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“I can’t take this anymore!” Victor screamed. He closed the Word document—no, thank you, Word, he did not want to save it. Two minutes later, the document actually closed. Victor clicked on Start so he could click on Turn Off Computer. Five minutes later, his computer finally shut down.Fuming, Victor unplugged it and took it to PC Club. “Why is this thing so slow?” he asked Matt, the tech guy. Matt plugged it in. After a while, the desktop icons finally appeared. Matt typed in several commands at blinding speed.“Look at this,” he said. “You have one backup program that is using up 90 percent of your processor. Not to mention that you have a slow processor. Your processor is like the engine of your car. You don't want a car with a two-cylinder engine; you want eight cylinders, right? Plus, you’ve got too many icons on your desktop. Put all the icons into folders. Pause that backup program. Reduce the number of programs that are active at Start-Up. That should speed things up a bit.”“Can't I just install an 'eight cylinder' processor?” Victor asked innocently.“No way,” Matt chuckled. “I hear that question a lot, but I can’t help you. If you want a new processor, you’ve got to buy a whole new laptop.” Article/201108/147317《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第4章:第1节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200808/46993Easter Sunday was a cloudy but festive day in Memorial Park for about 100 kids from local orphanages. An Easter egg hunt started at 10 a.m. when a fire engine blasted its horn. Boys and girls, ranging in age from 2 to 6, dashed throughout the park, yelling and screaming, walking and running, and quite often, falling down. One little girl, Amanda, found her first egg less than a minute after the horn blew. Instead of putting it into her basket and continuing to search for more, she sat down. Then she spent the next 10 minutes examining it, unwrapping it, and eating it piece by piece. When she finished, she put the wrapper into her basket, wiped her hands on her white dress, and went to hunt for another egg. Meanwhile Jeff, one of the older boys, filled his basket to overflowing. He asked one of the firemen to hold it for him, and then took off running for more candy eggs. As soon as he found some, he put them into the basket of the child closest to him. Two little toddlers both saw a candy egg at the same time, and they both bent over to pick it up. They banged heads, and both of them sat down bawling. A couple of volunteer nurses picked them up and told them that everything was going to be all right. By 11 a.m., the search was over. Most of the kids were studying their candy, exchanging it with others, or eating it. But then the fire engine horn blasted again, causing three-year-old Jenny to cry. A fireman on a bullhorn told everyone to gather around, because a special guest had arrived. Once everyone was settled, the Easter Bunny climbed down out of the fire engine. The bunny was 6’6” tall. Most of the kids cheered and ran toward him. Even Jenny stopped crying for a moment. She stared at the bunny and at all the kids running toward the bunny; then she started crying even harder. The Easter Bunny hugged the kids, and they hugged him. Then the Easter Bunny sat on a fire engine step, and one by one the kids came up, sat on his lap, and got their pictures taken. After that, the older kids were allowed to explore the fire engine itself. The festivities ended about 3 p.m., when the orphans climbed into the buses for the return trip home. Most of them said they had a fun time. Six-year-old Sara asked, “Can we do this every Sunday?” And more than one boy asked, “Can I drive the fire engine next time?” Article/201106/141519

有声名著之爱丽思漫游奇境记 Chapter6《爱丽丝漫游奇境记》(Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)是一部被公认为世界儿童文学经典的童话,由于其中丰富的想象力和种种隐喻,不但深受各代儿童欢迎,也被视为一部严肃的文学作品。作者刘易斯·卡罗尔还写有续集《爱丽丝镜中奇遇记》。故事讲述了一个叫爱丽丝的小女孩,在梦中追逐一只兔子而掉进了兔子洞,开始了漫长而惊险的旅行,直到最后与扑克牌王后、国王发生顶撞,急得大叫一声,才大梦醒来。这部童话以神奇的幻想,风趣的幽默,昂然的诗情,突破了西欧传统儿童文学道德说教的刻板公式,此后被翻译成多种文字,走遍了全世界。英文原著:爱丽思漫游奇境记PDF文本下载

有声名著之吸血鬼 Chapter5吸血鬼Dracula英语原版下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/49650

The final bell rang at last. I walked slowly to the office to return my paperwork. The rain had drifted away, but the wind was strong, and colder. I wrapped my arms around myself.  最后的一遍铃声终于响了。我慢慢地到行政办公室去交还我的纸片。雨已经飘到别的地方去了,但风很大,而且更冷了。我抱紧双臂,缩成了一团。  When I walked into the warm office, I almost turned around and walked back out.  走进那暖和的办公室后,我差点儿转身就出来了。  Edward Cullen stood at the desk in front of me. I recognized again that tousled bronze hair. He didn#39;t appear to notice the sound of my entrance. I stood pressed against the back wall, waiting for the receptionist to be free.  爱德华;卡伦站在我面前的办公桌边,我又认出了那一头蓬乱的古铜色头发。他似乎没有注意到我进来的响声。我贴着后墙站着,等着负责接待的老师闲下来。  He was arguing with her in a low, attractive voice. I quickly picked up the gist of the argument. He was trying to trade from sixth-hour Biology to another time ; any other time.  他正在用很有吸引力的声音低声同她理论,我很快就抓住了他们争论的要点。他想要将第六节生物课调到别的时间;;任何别的时间都行。  I just couldn#39;t believe that this was about me. It had to be something else, something that happened before I entered the Biology room. The look on his face must have been about another aggravation entirely. It was impossible that this stranger could take such a sudden, intense dislike to me.  我怎么也不能相信这事和我有关。肯定是因为什么别的事情,发生在我进那间生物学教室之前的事情。他脸上的表情肯定百分之百和另外一件恼火的事情有关。他跟我素昧平生,绝对不可能突如其来地对我产生如此强烈的厌恶之情。  The door opened again, and the cold wind suddenly gusted through the room, rustling the papers on the desk, swirling my hair around my face. The girl who came in merely stepped to the desk, placed a note in the wire basket, and walked out again. But Edward Cullen#39;s back stiffened, and he turned slowly to glare at me ; his face was absurdly handsome ; with piercing, hate-filled eyes. For an instant, I felt a thrill of genuine fear, raising the hair on my arms. The look only lasted a second, but it chilled me more than the freezing wind. He turned back to the receptionist.  门又开了,冷风突然灌了进来,把桌上的报纸刮得沙沙作响,吹散了我的头发,纷乱地贴在我的脸上。进来的女生只不过是走到桌边,往铁筐里放了一张纸条就又出去了。可爱德华;卡伦的背都僵直了,接着他慢慢地扭过头来瞪了我一眼;;他的脸漂亮得不可思议;;锐利的目光里充满了仇恨。刹那间,我感到了一阵真正的恐惧,胳膊上的汗毛都竖起来了。他只瞪了我一秒钟,可这一瞪比刚才那阵刺骨的寒风,还要令我感到寒冷。他把头又扭回去,面向接待员了。  ;Never mind, then,; he said hastily in a voice like velvet. ;I can see that it#39;s impossible. Thank you so much for your help.; And he turned on his heel without another look at me, and disappeared out the door.  ;那么,没关系,;他用天鹅绒般柔和的声音匆匆说道,;我看得出来那是不可能的了。多谢您帮忙。;说完,他转身就走,没有再看我一眼,然后就消失在门外了。  I went meekly to the desk, my face white for once instead of red, and handed her the signed slip.  我懦弱地来到了桌前,这一次脸不是变红了而是变白了,把签了名的纸片儿交给了她。  ;How did your first day go, dear?; the receptionist asked maternally.  ;你第一天过得怎样啊,宝贝?;接待老师如慈母般地问道。  ;Fine,; I lied, my voice weak. She didn#39;t look convinced.  ;挺好的,;我撒了个谎,声音有些发虚。她好像并不太相信。  When I got to the truck, it was almost the last car in the lot. It seemed like a haven, aly the closest thing to home I had in this damp green hole. I sat inside for a while, just staring out the windshield blankly. But soon I was cold enough to need the heater, so I turned the key and the engine roared to life. I headed back to Charlie#39;s house, fighting tears the whole way there.  我来到停车场的时候,几乎就剩下我的那辆车了。车似乎像一个避难所,已经是我在这个潮湿的绿洞里所拥有的最接近家那边的东西了。我在里边坐了一会儿,一脸茫然地盯着挡风玻璃外边,仅此而已。可是,很快我就被冻得需要打开空调,于是我钥匙一转,引擎咆哮着发动起来了。我驶上了回查理家的路,一路上都在竭力不让泪水掉下来。 Article/201204/176291

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