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哈尔滨女性老年性阴道炎的治疗方法黑龙江省哈尔滨第四医院地址查询Good. Now, when the person has introduced themself – this is Mrs Smith or whatever, say: Hello Mrs Smith, how can I help you?很好。现在,当一个人介绍她自己说我是史密斯女士或其他什么时,你要说:你好,史密斯女士,我能为你做什么吗?Or, if you know them aly, you might say: Hello Mrs Smith, how are you?或者如果你已经知道他们是谁了,你可以说:你好,史密斯女士,你好吗?Okay, what if Mrs Smith wants to speak to Tom but hes not there?好的,如果史密斯女士想找汤姆说话,但他又不在怎么办?You say: ;Im really sorry, hes not available at the moment. Can I take a message?;你可以说:“我很抱歉,他现在不在,我能帮你留言吗?”Or: ;Im afraid hes busy, shall I ask him to call you back?; Okay.或者说:“恐怕他现在很忙,我能让他过会儿给你回电吗?” 好的。And, to end a conversation, you can say: ;Thank you for calling, goodbye.;对话结束时,你可以说:“谢谢你的来电,再见。”Lets do another practice!让我们再做一个练习!Hello? Tip Top Trading.你好?这里是 Tip Top Trading。Hello, this is Mrs Smith.你好,我是史密斯女士。Hello Mrs Smith, how can I help you?你好,史密斯女士,我可以帮你做些什么?Id like to speak to Tom please.请让汤姆接电话。Im really sorry, hes not available at the moment. Can I take a message?我很抱歉,他现在不在,我能帮你留言吗? /201701/483839哈市阳光妇儿医院的营业时间 Window or aisle?靠窗还是靠过道?Ill what?我要怎么样?No Anna. A seat by the aisle or by the window?不,安娜,要靠过道的座位还是靠窗的?Oh, an aisle seat please, Denise.过道的座位,丹尼斯。Good. Whats your frequent flyer number?好的。你的常用飞行积分会员号是什么?Oh I dont have one of those.我没有这些。Whats that? Frequent flyer number?什么?常用飞行积分会员号?Here Ive got a gold status card, can you stick my number in?给你我的金卡,你能把我的号码输进去吗?Gold status! Where did you get that?金卡!你从哪弄的?Oh, Ive flown loads of times for business.我经常有商务旅行。Ive done deals all around the world.我在全世界都达成过订单。He means hes been on lots of jollies – free trips paid for by the company – and all hes come home with is a sun tan!他是说他旅游过很多次,都是公司出资的免费旅程,他只是晒黑后回来了。Hmm, really. Right I just need to pay now… using the company account of course.真的。好吧,我现在要使用公司账户付款了。Cool. Now, what do you think of my sunglasses?太好了。你觉得我的太阳镜怎么样?Lovely Tom.很好看,汤姆。Denise has booked you a window seat OK?丹尼斯给你定了靠窗的座位,好吗?No! Sorry I cant sit by the window… I’m… errr…不!对不起,我不能靠窗,我……Yes Tom?怎么了,汤姆?Well, I mean, its only polite that the lady sits by the window.我是说让女士靠窗坐更绅士。Really? !真的吗?Whats Tom like? !汤姆要干嘛?Hopefully hell prove a useful business partner for Anna on the trip to France.希望他能在法国之旅上明自己是安娜的工作好帮手。Heres a reminder of some of the questions you may be asked when booking a flight…回顾一下订机票时你可能会问到的问题。Whats the outbound and return date?出发和抵达的日期是什么? /201704/506752How do you know?你怎么知道?You copied me in remember, I just it – or tried to.你抄送给我了,记得吗,我刚读了或者说试着读懂了。But whats the problem? Other people write like that!但有什么问题吗?其他人都这么写!No, maybe some people write text messages like that in an SMS message on their phones, but that is completely the wrong style for an email to a client.不是的,也许有些人用手机发短信时会这样,但写邮件给客户就完全是另一回事了。Okay Anna, lets stop listening to Tom, hes a waste of space.好的,安娜,别听汤姆的,他太没用了。These are the kinds of phrases you need in a business related email.这些是你写商务相关的邮件要用到的表达。Dear Mr Lime...I hope you are well.亲爱的Lime先生,我希望你一切都好。I am writing regarding...我写信是为了……Please could you confirm...请确认……Yours sincerely, or Best wishes.祝好。Thank you! Ill rewrite my message.谢谢。我会重新写信的。There! Id better get it checked before I send.好了!我最好在发送前找人检查一遍。Denise?丹尼斯?Yes...the other problem with Stephanie is that her legs are just too long...是的,Stephanie的另一个毛病是她的腿太长了……Oh, shes on the phone.她在打电话。...yes, like trees...是的,像树一样……Ill have to ask Tom. Tom?我去问问汤姆,汤姆?Could you this through before I send it?在我发送之前能帮我看一遍吗?Hang on, Anna, let me just finish this sentence. It’s really important.稍等,安娜,让我写完这句话,这很重要。Right. I’m y, let’s have a look. Okay.好的。我准备好了,让我们看看。好的。 /201701/483849宾县中心医院医生的QQ号码

哈尔滨那里医院治宫颈糜烂好点Are you worried that your boss could crack down on you for goofing around? We got the email yesterday. We did. Don't use your email at work for fun stuff, and our next guest says you know what? (Illegal stuff) or illegal stuff. Goofing off online at the office may actually be a good thing, a good thing. Look who it is, Rod Kurtz is with Inc magazine of course, (of course) you have a great website as well, what's the website? Inc. com. (Inc. com) And if you want to look at it at work, that's ok. That's cool? So wasting time is OK at work? What do you mean? Wasting time, well, let's look at the numbers ---760 billion dollars that's what we are talking about in loss productivity people goofing off at work. (Well, that's bad) You gotta be careful though, you can always twist the numbers, you know how it is. And people are actually more productive in other ways, so they may be looking at (How? ) well, take it for example, if you're on a shopping website at work, people aren't taking lunch hours anymore to go out shopping. They may do it for 15 minutes online instead of an hour outside the office. Yes, they are. They're still. . . they are goofing around they're surfing and they are also. . . OK, this present company included. (Yeah, exactly) Why not see? We turn our laptops for a second. (You got a lot tough right here, got it. ) Now, what about this? In our greenroom right now, we got the interns playing cards around the. . . Well, I don't know anything about checkers. So I don't know what they are doing down there, talk to your staff. And there is a control room, I mean they are playing basketball a lot. . . And if there's a lot of expensive equipment in there. You're gonna be careful. But think about it, I mean people have blackberries now, so they are doing a lot of work outside the office, in the cab on the way here, I was typing away. That's just it. You may do some things that you'll normally do off work time at work but then when you're at home, you're constantly checking, you know checking emails, getting emails from work, checking blackberries. So has, has the work pattern changed? or it's not just your nine to five, but it's your 24 hours. Absolutely yeah. I was joking with you guys while typing away here, at the table here, you are not to be at a desk anymore to do your work. And that's an interesting thing that studies have shown that people are actually spending more time on work when they are at home than they're goofing off in the office. So what you're saying is absolutely true. The entire time I'm at home, I am working toward doing work for this job. There's no question. But how many times you walk by people's desk and that's solitaire's being played on their computer screen. Well, that's the famous example, an infamous I should say, a Mayor Michael Bloomberg here in New York, famously fired an employee for playing solitaire at work. And I think that's the real danger for employers. And that's what we are talking about to some of our Inc ers, just that, you don't wanna crack down necessarily because you rub your employees the wrong way. I don't think anyone said Mayor Bloomberg looked like a great manager, they just said that wasn't a really nice thing to do. Well, yet, but the guy was stupid, hey, the mayor is coming true and he is playing cards and maybe you shouldn't do that at work. Rod Kurtz, senior editor at Inc. com. We thank you very much. And of course check out the magazine. There it is, right there. "How to make great hires" is your cover story. All right, thank you. It's a. .200810/52398哈尔滨市第二医院做人流好吗 探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 14The impact of a famine being captured by the genes in the eggs and sperm, and a memory of this event was being carried forward to affect the grandchildren, generations later.We are changing the view of what inheritance is, if you can't in life, in ordinary development and living, separate out the gene from the environmental effect that are so intertwined. Pembrey and Bygren's work showed clearly that what our grandparents ate could affect our health. Increasingly, it appeared as if all sorts of environmental events were capable of affecting the genes. And in Washington state, Mike Skinner stumbled on some results with profound implications. He triggered an effect with commonly used pesticides and fungicides. He exposed a pregnant rat with the high dose of one of these pesticides, and then looked for effects in her offspring. And so I treated the animals, the pregnant mother, with these compounds, and then we started seeing between six months to a year, a whole host of other diseases that we didn't expect. And this ranged between tumors, such as breast and skin tumors, prostate disease, er, kidney disease, er, and immune dysfunction.He bred these rats to see if the effects persisted into subsequent generations. The next step was for us to go to the next generation and go to the third generation. All and the same disease still occurred. So after we did several repeats and got the third generation showing it, then a fourth generation, we thought back and realized that the phenomenon was real. We started seeing these major diseases occur in approximately 85 percent of all the animals of every single generation. His discoveries were a revelation.We knew that if an individual was exposed to an environmental toxin that they can get a disease they potential. The new phenomenon is that the environmental toxin no longer affects just the individual exposed, but through two or three generations down the line. I knew that epigenetics existed. I knew that it was a controlling factor for DNA activity whether the genes are silenced or not. Um, but to say that epigenetics would have a major role in disease development, so I'd had no concept for that. The fact that this could have a such huge impact and could explain a whole host of things we couldn't explain before, took a while to actually sink in. The exposure of a single animal to a toxin was causing a whole range of diseases in almost every individual of the following generations. And because epigenetic effects have been observed in humans, this may have implications for us too. Er, what this means then is what your grandmother was exposed to when she was pregnant could cause a disease in you, even though you didn't have an exposure, and you are gonna pass it onto your great grandchildren.New Words amp; Phrases:intertwine: If two or more things are intertwined or intertwine, they are closely connected with each other in many ways. 纠缠;编结fungicide: A fungicide is a chemical that can be used to kill fungus or to prevent it from growing. 杀真菌剂prostate : The prostate or the prostate gland is an organ in the body of male mammals which is situated at the neck of the bladder and produces a liquid which forms part of semen. 【解】前列腺(的)sink in: When a statement or fact sinks in, you finally understand or realize it fully. 被理解;被理会;被听进去200807/45140哈尔滨无痛人流全部费用

黑龙江中医药大学附属第二医院官网Israel's Livni: Seek Peace with Palestinians, Confront Iran利夫尼誓言推动以巴和谈对抗伊朗 The new leader of Israel's ruling party is vowing to move forward with peace talks with the Palestinians, while confronting Iran. 以色列执政党的新领导人誓言要在对抗伊朗的同时,推动和巴勒斯坦的和平谈判。Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who has been nominated to form Israel's next government, has vowed to push for peace with the Palestinians.  被提名组建以色列新政府的以色列外长利夫尼誓言要争取和巴勒斯坦实现和平。In her first policy speech, Livni said she is committed to negotiations on the creation of a Palestinian state, though she cast doubt on Washington's goal of a peace agreement by the end of the year. She said dates should not stand in the way of making progress.  利夫尼在她第一次发表政策性讲话时说,她决心要为成立巴勒斯坦国而进行谈判,不过她对华盛顿想在年底前达成和平协议的目标表示怀疑。她说,日期不应该成为取得进展的障碍。Livni took a much tougher line on Iran, saying Israel and the international community need to confront Tehran and not appease it. 利夫尼对伊朗则采取了比较强硬的态度。她说,以色列和国际社会需要对抗德黑兰,而不是安抚德黑兰。She said "all options are on the table," hinting at a possible Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. With Iran's president threatening to wipe the Jewish state "off the map," Israeli officials have warned time and again that they will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. 她说:“所有选择都在桌面上”。这是暗示以色列可能对伊朗的核实施展开先发制人的攻击。伊朗总统威胁要把以色列这个犹太国家从地图上“清除”,以色列官员多次警告他们决不允许伊朗取得核武器。Iran will top the agenda when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visits Moscow this week. Speaking at the weekly Cabinet meeting, Mr. Olmert said he would urge Russia not to sell sophisticated weapons to Iran and Syria. 以色列总理奥尔默特本周访问莫斯科时,伊朗将会是首要议题。奥尔默特在每周内阁会议上讲话时说,他将敦促俄罗斯不要将精密武器卖给伊朗和叙利亚。"We will remind Russia of matters that trouble us greatly," he said, including "the supply of arms to irresponsible elements." 他说:“我们将提醒俄罗斯严重困扰我们的事务,”他说,“包括供应武器给不负责任的人。”Israel is especially concerned that Russia could sell anti-aircraft missiles to Iran that could provide a formidable defense against an Israeli attack. 以色列尤其担心俄罗斯可能卖给伊朗防空导弹,这将为伊朗在对抗以色列攻击方面提供惊人的防御能力。200810/51916 There you go.给你。Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.谢谢,很高兴能和你做生意。Well get those lemons to you in two weeks time.我们将在两周内把柠檬送来。Perfect!太好了!Good work Anna…oh and Tom too.干得好,安娜,汤姆也不错。The contract is signed but now you have to deliver what youve promised.合同签好了,但你要履行承诺。There are many ways to clinch a deal; here are some of the phrases Anna used…有很多方法达成交易,这是安娜用过的表达。Thank you for sparing the time to see us.谢谢你花时间见我们。Each lemon comes with a satisfaction guarantee - I know you wont be disappointed.每个柠檬都有令人满意的质量担保,我知道你不会失望的。I would be grateful if you could just sign the contract.如果您能签了合同,我会很感激。Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.谢谢,很高兴能和你做生意。So its been a successful day.真是成功的一天。Its time for Tom and Anna to fly back to London and tell Paul the good news… or is it?到了汤姆和安娜飞回伦敦的时候了,并且告诉保罗这个好消息,真是这样吗?Oh no look, our flight to London is cancelled!不,看啊,我们飞往伦敦的航班取消了!Its the last one today. What are we going to do?这是今天最后一班了。我们该怎么办?Well, I guess were just going to have to stay here for the night.我想我们不得不在这里过夜了。Ill sort out a hotel.我去搞定酒店。Until next time. Bye!下次见,再见! /201705/507582黑龙江阳光医院妇科华哈尔滨奥洛克治疗宫颈糜烂价格




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