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Malaysia’s prime minister will explore deeper defence and economic co-operation with China on a state visit this week, at a time when concern is deepening in the west over Beijing’s attempts to dislodge Asian countries from Washington’s orbit.马来西亚总理将在本周对中国进行国事访问期间探索同中国发展更深层次的国防和经济合作。目前西方日益担忧北京方面试图使亚洲国家脱离华盛顿轨道。Najib Razak’s trip to China follows a thaw in diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines, with President Rodrigo Duterte declaring his country’s “separationfrom the US on a visit to Beijing last month.纳吉拉扎Najib Razak)访问中国之前,中国和菲律宾之间的外交关系解冻,罗德里杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)总统在上月访问北京期间宣告他的国家与美国“分离”。Among Malaysia’s aims is the negotiation of a deal to purchase coastal patrol ships from China in what would be the first significant defence equipment contract between the two countries. If confirmed, the deal is likely to ruffle feathers among the US and its allies.马来西亚方面的目标包括谈判达成从中国采购近海巡逻艇的协议,这将是两国之间的第一份重大防务装备合同。如果得到实,这笔交易很可能引发美国及其盟国不快。“This is in direct competition with US and Japanese attempts to sell this kind of defence technology,said Alex Neill, an Asia-Pacific security fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Singapore.“这与美国和日本销售这种防务技术的尝试构成直接竞争,”新加坡国际战略研究所(International Institute for Strategic Studies)亚太安全问题研究员亚历克尼尔(Alex Neill)表示。Although Malaysia is one of several claimants to disputed reefs and islands in the South China Sea, its response to China’s expansive claims over the area has generally been to avoid confrontation. Malaysian ministers have occasionally bristled over China’s claims, but Mr Najib has emphasised moderation.虽然马来西亚是南中国海争议岛礁和岛屿的几个声索国之一,但该国对中国在该地区扩张性主权主张的回应总体上是回避对抗。马来西亚的部长级官员偶尔会抨击中国的主张,但纳吉布本人一直强调克制。Military relations between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur have grown warmer recently, with the first joint military exercise conducted last year in the Strait of Malacca.北京和吉隆坡之间的军事关系近期升温,去年两国在马六甲海峡进行了第一次联合军事演习。Malaysia’s defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is accompanying Mr Najib to China, announced the purchase of Chinese naval patrol craft in a Facebook post that was later removed.陪同纳吉布访华的马来西亚国防部长希沙姆丁.侯赛Hishammuddin Hussein),曾在Facebook上宣布采购中国海军巡逻艇,但这个帖子随后被删除。Analysts are speaking about a “Duterte effectacross Asia as Beijing seeks to pry countries away from Washington and coax them into its orbit, using its economic weight in the region as leverage.分析人士正在谈论席卷亚洲的“杜特尔特效应”,即北京方面试图把一个又一个国家撬离华盛顿的盟友圈子,并把中国在该地区的经济份量用作杠杆,推动这些国家进入中国的轨道。“Now Malaysia seems like a wobbly domino,said Euan Graham, director of the Lowy Institute in Sydney. “It lends itself to a pessimistic ing that there is a broader accommodation with China across Southeast Asia.”“现在马来西亚看上去像是一块摇摇欲坠的多米诺骨牌,”悉尼洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute for International Policy)主任尤安.格雷厄姆(Euan Graham)表示。“这意味着令人悲观的解读是,东南亚国家在普遍迁就中囀?”Malaysia and China have overlapping claims in the South China Sea, but they have rarely come into conflict because Malaysia’s claims lie far in the south, away from China’s recent efforts to build islands out of rocks and coral reefs further north.马来西亚和中国在南中国海的主权声索范围有重叠部分,但两国很少发生冲突,因为马来西亚声索的部分在南中国海的最南端,与中国近期建造人工岛的岛礁和珊瑚礁所在的北部相距较远。However, Malaysia’s coast guard in March announced that about 100 Chinese fishing vessels had been detected encroaching in Malaysia’s waters in the disputed sea, a signal that China is likely to press its maritime claims.然而,马来西亚海事执法局曾在今年3月宣布,约有100艘中国渔船被发现侵入争议海域的马来西亚水域,这个信号表明中国有可能重提其海事主张。Neighbouring Singapore and Vietnam have both moved to strengthen defence ties with the US, with Singapore allowing the deployment of Poseidon spy planes and exploring training opportunities for its armed forces on the US Pacific territory of Guam.邻近的新加坡和越南都加强了与美国的防务关系,新加坡允许美国部署“海神Poseidon)反潜巡逻机,并探索让新加坡军队在关岛(美国太平洋属地)进行培训的可能性。Mr Duterte, in contrast, signed .5bn of deals and investments on a trip to China this month during which he announced “springtimein relations between Beijing and Manila.相比之下,杜特尔特在上月访华期间签署35亿美元的协议和投资,其间他还宣告北京和马尼拉之间的关系进入“春天”。Mustafa Izzuddin, fellow at the Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, said Malaysia was pursuing a “balancedapproach to China that combined protecting its interests in the South China Sea with strengthening economic relations.新加坡尤索夫伊萨东南亚研究院(ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute)研究员穆斯塔伊兹Mustafa Izzuddin)表示,马来西亚正寻求对中国采取一种“平衡”姿态,在加强经济关系的同时保护其在南中国海的利益。China is Malaysia’s biggest trading partner, while tourism from China has rebounded after a fall in the wake of the disappearance of the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in 2014.中国是马来西亚最大的贸易伙伴,而中国赴马来西亚旅游的人数在2014年飞往北京的马航MH370航班失踪后一度下降,但现已反弹。At home, Mr Najib has been buffeted by claims that billions of dollars were looted from state investment fund 1MDB. The scandal has strained relations between Malaysia and the US, where federal prosecutors have moved to seize assets allegedly bought with misappropriated cash.纳吉布在国内饱受非议,他被指从国家投资基MDB侵吞了巨额美元的资金。这一丑闻使马来西亚和美国之间的关系变得紧张,美国联邦检察官已采取行动,扣押据称用贪污资金购买的资产。Mr Neill said: “If Najib finds himself in the crosshairs [of a US investigation], his natural inclination might be to lean towards China.”新加坡国际战略研究所的尼尔表示:“如果纳吉布发现自己成了美国的调查对象,倒向中国可能是他的自然倾向。”来 /201611/475821U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump - or, at least his campaign - admitted Thursday he believed President Barack Obama was actually born in the ed States, after years of questioning the president’s citizenship.共和党总统候选人川普,至少是他的竞选团队,星期四承认,他认为奥巴马总统的确生于美国。多年来,他一直质疑奥巴马的国籍。The Trump campaign, in a statement, credited Trump with forcing Obama to release his birth certificate and bringing closure to an issue he helped bring into the spotlight over the course of Obama’s presidency.川普的竞选团队在一份声明中把奥巴马被迫公开其出生一事归功于川普,因为他促使这个问题在奥巴马任内成为公众关注的焦点并最终得到解决。“Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer,spokesman Jason Miller said. “Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the ed States.”川普竞选团队发言人米勒说:“毋庸置疑,川普使这个问题得到解决。”“在别人办不到的情况下,他成功地得到了奥巴马总统的出生明,川普先生认为奥巴马的确生于美囀?”Earlier in the day Thursday, Hillary Clinton, at her first campaign event since she was diagnosed with pneumonia and forced to leave a September 11 memorial event Sunday with health issues, tore into Trump for his support of the so-called “birther movement.星期四稍早,希拉釷克林顿对川普持所谓的“出生地运动”进行猛烈抨击。这是希拉里被诊断患有肺炎后首次出现在竞选活动中。上周日,她因健康问题被迫离开“九一一”周年纪念活动。She referenced a Washington Post story published Thursday in which Trump refused to say whether he believes Obama was born in America, and said he does not talk about the issue anymore.克林顿引用华盛顿邮报星期四发表的一篇文章。文章称川普拒绝说明他是否认为奥巴马生于美国,并说他不再谈论这个问题。Clinton urged voters to ;conclusively; stop Trump, and what she calls his bigotry, in the November election.克林顿敦促选民1月的大选中“彻底”制止川普以及她所说的川普的偏执行为。While Trump has repeatedly questioned the validity of Obama’s presidency over the past eight years and fed into conspiracy theories over the authenticity of his birth certificate, Miller blamed Clinton for raising the issue in the first place.虽然川普在过去八年一再质疑奥巴马总统职位的合法性,并且为质疑其出生真伪的阴谋论推波助澜,但是米勒指责克林顿才是这个问题的始作俑者;Hillary Clinton’s campaign first raised this issue to smear then-candidate Barack Obama in her very nasty, failed 2008 campaign for president. This type of vicious and conniving behavior is straight from the Clinton playbook. As usual, however, Hillary Clinton was too weak to get an answer.;米勒说:“克林顿2008年竞选总统时,她的竞选团队为了抹黑当时的候选人奥巴马首先提出了出生的问题,克林顿低劣的竞选最后以失败告终。这种恶毒和狡诈的行为是克林顿管用的伎俩,但是同往常一样,由于她能力太差,这件事无疾而终。”The Trump statement pointed to a 2007 Clinton campaign memo in which chief strategist Mark Penn said Obama had a “lack of American rootsand not “fundamentally American in his thinking and valuesas proof of Clinton’s role in the birther movement.川普团队的声明直007年克林顿竞选团队的一份备忘录,以此明克林顿在“出生地运动”中所发挥的作用。当时希拉里的首席策划人佩恩在备忘录中说,奥巴马“缺乏美国根基”,而且“他的思想和价值观基本上与美国格格不入”。Clinton responded to Trump on Twitter by saying, “President Obama’s successor cannot and will not be the man who led the racist birther movement. Period.”克林顿在推特上回应川普说:“奥巴马总统的继任者不可能,也不会是领导种族主义的“出生地运动”的人。”Clinton has, in the past, denied claims that her campaign started the rumors about Obama’s birthplace.克林顿过去就一直表示,有关她的竞选团队制造了奥巴马出生地问题一说是谣言。来 /201609/466456The new U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations took a firm stance against Russian military action in eastern Ukraine Thursday, condemning Moscow’s “aggressive actionsand saying U.S. Crimea related sanctions will remain in place.美国新任驻联合国大使周四对俄罗斯在乌克兰东部的军事行动表达了坚定立场,谴责莫斯科的“侵略行径”,并称美国因俄罗斯吞并克里米亚而实施的相关制裁将继续下去。“I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia,Nikki Haley told the U.N. Security Council at her first public meeting since being confirmed last week as President Donald Trump’s U.N. envoy. “We do want better relations with Russia,Haley said. “However, the dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions.”尼基·黑利担任川普总统驻联合国大使的提名自上周得到确认后,首次在联合国安理会的公开会上发言,她说:“我必须谴责俄罗斯的侵略行径。黑利说:“我们希望与俄罗斯有更好的关系…但是鉴于乌克兰东部的恶劣局势,必须对俄罗斯提出明确和强烈的谴责。”Haley said U.S.-imposed sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula also will remain in place until control of that territory is returned to Kyiv.她还说,美国针对俄罗斯吞并乌克兰克里米亚半岛实施的制裁也将继续有效,直到该领土的控制权归还基辅。During the months long presidential campaign, Donald Trump expressed admiration for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and there are questions about whether Russia interfered in the U.S. election in order to undermine Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. These left many foreign policy observers wondering whether the Trump administration would take a hard line on Moscow. Haley’s comments appeared to indicate the administration is not prepared to pursue improved relations with Moscow at any price.在长达数个月的总统竞选期间,川普对俄罗斯总统普京的领导能力表示钦佩,同时也有人怀疑俄罗斯为了破坏民主党候选人希拉釷克林顿的竞选而可能对美国选举进行了干预。这些让许多外交政策观察人士想知道,川普政府能否会对莫斯科采取强硬立场黑利的言论似乎表明,新政府不会不惜一切代价谋求与莫斯科改善关系。Earlier Thursday, The U.S. Treasury Department announced it is easing some restrictions on business transactions with Russias Security Service (FSB), despite cyber- sanctions put in place by former President Barack Obama.周四早些时候,美国财政部宣布放宽对与俄罗斯安全局(FSB)的商业交易的一些限制,尽管前总统奥巴马进行了网络制裁。White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the move does not mean the ed States is easing sanctions on Russia.白宫发言人肖恩·斯派塞说,这并不意味着美国正在放松对俄罗斯的制裁。来 /201702/490282

David Cameron, the prime minister, was accused of being soft on Moscow after a public inquiry pointed the finger at Russia’s President Vladimir Putin over the 2006 murder of Alexander Litvinenko, the former FSB officer.英国首相戴维愠蕓David Cameron)被指对莫斯科方面表现软弱,此前一项针对俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)前官员亚历山大利特维年科(Alexander Litvinenko) 2006年被杀的公开调查把矛头指向俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)。The 328-page report by Sir Robert Owen, released yesterday, said Mr Putin “probablyapproved Litvinenko’s assassination, along with Nikolai Patrushev, then head of the FSB intelligence service and still a top Putin confidant.由罗伯特欧文爵士(Sir Robert Owen)执笔、昨日发布的328页报告称,普京“很可能”批准了暗杀利特维年科,同时批准这一行动的还有时任俄罗斯联邦安全局局长、至今仍是普京亲信的尼古拉帕特鲁舍夫(Nikolai Patrushev)。The findings threatened to spark a new diplomatic row nine years after the UK expelled several Russian diplomats over Moscow’s refusal to extradite two men whom UK prosecutors have charged with the killing. That prompted tit-for-tat expulsions by Russia.调查发现可能引发一场新的外交争执年前英国驱逐了数名俄罗斯外交官,因为俄政府拒绝引渡两名男子,他们被英国检察官指控参与了这起谋杀案。随后俄罗斯也进行了以牙还牙的驱逐行动。The report’s publication also comes at a sensitive time for the prime minister and other western leaders who hope Mr Putin will play a key role in brokering a peace deal in the four-year Syrian war.对于英国首相和其他西方国家领导人来说,这份报告的发布正值一个敏感时刻,他们希望普京能发挥关键作用,撮合结束叙利亚四年内战的和平协议。Analysts warned the report could also complicate Moscow’s efforts to have western sanctions, imposed over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, lifted.分析人士警告称,这份报告还可能令莫斯科解除西方制裁——因俄罗斯干涉乌克兰事务而施加——的努力复杂化。Sir Robert, a former judge, said he was sure the suspects, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, had murdered Litvinenko by slipping the radioactive substance polonium-210 into his tea in London’s Millennium Hotel, probably working under FSB direction.身为前法官的欧文表示,他确信嫌疑人安德烈戠戈沃伊(Andrei Lugovoi)和德米特里科夫Dmitry Kovtun)谋杀了利特维年科,他们在伦敦千禧酒店(Millennium Hotel)将放射性物质钋-210投入被害人的茶水中。这一行动很可能是按照俄罗斯联邦安全局的指示。He added that “strong circumstantial evidenceplus evidence the inquiry heard in private, including from intelligence sources, pointed to Russian state involvement in what has been called an “act of nuclear terrorism他还表示“强有力的旁”,加上这场调查在非公开审理期间听取的据(包括来自情报部门的据),都指向俄罗斯国家参与了这起被称为“核恐怖主义的行为”。Sir Robert went much further than expected in suggesting Mr Putin blessed the operation. He said the Russian leader had “supported and protected Mr Lugovoi even awarding him a state medal last year, in a way that “suggests a level of approval for the killing欧文得出的结论(普京拍板批准了这一行动)在力度上远远超出了预期。他表示普京曾“持和保护卢戈沃伊”,甚至在去年授予后者一枚国家勋章,“意味着在某种程度上批准了这一刺杀行动。”Mr Lugovoi, who is now a Russian MP and like Mr Kovtun has always denied murder, said the inquiry “confirms yet again London’s anti-Russian position [and] closed-mindedness卢戈沃伊现在是俄罗斯国会议员,与科夫通一样,二人一直对谋杀指控予以否认,称这项调查“再次实了伦敦的反俄立场和成见。”Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s spokesman, said the inquiry was a “joke adding: “But you can put that down to subtle British humour, when an open public inquiry hangs on classified information from unnamed intelligence services and is based on prolific use of the words ‘possiblyand ‘probably”俄罗斯总统发言人德米特里椠斯科Dmitry Peskov)表示,该调查是一个“笑话”,他说:“不过你可以把它看成微妙的英式幽默,一项开放的公开调查依赖从匿名情报机构获得的机密资料,还使用了大量‘也许’、‘很可能’之类的词汇。”Theresa May, home secretary, said the murder was an “unacceptable breach of international lawand the government would freeze the suspectsassets. The Foreign Office summoned Russia’s ambassador in London to voice concerns.英国内政大臣特里萨蔠(Theresa May)表示,这起谋杀案“违反了国际法,是不可接受的”,英国政府将冻结犯罪嫌疑人的资产。英国外交部召见俄罗斯驻伦敦大使表示关注。Ms May said Mr Cameron would talk to Mr Putin about the inquiry’s findings “at the next available opportunity特里萨蔠桨示,卡梅伦“下次有机会时”将与普京讨论调查结果。来 /201602/424115

Hillary Clinton’s sudden departure from a September 11 memorial ceremony on Sunday after becoming overheated came two days after she was diagnosed with pneumonia, according to a statement from her doctor that signalled the latest unexpected turn in the race for the White House.上周日,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)因感觉太热,突然从一#8226;11纪念活动中退场,而希拉里的医生在一份声明中表示,两天前希拉里被诊断出患有肺炎。这标志着角逐白宫宝座之争出现了最新的意外转折。The disclosure comes after campaign aides had insisted for weeks that Mrs Clinton’s chronic cough reflected nothing more serious than seasonal allergies and mocked Republicans who suggested that the former secretary of state was ill.在希拉里患有肺炎的消息披露之前,她的竞选助手们几周来一直坚称她的慢性咳嗽只不过是季节性过敏、没什么大不了的,并对部分认为希拉里患病的共和党人予以嘲讽。With only 35 per cent of voters calling Mrs Clinton trustworthy in a new A News/Washington Post poll, the episode threatens to erode her slim lead in the polls.美国广播公司新闻节目(A News)与《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)联合展开的最新民调显示,只有35%的选民认为希拉里值得信任。此次肺炎风波可能会使希拉里在民调中的微弱领先优势受到削弱。Matt Mackowiak, a veteran Republican political operative, tweeted that Clinton aides were guilty of campaign malpractice for allowing several hours to elapse before revealing that the Democratic presidential candidate had been diagnosed two days earlier.共和党资深政工马#8226;马科维亚Matt Mackowiak)在Twitter上发帖称,希拉里的助手们犯有竞选舞弊之罪,因为他们在风波发生数小时后才披露这位民主党总统候选人两天前被诊断出患病。She enjoys a 5-point lead over her Republican rival in a new A News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday. 上述最新联合民调显示,希拉里领先她的共和党对手5个百分点。By a 46-41 margin, Mrs Clinton leads Mr Trump among likely voters in a four-way ballot that includes Libertarian and Green party candidates.在一个包含自由党(Libertarian)和绿Green party)候选人的四候选人可能投票中,希拉里的得票率为46%,领先于特朗Trump)1%。While Mrs Clinton has consistently led the race, the unpredictable contest is far from over.虽然希拉里在此次选战中一直领先,但这场结果难以预料的较量还远未结束。来 /201609/466014Donald Trump deliberately walked in on two young Miss USA 2001 contestants while they were naked and getting dressed for a rehearsal, one of the former beauty contestants has claimed in an interview with the Guardian.一001年美国选手在接受《卫报》采访时称,当她与另一位选美选手正赤身裸体准备为排换衣时,唐纳德#8226;特朗普故意突然走了进来。The two women were putting on their outfits to rehearse the opening number, the former contestant recalled, when Trump burst into the room without a word.这位前选美选手回忆,当特朗普一言不发地闯进来时,她们俩正在换装准备排开场位置。Just before he entered, the former contestant said, she heard the security detail outside the dressing room tell someone approaching the door that the women inside were naked.她称,在特朗普进来之前,她听到更衣室外面的保安小队对向门口走来的某个人说里面的女士没穿衣。“Mr Trump just barged right in, didn’t say anything, stood there and stared at us,she recalled. Trump’s attitude, she said, seemed to be: “I can do this because I can.”她回忆道:“特朗普直接闯进来,站在那儿什么都没说,盯着我们。他的态度就好像是在说‘我当然可以这么做’。”The woman who did not wish to be identified is the second competitor from the 2001 Miss USA pageant to claim that Trump took advantage of owning the pageant, in order to view the contestants naked.这位不希望透露身份的女子,是第二位声称特朗普利用自己所拥有的选美比赛来欣赏选手的裸体的2001年美国选美大赛选手。A torrent of sexual misconduct accusations have followed Trump throughout his run for president. But a 2005 tape of Trump bragging that his fame allowed him to grope and kiss women without their consent has inspired even more women to come forward with stories of his impropriety.特朗普竞选总统期间不断受到不正当性行为的指控。但是,一005年特朗普吹嘘自己的名声可以让他抚摸和亲吻女人的录音刺激了更多女性主动说出他的不端行为。On Wednesday evening, the New York Times published the accounts of two women who claim Trump groped or kissed them without their permission. Trump angrily denied both accusations.12日晚,《纽约时报》公开了两名女子的叙述,她们称特朗普抚摸或者亲吻她们。特朗普愤怒地否认了这两项指控。‘Waltzing in’大摇大摆的走进来The other 2001 beauty contestant to accuse Trump of misconduct was Tasha Dixon. In an interview with CBS of Los Angeles, Dixon, the former Miss Arizona, recalled an incident in which Trump came “waltzing into a room while a number of the contestants were half naked or undressed.另一位指控特朗普行为不端001年选美选手是塔#8226;迪克森。迪克森是前亚利桑那州,在接受洛杉矶哥伦比亚广播公司采访时,她回忆起一个事件,当一些选手正半裸或者全裸时,特朗普大摇大摆地走进了房间里。Dixon was describing a separate incident to the one detailed to Guardian US by the other contestant.迪克森描述的这次事件与另一位选手向美国版《卫报》讲述的不是同一件事。Trump owned the Miss Universe family of pageants, to which Miss USA belonged, from 1996 to 2005. The first contestant to win Miss Universe under Trump’s ownership was Alicia Machado famously name-checked by Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate, who said Trump had called Machado “Miss Piggyand “Miss Housekeeping a dig at her Latina heritage.996年到2005年,特朗普拥有环球选美家族,美国属于这个家族。在特朗普拥有环球选美比赛的所有权期间,第一位获得环球的选手是艾丽西#8226;马查多——那个在第一次总统大选辩论中被希拉里#8226;克林顿提到的出了名的名字。马查多说特朗普称她为“小猪”和“管家”,讽刺她的拉丁血统。Separately, Buzzfeed reported on Wednesday that several teen beauty queens from the 1997 Miss Teen USA said Trump entered a communal dressing room while several of them were naked. One girl was 15 years old at the time.另据Buzzfeed12日的报道997年美国妙龄比赛的几个青少年选美皇后称特朗普闯入一间公共更衣间,当时她们中的有些人正赤身裸体。一名女孩儿当时5岁。Another Miss USA contestant from 2001 who spoke to the Guardian did not recall Trump showing inappropriate behavior. She recalled Trump being backstage, she said, but only on the evening that the pageant was nationally televised.另一位接受《卫报》采访的2001年美国选手不记得特朗普表现出不妥的行为。她回忆称,特朗普来过后台,但是仅在选美大赛在全国电视直播的晚上。The contestant remembered Trump standing in the doorway and wishing them good luck and said he did not “paradethrough the room. “I am not endorsing anyone, but giving an honest account of meeting Mr Trump,she said.这位选手记得特朗普站在门口祝她们好运,并称他没有“闯入”房间。“我不是要持谁,只是真实地讲述与特朗普的碰面。”The contestant who accused Trump of bursting into her dressing room acknowledged that not every contestant had negative experiences with Trump. She did not report Trump’s behavior at the time, she said, because her position was too tenuous.指控特朗普闯入其更衣室的选手承认不是每一个选手都与特朗普发生过不好的经历。她没有在当时说出特朗普的行为,是因为她的地位实在太卑微。Until she saw Dixon’s interview, she thought that she and the other woman in the dressing room were Trump’s only targets.在她看到迪克森的采访前,她以为只有自己和更衣室的另一个女子是特朗普的目标。来 /201610/472169

Two of the great political parties in the west the Republicans in the US and Labour in the UK are in a state of near collapse. That, in turn, threatens the health of democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.西方两家伟大政党——美国的共和党和英国的工党——濒临崩溃,这相应威胁到大西洋两岸民主体制的健康。The crises in the Republican and Labour parties are strikingly similar. In both cases, a leader has emerged from the fringes of politics and taken the party in a different and radical direction. The emergence of Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn threaten to destroy the electoral prospects of their two parties and will sow division and ideological confusion long into the future.共和党和工党的危机惊人地相似。在两个例子里,都有一名领导人崛起于政治生态的边缘,将各自党派带向了新的激进方向。唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)和杰里米#8226;科尔Jeremy Corbyn)的崛起可能破坏两党的选举前景,将在未来很长时间内造成分歧和意识形态的混乱。Even if Mr Trump and Mr Corbyn never make it into the White House or 10 Downing Street, their ascendancy is also damaging to the wider political system. Well-functioning democracies need a credible opposition to hold the government to account. But in the UK and the US, that basic function is no longer being properly performed.即便特朗普和科尔宾永远不会问鼎白宫或唐宁0号,他们的崛起也在破坏更广泛的政治体制。运转正常的民主政体需要可靠的反对党来问责政府。但在英国和美国,这种基本功能已不再正常发挥作用。In Britain, the challenge of negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU cries out for an alert and responsible opposition. The government, led by Theresa May, has managed to acquire a reputation for competence, partly because Labour is such a shambles. Yet, although two months have elapsed since Britain voted to leave the EU, there is very little sign that the May government has any idea of how to handle the issue. Simply repeating “Brexit means Brexitis no substitute for a strategy.在英国,谈判英国退欧事宜是一个巨大的挑战,亟需一个警觉而负责任的反对党。特里萨#8226;Theresa May)领导的政府成功获得能干的名声,一定程度上是因为工党非常烂。然而,尽管英国退欧公投已经过去了两个月时间,但几乎没有迹象显示梅政府知道如何操作这件事。只是重复“退欧就是退欧”代替不了战略。A competent opposition would, by now, be all over the May government. It would highlight the infighting among the ministers who are charged with negotiating Brexit. And it would hammer the prime minister for failing to articulate her priorities on crucial issues, such as the trade-offs between immigration and access to the EU’s internal market.一个称职的反对党现在肯定早已把梅政府批得体无完肤了。它会呼吁大家关注负责谈判英国退欧事宜的部长们的内讧。它会抨击梅未能阐明她在一些关键问题上的优先度排序,比如移民与进入欧盟内部市场这两件事之间的权衡。But Mr Corbyn’s Labour party has failed to do any of this. This may be because Mr Corbyn is actually a secret supporter of Brexit. Or it may simply be incompetence. Either way, the Labour party is failing in its duty.但上述这些事情科尔宾的工党全都没有做到。这可能是因为科尔宾私底下实际上是持英国退欧的。抑或工党可能就是没有能力。无论哪一种情况,英国工党都没有尽到自己的职责。The situation in the US is more dire. Mr Trump’s idea of opposition is to seize upon any crackpot conspiracy theory circulating on the internet or on talk radio. The Trump campaign is so obsessed with painting Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as “crookedthat it has failed to highlight real problems that have festered under the Obama administration. These include the unfolding disaster in Syria and the worry that the US economy is addicted to ultra-loose monetary policies. In a well-functioning democracy these issues would be at the centre of the presidential election. As it is, they have been lost in an endless series of controversies generated by the Trump campaign.美国的情况更为糟糕。在特朗普的观念里,反对党就是要利用互联网或谈话类节目上流传的任何异想天开的阴谋论。特朗普的竞选活动一门心思描绘希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)和民主党人“不诚实的”形象,以致于它未能揭示出奥巴马政府治下一些不断恶化的真正问题。这些问题包括叙利亚正在发生的灾难以及对美国经济沉溺于超级宽松货币政策的担忧。在一个正常运转的民主体制中,这些问题将处于总统大选的核心位置。但实际上,特朗普竞选活动制造的没完没了的争议已经将这些问题淹没了。The similarities between the Corbyn and Trump phenomena are disguised by the almost comic differences between the two politicians. Mr Corbyn primly insists that he “doesn’t dopersonal abuse; Mr Trump does almost nothing else. The Labour leader is most at home in his allotment garden; Mr Trump’s natural environment is a penthouse suite. Mr Corbyn is on the far-left. Mr Trump is on the far-right. Mr Corbyn is an internationalist; Mr Trump is a nationalist.科尔宾和特朗普现象的相似之处被两位政客近乎滑稽的差异掩盖了。科尔宾一本正经地坚称,他“不会进行”人身攻击,特朗普则除了人身攻击以外几乎不做其他事。科尔宾待在自己的公共花园里最自在;而特朗普最自在的地方是顶层套房。科尔宾极左,特朗普极右;科尔宾是国际主义者,特朗普是民族主义者。But, despite these differences, the two leaders have quite a lot in common. Both are “anti-systempoliticians. Both have seized control of their parties by mobilising new groups of activists and voters. The Trump and Corbyn activists despise their partiesold-guards and often have an undercurrent of violence in their rhetoric.但是尽管存在上述差异,两位领导人却有诸多共同之处。两人都是“反体制”的政客。两人都利用新的活动人士和选民群体掌控了本党。特朗普和科尔宾活动人士都鄙视各自党内的保守派,言辞中经常隐含暴力。Mr Corbyn and Mr Trump are also noted for their sympathy towards Vladimir Putin’s Russia and their scepticism about Nato. The fringes of the Corbyn and the Trump movements also seem to be infected by anti-semitism, perhaps reflecting the traditional suspicion of the far left and the far right that “the systemis controlled by Jews.还有一点值得注意的是,科尔宾和特朗普都同情弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)治下的俄罗斯、怀疑北Nato)。科尔宾和特朗普运动的极端人士也似乎受到反犹太主义的影响,这或许反映出极左和极右派别的传统疑虑,即“体制”被犹太人控制。The similarities between the two movements suggest that traditional right-left divisions may no longer be the best way of understanding Anglo-American politics. Instead, the new politics is turning into a confrontation between establishment and anti-system parties. The same pattern can be observed in much of western Europe, with the rise of anti-system parties such as Italy’s Five-Star movement, France’s National Front, Spain’s Podemos and the Alternative for Germany. Some of these are described as far right and some as far left. The characteristic they almost all share is a claim that the system is “riggedand that ordinary people are being trampled by elites. In foreign policy, they tend to be pro-Russian.两种运动的相似之处表明,传统的左右翼分歧可能不再是理解英美政治的最佳方式。相反,新的政治生态正转变为建制派与反体制派之间的对峙。随着意大利“五星运动Five Star Movement)、法国国民阵National Front)、西班牙社会民主力量Podemos)以及德国的新选择Alternative)等反体制政党的崛起,同样的模式在许多西欧国家都可以看到。一些政党被描述为极右翼政党,还有一些被称为极左翼政党。他们几乎全都宣称政治体制“受到操纵”,普通人受到精英人士的践踏。在外交政策方面,他们往往是亲俄罗斯的。Given the disasters of the Iraq war and the financial crisis, combined with a long stagnation in living standards, it is not surprising that voters in the US and Europe are seeking more radical alternatives. But the standard-bearers of the new radicalism in the US and the UK are leaders who are sadly bereft of constructive ideas, unless you regard protectionism and the destruction of Nato as the keys to the future.鉴于伊拉克战争和金融危机造成的灾难,再加上生活水准长期停滞不前,美国和欧洲的选民寻求更激进的选择不足为奇。但令人遗憾的是,美英的新激进主义旗手都是缺乏建设性想法的领导人——除非你认为保护主义和摧毁北约是通往未来的钥匙。Instead of introducing creative new ideas, Messrs Corbyn and Trump have merely succeeded in recycling some bad old ones: state control of the economy in the case of Mr Corbyn; and America-first isolationism in the case of Mr Trump. These two individuals may never gain real power. But their rise to prominence is a sign of a real sickness in British and American democracy.科尔宾和特朗普先生没有推出新的创造性想法,而只是捡起了一些老掉牙的糟糕点子:科尔宾捡起的是国家控制经济,特朗普捡起的是美国优先的孤立主义。这两人可能永远也不会真正掌权。但他们的崛起表明英美民主体制真的出现了问题。来 /201608/462396

“We’ve had enough of these boys messing about.This is what Anna Soubry, UK’s former business minister, said earlier last month, offering her backing of Theresa May in the running to become the UK’s next prime minister.“我们受够了这些男生们的捣乱了。”英国前商务大臣安娜#8226;索布里在上月早些时候如是说道,对于特蕾#8226;梅参选下一任英国首相表示持。Soubry was indicating that it was time for women to step up to “clear up the mess created by the men索布里指出,是时候让女性们走到台前,收拾这些男性们制造出来的混乱了。Women are starting to take power in more and more important positions in recent years. 近几年,女性在职场中逐渐身居要职。According to a new list compiled by Agence France Presse (AFP), the world’s 10 most powerful women who made their way above the “glass ceiling”–the invisible barrier that keeps women from rising beyond a certain level in hierarchy法新社最近就列出了突破“玻璃天花板”(在社会阶层中阻碍女性晋升的无形壁垒)的世界十大女强人,includes the USfirst female presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, head of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, and Director-General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan.美国首位女性总统候选人希拉#8226;克林顿、美国联邦储备委员会主席珍妮#8226;耶伦,世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍都位列其中。There is something interesting with the AFP list though: A majority of the 10 women are over 60, the rough age when some women become grandmothers.在法新社给出的榜单中,一个很有趣的现象是:在0位女性中,大部分人都年过六旬,正是一些人当祖母的年纪。In fact, this might be the best proof of how aging–a factor that has always been considered as a disadvantage, especially for women–has begun to turn into an edge, for women.事实上,这或许能最好地明,上了年纪逐渐成为女性的一大优势。而在过去,这一直被认为是一项劣势,尤其对于女性而言。According to The Atlantic, the reasons behind the phenomenon may include that today’s older women are better educated and experienced than any generations before.据美囀?大西洋月刊》报道,这种现象背后的原因在于,如今这些年长的女性,或许比以往任何一代人都更有经验,受过更好的教育。It is also because of society’s changing perceptions about what women can achieve–after being held back in their middle age years raising kids and running domestic lives, older women are now more likely to start again instead of retiring into a peaceful life of cooking and gardening.这也源于整个社会在女性成就的观念上有所改变——在度过了照顾孩子和操持家务的忙碌中年后,如今的年长女性更愿意重新开始自己的事业,而不是赋闲在家,享受做饭、养花的退休生活。Also, according to the UK’s Conservative peer, Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, people are growing to be more trusting toward female leaders compared to their male counterparts, especially during periods of instability.除此之外,英国保守党人,肯宁顿的詹金男爵夫人还认为,和男性领导人相比,现在的人们对于女性领导人更为信任,尤其在动荡时期。“They feel that at a time of turmoil, a woman will be more practical and a bit less testosterone in their approach. “人们认为,在动荡时期女性会更为务实,而在行为方式上,也会更少地被男性激素所影响。More collaborative, more willing to listen to voices around the table, less likely to have an instantly aggressive approach to things,she told The Guardian.女性会更愿意合作,愿意去倾听周围的声音,而不太会采取一些激进的手段,”她在接受英囀?卫报》采访时表示。In fact, this changing atmosphere in gender equality is sping all over the world and across women of all ages.事实上,这种在性别平等方面有所改变的社会风尚,已经扩散到了世界各地各个年龄层的女性当中。In the just-ended Rio Olympics, for example, among the 121 medals under the belt of the US team, 55 were won by men while 61 were captured by women. The rest five were in mixed events.比如,在刚刚结束的里约奥运会上,美国代表队将121块奖牌收入囊中。其中,55块奖牌由男性摘得,61块奖牌由女性斩获,而剩下的5块则在男女混合项目中获得。When US gymnast Simone Biles sealed four golds and a bronze, she said, “I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I’m the first Simone Biles.”美国体操女运动员西#8226;拜尔斯在囊括了四枚金牌和一枚铜牌后说道,“我不是下一位尤塞恩#8226;尔特或是迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯。我是第一位西#8226;拜尔斯。”来 /201608/463217President Barack Obama has set a goal to admit 110,000 refugees into the ed States during the 2017 fiscal year, which is about 10,000 more than his initial goal and about 30 percent higher than this year.美国总统奥巴马计划在2017财年将美国接纳的难民人数增加1万。这比他原先计划的人数多1万人,也比今年增0%。Secretary of State John Kerry announced the new resettlement goal during a closed session with members of the House and Senate judiciary committees Tuesday, according to media reports.据媒体报导,美国国务卿克里星期二在众议院和参议院司法委员会的闭门会议上宣布了这项新的安置目标。The last time the U.S. set a resettlement goal as high as Obama’s was during Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1995, when Clinton agreed to accept 112,000 refugees. During the 2015 fiscal year, the U.S. admitted just 70,000 refugees.美国上一次定下像奥巴马设定的这么高的安置目标是在1995年比尔·克林顿担任总统期间。当时他同意接纳11000名难民。美国在2015财年只接纳了7万难民。The report, which was obtained by Politico, said the Obama administration wants to admit a “significantly highernumber of refugees from Syria next year.据美国政治新闻网报道,奥巴马政府希望在明年接纳“人数明显增多的”叙利亚难民。Obama will likely formally announce the refugee plan before he attends a summit on refugees during next week’s General Assembly meeting at the ed Nations.奥巴马下周出席联合国大会关于难民问题的峰会前,可能会正式宣布这项难民安置计划。来 /201609/466462

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