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WITH another death in China from the new strain of bird flu, a UN organization has expressed concern that the virus could sp across borders in poultry.随着中国又有一人死于新的禽流感病毒,一个联合国组织已经表示担心病毒在家禽中传播会跨越国界。Ten people infected with the H7N9 virus have now died in China.中国目前有十个感染H7N9病毒的人死亡。The exact source of infection remains unknown, though samples have tested positive in some birds in poultry markets that remain the focus of investigations by China and the UN#39;s Food and Agriculture Organization.确切的感染源还是未知,尽管在家禽市场一些鸟类样本测试为阳性仍然是中国和联合国粮食和农业组织调查的焦点。Speaking in Bangkok, the FAO#39;s Subhash Morzaria said: ;This particular region is land linked and so there is a possibility that if, inadvertently or advertently, somebody moves infected poultry across borders we can anticipate the sp of this virus.;在曼谷的演讲中,粮农组织的Subhash Morzaria说:“这片特别的区域国土相连,万一有人无意或有意跨越国界地转移受感染的家禽,我们可以预见这种病毒的传播。”Morzaria added: ;We are proactively initiating surveillance programs in neighboring countries like Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam which border China and are at particular risk and we are trying to understand how the poultry movement has taken place so we can identify more accurately where the risk is going to be.;Morzaria补充说:“我们正在与中国接壤的邻近国家如缅甸、老挝和越南中积极启动监控程序,特别危险,我们正试图了解家禽转移如何发生,这样我们就能更准确地识别风险将会到哪。”The new virus is severe in most humans, leading to fears that if it becomes easily transmissible, it could cause a deadly influenza pandemic.这种新病毒在大多数人身上是严重的,如果它变得太容易传播就会导致恐惧,这可能引起致命流感的肆虐。However, Morzaria said: ;This new H7N9 virus hasn#39;t been demonstrated to be transmitted between humans, so from that context we think that the H7N9 virus is not going to be a pandemic like H1N1 strains.;然而,Morzaria说:“这种新H7N9病毒还没有被明会在人类之间传播,所以从这个背景下我们认为H7N9病毒不会像H1N1病毒那样大流行。”Morzaria reiterated that there was no connection between the outbreak and the thousands of dead pigs found floating in Shanghai waters in recent weeks.Morzaria重申,疫情爆发和最近几周上海海域发现漂浮的成千上万只死猪没有关系。 /201304/234509

A Japanese diplomat posted in California has been charged with domestic violence against his wife and could face up to 20 years in jail, the local district attorney said Tuesday.美国地方检察官周二称,一位驻加利福尼亚州的日本外交官被控对妻子实施家庭暴力,可能会面临20年监禁。Yoshiaki Nagaya, vice-consul at Japan#39;s consulate in San Francisco, is accused of 17 felony offenses, 14 of domestic violence and three of assault, including stabbing her with a screwdriver and knocking a tooth out.长屋嘉明是日本驻旧金山领事馆的副领事,他被控犯下17项重罪:14项家庭暴力罪和3项侵犯人身权利罪。罪行包括用螺丝刀捅妻子,打落她的一颗牙齿。The 32-year-old pled not guilty in court on Monday, and was released on bail of 0,000, said San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, adding that the alleged offenses occurred between January 2011 and March 2012.圣马特奥市的地方检察官史蒂芬#8226;瓦格斯达菲说,这名32岁的外交官周一在法庭上辩称无罪后,缴了35万美元保释金被释放。他还说,这名外交官被指控的罪行是在2011年1月到2012年3月期间发生的。;The violence ranged (from) pushing and shoving, and bruising upwards (to) the most serious, (when) he knocked a tooth out. On another occasion he jabbed her or stabbed her in the hand with a screwdriver.“他实施的暴力包括推搡、将妻子浑身上下打出多处瘀伤,最严重的一次还打掉了一颗牙齿。还有一回他用螺丝刀戳、刺入妻子的手。;On another occasion he knocked her down and stomped on her with his foot. The final occasion was when he shoved her out of a car in their parking garage, causing scrapes to her face and knees.;“还有一次他把妻子打倒在地,并用脚在她身上使劲踩踏。最后一次施暴是将妻子从自家停车库的车里推出去,致使她脸部和膝盖擦伤。”He added: ;That was when she decided that enough was enough, and she went to the police.;该检察官补充说:“这时候妻子觉得自己受够了,于是她就去报了警。”Nagaya does not have diplomatic immunity for the alleged offenses. ;There is immunity, but not when you#39;re doing things in your purely private life, for somebody at his level,; said Wagstaffe.长屋对被指控的罪名没有外交豁免权。瓦格斯达菲说:“外交官有豁免权,但像他这样级别的外交官,在纯私生活中并不享有行为责任豁免权。”Both Nagaya and his wife are due back in court on June 14 for a preliminary hearing. A restraining order was issued, barring the diplomat from having any contact with his wife in the meantime.长屋和他的妻子将于6月14日重返法庭参加初步听会。此前已发布了限制令,禁止这名外交官在此期间同妻子有任何联系。Michio Harada, the deputy consul general at Japan#39;s Consulate General in San Francisco, said Nagaya remained on the staff pending developments or a decision from Tokyo.日本驻旧金山总领事馆的副总领事原田道夫说,在日本政府有任何动向或决定之前,仍将保留长屋的职位。;If those charges are true it would be quite regrettable, certainly, but we would like to see how the court proceedings develop and then the final outcome,; he told the reporters.他告诉记者说:“如果这些控告属实,那么当然是非常令人遗憾,但是我们想先看看法庭诉讼的进展情况和最终审判结果。”The consulate general was not providing legal support. ;This is not related to our official work, it#39;s a private thing, so I understand he has his own lawyer for a criminal case.;总领事没有提供法律持。他说:“这和我们的官方工作无关,是私人的事情,所以我认为他会自己请个刑事律师。”Regarding Nagaya#39;s job, he added: ;The decision is mostly made by Tokyo but at this moment I don#39;t think we can do anything. He is with us now. He#39;s not in the office, but he works for us.;提到长屋的工作,他补充说:“这基本是由日本政府决定的,不过目前我认为我们不能有任何举动。他现在和我们在一起。他不在领事馆里,但在为我们工作。” /201205/182028

LOTTE SHOPPING IN TALKS TO BUY CHINESE CHAINLotte Shopping, South Korea's second-largest retailer, is in talks to buy a controlling stake in Times, the Chinese supermarket operator, to expand its presence in the world's fastest-growing major economy.Lotte's move will rival a 0m bid from Chinese retailer Wumart Stores for the Chinese supermarket chain, and comes after Times invited a number of potential bidders to review the company's operations.“We are reviewing opportunities to expand in China through mergers and acquisitions and buying Times could be one of the options,” said a Lotte spokesman.He declined to give any details, adding that no decision has been made yet.国经济复苏动力有所增强,昨日发布的数据显示,9月份进出口状况明显改善。中国上月贸易顺差也有所下降,明在经济再平衡方面取得了一定进展。但围绕中国廉价商品的贸易紧张状况依然存在。今年中国有望成为全球最大的出口国。中国表示,9月份出口同比下降15.2%,降幅低于8月份的23.4%;进口的好转更为明显,降幅由8月份的17%缩小至3.5%,说明中国的内需正在回暖。“进口明显好转,可能反映出对资本品和消费品的国内需求十分旺盛,前者是由于刺激计划中的投资,后者则是由于出人意料的消费热潮,”野村券(Nomura Securities)的孙明春表示。由于进口的回升速度快于出口,今年前9个月,中国贸易顺差收窄25%,至1350亿美元。但尽管顺差收窄,贸易紧张局面仍十分严峻。中国进口需求回升的主要受益者是大宗商品生产国,而非其主要出口市场美国和欧盟。Capital Economics的马克#8226;威廉姆斯(Mark Williams)警告,中国贸易顺差可能再度上升。他表示:“随着大宗商品收贮活动放缓,中国贸易顺差将会回升,中国目前旨在增加内需的经济再平衡努力,将面临新的审视。”奥巴马政府将于今日宣布,是否认为中国是汇率操纵国。 /200910/86749

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