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2019年07月21日 23:10:11 | 作者:华问答 | 来源:新华社
Honorable judge ,ladies and gentelemen:尊敬的评委:女士们,先生们:I must admit that I didnt quite understand the meaning of Beijings bid until I stand here at this very moment.我必须承认我并不太理解北京申奥的意义,直到我站在这里的这一刻.Nor did I realize the meaning of competition when I set out to prepare for this contest.当我开始准备这次演讲时,我也没有意识到比赛的意义.Having only a vague idea that it would be a challenge in every sense of the word,I hesitated to take the responsibility when I was selected to represent my colloge .只有一个模糊的意识:在每一方面都是一个挑战,当我被选为大学的代表参赛,我是犹豫地接受的.I resented my tutor when she found fault with my draft essay,which I was secretly pround of .当我的指导老师发现我的手稿有错,而我却偷偷自豪时,我的老师生气了.I wanted to quit when I couldnt finalize the essay for the speech .当我不能完成演讲稿的时候,我想过放弃.I felt hurt when I was criticized for being sheepish in the rehearsal.I almost thought of running away before the train moved out of the station .当我在排练中被批评为胆小鬼时,我感到痛心.火车驶离火车站时,我几乎想要逃跑.Even last night ,I prayed in my bed for a sore throat, or a stomachache,or anything that could excuse me from standing here.甚至于昨天晚上,我在床上祈祷自己得咽喉炎,胃病,或者任何能让我不必站在这里的借口.Yes ,coming to this contest has been an arduous journey for me .Facing you my honorable judges and audience,I feel its time to be myself .是的,参加这次的比赛对于我是一次艰苦的旅程.面对尊敬的评委和观众,我觉得是时候做我自己了,Its time to be self -confident.The idea dawned on me when I was stepping onto the platform.是时候满怀自信了.当我踏上舞台时,这种想法让我彻悟了.After all, I have come here well prepared .If I am not here to demonstrate whats best in me ,what did I prepare and practice for ?毕竟,我是有备而来的.如果我不在这里发挥自己最好的一面,那我为了什么准备和练习的?我为了什么而为难自己?What did I humble myself and struggle for ?What did I weep and rejoice for ?为了什么而奋斗?为了什么落泪?又为了什么而欢呼?To compete means to strive to win .As a contestant I wish my success;as a participant in the contest.参赛意味着要努力取胜,作为选手,我希望我成功.作为参赛者,I wish its success,which relies on the joint efforts of all the participants .我希望它圆满成功,这有赖于所有选手的共同努力.Even if I cant win the first Prize ,I shall feel amply rewarded for having contributed to be the success of the event.尽管我不能赢得第一名,但是能为比赛的成功而尽力而为感到已得到充分的报答.What I have contributed to the competition is similar to what Beijings bid has contributed to the sp of the Olympic spirit.我为比赛所作的努力与北京申办奥运,为推广奥运精神而努力相似。For this bid, Beijing has been significantly improving its environment, infrastructure, telecommunications and multi-language proficiency.因为这次申奥,北京大大地改善了环境,基础设施,电信和精通多国语言的教学。For this bid, Beijing has been facilitating global exchange and leading us Chinese further into the international community .因这次申奥,北京已经为与世界交流提供便利,引领中国更深入到国际大家庭里。For this bid ,Beijing has aly been promoting the Olympic spirit among ordinary Chinese and reinforcing our understanding of it.因为这次申奥,北京已经在中国普通老百姓中宣扬了奥林匹克精神,加强我们对它的理解。Indeed,Beijings tenacious efforts to bid for an Olympiad have been effectively helping Olympism to take root in one-fifth of the worlds population.诚然,北京为申奥所作的不懈努力已有效地把奥林匹克精社在具有五分之一世界人口的国家里扎根。This is the meaning of Beijings bid that I have come to understand.这是我终于理解的北京申奥的意义。Beijing has yet to convince the IOC that it is the best candidate among all the bidding cities.北京已经让奥委会信在所有的申办城市中,自己是最好的。Although its still early to predict the final votes,I strongly believe that it will eventually host the games.虽然估计最后票数仍为时过早,但我坚信北京将最终主办奥运会。I strongly believe that its competitive spirit developed in this bidding will sp over to the whole nation .我相信这次奥林匹克竞争的精神将传播到国际。I strongly believe that will the support of so many Chinese people ,Beijing will be making greater contributions to Olympism more than any other selected city can.我坚信有如此多中国人民的持,对于奥林匹克精神的贡献一定比其它候选城市要多,Im looking forward to the day Beijing hosts an Olympiad.我盼望着北京主办奥运会的一天。Im looking forward to contributing as a volunteer in the Beijing Games.我渴望作为一名志愿者为北京奥作出贡献,Im looking forward to meeting some athletes who have in all their lives endeavored to be swifter,higher,and stronger .我渴望着遇见运动员,他们用毕生努力做到更快,更高和更强。And following them,in the spirit of the Olympic Games,I am looking forward to a new round of competition in my life.跟随着他们,在奥运会精神的指引下,我盼望着我人生中新一轮的比赛。Standing here ,I cant help marveling how much the competition has changed me ;站在这里,我不禁惊异于比赛对我的改变是如此之大;marveling how much the biding has changed Beijing ;marveling how bright the world is when we look at competition in a new light and take it as motivation for a better future .惊异申奥对北京的改变是如此之大;当我们用新的眼光看待比赛,并把它作为跨入更好的将来的动力,我们惊异于这个世界是如此之精。Thank you .谢谢。Judge:Thank you very much ,competitor number nine .Were very glad you overcome your nerves and got here.评委:非常感谢九号选手,我们非常高兴你克紧张来到这里。Judge;Its very enjoyable .Youre been so persuasive and told us how much Beijing has gained aly from taking part in the bidding ,评委:非常有趣。你极具说力地告诉我们,北京从申奥中得到了很多东西,um ,do you think there is anything further for Beijing to gain by winning ,or doesnt it matter?你为为北京赢得申奥还需要做些什么或它根本不重要?LiJia:Well, of course ,even if we win the bid this time ,there is still much room for us to improve.李嘉:嗯,当然,即使我们赢得了这次的申奥,仍然有很多东西需要我们去改善,And there are still, um,a long ,theres still a long way to go .I mean ,um, I ,I , I arrived at Beijing several days ago and I was greeted by a sand storm.我们仍然有一段很长的路要走。我的意思是几天前我来到北京,就遇到了一场沙暴。So ,I know Beijing ,I know the authorities aly ,um,has aly taken ,所以我知道北京,我知道当局已经采取措施,um,measures to fight the, the environmental ,uh , pollution ,but its not enought .奋战环境污染,但那是不够的。So , um, in my opinion ,um greater efforts and larger sums of money should be spent ,uh, in that aspect.所以我的观点是,应该在那方面加大力度和投入更多资金。And still I ,I would like to say that people have to be um, familiarized with Olympicism.而且我仍然要说人们必须熟悉奥林匹克精神,Like ,like what I have said in my speech ,I was so nervous,um, before I set out .正如我在演讲中说到,我出发前非常紧张。And this contest and Beijing s bid have enabled me to understand the meaning of competition ,the ,the meaning of striving for perfection .这次比赛和北京的申奥让我理解到比赛的意义,追求完美的意义。And there are so many people who still do not have that understanding or do not have the opportunity.仍然有很多人没有这样理解,或是没有机会理解。So ,I think more competitions and more contests of this sort should be held .And that is my understanding .Thank you .所以我认为应该举办更多类似的比赛,这就是我的理解,谢谢。Judge:Thank you.谢谢。10/86125Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations,难怪信心在减弱,信心,只有靠诚实、信誉、on faithful protection, on unselfish performance; without them it cannot live.忠心维护和无私履行职责.而没有这些,就不可能有信心.Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This Nation asks for action, and action now.但是,复兴不仅仅只要改变伦理观念.这个国家要求行动起来,现在就行动起来.Our greatest primary task is to put people to work.我们最大、最基本的任务是让人民投入工作.This is no unsolvable problem if we face it wisely and courageously.只要我信行之以智慧和勇气,这个问题就可以解决.It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the Government itself,这可以部分由政府直接征募完成,treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war,就象对待临战的紧要关头一样,but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our natural resources.但同时,在有了人手的情况下,我们还急需能刺激并重组巨大自然资源的工程.Hand in hand with this we must frankly recognize the overbalance of population in our industrial centers and, by engaging on a national scale in a redistribution,我们齐心协力,但必须坦白地承认工业中心的人口失衡,我们必须在全国范围内重新分配,endeavor to provide a better use of the land for those best fitted for the land.使土地在最适合的人手中发表挥更大作用.The task can be helped by definite efforts to raise the values of agricultural products and with this the power to purchase the output of our cities.明确地为提高农产品价值并以此购买城市产品所做的努力,会有助于任务的完成.It can be helped by preventing realistically the tragedy of the growing loss through foreclosure of our small homes and our farms.避免许多小家庭业、农场业被取消赎取抵押品的权利的悲剧也有助于任务的完成.It can be helped by insistence that the Federal, State, and local governments act forthwith on the demand that their cost be drastically reduced.联邦、州、各地政府立即行动回应要求降价的呼声,有助于任务的完成.It can be helped by the unifying of relief activities which today are often scattered, uneconomical, and unequal.将现在常常是分散不经济、不平等的救济活动统一起来有助于任务的完成.02/437187The President welcomes dozens of doctors from all over the country to the White House, and commends doctors in general as those “who know the health care system” and for being “some of the people who are most supportive of reform.” October 5, . (Public Domain) President Obama Hosts Doctors for Health Reform from White House on Vimeo.相关文本:It might seem merely symbolic that there were doctors from all 50 states here at the White House, but it’s symbolic of a deep truth about the health insurance reform debate. As the President said today, "when you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, I think what's most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health care system best -- the doctors and nurses of America." He continued:These men and women here would not be supporting health insurance reform if they really believed that it would lead to government bureaucrats making decisions that are best left to doctors. They wouldn't be here today if they believed that reform in any way would damage the very critical and sacred doctor-patient relationship.Instead, the reason these doctors are here is because they have seen firsthand what's broken about our health care system. They've seen what happens when their patients can't get the care they need because some insurance company has decided to drop their coverage or water it down. They've seen what happens when a patient is forced to pay out of pocket thousands of dollars she doesn't have for treatments that she desperately needs. They've seen what happens when patients don't come in for regular check-ups or screenings because either their insurance company doesn't cover it or they can't afford insurance in the first place. And they've seen far too much of time that they want to devote to taking care of patients spent filling out forms and haggling with insurance companies about payments.So these doctors know what needs to be fixed about our health care system. And they know that health insurance reform will do -- that it will go a long way towards making patients healthier and doctors and nurses to be able to perform that -- those tasks that are so important to them and led them into medicine in the first place.10/85985

Education for a More Competitive America amp; Better FutureThe President discusses his blueprint for an updated Elementary and Secondary Education Act to overhaul No Child Left Behind, the latest step from his Administration to encourage change and success in America’s schools at the local level.Download Video: mp4 (167MB) | mp3 (5MB) 201003/98611

President's Radio AddressTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This is an extraordinary period for America's economy. Many Americans are anxious about their finances and their future. On Wednesday, I spoke to the Nation, and thanked Congress for working with my Administration to address the instability in our financial system. On Thursday, I hosted Senator McCain, Senator Obama, and congressional leaders from both parties at the White House to discuss the urgency of passing a bipartisan rescue package for our economy.The problems in our economy are extremely complex, but at their core is uncertainty over "mortgage-backed securities." Many of these financial assets relate to home mortgages that have lost value during the housing decline. In turn, the banks holding these assets have restricted credit, and businesses and consumers have found it more difficult to obtain affordable loans. As a result, our entire economy is in danger. So I proposed that the Federal government reduce the risk posed by these troubled assets, and supply urgently needed money to help banks and other financial institutions avoid collapse and resume lending. I know many of you listening this morning are frustrated with the situation. You make sacrifices every day to meet your mortgage payments and keep up with your bills. When the government asks you to pay for mistakes on Wall Street, it does not seem fair. And I understand that. And if it were possible to let every irresponsible firm on Wall Street fail without affecting you and your family, I would do it. But that is not possible. The failure of the financial system would mean financial hardship for many of you.The failure of the financial system would cause banks to stop lending money to one another and to businesses and consumers. That would make it harder for you to take out a loan or borrow money to expand a business. The result would be less economic growth and more American jobs lost. And that would put our economy on the path toward a deep and painful recession.The rescue effort we're negotiating is not aimed at Wall Street -- it is aimed at your street. And there is now widesp agreement on the major principles. We must free up the flow of credit to consumers and businesses by reducing the risk posed by troubled assets. We must ensure that taxpayers are protected, that failed executives do not receive a windfall from your tax dollars, and that there is a bipartisan board to oversee these efforts.Under the proposal my Administration sent to Congress, the government would spend up to 0 billion to buy troubled assets from banks and other financial institutions. I know many Americans understand the urgency of this action, but are concerned about such a high price tag. Well, let me address this directly:The final cost of this plan will be far less than 0 billion. And here's why: As fear and uncertainty have gripped the market for mortgage-related assets, their price has dropped sharply. Yet many of these assets still have significant underlying value, because the vast majority of people will eventually pay off their mortgages. In other words, many of the assets the government would buy are likely to go up in price over time. This means that the government will be able to recoup much, if not all, of the original expenditure.Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have contributed constructive proposals that have improved this plan. I appreciate the efforts of House and Senate Democratic and Republican leaders to bring a spirit of bipartisan cooperation to these discussions. Our Nation's economic well-being is an issue that transcends partisanship. Republicans and Democrats must continue to address it together. And I am confident that we will pass a bill to protect the financial security of every American very soon.Thank you for listening.200809/50870

MmDuZ4Cf_Z[oWBYC#+7h-5vu#W~U)vOne minute of Eldrige Cleaver is worth 10 minutes of Roy Wilkins. The labor crisis settled at the negotiating table is nothing compared to the confrontation that results in a strike -- or better yet, violence along the picket lines. Normality has become the nemesis of the network news.Now the upshot of all this controversy is that a narrow and distorted picture of America often emerges from the televised news. A single, dramatic piece of the mosaic becomes in the minds of millions the entire picture. The American who relies upon television for his news mightconclude that the majority of American students are embittered radicals; that the majority of black Americans feel no regard for their country; that violence and lawlessness are the rule rather than the exception on the American campus.We know that none of these conclusions is true.Perhaps the place to start looking for a credibility gap is not in the offices of the Government in Washington but in the studios of the networks in New York!y6TAf%bZ2Y|@nj(gURRf)Yyo[,;cMLQi2T4*kh(9XX+XG.m.uCIGG[+bN201202/172050

Speaking from the White House, the President says the violence in Libya is "outrageous" and "unacceptable," and that his Administration is looking at the "full range of options we have to respond to this crisis." His full remarks below:Download Video: mp4 (53MB) | mp3 (5MB) 201102/126572

听力文本President Bush welcomes Premier of China to the White House 布什总统在白宫欢迎中国总理温家宝 --Remarks by President Bush and Premier Wen Jiabao in Arrival Ceremony (2003/12/09)Listen to the storyPRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. Premier, members of the delegation, it is my honor to welcome you to the White House. Your visit reflects the increasing ties of cooperation and commerce between our two nations. America and China share many common interests. We are working together in the war on terror. We are fighting to defeat a ruthless enemy of order and civilization. We are partners in diplomacy working to meet the dangers of the 21st century. We are full members of a world trading system that rewards enterprise and lifts nations. Our two nations seek a Korean Peninsula that is stable and at peace. The elimination of North Korea's nuclear programs is essential to this outcome. Realizing this vision will require the strong cooperation of all North Korea's neighbors. I am grateful for China's leadership in hosting the six-party talks which are bringing us closer to a peaceful resolution of this issue. And my government will continue to work with China as it plays a constructive role in Asia and in the world. The rapid rise of China's economy is one of the great achievements of our time. China's increasing prosperity has brought great benefits to the Chinese people and to China's trading partners around the world. We recognize that if prosperity's power is to reach in every corner of China, the Chinese government must fully integrate into the rules and norms of the international trading and finance system. China has discovered that economic freedom leads to national wealth. The growth of economic freedom in China provides reason to hope that social, political and religious freedoms will grow there, as well. In the long run, these freedoms are indivisible and essential to national greatness and national dignity. As our two nations work constructively across areas of common interest, we are candid about our disagreements. The growing strength and maturity of our relationship allows us to discuss our differences, whether over economic issues, Taiwan, Tibet, or human rights and religious freedom, in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect. China is a great civilization, a great power, and a great nation. Premier Wen, when my country looks forward to -- my country looks forward to working with you as China increasingly takes its place among the leading nations of the world. The ed States and China have made great progress in building a relationship that can address the challenges of our time, encourage global prosperity and advance the cause of peace. It is my hope that your visit will further that progress. Welcome, and thank you for coming.PREMIER WEN: Mr. President, Mrs. Bush, ladies and gentlemen, friends. I wish to thank you, Mr. President, for your kind invitation. It is with pleasure that I'm paying an official visit to the ed States. I have brought with me the sincere greetings and good wishes of the great Chinese people to the great American people. A quarter of a century ago, leaders of our two countries made the strategic decision to establish diplomatic relations, thus opening a new era in China-U.S. relations. In the past 25 years, our relations have stood tests of all kinds, moved forward through twists and turns, and made great progress. Our cooperation in a wide range of areas such as counterterrorism, economy, trade and international and regional issues, has effectively safeguarded our mutual interests and promoted peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region and the world at large. At present, we are at a crucial juncture of carrying our relationship into the future where we face both opportunities and challenges. The changing situation has continued to add new substance to our relations. The fundamental interests of our two peoples and the people across the world require that China and the ed States step up cooperation, increase mutual trust, and further push forward the constructive and cooperative bilateral relations. In the final analysis, China-U.S. relations must go on improving. It is with this earnest desire that I've come to visit your country. We should view and handle China-U.S. relations in an historic perspective, and with strategic foresight and courage. The three Sino-U.S. communiqus drawn up by our two sides sets the guiding principles for appropriately addressing differences between the two countries, and continuing to broaden bilateral exchanges and cooperation. So long as the two sides continue to strictly abide by the principles as set forth in the three Sino-U.S. joint communiqus, and boost cooperation, our relationship will keep moving forward steadily. Let us join hands to create an even better future for two great countries and the wider world. Mr. President, once again, thank you for your warm welcome. ——布什总统和温家宝总理在欢迎仪式上的讲话(以下译文以现场翻译为蓝本,中国日报网站做了少许修改,有不妥之处望读者朋友们谅解。)布什总统:总理先生,代表团的各位成员,欢迎你们光临白宫,我感到非常荣幸。你们的来访反映了我们两国之间的合作关系和商业纽带正在不断加强。美国和中国有着许多共同利益。我们在反恐战争中精诚合作,为了打败破坏世界秩序和人类文明的残忍敌人而共同努力。在外交方面,我们是合作伙伴,要共同应对21世纪所面临的危险。我们都是世界贸易体系的正式成员,这个体系旨在使企业赢利从而增加各国的收益。我们两国共同寻求朝鲜半岛的稳定与和平。为了达到这个结果,消除北朝鲜的核项目是至关重要的。为了实现这个目标,北朝鲜的各个邻国都要加强合作。我非常感谢中国领导层主办了六方会谈,这使得我们更加接近于和平解决这个问题。我的政府将继续与中国合作,因为中国在亚洲乃至世界都发挥着建设性作用。中国经济的迅速兴起是我们这个时代的伟大成就之一。中国的日益繁荣不仅大大的造福于中国人民,也造福于中国在世界各地的贸易伙伴。我们认为要让中国的每个角落都繁荣起来,中国政府必须与国际贸易和金融系统的规测和准测全面接轨。中国已经体验到经济自由给国家带来的财富。中国经济自由的发展使人们有理由期待社会、政治及宗教自由的发展。从长远来讲,这些自由是不可分割的,而且对于维护一个伟大国家的尊严来说是必不可少的。在有着共同利益的各个领域,我们两国以建设性的精神努力的同时,我们对彼此之间的分歧也开诚布公。我们两国关系的日趋加强和成熟,使得我们可以本着相互理解和尊重的精神讨论我们之间的分歧,不管是经济问题、台湾问题、西藏问题、人权问题还是宗教自由问题。中国文明大精深,中国是个伟大的国家,伟大的民族。温总理,美国在中国逐步跻身于世界牵头国家的同时,期待着与您合作。美中两国在建设合作关系方面取得了很大的进展,这种良好的合作关系有利于我们共同致力于解决时代挑战,促进全球繁荣,推动世界和平事业向前发展。希望您此次访问能够进一步推动这个进展。感谢您到美国来,我在此表示热烈欢迎。温家宝总理:总统先生,布什夫人,女士们,先生们,朋友们。我感谢布什总统的邀请,怀着愉快的心情,对美国进行正式访问,我带来了伟大的中国人民对伟大的美国人民的诚挚问候和良好祝愿。25年前,中美领导人做出两国建交的战略决策,开启了中美关系史上的新时代。25年来,中美关系经历种种考验,在曲折中前进,取得了重大的进展。双方在反恐、经贸、国际和地区问题等广泛领域合作,有利的维护了双方的共同利益,促进了亚太地区和世界的和平、稳定与繁荣。当前,中美关系正处在承前启后的重要时刻,面临新的机遇和挑战。形势的变化不断赋予中美关系新的内涵,两国人民和世界人民的根本利益要求中美加强合作,增进互信,推动两国建设性合作关系进一步向前发展。中美关系归根到底是要好起来才行,我就是怀着这样的目的到贵国来访问的。我们要站在历史的高度,拿出战略的眼光和战略的勇气,审视和处理两国关系。中美双方制定的三个联合公报为妥善处理两国分歧,不断扩大交流与合作确定了指导原则。只要继续恪守中美三个联合公报的原则,加强合作,中美关系就会继续稳定的向前发展。让我们携起手来,共同创造我们两个伟大国家和世界的更加美好的未来。再次感谢总统先生对我们的热烈欢迎。200603/5008

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