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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201605/445787I am thinking of an animal.我正在想一个动物It#39;s black and white, furry, and kind of like a Teddy bear.它黑白相间 毛茸茸的 有点像泰迪熊You are right, Squeaks. It#39;s a panda.Squeaks 你猜对了 它就是熊猫Kids all over the world have heard of pandas, but have you ever seen one?全世界的孩子都听说过熊猫 但你见过吗?If you are lucky, you may have seen one in the zoo.你可能有幸在动物园看到过But I am pretty sure, you never come across one just walking around.但我肯定 你不会随随便便在大街上就能碰上熊猫That#39;s because pandas are very rare.那是因为熊猫相当稀有And we can learn a lot from them about what all kinds of animals need to survive in the wild.我们能从它们身上了解到很多动物们野外生存的需求The animals you and I know as pandas are actually called ; Gaint Panda;.我们所知的熊猫,其学名实际上是;大熊猫;And they are bears, in the same family as brown and black bears.大熊猫属于熊科 与棕熊和黑熊属于同一科And pandas like all animals need certain things to live,大熊猫与其他动物一样需要在特定的条件下生存like food, water and a place to sleep and be safe.如食物、水以及用于休息且安全的场所We call the place where an animal has all of these things that needs to live, it#39;s ;habitat;.我们把满足动物所有生存条件的地方称为;栖息地;The place where you live is your habitat.你生活的地方就是你的栖息地But let#39;s find out what a panda#39;s habitat looks like.那让我们看看熊猫的栖息地是什么样子All pandas that live in the wild ,that is, they are in zoos,所有生活在野外,也就是动物园的熊猫,can be found in the mountains of China都来自于中国大山深处The weather there is cool and wet, and the forests in these mountains make up the panda#39;s habitat.那里气候湿冷 深山中的森林成了熊猫的栖息地Pandas make their homes called dens in places like the stumps of trees or inside big hollow logs.熊猫把窝筑在树桩上或者中空的树洞里So these mountain forests give pandas a place to sleep and be safe.所以这些山林给熊猫提供了栖息地和安全感But the habitat also needs to provide food for the animals that live there.但是栖息地也要为生活在这里的动物们提供食物And the panda#39;s favorite food, by far, is a plant called ;bamboo;.目前 熊猫最喜欢的食物是竹子Pandas eat a lot of bamboo and quickly.熊猫的食量很大而且进食迅速They have to eat a lot to get as big as they do.为了保持庞大的体型 他们必须吃很多But the problem with the panda#39;s diet is they don#39;t eat much else.但熊猫的饮食问题是 他们不太吃竹子之外的食物The fact is they are very picky eaters.事实上,它们很挑食!So a panda#39;s habitat has to have a lot of bamboo growing in it.所以熊猫的栖息地必须有很多竹子Luckily, the cool wet forest of China are a great place for growing bamboo.幸运的是 中国的湿冷森林适宜竹子生长All and all, these forests are the perfect habitats for pandas.总之 这些山林是大熊猫的完美栖息地But, there is a problem. The panda#39;s habitat is getting smaller.但问题是 熊猫的栖息地正在不断缩小A long time ago, there used to be a lot of mountain forests for the bears to live in.很久以前 有大片适于熊猫生活的山林But people started to cut down a lot of forests to make room for buildings, and to use the wood for fuel.但是人们开始砍树造房 烧柴生火As they did this, the panda#39;s habitat got smaller, and separated into pieces.长此以往 熊猫的栖息地变得越来越小并且越来越分散了Pandas started to have problems finding enough food to eat, and safe places to have their babies.熊猫们开始找不到足够的食物了 也没有安全的巢穴照顾宝宝了And as their habitat got smaller, so did the number of pandas.随着栖息地越来越小 熊猫的数量也越来越少So today there are far fewer pandas than there were a long time ago.所以 现在熊猫的数量远少于之前Scientists think there are fewer than 2,000 pandas living in the wild today.科学家们估计 现在野生大熊猫的总数不到2000只But there is a good news.但也有个好消息Once people learned that pandas were in trouble, they started to do things to help them.人们意识到了熊猫们的困境 开始行动起来帮助它们了People are not allowed to cut down trees in the panda#39;s habitat any more.比如禁止人们在熊猫栖息地伐木And scientists and volunteers have planted bamboo in trees to try to make the panda#39;s habitat bigger again.科学家和志愿者开始在树林中种竹子 试图扩大熊猫的栖息地It#39;s hard work, but lots of people are trying to solve the problem.虽然这是一项艰巨的任务 但是很多人都在努力解决这个问题So pandas are aly famous for being cute and kindly,尽管熊猫因为可爱和亲切而声名大噪but there also a great example of how all animals need a healthy habitat in order to survive.但是 也给了我们一个警示 动物们需要一个健康的栖息地来生存Anyhow, sometimes we can help protect for them.无论如何 我们都帮助保护它们Thanks for joining us on Scishow Kids.谢谢观看本期儿童科学秀节目Is there an animal that you like to learn more about?你有想了解的动物吗?If you have a question about the world around you,如果对于周围的世界存有疑惑grab a grownup and ask them to help you leave a comment down below,让大人在下方留言or send us an e-mail to kids@scishow.com.或者发电子邮件到kids@scishow.comThanks, I#39;ll see you next time, here at the fort.下次再见! Article/201706/513724

中国色拉英语乐园Salad English Park 故事梗概:   故事发生在一个人和动物友好相处的现代都市里。在那个世界里有着和我们现实生活完全一样的场景。所有发生的故事围绕我们日常生活的场景展开。包括出租车,饭店家庭聊天,医院,商店等等。还有可怜的Mr.B先生,总是个倒霉的家伙,被困在小岛上多日,每次求生的努力总是失败。另外还有一心想得到新式捕虫武器的青蛙,狡猾的商人,多情的公鸡,忠厚而失败的老牛等,许多许多有趣的人物演绎出一场一场好戏,同样折射出我们忙乱而精的都市生活。也许通过这么多细致的描写,你也可以发现你自己身边的青蛙,公鸡…… /200711/21338

You know one of the most important chapters in establishing our present existence你知道 网络是我们目前生活中最重要的组成部分之一so to speak, our present media existence was the realization of the power of the check-in.或者说多媒体生活最重要的组成部分之一 就是多次查看社交软件That is that urge, maybe you’ve felt it, I’ve got to check my email也许你已经感受到了那种焦虑比如我必须要看一下我的邮箱或者or maybe I should see what’s going on in my Twitter stream or it’s time to go to Facebook.或者你可能该查看一下推特动态或者打开脸书看看都有什么新鲜事儿发生了That’s kind of an unusual thing.这种现象很不正常I don’t know how you’d explain it to another generation but it’s kind of almost like a biological feeling that you need to check-in.我不知道你会如何向另一辈解释 但它很像 一种生理反应——你想要上网看看I would say it was invented sometime in the 1970’s with email, the first emails.它是在20世纪70年代伴随着第一批电子邮件出现的In fact, the first email addict in my ing was a man named Stephen Lukasik事实上 我所知的第一起邮件上瘾事件是一个名为史蒂芬 卢卡斯克的人who was the head of the ARPA agency in the Pentagon in the early 1970’s.他是20世纪70年代早期美国五角大楼国防部高级研究计划署的领导人And he was an interesting guy because he carried around what was then a portable computer in70#39;s同时他是一个有趣的家伙 因为在70年代 他会随身带一台便携式计算机This huge terminal and he would plug it in everywhere he went and he would check his email.这样巨大的一个终端 无论他走到哪里他都会插上电源打开电脑 然后查看一下邮件And he insisted everyone do it and he was the first guy who had what many of us have right now并且 他持每一个人都这样做 他最早拥有我们现在都有的这个东西which is just this almost addiction to checking in.那就是沉溺于查看社交软件Now the psychology behind it is interesting.其背后的心理现象很有趣It is very reminiscent of what B.F. skinner described as operant conditioning这不禁让我们想起了斯金纳所说的操作性条件反射That is to say that the tendency of all creatures, not just humans but pigeons and other animals那时就说所有生物都会具有的一种倾向 不光是人类 鸽子和其他动物也有这种倾向to take actions that will lead to rewards那就是它们都会倾向于去做能够得到奖赏的事you know, pecking at a little button to get a little snack就像啄一个小按钮就能得到食物But one of the things that Skinner noticed that I think is very relevant for our lives我认为斯金纳发现的一件事跟我们的生活息息相关is the most addictive forms of rewards are those that are unpredictable.奖赏的不确定性是最让我们着迷的And so, for example, if you peck every time and outcomes a little prize that’s not that interesting.就比如说 如果你每次按按钮都能得到一点奖励的话 那这就不是很有趣了It’s the things that you can’t predict whether they’re slot machines让人着迷的是无法预测的事 即使只是投币游戏机whether it’s fishing, whether it’s playing golf.钓鱼或是打高尔夫All the things that like actually really capture our interest are things where the reward payout is quite unpredictable.让我们非常着迷的都是那些 可获得非常不确定的奖励的事And email obviously has that quality. So does Facebook.很明显脸书和邮箱都具有那种特质Most of the time you show up there’s nothing much there.大多数时候 你上线什么信息也收不到But occasionally you might see something extraordinary in email with great news or maybe a very meaningful message.但偶然你可能会通过邮箱收到一些好消或一条意义重大的消息You know you log into social media, most of the time it’s kind of a bore but occasionally something quite profound is there.大多数时候你登录社交媒体都觉得很无聊 但有时会发现十分有意义的事And this turns out to be the most addictive kind of thing, these unpredictable reward schemes这就说明最吸引人的是那些让人无法预测奖励的东西And I think there’s a sense in which we’re little pigeons sitting inside our boxes pecking away有时候我觉得我们就像那些小鸽子 在我们的盒子里啄那个按钮I mean this is not the most inspiring model of humanity but sometimes it all like that.我不是说这是人性中最给人启发的的一面 但有时的确是这样Pecking away and waiting to see what rewards come to us and that has proven to be a very啄那个按钮 然后等着看会得到什么 已经明这很让人上瘾addictive – I don’t know if that’s the right word but very compelling scheme and one which I think many of us have gotten involved in.我不知道我说的是不是完全正确 但是那是很诱人的 并且我想很多人已经上瘾了 Article/201706/513070Some of these granite peaks were formed over 1 1/2 billion years ago.这些花岗岩山峰 已有15亿多年的历史All right, guys, where we#39;re going is one of the most spectacular peaks around here, right?伙计们 我们即将 在其中最为雄伟的山峰上降落And it is high. And it is full on the summit.这里海拔很高 有很厚的积雪And it#39;s more than likely gonna be as windy as hell.风力也将异常强劲What it means is that the heli is not gonna be able to touch down, man.这样一来 直升机 无法直接降落在山顶So what we#39;re gonna try and do is fast-rope.所以我们要索降至山顶You#39;re on your own on that rope.Do not let go of the rope.索降时全靠你们自己了 千万别松开绳子More used to jumping in and out of New York cabs than helicopters, Joe looks visibly nervous.家住纽约的乔坐惯了出租车 因此在进出直升机时显得很紧张I live in New York. I don#39;t see nature.我住在纽约 没有深入到大自然I don#39;t see the jungle. I don#39;t see the rainforest.没见过丛林 也没见过雨林Joe#39;s an e-commerce expert.乔是一名电子商务专家Outside work, he#39;s deejaying and playing handball with his buddies.业余时间 他做调音师 经常和朋友们打打手球I#39;m gonna miss the cars, the people,the food, the bathrooms.我会想念城市里的车流与人群的 也会怀念常吃的食物和我家的浴室I#39;m not looking forward to eating anything alive我不想杀生取肉or something that I usually would step on.也不想吃一些平时会看到的动物But look at that for a view.Just spectacular mountains, eh?看窗外的风景 我们进入了雄伟的群山之中Sean works for an electronics company and is based in Minnesota.Yeah, this is Sean.肖恩在明尼苏达州的 一家电子公司供职 您好 我是肖恩He travels the U.S., training employees.他行遍全美 培训员工I live in the urban wilderness.我住在钢筋混凝土的都市丛林里In fact, when people ask me where I live,每当有人问我家住在哪里的时候I tell them I live in airports and hotels.我总说我住在机场和酒店里And that#39;s just the way it is.这就是我的生活Sean loves his home and sports,but has a phobia about water.肖恩热爱他的家乡 热爱运动 但他对水有恐惧症 Article/201705/509304栏目简介:The recent soft opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort has raised some complaints about issues such as the cost of food inside the park. Today, a group of government officials and Disney executives held a press conference to address some of those concerns. Sun Caiqin has more... Article/201704/499915

英语对话Flash [11] /200705/13072This thing is moving, man.Come on, Joe. We need energy.这东西还在动呢 伙计 乔 加油 我们要补充能量Don#39;t throw up on me.I almost did.One, two, three.别吐到我身上 差一点就吐了 一 二 三How#39;s it doing in there?感觉怎么样I#39;m right in your projectile-vomit line.我正好在你的呕吐范围内Don#39;t vomit. Try and get it down.You need all your energy. Come on.别吐 试着咽下去 你需要能量 加油Wash it down with that.That sort of whimper.喝点茶顺顺 这是啜泣吗Feels good. It feels good.Well done, buddy. Well done.很好 还不错 做的不错 伙计 很好This bushman#39;s breakfast couldn#39;t be further from Joe#39;s New York equivalent.丛林早餐当然不能和 乔在纽约的早餐相提并论He#39;s pure evil.Yeah.He#39;s pure evil.他太坏了 对 真是太可恶了Sacks on? Good. We#39;re out of here.包打好了吗 非常好 我们出发了It#39;s a good idea to take advantage of any elevation to plan the next part of your journey.要善于利用高地位置 来计划下一步行程A constant survival challenge is to find the quickest and easiest route.一个永恒的生存挑战 就是找到捷径I#39;m beat. I#39;m completely exhausted.我太累了 完全崩溃了But last night, the mentally exhausted hit as well.昨晚 精神上也疲惫不堪Okay, look. You see where we want to get to.看到我们要去的地方了吧Down through this moraine.沿着冰碛下去And you can see where the lake then spills out of the valley.你会看到湖泊 然后走出山谷And that#39;s where we want to head- down into the valley.那儿就是我们的目的地 谷底Following the water is a good guide,流水是我们的好向导as it finds the path of least resistance.因为它能将我们领向最好走的路径The thing is this is all very, very loose.这儿的岩石很不牢固 Article/201706/513994

In this American English pronunciation , we#39;re going to go over how to pronounce the word AT in a sentence.I love reductions.在这节美式英语发音课上,我们将要学习句子中的单词“at”如何发音。我爱略读。As you probably know, there are lots of words in American English that will sound different in the context of a sentence then they do on their own.你们可能知道,美式英语里面面有很多单词,在句子中的发音和单独发音有所不同。AT is one of these words. On its own, it has the AA as in BAT vowel and the true T.At.(loop two times)“at”就是这样一个单词。单独发音时,它是“bat”中的aa元音和清音T。“at”(循环两次)But in a sentence, it will often reduce to the schwa vowel. The final T will either be a stop T or a flap T depending on the next sound.但是在一句话中,它经常略读为弱读音。而结尾的“t”则根据后面单词的发音来决定是停顿T还是闪音T。If the next sound is a consonant, then it will be a stop T.If the next sound is a vowel or a diphthong, then it will be a flap T.如果后面单词的首字母是辅音,则是停顿T。如果是元音或者双元音,则是闪音T。Let#39;s take a look at some sentence fragments.我们来看一些句子片段。First, at my(loop two times). The word after the word #39;at#39; begins with the M consonant. So the T here is a stop T.At (loop four times), at my(loop two times).首先,“at my”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的词首字母是辅音M,因此这里是停顿T。“at”(循环四次),“at my”(循环两次)。At a(loop two times) The sound after the word #39;at#39; here is the schwa sound, a vowel. So the ending T will be a flap T.At a (loop four times).“at a”(循环两次)单词“at”后面的音是弱读元音,因此结尾是闪音T。“at a”(循环四次)Now let#39;s look at some full sentences.现在我们来看一些完整的句子。I#39;ll be at school. At(loop two times), the word after the word #39;at#39; here is #39;school#39;, beginning with a consonant, so the T will be a stop T.At school(loop two times). I#39;ll be at school.I#39;ll be at school. “at”(循环两次)这里单词“at”后面的词是“school”,开头是辅音,所以是停顿T。“at school”(循环两次)I#39;ll be at school.Also, are you noticing how fast the word is?As a function word, as a reduced word, it#39;s very fast: at (loop three times).另外,你有注意到这个单词的发音有多快吗?作为一个功能词和略读词,这个词发音很快,“at”(循环三次)This provides nice rhythmic contrast in the sentence to the stressed syllables.这就和句子中的重读音节形成了很鲜明的节奏比较。For example, at school (loop three times). They#39;re both one syllable, but the word #39;at#39;, much quicker than the word #39;school#39;. At school.例如,“at school”(循环三次)。这两个单词都只有一个音节,但是单词“at”比“school”的发音快很多。At school.I#39;ll be at her house. The next word, after the word “at”, is the word “her”. But I#39;m dropping the H to reduce that word, so the next sound is actually the schwa sound.I#39;ll be at her house. 单词“at”后面的单词是“her”,但是我省略了“h”来进行略读,所以下一个发音实际上是弱读元音。That means the T will be a flap T.At her(loop three times). I#39;ll be at her house.(loop two times)这意味着结尾是闪音T。“at her”(循环三次)。I#39;ll be at her house.(循环两次)I got it at the corner store. At the(loop two times). So the word after the word #39;at#39; begins with a consonant, therefore the T is a stop T.At the(loop two times). I got it at the corner store.I got it at the corner store. “at the”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的首字母是辅音,因此结尾是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)。I got it at the corner store.I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6. At Anna#39;s(loop two times). The next word begins with a vowel sound, so the T is a flap T.At Anna#39;s. I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6.I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6. “At Anna#39;s. ”(循环两次)。下一个单词以元音开头,所以T是闪音T。At Anna#39;s. I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6.I#39;m busy at the moment. At the(loop two times). Again, the next word, #39;the#39;, begins with a consonant, so it#39;s a stop T.At the(loop two times). I#39;m busy at the moment.I#39;m busy at the moment.“at the”(循环两次)下一个单词“the”开头是辅音,因此这里是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)I#39;m busy at the moment.I hope you#39;ll notice when native speakers do this and start doing it yourself.我希望当母语者这样说时你能注意到并且你自己也开始这样说。Integrating the reduced #39;at#39; into your speech will help smooth out the line, and also add some nice rhythmic contrast to the longer, stressed syllables in a sentence.将略读“at”融入于你的讲话中将会使你的讲话更流利,并且和句子中长的重读音节形成节奏对比。 Article/201706/515050I#39;ve gotten a few questions recently about the word #39;are#39;.我最近收到一些关于单词“are”的问题。Specifically someone recently asked if they were hearing correctly “What you doing?” instead of “What are you doing?”有人特别指出他们所听到的“What you doing?” 而不是“What are you doing?”是否正确。That is not grammatically correct, and a native speaker would not say “What you doing?”这在语法上是错误的。母语者也不会说“What you doing?”However, a native speaker may reduce the word #39;are#39; so much that a non-native speaker would have problems hearing it.然后,母语者可能会略读单词“are”以至于非英语母语者会听不出来。The word #39;are#39; can be reduced simply to the schwa R sound, er (loop three times).单词“are”可以略读为简单的弱元音R,“er”(循环三次)。So in this sentence, “What are you doing?” you may very well hear whater [x2], whater you doing? (loop two times) with the “er” very low in pitch and very fast.所以“What are you doing?” 这句话中,你可能会听到“whater”(循环两次),“whater you doing”(循环两次),其中“er”音调低沉迅速。What are you doing? What are (loop two times), it sounds like the word #39;butter#39;. Butter, what are, what are you doing?What are you doing?“what are”(循环两次),听起来就像单词“butter”。Butter,what are,what are you doing?Now that you know what you#39;re listening for, see if you can hear it in this sentence: What are you doing? (loop three times)现在你知道你听的是什么了,试试看你能否在这个句子里听出来。What are you doing?(循环三次)The word #39;are#39; is often shortened in writing as well, as a contraction with #39;you#39;, #39;we#39;, or #39;they#39;. They#39;re, for example.单词“are”在书写时也经常和“you”,“we”或者“they”这些词进行缩写,例如“They’re”。But it doesn#39;t have to be written as a contraction for it to be pronounced with this short #39;er#39; sound.但并不是因为它发音时变成“er”所以书写时才进行缩写。Let#39;s look at a few more sentences where the word #39;are#39; can be reduced.我们再来看一些句子中的“are”略读的例子。My cousins are coming tomorrow. My cousins are (loop two times), My cousins are coming tomorrow. (loop two times)My cousins are coming tomorrow. “My cousins are”(循环两次)My cousins are coming tomorrow. (循环两次)The cookies are good. The cookies are, are, the cookies are good.饼干好吃。饼干好吃。Where are the girls? Now here the word before ends in the schwa R sound, er, where er the girls? I would explain it as a re-emphasizing of the er sound: Where er the girls?Where are the girls?这里的单词以弱音R结尾,er,where er the girls?我把这称为对“er”音的再次强调。Where er the girls?But in fast speech, it actually all blends together. Where are the girls? (loop two times)但是在快速语音中,实际上两个单词都是连在一起的。Where are the girls?(循环两次)So it sounds like the word R is being dropped. Where are the girls?所以听起来就像是省略了R。Where are the girls?And someone else asked about the word #39;are#39; and the word #39;were#39; – about them sounding the same when they#39;re both reduced.还有人问到单词“are”和“were”在略读时发音一样的问题。The word #39;were#39; will always have that W sound at the beginning, so there is a difference in the pronunciation of these words.单词“were”开头永远都有w的音,所以这两个单词在发音上是有区别的。Let#39;s look at an example sentence.我们来看一些例子。The kids are there. The kids er, er, er, just the R sound, the kids are there.The kids are there. The kids er,er,er,只有R的音,the kids are there.The kids were there. The kids ww, ww, were, were, the kids were there.孩子们在那里。孩子们在那里。The second one has that W sound in it. The kids are there, the kids were there. (loop two times) Can you hear the difference?第二种里面有W的音在。The kids are there,the kids were there. (循环两次)你能听出区别吗?Now that you know this concept of the reduced word #39;are#39;, try it out in your speech.现在你知道了略读单词“are”的原理,在你讲话中试着运用一下。And listen for it when you#39;re listening to native speakers.当你听英语母语者讲话时也注意听一下。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/515266Sports[qh]第7部分:体育[qh]I.Useful Expressions[qh]I.实用表达[qh]1)What#39;s your favorate sport?[qh]1)您最喜欢的体育运动是什么?[qh]2)The stadium is well equipped.[qh]2)体育馆的设施不错.[qh]3)Let#39;s cheer our side on![qh]3)来给我们队加油吧![qh]4)Go for it!Come on![qh]4)加油!加油![qh]5)Well done (Good shot)[qh]5)好球.[qh]6)Who won?[qh]6)谁赢了?[qh]7)What was the score?[qh]7)比分是多少?[qh]8)Who is winning?[qh]8)谁领先呢?[qh]9)They are leading,10 to 6[qh]9)他们领先,10:6.[qh]10)She broke the world record.[qh]10)她打破了世界纪录.[qh]11)Which event of the Olympic Games do you like best?[qh]11)你最喜欢什么奥运会项目?[qh]12)He won a gold/silver/bronze medal.[qh]12)他获得了金/银/铜牌.[qh]13)What sports are popular in your country?[qh]13)你们国家流行哪些运动?[qh]14)I am a football fan.[qh]14)我是足球迷.[qh]15)What do you think of the Olympic Games?[qh]15你觉得北京奥运会怎么样?[qh]16)He is in good form.[qh]16)他的状态很好.[qh]II.Dialogues[qh]II.对话[qh]1)A:What sports are popular in your country?[qh]1)A:你们国家流行哪些运动?[qh]B:Football,baseball,and swimming.[qh]B:足球,垒球,游泳.[qh]A:What#39;s your favorate sport?[qh]A:你最喜欢哪项运动?[qh]B:Football.In fact,I am a football fan.[qh]B:足球,其实我还是个足球迷呢.[qh]2)A:What do you think of the Beijing Olympic Games?[qh]A:你觉得北京奥运会怎样[qh]B:Excellent.The stadium are well equipped.[qh]B:好极了!体育馆的设施很好.[qh]A:Which event of the Olympic games do you like best?[qh]A:你最喜欢什么奥运会项目?[qh]B:Volleyball.[qh]B:排球.[qh]3)A:What#39;s the score?Who is winning?[qh]3)A:比分多少?谁领先?[qh]B:They#39;re leading,ten to six.[qh]B:他们领先,10:6.[qh]A:Let#39;s cheer our side on.[qh]A:来给我们队加油吧![qh]B:OK.Go for it!Come on![qh]B:好的.加油!加油![qh] /200606/7733

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