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秀洲区处女膜修复多少钱南湖区去除眉间纹手术多少钱E-commerce in South-East Asia东南亚电商Home-field advantage本土优势The global online-shopping giants may not find it easy to conquer the region全球的电商巨人可能都难以征这一地区TROPICAL rain pounds on the roof of a cavernous warehouse near Jakarta, Indonesias capital. Inside, youngsters in orange T-shirts haul around clothes, luggage and electrical goods for Lazada, an e-commerce firm, which has just moved in. The 12,000 square metre space is three times the size of the depot it has vacated, but it aly looks full. Three years ago Lazadas entire stock filled a storeroom the size of a studio flat, recalls Magnus Ekbom, its twenty-something boss in Indonesia.在印尼首都雅加达,热带大雨滂沱之下,密布着洞穴一样的仓库。印尼电商Lazada刚刚进驻于此,来来往往的年轻人穿着橙色T恤,运输着衣,箱子以及电子产品。这片区域占地12000平方米,是Lazada旧仓库的三倍,但如今看上去也满了。二十多岁的印尼老板Magnus Ekborn回忆说,三年前,Lazada的全部库存也不过是个小单间大小。Internet shopping accounts for less than 1% of all purchases in South-East Asia—a region twice as populous as America, where the proportion is nearly 10%. But surging smartphone use and a broadening middle class mean the market is set to multiply; perhaps fivefold by 2018, reckons Frost amp; Sullivan, a consulting firm. Since it launched in 2012 Lazada has laid claim to six South-East Asian countries, largely unchallenged by e-commerce giants such as Amazon of the ed States, Alibaba of China and Rakuten of Japan. It may soon have to fight them for its territory.在线购物占据了东南亚全部消费的不到1%,而该地区的人口是美国的两倍,后者的在线购物占比接近10%。但是智能手机的广泛使用,以及日益增长的中产阶级意味着这个市场必将扩大;咨询公司Frostamp;Sullivan判断,截止到2018年市场将扩大到五倍。自Lazada2012年成立以来,其宣称将进军6个东南亚国家,而且基本并未受到其他电商巨人的挑战,比如美国亚马逊,中国阿里巴巴以及日本乐天。可能Lazada很快就要同上述各家竞争,以捍卫自己的市场份额。Lazada was created by Rocket Internet, a Berlin-based investor and incubator that cranks out startups designed to dominate emerging markets. Rocket still holds a 24% stake, though Lazada has now raised more than 0m from investors including Tesco, a British grocer, and Temasek, a Singaporean sovereign-wealth fund. These deals appear to value it at about .3 billion, which could well make it South-East Asias dearest technology firm.Lazada是由总部位于柏林的投资和孵化公司Rocket Internet创立的。该公司扶持创业公司以主宰新兴市场。尽管Lazada已经从诸如英国零售企业乐购,新加坡主权基金淡马锡等机构募集到了6亿多美元,Rocket仍然持有其24%的股份。这些交易似乎将Lazada估值为13亿美元,可能是东南亚最贵的科技公司了。Like other Rocket companies, Lazada is run by a gaggle of young European expatriates, plucked from finance and consulting. It seems y to stomach years of losses. In the first half of 2014—the only recent period for which results are available—it lost m before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, on revenues of m.同其他Rocket旗下的公司一样,Lazada是由一群年轻的欧洲侨民运作的,把持了财务和咨询。Rocket已经准备好承担连续多年亏损。在2014年上半年——也是近期唯一可以得到的数据——Lazada在不计利息,税收,折旧以及分摊等开销的情况下损失了5000万美元,其总收入只有6000万美元。Again like other Rocket companies, its critics say it is just a copycat, in this case a mere clone of Amazon. Lazadas bosses say such charges underestimate the sophistication and gumption required to succeed in places such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Online marketing is trickier there than in America or Europe, because locals use a much wider variety of search and social-media sites. The regions diversity means constant tweaking of online portals to suit local languages and cultures. It also means battling a hotch-potch of customs rules.也和其他Rocket旗下的公司一样,批评者说他就是简单复制品,不过这次抄了亚马逊而已。Lazada的老板们则认为这种低估了想在泰国、印尼、菲律宾和越南成功的复杂性和进取心。在线市场在这里比在欧美更棘手,因为当地人使用更为广泛的搜索和社交站点。地区多样性意味着要不断调整网上门户以适应当地语言和文化。同样也需要大杂烩一般的海关规定。By far the biggest challenges are payment and delivery. Fewer than one in ten South-East Asians has a credit card, and those that do have them tend not to use them online, for fear of fraud. So a big chunk of Lazadas customers prefer to pay in cash when their goods arrive, which requires more sophistication from delivery partners. Postal services are often sluggish and unreliable—especially in the vast archipelagos of Indonesia and the Philippines—and local logistics firms are still unused to handling high volumes of small packages. About a third of Lazadas orders are delivered by its own fleet of vans and motorbikes, which now serve more than 80 South-East Asian cities.目前最大的挑战是付和递送。东南亚人持有信用卡的比例不到十分之一,而持有信用卡的人又不倾向于在线使用,以防诈骗。因此许多Lazada的客户更青睐货到付款,也对运送伙伴的提出了更复杂的要求。邮政务一般都很迟缓,而且不可靠——尤其是在印尼和菲律宾的广阔群岛上——而当地物流公司仍旧不习惯处理大量小体积货物。Lazada约有三分之一的订单是由其自有的车队完成,用货车和托车务80多个东南亚城市。Lazadas rapid growth has started to rouse competitors, including the big conglomerates whose shopping centres dominate the regions retail markets. On February 25th Lippo Group launched MatahariMall, a new e-commerce venture, in partnership with the Matahari chain of department stores, in which Lippo owns a stake and which are anchor tenants of some of Lippos shopping centres.Lazada的快速发展引来了竞争对手,包括那些主宰了当地零售市场的购物中心所属的大型企业。2月25日,力宝集团和Matahari连锁百货公司成立了Matahari商城作为其在线试水之作。力宝持有Matahari连锁百货的股份,而后者则是力宝的购物中心忠实租户。Messaging services and web portals are turning to e-commerce to boost their profits. In February, Line, a popular messaging app owned by Naver of South Korea, started selling groceries in Thailand. Last October Softbank, a Japanese internet and telecoms conglomerate, and Sequoia Capital, an American investor, put 0m into Tokopedia, a sort of Indonesian eBay.信息务和门户网站也正在转型电商以扩展利润。2月,韩国Naver旗下的流行信息应用连我开始在泰国进行零售。去年十月,日本网络和电信集团软银以及美国投资公司红杉资本向印尼版的“淘宝”Tokopedia注资一亿美金。But the most serious threat to Lazada comes from the overseas e-commerce giants. After Lazada was set up, Indonesia passed a law banning further foreign investment in e-commerce firms which hold their own inventory (Tokopedia does not)—but politicians have recently talked of repealing it. Amazon has begun offering free delivery to big-spending South-East Asian shoppers who dont mind waiting for wares shipped from America. Last month Alibaba opened an Indonesian outpost of Aliexpress, which helps shoppers import goods from Chinese manufacturers. In May it took a 10% stake in Singpost, Singapores state postal service—perhaps in preparation for a more vigorous assault.但对Lazada最严重的威胁还是来自海外电商巨头。Lazada成立后,印尼通过了法律禁止境外资本投资自有库存的电商公司(Tokopedia不是)——但是政客们近期开始讨论解除禁令。亚马逊已经开始向大额消费的东南亚顾客提供免费送货务,只要他们不介意等待货物从美国运来。上个月阿里巴巴开设了在印尼的前哨,全球速卖通,帮助顾客从中国厂商进口商品。五月,阿里收购新加坡国有邮政务新加坡邮政的10%的股份——可能就是为了准备更积极的进攻。Max Bittner, Lazadas overall boss, thinks it would take time for these firms to replicate his firms local knowledge and delivery networks. One of his priorities is to expand relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in China, the better to compete with the bottomless catalogue of cheap products which Alibaba, in particular, could bring to the region. South-East Asia may still prove big and diverse enough for several large e-retailers to co-exist—but investors will spill a lot of red ink finding out, thinks Paul Srivorakul of aCommerce, which processes online orders for consumer brands and retailers. “It could be a bloodbath,” he says.Lazada总经理Max Bittner认为,这些公司想要复制Lazada当地的知名度和运输网需要时间。他目前的重点之一是扩展同中国供应商和制造商的关系,以更好地同廉价产品,特别是阿里巴巴可能引入这个地区的,来竞争。东南亚市场很大,也很多样化,可能足以让几家电子零售商共存,但是电子商务的Paul Srivorakul认为,投资商会不遗余力地争夺在线订单,树立客户品牌和零售商口碑。他说“可能会打得头破血流”。翻译:赵兴昊 校对:李燊 译文属译生译世 /201503/365150桐乡活细胞丰胸价格 Climate change气候变化Dealing with denial应对争议Americas concessions are more real than Chinas较之中国,美国作出更大让步FIVE years ago next month, disagreement between America and China, the worlds biggest greenhouse-gas emitters, scuppered the UNs Copenhagen climate-change conference. On November 11th Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping announced a deal on carbon emissions. This is welcome, with two caveats: China has not conceded much, and Congress will do its best to prevent America from delivering what the president has promised.五年前的十二月,世界最大的温室气体排放国—美国和中国,两国的分歧使联合国气候变化大会无果而终。11月11日,奥巴马总统与习近平总书记就碳排放问题宣布了一项协议。协议不可否认受到欢迎,但也存在两个隐患:中国并没有做出多大让步,同样美国国会将尽其所能阻止总统奥巴马兑现承诺。Because America is responsible for a far larger share of the greenhouse gases aly in the atmosphere than China, it was bound to accept sharper cuts. Even so, it has made big concessions. America had previously signed up to a cut of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020. This looks achievable because emissions are aly falling. The new agreement is for a 26-28% cut by 2025, which would require a doubling in the pace of cuts after 2020.由于大气中美国所排放的温室气体要远大于中国,它负有更多的责任,因而必定要承受更多的减排任务。即便如此,美国还是做出了重大让步。此前美国就签订协议在2020年前在2005年减排指标的基础上再减排17%。这不是无稽之谈,因为现在美国的碳排放已经在下降。新的减排协议要求在2025年前实现26%-28%的减排任务,这将要求美国在2020年之后加速减排的步伐,估计是以前减排步伐的两倍。China has agreed that its emissions will peak in 2030, and that the percentage of non-fossil fuels in its energy consumption will rise to 20% by 2030. Just getting a date out of the Chinese is an achievement, but American negotiators had been aiming for 2025. More important, the date the Chinese have agreed to may not be so different from what would have happened without a deal. Earlier this year He Jiankun of Tsinghua University reckoned that Chinas carbon emissions would peak by “around 2030”, as economic growth is slowing and urbanisation will have mostly run its course by then.中国同一在2030年其减排行动将达到顶峰,截止2030年,中国非化石燃料能源占能源消费比重的百分比将增至20%。中国能给出一个具体的时间就是一场胜利,然而美国谈判专家想要中国将时间提前至2025年。更重要的是,中国所同意的时间表在没有协议的情况下基本可以说形同虚设。今年年初,清华大学的专家何建坤称中国的碳减排将在2030年达到顶峰,那时候中国的经济增长已经趋缓,城市化进程也趋于完善。The agreement gives both sides plenty of wriggle room, referring to the countries “best efforts” and their intentions to reach their targets. Because it is not a treaty, it does not have to be ratified by Congress. But for America to meet its new targets, both Congress and the Supreme Court would have to leave the federal governments current efforts to cut carbon emissions, which involve issuing regulations under the Clean Air Act, well alone.就两国会尽最大的努力以及他们达成减排目标的意愿来看,该协议为两国都留有较大余地。因为这仅仅只是一份协议而不是公约,它不需要经过国会的批准。但是美国要想达成其新目标,国会和最高法院就必须不管联邦政府现在对碳排放所作出的努力,这包括在清洁空气法案之下制定相关法规。Those efforts are in the hands of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which many Republicans would like to abolish altogether. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives has aly made it clear that it would like to roll back greenhouse-gas regulations issued by the EPA; the new Republican Senate will probably agree.而实现这些努力措施的决定权掌握在环境保护局手中,但是共和党人却都想废止这些行动。众议院中共和党中的绝大多数人明确表示将会退回换将保护局发行的温室气体规定,新的共和党众议员很可能会同意。Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, comes from Kentucky, a coal-producing state, and has aly attacked the deal. “This unrealistic plan, that the president would dump on his successor, would ensure higher utility rates and far fewer jobs,” he said. Senator Jim Inhofe, who is likely to head the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has called climate change “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”, and compared the EPA to the Gestapo.参议院的共和党领导人明奇·麦康奈尔,来自产煤之州肯塔基,已经在攻击该协议。他宣称:“这是一个不切实际的计划,是奥巴马甩给继任者的烂摊子,将会增加公共事业费率而大大减少就业岗位”。参议院吉姆·英霍夫,很有可能会成为参议院环境与公共事业委员会的一把手,称气候变化是“降临到美国人民身上最大的骗局”,并将环境保护局比作盖世太保。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201411/342719海宁市人民医院激光祛痘多少钱

平湖市激光祛痣多少钱平湖市妇幼保健所吸脂手术多少钱 One of my girlfriend had a transgendered male friend我一个女性朋友有一个变性后的男朋友and I remember thinking you know he must feel like I do,but way worse我想他的感受应该跟我差不多 或者更糟糕I knew we were like cousins,but I didnt get exactly toally,because I was still feeling ok我知道 我们就像堂兄弟 但是我还没有完全理解那种感觉 因为我对这种关系还感觉挺好的and at that point I really,I just had this misconception that there was a part of the,you know lesbian community对此我真有这样一个误解 以为女同性恋中有一部分人that felt the same way I did that wished they were male跟我一样 希望自己能成为男性and felt more male,but they werent,so they dealt with it以男性身份对待事情 但他们又不能 所以他们想办法解决问题Really? So you just assume everybody felt that way.No,no not everybody.But a small portion of the,of that community所以你想每个人都是那样想的 不 不是每个人 而是那个群体中的一小部分人And as I got older and started to kind of get out more,I realize you know what,thats not true后来慢慢长大 接触的事物也越来越多 我就开始意识到那并不是正确的I was at a party at somebodys house and there were a lot of gay women there有次我在一个朋友家里参加派对 当时有很多女同性恋and I remember just kind of sitting back,listening to conversations and it really struck me like我记得当时我只是坐在那里 听着她们讲话 令我惊讶的是all of these women,no matter how they are presenting themselves,have a really strong female indentity,and I never had that ever.Really,yeah不管这些女人如何去表现自己 她们还是有很强的女性认同感 而我却从来没有那种感觉 真的吗 是的So now,do you feel like you think,cause you are with the same girlfriend,for how long now那现在你感觉怎么样 你原来女朋友一直跟你在一起呢 有多久了呢Six years.Ok,so she was with you as a women,she is with you now,right六年了 你还是女性的时候 你们就在一起了 一直到现在也在一起 是的Do you feel like have a different,like you think differently,you have a different relationship你对问题的看法是否有所改变 是否觉得这段感情有变化呢there are like subtle changes,utimately I am the same person,but yeah I do think a little bit differently.Like in what way会有一些突然的变化 我还是原来的我 但我想我看待问题确实有点改变 比如说哪些方面 /201610/474106浙江除皱的费用

平湖市红十字会医院做去疤手术多少钱Noise pollution噪音污染Shhhh!嘘!小声点!Why quiet carriages don’t work, and how they might be made to?安静车厢的推广之途屡屡受挫。原因何在,如何改之?QUIET carriages on trains are a nice idea: travellers voluntarily switch phones to silent, turn stereos off and keep chatter to a minimum. In reality, there is usually at least one inane babbler to break the silence.在列车上设 “安静车厢”是个不错的想法:旅客们自觉将手机调成静音,关掉随身听,轻声地交谈。而在现实中,通常至少会蹦出一个无脑的大嘴巴打破车厢的宁静气氛。A couple of problems prevent peaceful trips. First, there is a sorting problem: some passengers end up in the quiet carriage by accident and are not aware of the rules. Second, there is a commitment problem: noise is sometimes made by travellers who choose the quiet carriage but find an important call hard to ignore.安静之旅基于以下一些原因无法实现。首先是车厢分类问题:一些乘客阴差阳错的坐到了安静车厢,而没有留意乘车守则。其次是乘车义务问题:选择就坐安静车厢的乘客在途中接到一通无法忽视的重要电话,无奈之下发出了声响。The train operators are trying to find answers. Trains in Queensland Australia, are having permanent signs added to show exactly what is expected; a British operator has invested in signal-jamming technology to prevent phone calls. Microeconomics suggests another approach: putting a price on noise.列车运营商正试图找寻解决之道。 澳大利亚昆士兰州的火车里常设标识,提醒乘客遵守乘车守则;英国的一家列车运营商引用信号干扰技术来避免电话骚扰。而微观经济学则提出了另一种方法——金钱同噪音挂钩。Fining people for making a din would surely dissuade the polluter and is a neat solution in theory, but it requires costly monitoring and enforcement. Another tack would be to use prices to separate quiet and noisy passengers—in effect, creating a market for silence. A simple idea would be to sell access to the quiet carriage as an optional extra when the ticket is bought. Making the quiet coach both an active choice and a costly one would dissuade many of those who do not value a peaceful ride.开噪音罚单肯定会减少噪声污染者,并且从理论上讲乃一剂良方,但此方案需耗费大量监管和执行费。另一种方案是从票价上区分喜静的和喜闹的乘客,实际上是开辟“花钱买清静”的交易。一种简单的区分方法是,售票时提供安静车厢选项,乘客可选择付额外费用在安静区就坐。如此一来,“安静座位”不仅可由乘客主动选择,高票价还可将大量不珍惜安静旅途的人拒之门外。Charging may also solve the commitment problem. This is particularly tricky, as attitudes to noise can change during the journey. Some passengers would pay the quiet premium but still chatter away when some vital news arrives. Schemes that reward the silent—a ratings system among fellow passengers, for example—could help. The idea is that losing your hard-won reputation offsets the short-term gain from using the phone. But such a system also fails the simplicity test.收费也有可能解决义务问题。乘客对待噪音的态度在旅途中或多或少会有所改变,这就使得义务问题变得尤为复杂——有些乘客虽然愿意额外花钱到安静车厢就坐,而在看到某些重要新闻时,仍旧按耐不住自己开始喋喋不休。旨在奖励安静乘车旅客的奖励计划或大有裨益。例如,同车乘客打分系统,理念是以来之不易的声誉换取接电话来带的片刻享受。但该系统也不会通过易用性测试。A 2010 book by George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton argues that “norms”—feelings about how everyone should behave—also play a role in decision-making. Charging a price, even if just a token amount, means the quiet carriage becomes a service that fellow passengers have bought, not just a preference they have expressed. Perhaps different norms would come into play, encouraging calm. If not, a personal bubble is always an option: noise-cancelling headphones start at around .乔治·阿克尔洛夫和瑞秋·克拉顿在2010年出版的一书中认为,人类对个体该如何行止的感觉就是“行为规范”,这种规范也影响决策过程。即便是象征性收取少量金额,单凭收费这一行为,就意味着安静车厢不再是同行乘客的偏好之选,而是他们所购买的一项务。或许在鼓励人们保持车厢安静时,应该引入不同的行为规范。若此方案也行不通,那么在列车上出售起价的降噪耳机,创造“个人空间”总是不二之选。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/450433 听力参考文本:For many children living in poverty, hunger is an everyday reality, and going to school hungry can have a big impact on a kids ability to learn.Thats one of the reasons why the federal government offers free lunches to low-income students.As part of the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, Congress made it possible for schools with a certain percentage of low-income students to offer free lunch to all of their students. It set up the Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP.A Republican-led bill currently making its way through the U.S. House would change the requirements of the CEP and make it harder for schools to qualify.Supporters of HR 5003—The Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act—say it directs money to the neediest students. But opponents say its a step backward in the fight against childhood hunger.Zoe Neuberger, a Senior Policy Analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, joined Stateside to talk about CEP, the proposed changes to the program and what that could mean for school going forward.;We should not have to make a tradeoff.;Neuberger told us that limiting the ability of the highest poverty schools to offer free breakfast and lunch in order to improve other programs, as she explains supporters of HR 5003 want to do, is a ;false choice.;;We should not have to make a tradeoff,; Neuberger said. ;Children need to eat three meals a day year-round, and Congress doesnt have to make it harder to offer meals in one situation to offer them in another.;We also spoke with Mary Kurkowski, the Food and Nutrition Services Director at Port Huron Schools.The district is in its fifth year of offering free meals through community eligibility.According to Kurkowski, CEP has had a tremendously positive impact on her school district. Not only have the kids shown improved behavior and academic performance, she said, but the practice also eases the burden on families who might not be able to afford to adequately feed their children under normal circumstances.201606/448395桐乡市濮院中心医院光子脱毛多少钱嘉兴去胎记价格



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