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South Korea Calls on North to Tone Down Rhetoric韩国指责北韩诽谤并制造紧张空气  South Korean officials have issued their first formal response to recent moves by North Korea, labeling some of the North's recent statements "inappropriate." The exchange comes as high-level American and South Korean envoys warn time is running out in diplomacy to end North Korea's nuclear weapons programs.  韩国官员针对北韩最近的行为第一次作出正式回应,说北韩最近的某些声明“不恰当”。与此同时,美国和韩国的高级官员警告说,有关终止北韩核武器项目的外交努力所剩时间已经不多。South Korean Major-General Kwon Oh-sung has sent a radio message to his North Korean counterpart, reassuring Pyongyang the South remains committed to a key non-aggression agreement between the two sides. 韩国少将权五淞向北韩军方发出信息,表示韩国仍然信守双方互不侵犯的主要条约。However, the message rebukes the North for what it describes as recent "deliberate slander and fostering of tensions" which the South finds deeply regretful. 但是他也指责北韩最近的言论“故意诽谤并制造了紧张空气”,韩国对此深感遗憾。The message comes a day after North Korea's main official newspaper lashed out at South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, calling him a "traitor" and accusing him of disrupting North-South relations.  这一信息发出的一天前,北韩主要官方报刊载文猛烈攻击韩国总统李明,把他称为“卖国贼”,指称他破坏南北韩关系。North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. The two sides never formally ended the resulting war, which was halted by an armistice in 1953. Recent events have reminded the world how tense this peninsula remains. 北韩1950年入侵韩国。双方从未正式结束交战,仅以1953年签订的一项停火协议中止了这场战争。最近的事态提醒国际社会朝鲜半岛的局势仍有多紧张。Several days ago, North Korea warned it may turn the South into a "sea of ashes." That was a response to testimony by South Korea's joint chiefs of staff chairman that Seoul has contingency plans to preemptively strike North Korean nuclear weapons sites.  几天前,北韩警告说,它可以把韩国夷为焦土。那是对韩国高级将领有关北韩核问题一番话的反应。韩国韩国参谋长联席会议主席说,首尔有向北韩核武器基地进行先发制人袭击的应变计划。Earlier last month, North Korea expelled South Korean managers from a joint industrial park in the Northern city, Kaesong. South Korean media reports e military officials who say South Korea has scrambled jets at least ten times since President Lee's February inauguration, to respond to North Korean warplanes approaching the North-South border. 3月上旬,北韩把韩国管理人员驱逐出北方城市开城的联合工业区。韩国新闻界报导援引军方官员的话说,自从李明总统就任以来,韩国喷气式飞机已经紧急起飞至少10次以应对接近韩国边界的北韩战斗机。Mr. Lee is much firmer on the issue of North Korea's nuclear weapons than his predecessors. He says future North-South cooperation is dependent on Pyongyang fulfilling its promises to end those weapons programs. 李明总统在北韩的核武器问题上比他的前任要强硬得多。他说,南北韩的未来协作取决于平壤是否兑现承诺,解除核武器项目。The chief American envoy to the multinational nuclear talks, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, is in Seoul to discuss the North's four-month delay in providing a nuclear declaration it said would be y by the end of last year. 朝核六方会谈中的美国首席谈判代表、助理国务卿希尔目前正在首尔访问,讨论北韩已经拖延了4个月尚未呈交的核项目清单。北韩原来答应在去年年底前交出这份清单。Hill warns the diplomatic process is "running out of time," and that North Korea, known formally as the DPRK (Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea), must make a commitment. 希尔警告,外交努力所剩时间已经不多了,北韩务必信守承诺。"I think the problem is the DPRK needs to make this fundamental decision," he said. "Again, I think we have made progress on the declaration but, until we complete the declaration, we won't have succeeded." 希尔说:“我认为问题在于北韩必须作出抉择。我想再次指出,我们已经在北韩报告核项目的问题上取得了进展,但是没有完整的清单,就不能说取得了成功。”Hill dismisses recent North Korean rhetoric against the South as "entirely propagandistic" and directed "entirely at domestic audiences." He says the comments will have little impact on the multinational nuclear diplomacy.  希尔指出,最近北韩针对韩国的抨击“纯属政治宣传,而且完全是针对国内听众”。他说,有关对朝核六方会谈几乎没有什么影响。200804/33231福建石狮妇幼保健院在线咨询Saudi Arabia Rejects US Appeal to Boost Oil Production布什晤沙特国王增产石油要求遭拒   Saudi Arabia is refusing a U.S. request to increase overall oil production as a way to lower record high energy costs. In Saudi Arabia where U.S. President George Bush met Friday with King Abdullah. 沙特阿拉伯拒绝美国提出的通过增加石油产量来降低创历史新高的能源价格的要求。美国总统布什星期五在沙特阿拉伯与阿卜杜拉国王会晤。It is the second time in four months that President Bush has come to Saudi Arabia asking King Abdullah to boost overall oil production to help drive down U.S. gasoline prices. 这是美国总统布什在四个月里第二次访问沙特阿拉伯。他请求阿卜杜拉国王增加石油产量,帮助降低美国的石油价格。And it is the second time since January that the president got the same answer: No. 这也是自1月以来布什的要求第二次遭到拒绝。Soaring gasoline prices in the ed States are partly to blame for the country's economic slowdown. 美国石油价格飞速上涨是美国经济发展速度减缓的部分原因。Speaking to reporters before this trip, President Bush said he would tell the Saudi king that U.S. gas prices are even higher now than they were in January. He said demand is so high relative to supply that there is just not a lot of excess capacity. 布什在访问沙特阿拉伯之前对记者说,他会告诉阿卜杜拉国王,现在美国的石油价格甚至比1月份的价格还要高。他说,需求量比供给量要高很多,以至于没有多少多余的产油能力。Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi says supply and demand are in balance. He told reporters in Riyahd that the country did boost output by 300,000 barrels a day last week but only to make up for declining production from Venezuela and Mexico. 沙特阿拉伯石油大臣阿里.阿尔耐米说,石油的供应量和需求量是平衡的。他在利雅得对记者说,沙特阿拉伯的确在上星期每天增加了30万桶石油产量,但仅仅是补上委内瑞拉和墨西哥减少的石油产量。Al-Naimi says Saudi Arabia is aly investing billion over the next four years to increase production and is doubling the capacity of a refinery in Texas. "So how much more does Saudi Arabia need to do to satisfy the people who are questioning our oil practices or our oil policy?" he asked. 阿尔耐米说,沙特阿拉伯正在为今后四年增加石油产量、并使在美国德克萨斯州的一家炼油厂的炼油能力增加一倍而投资900亿美元。阿尔纳米说:“沙特阿拉伯还要做多少才能满足那些怀疑我们的石油生产运作和我们的石油政策的人?”U.S. National Security Adviser Steve Hadley says Saudi officials told President Bush that they do not believe an overall increase in production would dramatically reduce prices at U.S. pumps. 美国国家安全顾问哈德利说,沙特阿拉伯官员对布什总统说,他们认为增加石油总产量不会显著降低美国的石油价格。Hadley says Saudi officials argue that higher prices are driven more by uncertainty in the global market and the lack of refining capacity for the quality of oil most ily available. Hadley says the Bush Administration will take that explanation to its own analysts to see if it conforms with what they think. 哈德利说,沙特阿拉伯官员认为,石油价格的上涨更多地是由于人们对全球市场走向不确定,以及缺少提炼最容易获得的那种质量的石油的能力。哈德利说,布什政府将把沙特阿拉伯官员的这种解释转达给美国分析人士,看看这种解释是否和他们的想法一致。 200805/39243泉州市第一人民医院在哪儿Neil: And talk about in the toilet what if I told you that American-made vehicles are so yesterday, my next guest plans to be the first to import and sell Chinese cars in North America and predicts that within 5 years Americans will be buying one million Chinese-made cars from his dealers. With us now is Malcolm Bricklin. He is the founder and CEO of Visionary Vehicles. Neil: Really?Malcolm Bricklin: Really Neil. Neil: What's doing it? Malcolm Bricklin: What's do it is that they decided to come into the automobile business and when the Chinese society wanna go into a market, what they do is study, all the case study is who are the best people, and they picked Toyota and Lexus, so they said we wanna copy them, except we wanna sell more than both of them. Neil: Yeah, but there is always a learning curve right? (Yeah. )When the first Japanese cars came into this country, they were crap, you know, the first Korean cars that came into this country, they were junk too. And then, you know they got better. Obviously, much better. Who would want to be the American to be the first to buy these Chinese cars? Malcolm Bricklin: Well, the Japanese cars when they came in with Toyota and Datsun first, they had a recover, and do something better, when I came in with Subaru in 1968, they were there from the day Subaru came in, they were top-quality and they remain top quality. What you need to do to have top quality is to get great designers, get great equipment , put a lot of money into the thing and have the determination to do it. Neil: And it's going to be cheap, right, much cheaper than the promoter. . . . . Malcolm Bricklin: Well, we're going to go with cars Like BMW or Mercedes, and be 30, 40% cheaper than them. Neil: All right, but I tell you a BMW and Mercedes buyer isn't going to buy a Chinese car. Malcolm Bricklin: I agree 100 percent. We are not after them. (Yeah. ) We want to build a car that would be equal to in everyway, shape or form, except it, and feels rich and sell to people who can afford to buy TOYOTAs and NISSIANs and Hondas.Neil: Are they gonna want it? Malcolm Bricklin: Well, we think they are going to, because they are designed by Pininfarina and Bertone, engines by AVL and interiors that are gonna be knocked out. So, we are going to take all the advantages. . . Neil: Usually, when you are combining those types of people all together.Malcolm Bricklin: Yeah Neil: It's a disaster. Yeah, it could be, it could be, but then once again, they all the history, they had all the benefits to see what was wrong and what was good(Yeah), and they are picking the good and they are listening, big time.Neil: But would you as a consumer, you are a very smart businessman, but would you as a consumer buy the first off the lot? Malcolm Bricklin: Well, somebody just did a study in Automotive News , I just yesterday as a matter, Ed Laphen, I believe is the one who did it. and he said that they polled people from Asian models and they asked if they would buy Chinese cars, if they thought they would be of the same quality and 51% said yes. Neil: But now the issue would be price, so the only thing that compelled the Americans thrilled to buy Japanese cars is by comparison they were so cheap, (Absolutely) even when the quality was shoddy. And now we know in retrospect this quality quickly caught up and then surpassed the American car makers. The same with Hyundai , I guess in Korea when they were originally they were junk . They have gotta extremely much better. Arh, who wants to wait through a learning curve with Chinese cars? Malcolm Bricklin: Then I don't think they're gonna have to, the learning curve they have been doing is less 5 years, they have been learning how to really build good cars(Yeah), and now they bring in the very best of the best with us and others from around the world. Neil: So you are an American manufacturer , what's gone through your head? Malcolm Bricklin: It's gonna be a problem, but the American manufacturers have more problems just than the Chinese, because they have porblems now and the Chinese aren't here. Neil: And Chinese are cheap labor, right? Malcolm Bricklin: Yeah, absolutely, it's going to be a very very serious realignment of the way the world is. Neil: All right, all right, Malcolm Bricklin. Thank you very much with Visionary Vehicles he is the founder and CEO.200807/44823outlier ———— 孤立的事物(名词)英文释义 (noun) Anything that exists at the extreme edge of an area, pattern, or group, far from other similar objects.例句 A single outlier, an ancient pine, grew on a windswept field of stones beyond the great forest.出了这片大森林,是一片多风的石滩,那里孤零零地长着一棵老松树。 /201605/445070泉州人民医院人流价格表

泉州阳光女子医院好不好泉州医院看妇科疾病哪家便宜UN Human Rights Council Holds Special Session On World Food Crisis 联合国人权理事会急议粮食危机   Nations attending a ed Nations-sponsored special session on the world food crisis say failure to address the soaring cost of food threatens to undermine gains on reducing poverty. They warn this could lead to growing instability. The 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council is calling on governments to enact measures to meet the vital food needs of their populations. 联合国星期四在日内瓦召开紧急会议,讨论世界粮食危机。与会各国代表指出,假如食品价格暴涨的问题得不到解决,全球扶贫工作势必因此而功败垂成。他们同时警告说,粮食危机有可能进一步加剧社会动乱。联合国人权理事会的47个成员国呼吁世界各国政府采取措施,满足广大民众的食品需求。The ed Nations estimates more than 850 million people worldwide are going hungry, and another two billion are suffering from malnutrition. The World Health Organization says malnutrition in children can cause life-long health problems. 联合国估计,目前全世界有8亿5千万人正在陷入饥饿,另外20亿人营养不良。世界卫生组织说,儿童营养不良给人们造成终生的健康问题。The rights to adequate food and freedom from hunger are enshrined in international law. In calling for this special session, the U.N. Human Rights Council argued that the global food crisis is a massive violation of human rights.  国际法明文规定,人民享有获得充足食品和免受饥饿的权力。联合国人权理事会在日内瓦召开这次紧急会议的时候指出,全球粮食危机是对人权的一次大规模践踏。In opening the conference, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, told delegates the high prices and shortages of food were jeopardizing the well-being and rights of countless people. 联合国人权事务高级专员阿布尔女士在紧急会议开始时告诉与会代表,粮价高涨和食品短缺危害到无数人民的福祉和权利。"In some regions, natural disasters or misguided policies, or both, compound aly severe situations and render them catastrophic for the most discriminated and marginalized populations," said Louise Arbour. “在有些地区,自然灾害或政策失误,或二者兼而有之,给已经非常严重的形势雪上加霜,使那些最受歧视和最边缘化的民众陷入灭顶之灾。”Arbour mentioned no country by name. But, her thoughts reflect the recent catastrophic events in Burma where the government has compounded the tragedy arising from Cyclone Nargis by not allowing enough foreign aid to reach the 2.5 million affected people. 阿布尔女士并没有点任何国家的名。但是她的说法反映了缅甸最近出现的天灾人祸。在缅甸,纳尔吉斯强热带风暴给当地250多万人造成巨大灾难,可是缅甸军政府却不允许其他国家给灾民提供足够的援助。Arbour said the current food crisis stems from several factors including distortions in supply and demand and unfair trade policies. She said a failure to respond to the food crisis in a comprehensive way could trigger a domino effect by putting at risk other fundamental rights, including the right to health or to education. 阿布尔女士指出,目前的粮食危机是好几个因素引起的,其中包括供需失调和贸易政策不公平。她表示,各国如果不能对这场粮食危机做出全面的反应,势必引起多米诺效应,导致人民在卫生和教育等方面的最基本权利受到损害。"Very few issues speak as forcefully as this one about individual rights and collective action and about the intolerable inequalities that affect millions through no fault of their own,"she said. “没有多少其他问题能像粮食危机这样强有力地告诉人们个人权利和集体行动息息相关,使人们看到这场危机使数以百万计的无辜者遭受不可容忍的不平等待遇。”Prices of staple food such as rice, wheat, corn and oils have more than doubled since March. This has set off riots in some 40 of the world's poorer countries, where people spend up to 80 percent of their family incomes on food. 今年三月以来,大米、小麦、玉米和食用油等主要食品的平均价格已经上涨了两倍多。这种情况导致世界40多个比较贫穷的国家出现了社会动乱,在这些国家,人们家庭收入的80%被用来购买食品。The newly appointed Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier De Schutter blames much of the food crisis on the cultivation of crops for biofuels instead of for food. 奥利维尔.德.舒特是联合国新近任命的食品权利特别报告起草人。他认为,粮食危机在很大程度上是由于原本种植粮食的农田被用来种植生物燃料作物。In his speech to the U.N. session, he renewed his call for a freeze on new investment in biofuels and called upon the ed States and Europe to rethink policies, which are bad for both the environment and food security. 舒特在联合国粮食危机紧急会议上发表讲话时,再次呼吁各国冻结在生物燃料方面的新投资,并要求美国和欧洲重新衡量他们的生物燃料政策。舒特认为,欧美的生物燃料政策不论是对环境还是食品安全来说都是有害的。"The current food crisis vividly illustrates the need for all states to adopt measures which will better shield the most vulnerable segments of the population in the future from such shocks of this magnitude, "said Olivier De Schutter.  “目前的粮食危机明确地显示出,所有的国家都需要采取措施,更好地保护那些最弱势的群体,防止他们今后再次遭受如此规模的巨大打击。”Schutter says it is important to support agriculture in developing countries, particularly by small-hold farmers. And, it is particularly urgent to provide farmers with seeds and fertilizers before the close of the planting season in June to prepare the next harvest. 舒特还说,至关重要的是必须持发展中国家的农业部门,尤其是扶持小型农场。而目前最为迫切的是向农民提供种子和化肥,以便他们在六月种植季节结束之前能够完成播种,为下一季收成做好准备。He says rural communities should invest heavily in infrastructure, particularly in irrigation and communications. He also calls for an end to trade-distorting policies, which would allow farmers from poor countries fairer market access. 他还指出,农业部门需要在基础设施方面加强投资,尤其是在灌溉和通讯领域。他还呼吁有关国家废除那些扭曲贸易的政策,以使贫穷国家的农民获得更加公平的市场准入。200805/39846晋江治疗宫颈糜烂医院Aid Agencies Warn Insecurity on the Rise in Afghanistan援助机构称阿富汗安全局势恶化  International aid agencies are expressing concern about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, noting that problems have sp to previously stable areas and attacks on aid agencies and their staff are on the increase. 国际援助机构对阿富汗安全形势恶化表示关注。他们指出,问题已经蔓延到原来局势稳定的地区,而且对援助机构及其工作人员的袭击越来越多。Aid agencies say rising insecurity in Afghanistan is hampering efforts to provide relief. The Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief or ACBAR, represents about 100 non-governmental aid organizations. In a just released statement, the group also says that the number of civilians killed in the Afghan conflict is on the rise - up by approximately 50 percent over the same period last year.  援助机构说,阿富汗不安定的局势升级,阻碍了救援工作。“阿富汗救援协调机构”代表大约100个非政府救援组织。该机构刚刚发表的声明还说,在阿富汗冲突中被杀害的平民人数在上升,大约比去年同期上升了50%。Speaking with VOA from her office in Kabul, ACBAR spokesperson Anja de Beer says that while most of the deaths are attributed to insurgents, the international and Afghan forces are also responsible. Some of the deaths she says occur in aerial bombings but there are also cases where she alleges they are the result of excessive force. 阿富汗救援协调机构发言人比尔在喀布尔的办公室对美国之音说,虽然大多数平民死在暴乱分子手中,但是国际部队和阿富汗军队也应该承担责任。她说,一些人死于空袭,但是也有人死于过度使用武力。"There are unfortunately instances that a search is conducted by coalition forces and the Afghan forces, sometimes there are extra-judicial executions, that luckily seems to be the exception," said de Beer. 比尔说:“不幸的是某些死亡事故发生在联军和阿富汗部队发动的搜查中,有时还发生非法处死人的事例,但是幸好看来这是个别情况。”De Beer added that the insurgents are gaining a foothold in areas where they were not so strong before. This, she says, has forced the closure of a large number of schools and health facilities in the south; is hindering the implementation of vital development projects; and has caused significant levels of internal displacement. 比尔还说,暴乱分子正在某些过去他们力量薄弱的地区取得立足点。她说,这已迫使在南部关闭大量学校和卫生设施,这还阻碍了至关重要的发展项目的进行,而且已经导致大批人口流离失所。The ACBAR statement says that aid agencies are also increasingly being targeted by both insurgents and criminal elements. This, it says has forced many relief agencies to restrict their development and humanitarian activities. 阿富汗救援协调机构的声明说,暴乱分子和罪犯对救援机构的袭击日益频繁。声明说,这迫使许多救援机构限制自己的发展及人道活动。Relief officials worry that with a drought in some parts of the country and increased food prices, over four million Afghans are facing extremely difficult circumstances. They say that young children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women are at especially high risk.  救援工作人员担心,由于阿富汗国内某些地区的旱灾以及食品价格上涨,400多万阿富汗人面临及其困难的境地。他们说,儿童和妇及哺乳的妇女处境尤其危险。ACBAR's Anja de beer says her organization believes the Afghan conflict cannot be solved on the battlefield. 比尔说,她的组织认为,阿富汗冲突不可能在战场上解决。"What is needed for sustainable peace is support for development and delivery of essential services to the population, government reforms and peace building initiatives," she said. 她说:“持久和平需要的是持发展、向民众提供基本务、以及政府改革和开展和平方案。”De Beer also said perceived corruption by the Afghan authorities turns members of the public against the government. Also, she added, the agricultural sector needs more support and that aid should be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner. 比尔还说 ,由于阿富汗当局被认为很腐败,使阿富汗公众反对本国政府。她还说,农业部门需要更多持,而且应当以更迅速和更有效的方式提供救援。200808/45401泉州哪个看妇科好呢

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