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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470035。

So you have decided to take the IELTS exam, great choice.你决定参加雅思考试了,非常明智的选择!Its the test that opens doors around the world.这项测试能为你打开世界大门。Here we look at the criteria of lexical resource.本期我们探讨一下写作测试中关于词汇丰富性的评分标准。This is one of four criteria on which you will be tested.词汇丰富性是写作测试的四大评分标准之一。Look for the other three criteria in other s.另外三个标准参见我们的其他视频。This criteria focuses on the range and accuracy of the vocabulary used in your writing.词汇评分标准考查的是你在写作中使用词汇的广度和准确度。Here are a few tips to improve your vocabulary.分享一些增加词汇量的建议。1. When you are learning English vocabulary, learn synonyms.1. 在你学新单词的时候,要同时学习它的同义词。This helps you to avoid repeating the same word.这能避免你重复使用同一个词。For example, learn different ways of describing changes or trends for Task 1 answers.例如,在写作第一部分的中,学习用不同的表达方式来描述变化和趋势。For both Task 1 and Task 2 answers, try not to use too many words from the exam question in your response.在写作的两部分中,都不要太频繁地使用考题中出现的词。Again, using synonyms can help you to reflect the same meaning.再次强调,使用同义词能帮你用不一样的词表达相同的意思。When analyzing your Task 2 exam question, you can brainstorm synonyms for the keywords in the question and use these throughout your essay answer.在分析 Task 2 的题目时,可以头脑风暴一下,看看题目中的关键词都有哪些同义词,并且在写作的时候用上这些词。“Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and international laws introduced to control car ownership and use. ”“应当鼓励使用不同的交通工具出行,同时相关的国际法也应当施行,以控制车辆的所有权和使用权。”(这个句子当中,Alternative可换成 other different;encouraged 可换成 promoted, supported; laws 替换为 legislation或 regulations;control 可替换为 manage、restrict;car 可替换为 vehicle 或 automobile。)2. Also when you are learning vocabulary, dont learn one word at a time, learn word combinations or collocation.2. 另外,当你学新单词的时候,不要每次只孤立地学单词,而是学习这个词的组合和搭配。Remember the way words are used together and avoid typical mistakes such as “He was guilty of making a crime(wrong);, ;He was guilty of committing a crime(right).;记住单词是如何搭配使用的,避免犯这样的常见错误:He was guilty of making a crime,这个搭配是错误的,正确的说法是 He was guilty of committing a crime.3. English words are often part of families, for instance, “Nowadays every economical is struggling. ”(wrong)3. 英语单词通常都是某个词汇家族的一部分,但往往词性或者词义有很大的差别。比如下列句子,Nowadays every economical is struggling. economical 是个形容词,指经济的、实惠的,所以放在这里是错的。Nowadays every economic is struggling. (wrong)Nowadays every economic is struggling. 同样错误。ecomonic也是形容词,指经济上的。Nowadays every economics is struggling. (wrong)Nowadays every economics is struggling. 错误。economics 虽然是名词,但是指经济学。Nowadays every economy is struggling.(right)Nowadays every economy is struggling. 正确,ecomony 名词,指(就经济体制而言)国家,经济制度。When writing, use the correct word formation for the context.在写作时,应当根据上下文使用正确的构词方式。4. Always leave time at end of the test to check your writing.4. 在考试最后一定要留出时间检查。For errors and add in a wider range of language.一是检查错误,二是增加更丰富的词汇。Be sure you use less common vocabulary correctly.确保那些不太常用的词你都用对了。You are not trying to impress the examiner with your vocabulary; youre not being assessed on the creativity or the correctness of your ideas.不必指望靠你的词汇量惊艳考官,考官也不会根据你的是否独创或看法是否正确来打分。You are demonstrating your ability to express and develop ideas precisely and effectively.你只需要展现你的表达能力,把观点简明到位地组织起来就可以了。For more information please see the writing test s task achievement, coherence and cohesion and grammatical range and accuracy .更多内容参见雅思写作系列视频:关于写作评分标准、连贯和条理、语法掌握与运用。201706/515051。

Bei Bei, the Smithsonian National Zoos resident baby panda, is recovering from lifesaving surgery. 美国史密森国家动物园的熊猫贝贝正从救命手术中恢复过来。The baby bear had to undergo surgery after a lemon-sized clump of bamboo got stuck in his bowel.这只熊猫宝宝的肠道淤塞一团“柠檬般大的竹子”,必须接受手术治疗。Zookeepers noticed Bei Bei was acting a little funky earlier this week — the cub was sleeping more, not eating and showed some signs of a stomach problem. 本周早些时候,动物园管理员注意到贝贝表现得有些古怪,睡眠时间多于正常情况,停止进食,并且出现肠胃不适症状。A doctor at the zoo gave the bear an ultrasound and found something lodged in his small intestine. And unfortunately there was no way it would fix itself.动物园的医生给贝贝进行超声波检查,发现他的小肠内有东西。不幸的是,这是没有办法自己修复的。So the zoo removed the mass and now Bei Bei is recovering. Eventually hell be back on a normal diet and reunited with his mother, Mei Xiang.因此,动物园通过手术将团块移除,现在贝贝正在恢复。最终他将回归正常的饮食,并与他的母亲美香团聚。译文属。201611/480750。

原味人文风情:27,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea两万七千名脱北者现居于南韩I am Kang Kun-sung. Im from North Korea. Its been six months since I came to the South.我是姜君松。我来自北韩。我来南韩六个月了。I am Kim Ye-min. I was born and raised in Seoul.我是金艺敏。我在首尔出生长大。What is it called?这叫什么?Through 70 years of separation, languages of the two Koreas have grown apart. Would you mark any unfamiliar words?七十年的分裂期间,两韩的语言产生差异。你能标出任何陌生的字吗?North Korean defector students could understand less than 50 percent of the terms in the textbooks. This led to them being neglected from regular education, and that led to disparity in employment and income. Even Google Translator could not solve the discrepancies in the language. So then, we came to create our own translator—South Korean-North Korean Translator.脱北学生们只能理解教科书内不到一半的字汇。这使得他们被普通教育忽略,而那导致就业和收入的不平等。就连 Google 翻译都无法解决韩语内的歧异。于是,我们打造出自己的翻译程序--南北韩文翻译系统。We designed it so that a simple scan of an unfamiliar South Korean word with a smartphone would translate it into North Korean. Translating several words all at once is also possible. It was hoped that with this app, the North Korean defectors would be able to get proper education. We, of course, plan to continue to help them adjust well to life in South Korea.我们设计出这个程序,这样一来用智能型手机简单扫一下陌生的南韩单字,那个字就能被翻译成北韩的语言。一次同时翻译许多字也可以。我们的宗旨是希望有了这个应用程序,脱北者们就能受到良好的教育。当然,我们也计划持续协助他们适应南韩生活。Koreans were shocked, saddened, but motivated after seeing the translator for what had been the same language.韩国人感到诧异、心酸,但同时也深受鼓舞,在看到这为曾经相同的语言打造的翻译程序后。The young North Koreans should receive good education so that they can play the key role in future reunification.年轻的北韩民众应该受到良好教育,这样他们在未来重新统一时才能扮演关键角色。Nobody knows when the two Koreas will be reunified, but if the two Koreas are able to communicate without barriers through this translator, perhaps, that day would come just a little sooner.没人知道两韩何时会重新统一,但如果两韩能透过这个翻译程序无障碍地沟通,或许,那一天能早一点到来。201704/504595。

Tell me about this best friend that you have.跟我讲讲你的好朋友。His names Snowflake.他的名字叫雪花。Your friends name is Snowflake? Mm-hmm.你朋友叫雪花?对的。Is, is it a dog? No. A cat? No.是吗?不是。猫?不是。Is it a bird? Yes.鸟?是的。Okay. What kind of bird? A duck.哪种鸟?它是只鸭子。A duck is your best friend? Mm-hmm.你的朋友是一只鸭子? 是的。So you and your best friend went viral. Yes.你们俩成为了红人,真的?Thats how we found out about you. Lets take a look at the clip.我们从而认识了你,让我们来看段视频。They met 10 minutes ago. Look. Look, look, look.他们十分钟前刚认识。快看。He follows her. He loves you!它一直跟着她。看它多喜欢你!He stays right with Kylie. Whoa.它一直和凯利待在一块。喔!Wow, that duck is so funny.这只鸭子太有意思了。So is it hard for you to be away from Snowflake like this?你今天跟它分开了,这对你而言是不是不那么容易?Actually...hes here. Snowflake is here? Uh-huh.它今天来了。雪花来了? 是的。Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake, time to go.雪花,雪花,该走了。So Snowflake is a very, very friendly, friendly duck. Uh-huh.雪花是一只很友善的鸭子吗,是的。Kiss him. Do what? Kiss him. Kiss who? Kiss him.亲它。你说什么?亲它。亲谁? 亲它。I dont, you know, um, Im married.我不能,我结婚了。So does...does...does... what is...什么,那个什么,这是什么。Does Snowflake have a diaper sometime? Unh-unh, unh-unh.雪花经常带尿不湿吗?恩恩。Oh, he doesnt have a diaper right now.它今天没带尿不湿。Did he just shake his...Did your duck just shake his butt at me?它是不是在晃,你的鸭子正朝我晃屁股。That means hes happy.这说明他很高兴。Oh, that means hes happy? Well, thats good.这说明他高兴?那很好。So Snowflake follows you everywhere? He thinks hes human.那么就是说,雪花总跟着你到处转?他认为自己是人类。Really? Lets see if we can get Snowflake to follow us. Okay.那让我们试试,看看雪花能不能跟着我们。好的。Okay, lets walk. Me and you. Come on, lets go this way.让我们一块走。我们走这边。Snowflake, Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake! Snowflake.雪花,雪花,雪花,雪花!Come on, Snowflake. Walking with Snowflake快点,雪花。和雪花一块走。Come on, Flake. Stay right here.快点,雪花,站在这里。You stay on that side so Snowflake dont get confused.你站在这里,这样它不会感到找不到方向。Yeah. I got a friend walk just like that. Come on, Snowflake.没错,我有个朋友他就是这么走路的。快来,雪花。You know something, Kylie? Thats pretty impressive.凯利,你知道吗,这真是太有意思了。Lets have some treats behind the couch. What is...我们在座椅后面放了些吃的。You know how to do that? Yummies. Yummy.你知道怎么做吗?很好吃,很好吃。Kylie, I think that Snowflake really got a great break in life the day your dad brought him home.凯莉,你知道吗,你爸爸把它抱回来的那天,它的命运也从此发生了改变。Thank you for coming, Kylie.凯利,欢迎来到“小小达人秀”。Youre absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much. Ill hold the bag for you.你太出色了。非常感谢。我给你拿着袋子。Yall take care. You can go ahead and take a bow.你们要保重。来向观众鞠个躬吧。Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Kylie and Snowflake!女士们先生们,为凯利和雪花鼓掌。201706/513788。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477466。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463908。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464441。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452237。

Hi my name is Valen and this lesson is on common English abbreviations that you would find in the workplace.大家好,我是Valen。在今天的课上,我们将学习职场常用英语缩写。So the abbreviation in English is a shortened form of a word or a phrase and we do this to save time and when were writing英语中的缩写是词或短语的缩写,以便在书面英语中节省时间and sometimes we use abbreviations when were speaking, too.有时在口语中也会用到缩写。So were going to do seven abbreviations and theyre all used commonly in business settings. So our first one is asap or ASAP.今天将学习7种商业常用缩写。第一个是asap或ASAP。So what ASAP means is as soon as possible. So in when were speaking, somebody might say to you,ASAP指尽快。在口语英语时,某人可能对你说,I need that report asap. They might also say I need that report ASAP. It means the same thing, it means I need that report as soon as possible. ASAP very very common.I need that report asap.也可能说I need that report ASAP. 两句意思相同,都是指尽快给我报告。ASAP,非常非常常见。The next abbreviation is RSVP and this stands for a French phrase, which is下一个缩写是RSVP,这是一句法语,意思是指repondez sil vous plait, which means in English, you dont really need to know the French, please respond. So RSVP means please respond.repondez sil vous plait, 你们没有必要记这句法语,它的英文意思是,请回复。RSVP,请回复。People would generally not say to you um... RSVP, they would more than likely write it so at the end of an email, at the end of an invitation usually to人们通常不会对你说RSVP,他们更愿意在邮件末尾、社交活动邀请函的末尾写上RSVP。a social event, people will ask you to RSVP by phone, by email, by regular mail.通常会让你通过电话、电子邮件或平邮回复。However, they want you to respond and theyll say RSVP and theyre asking you to respond and tell them whether or not you are attending the event. So RSVP.他们希望得到你的回复,会说RSVP。他们是请你回复他们并告知你是否会去参加活动。And in spoken conversation, sometimes someone might say to you, ;Oh are you going to so-and-sos wedding, have you RSVP, have you let them know that youre attending or not.在口语对话中,有时某人会问,“你去不去参加谁谁谁的婚礼呀,你回复他们了么,你告诉他们会不会去了么?The next one is not used in spoken English, but you will see this a lot especially on faxes in the workplace and what this stands for is attention.下一个缩写并不用于口语中,但是会在工作中,特别是在传真中常见。表示,注意。And what it means is if this fax is sent to, for example, what you would see is something like this ;ATTN: Joe Smith;.这是指,例如,这是一份给Joe Smith的传真,你会在传真中见到这样的表达“注意:Joe Smith”。What that means is that the fax is addressed to Joe Smith, its for his attention and you should forward the facts to him. so ATTN, attention and youre always saving capital letters.这是指这封传真是给Joe Smith的,望他注意,而你应将这封传真转给他。ATTN,注意。应保留大写字母。The next one is an important one, its CEO and what CEO means is chief executive officer. So CEO.下一个缩写很重要,CEO。指的是首席执行官。So the CEO, the chief executive officer is the boss of the company and the chairperson of a company, usually the boss。CEO,首席执行官是公司的老板、总裁。You say my companys CEO and you can say like that not co, CEO.当说公司的老板时,不应该说co而是CEO。The next thing you might see in the workplace is, um... is this. And it doesnt mean no, as in the opposite of yes.下一个可能在工作中见到的缩写是NO.。这不是指“不”的意思,不是“是”的反义词。It means number, so you might see something like this, No.1, same meaning like tihs, or same meaning just like 1.这个表示数字,你可能会见到这种表达,No.1或是“#1”、“1”。它们都是相同含义。When its expressed this way, like I said, it means number and not no. Thats in the office.这样表示时,是指数字而不是“不”。这可是在工作场合。All right, N/A. So its expressed in written English N/A, but we just say NA, and what it means is not applicable.下一个,N/A。书面英语中这样表示,N/A,但是口语中会说,NA。表示,不适用。So in general conversation, you wouldnt say, if someone asks you a question and it wasnt applicable question,在一般对话中,如果有人问了你一个不适用的问题,you wouldnt just say NA. Its more something that we use in written English. So for example, if you were filling out a questionnaire你不会直接说NA。通常这个缩写会用于书面英语。例如,在填写问卷调查时,and it said marital status like single or married and you click single and then it said name of spouse,婚姻状况这一栏,你选择的是单身,接着下一题是问你配偶的名字,well, if youre not married, you would write N/A, not applicable.如果你未婚,那么你会写N/A,不适用。All right, our last abbreviation is PR and what PR stands for is public relations.接下来,最后一个缩写是PR,指公共关系。So the public relations department is responsible for the flow of information between a company and the general public.公关部负责公司和群众之间的信息流动。And sometimes you will say, ;Oh the public relations department;, but its more common to hear people say, the PR department or有时会说,公共关系部,但是更常听到的是PR部或the people that work in PR, the people that work in public relations. And its expressed in writing like this, capital P, capital RPR工作人员,公关部工作人员。大写P和Ror by saying PR, not by saying pr. So PR, so public relations.或直接说PR,而不是pr。PR,公共关系。So the abbreviations we learn today are asap or ASAP, RSVP, ATTN, CEO and No, number, N/A and PR.今天所学的缩写有,尽快、请回复、注意、总裁、数字、不适用及公共关系。You can take the quiz and test your knowledge of business abbreviations at www.engvid.com.可以访问我们的网站www.engvid.com进行小测试哟。201707/515867。