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A Busy Day 繁忙的一天 -- :: 来源: A Busy Day 繁忙的一天Mar. 5th, Sunday Fine  This morning I got up early. After breakfast, I helped mom with housework. Then I did my homework. The homework was very interesting, so I did it well. In the afternoon, I played table tennis with my friend Lingling, We enjoyed ourselves very much. In the evening I watched TV with my parents and then prepared my self the next day's lesson.  What a busy day today!年3月5日 星期天 晴    今天早上我起床很早,吃完早饭后,我帮妈妈干家务,然后我就做作业作业很有意思,我做得很好下午我和朋友玲玲一起打乒乓球,我们玩得很开心晚上我和父母一起看电视,然后就预习明天的功课  今天多么繁忙啊!My Hometown-Taiyuan 我的家乡太原 -- 18:5:55 来源: My Hometown-Taiyuan 我的家乡太原  My hometown-Taiyuan is a beautiful city. It is the capital of Shanxi.  There are six parts in Taiyuan. Yingze District, Xinghualing District and Xiaodian District are the most prosperous. There are two major streets in the city. One is yingze Street and the other is Changfeng Street. Yingze Street is an old one and Changfeng Street is a new one. There are many tall and beautiful buildings on their sides. Fenhe River runs through the city from the south to the north. The water is clean. There are many trees, flowers and grass around it. In the evening, there are all kinds of colorful lights around Fenhe and it looks rather beautiful. It has been the windows of the city these years.  Taiyuan is getting more and more beautiful day by day. Welcome to Taiyuan.  I love my hometown-Taiyuan.  我的家乡太原是一个美丽的城市,她是山西的省会  太原包括六个部分,其中迎泽区、杏花岭区和小店区是最繁荣的在这座城市有两条主要的街道,一条是迎泽大街,另一条是长风大街迎泽大街是一条旧的街道,而长风街是新建的有许多高大美丽的建筑物在它们的两边汾河从南到北流经这座城市汾河的水是清澈的,这里到处是花、草和树在晚上,汾河被各种各样的色的灯笼罩,甚是漂亮这些年来它已经变成太原的窗口  太原正一天天变的更加美丽欢迎到太原来  我爱我的家乡太原

驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之滕头村 --9 :1: 来源: 驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之滕头村5. Tengtou village滕头村Tengtou village is the richest village in Zhejiang province. At present, about 800 people live in the village. By , the gross value of social products of the village totaled 5.5 billion yuan, the profit and tax 6 million yuan, and per capita income 36,000 Yuan.滕头村是浙江最富有的村庄目前,滕头村住户800人,年社会总产值55亿,利税6.亿元,村民人均纯收入36000元 中国六大最富有的村镇之滕头村

我的周末(My Weekend) --1 :8: 来源: 我的周末(My Weekend)  the weekend is coming. i will have a happy weekend.  on saturday morning, i’m going to do my homework. and then, i’m going out to play. i’m going to the bookstore and some books. in the evening, i am going to have dinner with my parents outside.on sunday morning, i’m going to the library or do my homework. and then, i’m going to listen to music. in the afternoon, i’m going to go shopping with my mother. i like shopping very much.  this is my happy and busy weekend. do you like this weekend?

  On Duty -- :5: 来源: On DutyI'm on duty todayOn dutytodayI clean the blackboardCleanthe blackboardI seweep the floorSeweep the floorI turn off the lightTurn off the lightI close the doorClose the door

  A Dream -- :5:38 来源: A Dream Mary: I’m now in the sea. I can’t believe it! It’s so beautiful! What a colorful fish! It’s so lovely! Little fish, don’t go away! Oh, here comes a blue whale. Wow, it’s so big! It’s bigger than my classroom. Oh no! There is a shark! Help! Help! Helen: What’s the matter, Mary? Mary: I saw a shark. Its teeth are so big! Helen: Oh, it must be a dream. Mary: …Yes, it’s a dream.。

  旅游英语口语常用句子:一路顺风 -- :: 来源: 旅游英语口语常用句子:一路顺风  Have a good time!  祝你们玩得愉快!  Have a nice evening!  祝你晚上愉快  Hope you‘ll have a nice trip.  希望你旅途愉快  Wish you a pleasant journey .  祝你旅途愉快  Happy landing.  祝你安全抵达  Bon voyage.  一路顺风 旅游英语口语

  Jay Chou 周杰伦 -- :3: 来源: Jay Chou 周杰伦  He is quite and shy. He doesn't smile very often, but he is friendly to others. When you talk to him about music, he will have a lot to say. This is Jay Chou, my favourite Taiwanese POPsinger.  Chou grew up with his mother. He didn't talk much and did badly in many school subjects. When he was only three, his mother sent him to learn piano, and he loved it.  Chou is not very handsome. But he is really good at music, he can write his own songs, and he never follows others.  I like Longquan best of his songs, and is moves my heart.他很安静,很害羞,他也不常晓,可是他待人友好当你同他谈论音乐,他就有好多话说这就是周杰伦,我最喜欢的台湾歌星周杰伦是同母亲一起长达的他说话不多,学校的许多都学得很好当他年仅3岁时,他妈妈送他去学钢琴,二他就喜欢上了钢琴周不算太英俊,可是他擅长音乐,他能自己作曲,也从不追随别人在他所有的歌曲中,我最喜欢《龙拳,它使我感动My New Teacher --7 :01:3 来源: My new teacher is science teacher. He’s very strong. He has a big mouth, two big ears, two big eyes and a not too big and not too small nose. He often wears a black new shirt and brown pants, with two big shoes  My science teacher is very kind. And he is very smart, isn’t he? Today, we have science class. We are very happy. Because he is so funny. Who is he? He’s a Mr. Zhou .我最喜爱的电视节目 --19 :58: 来源: My Favorite TV Shows 我最喜爱的电视节目  There're many kinds of TV shows every day. But my favorite TV shows are Animal World and sports. I never go to bed without watching them.  Animal World show is wonderful, from which I can learn a lot about animals. And at the same time I can see many huge and beautiful animals that I didn't see bee.  Sports news is very exciting because I can learn and know a lot of famous players. What's more, I like playing basketball best.    每天有许多电视节目可是我最喜欢看的电视节目是动物世界和体育节目不看这些节目我从不睡觉  动物世界节目很精,从这个节目中我能了解许多有关动物的知识与此同时我还可以认识许多我以前没见过的又大又漂亮的动物  体育新闻也令人兴奋,因为我可以了解和认识许多著名的运动员而且我最喜欢打篮球了www.58en.com 58英语网

  He Thought the Car Was His Chair! 他把汽车当成椅子了! -- 19:56: 来源: He Thought the Car Was His Chair! 他把汽车当成椅子了!  A young man was travelling around the world in a red car. One day he left the red car and went shopping. When he came back, the car was badly damaged. Some boys told him that an elephant had done it. The young man didn't believe them. And then the owner of the elephant came and said,"Sorry! My elephant has a big, round, red chair. He thought your car was his chair and sat on it." Then he said he would buy him a new car.  一位年轻人开着他的红汽车周游世界有一天他离开红汽车去购物当他回来时,汽车被严重破坏了几个男孩告诉他,说是一只大象干的年轻人不相信他们的话这时大象的主人来了,说,“真对不起!我的大象有一个红色的大圆椅子它把你的汽车当成是它的椅子了,就坐上去了”然后大象主人说他要给他买辆新车LAST WEEK --3 ::5 来源: last weeklast week ,i was happy. i comic books. i drank some juice. i went to the park. i rode a bike . i surfed the net . what did you do kast week?

  五一游紫禁城,内殿部分住处对外开放 --9 :30: 来源: 曾经紫禁城是一个未经君王允许不得进入的城堡,现在它已开始向游客开放另外一个隐蔽区世界人们将很快见到曾连续500年是历代君王的家的迷人的紫禁城更多部分,无需额外费用随着帝王和皇妃住处的开放,游客们将可以参观内殿的一些重要住处Once a tress that no one could enter or leave without the emperor's permission, the bidden City is set to welcome visitors to another of its secluded zones. The world will soon get to see more of the intriguing bidden City, home to generations of Chinese emperors spanning five centuries - at no extra cost.With the opening of the secluded residence of empresses and imperial concubines, which lies to the west of Longzong Gate, visitors will enter into some of the crucial quarters of the Inner Court - once prohibited and punishable by death.The decision to open up parts of the Inner Court to tourists is part of efts by the world's largest palace complex to cater to the interests of the increasing number of visitors, curator Shan Jixiang said on Thursday.The bidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987 and listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. It has been known as the Palace Museum since 195, soon after Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty (-19), was evicted from the Inner Court."We received million guests last year and expect to have 1 million more than that figure this year," Shan, mer chief of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, told China Daily in an exclusive interview."We plan to expand the visiting zones from nearly half to two-thirds (of the bidden City) in the near future."Located near the halfway point of the central north-south axis, Longzong Gate was the main entrance to the Palace of Benevolent Peace (Cining Gong) as well as the Palace of Longevity and Good Health (Shoukang Gong), on the western side of the museum.The two palaces were merly the residence and venues entertainment and rituals empresses and concubines in the Qing Dynasty.What's in store has aroused as much curiosity as historical evidence of two arrow heads stuck on the gate since 18 when rebellious farmers attacked the bidden City.Reparation and restoration of the two palaces have been completed and workers are putting final touches to the adjoining Garden of Benevolent Peace. The palaces will open to the public along with the garden after renovation of the garden is completed at the end of this year, Shan said."The Palace of Longevity and Good Health will be presented as it would have appeared in dynastic times, while the Palace of Benevolent Peace will showcase a rich collection of sculptures," he added.After being the home of emperors - during the Ming Dynasty (68-) and during the Qing Dynasty, the site that is now the Palace Museum is laden with legends and anecdotes, said Lin Shu, a researcher with the museum's department of palatial life and imperial rituals.A one-story building in the Garden of Benevolent Peace, instance, will tell the filial story of emperor Qianlong, who left his residence to stay there through the night to wait on his ailing mother. According to Lin, the emperor apparently made frequent visits a month until his mother recovered. At a time, it was very rare an emperor to leave his official residence.More safety and exhibitsNearly nine times as large as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Palace Museum welcomes the majority of visitors to its central north-south axis and southern Outer Court, where its ceremonial palaces are concentrated.Besides the Palace of Benevolent Peace and the Palace of Longevity and Good Health, most quarters on the western and eastern sides of the imperial site are inaccessible to visitors, though an array of halls on both sides are open to showcase a fine collection of rare and valuable works of art.The out-of-bounds zones are either under repair or used as offices, stores or research purposes, according to museum sources.Shan and his team vowed to change the situation."The research and office facilities have occupied a good part of the walled enclosure of the Palace Museum," said Shan. "They must move out and make room to exhibit our cultural relics."The Palace Museum now holds a total of 1.8 million artifacts, of which over 93 percent are designated as nationally protected "valuable cultural relics", Shan cited from the museum's latest audit findings.The area within the 8-meter-tall red walls s two-thirds of the entire complex of the Palace Museum. If all the research, office and service personnel as well as materials within the walls are removed as planned by , authorities could install better security measures to prevent thefts and fires, the curator added.A notorious incident last May in which a 7-year-old farmer stole art from the museum has sparked public concerns over security loopholes in the bidden City.Shan, appointed curator in February, pledged to employ "the world's most advanced security equipment and technology" and improve his employees' awareness of their responsibilities."Safety, especially fire prevention, is always our priority," Shan stressed.To illustrate his point, Shan picked up a cigarette butt from the ground bee entering the red walls that house the Palace of Benevolent Peace, and pointed to cameras hidden under the eaves of some buildings.The fear of fire has been a constant threat centuries and caused people to become superstitious. example, almost all roofs in the bidden City are built with yellow glazed tiles symbolizing royalty, but the library at the Pavilion of Literary Profundity (Wenyuan Ge) had dark-colored tiles. The reason was that dark colors were associated with water, symbolic of fire prevention.Better servicesStanding near Longzong Gate, Shan said service booths selling food, drinks and souvenirs will be erected on the square visitors once the gate is open. Currently, there is a temporary snack bar on the other side of the gate, which is less accessible to tourists, especially on windy days, Shan said.He acknowledged that doing business in the museum had struck a raw nerve among some Chinese, who have a special attachment to the Palace Museum. example, the stall that served delicious but expensive beef noodles was shut down, and a Starbucks outlet that opened in 00 was eventually closed after seven years due to a public outcry."Starbucks, McDonald's and other brands are considered sensitive (to many people), but their presence is not uncommon in museums in other countries," Shan said. "We have hordes of visitors from all over the world every day, often spending several hours in the museum, and they need different kinds of food and drinks."The important thing the museum is to ensure the needs of the visitors are well addressed, and the food served is healthy and diverse, Shan said. "We will not specify the brands. We care more about the variety and quality."A mer tour guide in Beijing, who identified herself only as Lu, said whenever she led tour groups from the southern entrance of the Meridian Gate (Wumen), all the way up to the northern exit of Gate of Divine Might (Shenwumen), many sang the praises of the spectacular palaces. But there were also others who complained of the lack of "priceless relics".Shan said an exhibition hall spanning nearly 3,000 square meters will be created by using the space on the Meridian Gate and its two protruding wings.Together with the Hall of Military Prowess, which houses a large collection of paintings and calligraphy works, and the Hall of Literary Glory which contains precious ceramics, they will serve as a cluster of mini-museums visitors bee entering the heart of the bidden City.Shan also said the Palace Museum will open ticket booths on the square between the Meridian Gate and the Upright Gate (Duanmen), to significantly cut short the waiting time visitors.Some of the booths will begin operation during the May Day holiday. 五一 紫禁城 部分

  What Do You Want? --19 ::1 来源: What Do You Want?I'm of the opinion that Taiwan's students are pathetic because they have too much pressure in their lives. Because they have to pass the Joint College Entrance Exam, they must study hard, To meet their teachers' and parents' expectations, they have to study day and night. But it's such a shame because most students don't know what they really want and what their goals in their future should be. So what should they strive towards? Should they only want to get the best grades and pass the JCEE? The answer is no. In my view, all students should calm down a few minutes and think earnestly about what they want.。

  小学:超级老鼠SUPER MOUSE --01 3:: 来源: 小学:超级老鼠SUPER MOUSESUPER MOUSEHengmei Kindergarten of South District表演单位:南区恒美幼儿园 (此话剧荣获南区第三届中、小、幼学生、幼儿英语话剧比赛一等奖)Bobo: I am back. Daddy?Mummy?Where are you? Where are you? Nobody is at home. Father Mouse、Mother Mouse、 little mice:(Jumps out.)Happy birthday. Bobo. Other:Happy birthday!!Mother Mouse:Today is your birthday, Bobo.Bobo:Oh!! Today is my birthday?Father Mouse:Yes. We have something you.Mouse 1:Look. Open it!Bobo:What’s this?Mouse 1: It’s a cucumber.Bobo:Mm. Thank you. What’s this?Mouse : It’s cauliflower. Bobo:Mm. Thank you. What’s this?Mouse 3:It’s a peanut. Bobo:Mm. Thank you. What’s this?Mouse :It’s a tomato.Bobo:Mm. Thank you. Thank you.Father Mouse、Mother Mouse:A big gift you. little mice: Oh?Mother Mouse: Go.Father Mouse、Mother Mouse:Look.(Computer):Hello. My name is Mouse:Ken.Others:Oh? Hello, Ken.Others:(Sing.)Hello, hello. I am Mouse. I am Mouse.Mouse: Hi. I am Ken.Others:(Sing.)Hello, hello. I am Mouse. I am Mouse.Mouse: Hi. I am Ken.Others:Who are you?Mouse: Me? (Chant.) I am a mouse. I have a house.Others:I am a mouse. I have a house.Mouse: I have a tail. I can send e-mail.Others:I have a tail. I can send e-mail.Together: (Chant.)I am a mouse. I have a house. I have a tail. I can send e-mail.So, we are super mice.Exits.(Written by Ivan Lee) 小学英语 话剧 剧本


  二年级英语作文:Birthday --1 01:8:39 来源: My birthday is on Sunday. My parents are going to have a birthday party at home. I invite my friends to come to the party.At the party. They give me many small presents. Such as cards, picture books, pe.They sing Hay Birthday to me. My mother makes a big cake me. I cut the cake into small pieces and give them out. we sing and dance.We have a good time at the party.

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