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佛山哪位中医看男科比较好佛山治疗慢性淋病的医院When the British say ;I hear what you say. ; They mean ;I disagree and do not want to discuss it further.; But what others understand is ;He accepts my point of view.;当英国人说“我听到你所说的了”时,他们的意思是“我不同意也不想就其做进一步讨论”,而其他人却理解成了“他接受了我的观点”。When the British say ;With the greatest respect... ; They mean ;I think you are an idiot.; But what others understand is ;He is listening to me.;当英国人说“出于最大的尊重…”时,他们的意思是“我觉得你太二了”,而其他人却理解成了“他正听我说话呢”。When the British say ;That#39;s not bad. ; They mean ;That#39;s good.; But what others understand is ;That#39;s poor.;当英国人说“不算太糟”时,他们的意思是“太好了”,而其他人却理解成了“太差了”。When the British say ;That is a very brave proposal. ; They mean ;You are insane.; But what others understand is ;He thinks I have courage.;当英国人说“那真是一个非常有勇气的提议”时,他们的意思是“你真是疯了”,而其他人却理解成了“他觉得我很有胆识”。When the British say ;Quite good. ; They mean ;A bit disappointing.; But what others understand is ;Quite good.;当英国人说“很不错哦”时,他们的意思是“有点小失望”,而其他人却理解成了“真心不错”。When the British say ;I would suggest... ; They mean ;Do it or be prepared to justify yourself.; But what others understand is ;Think about the idea, but do what you like.;当英国人说“我想建议的是……”时,他们的意思是“去实践或者做好准备明你自己”,而其他人却理解成了“考虑一下他的点子,但还是做我想做的”。When the British say ;Oh, incidentally / by the way... ; They mean ;The primary purpose of our discussion is...; But what others understand is ;That is not very important.;当英国人说“顺便说一句……”时,他们的意思是“我们讨论的最根本目的是……”,而其他人却理解成了“接下来的话不是非常重要”。When the British say ;I was a bit disappointed that... ; They mean ;I am annoyed that...; But what others understand is ;It doesn#39;t really matter.;当英国人说“我对……有点小失望”时,他们的意思是“我对……很恼火”,而其他人却理解成了“无伤大雅”。When the British say ;Very interesting. ; They mean ;That is clearly nonsense.; But what others understand is ;They are impressed.;当英国人说“非常有意思啊”时,他们的意思是“那明显是瞎扯淡”,而其他人却理解成了“那真是让人印象深刻”。When the British say ;I#39;ll bear it in mind. ; They mean ;I#39;ve forgotten it aly.; But what others understand is ;They will probably do it.;当英国人说“我刻在脑子里了”时,他们的意思是“我已经不记得了”,而其他人却理解成了“他们大概会去做的吧”。When the British say ;I#39;m sure it#39;s my fault. ; They mean ;It#39;s your fault.; But what others understand is ;Why do they think it was their fault?;当英国人说“我确定是我错了”时,他们的意思是“那其实是你的错”,而其他人却理解成了“为什么他们会觉得是他们的错呢?”When the British say ;You must come for dinner. ; They mean ;It#39;s not an invitation, I#39;m just being polite.; But what others understand is ;I will get an invitation soon.;当英国人说“你一定要来赴宴”时,他们的意思是“那绝不是什么邀请,我只不过想礼貌一些”,而其他人却理解成了“马上我就会收到一个邀请了”。When the British say ;I almost agree. ; They mean ;I don#39;t agree at all.; But what others understand is ;He#39;s not far from agreement.;当英国人说“我基本同意”时,他们的意思是“我一点儿都不同意”,而其他人却理解成了“他真的是非常非常同意啊”。When the British say ;I only have a few minor comments. ; They mean ;Please re-write completely.; But what others understand is ;He has found a few typos.;当英国人说“我只是有一点儿建议”时,他们的意思是“请从头到尾地重写一份吧”,而其他人却理解成了“他只不过发现了一些言语错误”。When the British say ;Could we consider some other options?; They mean ;I don#39;t like your idea.; But what others understand is ;They have not yet decided.;当英国人说“我们可以再考虑一些其他的选择吗?”时,他们的意思是“我着实不喜欢你的点子”,而其他人却理解成了“他们还没有决定下来吧”。 /201303/228075佛山龟头炎需要花多少钱 It was the T-shirt seen round the world.一件T恤吸引了全世界的目光。In January, a candid photograph of Malia Obama, the older daughter of the president and first lady, dressed in a baggy white T-shirt imprinted with the distinctive logo of the Brooklyn rap collective Pro Era, showed up on the Internet — most notably on the Instagram account of Pro Era (where it has picked up more than 6,200 “likes”).今年1月,奥巴马总统和第一夫人的大女儿马莉娅·奥巴马(Malia Obama) 的一张偷拍照片出现在互联网上,最显眼的是出现在布鲁克林说唱组合Pro Era的Instagram账户上(得到了6200多个赞)。照片中的她穿着一件宽松的白色T恤,上面印着Pro Era的醒目logo。The response to that image, a far cry from the demurely dressed teenager seen in the officially sanctioned photos issued from the White House (always in the company of one of her parents and usually her younger sister, Sasha), was immediate.这张照片很快引起反响。它与白宫发布的官方照片中那位着装端庄的少女大相径庭(在官方照片中,她总是和萨拉[Sasha]以及爸爸或妈妈在一起)。It was quickly picked up by Refinery29, Gawker, Complex and New York magazine, while Fox News and other news-media outlets reported that the White House was investigating how that photo became public. (It’s been widely reported that the first lady has barred Sasha from social media and has restricted Malia to Facebook.)这张照片很快被Refinery29、Gawker、Complex和《纽约》(New York)杂志转发,而福克斯新闻(Fox News)等新闻媒体报道说,白宫在调查那张照片是如何曝光的(据广泛报道,第一夫人禁止萨拉使用社交媒体,限制马莉娅使用Facebook)。Not only was the T-shirt a striking departure from the ladylike J. Crew and Kate Spade dresses that the 17-year-old Malia typically wears to official events, but it also signaled that, after more than eight years in the public eye, in which she had grown from a somewhat shy polescent into a confident teenager, she is increasingly seen as a style icon for young women in her age group, one who occasionally takes the kind of fashion risks long associated with her mother.这不只是因为那件T恤与17岁的马莉娅在正式场合经常穿着的优雅端庄的J. Crew和Kate Spade连衣裙大不相同,而且因为它标志着,在公众视线中生活了八年多后,她已经从有点害羞的青春期前儿童成长为一位自信的少女,越来越被同龄年轻女子视为时尚偶像,偶尔,她也会在装方面冒险尝试,就像她的妈妈长期以来做的那样。“The Pro Era T-shirt is interesting because we rarely see her in an edgy way,” said Christene Barberich, Refinery29’s editor in chief. “It makes me wonder if she has yet to have her rebellious fashion phase. That’s generally when fashion influencer status starts.”“那件Pro EraT恤很有意思,因为我们很少见她穿得如此前卫,”Refinery29的主编克丽丝汀·巴巴里克(Christene Barberich)说,“我在想,她是不是还没经历装叛逆期。一般来说,时尚影响者的地位就是从那个时期开始的。”Even if she has not yet reached the “fashion influencer” stage cited by Ms. Barberich, who said she will be interested in seeing how Malia’s style evolves after her father leaves the White House, her clothing choices are now dissected closely on fashion sites like InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and a popular Tumblr blog called “Malia Obama Is Gorgeous.”巴巴里克说,她很想知道奥巴马离开白宫后马莉娅的着装风格会如何变化。她说,即便马莉娅现在还没达到“时尚影响者”的高度,她的装选择也在被InStyle和Harper’s Bazaar等时尚网站以及一个名叫“马莉娅·奥巴马棒极了”(Malia Obama Is Gorgeous)的热门Tumblr客仔细分析。Her profile (and, with it, the reporting of sightings of her around New York this summer) has only been enhanced by her internship on the HBO series “Girls.” That followed both Malia and Sasha (along with the “Mad Men” actress Kiernan Shipka, the singer Lorde and the reality TV stars Kylie and Kendall Jenner) being named to the list of the “25 Most Influential Teens” by Time magazine last October.她在HBO电视剧《都市女孩》(Girls)剧组实习的事更增加了她的声望(今年夏天,出现了很多关于她在纽约各地现身的报道)。去年10月,马莉娅和萨拉(以及《广告狂人》[Mad Men]中的女演员基尔南·希普卡[Kiernan Shipka]、歌手洛德[Lorde]、真人秀明星凯莉和肯德尔·詹纳[Kylie and Kendall Jenner])入选《时代》(Time)杂志的“25位最具影响力青少年”榜单。Her moment now as New York’s most recent “it” girl “is all about timing,” said Kerry Pieri, digital director of fashion and features at Harper’s Bazaar, adding that Malia’s height (about 6 feet) and good looks don’t hurt.Harper’s Bazaar的时尚和特写数字总监克丽·皮埃里(Kerry Pieri)说,如今马莉娅成为纽约最新的“潮流女孩”(“it” girl)是“恰逢其时”。她补充说,马莉娅的个头(约6英尺,约合1.82米)和美貌也有所助益。And despite White House restrictions on which photos can be taken and published of the two Obama girls, clothing brands have certainly benefited from Malia’s sartorial choices. When a look is spotted, brands immediately send out news releases, or editors scramble to identify the lesser-known labels by scouring the Internet. (A spokeswoman for the first lady declined to comment on whether Malia uses a stylist.)虽然白宫对奥巴马两个女儿的照片拍摄和发布有所限制,但是装品牌肯定受益于马莉娅的选择。当一个造型曝光后,相关品牌会立即发布新闻,或者编辑们会赶紧在网上搜索,以确定那些不太出名的品牌(第一夫人的一位女发言人拒绝就马莉娅是否有造型师发表)。In June, when disembarking from the plane on an official trip to London, Malia stepped out in an Alice and Olivia blue with sunflower print shift dress (0) paired with Mary Janes. Stacey Bendet, founder of Alice and Olivia, noted that the dress nearly sold out after Malia’s appearance, but that “Flotus is still the queen” when it comes to rousing sales. Malia is still “a blossoming influencer,” Ms. Bendet added, albeit aly an “elegant one.”今年6月,在前往伦敦进行官方访问时,马莉娅穿着Alice and Olivia无袖直筒蓝底向日葵印花连衣裙(440美元)和玛丽珍鞋走出机舱。Alice and Olivia的创始人斯泰茜·本代特(Stacey Bendet)称,在马莉娅那个造型曝光后,那件连衣裙几乎脱销,不过在提升销量方面,“美国第一夫人依然首屈一指”。本代特补充说,马莉娅仍是“初露头角的时尚影响者”,虽然她已经“非常优雅”。On the multiday trip, though, Malia seemed to come into her own aesthetically (or at least seemed more willing to flaunt her choices). Despite the first lady’s parade of dresses by high-end British designers, “it was Malia who nearly stole the show with a series of simple, polished and pretty ensembles,” Vogue.com wrote.不过,在那次持续几天的旅行中,马莉娅似乎在审美方面已经成熟(或者说,至少更愿意展示自己的选择)。Vogue.com写道,虽然第一夫人展示了很多英国高端设计师设计的连衣裙,“但是马莉娅通过一系列简单、精致、漂亮的造型几乎抢尽风头”。For a visit to the British prime minister the next day, Malia donned a red lace sleeveless skater dress by Kate Spade (8) with a demure neckline and high-low hem, which was hailed by Teen Vogue as a “perfect summer dress.” While Deborah Lloyd, president and chief creative officer of Kate Spade, declined to provide sales numbers, she noted that Malia’s choices have an effect on the “style and shopping decisions of young women who wear our clothes,” particularly because her style is “aspirational and relatable.”第二天去拜访英国首相时,马莉娅穿的是Kate Spade红色无袖蕾丝溜冰裙(498美元),领口保守,裙摆较短,被《Teen Vogue》赞为“完美的夏季连衣裙”。虽然Kate Spade的总裁兼首席创意官德拉·劳埃德(Deborah Lloyd)拒绝提供销售数字,但她指出,马莉娅的选择对“穿我们装的年轻女子的造型和购物选择”产生了影响,尤其是因为她的风格“令人向往又容易实现”。(Ms. Pieri echoed the sentiment, pointing to Malia’s mix of accessible designers including Topshop, Asos and Elizabeth and James. “Unlike her contemporary Kylie Jenner, who opts for more high-fashion pieces, Malia dresses very much for her age,” Ms. Pieri said.)(皮埃里赞同这个观点,她指出,马莉娅选择了很多价格较为便宜的品牌,包括Topshop、Asos和Elizabeth and James。皮埃里说,“不像她的同龄人凯莉·詹纳,马莉娅不是选择更高端的装,而是选择适合她年龄的装。”)For all the style credit Malia is garnering, there’s still a sense that she is closely mirroring her trendsetting mother. Ms. Pieri noted that, like the first lady, Malia has a style that is often based on bold colors and patterns, but one that also makes her come across an “approachable teen.”尽管马莉娅获得了各种时尚赞誉,但她似乎是在紧密效仿自己不断创新的妈妈。皮埃里指出,和第一夫人一样,马莉娅的风格经常以大胆的色和图案为基础,不过仍给人以“可亲青少年”的印象。But she added that the internship at “Girls” had placed “her directly in the pop-culture zeitgeist.”不过,皮埃里指出,在《都市女孩》剧组实习让“她直接进入流行文化时代思潮的中心”。That was certainly the reaction of Sage Klapper, 22, who had been living in Manhattan for a month (she recently graduated from college and moved to the city for a marketing job) when she had what she called a “major moment” in July: a sighting of Malia with her mother and 14-year-old sister at the restaurant Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria.那无疑是22岁的塞奇·克拉佩尔(Sage Klapper)的反应。今年7月,在曼哈顿居住一个月后(前不久她刚大学毕业,搬到纽约从事市场营销工作),克拉佩尔经历了一个“重要时刻”:在Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria餐厅见到了马莉娅以及她的妈妈和14岁的。“It was so much bigger than seeing just any celebrity,” Ms. Klapper raved, adding that her group, which included her roommate and a couple of friends, felt the same way. They were first offered a table in the bar area, which they passed up for a chance to sit in the dining room where the Obamas were.“那比看见其他任何名人都更令人激动,”克拉佩尔热情称赞道。她补充说,跟她同行的人——包括室友和几个朋友——也是这种感觉。本来他们被领到酒吧区的一个桌子,他们没同意,这才有机会在餐厅区见到奥巴马妻女。Imagine their delight when the host walked them to a table right next to the first lady and her daughters. “This was just next level,” Ms. Klapper said. Up close, she made note of Malia’s chic top, although an attempt by her roommate to take a selfie with the Obamas in the background was immediately shut down by the Secret Service. (Ms. Klapper did manage to post a Facebook missive announcing her proximity to the first family.)想象一下领班把他们领到第一夫人和女儿们旁边那桌时他们的兴奋之情。“这真的是更高一个层次,”克拉佩尔说。她能近距离观看马莉娅时髦的上衣,虽然她的室友想以奥巴马妻女为背景拍一张自拍时,很快被特勤人员制止(不过克拉佩尔在Facebook上发了一个帖子,宣告自己近距离看见第一家庭)。“I actually wasn’t that interested in Malia’s fashion before,” Ms. Klapper said. “The internship at ‘Girls’ is what got my attention. It’s a racy kind of show. It’s really cool. I’m interested to see where Malia ends up.”“实际上,以前我对马莉娅的装并不是很感兴趣,”克拉佩尔而说,“她在《都市女孩》剧组实习引起了我的兴趣。那是一部辛辣的电视剧,真的很酷。我很想知道马莉娅最后会去做什么。” /201509/397251Chaps, if you’re wondering whether the lady of your dreams wants a big family, the answer could be staring you in the face.伙计们,如果你想知道你的心上人是否想多要孩子,可能就“写在脸上”。Women with feminine looks are more likely to long for lots of children, according to research – and the softer their features, the bigger a brood they have in mind.研究表明,长相秀气的女性想要许多孩子的可能性更大,而且五官长得越柔和,想要的孩子更多。The study suggests that men desperate to be dads should seek women with button noses, large eyes and full lips, as they are likely to want at least four children.研究指出,那些非常想当爸爸的男性应该去找鼻梁低、眼睛大、嘴唇丰满的女性,因为这种女性很可能至少想生四个小孩。But those less keen on fatherhood would be better setting their sights on less delicate sorts, who may only be interested in having one child.不过那些不太喜欢做爸爸的人最好去找长相没那么娟秀的女性,她们也许只想要一个小孩。The St Andrews University scientists believe their finding can be explained by the female sex hormone oestrogen, with high levels making features softer and nurturing the maternal instinct.圣安德鲁斯大学的科学家认为他们的研究发现可以用雌激素来解释,较高的雌激素水平会让五官更柔和,并会激发母性本能。The discovery of a link between broodiness and delicate looks could explain the maternal instincts of Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie, who has adopted three children and had three of her own.研究发现的多生多育和清秀长相之间的这一关系可以用来解释好莱坞美女明星安吉丽娜·朱莉的母性本能,朱莉领养了三个小孩,自己还生了三个。Jools Oliver, a former model, has a family of four with her chef husband Jamie, while actress Reese Witherspoon had two children by the age of 27.曾做过模特的朱尔斯·奥利弗和她的大厨丈夫杰米生育了四个小孩,而女演员瑞茜·威瑟斯彭在27岁前就有了两个小孩。The researchers asked 25 young women how many children they wanted and when they would like to have them, and measured their oestrogen levels.研究人员调查了25名年轻女性,问她们想要多少个小孩以及打算什么时候生小孩,并测量了她们的雌激素水平。Miriam Law Smith of St Andrews University’s Perception Lab, which specialises in face research, said: ‘The more oestrogen they had, the more children they wanted. We were surprised to find such a strong result.’圣安德鲁斯大学感知实验室专门从事面部研究的米瑞安·洛·史密斯说,“她们的雌激素水平越高,想要的小孩就越多。实验结果的明确有力让我们感到惊讶。”In a second experiment, a different group of young women had their photos taken and were asked about their desire for children.在第二项实验中,研究人员给另一组年轻女性拍了照片,并询问她们想要多少小孩。Dr Law Smith then created a composite image of the faces of the women with the strongest maternal instinct, and another based on the women who were least interested in having a family.接着洛·史密斯士将母性本能最强的女性的脸拼制出一张合成脸,然后把最不愿生小孩的女性的脸也拼成一张合成脸。The face made up of the features of the most maternal women was judged as more feminine by a group of male and female volunteers.包括男性和女性的一组志愿者认为最有母性的女性的五官合成的脸更秀气。On average, the most maternal women wanted 4.3 children – almost three more than those judged to be the least feminine, the journal Hormones and Behavior reports.据《荷尔蒙与行为》期刊报道,平均来看,最有母性的女性想要4.3个小孩,比那些被认为长相最不秀气的女性想要的小孩多出近3个。 /201303/231005顺德新世纪男科医院男科咨询

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