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2019年10月15日 19:56:11 | 作者:平安生活 | 来源:新华社
Russia’s leaders are promising to crack down on terrorists, after a deadly bomb attack appeared to target foreigners Monday in a Moscow airport.星期一俄罗斯的一个机场发生以外国人为目标的致命爆炸袭击之后,俄罗斯领导人承诺要镇压恐怖主义分子。Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed that "retribution is inevitable" for the suicide bombing that killed 35 people at Russia's busiest airport.俄罗斯总理普京誓言说,对这起自杀式爆炸袭击的反击是必然的,这次袭击在俄罗斯最繁忙的机场造成35人丧生。Prime Minister Putin’s trademark has long been a tough stance on terrorism. But this time, President Dmitry Medvedev joined the chorus, ordering internal security chiefs to "expose and bring the bandits who committed this crime to justice."普京总理一直对恐怖主义采取强硬立场。但是这次,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫也像普京一样强硬,命令国内安全部长们“公开这次犯罪行为的相关人员,并把他们绳之以法。”Mr. Medvedev, often criticized as mild-mannered, also demanded that "the nests of these bandits, however deep they have dug in, must be liquidated."经常以温和态度发表批评言论的梅德韦杰夫还要求“清剿这些袭击者的藏匿点,无论他们藏在哪里”。Although no group has claimed credit for the bombing, the attack bore the hallmarks of radical Islamic groups from the Russian’s southernmost region, the Northern Caucasus.虽然没有人声称对这次爆炸负责,但是从这次袭击的特点来看,像是俄罗斯最南端的北高加索地区激进的伊斯兰组织所为。The Kremlin’s tough talk came as Russians realized the international dimensions of a bombing that took a total of 200 dead and wounded in the international arrivals section of their most modern airport. For the first time in memory, terrorists had targeted foreigners.在克里姆林宫发表强硬言论之际,俄罗斯人认识到,这次在他们的最现代化机场的国际旅客到达区发起的国际层面的爆炸袭击总共造成200人死伤。这是有始以来,恐怖主义分子首次以外国人作为袭击目标。201101/124500据朝鲜中央通讯社报道,朝鲜25日成功进行一次地下核试验,目的是加强朝鲜的自卫核遏制能力。安理会联合国安理会25日当天下午就朝鲜核试验问题召开了紧急会议。安理会本月轮值主席、俄罗斯常驻联合国代表丘尔金在会后对记者表示,安理会15个理事国一致认为,朝鲜核试验违反了安理会2006年通过的第1718号决议,对地区和国际安全构成了威胁,安理会对此表示“强烈反对和谴责”。The emergency meeting of the 15-member council lasted less than an hour. Afterwards, diplomats emerged with a united voice saying they opposed and condemned Pyongyang's latest defiance of international law.U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice would not say if the resolution the council will begin drafting would carry new sanctions, but she said it should be strong, with appropriately strong contents."The U.S. thinks this is a grave violation of international law and a threat to regional and international peace and security," said Susan Rice. "And therefore, the ed States will seek a strong resolution with strong measures."France's deputy ambassador, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, said his country believes new sanctions are necessary."The French national position is that this resolution should include new sanctions, in addition to those aly adopted by the Security Council, because this behavior must have a cost and a price to pay," said Jean-Pierre Lacroix.Japan, which has been at the forefront of urging strong council action on North Korea and called for Monday's emergency meeting, said Pyongyang's nuclear test was a serious threat to regional and international peace and security, but also to the authority and prestige of the Security Council. Russia and China have traditionally been North Korea's strongest allies on the council. But Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who chairs the council this month, criticized Pyongyang's actions as contrary to U.N. resolutions, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty."We are one of the founding fathers, Russia is, of those [the NPT and CTBT] documents," said Vitaly Churkin. "So we think they are extremely important in current international relations. So anything which would undermine the regimes of those two treaties is very serious and needs to have a strong response to it."The Chinese government issued a statement saying it resolutely opposes the test.Early Monday, North Korea confirmed it had conducted an underground nuclear test. In 2006, it performed a similar test that resulted in the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution sanctioning it.In April, North Korea launched a test rocket that the ed States, Japan and others said was cover for a ballistic missile test. The Security Council condemned that as well, tightening existing sanctions, but not adopting a new resolution. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is a former South Korean foreign minister, also condemned North Korea's action. In a statement, the U.N. chief "deeply deplored" the underground nuclear test as a "clear and grave violation" of Security Council resolutions and urged Pyongyang to "refrain from taking further actions that would increase tensions in the region." 05/71403Australian Mining Companies Optimistic as Demand from China Bounces Back中国铁矿石需求强劲 澳公司眉开眼笑The Anglo-Australian mining giant, BHP Billiton, has given its most optimistic assessment of the commodities markets since the global economic downturn. The company says surging demand from China for iron ore shipments will lift the mining industry, but it warns markets could remain volatile. From Sydney, Phil Mercer reports.英国和澳大利亚的合资大型矿业公司必和必拓对世界商品市场做出全球经济滑坡以来最乐观的评估。必和必拓公司说,中国对铁矿石需求的大幅度上涨将提升世界矿业,但是同时警告说,市场仍然可能出现动荡。Industrial analysts say iron ore prices could rise 10 to 20 percent this year because of increasing demand as the global economy recovers.工业分析人士说,随世界经济复苏而来的需求上涨可能会导致铁矿石价格上涨10%到20%。BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, also is optimistic in its latest assessment of key commodity markets.世界最大矿业公司必和必拓在对世界主要商品市场的最新评估中也表示了乐观。The company's output of iron ore, as well as copper, zinc and nickel, surged in the last three months of because of strong demand from Chinese carmakers and construction companies. 由于来自中国汽车制造商和建筑公司的强劲需求,必和必拓公司年最后三个月的铁、铜、锌和镍矿石产出大幅上扬。Iron ore production in the three months hit 32.45 million metric tons, up from 29.4 million tons a year earlier.年最后三个月的铁矿石产量从2008年同期的2940万吨增加到3245万吨。201001/95368

[00:21.50]IBM put a top executive on leave Monday [00:25.19]after he was charged for allegedly leaking secrets [00:28.58]about IBM's earnings and financial dealings [00:31.77]with corporate partners.[00:41.12]周一,IBM对他们的一名高管采取了强制休假措施,[00:46.00]原因是这名高管被指控涉嫌泄漏了公司的营收[00:49.99]以及公司合作伙伴之间的金融交易上的秘密。[01:06.88]即时讲解[01:09.11]"请假","休假"或"放假"是我们经常会说到的,[01:13.50]比如说,在工作日的某一天, [01:15.52]你在逛大街时遇到熟人,[01:18.06]你可能就得解释一下,"我今天休息",[01:21.31]英语表达可以是 I'm taking a day off today,[01:25.16]注意,要使用现在进行时,[01:27.65]因为"休假"正在进行中。[01:30.32]如果是要说"我明天休息一天",[01:32.80]那可以说 [01:33.74]I'm going to take a day off tomorrow。[01:36.93]今天的报道中出现了on leave 的表达,[01:40.41]这是个固定搭配,指"休假",[01:42.90]这与take a day off 的意思基本一样, [01:46.29]只是从表达上说正式一点,[01:49.02]比如说前面的 I'm going to take a day off tomorrow [01:52.91]也可以说成 I'm going to be on leave tomorrow ;[01:56.85]另外 ,还要注意put somebody on leave的用法,[02:01.05]字面意思是"让某人去休假",[02:03.74]但在不同的语境中,理解要有所区别,[02:07.07]今天报道中的on leave 其实跟开除差不多[02:11.17]强制休假只是较斯文或说虚伪的说法。[02:14.91]如果大家看过一些港产片,[02:17.34]可能会听过"放长假"的说法, [02:19.92]如果老板"放你长假"(粤语表达),[02:21.95]那你就基本下岗了。[02:28.87]原文重听[02:30.54]IBM put a top executive on leave Monday [02:34.24]after he was charged for allegedly leaking secrets [02:37.67]about IBM's earnings and financial dealings [02:40.91]with corporate partners.10/87380

Political Fallout in Wake of Terror Attacks Taking Toll in Mumbai孟买所在邦最高官员批评声中辞职 Top officials in the Indian state, Maharashtra, are becoming political causalities of last week's terror attack. The 60-hour assault on Mumbai, blamed on Islamic militants, killed an estimated 175 people, including at least 18 foreigners. 印度马哈拉施特拉邦的最高官员成为上周发生的恐怖袭击的政治牺牲品。据称由伊斯兰武装分子发起的针对孟买的60个小时袭击导致大约175人死亡,其中包括18名外国人。The two top officials of the state in which Mumbai is located appear to be on their way out, in wake of last week's terror attack. Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilisrao Deshmukh says he is willing to quit to take responsibility for perceived security shortcomings. Media reports say the state had received intelligence warnings Mumbai would be attacked.  上个星期发生恐怖袭击后,孟买所在的这个邦的两名高官看样子官位不保。马哈拉施特拉邦首席部长维拉斯拉奥.德斯穆克说,他愿意为显而易见的安全疏漏引咎辞职。媒体报道说,该邦此前已经收到情报警告,说孟买将会受到袭击。At a raucous news conference, where reporters demanded a clear statement, the chief minister would only acknowledge he is offering his resignation and leaving his fate in the hands of his Congress Party bosses. 记者们在喧闹的新闻发布会上要求得到一个明确的声明,但这位首席部长只承认递交了辞呈,把自己的命运交到了国大党领袖的手中。"Whatever decision high command takes … I was telling you in very, very simple understandable words," said Deshmukh. "You don't need any more explanation."  他说:“不管高层做出什么样的决定。我是用最最简单易懂的词汇告诉你们的。你们不需要任何其他解释。”Deshmukh also came under fire for having his movie star son, as well as a top Bollywood filmmaker, accompany him on a tour of the devastated Taj Mahal Hotel, while bodies were still being removed from the attack site. 德斯穆克还因为带着他在宝莱坞做影星兼制片人的儿子一道前去巡视遭受重创的泰姬陵酒店而受到抨击。当时从这个遭受袭击的酒店里仍不断有尸体被抬出。Deshmukh's number-two is also quitting. Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil called the unprecedented siege of Mumbai "a small incident." That comment generated an uproar of criticism.  德斯穆克的副手也提出辞职。副首席部长R.R.帕蒂尔把孟买遭遇的这场前所未有的袭击称作是“一个小事件”。这番话招致铺天盖地的批评。The first political casualty at the federal level was the unpopular home minister. He stepped down Sunday.  联邦层级的第一个政治牺牲品是不得人心的内政部长。他在星期天辞职。Calls for the ouster of Shivraj Patil had been heard even before last week's attack on Mumbai. Patil had faced criticism for the perceived poor government response to a continuing wave of bombings, this year, in various Indian cities.  甚至在孟买上个星期遭袭击之前,就有人呼吁把希夫拉杰.帕蒂尔赶下台。帕蒂尔因为政府对今年在多个印度城市接连不断发生的炸弹事件反应明显太差而遭到批评。Patil is being replaced by the respected finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, who tells reporters he is moving reluctantly to the home ministry, which oversees domestic security.  帕蒂尔的职务被受尊敬的财政部长奇丹巴拉姆取代。他对记者说,他对调往负责国内安全事务的内政部有些迟疑。"I would be less than honest if I do not say I was disinclined," said Chidambaram. "But, in a situation like the one we find ourselves, the final call is taken by the party leader - in my case the Congress [Party] president and the prime minister.  他说:“如果我说我没有觉得不情愿的话就不是实话。但是,处在我们现在所处的这种局面,党的领袖有权做出最终决定。我的任命是由国大党主席和总理指定的。”The prime minister, Manmohan Singh, is taking the finance portfolio, a post he held previously.  总理辛格接管了财政部长一职。他过去曾经做过这个位置。The political turmoil is not unexpected.  这样的政治混乱令人意外。Analysts say the governing coalition, led by the Congress Party, has to make changes, amid rising public anger about its perceived inability to halt terror attacks across India. The top opposition party, the BJP, is saying the government, led by Prime Minister Singh, is no longer fit to stay in power. 分析人士表示,政府在制止遍及印度的恐怖袭击中表现出的显而易见的无能已经引发公众怒气高涨,因此由国大党领导的执政联盟必须做出改变。印度的主要反对党人民党表示,由总理辛格领导的政府已经不再适合掌权了。200812/57759

Experts Debate Merits of Spending to Boost US Economy奥巴马提八千亿紧急刺激经济计划  President-elect Barack Obama is proposing an emergency 0 billion economic stimulus plan that would use government spending and taxing power to help pull the faltering U.S. economy out of recession. 美国总统当选人奥巴马提出一个8000亿美元紧急刺激经济计划,这个计划将用政府出和减税来帮助低迷不振的美国经济摆脱衰退。The president-elect said only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift the economy out of deep recession. In a January 10 radio address, Mr. Obama said his plan to inject billions of dollars into the economy will create three to four million new jobs over two years. 总统当选人奥巴马说,只有政府能够提供从深度衰退中提升经济所必须的短期推动举措。奥巴马在1月10号的广播讲话中说,他计划向经济注入巨额资金,在两年内将创造300万到400万个新工作。"90 percent of these jobs will be created in the private sector. The remaining 10 percent will be in the public sector, mainly jobs that we save like teachers, police officers, firefighters and others who provide vital services to our communities," he said. 他说:“这些工作中有90%将在私营部门创造出来。余下的10%将在公共部门,我们保住的工作主要是教师、警察、消防队员和为我们的社区提供重要务的其他职位。”The Obama stimulus plan will be a combination of government spending and tax cuts, proposals that will soon be debated in congress. A year ago the Bush administration and Congress implemented a much smaller 8 billion stimulus that did boost economic growth for a short time, before the economy resumed the slide that began in December 2007. That first stimulus plan, combined with big spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has pushed the government budget into deep deficit. Even before the planned Obama stimulus, the U.S. government was projected to be incurring a .2 trillion deficit in the current fiscal year. That is an amount equal to eight percent of economic output. Kevin Hasset, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, believes government spending is out of control. 奥巴马刺激经济计划是政府出和减税齐头并进,是即将在国会辩论的提议。一年前,布什政府和国会实施了一个规模小得多的1680亿美元刺激措施,确实在短期推动了经济增长,之后经济再度进入2007年12月开始的下滑状态。第一个刺激计划结合了伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争方面的大量出,使政府预算深深地陷入赤字当中。甚至在实施计划中的奥巴马刺激方案之前,美国政府就打算在目前的这个财政年度承受1万2千亿美元的赤字。这个赤字的数额相当于经济总产值的8%。美国企业研究所学者凯文.哈塞特认为,政府出失控了。"The deficit next year, if we pass the Obama stimulus plan...will be larger than the size of government when Bush was elected, in nominal dollar terms," he said. 他说:“如果我们通过奥巴马的刺激计划,明年的赤字会比布什当选总统时的政府财政开还要多。这是去除通货膨胀后的算法。”Martin Baily, chief economist to former President Bill Clinton, worries whether foreigners will continue to buy the Treasury debt needed to fund the rapidly growing government deficit. 美国前总统克林顿的首席经济学家马丁.拜里担心外国人是否将继续购买美国国债券。美国出售国债所得将用于抵偿迅速增加的政府赤字。"I think that is a danger. I said at the beginning of my comments that it is quite uncertain where the economy is going. It is possible that it will turn around more quickly and strongly than the current [Bush] administration's economic advisors think it will. In which case, the Fed [central bank] will be scrambling like crazy to rein in some of this money it has put out there," said Baily. 他说:“我认为,那是个危险的事情。我在我开始的时候就说过,经济向何处去还很不确定。经济复苏可能比现任的布什政府的经济顾问们所认为的更快更强劲。在这种情况下,联邦储备委员会发疯似的急着去管控它已经投放的这笔钱。”At a [Monday] conference on the stimulus plan, speakers including Hassett and Baily, expressed concern about the eventual inflationary impact of both greatly increased government spending and rapid increases in the money supply. Most economists, however, agree that the unprecedented severity of the credit squeeze and global slowdown requires extraordinary measures to maintain consumer purchasing power. 在星期一举行的讨论刺激经济计划的会议上,对于大大增加的政府出和迅速加大的货币投放量最终产生的通货膨胀冲击效应,包括哈塞特和拜里在内的发言者们表示了关切。不过,多数经济学家同意,要因应信贷紧缩和全球经济放慢,就必须采取非常措施来维持消费者的购买力。01/61049

England will finally win the World Cup after 44 years of pain if City boffins are to be believed.European champions Spain will be runners-up with the Netherlands winning the third place play-off, according to J.P. Morgan quantitative analysts who issued their findings on Tuesday ahead of the World Cup (June 11-July 11) kick-off.They predict world number one team Brazil will fall short in South Africa because of a tougher route through to the final than their main rivals.The quantitative analysts at J.P.Morgan used information such as FIFA ranking, historical results and its J.P.Morgan Team Strength Indicator to come up with a mathematical model to predict match results, they explained.However, they warned "this report should be taken with a pinch of salt" and that it is an exercise to "light-heartedly explain quantitative techniques and demystify the typical quant framework."The analysts usually use these kind of mathematical models to help predict stock market winners with millions of dollars hanging on their calculations.England last won football's biggest prize in 1966 when the Beatles topped the charts with Yellow Submarine and Harold Wilson was Prime Minister.In the latest official FIFA rankings, England were in eighth position and Spain were second.201006/105762

A gold medal is worth 0K 金牌的价值 Pablo Torre from Sports Illustrated breaks down how Olympic athletes bring home the bank along with glory.So you’re an Olympic athlete. You train practically your whole life, cause you get one chance maybe two to represent your country and compete. But how exactly do you make a paycheck at the same time? Let’s bring in Pablo Torre from Sports Illustrated. How exactly do they compete, spend all of their time training but still make money?Well, you know. Once you get that elusive gold medal, there is a payoff and it’s not just in the tangible thing you hold in your hand. You make about a hundred thousand dollars regardless of any sport of individual event, in speaking engagements and advertising, in sponsorships that will last you about through the year. But after that it's sort of up in the air once again.Michael Phelps, he seems to be transcending the Olympics one year rule. He’s gonna be having sponsors for how long? 10 years?You know, for a very long time. I’m not gonna put a number on that ,but the guy will be with us as one of those historic all time great athletes regardless of the event he swam, or even ran, or anything, he is up there with the Tiger Woodses at this point right now. So,you know he will be there for a very long time and he will be raking in money . He’s making about 5million dollars right now. After he gets the 8 gold medal, fingers crossed, you know, he will be doing even better than that.If, something else said that's interesting is, if you wanna be an Olympic athlete, I’m pretty sure neither of us are quite there yet.Women’s team handball shooting for…I think you have a shot .I think, if back in high school I’m pretty good at Ping-Pong. And actually I raced one of our co-workers /a/ hundred yard dash, but two weeks ago, /that/ I’m still exhausted.I’m sure that’s roughly comparable to what Olympic athletes do.It’s pretty much exactly the same.But for the people that are actually trying to play in the Olympics to compete, they really do give up everything, their risks are associated with this. But they’re not making money until they win so what’s their life like when you’re at home practicing waking up everyday not knowing if you’re gonna get a sponsorship.Yeah, it’s a true labor of love. And you’re not doing it for the money. And if you are, you’re sort of a bit are too big for your bridges, I think, unless you are character like Michael Phelps who started in the Olympics at the age of 15. You don’t know whether the money is gonna come in. You’re doing it because you love the sport. And often times, even if you get that hundred thousand dollars, no one’s gonna recognize you beyond that, that niche community that you have in your own events. So you really doing it with little lights turned down and with no one else watching you in order to actually succeed.So, really it’s a risk. It’s all like a start-up company. Think about it.It is. You know, you are a young guy putting in time when no one else really has faith in you often. The fact that is you need to do it when the lights are turned down and no one else is watching you. You need to wear with all to really, you know, encourage yourself and not doing it for money but for the love of the game. Pablo Torre, he is from Sports Illustrated. My name is Lan Orefice, /and/ I’m from CNNMoney.com. Thanks for being with us.体育画报Sports Illustrated 的记者Pablo Torre 称,奥运会运动员带回国的不只是荣耀,还有“”。假设你是一个奥运会运动员。你一辈子都在勤奋的训练,因为你有些许机会代表你的祖国去参加比赛。但是同时,你那什么来开票呢?我们请来了来自体育画报Sports Illustrated的Pablo Torre 。“运动员所有时间都花在比赛和训练的同时是怎样赚钱的呢?”“你知道,一旦你获得至高无上的金牌,会有很丰厚的回报,而不只是你手里所触摸到的那个东西。在接下去的一年里,即使你不参加任何形式的比赛,仅仅是参加演讲,拍广告,还有赞助商给的费用,你就可以赚几十万美元。但是以后,你的生计似乎又悬而未决了。”但是菲尔普斯似乎会超越奥运会这个所谓的一年的规律。他在多长的时间里都会有赞助商?10年?你知道,肯定会是非常长的时间。我不想设定一个具体的数字。但是,那个小伙子是有史以来最伟大的运动员,即使他以后不参加游泳比赛,或赛跑,或者其他任何比赛,他都会和我们在一起。他现在拥有Tiger Woodses 一样的地位。所以,你知道,将会有很长一段时间他会和我们在一起,而且他会赚很多钱。他现在已经赚了大约500万美圆。而他获得了8枚金牌之后,上帝呀!你知道,他会赚的更多!另外一件可以称之为有趣的事情是,如果你要成员为一个奥林匹克运动员,我很肯定我们中没有一个现在够得了格。女子手球队射门………………我认为你射中了一次。我想,如果重回高中,我非常擅长乒乓球。事实上,两个星期之前,我还在100米的比赛中赢了我的同事,但是直到现在我仍然筋疲力尽。我确定那绝对可以和奥运会运动员们所做的训练相提并论。那是完全相同的。但是对于那些真正想要参加奥运会比赛的人来说,他们真的放弃了一切,风险也相伴而生。但是直到他们赢得了比赛他们才能赚到钱,所以,他们的生活就像你每天早上醒来,不知道你会不会获得资助一样。是的,或许这是你真心喜欢做的事情。你做这些不是为了钱。否则,你也太冒险了,除非你有像菲尔普斯那样的资质,可以从15岁开始就参加奥运会。你不知道什么时候会赚钱。你参加比赛是因为你真心喜爱这项运动。即使你赚了几十万美圆,在日常生活中,除了你参加比赛的那个小圈子,没人认识你。所以,如果为了真正赢得比赛,你关掉灯光,没有任何观众观看你的比赛,你才是真心的喜欢这项运动。所以,这确实是一个风险。这就像一个刚刚起步的公司。你可以仔细考虑一下。是的。你知道,你是一个即使没人为你衷心的疯狂的时候也要花费时间练习的年轻人。事实是,当灯光关掉和没人关注你的时候,你仍然需要训练。你需要这样做来鼓励你自己,不是为了钱,而是因为真心爱这项比赛。 200811/56461

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