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赣州男科医院检查费多少左右赣州定南男科大夫Its 3 friends with gourmet taste on a search for the perfect cup of coffee that help jump-start the whole specialty coffee revolution in the US. In 1971 after trying the coffee in cafés from Berkeley to Vancouver, Jerry Baldwin and his partners opened up their own little coffee bean shop in Seattles Pike Place Market and they named it after the coffee drinking first mate in Moby Dick, Starbuck.It was instantly successful and I became the person who was the roaster and the coffee buyer and it just got into my blood.Now since the brewing and the pressing of the caffeinated coffee bean, some pretty heavy-hitters have been hidding at the coffee house scene.With over 12,000 locations worldwide, Starbucks has got into a lot of peoples blood.And talking that bohemian rag, even at starbucks. All-it revolution, its clearly evolution. And talking that bohemian rag.I joined Starbucks in 1982 when we were opening our fourth store, believe it or not. The epiphany for me though was when I was actually sent by Starbucks to Italy and became enamored with the Italian coffee bar and how they brought coffee to life as the theatrical presentation, the extension of peoples homes, and since Starbucks only sold whole bean or ground coffee for the home, I raced back from Italy with this wonder in my eye about recreating the Italian coffee bar in my own image and bringing it to America.After returning to the US, Howard Schultzs goal is to create, and then expand the Starbucks coffee house experience, Jerry Baldwin chooses to stick with roasting and acquires Peets of Berkeley.Italians have been serious about making coffee for hundreds of years. At Italys famous Illy Cafe, a specialty is cappuccino, a classic blend of the Espresso and steamed milk named after the brown robes of Capuchin monks. Owner Ernesto Illy knows how far coffee has come from its ancient methods of preparation, and he credits the impatience of Italians for the discovery of espresso.In Naples, some people are impatient, and one guy who had a friend in Milano, he said, ;listen, can you make it a little faster, I have to wait the 6 or 8 minutes to have my cup of coffee. Put some pressure on them, and the guy put some pressure, and this was the beginning of espresso.201001/94125赣州开发区医院不孕不育预约 Africa Stays Up All Night to Hear US Election Results非洲人对奥巴马当选总统欢欣鼓舞 Millions of Africans are exhausted after staying up all night watching expectantly to see whether a man of African descent will elected to the America's highest office. An all-night party of journalists and political enthusiasts in Addis Ababa where everybody was talking about being American for a day to share in this historic election. 数百万非洲人充满期待地熬夜观看一名非洲后裔是否能够当选美国总统。在亚地斯亚贝巴举办了一场由记者与政治人物参加的彻夜派对,每个人都在设想自己是美国人,藉此来分享这场历史性的选举。It's a long night here in front of the television at this upscale Ethiopian home. Half a dozen anxious viewers drift in and out, trying to control the nervous energy. It's well after midnight, but the TV screen shows long lines of voters standing in the rain waiting for their turn in the voting booth. TV commentators kill time until the first polls close. 在埃塞俄比亚的这个高级住家当中,6个焦急的观众感觉长夜漫漫,在电视前面来回踱步,试图平息心中的紧张。此时刚过半夜,但电视萤幕上显示的是大排长龙的选民站在雨中,等候进入投票亭。电视员闲谈著直到第一个投票所关闭为止。"There is a good deal of confidence in the Obama campaign that he's going to win this evening," they said. "So far, there's also the unknown. As one strategist put it, 'I'm a nervous wreck."  “大家对于奥巴马在今晚获胜都有很大的信心。到目前为止,还是胜负未定。就如某位策略家说的,我是个紧张大师。”That comment sends a thrill through this audience. This is Africa and there are no McCain supporters in the room.  以上的让观众们心惊胆跳。这里是非洲,而且现场没有一位麦凯恩的持者。Deresse Kassa, a professor at Addis Ababa University, says he has never stayed up late for any elections results. But this is a moment he says he doesn't want to miss. 德瑞斯.卡萨是亚地斯亚贝巴大学的教授,说他从来没有为了等选举结果而熬夜这么晚。但他说,这是一个他不想错过的时刻。"America has history whereby the African-American community has to struggle to be considered citizens themselves and be a franchise in order to cast their votes," said Kassa. "Coming from this segregation and inequality, to be able to see Democratic candidates running for the presidency, the highest office, by itself is big achievement."The televisions are on as the first results come in during the wee hours of the morning. The news is encouraging for viewers here. 当第一个选举结果在凌晨时分播报出来时,电视一直开着。新闻激励着观众。Journalist Lulit Amdamariam says she is energized by the possibility of witnessing, what she calls, a great moment. "We're going to be here all night," she said. "Thirty-two hours, if we have to." 记者卢利特.安达马李安说,她因为有可能目睹那“伟大的一刻”,而感到十分激奋:“我们今晚都会在这。就算要待上32个小时都可以。”Lulit is not an American, but she lived in the States for several years and attended Howard University in Washington. 卢利特并不是美国人,但是她曾在美国住过几年,并且在华盛顿的霍华德大学学习。"I attended a black college, so I understand what this means to the black community in the ed States," said Lulit. "This is a candidate the entire world can relate to." 她说:“我上的是一所黑人学校,所以我了解这对于美国黑人社区的意义。奥巴马是一名全世界都能够感同身受的候选人。”Lulit's colleague Tamrat Negera, editor of at the Amharic-language newspaper Addis Neger, has not been to the ed States, but he says he can understand what this election must mean to African-Americans. 卢利特的同事坦若.娜洁拉是当地一家报纸的编辑,他从没有到过美国。但他说,他能了解这场选举对非洲裔美国人的意义。"Africa shared the pain of being black, or the pain of status, or colonization, which you understand there was a limitation for a black in this world," he said. "But Obama is breaking that through." “非洲也有身为黑人的痛苦,或阶级的痛苦,或受殖民的痛苦。你感觉在这个世界上,身为一名黑人,是受到限制的。但奥巴马打破了这个界限。”Journalist Lulit Amdamariam calls it an American moment.  记者卢利特.安达马李安说这是美国的时刻。"I think this is the only time the entire world wishes they were American," she said. "So they could vote. Seriously, I think the entire world would go out and vote if they had the opportunity tonight." “我想这是唯一一次,全世界的人都希望他们是美国人,能够投下那一票。真的,我想如果他们今晚有那个机会的话,全世界都会出门投票。”This is a moment to remember. Although some Africans may have a hangover on Wednesday, the prospect of the first black U.S. president has enthralled a continent. 这是值得记忆的一刻。纵使有些非洲人可能在星期三会有宿醉,但第一位非洲裔美国总统的现实让整个非洲如痴如醉。200811/55343Dawn on the tropical island of Trinidad. Birds are arousing in the trees, calling, flashing brilliant colors amidst the endless shades of green, and Roger Neckles is arousing too. For the last decade, he has been documenting the island's winged inhabitants. "We've just got passed by a hummingbird. Did you hear that?" “Close your eyes and just imagine you died and went to heaven, and you're in the Garden of Eden. It's just so incredibly beautiful, flowers everywhere, myriad variety of brilliantly colored birds, butterflies zipping all over the place. It’s just like paradise. It's fantastic.” “This is the best time of the day for me, getting up, you know, 5 o'clock in the morning, then heading off into the stakes, you know, up in the mountains. And the atmosphere or temperature up here is just fantastic, with pure oxygen(s). It's the typical day in the office for me.” Birds are Roger's passion, and the Asa Wright Nature Center where he works draws amateur and professional ornithologists from many countries, just to catch a glimpse of some of the planet's most dazzling and unique birds. “It's so fast you know, you just really got to be quick on the draw, otherwise you’ll miss him. Got him. Here you go. Oh, look at that purple honeycreeper. Whoa. The color is so unique, the fantastic state of purple.” There are some 460 species of birds on the island, and Neckles is trying to catch them all on film. It is painstaking work. "But if you're not prepared to, to wait for the shot, you won't get it.” Neckles has studied the birds' habits and calls tirelessly. “Come on, talk to me. But these birds skillfully with their beaks and their feet, you know, stitch and weave these, these, these nests together, and they are really strong. They build them on the edges of, the very edges of the branches, and, and winds come, hurricanes will come, and you know, gale will swing them. They wouldn't blow down.” Over the years, Neckles has found his own place in these woods. “I came here in 1978, and I was so enchanted with its topography overland here in Trinidad and Tobago that I thought, ‘oh yes, I could do this’.” “Oh, look, check this out, check this out, Look at this. Look at this… Watch this. Watch this...” Through his research, Neckles has come to know all the wildlife on the island. “Wow, you don't wanna get your fingers in there.” But time and again, it is the birds that draw him into the woods. This morning he hopes to capture on-film a very tiny elusive bird. “Oh, look at this. This is the most festive hummingbird in Trinidad and Tobago, the smallest hummingbird in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s tough to go get. Oh, look at it …” He’s been trying for 6 weeks to get this shot, an agonizing wait that comes down to a breathless moment. “I'm very very high right now. Though goose bumps are all on my arms, this is still fantastic.” Neckles does not mind waiting for that perfect moment. Like the birds he follows, he lets the morning and its beauty unfold around him. “No plans to give this up at all because, you know I feel I could do this for the rest of my life, and every time I go out, I see something new.” 200812/58416全南医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱

赣州崇义妇幼保健院电话号码是多少Gilts as a safe haven for investors金边债券,投资者的安全港Whatever floats your boat只要人民高兴Long-term interest rates are mercifully low, despite Britain’s huge budget deficit英国预算赤字再高,低利率也会始终如一A FORMER chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker, once compared financial markets to a sea that was prone to occasional storms. It was better, he said, to be on a big ship when the waters got choppy. But recent events have turned this logic on its head. Market squalls have tossed some of the bigger vessels in the euro-zone flotilla, including Italy and Spain. Nervous investors are jumping instead into some of Europe’s outlying bond markets, such as Sweden, Denmark—and Britain. Although an unlikely haven because of its weak economy, huge private debts, high inflation and swollen deficit, Britain’s ten-year bond yield—ie, the price the Treasury must pay to borrow money for a decade—fell to a record low of 2.2% this month.前美联储主席保罗#8226;沃尔克曾经把金融市场比作随时可能暴风骤雨的汪洋大海,说在风起云涌的大海中,还是大船比较保险。可近期发生的种种却完全颠覆了他的说法。市场风暴将欧元区舰队中包括意大利,西班牙在内的大型战舰折磨的破败不堪。犹如惊弓之鸟的投资者们纷纷转向欧洲一些外缘债券市场,如瑞典,丹麦,英国。经济疲软,私人债务高企,高通胀和肿胀的赤字,让英国不再是那么安全的避难所,但英国十年期债券收益率,也就是国家需付借债十年以来的利息的占本息总价格的百分比,已经在这个月下降至2.2%,创史上新低。Plunging bond yields are not grounds for great cheer. In part, they reflect a fearful retreat from riskier equities and an expectation that low interest rates as a medicine for a sick global economy will be around for a while. But the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, has been quick to claim that the drop in the government’s borrowing costs indicates the markets’ confidence in his deficit-reduction plan.债券收益率下降,可别高兴的太早。从某种程度上说,这是人们纷纷从高风险股撤退的危险征兆,也说明希望以低利率解决全球经济萎靡的呼声将会持续一段时间。但是财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本已迅速声明政府借贷成本的下降表示的是市场对政府削减赤字计划的信心。There is something to this. In early 2010, even as the euro’s debt crisis was building, Britain’s bond yields were on a par with those of Spain, which has a similarly large budget deficit but smaller public debt. Their paths have since diverged (see chart below). Bond markets, it seems, have taken a more clement view of Britain than of Spain, even though GDP has risen by only 0.7% in the past year in both countries. Mr Osborne’s plan, first unveiled in June 2010, has helped distance Britain from fiscal troubles in the euro zone. It may, of course, simply be that the fetters of euro membership alarm investors more than red ink.有这样一种说法。早在2010年,即使是在欧元债务危机已经爆发的情况下,英国债券收益率与西班牙仍是持平,不过之后两国收益率的差异也日益明显;当时英国与西班牙拥有同样的巨额预算赤字,但西班牙的国债规模较小。尽管两国去年的GDP增长都只有7%,可债券市场对英国的态度似乎要比西班牙更温和。奥斯本先生在2010年7月首次公开的计划使得英国规避了欧元区的财务纠葛。也许简单来说欧元对于其成员的束缚,比起英国的财政赤字,是让投资者更为担忧的对象。201108/151813赣州定南人民医院正规吗 Bob Prout will spend 0,000 for a solar system powering his family's 3rd-generation funeral home in N.J. and still saveBob Prout's grandfather started his family-owned funeral parlor in 1920. It's changed a lot since then. Did , did people look at you and say you're crazy? What kind of a funeral parlor runs on solar energy. Even my best friend told me I was nuts. But when you talk to people now, what's their reaction?Now that the energy costs have sort of skyrocketied now, and people are getting their bills. I've got, there've been much warmer reception. Prout installed 114 solar panels on his roof 3 years ago before the price of oil reached 5 a barrel and before rates in his town rose dramatically. when you factor in the tremendous rate increases, I am still paying half of what I was paying three years ago for my electric. Paul says he produces about 3/4 of his electrical needs for his business and home upstairs. Every hour each individual solar panel produces enough energy for more than two 75-watt bulbs. The energy flows directly into the house and can be used immediately for things like light or air conditioning. whatever is not used is then sent out over the grid and is bought by the power company. the power company gets renewable energy to sell to consumers and Prout gets paid, last year, making some ,400. Technically, your energy may be in any of these wires, generally (that's correct) running around here(absolutely correct). That could be used at that building or the next building down the street. under the state's clean energy program, New Jersey helped pay for the panels which cost 0,000. Prout's share, ,000. He has aly cut his electrical bill some months by more than half.February was 259, 3 in March. Prout plans to add more panels by the end of the year. And I would like to see how low I could get the bill. I am Deborah Feyerick for CNNMoney.com200812/59345信丰县骨伤科医院电话号码

龙南县人民医院网上预约 Students have been taught how to walk in stilettos as part of a government-funded course, a south London college said on Wednesday.The six-week "Sexy Heels in the City" course was offered as an extra-curricular activity at South Thames College and finished in May.The college said five students aged between 16 and 50-plus took part in the classes, and said the reactions were overwhelmingly positive."The course improved students' confidence, it was a fun, sociable activity for them to do in their free time," a college spokeswoman said."They practiced the Alexander Technique and learned how to walk responsibly and carefully in high heels." The Alexander Technique is a method that helps to improve a person's posture and balance.Professional singer China Whyne -- who has worked with Eric Clapton, Seal and Peter Gabriel -- was paid 750 pounds (1,000 dollars, 900 euros) to teach the six-week course.On her website, the tutor promises to teach women teetering in high heels how to improve their posture, reduce back pain and "achieve that gliding feeling when walking".One of the college students who completed the course said she now "felt more comfortable in my heels.""I no longer feel pain on a night out because I know what exercises to do beforehand," said 16-year-old Celina Mystery. "Now I can finally rock my heels."South Thames College said it was still evaluating whether to run the course again.Meanwhile, the TaxPayers' Alliance campaign group dismissed the course as a waste of money."This is a silly gimmick that's most likely diverting money away from more needy parts of the college," chief executive Matthew Elliott told the Daily Mirror website.【Notes】stiletto: a woman's shoe with a very high narrow heel; the heel on such a shoe 细高跟女鞋;(女鞋的)细高跟Eric Clapton: 埃里克·克莱普顿,1945年出生,英国吉他手、歌手和作曲家。他曾经获得过格莱美奖,是20世纪最成功的音乐家之一,在摇滚名人堂里有三项成就。Seal: 席尔,1963年出生,自上世纪90年代以来,Seal一直都是英国最受欢迎的男歌手之一,90年代中期以后,他把灵魂乐、民谣、摇滚、舞曲等不同的风格融入到自己的音乐中去,自成一派。Peter Gabriel: 1950年出生,20世纪70年代红极一时的摇滚乐团「创世纪」(Genesis)的团长,是当代摇滚音乐史上的一位音乐鬼才。teeter: to stand or move in an unsteady way so that you look as if you are going to fall 摇晃;蹒跚行走;踉跄;摇摇欲坠gimmick: an unusual trick that is intended to attract attention 花招,噱头201006/105974赣州兴国妇幼保健院泌尿系统在线咨询赣州哪里去治支原体感染好



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