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The scientific community was transfixed.整个科学界惊呆了For decades the coelacanth had been touted as a possible transitional form between fish and tetrapods,几十年来,腔棘鱼一直被奉为鱼和四足动物之间的过渡型物种but no one had really known enough about it. It existed only as a fossil.不过,当时无人对它有足够了解,人们只把它当成是一种活化石Smith proclaimed the coelacanth a transitional formSmith声称腔棘鱼就是过渡型物种and as proof he announced that it would actually walk on the bottom of the sea.为了自圆其说,他提出它应该能在海底行走I have no doubt that this fish crawls about on the bottom quite easily.我完全肯定这种鱼能在海底轻松地爬行Yes, the Professor says the fish is a kind of ancestor of man. Poor fish.是的,教授说这种鱼就是人类的一个祖先,可怜的鱼But he knew he would have to find one alive and walking to prove the coelacanth was the elusive transitional form.可是他很清楚他必须找到另一条活着且能行走的腔棘鱼,以明腔棘鱼确实是难得一见的过渡型物种He looked for 13 years until another one was found, and it didnt walk - it swam.他寻找了13年,最后终于找到了一条,但它不会行走,只会游泳It was just another fish.它只是一条鱼Well it was thrown out. There were quite a lot of nasty letters send to J.L.B. too它被完全否定了,J.L.B.Smith收到了很多写满污言秽语的信件to say that he was having a daydream.说他简直是白日做梦There were still no transitional forms,看来还是没有过渡型物种nothing to show that a fish with fins had walked over land and evolved into our first ancestor with legs,没有什么能说明长着鳍的鱼为何会爬到陆地上,进化成我们最早的长着腿的祖先nothing to silence the creationists and there it rested for 30 years.也没有什么能堵住神创论者们的嘴,这个问题搁置了30多年。201702/492682Well, in my sight for water,I am not much better off, you know.我所能看到的水 情况不太乐观there no sight of any rivers,no low patch green in the my indicate of assess.Just a lot of sand.这里没有任何河流的迹象 也没有我所预想的灌木丛 只有一片沙海What I do know is the prevailing wind here, comes the north west.我能确定的是 这里盛行西北风The steep slope of desert gym faces the way from the prevailing wind.so I can this to get a bearing.这片区域里沙丘的陡坡走向 表明了盛行风的方向 因此 我能通过这个来进行定位I know that to the west is Atlantic.and thats where I want to head.我因此得出往北能到大西洋 那里正是我要前往的地方I am making a arrow here,just indicate tracks on traveling我在此做下一个箭头标记 是为了在旅途中留下踪迹If someone is lookig for you and they come cross sign like this,如果有人在搜寻你 看到这样的标记it could make that critical difference in that search and to your survival.Lets go in.它有可能对搜寻工作有重要帮助 你也会因此获救 我们继续前进Temperature here can soar to one hundred and twenty degrees.这里的气温可以达到49度And the only way to keep cool is to sweat up to two liters an hour.唯一能够让你保持凉爽的 只有每小时排出的两公升汗液Out here dehydration is your worse enemy.water is your best friend.现在脱水是你最大的敌人 而水是你最有力的伙伴This bottle is empty.Theres a little thing.Shot to here.瓶子空了 这里有个小家伙 钻进这里去了Very nearly got him,Yeah, good ,try to dig him out.差一点就抓到它了 很好 想办法把它弄出来To be honest, its not really worth your energy and the sweat youll cost need to conserve by today.老实说 它并不值得你这么耗费能量 并且我们需要保存今天 能够让你降低体温的汗液So its his lucky day. Go on then所以今天它走大运了 继续走吧201611/478027栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464445

Whats that?Sort of a shove.Shot passed my legs there.那是什么 铲子似的东西 从我的腿边游了过去We need to speed up. Get moving.得加速了 动起来Sharks lock on to the electromagnetic fields that all living creatures produce.鲨鱼能够锁定 所有生物的电磁场The longer Im in the water,the more likely Ill be detected.我在水里呆得越久 就越有可能被它们发现Were over halfway.Come on, stick with me. We can make this.过了一半了 跟上 跟紧我 我们会成功的Less than 100 yards to go to safety.还有不到100码就安全了But suddenly, theres something between me and the shore.但是突然 海水中 杀出一个程咬金Oh, look at the shark here. Just there.Stand still. Dont move.瞧那只鲨鱼 就在那里 站住别动 不要动Start panicking and thrashing around sends out a signal youre vulnerable and youre potential prey.若是惊慌失措 抱头鼠窜 在鲨鱼看来 这意味着你不堪一击 可以做它们美味的盘中餐Best off just standing your ground and letting them swim by.站住不要动 等它们游过去才是上策But Im in danger of being surrounded.但是我被包围了 处境很危险Theres two of them.Stay still. Hold your nerve.有两条 站住不要动 不要紧张Okay, its coming straight this way.Just stay still. Stay still.好吧 它直朝着这边过来了 站住就行 站住不要动Theres an 8-footer coming straight for me.This is no time to panic.这个8英尺长的巨兽直向我冲来 来不及慌张But at the last moment, he turns away.但在最后时刻 它调头了Thats my chance to get across.我渡峡的机会来了Come on. Dont worry about that.Lets just move. Come on.Just stick with me.跟上 不用管它了 走就行 来吧 紧跟着我201703/500105

Smog is up 65 percent in the western U.S., according to a new study.根据一项新的研究,美国西部烟雾污染上升百分之65。Researchers say its because of Asian countries emission levels of nitrogen oxides, which have tripled since 1990.研究人员表示,这是因为亚洲国家的氮氧化物排放水平,自1990以来增加了三倍。The findings come from pollution data collected in cities and national parks across the western U.S.这些发现来自美国西部城市和国家公园收集的污染数据。The Asian-made gases travel across the ocean. Theyve offset the 50 percent cut in emissions of nitrogen oxides made by the U.S. over the past 25 years. 亚洲排放的气体穿越海洋。它们抵消了过去25年美国氮氧化物排放量削减百分之50。Researchers say a global strategy is necessary in order for the U.S. to meet air quality objectives.研究人员表示,有必要采取全球战略满足美国的空气质量目标。High levels of these nitrogen oxides can be harmful to people and animals.高浓度的这些氮氧化物可能对人和动物有害。译文属。201703/495703

J.P. Morgan made a mistake backing Thomas Edison.J·P·根持托马斯·爱迪生是错误的I mean, they all make mistakes.两人都犯了错误And I always say that you have to guard against the downside.我总说 你必须要防范不利情况Because it can be the greatest deal youve ever seen, and there is a chance that that deal wont work out.因为这可能是你所见过的最好的生意 但这个生意也有可能做不成Dont let a deal like that take you down if it doesnt work.就算做不成 也不要让它彻底毁了你Morgan is determined to gain control of the electric industry.根决定获得电力行业的控制权And hes going to do it the Morgan way.他这次打算用根式的方法去做If you were on his bad side, or he coveted your company, or the technology that your company had, you did not want to be in that position.你可能会站在他的对立面 他可能垂涎你的公司 或是垂涎你公司所拥有的技术 你显然不希望处于这些情况之下Morgan returns to the lessons of his father.根回到了父亲的教诲Hes going to intimidate the competition into submission.他将通过胁迫 让竞争转化为从He starts his attack by going after Westinghouse, and everything he owns.....including Teslas A.C. electricity patents.他的攻击始于追逐威斯汀豪斯和他所拥有的一切 包括特斯拉的交流电专利Congratulations, Westinghouse.祝贺你 威斯汀豪斯I hear you won the Niagara Falls contract.听说你赢得了尼亚加拉瀑布的合同Ill be taking you to court for patent infringement over A.C. designs.我将到法庭起诉交流电设计的专利侵权Why would you start a legal case that will cost millions-- a case that you will lose?为什么你要打一起代价数百万美元的官司 况且你肯定打不赢Because you dont have the resources to fight such a case-- and youll go under.因为你没有打这场官司所需的资源 你会破产What is it you want?你想要什么You know the answer to that.你知道Westinghouse has no choice but to give in to Morgans demands.威斯汀豪斯别无选择 只能从根的要求Knowing that the cost of a lawsuit will put him out of business, hes forced to sign over the patents for Teslas A.C. electricity.他深知 这场官司的花费会将他拖垮 他被迫签字转让特斯拉的交流电专利But Morgan doesnt stop with Westinghouse.不过根要对付的还不只是威斯汀豪斯201606/448134

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