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In the brief three weeks the pup has with his mother.His body weight would triple.As herds shrinks by a third.在短暂的三个星期,幼仔只能与母亲作伴。他的体重会重达三倍。而它的群体却缩短为原来的三分之一。A bull moves in soon after the birth to impregnate her again.Each beach master on these shores may have dozens of females in his harem.And 100 meetings to complete in less than a month.All the while having to fight off more and more challengers.在她生育后不久,一只公牛再次和她进行交配。每一个海滩的王者在其后宫都可能有很多佳丽。这些100多次的交配在不到一月之内即可完成。之后所有动物都开始抵抗越来越多的挑战者。词语解释:1. shrink v. 缩短2. impregnate v, 交配、3. harem n. 后宫163427。

  • Same-sex weddings are expected to create thousands of new jobs and pump millions of dollars into California's economy. “Every time I think about it I cried, it means I get to marry the woman I love, you are gonna able to have a marriage license, you can gonna be able to be a wedding couple. There’s some legitimacy now.”In the storm moment in California, for Tracy and Tiffany who are about to walk down the aisle together. Oh, look at this, and through Robin and Diana, who fought for decades for the right of same-sex couples to marry.“It’s not just about each other, it’s said it’s open this entire possibility for every gay kid that’s growing up today, that they can grow up, and they can have marriage, and they can have families, and they can have acceptance. I mean it’s, it’s just incredibly important to us.”A monumental occasion for the couples and an unexpected boom for California’s economy.“I would say the total spending that will be generally by same-sex weddings is well over a billion dollars in the next three years.”A billions dollars and 2,100 new jobs over the next three years, according to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. Wedding planner Marcia Vidal says it couldn’t have come at a better time.“Are you seeing economic hard times, are things rather soft for people in your industry right now?”“Actually it is, we are definitely seeing a slowdown, and what else we’re seeing, a forecast of weddings’ being postponed even now to 2010 and 11.”Tiffany and Tracy are learning weddings are big business.“You discovered that, yes you know, you wanna have it at a place, and you wanna have someone officiating for you, oh, and we have to have a kid, and oh, by the way, don’t we want flowers?”Their budget about 40,000 dollars. “We are doing 40,000 just ourselves. And you count probably, 80 guests come in from out of the state, staying for at least 3 nights in hotels, car rentals, eating out, tourist attractions.”“We don’t want to be like two brides or two grooms”, Baker Tom Rosa says his business has aly tripled, thanks to customers like Diana and Robin. “I think price for most gays and lesbians will not be an object, because it’s something they never expected, never expected in all their life, and so the Californian ‘Gold Rushes’ are on.”“I now pronounce you spouses for life”, Diana and Robin became the first same-sex couple to officially tie the knot in southern California. And now, among the first to say, it helped the state along the way. 200812/58596。
  • Brown-headed cowbirds are robin-sized black birds whose range covers most of North America. From a people’s point of view cowbirds are what we might call deadbeat parents. Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, and the cowbird nestlings are raised by the foster parents. Since the cowbirds spend their formative months with birds of an entirely different species which has separate habits, songs, etc., “How does a cowbird know it’s a cowbird?” A good question, since singing the right songs and making the right moves are essential to establishing territory and attracting mates, it’s vital that one do these things right. One would think that the cowbird’s behavior would be “hardwired”, that it would just know what it is. But work done by Meredith West and her colleagues has shown that this is not the case.【生词注释】cowbird n.北美产的燕八哥robin-sized 知更鸟般大小的deadbeat a.游手好闲的formative a.影响发展的territory n.领地hardwired adj.天生的棕头色的燕八哥是知更鸟般大小的黑鸟,它便不再北美的大部分地区。在人们看来,燕八哥是游手好闲的父母。它将蛋缠在其他鸟类的我中,幼鸟是由其他鸟类养育的。因为燕八哥在发育阶段是和完全不同种类的鸟在一起生活,那些鸟的习惯和叫声都不一样。“燕八哥如何知道那是燕八哥吗?问得好,因为适当的叫声和合适的动作对于建立领地和吸引配偶来说都是基本的。燕八哥能正确地做这些事很重要。人们可能认为燕八哥的行为是“天生的”, 燕八哥天生就知道该如何做。但是Meredith West和同事的研究表明事实并不是这样。 201110/156432。
  • Israeli Intel Says Iran Capable of Producing Nuclear Bomb以情报官员称伊朗有能力制造核弹  A top Israeli general says Iran is capable of producing a nuclear bomb. 以色列一名高级军官说,伊朗有能力制造核弹。Israel's military intelligence chief told the country's Cabinet that Iran has crossed the "technological threshold" of nuclear capability. Major-General Amos Yadlin said this does not mean that Iran actually has an atomic bomb, but that it has the expertise and materials needed to build one. 以色列军事情报机构负责人阿莫斯.亚德林少将对内阁官员说,伊朗在核能力领域已经跨越了“技术门槛”。他表示,这并不意味着伊朗实际拥有了一枚原子弹,而是掌握了制造原子弹的技术和材料。So how long would it take Iran to acquire the bomb? Israeli analyst Barry Rubin says time is running out.  至于伊朗需要多少时间获得核弹,以色列分析人士巴里.鲁宾认为,时间不会很长。"There is a big gap between material and bomb," said Barry Rubin. "But basically, people who are well-informed estimate that Iran will need between 15 months to over three years." 他说:“把材料变成炸弹,这中间有很大的距离。但是,基本上,知情者估计,伊朗大约需要15个月到3年多的时间。”Rubin says that is a significant timetable considering there is a new administration in Washington, and in a few weeks, there is due to be a new government in Israel. 鲁宾指出,这个时间表很重要,因为华盛顿现在有一个新政府,几个星期之后,以色列也将出现一个新政府。"We are entering a period in which we can assume that during the administration of this president of the ed States and during the term of this prime minister of Israel, Iran will obtain nuclear weapons and those governments will have to make major decisions," he said. 鲁宾说:“我们正在进入这样一个时期,也就是,在现任美国总统的任期内,在以色列新总理的任期内,伊朗将获得核武器,美国和以色列的政府将不得不做出重大决定。”Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. But Israel has grown increasingly alarmed about Iran's intentions since 2005, when the Iranian president threatened to wipe the Jewish state "off the map."  伊朗表示,自己的核计划是用于和平目的。但是自2005年伊朗总统威胁要把以色列这个犹太国家“从地图上抹掉”以来,以色列对伊朗的意图越来越警觉了。The intelligence report has raised fresh speculation about whether Israel will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Nationalist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who is forming the next Israeli government, has warned that Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and that there is a military option. 情报报告使人们再次担心以色列是否会对伊朗的核设施采取先发制人的打击。民族主义领袖内塔尼亚胡正在组建下一届以色列政府,他曾经警告说,以色列将不允许伊朗获得核武器,以色列在这方面拥有军事选择。03/64181。
  • Corporate culture企业文化The view from the top, and bottom老板与员工的意见分歧Bosses think their firms are caring. Their minions disagree.老板们认为公司对员工关怀备至,但其下属却不以为然。AS WALMART grew into the world’s largest retailer, its staff were subjected to a long list of dos and don’ts covering every aspect of their work. Now the firm has decided that its rules-based culture is too inflexible to cope with the challenges of globalisation and technological change, and is trying to instil a “values-based” culture, in which employees can be trusted to do the right thing because they know what the firm stands for.随着沃尔玛发展成为全球最大零售商,其员工在工作的各方各面都受到了一大堆规则的限制。如今,沃尔玛已经认识到其以规则为基础的公司文化过于死板,无法应对全球化和科技变革所带来的挑战。所以,沃尔玛正尝试逐渐培养一种以价值观为基础的公司文化,在这种文化中,员工了解公司的主张,所以能够得到公司的信任,去做他们认为正确的事情。 “Values” is the latest hot topic in management thinking. PepsiCo has started preaching a creed of “performance with purpose”. Chevron, an oil firm, brands itself as a purveyor of “human energy”, though presumably it does not really want you to travel by rickshaw. Nearly every big firm claims to be building a more caring and ethical culture.“价值观念”是管理学思维最新的热门话题。百事可乐公司已开始宣扬一个信条:“目的性绩效”。石油公司雪佛龙在自己的商标上印上“‘人类体能’的供应商”的字样,尽管它大概并非真的希望你用人力车代步。几乎每一家大型企业都宣称自身正在发展更为关怀体贴、合乎道德的企业文化。A new study suggests there is less to this than it says on the label. Commissioned by Dov Seidman, boss of LRN, a firm that advises on corporate culture, and author of “How”, a book arguing that the way firms do business matters as much as what they do, and conducted by the Boston Research Group, the “National Governance, Culture and Leadership Assessment” is based on a survey of thousands of American employees, from every rung of the corporate ladder.一项新的研究显示,实际情况与商家们所标榜的有差距。LRN(一家企业文化顾问公司)的老板、同时也是《怎么做到的?》(本书主张企业的经营方式与其经营的业务同样重要)的作者多弗#8226;塞德曼委托波士顿研究集团进行这项“国家治理、文化和领导能力评估”的研究,该研究是以对来自公司各个级别的数千位美国雇员的调查为基础的。It found that 43% of those surveyed described their company’s culture as based on command-and-control, top-down management or leadership by coercion—what Mr Seidman calls “blind obedience”. The largest category, 54%, saw their employer’s culture as top-down, but with skilled leadership, lots of rules and a mix of carrots and sticks, which Mr Seidman calls “informed acquiescence”. Only 3% fell into the category of “self-governance”, in which everyone is guided by a “set of core principles and values that inspire everyone to align around a company’s mission”.研究发现,有43%的调查对象对其公司的文化有以下描述:以命令和指挥为基础、自上而下的管理模式或强制式的领导——塞德曼先生称之为“盲目从型”。所占百分比最多的调查对象,即有54%的人认为其公司文化自上而下型的,但公司的领导也有技巧可言,只是规则繁多并存在软硬兼施的手段,塞德曼先生称这种为“知情从型”。只有3%的调查对象属于“自我管理型”,即每个员工都被一套“核心原则和价值”所引导,这套原则和价值激励每个员工以公司的宗旨为中心进行工作。The study found evidence that such differences matter. Nearly half of those in blind-obedience companies said they had observed unethical behaviour in the previous year, compared with around a quarter in the other sorts of firm. Yet only a quarter of those in the blind-obedience firms said they were likely to blow the whistle, compared with over 90% in self-governing firms. Lack of trust may inhibit innovation, too. More than 90% of employees in self-governing firms, and two-thirds in the informed-acquiescence category, agreed that “good ideas are ily adopted by my company”. At blind-obedience firms, fewer than one in five did.研究也发现一些据,明这些公司文化之间的差异事关重大。在盲目从型企业中,几乎有过半数员工都称在前一年目睹过有违职业道德的行为,而在其他类型的企业中只有四分之一的员工有此经历。但是,在盲目从型企业中只有约四分之一的员工说他们可能会揭发这种行为,而在自我管理型企业中却有90%的员工会进行揭发。同样,上下级之间缺乏信任会抑制员工创新。自我管理型公司中超过90%的员工承认“绝妙的想法很容易会被公司采纳”,选择性顺从型公司中也有三分之二的员工这样认为。而在盲目从型公司中,持这种想法的人少于五分之一。Tragicomically, the study found that bosses often believe their own guff, even if their underlings do not. Bosses are eight times more likely than the average to believe that their organisation is self-governing. (The cheery folk in human resources are also much more optimistic than other employees.) Some 27% of bosses believe their employees are inspired by their firm. Alas, only 4% of employees agree. Likewise, 41% of bosses say their firm rewards performance based on values rather than merely on financial results. Only 14% of employees swallow this.令人哭笑不得的是,研究还发现老板们时常对自己瞎掰的那一套信以为真,即便员工们不以为然。老板们相信其公司是自我管理型公司的程度比普通员工高八倍。(人力资源部那些心情愉快的职员也比公司其他员工要乐观得多。)大约27%的老板认为自己公司的员工能够被公司所激励。奈何,只有4%的员工同意此说。同样,41%的老板称其公司对绩效的奖励是建基于价值观之上的,而不仅是业绩。然而只有14%的员工接受此说。201110/157091。
  • A White House economic advisor says there is an "overwhelming" need to do more to spur U.S. job creation and solidify a fragile economic recovery. The comment follows a disappointing monthly unemployment report that showed continuing job losses in the ed States.一位白宫经济顾问指出,目前迫切需要更多努力来重振美国就业市场以及巩固美国经济复苏。这番讲话之前,一份月就业率报告显示,美国就业市场持续疲软。Less than a year after President Barack Obama signed into law the biggest economic stimulus package in U.S. history, the head of his Council of Economic Advisers says additional measures are needed. 美国总统奥巴马签署有史以来最庞大的经济刺激计划还不到一年,他的经济顾问委员会主席克里斯蒂娜·罗默已经表示,美国还需要采取更多的措施。"The sense that we need to do more is overwhelming," Christina Romer said on A's This Week program. She said key elements of last year's 7-billion stimulus package - like unemployment benefits and aid to state governments - should be extended. 她说:“我们迫切地需要一些其他的举措。”罗默在美国广播公司节目《本周》中发表了上述观点。她说,政府应当延长去年高达7870亿美元的经济刺激计划。这其中包括失业补贴以及对州政府的联邦补贴。But Romer also called for new measures like tax incentives for businesses to hire new workers and cash rebates for people who make their homes more energy efficient.但是罗默同时呼吁采取新的举措,例如提供税收优惠以鼓励公司招募新进人员,以及给予现金回扣以使人们愿意将住所变得更加节能化。Friday, the U.S. Labor Department reported a net 85,000 job loss in the ed States last month, with unemployment holding steady at 10 percent. The numbers were a disappointment to economists who had held out hope that December might have recorded the first net job gains seen in the ed States in nearly two years.星期五,美国劳工部发表的报告指出,上个月美国就业市场共失去了8万5千个职位,而失业率仍处于10%的峰值。这个数字令经济学家十分失望,因为此前他们预言12月可能成为美国两年来首次就业出现正增长的月份。201001/94432。
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