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石狮人民医院网上预约挂号泉州妇科医院哪个好In the British section of year nine,在进行英式教学法的初三班上Bohunt head of maths Pete Whitworth is also gearing up for the exam.航特的数学教研组长皮特·惠特沃斯也在为考试做准备Todays lesson is your final lesson before your test on Thursday.这堂课是周四考试前的最后一堂How do you find the area of a trapezium?梯形面积怎么求You do half the sum of the parallel sides...上下两边之和除以二OK, so lets do that then.好,那算一下which is 12 add 9 divided by 2.也就是十二加九然后除以二Is she right?她做得对吗Mr Whitworths class is much smaller, and the kids have been grouped by ability.惠特沃斯老师的班规模小得多,孩子们按照能力进行分组His approach is also more personal.他的授课方式更具针对性Which one are you doing?你在算哪道题With maths, youve got to put a bit of personality into it to make it a bit more fun.要把数学教得生动一些,才能增加趣味Youve got to get to know the students.你得了解自己的学生If you get the students on your side, you build a good relationship.如果能让学生们认同你,那就建立起了良好的师生关系Where are we? Which one are you showing me?算到哪里了,你想让我看哪道题All of them.全都看You havent put any workings with any of these.可你每道题都没写计算过程啊No, cos these ones dont need workings.因为这些题不需要写过程OK, so these are all Pythagoras ones, are they?好吧,这些用勾股定理就能解决对吧Its important for me that the students come in and they enjoy maths.让学生喜欢数学对我来说很重要Thats a really big thing.这很重要If they enjoy maths, then theyre much more likely to want to do it.如果他们喜欢数学,他们就更有可能去认真学Whats the matter?什么问题Mr Whitworth may have a softly, softly approach in the classroom,惠特沃斯老师在课堂上可能有些温和but hes deadly serious about the exams.但是他对考试的态度是极其认真的Anyone who knows me knows Im insanely competitive.了解我的人都知道我非常好胜And of course, I want my students to do well.我当然也希望我的学生们表现出色I want it to look like what we do at Bohunt works and prove that.我想明航特的教学方法管用Perfect. Right, what well do is we will end it there.非常好,今天我们就到这里Im very much aware that Ive set you a homework of a double page sp of revision.我记着给你们留过作业了,两页纸的复习Enjoy whats left of this lovely afternoon.祝你们下午过得愉快See you later. Be good.再见,祝好运。201605/444214泉州新阳光医院怎么去 Garbage from the beach will enable me to collect it.从海滩捡来的垃圾可用来收集淡水What you got to do is put a knot in that end to hold it in there,只要在那一端打个结 把绳子固定and then just make a big cluster of knots on this end.然后在这一端打一个大结And what you want is just to be able to squeeze it into the funnel right there,接着 把这个结挤一挤 塞到塑料瓶里面and then whats gonna happen is that the water is gonna drip off the seep, down the line,and then into the bottle.等着瞧吧 水会慢慢地渗出来 再顺着绳子 滴到瓶子里And its not gonna be fast, but, you know, over a day,thats gonna fill up.这过程会比较缓慢 但最多一天 瓶子就会装满And that actually, you see that starting to work aly.实际上 可以看到已经开始收集水了See where its just going darker at the top,and thats slowly seeping its way down the line.绳子上端有水渗入 所以颜色变深了 水会慢慢地沿着绳子渗透下来Adults need three liters of fluid a day.成人每天需要3升淡水Drink less, and your health can deteriorate,with it your ability to think straight and make rational decisions.饮水不足会使人健康状况恶化 变得思维混乱 难以作出理智的决定Along the seas here are just teeming,teeming with fishes.这片海域生活着 不计其数的鱼类If you can get them, its good protein.Im gonna try my hand at a bit of spear-fishing.如果你能抓到 那是极好的蛋白质来源 我要试着做一个鱼叉Ive got this booby skull that I found, and all I need do is fix that to the end.刚才捡到了这个鲣鸟的头骨 我要做的就是 把它安在这头It makes a good, natural three-pronged spear.Platted banana husk makes excellent cordage.就成了一把浑然天成的 三股鱼叉 可以用芭蕉树皮编出坚韧的绳索Once youre done, lash it all together.Then you got a nice three-pronged spear there.编完后 把它们捆在一起 就得到一把尖锐的三股鱼叉And its actually how the birds themselves hunt.They dive, spear the fish,and pull them out.而且这正是鲣鸟捕猎的方式 它们一头扎入水中 刺向鱼儿 把鱼从水里揪出来Its good enought for them,good enough for me. Lets give it a go.既然海鸟能这样捕食 我也可以 试试吧201606/451021石狮市中医院正规吗?怎么样

晋江市妇女医院看产科需要多少钱The world says the U.S. is doing pretty well when it comes to its leadership for now.世界各国称,当谈到现在的领导力,美国做得相当不错。According to a Gallup poll released Friday, the 132 countries surveyed landed on a 45 percent median approval rating of U.S. leadership. Thats the same as it was the year before.周五,据盖洛普民意调查公布,132个调查国家中百分之45持美国的领导。这和去年一样。The U.S. global image has been fairly strong since President Barack Obama first took office in .自从奥巴马总统上任以来,美国的全球形象相当强劲。When he was first elected, a whopping 49 percent of those surveyed worldwide approved of American leadership.当奥巴马首次当选,世界上高达百分之49的调查国赞成美国的领导。But the upcoming U.S. presidential election could change that.但即将到来的美国总统大选可能会带来改变。I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.我将在我们南部边境建造一座伟大的城墙。我要墨西哥为那堵墙付钱。New research from Brand Finance says a Trump presidency would threaten the U.S. global image because of his views on foreign policy.《金融品牌》的新研究称,特朗普竞选总统将威胁美国的全球形象,因为他对外交政策的看法。A survey from the Pew Research Center in June had similar results. But it also found while international confidence in Hillary Clintons ability to lead the country was significantly greater than Trumps, it was still lower than Obamas.六月 皮尤研究中心的一项调查也有类似的结果。它发现国际对希拉里领导美国的信心明显大于特朗普,但仍然低于奥巴马。According to the Gallup poll, the U.S. leadership approval rating only narrowly beat Germanys 43 percent. Leadership in Russia scored the lowest of the top five global powers at 24 percent.根据盖洛普民意调查,美国领导的持率仅以微弱优势击败德国的百分之43。俄罗斯的领导持率为百分之24,全球五强中得分最低。译文属。201610/472900泉州治疗肿瘤去哪家医院比较好 泉州福建医科大学第二医院等级

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