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China#39;s notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival opened today despite rumours that authorities would impose a ban this year.中国臭名昭著的广西玉林肉节今天开幕,尽管此前有传言政府会发布禁令。Pictures taken today show butchers hacking slabs of canines and chefs cooking the flesh in a busy market as the locals celebrate summer solstice with dog meat feasts.从今天拍摄的图片来看,当地人吃肉来庆祝夏至日,当地一家繁忙的市场上,屠夫在剁肉,而厨师在煮肉。Multiple insiders told MailOnline that the Yulin government issued a ban in May prohibiting vendors from selling dog meat in the lead-up to the festival.多个内部人士告诉每日邮报,五月份玉林市政府颁布了禁令,肉节之前禁止商户销售肉。But the city#39;s officials later denied the rumours through media insisting that eating canines was local custom.但是稍后,政府官员通过媒体否认了谣言,坚持认为吃是当地民俗。After initial reports of the ban animal rights groups said vendors and officials reached a compromise setting a limit of two dogs displayed per stall.在最初的禁令报导之后动物保护组织说:商贩与政府达成了妥协——每个摊位只准摆 2 只。But multiple carcasses rested on some stalls at the main Nanqiao market with stiff pointy tails leathery yellow skin eyes shut and bared teeth as if in a final growl.但是在主要的南桥市场,一些摊位摆放了多只的尸体,这些硬尖尖的尾巴、坚硬的黄皮肤、紧闭的双眼、露出满口白森森的牙齿,仿佛在最后咆哮。Behind two long rows of dog butchers other vendors sold more typical fare like cow tongues and pork hocks and trotters. But even they sold some dog parts including liver.在两排屠夫后面的其他摊贩,卖诸如牛舌、猪骨、猪蹄等特别的食物,而且也卖包括肝的身部分。The market also features poultry tanks of fish and vegetables and fruits including big bundles of lychees.这个市场有家禽、装鱼的鱼槽、蔬菜、包括有大捆荔枝的水果。Lychee a seasonal fruit is often eaten during the festival. That#39;s why the festival is also known as #39;Yulin Lychee Dog Meat Festival#39;.荔枝通常是肉节期间的一种时令水果。这也是为什么这个节日被称为“玉林荔枝肉节”。 /201706/515342Fifty percent of farmers responding to a survey said they have no plans to move to towns and settle down in urban areas, reported 21cn.com on last Thursday.据21CN网上周四报道,在最新一项调查中,50%的接受调查的农民表示,他们没有移居城镇并在城市定居的计划。According to the study released by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), only about 33 percent were positive about the idea of relocating to cities. Around 17 percent expressed neither negative nor positive view.中国社科院发布的这项调查研究显示,只有大约33%的人对在城市定居这一想法反应积极,而大约17%的人则保持中立态度。The farmers cited many reasons for not wanting to move to cities.这些农民引用了很多不想移居城市的理由:Age was cited as the biggest factor, with the majority, 20 percent, saying they were too old to work in towns, while the necessity of taking care of parents and children came in second place (18%), followed by farm work (10%) and unfamiliarity with urban lifestyle (9%).其中,年龄是最大的问题,所占的比例最高。20%的农民表示,他们年龄太大而不能在城市里工作。此外,照顾父母和孩子的必要性占据第二位(18%),接下来是农田劳作(10%)和对城市生活方式不熟悉(9%)。In China#39;s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), the urbanization rate will reach 60 percent in 2020, up 4 percent than 56.1 percent in 2015.在中国的十三五计划(2016-2020)中,2020年中国的城市化率将达到60%,这一数字比2015年的56.1%要增加了4个百分点。However, 66 percent of respondents said they plan to go back to their hometown after a certain age. The report said if the migrants go back to rural areas after a certain period then that means the urbanization drive has not achieved its goals and that impedes the progress of urbanization.不过,受访者中66%的人表示,他们打算呆到一定年龄就返回老家去。该报告指出,如果这些外出人员在特定时间段以后回到农村地区,那就意味着城市化进程没有达标,这将阻碍城市化的发展。In recent years the number of migrants going to towns and looking for jobs has fallen.近年来,进入城镇以及在城镇寻找工作的外出人员数量已经有所下降。Dang Guoying, a researcher at Rural Development Institute of the CASS, said many factors will influence the urbanization rate, including household system, social security, real estate price, minimum wage and land property right.中国社科院农村发展所研究员党国英表示,包括家庭工业制,社会安全,房价,最低收入和土地所有权在内的很多因素都将会影响到城市化率。 /201604/437592The US will for the first time have an African-American as the star of one of its highest-circulation bank notes after the Treasury announced that Civil War-era abolitionist Harriet Tubman would be featured on a new bill. 美国财政部宣布新版20美元纸币将印上南北战争时期废奴主义者哈丽雅特#8226;塔布曼(Harriet Tubman)的头像。20美元是流通量最大的美元之一,这是美国首次将一位非裔美国人作为其主要人物。 Tubman will also be the first woman to grace US paper currency in more than a century thanks to the biggest shake-up of historical characters featured since 1928. 塔布曼还将成为一百多年来美国纸币上出现的第一个女人,这是美元自1928年以来最大一次历史人物头像大换血。 Treasury secretary Jack Lew last year launched a public consultation to secure nominations for a famous woman to replace Alexander Hamilton, the first US Treasury secretary and arguably the father of the modern American financial system, on the bill. 美国财长杰克#8226;卢(Jack Lew)去年发起了一次公众咨询,征集著名女性人物提名,以取代亚历山大#8226;汉密尔顿(Alexander Hamilton)印在10美元上。汉密尔顿是美国第一任财政部长,而且可以说是现代美国金融体系之父。 But after a Broadway-fuelled backlash and what he described as a “long and difficult” process, Mr Lew on Wednesday said he had decided to push through a broader shake-up of US bank notes and ordered new designs for the , and bills. 但由于百老汇音乐剧《汉密尔顿》的刺激,这一提议遭到了激烈反对,在经历了“漫长而艰难”——用杰克#8226;卢的话来说——的过程之后,美国财长在周三表示他决定推动对美国纸币人物进行一次更全面的换血,并要求重新设计5美元、10美元和20美元纸币。 Tubman will replace former president Andrew Jackson on the new bill while Jackson will be on the reverse alongside an image of the White House. The new bill will continue to feature Abraham Lincoln on the front but will on the back celebrate historic events at his memorial in Washington, including Martin Luther King’s 1963 “I have a dream” speech. 塔布曼将取代前美国总统安德鲁#8226;杰克逊(Andrew Jackson),印在新版20美元纸币的正面,而杰克逊的头像将印在反面白宫图像旁。新版5美元的正面仍是亚伯拉罕#8226;林肯(Abraham Lincoln)的头像,但反面将纪念一些发生在华盛顿林肯纪念堂前的历史事件,包括1963年马丁#8226;路德#8226;金(Martin Luther King)的“我有一个梦想”演讲。 Mr Lew said 杰克#8226;卢表示:“作出这一决定后,我们的货币将讲述更多我们的故事,并反映出女性对我国民主制度的贡献,就像对男性贡献的反映一样。” “With this decision our currency will now tell more of our story and reflect the contributions of women as well as men to our country’s democracy.” 哈丽雅特#8226;塔布曼于1820年出生在美国马里兰州,曾是一名奴隶。她不仅自己逃脱了奴役,还带领数百名奴隶获得自由,成为美国南北战争时期“地下铁道”(Underground Railroad)逃跑网络中最著名的“向导”,于1913年去世。 /201604/438928

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