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关键词:throw the baby out with the bath water 东西不分好坏,一起摈弃短语释义:我们先来观察图片,一位妇人在倒水,水盆代表tea party茶话会,顺带把一个baby也倒出去了,在这幅图片中baby指茶话会中的services务,水指代taxes税收。开一个tea party茶话会需要交税,我们知道交税对于我们自己来说损失了一些钱财,可是services务却是一个好东西。那么今天我们要学的短语to throw the baby out with the bath water到这儿意思就出来了。Throw out是“扔掉”的意思,bath water是“洗澡水”的意思。To throw the baby out with the bath water字面意思是在泼洗澡水的时候连孩子一起泼掉了,比喻东西不分好坏,一起摈弃,或者在摒弃不重要的东西的同时,将重要的东西也抛弃了。情景领悟:1. We must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water when taking out the trash.我们得小心不要在丢垃圾时把贵重的东西也丢掉了。2. When you attempt to design a new policy, dont throw the baby out with the bath water. 当你拟定新的政策时,不要把好的部份,连同不好的,一起扔掉。本节目属 /201303/231415

The Americas Brazils nightclub fire美洲巴西夜总会大火A night from hell地狱般的一夜Better fire prevention should be the memorial为防止悲剧再度上演,巴西应当完善防火措施......Unbearable loss............生命中无法承受之失......BRAZIL was supposed to be celebrating this week:本周,巴西本应是一个欢庆的海洋:the first of the stadiums for next years football World Cup staged a debut match and a party was planned to mark 500 days till kick-off.首个为2014年巴西世界杯而专门建造的体育场将举行处女赛,而庆祝世界杯500天倒计时的狂欢也在筹备当中。Instead the country is in mourning, the party cancelled.恰恰相反,整个巴西现在陷入沉痛的悲哀之中,狂欢也取消了。Early on January 27th a fire in a nightclub, Kiss, in Santa Maria, a university town in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, killed 235 people, mainly students.1月27日的早些时候,隶属巴西南部的南里奥格兰德州的大学城——圣玛丽亚市中心一家名为“吻”的夜总会发生火灾,导致235人死亡,其中大部分为学生。Most of the more than 100 injured are in a critical condition.受伤人数超过100人,其中大部分伤势危急。President Dilma Rousseff, visibly upset, rushed back from a summit in Chile and declared three days of national mourning.正在智利参加峰会的迪尔马·罗塞夫总统明显非常焦虑,她迅速返回巴西,并宣布为遇害者举行为期三天的全国哀悼。A catalogue of negligence caused Brazils most lethal fire for more than 50 years.一连串的疏忽导致了此次巴西50多年来最致命的一场火灾。It was started by a spark from a flare lit by the band performing in the early hours.火灾最初是由在下半夜演奏的乐队发射闪光信号引起的,That set light to soundproofing foam on the ceiling.烟花的火花引燃了屋顶的隔音泡沫材料,Flames sp fast, releasing toxic fumes and short-circuiting the power supply, casting the venue into darkness.大火迅速蔓延,释放出有毒气体,导致电路短路,整个夜总会之后陷入一片黑暗。Security guards stopped the first to flee, apparently believing they were trying to bunk without paying : in Brazil, club patrons run up tabs and pay on the way out.保安阻挡了第一批逃生出来的人的去路,显然他们认为这些人是想逃票:在巴西,夜总会的顾客先消费,然后在离开时付账。Police say around 1,000 people were in the club, whose capacity was 690, and that there were no working fire escapes.警方表示,这家夜总会的客容量为690人,而当时却有1000左右的人在里面,此外,夜总会的火灾安全出口也无法使用。Most of the deaths were by crushing or asphyxiation.大多数的死亡由踩踏或者窒息所致。Dozens of bodies were found in the bathrooms, presumably mistaken for exits in the panic.卫生间里遍布尸体,大概是人们在慌乱之中错把这里当做出口。The crush at the door was so severe that firefighters and bystanders had to tear down a wall to get in.门口的踩踏情况十分严重,因此消防员和围观群众不得不拆除一面墙,才得以进入夜总会救人。At least Brazilians could take pride in the emergency response.尽管如此,巴西人至少能够为此次火灾中救援人员的快速反应感到些许欣慰。Firefighters arrived quickly.消防队员迅速抵达现场。The armed forces airlifted some of the injured to other cities.军方出动飞机将一部分伤者转移到其他城市。Hospitals around the country sent specialist equipment, such as respirators : many survivors have damaged lungs.全国的医院向圣玛丽亚市运送了呼吸器和其他专门设备:许多幸存者肺部受到严重损伤。Skin banks in Monte and Buenos Aires as well as in Recife and San Paulo, sent supplies for about 20 victims with severe burns.位于蒙得维的亚、布宜诺斯艾利斯、累西腓和圣保罗的皮肤库也向20名左右严重烧伤的受害者提供移植需要的皮肤。The buck-passing has aly started.相关方面已经开始相互推诿责任。The public prosecutor said there was ; clear evidence; that the club should not have been open : its public-health licence and fire-safety plan had expired.公诉人表示,有“明显据”显示,这家夜总会当时不具有营业资格:它的公共卫生许可和消防安全许可已经过期。The mayor blamed the fire brigade ; it replied that since the club had applied for an extension, it could keep operating.市长则归咎于消防队,而消防队做出回应,称如果该夜总会已经申请了延期,就能够正常营业。Investigators want to know how a venue apparently lacking even basic safety precautions had been licensed in the first place.火灾调查员不明白的是,该夜总会连最基本的安全保护措施都没有,最初的营业执照是如何取得的。The two owners, and two members of the band whose pyrotechnics started the blaze, have been arrested (one of the owners is in hospital after trying to commit suicide).夜总会的两名股东,以及燃放烟火导致火灾的两名乐队成员,都已被逮捕(其中一名股东在自杀未遂后被送往医院)。Similar tragedies elsewhere have led to tougher fire-safety laws.其他地方在发生类似悲剧后,都出台了更加严格的火灾安全法案。After the Cromanon nightclub fire in Buenos Aires in 2004, which killed 194, the citys venues were closed until they passed new inspections.2004年,位于布宜诺斯艾利斯的“克罗玛格农共和国”夜总会发生火灾,导致194人死亡。当局关闭了市内所有夜总会,只有通过新一轮的安全检查才能继续营业。In the ed States many states mandated sprinklers in large new venues and banned indoor pyrotechnics after a nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003.在美国,自2003年罗德岛夜总会大火之后,许多州就强制大型新建夜总会安装喷水灭火装置,并严禁室内使用烟火。In Brazil each state sets its own rules.在巴西,各州规定不尽相同。Some governors have said they will rewrite theirs.有一些州长表示他们将会改写本州规定。A proposal from 2007 to set minimum national standards has idled in Congress; its author now hopes to push it through.2007年,有人提议设定最低国家标准,然而这一提案被国会搁置,现在它的起草者希望能借此机会推动提案的通过。Tougher laws will be little use without enforcement, which is the job of mayors.如果做不到严格执法,法律就是一纸空文,而执行则是市长的职责。Brazilian businesses are often unregistered, partly to avoid tax but also because much of the paperwork is pointlessly burdensome.巴西许多企业往往没有进行注册,部分原因是为了逃避沉重的税收,企业注册需要的文件大多毫无意义十分麻烦也是原因之一。Those that do register face delays and sometimes requests for bribes.那些确实注册了的企业,也要面对各种审批延迟的情况,有时还会被索贿。Random checks on 29 nightclubs in San Paulo this week found nine were operating without licences ;本周对圣保罗29家夜总会进行的随机检查发现,其中有9家都属于无照经营,owners retorted that they had applied in good time but been left waiting, sometimes for years.这些夜总会的业主反驳说,他们早早地就进行申请了,但是一直等不到反馈消息,有时一等就是好几年。Eight others appeared not to be registered at all.其中还有8家似乎根本就没有进行注册。In a meeting with mayors on January 28th Ms Rousseff asked for their help.2月28日,罗塞夫总统与各市长举行会谈,她呼吁市长们都参与进来。; We have to make sure that tragedies like this are never repeated,; she said.她说:“我们必须确保此类悲剧将不会重演。”Perhaps Brazil is now y to do what that would take.也许,也许巴西现在已经整装待发,准备行动了。201701/486903

Subject: Put a lid on it. 迷你对话A: Hi! Do you know the professor’s perspective is wrong.你好!你知道教授的观点是什么吗?B: Put a lid on it.闭嘴。 地道表达put a lid on something 1. 解词释义Put a lid on something的意思是(对谈论的话题)闭嘴,不要说了,安静下来。其英文解释如下:something that you say in order to tell someone to stop talking. 2. 拓展例句e.g. If he does, you can give me a call and Ill come over and tell him to put a lid on it.那个人要是再来找麻烦,你就打电话给我,我来让他闭嘴!e.g. Would you please put a lid on all that chatter, Im trying to work.可不可以请你不要讲话了,我在工作。 3. 视野拓展Put a lid on something还有一个意思是“限制,禁止”或“遮掩,隐瞒(真相,实情)”。例如: e.g.The new law will put a lid on government spending.新法律将限制政府开。e.g. Government makes a move to put a lid on gambling.政府已经采取行动取缔。 e.g. We must make this movement thorough and deep-going and carry this struggle through to the end. On no account should we try to put a lid on it.我们一定要把这场斗争搞深搞透,进行到底,决不能捂盖子。e.g. They tell us to put a lid on the report until the campaign is over.他们告诉我们竞选结束之前,先隐瞒那份报告。 /201312/266694

  Um,yeah,I remember my mother,because you know they have the Governors ball.嗯 记得 我记得我妈妈 因为你知道 他们会举行颁奖礼晚宴Right,you brought her with you?Yeah,she was there.是的 你带着你妈妈去的吗 是的 她在场She was funny,cause we were sitting in the front row.她很好玩 因为我们坐在前排And all these famous people walked by,she said,;Nobody speaks.;就有好多名人经过 她说 没人说话啊She said they aint talk to you.then after I won,everybody was coming by.她说没人跟你说话 等我获奖了大家都过来祝贺我She said,oh,I see how this tongue goes.I see how she had figured out.Right.她说 噢 我明白是怎么回事了 我明白她领会到了 对So we go to the Governor ball,and they have like the flower thing,然后我们去参加晚宴 他们摆了很多花What you call it in the center.The arragement?In the middle.就放在中间的那叫什么来着 是花艺吧 在中间Shes like,they gonna just leave all these here?她说 他们就把这些花全扔这了吗I said,mom,were not leaving with this scent.She said,but just.我说 妈妈 我们不能带走这些花 她说 但是只是Im walking out somewhere,somebody had a photograph of me.with the flower arragement?然后我走出去的时候 就有人拍到了我一张照片 带着花吗with the Oscar on one hand,and scented piece.Oh my god.My mother,yeah,true story.一手拿着小金人 另外一只手拿着花 哦 天啊 这就是我妈妈 真事Shes right,they are wasteful.yeah,they are wasted.Cause you know,theres nobody leaves the ball quick.Right.她说得对 确实很浪费 对啊 它们就浪费了 因为你知道 没有人会很早离开宴会 是的You know,so all she could see was the scented pieces.Yeah,its like three hundred of them,were taking them too.所以她唯一能看到的就是花了 是啊 好像有三百多个 我们要拿走Shes absolutely right,theres a lot of waste goes on.她是对的 有太多铺张浪费了All right,well take a break.When we come back,well talk about the movie,好了 我们稍事休息 等到我们回来 我们会谈谈这部电影and something that I cant believe you actually did in the movie,the torture scene,其中有一些我真不敢相信你真的做了的事 折磨的场面which is unbelievable that you actually said,yes,do this to me.Yes.All right,we will be right back with Denzel Washington.难以置信 你真的说 来吧 我可以 是的 好的 我们一会回来 和丹泽尔·华盛顿 /201704/504243

  Subject:I had the time of my life. 迷你对话A: I met my soul in this party. I have the time of my life. 在这个聚会上,我遇到了我的知己。这是我这辈子最开心的事情了。 /201405/293975。

  What are you going to do to further improve your English? 你以后将做什么来提高你的英语?除了日常的英语课程以外我相信还有很多办法能够帮助我们更深一层地来提高英语。跟大家分享一位网友的plan:1. I will review what is learnt and preview what will be learnt in class just as I have done in the past.我会review去复习已经学过的知识。Review就是复习的意思:Before the examination we have a review of the terms work. 考试之前,我们复习一学期的功课。同时呢还要preview 预习。说到这里要跟大家说一些词汇的知识。View本身呢就是“见解、视野”的意思,也就是要用眼睛去看的东西。那么前缀re-有重复的含义,review也就是重复地去看,自然也就是复习,而前缀pre则有预先这样的含义,预先地去看preview那也就是预习了。Please do the preview and review work. 请做好预习和复习的工作。温故而知新,是一个非常好的学习习惯。2. English Corner is a good place for me to practice my oral English and I decide to visit there more frequently.英语角是一个锻炼口语的好去处a good place to practice oral English。拿深圳举例,我去过一些免费的英语角,每周六下午5点到7点会有一些人聚集在一起用英语聊天,开始水平可能不怎么样,但是要想提高口语就一定要开口说,不要怕说错,because the first thing is to make people understand you, then try to express yourself well. 先让别人懂你说的意思,等到到了这个水平,再多花些功夫去把语法什么的描述正确。还要提到一个词,frequent-频繁的,经常的,比如说:My girlfriend writes frequent letters to me. 我的女朋友频繁地给我写信。其实我想关注的是这位男士有没有同样去reply frequently频繁地回复呢?Frequent是形容词,而frequently就是副词。English Corner is a good place for me to practice my oral English and I decide to visit there more frequently. 英语角对于我来说呢是一个锻炼口语的好去处,我决定常去那儿瞧瞧。3. I will try to keep a diary about what I and what I experience to practice writing.这位网友还分享说她会把每天所读到的和所经历的都有写日记的方式记录下来,这样就可以练习写作。Thats true. 的确如此。Try to do sth. 尽力去做某事,keep a diary写日记。有朋友可能会问try to do 和try doing有什么区别?这两个短语他们的含义是有些不同的。try to do意思是“努力去做某事”“尽力干…”,表示想尽一切办法要把事情办成。比如:Im trying to learn English well. 我决心(尽力)学好英语。 Try doing意思是“尝试着干某事”“试着(用什么方法)去做某事”,表示一种试着、做做看的做法。试比较:I tried knocking at the back door, but nobody answered. 我试着敲了敲后门,但没人回答。今天给大家分享了一些关于英语学习小小的tips,其实我个人还有一些小方法,比如说对于经常记不住的单词,我就会把他们放在PPT里,然后设置成电脑桌面,这样每次打开电脑就再复习一次。还有一个tip就是在路上一个走的时候自己用英语跟自己对话,这样也是锻炼到口语的。Ok,今天跟大家分享的就是这么多了,其实英语学习也并不难,关键是要培养起对他的兴趣,然后找到适合你自己的方法。希望今天的学习对你有所启发,本期节目就是这样了,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:喜欢你(英文版)- 杨宇本节目属 /201601/420887

  Business: YouTube and copyright Free and easy listening商业:YouTube涉及版权问题,免费自在地听音乐The music industry lobbies Congress to keep YouTube at bay.音乐产业游说国会远离YouTube.IN LOVE or in business, it is not a good idea to be on the wrong side of Taylor Swift.无论从个人喜好还是从经营商业的角度,与泰勒·斯威夫特对着干都不是一个好主意。She has slated ex-boyfriends in her songs.毕竟她经常用歌曲抨击她的前任男友。And last year she publicly criticised Apple Music’s plan not to pay artists during the streaming service’s launch period. Apple quickly relented.去年,她公开批评苹果音乐在流媒体务发布期间没有向音乐人付费用的行为。苹果公司很快就举手投降。Now Ms Swift has joined nearly 200 musicians and record labels in a campaign aimed at the largest streaming service, YouTube.如今斯威夫特加入一个由将近200名音乐人和唱片公司发起的运动,该项运动直指最大的流媒体务商YouTube。They complain that it gives away too much of their work for free.他们抱怨YouTube 免费发布太多他们的作品。Their call for a change in copyright law is sure to fail, but the underlying gripe with Google’s streaming service will find sympathetic ears.尽管他们要求版权法做出改变的提议注定失败,但是对于谷歌流媒体务的潜在抱怨还是引起人们的同情。Streaming of music via on-demand services more than doubled in America last year, to 172.4 billion songs, according to Nielsen, a research firm.根据一家名叫尼尔森公司的调查显示,去年在美国通过视频点播务产生的流媒体音乐超过了原有的两倍,达到1724亿首歌曲。Ms Swift, Sir Paul McCartney, U2 and others signed a letter, published in several Washington periodicals on June 20th, asking Congress to make it more difficult and costly for those streaming services to host versions of songs uploaded by users.6月20日华盛顿斯的几家期刊登出斯威夫特,保罗·麦卡特尼,U2和其他音乐人的联名信。信上要求国会将流媒体务和用户下载大量版本的歌曲变得更加困难和昂贵。Google and Facebook, among others, will vigorously oppose any change to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which grants them “safe harbour” from liability for copyright infringement.在反对数字千年著作权法案做出任何改变的互联网公司中,谷歌和脸书的反对最为强烈,因为该法案是使他们不用承担版权侵权的“安全港湾”。A more realistic goal for the music industry is to persuade YouTube to pay more for playing their songs.音乐公司的一个更加现实的目标就是说YouTube 在播放他们的歌曲时付更多的费用。The service is the leading destination for on-demand music but a small source of revenue.这种务是在线点播音乐的主要目的,但却是收益来源的很小一部分。IFPI, a trade body, reckons that 900m people used ad-supported user-upload services such as YouTube to listen to music last year, but that the industry got only 4m from those streams.一家名为IFPI的贸易实体估算出去年有9亿人使用YouTube这种有广告持的用户上传流媒体务听音乐。但是音乐公司仅仅从这些流媒体中获得6.34亿美元。Subscription-based services, including Spotify, paid .3 billion to musicians in 2015.订阅务,包括Spotify在2015年向音乐人付了23亿美元。YouTube executives argue that they are creating a new source of revenue for the industry, even if it seems small now.YouTube的执行官则认为他们正在为音乐产业创造新的收益来源,即使它现在看上去数额较小。Many of those free-riders are unlikely ever to pay for a subscription service, they suggest.他们认为很多这些免费下载音乐的用户永远都不可能去为订阅务而付费。A popular user-uploaded promotes the original work and generates ad revenue for the industry.一家非常受欢迎的用户上传视频网站促进了原创作品的产生并且为音乐产业创造了收入。YouTube can take down such s, but the company notes that labels and publishers usually want to make what money they can from them.YouTube可以下架用户上传的侵权视频,但是YouTube也指出唱片公司和出版商经常想尽办法从他们身上捞油水。Music executives might warm to these arguments if YouTube comes up with more cash for them.如果YouTube 能够想到给音乐公司的执行官更多现金,音乐执行官们可能会同情这些论调。That is not out of the question.这也不是不可能的事情。Analysts reckon YouTube collected up to billion in advertising revenue in 2015, some billion of which would have been due to content creators and rights-holders.分析家估计YouTube2015年广告的收入已经达到了90亿美元,这其中的50亿美元是来自内容创造者和版权所有者。Those figures could double or even triple by 2020.这些数据到2020年可能翻两倍甚至三倍。By then YouTube might be making money.到那时候YouTube才可能会赚钱。Alphabet, Google’s parent company, does not break out YouTube’s results but it is widely reckoned to make a loss.谷歌的母公司Alphabet没有透露YouTube的营收情况,但YouTube被公认为是亏损的。Three big record labels—Universal Music Group, Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment—are negotiating new deals with YouTube that they hope will lead to a bigger slice of the pie.三家大型唱片公司——环球唱片,华纳唱片和索尼音乐公司正在与YouTube协商新的方案,他们的希望将指向分得更高的份额。Some music publishers will seek new terms soon, too.一些音乐出版商也会立即开始寻求新的条款。Their lobbying may not sway Congress, even with Ms Swift’s help.他们的游说可能不会使国会动摇,即使有斯威夫特的帮助。But it does not hurt to have the singer on their side of the bargaining table.但是将歌手拉到他们的阵营倒也无妨。译文属译生译世 /201611/475161特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: I was just about to go to bed when the telephone rang last night.昨晚我正要上床睡觉,电话铃响了。B: Who was it?是谁打来的?A: Kate. She said she was too excited to go to sleep.凯特,她说她自己兴奋得睡不着。B: She never cares about others.她从不替别人着想。A: It’s true. Guess what we were talking about last night.是呀,你猜我们昨晚在说什么。B: Her new boyfriend, right?她的新男友,对吧?A: Yeah, how do you know about that?是的,你怎么知道呢?B: I was also interrupted by her last week because of such a thing.她是因为此事上周也打搅过我。第二、地道核心表达【核心短语】be about to【解词释义】此语的意思是“刚要,即将”。有时候be可以用seem来代替。此语的否定形式not be about to do something则是强调“无意做某事”。 He was about to speak.Again he bottled himself up.他想说话又忍住了。I had an intuition that something awful was about to happen.我直觉感到要出乱子了。 His company was about to fail, but the bank saw him through.他的公司几乎破产, 但帮他渡过了难关。【典型例句4】 He called at an inopportune moment, when we were about to go out.他来得真不是时候,我们正准备外出。第二、词海拾贝care about:担心.......,关心......A selfish person does not care about other peoples problem.自私的人是不关心别人的困难的。 You say you care about the poor, but you dont help them. You hypocrite!你说你关怀穷人, 可你并不帮助他们, 你这伪君子! I dont care about what you think; save your breath to cool your porridge!我不在乎你怎么想, 你省点力气,别白费口舌了!【典型例句4】The capitalists only care about the accumulation of wealth.资本家只顾积累财富。know about:知道,了解......的情况 Keep quiet, we dont want the whole world to know about it.安静些,我们可不想让人人都知道这件事。Now I want to know about this thing from beginning to end.我现在想源源本本地了解此事。talk about:谈论...... He delights to talk about his family in the office.他喜欢在办公室谈论他家里的事。 The class separated into several smaller groups to talk about the subject.这个班的学生分成了几个小组讨论这个问题。第三、 句海拾贝【句型模板】Somebody is too+adj.+to do something.【指点迷津】too...to是太........而不能......。【句型操练】I am too tired to hit a shower.我太累了,连洗澡都没力气了。 /201309/255602迷你对话A: Do you feel better?你觉得好点了吗?B: Much better. My heart sank when Mary told me that she wanted to leave me.好多了,当玛丽告诉我她要离开我时,我的心为之一沉。A: Don’t be sad. Everything will be fine.别伤心,一切都会好起来的。B: Thanks a lot. You are so kind.谢谢,您真好。对话精讲地道短语someone’s heart sinks1 解词释义Sink有“下沉”的意思。从字面上看,意思是“心为之一沉”,比喻“非常失望”。2 持范例His heart sank when his boss told him that the company didnt need him any more. 他的老板说公司不再需要他的时候,他感到很失望。 His heart sank within him, when he perceived that. 当他看清楚这一点时,他的心一下子沉了下去。 His heart sank at the thought of war. 想到战争他的情绪显得十分低沉。 When he understood the harm that he had unintentionally done, his heart sank into his boots. 当他明白了他无意中所带来的伤害时,他的心情沉重起来。 /201304/233410

  Speaking of drought,California governor Jerry Brown recently said that Californians could be fined for taking long showers.说到干旱 加州州长杰瑞·布朗最近说 加州居民可能会因洗澡时间过长而被罚款Yeah,then he unveiled his new slogan,governor Jerry Brown,Im watching you shower.然后他揭晓了他的新标语 杰瑞·布朗州长 我在看你洗澡呢Theres a new stamp that depicts beloved poet Maya Angelou.Its coming out.推出了一款新邮票 邮票上有诗人马娅·安杰卢 即将推出Its a good news,the only problem is,it includes a e that is not hers.这是好消息 唯一问题是 邮票上还有一句并不是她说的话Maya Angelou never said,biches be crazy.马娅·安杰卢从未说过 撒疯吧 小婊砸N is in the news,N is airing a series about the biblical events following the crucifixion of Jesus.N上新闻了 N将播出一部关于耶稣受难之后的圣经故事的剧集I think they might be stretching the story for ratings because its called ;Jesus 2 payback time.;我觉得他们为了增加收视有点夸大了故事 因为片名叫做《耶稣2:报仇雪恨》Jesus comes back and hes fighting and kicking the crap out of Roman soldiers left and right.He forgives but he doesnt forget.耶稣起死回生 大展拳脚 把罗马士兵打得片甲不留 他原谅 却不忘记Just tore my groin.Burger King is in the news.刚刚撕到腹股沟了 汉堡王上了新闻Burger King announced theyre going to pay for a wedding between an actual couple,a real couple named Mr.Burger and Ms.King.Theyre going to pay for it.汉堡王宣布将出资举办一场婚礼 婚礼双方分别姓汉堡先生和王女士 这是真事 他们得知了此事 于是决定承办婚礼However,their wedding night will be all about in and out.但他们的新婚之夜都是进进出出201612/483270关键词:right-hand man 得力的助手,左右手短语释义:今天的图比较有意思,演讲家右手拿着一个玩偶,对大家说: I’d like you all to meet Ernie, my nes right-hand man.我想要大家都来认识一下Ernie,我的right-hand man。这个right-hand man是什么意思呢?字面意思是“右手男人”,我们该如何理解呢?大多数人习惯于用右手,所以右手对人来讲尤其重要。Right-hand就是代表重要的,right-hand man就相当于中文里的“左右手”,只不过英文说法是只有“右手”:right-hand man。另外我们要注意无论男性还是女性都是用right-hand man,而且前面不加冠词。如果女同胞们觉得这有性别歧视的倾向,大家也可以直接用right-hand,省掉后缀man,这也是一种说法。如果你的上司在活动中这样介绍你:He is my right-hand man. 这说明老板已经很器重你了。情景领悟:1. Max is my fathers right-hand man, he took care of mum and me after dad had been put into prison.Max是我老爸的得力助手,老爸进去之后就是他照顾我们娘俩的。2. I really want to get your offer, I will be right-hand man.我真的很想得到这份工作,我会能成为你的好帮手的。本节目属 /201306/245259


  1. I''m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I''ve got something urgent to tell you.抱歉打断你们的谈话,但我有急事要告诉你。2. Sorry to butt in.抱歉,打岔一下。3. I''m sorry to barge in like this, but I need your help with a problem.很抱歉这样打断你们,但我需要你帮我解决一个问题。4. Wait, can I put in a word here?等一下,我可以插句话吗?5. Can I say something?我可以说句话吗?6. She kept cutting in when I was making my point.我表示意见的时候她一直打断我的话。7. He chipped in when I was about to answer his question.我正准备回答他问题的时候,他就打断我的话。8. He always breaks in on our discussions.他老是打断我们的讨论。9. My boss got really mad when his secretary chimed in during the meeting.我老板的秘书在开会的时候插嘴,把他弄得很火大。10. It''s very impolite to interpose in such a formal seminar.在这么正式的研讨会里插嘴是很不礼貌的。 /201104/133177。


  电影台词搞定面试官1“There is no certainty, only opportunity.”没有一定会怎样,只有可能会怎样。--《V字仇杀队》2“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.今天的好计划胜过明天的完美计划。--《摇尾》3“Failure is never quite so frightening as regret.比失败更令人恐惧的是懊悔。--《天线》4“It's what you do right now that makes a difference你现在所做的是改变现状的关键。--《黑鹰降落》5“Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating.说个不停不一定是交流。--《美丽心灵的永恒阳光》6“If work has no intention, it's not work at all. It's an empty motion.”如果工作没有目标,那就不是工作,而是空洞的行为。--《刀锋》7“No point in punching things you can't see.”打击那些你看不到的东西没有意义。--《铁拳男人》 /201102/126686

  Finance and Economics财经The Big Mac Index: The All Meaty Dollar巨无霸汉堡指数:强大的美元Burgernomics gets to grips with a strong greenback.汉堡经济学发现美元走强。IT is perhaps not surprising that the worst-performing major currency in the world this year is the Turkish lira.或许毫无意外,今年全世界表现最差的货币就是土耳其里拉。Many emerging-market currencies have taken a battering since the election in November of Donald Trump raised expectations of faster monetary tightening in America and sent the dollar soaring.由于特朗普去年11月份当选美国总统提振了收紧美国货币政策和美元走强的预期,许多新兴市场的货币遭受重创。But the lira has many other troubles to contend with, too: terrorist bombings, an economic slowdown, alarm over plans by the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to strengthen his powers, and a central bank reluctant to raise interest rates to defend the currency.但是里拉也有许多其他的问题要应对:轰炸恐怖势力,经济衰退,对总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安为了巩固政权提出的计划造成的恐慌,同时中央不愿意提高利率而保护币值。It has plunged to record lows.里拉已经降至历史低点。According to the Big Mac index, our patty-powered currency guide, it is now undervalued by 45.7% against the dollar.巨无霸汉堡指数是我们基于馅饼的货币指导,根据这项指数,里拉如今兑美元的价值被低估45.7%。The Big Mac index is built on the idea of purchasing-power parity, the theory that in the long run currencies will converge until the same amount of money buys the same amount of goods and services in every country.巨无霸汉堡指数的建立基于购买力平价的思想,该理论认为在长期中,各种货币价值会汇集于一点,直到相同数量的货币能在每个国家购买相同数量的商品和务。A Big Mac currently costs .06 in America but just 10.75 lira (.75) in Turkey, implying that the lira is undervalued.要制作一个巨无霸汉堡,在美国花费5.06美元,而在土耳其花费10.75里拉(2.75美元),这表明里拉价值被低估。However, other currencies are even cheaper.然而,其他货币的价值更为低廉。In Big Mac terms, the Mexican peso is undervalued by a whacking 55.9% against the greenback.根据巨无霸汉堡的角度看,墨西哥比索兑美元比率竟被低估55.9%之巨。This week it also plumbed a record low as Mr Trump reiterated some of his campaign threats against Mexico.本周,随着特朗普重申他竞选过程中对墨西哥的一些威胁言论,比索下降至历史低点。The peso has lost a tenth of its value against the dollar since November.自11月以来,墨西哥比索兑美元汇价损失了十分之一。Of big countries, only Russia offers a cheaper Big Mac, in dollar terms, even though the rouble has strengthened over the past year.以美元来看,在各大国中,唯独俄罗斯的巨无霸汉堡便宜的多,即便俄罗斯货币卢布在过去这一年中一直在增值。The euro zone is also prey to political uncertainty.欧元区也饱受政局风波之苦。Elections are scheduled this year in the Netherlands, France and Germany, and possible in Italy.今年,荷兰、法国、德国甚至可能连意大利的大选都被提上议程。The euro recently fell to its lowest level since 2003.欧元近来跌至自2003年来的最低水平。Britain’s Brexit vote has had an even bigger effect on the pound, which has fallen to .21, a 31-year low.英国的脱欧公投已给英镑带来的影响甚至更大,英镑已经跌至1.21美元,是31年来的最低水平。According to the Big Mac index, the euro and the pound are undervalued against the dollar by 19.7% and 26.3%, respectively.根据巨无霸汉堡指数,欧元和英镑兑美元汇率各被低估19.7%和26.3%。One of the drawbacks of the Big Mac index is that it takes no account of labour costs.巨无霸汉堡指数的缺陷之一是没有考虑劳动力成本。It should surprise no one that a Big Mac costs less in Shanghai than it does in San Francisco, since Chinese workers earn far less than their American counterparts.如果说一个上海的巨无霸汉堡成本低于旧金山的,应该也不会令人意外,因为中国劳工收入远远低于他们在美国的同行们。So in a slightly more sophisticated version of the Big Mac index, we take account of a country’s average income.因此,在稍微复杂一些的巨无霸汉堡指数中,我们考虑了一国的平均收入。Historically, this adjustment has tended to raise currencies’ valuations against the dollar, so emerging-market currencies tend to look more reasonably priced.从历史上来看,这种调整意在提高货币兑美元的估价,因此新兴货币的价格看起来会更加合理。The Chinese yuan, for example, is 44% undervalued against the dollar according to our baseline Big Mac index, but only 7% according to the adjusted one.以中国的人民币为例,根据我们的基线巨无霸汉堡指数,兑美元的汇率被低估44%,但是根据调整后的指数计算,仅被低估7%。The deluxe Big Mac index has typically made rich-world currencies look more expensive.豪华版的巨无霸汉堡指数通常使得富裕国家货币显得更高昂。Because western Europeans have higher costs of living and lower incomes than Americans, the euro has traded at around a 25% premium against the dollar in income-adjusted burger terms since the euro’s inception.但是,因为西欧居民相比美国居民的生活成本更高、收入更低,所以以收入调整的汉堡指数来看,自欧元启动以来,欧元对美元的兑换比率存在大约25%的溢价。But what once seemed to be an immutable axiom of burgernomics is true no longer.但是过去一直被认为是真理的汉堡经济原理不再一定正确了。So strong is the dollar that even the adjusted Big Mac index finds the euro undervalued.美元如此强势以至于用调整后的巨无霸汉堡指数都得出欧元低估的结论。The dollar is now trading at a 14-year high in trade-weighted terms.以贸易加权的角度看,美元汇率现在正处在十四年来的高点。Emerging-world economies may struggle to pay off dollar-denominated debts.新兴世界经济体也许将艰难地付美元标价的债务。American firms may find themselves at a disadvantage against foreign competition.美国企业或许将发觉自己面对外国竞争处于不利地位。And American tourists will get more burgers for their buck in Europe.同时,美国游客将可以用他们的美元在欧洲买到更多的汉堡包。考研英语时事阅读 /201703/496682

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