good progress on such reforms is being made, in particular over the participation of women at work. Some 820,000 women have joined the workforce since Mr Abe came to office in 2012. The government will oblige large companies to publish figures on the number of women on boards. Two-fifths of career civil servants hired this year were female, a sizeable jump. The hope is that the scandals around the resignations last month of two women cabinet ministers, following minor financial misdeeds, will not prove too severe a setback to the governments campaign to better the lot of working women.改革已经在一些领域取得成绩,尤其是在女性参与工作方面。自从安倍晋三2012年上台以来,约82万女性已经步入职场。政府要求大型公司必须公布董事会成员中的女性数量。今年所招录的公务员中有五分之二是女性,这可是一大进步。上个月两位女性内阁大臣因财务上的小过失而引咎辞职,人们希望此丑闻不会给政府为女性谋福利的努力带来太多负面影响。Elsewhere, in a series of special economic zones, experiments are taking place to free up strict regulations over farming and other sectors. Yet overall, says Heizo Takenaka, an adviser to Mr Abe, the governments attempts are falling short. Mr Takenaka was once enthusiastic about the prospects for stronger leadership.此外,诸多经济特区已经开始了改革试验,以放宽对农业以及其他部门的管束。但是,安倍的顾问Heizo Takenaka表示,政府的表现还不够好。Takenaka曾对这届更为强势的领导层充满信心和憧憬。As barons in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party last month sought the means to silence the opposition on the subject of political-funding scandals, speculation grew that Mr Abe might call a snap election by the end of this year, discomfiting an opposition in general disarray. Similar rumours swirled following the central banks action. Yet with a majority in both houses of the Diet guaranteed until 2016, Mr Abe aly has the muscle to make real reforms. He just needs to use it.上个月里执政党自民党中的大人物试图以防民之口的方式来应对人们对政府资金丑闻的非议,因此,越来越多的人们猜测安倍晋三可能在今年年末之前进行提前选举,以解决人们对这一混乱局面的反对情绪。而日本央行的此次举动也引起了类似的流言与猜测。而鉴于日本国会的参议院和众议院中大部分成员都会在2016年前保有议员身份,因此安倍晋三其实已经有了在改革上大展拳脚的资本。关键就看他是否要这样做了。译者 戴京涌 校对 胡靓译文属译生译世 /201411/343294广州乳腺疾病那个医院好 Imagine that youre in prison, and you mess up. Maybe you lose your temper and lash out at a corrections officer, or you use your fists to resolve a conflict with your cellmate.That can land you in ;administrative segregation,; also known as solitary confinement.Too many Americans have languished in solitary, not knowing when theyll get out and not being allowed privileges like calls from home. And when they do get out, theyre often worse off than they were before they went into solitary, full of anger and seeking retribution.But a prison in the Upper Peninsula has found a way to change that narrative. The Alger Correctional Facility is easing prisoners out of solitary, and the results look promising.Maurice Chammah is with The Marshall Project. His story is titled, How to Get Out of Solitary – One Step at a Time.According to Chammah, an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 American inmates are held in solitary confinement.He tells us that being sent to solitary generally means you can expect to spend 23 hours a day in an isolated cell with an hour set aside for recreation.Food is typically handed to you through a slot in the door, and ;The only human contact you tend to have is with corrections officers as they shackle you to bring you out of your cell, either for recreation or for a shower,; Chammah says.He tells us solitary confinement is used differently from prison to prison. In some prisons, he says, inmates will be sent to solitary for only a week or two as punishment for a small infraction.;But at other prisons, including a lot at California and New York, you can go in with no idea when youre getting out, and there are stories of people spending years, even decades in solitary confinement,; he says.Amid lawsuits concerning the health and safety of prisoners in solitary, the Michigan Department of Corrections asked wardens around the state to come up with some ideas that would reduce the number of inmates in solitary confinement.;Not get rid of it altogether,; he clarifies, ;but just get, you know, the data to look a little bit better.Algers warden Catharine Bauman and her staff up in the U.P. rose to the challenge. They developed a six-step system to help inmates work their way from solitary back to general population. Its called ;Incentives in Segregation.;;Through good behavior and also through writing essays about their experiences, they would go from one stage to another, and at each stage they would get a perk.Chammah tells us these perks can range from a basketball to a television in their room or even things like a phone call home.;Over time, this has allowed them to cycle lots and lots of men out of solitary confinement and back into the general population,; Chammah says. Since its introduction in , the incentive program has been so successful that it has ;allowed them to close an entire wing of their solitary confinement blocks.;Chammah tells us the project has also altered the environment of the prison. He says that visiting a prison is usually a noisy affair, with inmates shouting or throwing things to get attention from the guards, but touring the Alger facility is another story altogether.;Its very quiet. Even the men who are in the really brutal solitary confinement situation, because theyre trying to prove to the officers that theyre y for general population, tend to be a lot quieter. They tend to be a lot more respectful. I heard stories of officers coming to care for the inmates and recommending books for them and sort of looking out for them in a way that was totally unique.;Maurice Chammahs piece for themarshallproject.org looks at ways that prisons are trying to work prisoners out of solitary one step at a time.He tells us more about the Incentives in Segregation program introduced in the Upper Peninsula in our conversation above.201601/423213广州哪家医院看痛经比较好

广州市越秀区妇幼保健院结扎复通The World Health Organizations cancer agency released a statement on Wednesday claiming that ;there is no conclusive evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer.;周三,世界卫生组织癌症机构发布一份声明,称“没有确凿的据表明饮用咖啡会导致癌症。”They did add a note that all ;very hot; drinks are probably carcinogenic. 他们补充道,所有“非常热”的饮料可能会致癌。The International Agency for Research on Cancer had originally rated coffee as ;possibly carcinogenic; but then changed its stance. 国际癌症研究机构原先评定咖啡为“可能致癌的”,但随后改变了立场。It now says its latest review found ;no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect; of coffee drinking 现在最新研究发现,没有确凿的据明喝咖啡有致癌效应,and pointed to some studies showing coffee may actually reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.并指出一些研究表明,咖啡可能实际上降低患某些类型癌症的风险。译文属。201606/449627 German xenophobia德国仇外Peaceful, but menacing和平的方式也具有威胁性A new movement with a barely hidden message of hate unsettles Germany一场隐藏着仇恨信息的新运动使德国动荡不安We dont need no Muslims here我们不需要穆斯林CALLING themselves Pegida, or “patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”, since October they have marched through Dresden every Monday. Their numbers are growing: on December 15th 15,000 protested. Their slogans of xenophobic paranoia (“No sharia in Europe!”) seem bizarre in Saxony, where only 2% of the population is foreign and fewer than 1% are Muslim.就叫这群人Pegida吧,或者是“反对西方伊斯兰化的爱国欧洲人”。他们自10月起每周一就游行穿行德累斯顿。他们的人数在壮大:截至12月15日抗议者已达到15000.他们偏执排外的口号(“欧洲拒绝伊斯兰!”)在外来人口仅2%、其中穆斯林所占比例不到1%的萨克森显得匪夷所思。The marchers make no attempt to explain their demands. Convinced of a conspiracy of political correctness, they do not speak to the press. Few bear any signs of neo-Nazism. They have eschewed violence. What they share is broad anxiety about asylum-seekers (200,000 in 2014) and immigrants.游行者们并未试图去解释他们的诉求。由于相信政治正确性的阴谋论,他们拒绝与媒体对话。他们并没有任何新纳粹主义的举动,而是避免暴力。他们共有的只是对难民(2014年达到了20万)和移民的广泛担忧。The instigator is Lutz Bachmann, owner of an ad agency who once fled to South Africa to avoid being locked up for dealing drugs. He has imitators in other cities: Bonn has a Bogida march, Würzburg a Wügida. But eastern Germany, especially Dresden, is the movements base. Counter-demonstrations have sprung up, but their numbers in Dresden (about 5,600 this week) are dwarfed by Pegidas. Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Pegida of “agitation and defamation”; Heiko Maas, the justice minister, called it a “disgrace for Germany”.这场运动的煽动者是Lutz Bachmann,他名下有一家广告公司,并曾为了逃避因毒品交易入狱而逃往南非。他在其它城市也有模仿者:波恩有一个名为Würzburg a Wügida的Bogida游行。但是东德,尤其是德累斯顿,是这场运动的大本营。反游行派也如雨后春笋般涌现,但他们在德累斯顿的人数(本周大约5600人)与Pegida相比就相形见绌了。总理安吉拉·默克尔指责Pegida“煽动和诽谤”;司法部长Heiko Maas则称这为“德国的耻辱”。But the CSU, a centre-right party in Bavaria that governs with Mrs Merkel, was more nuanced. Calling Pegida a disgrace amounted to “a massive denigration of peaceful protesters,” said a spokesman. The CSU had made news by saying that foreigners should be forced to speak German even “in the family”, though it later backtracked. The leader of the new anti-euro party, Alternative for Germany, Bernd Lucke, said he considered Pegidas demands “legitimate”.但是默克尔掌管的巴伐利亚的中右翼党派CSU却态度微妙。他们称Pegida为耻辱等同于是对“和平抗议者的大规模诋毁,”一名发言人如是说。CSU发表新闻称外国人“即便是在家里”也应该被强制说德语,尽管这条新闻后来被撤销。新反欧党派德国新选项党的领导人Bernd Lucke称他认为Pegida的要求是“合理的”。Germany remains a tolerant place, one reason why some 465,000 migrants arrived last year, making it the worlds second most popular destination after America. But Pegida is a reminder that many, especially in eastern Germany, harbour resentments that can be exploited. “We are the people,” the marchers in Dresden shouted. It was the phrase East Germans used in 1989 in protest against their communist overlords. To outsiders, the cry now sounds chilling.德国仍旧处于容忍状态,这是去年约465,000名移民来到德国的原因之一,同时这也使德国成为仅次于美国的第二大移民地。但是Pegida正警示了在很多地方,尤其是东德,港口怨恨可以被利用。“我们才是这个国家的主人,”德累斯顿的游行者们高声疾呼。这是东德人民在1989年抗议他们的共产主义霸主所用的口号。在外人看来,这怒吼如今听上去让人不寒而栗。译者:邵夏沁 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201412/350769广州天河带环一般需要多少钱广州精液检查去那好



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