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Austria becomes a republicNovember 12,1918, Austria becomes a republic. 奥地利成共和制1918年的11月12日,奥地利转为共和制。 Loch Ness MonsterNovember 12,1933, Hugh Gray takes the first known photos of the Loch Ness Monster. 尼斯湖水怪 1933年的11月12日,休·格雷拍摄了已知的唯一一张“尼斯湖水怪”的照片。The Loch Ness Monster, sometimes called Nessie or Ness (Scottish Gaelic: Niseag), is a mysterious and unidentified animal or group of animals claimed by some to inhabit Loch Ness, a large deep freshwater loch near the city of Inverness in northern Scotland. Nessie is usually categorized as a type of lake monster. Its disputed "scientific" name, as chosen by the late Sir Peter Scott, is Nessiteras rhombopteryx. Although no evidence exists to suggest the alleged creature's sex, the nickname "Nessie" sounds feminine, so the creature is often referred to as female.尼斯湖水怪是由尼斯湖边的原住民声称发现的一种或一组神秘的动物,尼斯湖位于爱尔兰以北,一片深水淡水湖。尼斯湖水怪通常被认为是一种湖中的怪物。对于其“科学”的称呼一直也存在着争论。虽无据明其性别,“尼斯”这一昵称听上去还是有些偏女性,因此这个生物经常作为雌性引用。International war crimes tribunal in TokyoNovember 12,1948,In Tokyo, an international war crimes tribunal sentences seven Japanese military and government officials to death, including General Hideki Tojo, for their roles in World War II. 东京大审判 1948年的11月12日,在东京举行的国际战犯审判宣判在第二次世界大战中犯战争罪的七名日本军人和政府官员行死刑,其中包括东条英机。Formal proposal for the WWWNovember 12,1990,Tim Berners-Lee publishes a formal proposal for the World Wide Web. 万维网的正式建议书 1990年的11月12日,蒂姆·伯纳斯-李发表了万维网的正式建议书。 /201011/118040

Men turn from penny-pinching savers to big spenders if they think there is a shortage of women around them according to new research.新研究显示,男性认为周围女性数量不足时就会从小气节俭变成慷慨大方。When men believe that competition for wives and girlfriends is increasing they become impulsive with their money and even increase their borrowing.当男性认为娶媳妇或找女朋友的竞争变得激烈时,他们花钱会变得冲动,甚至会借更多的钱。To test their theory that sex ratios affect economic decisions, researchers at Minnesota University#39;s Carlson School of Management told volunteers to articles that described their local population as having more men or more women.为了测试;性别比会影响经济决策;这一理论,明尼苏达大学卡尔森管理学院的研究员让志愿者们朗读一些文章,这些文章描述了当地人口男性偏多或者女性偏多的情况。They were then asked to indicate how much money they would save each month from a pay cheque, as well as how much they would borrow with credit cards for immediate expenditures.然后研究员们要求志愿者指出他们准备从每个月的收入中存下多少钱,以及他们会从信用卡中借多少钱用来应急。When led to believe women were scarce, the savings rates for men decreased by 42 percent.当志愿者们得知女性数量不足时,男性志愿者们的存款率下降了42%。Men were also willing to borrow 84 percent more money each month.此外男性每个月打算借的钱数增加了84%。In another study, participants saw photographs showing more men, more women or were neutral.在另一个研究中,参与者们看到的图片显示男性更多、女性更多或男性和女性一样多。After looking at the photographs, participants were asked to choose between receiving some money tomorrow or a larger amount in a month.看完后,研究人员要求参与者在;明天得到一点钱;和;一个月后得到更多的钱;两者间做出选择。When women were scarce in the photos, men were much more likely to take an immediate rather than wait for in a month.当图片中女性较少时,男性更倾向于选择马上拿到20美元,而非一个月后拿到30美元。Study leader Vlada Griskevicius said: ;What we see in other animals is that when females are scarce, males become more competitive. They compete more for access to mates.;该研究的带头人伏拉达bull;格里斯克维修斯说:;我们从其他动物身上可以看到,当雌性数量不足时,雄性间的竞争变得更激烈。它们的竞争加剧是为了获得交配机会。;;How do humans compete for access to mates? What you find across cultures is that men often do it through money, through status and through products.;;人类是如何为得到求偶机会而竞争的呢?纵览各种文化,你会发现男性通常凭借金钱、地位和成果来竞争。;;It turns out we have a lot in common with other animals. Some of our behaviours are much more reflexive and subconscious. We see that there are more men than women in our environment and it automatically changes our desires, our behaviours, and our entire psychology.;;研究表明,我们与其它动物有很多相同之处。我们的一些行为更具反射性,而且更多地来自潜意识。当我们看到我们生活的环境中男性比女性更多时,我们的欲望、行为和整个心理世界就会不自觉地发生改变。;词汇点津:penny-pinching: 小气的pay cheque: 【英】薪金(或工资)票,付薪金用的票automatically: 无意识地,不自觉地 /201201/168478

Dennis Tito, a billionaire financier who in 2001 became the first space tourist, has launched a project to send two civilians on “an historic journey” to the Red Planet in January 2018.美国亿万富翁金融家丹尼斯-蒂托正在筹划一次“历史性的旅程”,在2018年1月将两位平民送上火星。蒂托在2001年成为首位太空游客。“We have not sent humans beyond the moon in more than 40 years,” Mr Tito said at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday. “I’ve been waiting, and a lot of people my age, have been waiting. And I think it’s time to put an end to that lapse”.蒂托本周三在华盛顿一次记者招待会上说:“40多年来,我们一直没能把人类送往比月球更远的地方。我和很多同龄人一直在等待。我觉得不能再这样等下去了。”The mission, a “return fly-by”, in which the spacecraft would fly around Mars rather than land, would last for 500 days. It is expected to cost between billion and billion, which Mr Tito is hoping to fund partly through television rights and by selling data to Nasa.此次长达500天的飞行将是一次“往返飞越”,航天器将环绕火星飞行,但不着陆。据称此次火星任务将需要10亿美元到20亿美元。蒂托希望可以与电视台合作,或将数据出售给美国宇航局来筹集部分资金。His organisation, Inspiration Mars, is planning to select a middle-aged couple who may have aly had children and would be willing to risk the potential risk to their fertility of being exposed to radiation for a prolonged period.这一“灵感火星”计划将挑选一对已经生养子女,并愿意冒损害生育能力风险的中年夫妇来完成。长期接受宇宙辐射将损害人的生育能力。They would be forced to spend a year and a half together in a 14ft x 12 ft Dragon space craft, accompanied by supplies ranging from more than a tonne of dehydrated food to 28kg of lavatory paper.宇航乘客将被迫在14英尺乘12英尺的“龙”飞船里呆上一年半,舱里还挤满了供给,包括一吨多脱水食品和28公斤厕纸等等。As for why they were specifically seeking a couple to make the flight, “this is very symbolic, and we really need it to represent humanity with a man and a woman,” Taber MacCallum , chief technical officer and potential crew member told the media.那么为什么专门挑选一对夫妇来完成旅行呢?技术主任泰伯尔-麦克卡勒姆告诉媒体:“这很有象征意义,而且我们确实需要一位男士和一位女士来代表人类。”他也可能成为未来的宇航成员。He said if it is a man and a woman on such a long, cramped voyage, it makes sense for them to be married so that they can give each other the emotional support that will probably need when they look out the window and see Earth get smaller and more distant, adding: “If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.”他说,如果一位男士和一位女士在长期旅行中在狭小的空间内共处一室,那么挑选一对已婚夫妇就很重要,这样他们就能给彼此情感持,当他们望向窗外,看到地球越来越小越远时,很需要相互持。他补充说:“我只能说那很吓人。”The mission has been scheduled for 5 January, 2018, in order to take advantage of an alignment in the planets that occurs once every 15 years.此次飞行任务预计在2018年1月5日实行,目的是利用每15年才出现一次的行星连成一线的机会。Mr Tito, 72, said he was determined to complete the mission because he feared not being around for the first manned mission to Mars being planned by the US government for the mid 2030s.72岁的蒂托说,他决心完成此次飞行,因为他担心首次载人火星飞行时自己就不在了。美国政府计划在21世纪30年代中期完成首次载人火星飞行。He said that one of the questions he hoped to help answer was: “How do humans behave when they look out and see this pale blue dot that they can barely differentiate from a star?”他说自己希望帮助解答的一个问题是:“当向窗外望去,看到地球这个淡蓝色的星球与其他行星毫无区别时,人们会作何反应?” /201303/227710

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