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暴雨来袭 北京启动看海模式 --1 ::37 来源: 本周北京地区迎来强降雨,城市交通被迫中断,多架航班被迫取消 An orange alert, the second-highest in China’s four-tier warning system, was issued in Beijing on Wednesday as torrential rain deluged the capital, disrupting traffic and cing the cancellation of flights.本周三,北京发布了暴雨橙色预警(级警报中橙色为从低到高第三级),倾盆而下的大雨淹没了北京大部分地区,交通被迫 中断,机场航班也不得不被取消Around 70 millimeters of rain fell in central and southern Beijing over just six hours, according to the city’s meteorological authority. Heavy rain is expected to last until Wednesday night and may exceed 0 millimeters.据北京市气象局的资料显示,仅仅六个多小时,北京中部和南部的降雨量就达到了约70毫米暴雨预计将持续到周三晚间,降雨量将达到0毫米The capital issued a blue storm alert on Tuesday morning, raised it to a yellow alert on Wednesday morning and ultimately raised it yet again in the early afternoon.北京曾在周二早间发布了暴雨蓝色预警,周三早上将预警升级到了黄色,最终在下午早些时候又升级到了橙色The Beijing Water Authority also issued the first-ever flood warning at noon on Wednesday the North Canal, including two orange alerts two sections of the canal, the heaviest flooding it has seen in years, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报报道,周三中午,北京市水利局也有史以来第一次对北运河发布了洪水预警,分别对北运河的两段河区发布了橙色预警,这是北运河年以来最大的洪水Fish were even spotted around a storm drain at Beijing West Railway Station at noon as the drain overflowed, according to the China News Service.据中国新闻社报道,由于下水道排水溢出,中午人们在北京西站一个下水道附近发现了很多鱼The rainstorm also impaired the city’s transportation system. A total of 6 flights at Beijing International Airport had been canceled as of pm due to the rain. Train services were also disrupted, the Xinhua News Agency reported.这场暴雨也使得北京市的交通运输系统受损由于暴雨影响,截止下午点,首都国际机场共有6架次航班被取消据新华社报道,铁路运输务也被打乱Several subway lines were delayed Wednesday morning, and some subway stations were temporarily closed, the Beijing Subway said on its official Sina Weibo .北京地铁在其新浪官微上表示说,在周三早间,多条地铁线路被迫延迟,部分地铁站点被临时关闭The torrential rain is reminiscent of the extreme rainfall that lashed Beijing on July 1, - the heaviest in 61 years - leaving 79 citizens dead. However, Beijing meteorological authorities confirmed Wednesday that the present spate of rain is less severe than that of , The Beijing News reported.这场暴雨使人们想起了年7月1日袭击北京的那场极端降雨--那是北京61年以来最大的一场降雨--造成79位市民死亡据《新京报报道,但是,北京市气象部门在周三确认,目前的降雨没有年那次那么严重Although the rain fell continuously 30 hours, hours more than four years ago, the intensity of the precipitation is lower. Only 56.8 millimeters fell per hour this July, while over 0 millimeters of rain fell each hour on average in the storm.尽管这次降雨持续了30个小时(比年那次还要多个小时),但是这次降雨的强度比较小今年7月的这场降雨每小时的降雨量只有56.8毫米,而年那场暴雨每小时的平均降雨量超过了0毫米In terms of the severity of convection currents - such as the frequency of thunderstorms and hail - the downpour drenching Beijing is also less harsh than the relentless rain that wreaked havoc in several southern Chinese provinces in May and June, Ma Xuekuan, a weather ecaster at the China National Meteorological Center, was ed as saying by the Beijing Morning News on Wednesday.《北京晨报在周三引述了中国国家气象中心气象预报员马雪宽(音)的话,从对流天气的剧烈程度上来说--例如雷暴和冰雹的频率--北京迎来的这场降雨也比不上今年5、6月份在南方多省肆虐的暴雨The national meteorological authority also maintained its orange alert rainstorms across the country on Wednesday. Torrential rain will hit parts of North China’s Tianjin and Hebei Province, Northeast China’s Liaoning and Jilin provinces, East China’s Shandong and Jiangsu provinces, Central China’s Hubei and Hunan provinces and Southwest China’s Yunnan Province from Wednesday to Thursday, with rainfall of up to 0 millimeters in some places.本周三,国家气象局也保留了对全国范围内的暴雨橙色预警从周三至周四,天津、河北、辽宁、吉林、山东、江苏、湖北、湖南以及云南等省市部分地区将迎来暴雨,部分地区降雨量最高可达0毫米奇才老太做出电影主题蛋糕 -- 19::9 来源: An incredible gran is bringing movies to life - and, better still, you can eat them.一个不可思议的老太太把电影做活了,更妙的是,她做的东西可以吃Carole Gregory, a talented artist, creates astonishingly detailed cakes by transming her favourite blockbuster films into sweet, spongy masterpieces.卡萝尔?格雷戈里是个有才华的艺术家,她擅长把喜爱的电影元素融入香甜松软的蛋糕,制出精巧无比的艺术之作The 68-year-old, from Rugeley, Staffs, has crafted jaw-dropping cakes featuring Yoda from Star Wars and Predator, from just sponge and icing.这位68岁的老太太来自英格兰斯塔福郡鲁吉利镇她已经以电影《星球大战系列中的尤达大师以及《铁血战士为主题,仅靠海绵蛋糕和糖衣,就制出了令人瞠目结舌的艺术蛋糕Brilliant baker Carole decided to take on a new challenge after watching one of her favourite flicks and has been inundated with requests from family and friends.卡萝尔是个才华横溢的面包师看过最喜欢的电影后,她总会进行新挑战,家人和朋友们的请求也令她应接不暇Carole said: "I love a new challenge, even though I've made thousands of cakes over the years, I've found making film cakes as a hobby the most fun - it's been great putting movies into the mix!卡萝尔说:“我喜欢新挑战,虽然多年来已经做了成千上万个蛋糕,我还是觉得把电影蛋糕当作业余爱好其乐无穷,在蛋糕中融入电影实在感觉太棒啦!"It makes a change from the usual wedding, birthday, or christening cakes that I'm used to and the reception I've had from friends and family has been amazing.“这不同于我平时习惯做的婚礼、生日或洗礼蛋糕,朋友和家人们的好评简直令我受宠若惊"They can take me anything from a few hours to days at a time to create depending on how big I decide to make them.“做蛋糕需要的时间从几小时到数天不等,这取决于我想做多大的蛋糕"Baking the sponge is the easy part but then moulding it into shape and doing the fine details to make the cake come to life is challenging.“烤海绵蛋糕比较容易,但随后的塑形、做栩栩如生的细节就很有挑战性了"The Predator cake has got the best response so far, everyone's going mad over it and it's been viewed over ,000 times online now.“目前,《铁血战士蛋糕得到的好评最高,大家都超喜欢这款,网上的点击率已经上万"Now I'm thinking about what I can do to top it."“现在我考虑的是怎样才能超越这款”Carole a grandma-of-four, and great-gran-of-two, has always been artistic and has been in the baking business over 30 years.卡萝尔已有四个孙儿,两个曾孙,她一直很有艺术天分,在烘焙这一行已经做了30多年The avid baker now makes the cakes with her husband of years, Richard, 50, and the duo can create anything from two to thirty cakes a week.这位狂热的面包师现在和丈夫一起做蛋糕,她和现年50岁的丈夫理查德已经结婚二十年什么要求的蛋糕两人都能做,一周可以做出二到三十个蛋糕Richard does all of the structural work while Carole spends hours on the finer details - making people double-take the amazing creations.理查德负责蛋糕塑形,卡萝尔则花数小时来完善细节,制出的蛋糕令人忍不住多看几眼Carole said: "We make a great team, over the years my cakes have become more and more popular so an extra pair of hands in the kitchen is great.卡萝尔说:“我们配合得很好,多年来我的蛋糕越来越受欢迎,所以说厨房里有个帮手真的很棒"We have such a close family so it goes without saying I'd do anything them, including all of their birthday, wedding, and cakes any occasion really.“我们家人之间很亲密,所以不用说我也愿意为他们做任何事情,包括生日、婚礼以及任何其他场合的蛋糕"People often ask if I've ever got bored or wanted to do anything else but I'm an artist and I wouldn't change my job the world.“人们常常问我是否会厌烦做蛋糕,或者想干别的,但我是个艺术家,我不会为任何事换工作"Our favourite all-time cake is my 'All you need is love' cake, we can adapt and change it but everyone's always blown away by it.“我们最喜欢的、所有场合皆宜的蛋糕是‘你只需要爱’主题蛋糕,我们偶尔会改动一下,但它总能艳惊四座"The most difficult one's to make are the wonky cakes, you have to balance them just right."“最难做的是‘摇晃蛋糕’,制作时必须平衡得恰到好处”Carole never makes two cakes the same as they all vary in flavour, shape and size depending on what individuals have asked .卡萝尔从不把同款蛋糕做两遍,她总会根据客人需求变换一下口味、形状和大小She said: "People come to me with ideas and visions and I do my best to make them as accurate as possible.她说:“人们来找我时总有自己的想法和希望,我会尽可能准确地再现这些东西"One of the cakes people are mad at the minute are the wedding cakes which are divided into two.“现在特别受欢迎的是一款可以一分为二的婚礼蛋糕"They're pretty and traditional from the front, but completely out there and different at the back.“这款蛋糕的正面既好看又传统,但背面却是另一番景象"We aren't your usual gran and grandad though, we're often out on our motorbikes or at rock nights in our spare time.“不过,我们可不像普通的爷爷奶奶,我们经常骑着托车出去玩,空闲时间还会跳跳摇滚舞"Some of my favourite cakes are ones covered in skulls which are a bit more daring, especially when brides and grooms go them.“我最喜欢的蛋糕中有些是头骨外形,这种设计很大胆,尤其是作为婚礼蛋糕"I'm looking ward to my next challenge, and continuing my hobby - I definitely won't be retiring any time soon."“我很期待下一个挑战,而且我的爱好会持续下去——我绝对不会老早退休”Vocabularyblow away:(从感情上)压倒,倾倒,镇住全球最帅男神发型 你out了吗? -- ::36 来源:sohu 随着炎炎夏季温度和湿度的飙升,对清爽的需求也愈发迫切然而,还能有什么比剪一个全球最酷男神发型更能降温的呢?今天,小编为大家带了几款最新最帅的男神发型,相信总有一款合你的胃口 The mercury and humidity is soaring, along with the need to cool down. What better way to cool down than getting a cool haircut, in every sense of the word? 1. Undercut 削边 优雅的后梳发一直以来在男士中深受欢迎当你并不想剪掉长发时,这不失为一个好的选择你所要做的仅仅是用一些造型产品把头发梳理到后面露出的额头和发际线将给人一个十分清爽的印象 后梳发的副产品被称为削边与向后梳的头发相比,削边更短,而头顶的头发依旧很长,干净的梳到后面而露出前额退役的足球运动员大卫; 贝克汉姆似乎是削边发型的忠实爱好者因为所有向后梳理的发型都将把脸型暴露无遗,所以这款发型只是推荐给那些面部轮廓清晰的人 Classy slicked-back hair has always been popular with men. It can be the style of choice when one doesn't necessarily want to cut off long hair. All you have to do is to comb the hair backwards after applying some products. The revealed ehead and hairline will give it a very clean appeal A by-product of slicked-back hair is called undercut. Compared to the slicked-back, undercut are shorter, and the top part of the hair remains long, cleanly combed backwards to show the ehead. Retired football player David Beckham seems a big fan of the undercut. Combing all the hair backwards will show the shape of your face completely. This hairstyle is recommended those with sharper facial contours. 削边发型的另一个好处?它使你看起来更高! Another benefit of the undercut? It makes you look taller. . Side-part 侧分 后梳发把整张脸都露出来对于没有足够信心这样做的人,侧分的发型也许是个不错的选择 Slicked-back reveals the whole face in its entirety. those who's not confident enough to do so, side-parted hairstyles may be a good choice. 近日,万人迷吴彦祖以侧分发型拍摄了一张十分具有中国风的照片他看起来非常清爽,与后梳发相比,侧分的发型显得他更加温柔和绅士侧分发型最好的一点是它很好保持吴彦祖休息时,他可以轻松下来而不用花太多精力去维持发型,他的侧分发型依然看起来很棒 Heartthrob Daniel Wu took part in a very Chinese-inspired photo shoot recently, wearing his hair side-parted. It looks clean, and compared to slicked-back, the side-part is softer and more gentlemanly. The best part about side-part is it's easy to maintain. When he's off, Wu can be lazy and not put too much eft on styling his hair and still look good with his side-part. 3. The messy short cut 凌乱短发 如果你有点爱偷懒,那么短发可能是你最好的选择短发比起平头要长,即使你不想花大力气维持发型,你也不会看上去像一名士兵 If you are the lazy type, the short cut is probably your best bet. Short cuts are longer than crew cuts, so you will still look good without looking like a soldier and you won't have to put in the eft to style your hair. 由于出演《太阳的后裔而在亚洲炙手可热的韩国明星宋仲基,自从完兵役后就一直留着短发宋仲基较长的头发和刘海,使他的样子十分可人(也要感谢他精致的五官),让他看起来更为大男孩而不会太过成熟在《太阳的后裔中,宋仲基的头发更短一些,但不会短到露出头皮 South Korean actor Song Joong-ki, one of the hottest stars in Asia at the moment thanks to his role in Descendants of the Sun, has kept his hair cut short ever since he finished his mandatory military service. Song's hair and bangs used to be long, giving him a rather adorable look (also thanks to his delicate features), making him look boyish instead of manly. Song's hairstyle in Descendants of the Sun is shorter, but not short to the scalp. 请不要有偏见认为小编上述推荐的发型帅气只是因为这些人是男神把胡子剃干净,这些干净清爽的发型将适合所有男士例如,对于我们通常并不认为颜值很高的明星黄渤,发型还是起到了很大作用 Please don't be prejudiced and think that the abovementioned hairstyles only look good because of who's wearing them. Clean-shaven, clean-cut hairstyles look good on allmen. Take the big difference it makes on actor Huang Bo, not often regarded as particularly handsome, an example. 好了,今天的福利就到这里,哪款是你心中最帅的男神呢? 留言告诉小编吧! Photo:Weibo English Source: China daily

“草原天路”收费引争议 -- ::19 来源:chinadaily 河北省张家口市张北县草原天路5月1日起开始收门票,在网络上引发热议网民普遍认为,当地政府巧妙地把公路变成了风景名胜区,是在“拦路收费”近日,河北省物价局首次向媒体表态,称河北省向张北县下放部分行政权限,张北县有权制定草原天路的门票价格Police officers wait to check tourists’ tickets to Grass Skyline, a scenic road in Zhangbei county, Hebei province, on May , . [Photo by Wu Jiang China Daily]请看相关报道:The tourism bureau in Zhangbei county, Hebei province, said on Tuesday that the 50 yuan (.70) per-person charge introduced on May 1 is both reasonable and lawful.河北省张北县旅游局周二(5月日)表示,5月1日起实施的每人次50元的门票收费合理合法It said money collected from tourists driving Grass Skyline, which is known as "China's Route 66", will be used maintenance and environmental protection.该旅游局表示,从“草原天路”游客身上收的钱将用于景区维护和环境保护“草原天路”被誉为“中国的66号公路”“草原天路”(Grass Skyline)全长.7公里,是连接崇礼滑雪温泉大区和张北草原风情大区的一条重要通道蜿蜒的道路,配上湛蓝如洗的天空,以及路两侧的村庄、梯田、沟壑、山坡,让旅游爱好者蜂拥而至图片来源于网络#0;此次张北县旅游局决定对这条公路照景区(scenic area)标准收取门票(charge admission fee)引来众多网友热议争议的焦点在于,“草原天路”到底是一条普通的道路还是一个景区?如果只是一条通行用的道路(normal road),因为沿途有风景就收费,不合理因为二级公路以下的都是不能收费的但是,在张北县旅游局看来,草原天路属于风景名胜区(scenic spot),需要根据运营和维护成本收取一定的费用据悉,张北县“草原天路”旅游开发有限责任公司,联合北京宏美龙脊旅游发展有限公司进行注资扩股,开发建设拟投资.98亿元,在“草原天路”建设游务中心(tourists center)、观景台(observatory)、务营地(service camp)、停车场(parking lot)、星级卫生公厕(star-rated public restroom)等项目【注解】66号公路(Route 66),也叫威尔·罗杰斯公路(Will Rogers Highway),美国主干道(Main Street of America)或者“母亲之路”(Mother Road)这条路建成于196年月日,是美国公路系统中最早建成的道路之一66号公路全长390公里,横贯芝加哥、伊利诺伊、密苏里、堪萨斯、俄克拉荷马、德克萨斯、新墨西哥、亚利桑那,到加州圣莫尼卡结束由于66号线跨越了许多著名景点,如画布沙漠(the Painted Desert)、大峡谷(Grand Canyon)、以及亚利桑那州的陨石洞等,大战过后的五十年代,从原以运送物资为主,摇身一变成为美国人由东部到加州度假的主要干道(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

美国指控IBM前中国员工是间谍 --18 :57: 来源: 美国指控IBM前中国员经济间谍罪,控告他涉嫌盗窃重要源代码 US authorities have charged Chinese national Xu Jiaqiang with three counts of economic espionage allegedly stealing valuable source code from his mer employer in the US.美国当局指控一位中国人Xu Jiaqiang三项经济间谍罪——控告他涉嫌从前美国雇主那里盗窃重要的源代码The Department of Justice did not name the employer, but it is widely reported to be software developer IBM.司法部没有指明雇主,但媒体广泛报道说是软件开发商IBMMr Xu intended to sell the code his own profit and the benefit of the Chinese government, authorities said.当局说Xu先生为了自己和中国政府的利益,试图出售源代码The source code has been described as "a product of decades of work".这项源代码被称为“几十代的成果”The US Attorney’s office said Mr Xu had worked as a developer "a particular US company" from November to May .美国检察官办公室说,Xu先生从年月至年5月,在“某个美国企业”任开发员IBM’s website, however, has a Xu Jiaqiang still listed as a developer. The company has not commented.IBM的网站上,Xu Jiaqiang仍在开发员名单但公司未予置评On Tuesday, the DOJ said Mr Xu planned to share the valuable source code with the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China.星期二,美国司法部说Xu先生试图跟中国国家卫生计生委分享这份很有价值的源代码The source code in question was a clustered file system - or one that helps a computer’s permance "by coordinating work among multiple servers".这项源代码是个集群文件系统,可协同多个务器之间的工作来帮助计算机提高性能Theft of secrets盗窃机密China and the US have both flung accusations at each other over state-backed hacking and theft of secrets.中国和美国政府都曾指责彼此存在背后持黑客和盗窃机密的行为However, China has said in the past that it does not engage in theft of commercial secrets in any m.但是,中国曾说它没有以任何形式参与盗窃商业机密Chinese President Xi Jinping said last year that Beijing does not encourage or support such practices in any way.中国主席习近平去年说过,北京不以任何形式鼓励或持这种做法Mr Xu was first arrested in December alleged theft of a trade secret from his mer employer.Xu先生在月份,因涉嫌从前雇主那里盗窃商业机密而被抓捕Each of the three counts of espionage carry a maximum sentence of years in prison. The three counts of theft of a trade secret each carry a maximum sentence of years in prison.这三项间谍罪每一个都面临最多年的监禁,三项盗窃商业机密罪每个都面临最多年监禁Mr Xu’s is set to answer the charges in the US on Thursday June.Xu先生将于6月日,星期四,在美国被正式起诉有一种友谊叫比尔盖茨与巴菲特(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 鸡汤文有云:重要的不是去向哪里,而是与谁同行比尔;盖茨(Bill Gates)和沃伦;巴菲特(Warren Buffett),这两个曾经轮流登顶世界富豪排行榜的男人,用他们的故事告诉我们:鸡汤文说的是对的! 近日,盖茨亲自撰文,回忆了他和巴菲特之间长达5年的友谊两人甚至还应用时下最热的VR技术共同出镜拍摄了一部短片,以纪念这段友情一个是常穿短裤T恤的极客,一个是衣冠楚楚、富可敌国的投资家两个人一看就很不搭(mismatch),年龄还相差5岁他们究竟如何成为莫逆之交? 一起来看: 5 Years of Learning and Laughter I don’t remember the exact day I first met most of my friends, but with Warren Buffett I do. It was 5 years ago today: July 5, 1991. I think the date stands out in my mind so clearly(印象深刻) because it marked the beginning of a new and unexpected friendship Melinda(盖茨的夫人)and me—one that has changed our lives the better in every imaginable way. Warren has helped us do two things that are impossible to overdo in one lifetime: learn more and laugh more. 沃伦帮助我们做了两件事,两件在人的一生中怎么做也不嫌多的事情——学习更多,欢笑更多 Over the last quarter-century of our friendship, we’ve done a lot of both. Melinda and I often find ourselves recounting somegem of wisdom(智慧的结晶)Warren shared with us, or,chuckling(轻笑,呵呵)when we recall something funny he said or did. To mark the anniversary of our friendship, I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of our time together. Warren and I also created avirtual reality film(VR,哇,时下最火的技术) together at this year’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting, which you can watch on my blog. 强烈建议点击观看!若手机无法播放,请复制链接到电脑上观看拖动鼠标更有惊喜! https:www.gatesnotes.comAbout-Bill-Gates5-Years-of-Learning-and-Laughter?WT.mc_id____5YearsWarrenBuffett_BG-LI_amp;WT.tsrcBGLI An Awkward Start: At first glance, Warren and I may seem like a mismatch. I’m a technology nerd. He’s an investor who doesn’t use email. In fact, I never expected to be friends with him. 初看我俩确实很不搭:一个是只关注科技的书呆子,一个是连电子邮件都不用的投资人我根本没料到自己会和他做朋友 In 1991, when my mother called me to come out to our vacation home on Hood Canal to meet a group of friends, including Warren, I didn’t want to go. I told her I was too busy at work. Warren would be interesting, my mother insisted. But I wasn’t convinced. “Look, he just buys and sells pieces of paper. That’s not real value added. I don’t think we’d have much in common,” I told her. Eventually, she persuaded me to go. I agreed to stay no more than two hours bee getting back to work at Microsoft. 1991年,由于沃伦的存在,我一度拒绝了亲妈的邀请,因为我确实觉得自己和这个只会买进卖出却没有任何实际贡献的家伙有任何共同点后来还是在我妈的一再坚持下,我才最终答应去待两个小时 Then I met Warren. He started asking me some questions about the software business and why a small company like Microsoft could expect to compete with IBM and what were the skill sets and the pricing. These were amazingly good questions that nobody had ever asked. We were suddenly lost in conversation and hours and hoursslipped by(悄悄溜走). He didn’t come across as abig shot(大人物)investor. He had this modest way of talking about what he does. He was funny, but what impressed me most was how clearly he thought about the world. It was a deep friendship from our very first conversation. (姜还是老的辣)初次见面,沃伦用一个好问题开了个好头:微软这样的小公司要如何和IBM这种巨头竞争?从来没人问过我这种问题于是我们很快聊开了,不知不觉就过了好几个小时我发现,哇,这家伙又谦虚又幽默,对世界的认识还如此深刻!从第一次谈话开始,我们就结下了深厚的友谊 Oreos Breakfast: One thing that was surprising to learn about Warren is that he has basicallystuck to(坚持)eating what he liked when he was six years old. He did move past baby food, of course, but he mostly eats hamburgers, ice cream, and Coke. (That’s one reason it’s so fun to go out to dinner with him.) I remember one of the first times he stayed at our house and he opened up a package oeos(奥利奥!扭一扭,泡一泡!)to eat breakfast. Our kids immediately demanded they have some too. He mayset a poor example(他树立了一个坏榜样,至少在健康方面) young people, but it’s a diet that somehow works him. 很难想象这样一位大富豪最喜欢吃的都是孩子们的最爱——汉堡、冰淇淋和可口可乐第一次到我们家做客,巴菲特拆了一包奥利奥饼干当早餐,结果我家的娃纷纷表示:我们也要! “We love what you’ve done with the dining room, Warren!”When Warren invited Melinda and me to stay at his house in Omaha the first time, he gave us a tour. When we got to the dining room, we saw that there were no seats on the chairs. Warren was as surprised as we were. “What’s going on?” he said, examining his chairs. Eventually, he learned that the cushions had been removed months bee to getreupholstered(重装椅面), but he had not noticed until then. (He must have been eating his Oreos and ice cream in the kitchen.) We’ve been laughing about that visit ever since. 等到我们去沃伦位于奥马哈的家中做客,大家惊讶地发现餐厅里的椅子都没有垫子据说是几个月前就被拆了,一直没装回去,反正主人也没发现我们由此推断:这家伙压根就不用餐厅吧,在厨房里找点奥利奥和冰淇淋随便吃吃算了 Emotionally Invested: Warren earned a reputation as the“Oracle of Omaha”(奥马哈先知) his shrewd approach to investing in business. But he’sequally gifted at investing in people(对于人的投资,他同样是个天才). I’m always amazed how he is able to draw people in and make it fun them to learn from him. Even though he keeps up ahectic schedule(繁忙的日程), Warren finds time tonurture friendships(维系友情)like few other people I know. He picks up the phone and calls to say hello. He regularly sends s he’s in the mail that he thinks Melinda or I will find interesting. I’ve learned many things from Warren over the last 5 years, but maybe the most important thing is what friendship is all about. It’s about being the kind of friend you wish you had yourself. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend who is asthoughtful(体贴的)and kind as Warren. He goes out of his way to make people feel good about themselves and share his joy about life. 5年中,我从沃伦身上学习了很多,而其中最重要的就是友谊本身所谓友谊就是,你想结交什么样的朋友,你自己就要成为那样的人 To this day, every time I go to Omaha (which I try to do whenever I can), Warren still drives out to the airport topick me up. 时至今日,每当我去奥马哈(只要有机会我就会去),沃伦总是亲自开车到机场接我 It’s a small gesture, but it means the world to me. I’m always impatient the plane doors to open because I know Warren will be waiting with a new story or a joke and I’ll be learning and laughing with him all over again. 这对他可能是件小事,但对我来说意味着很多很多所以等待舱门打开的时候,我总是很着急,因为我知道他正在等着我,要和我分享一些新的故事或笑话 Thanks your friendship, Warren. It’s been an amazing 5 years. I look ward to making many more memories with you in the years ahead. 好啦,看完全文,小编帮大家总结一下: 第一,听妈妈的话,听妈妈的话,听妈妈的话!重要的事情说三遍如果当初盖茨没听他妈的话,将错过一个多么重要的朋友啊 第二,你想结交什么样的朋友,自己就要成为什么样的人圈子不同,就别强求先努力提升自己,再自然而然结交更高层次的朋友吧! 最后,帮盖茨补充一件很重要的事情,他和巴菲特一起干的—— 年,两人在先后捐出个人资产之后,又携手发起了“捐赠誓言”活动,号召世界上最富有的人及其家族拿出至少一半的财富用于慈善事业 Two of the world's richest men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, made headlines in when they said they would seek to get fellow billionaires to commit half of their wealth to good causes as part of the ;Giving Pledge;. 截至今年的6月1日,已经有来自个国家的名宣誓人及其家族宣布加入这一活动最新一批名加入者当中包括来自中国的蒙牛创始人牛根生 仅凭这一件事儿,这对好朋友就值得我们给予热烈掌声 好啦,小伙伴们,你和你最好的朋友到目前为止已经认识多少年了?你们一起做过什么难忘的事儿吗?留言告诉我们吧MH370最新消息:残骸位置锁定印度洋58处地方 -- :5:50 来源: The search Malaysia Airlines' flight MH370 will be focused on 58 spots in a 60,000 sq km area of the Indian ocean.对马航MH370客机的搜索将集中在印度洋60000平方公里范围内的58处地点Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the locations were identified in a latest survey by the international search team.交通部长拿督廖中莱指出,这些地点是由国际搜索团队的最新调查确定的He said in the survey conducted at the arc-shaped priority area, about 1,600km from Perth, the search team found that there were 58 spots where hard objects were lying on the seabed.他说,调查在离珀斯00公里处的弧形重点区域展开,搜索队发现58个地点的海床上存在硬物"Although the hard objects can be anything, from rocks to ship wreckages or a plane, the finding gives us where to focus in the next stage of search.他在今天的新闻发布会上说,“虽然硬物可能是任何东西,比如岩石、沉船或飞机,但这些发现明确了下一阶段搜索的方向”"An underwater search using deep sea equipment will be conducted at these spots soon," he told reporters at a press conference today.“很快就将使用深潜设备对这些地点展开搜索”Liow was in Seremban to launch the Negeri Sembilan state MCA annual general meeting.廖中莱在芙蓉市召开森美兰州马来西亚华人公会年会He said the underwater search may take about a year to complete.他表示水下搜索可能会耗时一年

双语:汉堡包起源于中国肉夹馍? -- :5:38 来源:   The world's first hamburger doesn't come from where you think it comes from. It wasn't invented in the ed States, and it didn't originate in Germany. No, the world's first hamburger comes from China.  世界上第一只汉堡从哪来?不是你想的那样哦——不是起源于美国,也不是发源于德国哦不,世界上第一只汉堡起来自中国哦  If you're scratching your head right now, you're not alone. But Chinese hamburgers are very real and they definitely predate the hamburgers we call our own in the U.S. Known as rou jia mo, which translates to "meat burger" or "meat sandwich," they consist of chopped meat inside a pita-like bun, and they've been around since the Qin dynasty, from about 1 to . Despite the differences between this Chinese street food and our American-style burgers, the rou jia mo "has been called the world's first hamburger."  如果你现在正在抓耳挠腮,你不是一个人但是中国汉堡包真的存在,而且早于我们美国本土的“汉堡包”,在中国称为“肉夹馍”( meat burger,meat sandwich),它们是由切碎的肉塞在开口圆饼里做成的,从秦朝开始(公元前1年-公元前年)就有了虽然这种中国街头小吃和我们美利坚的汉堡大不相同,肉夹馍被称为“世界上第一只汉堡”  The rou jia mo originated in the Shaanxi Province of China, and is now eaten all over the country. It's typically prepared and eaten on the street. The dough the bun, or mo, consists of a simple mixture of wheat flour, water and maybe yeast. Of course recipes may vary, but this basic equation makes a chewy and subtle pillow the delicious filling. While the mo is traditionally baked in a clay oven, today it's often fried in a pan. They may look a little like Chinese steamed buns or baos, but the dough those are, of course, steamed, not baked or fried.  肉夹馍起源于中国陕西省,如今已遍布全国,是代表性的街头小吃生面团做成的“馍”,就是简单的由小麦粉,水,可能还有酵母做成的当然啦,配方不尽相同,但是基本做法都差不多,咬一口软糯可口,填充(肉)唇齿留香而传统的做法,馍是在土灶里烘焙而成,如今则常常放在平底锅里煎制可能看上去会比较像中国的馒头或是包子,但是那些是蒸的,不是烤的或炸的  The meat filling might consist of chopped pork, beef, lamb or chicken that has been stewed with a variety of spices, like ginger, cloves, coriander and star anise. You might also find herbs like cilantro or greens like lettuce garnishing the sandwich.  夹杂里面的肉会由切碎的猪肉、牛肉、羊肉或是鸡肉填充,由文火慢炖,加入多种调味料:如姜、丁香、香菜和八角你可能会发现三明治里有很像香菜的薄荷叶,或是像生菜这样的绿色蔬菜做配菜放下你的剪刀手 拍出高level游客照 --30 18::56 来源:sohu 一名男子在过去六个月里, 去过新加坡、南京、香港、瓦勒迪泽尔,纽约和世界各地一连串的冒险经历,确实令人难而置信同时他也不断地追求创意上的新突破,希望每张相片都比以前的更有创意他最希望能在旅游时做自己爱做的事,更希望自己的作品能令人一展欢容所以他摸索出了一种特别的拍摄手法把景点拍下来 Over the last six months a young man has been to Singapore, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Val D'Isere, New York and Las Vegas. It's been an incredible string of adventures around the world, all whilst pursuing new levels of creativity in my photos. 在拍景时加入自己的创意剪纸, 令照片锦上添花 Marilyn's Dress Is The Entrance To The Neon Museum Of Las Vegas 玛丽莲的裙子是霓虹灯物馆的入口 Waking Up Bee The Sun At Gateshead Millennium Bridge 日出前起床拍照- 盖茨赫德千禧桥上的彭彭丁满狮子王 Caesar Taking A Selfie, Caesar's Palace 恺撒也自拍!凯撒宫前留倩影 Spray Painting In Val D'isere 在瓦勒迪塞尔的天空喷漆,创作一番! Do You Even Lift? New York New York Resort, Las Vegas 原来她还能举重!纽约度假村 Hanging Around In Manhattan 蜘蛛侠又在曼哈顿出现! Alien Invasion At The Hong Kong Science Park 外星人入侵香港科技园 English Source: boredpanda浏览器新功能屏蔽明星八卦 -- :19: 来源: 浏览器新功能屏蔽明星八卦KardBlock browser extension lets you block all mentions of Kardashians onlineThere are some people in this world who just can't get enough of Kimye's outfits and Kylie's lips. 这世上总有些人看不够金·卡戴珊的着装和凯莉的嘴唇But if you're tired of keeping up with the Kardashians, an ad blocker has been created that could rid them of your life entirely. 不过,如果你不想看到关于卡戴珊家族的八卦,新出的一个广告屏蔽功能可以完全把他们从你的生活中清除掉Named KardBlock, the browser extension promises to remove Kardashian-related updates from newsfeeds and websites, adding ominously: 'We simply make it disappear.' 一个叫KardBlock浏览器拓展功能可以在你上网的时候把与卡戴珊家族有关的消息从新闻和网站中剔除,可能不爱好听“我们就是让他们都消失了”The program is currently in beta testing and was created by Calinia-based social media firm Chameleon.la and James Shamsi. 这个项目由位于加利福尼亚州的社交媒体公司Chameleon.la和詹姆斯·沙木思开发,目前正处于开放测试阶段He says the time Kardashian-rule is over and that Kardblock will make the internet 'a better place everyone.' 詹姆斯表示,“卡戴珊主导”的时代已经过去,Kardblock将会把网络变成“一个对所有人来说更好的地方”'We don't care about how Kanye and Kim didn't care when Amy Schumer "fell over,"' s the mission statement on his website. 该网站在一份声明中表示:“我们并不关心艾米舒默走红毯摔倒时,卡戴珊夫妇如何表现得无所谓”'We don't care about who the Kardashians are or aren't sleeping with. We don't care that Kim dyed her hair blonde. We don't care about the Kardashians.' “我们不关心卡戴珊们跟谁或不跟谁睡觉,不关心卡戴珊把头发染成金色我们不关心卡戴珊们”The site, however, admits that there is important news that relates to the family, particularly Bruce Jenner's interview about his gender identity. 然而,这个站点承认这个家族仍然有一些比较重要的新闻,特别是关于布鲁斯·詹纳对于他自己性别的认定'We do...care about raising awareness of transsexuality, the one benefit of the Kardashians,' KardBlock says. “我们确实关心变性意识的兴起,这是卡戴珊家族的一个优势”KardBlock团队说This isn't the first time someone has tried to stop Kim Kardashian from breaking the internet. 这已经不是第一次有人因为厌烦金·卡戴珊而想要把她的新闻从网上清除掉A few years ago, a plug-in Chrome browsers dubbed Silence of the Celebs promised to white-out celebrities you would rather not see online. 几年前,Chrome浏览器一个名为“名人默声”(Silence of the Celebs)的插件承诺会把你不想看到的名人新闻从网上抹掉The KardBlock team says its next project is to filter out Justin Bieber. KardBlock团队说,他们下一个项目将会把贾斯汀·比伯“拉黑”Vocabularyad blocker: 广告拦截程序 ominously: 不祥地 beta testing: 开放测试(译者:陈思闽BISTU 编辑:马文英)

美学者批《纽约时报,对南海报道不真实 -- :: 来源: 本周二,一位美国外交政策专家抨击了《纽约时报对中国南海事务最近的一篇报道,称其针对中国的攻击是有偏向性的,是“鹰派”政治的体现,非常的“不合理” In his column on Sino-US Spotlight Online, Ben Reynolds said that the editorial published by The New York Times does not hold water the following reasons.在其“中美聚焦在线”的专栏里,本·雷诺兹表示说,由于以下原因,《纽约时报的这篇社论并没有在报道中保持公正First, the report titled "Playing Chicken in the South China Sea" and published on May 1 echoes the prevailing hawkish perspective of the US policymakers, who severely exaggerated China’s threat to the region and the ed States and supported tough steps against China in the South China Sea issue.第一,这篇文章以“Playing Chicken in the South China Sea”(“在南中国海虐鸡”)为题,并且选择在5月1日发表,目的是为了附和在美国决策者间风靡的鹰派观点在此之前,美国鹰派政治家严重夸大了这一事件,宣称中国对该地区和美国存在巨大的威胁,并且主张在南海问题上对中国采取强硬措施Second, the report’s vaguely depicted "rich resources" in the South China Sea are either strategically irrelevant to Washington or outside the disputed waters.第二,这篇报道含糊地提及了中国南海地区“丰富的资源”,但是这一事实既和美国无关,也不在有争议海域所涉及的问题范围之内Third, all parties concerned in the South China Sea issue do not believe that China’s territorial claims will threat the sea routes. In this sense, the US-preached navigation freedom is not an issue.第三,有关各方在南海问题上都不认为中国的领土主张将威胁到海上航线,美国所宣称的自由航行并不是问题Fourth, the report’s accusation of "China’s most aggressive and outrageous tactic," referring to its land reclamation and infrastructure construction in the South China Sea, has selectively neglected the fact that the US allies and rival claimants in the region have also been engaged in such activities. It is their actions that are mainly responsible the region’s militarization.第四,这份报道以“中国最具攻击性和令人无法容忍的策略”的表述来指责中国在南海的岛屿开垦和基础设施建设,但是这篇报道似乎有选择性地忽视了美国的盟友也在该地区从事此类活动的事实正是由于他们的这些活动,才导致了该地区的军事化Fifth, the report’s attack on China’s increasing defense budget has also overlooked the fact that the US military spending in has tripled that of China to the stunning 60.1 billion US dollars. Washington also announced planned deployment of at least 60 percent of its navy and air ces to the Asia-Pacific region, which, apparently, will not be devoted only to humanitarian missions.第五,这份报告还对中国的国防预算增加进行了攻击,但是却又忽略了年美国军费出是中国的三倍,达到了令人惊讶的601亿美元美国还宣布将计划部署其至少60%的海军和空军到亚太地区,显然这不仅仅是为了执行人道主义任务The ed States have conducted routine patrols and surveillance of China right off China’s coast lines.美国还在中国的海岸线附近进行例行巡逻和执行对中国的监视任务Last but not the least, the report’s conclusion that accused China of trying to rewrite the international rules has once again committed selective amnesia as Obama’s support of Japan, which has once invaded many Asian nations and slaughtered their people in the 190s.最后,这份报告的结论指责中国试图改写国际规则,但是却又一次有选择性地遗忘了奥巴马对日本的持,这个国家曾在世纪0年代入侵了许多亚洲国家,并屠杀了他们的人民The US mainstream media like The New York Times have instinctively believed in their government’s eign policies, until they were proved erroneous by a number of facts time and time again, Reynolds said, noting that their reports of China and the South China Sea issue have been based on unjustifiable arguments and deliberate ignorance of facts.本·雷诺兹说道,类似《纽约时报之类的美国主流媒体本能地相信政府的外交政策,直到被事实一次又一次地明他们的荒谬他还指出美国媒体对于中国和南海事务的报道是基于不公正的论调和被故意忽略的事实The US media tend to weigh up China’s activities out of prejudice, in ignorance of the reasons and consequences of their reports, the experts said.本·雷诺兹说道,美国媒体倾向于从自己的偏见出发,来衡量、中国的行为,而忽视了他们报道的原因和结果He added that until these media outlets just their points of the US China policy, the public is obliged to correct their dangerous and twisted opinions, which, if let unchecked, will only escalate the hostility between the two peoples.本·雷诺兹补充说道,在这些媒体调整自己关于美国对华政策的观点前,公众有义务纠正他们危险而扭曲的观点如果不加以控制的话,(这些观点)只会加剧两国人民间的敌意外国青年眼中的习大大 --6 1:: 来源: 外国青年眼中的习大大说起习大大,每个中国人都知道他是谁而且,这个昵称已经传遍外媒,被译成了Uncle Xi近日,习大大正在对美国进行首度正式国事访问在他出发之前,人民网采访了一些在国内的外国留学生,问了他们几个跟习大大有关的问题他们眼中的习大大是什么样的呢?-Who is Xi?习大大是谁?-A very humble leader,powerful Chinese leader, a highly respected person, always smile in public, very well-educated, super charismatic...非常谦逊、强有力,受尊敬,时常面带微笑,受过良好的教育,超有魅力......说到习大大,一位美国姑娘说习大大去过她们学校,她还给习大大读过诗嗯...这个记忆可以长久保存!-If you meet Xi Dada?如果你见到习大大,会怎么样?-I would be really honored if we can play a match one day.如果能跟习大大一起踢场球,我会很荣幸-If my future husband is like him, I will be happy.如果我未来的丈夫也像他一样的话,我会幸福-Xi Dada, I wanna invite you to take a pizza in Chicago.习大大,我想请你来芝加哥吃一个披萨(视频来源:人民网,编辑:Helen)社交媒体热议人贩子死刑 在外国如何定罪? -- ::0 来源:   今天你的朋友圈被“人贩子一律死刑”刷屏了吗?暂且不管这是不是某网站的营销,我们先来看一下和拐卖儿童有关的英文,以及美国和加拿大对人贩子是如何定罪的  拐卖儿童:trafficking in children  In December, , China’s State Council issued the National Plan of Action on Combating Trafficking in Women and Children.  年月,国务院印发了《中国反对拐卖妇女儿童行动计划  trafficking(n. 非法交易)泛指各种非法买卖,例如human trafficking(人口买卖)、drug trafficking(毒品交易)、wildlife trafficking(野生动物非法交易)等不过,贩卖奴隶是个例外,一般用slave trade,而不是slave trafficking大约是因为在历史上奴隶交易曾经是合法的  中国  在我国,拐卖儿童和拐卖妇女并称拐卖妇女、儿童罪,处罚从五年以上有期徒刑至死刑不等刑法第0条规定:  Whoever abducts and traffics in a woman or child shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than years and shall also be fined; if he falls under any of the following categories, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than years or life imprisonment and shall also be fined or sentenced to confiscation of property; if the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to death and also to confiscation of property.  拐卖妇女、儿童的,处五年以上十年以下有期徒刑,并处罚金;有下列情形之一的,处十年以上有期徒刑或者无期徒刑,并处罚金或者没收财产;情节特别严重的,处死刑,并处没收财产  加拿大  在加拿大,非法买卖未成年人将被判处5年以上有期徒刑至终身监禁不等1985年颁布的《刑法典(Criminal Code)中规定:  (a)to imprisonment life and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment a term of six years if they kidnap, commit an aggravated assault or aggravated sexual assault against, or cause death to, the victim during the commission of the offence; or (b) to imprisonment a term of not more than fourteen years and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment a term of five years, in any other case.  (a)有绑架、严重人身伤害、严重性侵,或导致被害人死亡等情形时,处以6年以上有期徒刑,最高处以终身监禁;(b)其它情形处以5年以上、年一下有期徒刑  美国  美国的法律体系比较复杂,除了通行全国的联邦法之外,各州还有各自的法律在《美国法典(U.S. Code)中规定,贩卖人口将被处以年以下有期徒刑,情节严重者最高可被处以终身监禁:  Whoever knowingly and willfully holds to involuntary servitude or sells into any condition of involuntary servitude, any other person any term, or brings within the ed States any person so held, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than years, or both. If death results from the violation of this section, or if the violation includes kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or the attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, the defendant shall be fined under this title or imprisoned any term of years or life, or both.  违反对方意愿蓄意奴役他人、出售他人使其被迫被奴役、或使他人进入美国并被奴役,将被处以罚金或年以下有期徒刑如造成死亡,或包括绑架、蓄意绑架、严重性虐待、蓄意严重性虐待、蓄意谋杀等情形,将被处以罚金或最高终身监禁,或同时处以罚金和监禁总结 中国 加拿大 美国 最低处罚 5年以上 5年以上 年以下 最高处罚 死刑 终身监禁 终身监禁 上表清楚的表明中国和美、加两国在人贩子量刑上的区别各位网友,你还觉得中国的量刑过轻吗?

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