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When Love Becomes An Instinct当爱已成本能Remembering 60 years back is hard for anyone. But for Melvyn Amrine, the groom in these pictures, its especially challenging.要记得六十年前的事对任何人来说都很困难。但对Melvyn Amrine来说,也就是这些照片中的新郎,这是特别具挑战性的。I invited you to marry me, or did you ask me?我请你嫁给我,还是你向我求婚的?No, no, you asked me to marry you! Was that right?不、不,你请我嫁给你的!是吗?Melvyn was diagnosed with Alzheimers three years ago.Melvyn在三年前被诊断出罹患阿兹海默症。Some of that...its kind of lost.有些东西...有点不见了。For his wife, Doris, its been hard to watch. But she says something happened recently to remind her that the man she fell in love with is still in there.对他的妻子Doris来说,更是不忍促睹。但她说最近发生的某件事提醒了她,她爱上的男子仍在那里。Its special, because even though the mind doesnt remember everything, the heart remembers.这很特别,因为即使脑袋不记得一切,心还是记得的。It happened the day before Mothers Day, when Melvyn, who normally needs help just walking around the block, turned up missing. Police dispatch here in Little Rock, Arkansas, put out the call.那发生在母亲节的前一天,那时Melvyn--他通常连仅仅要走过街区时都需要协助--被发现走失了。阿肯色州小岩城这里的警察局发出通报。He left the house walking approximately 40 minutes ago.他大约在40分钟前步行离家。They eventually found him two miles from his house. Police say they get these calls every once in a while, of an Alzheimers patient out wandering aimlessly. But this one was different. When the officers approached Melvyn, they say it was clear: He was a man on a mission.他们最后在离他家两英里处(约三公里)找到他。警察表示他们有时会接到这些通报,有关阿兹海默症患者毫无目的地闲晃这种通报。但这一个很不一样。当警察接近Melvyn时,他们说那很明确:他是个有任务在身的男人。It was absolutely a moment of clarity for him.那对他来说完全是意识清楚的一刻。Sgt. Brian Grigsby and Officer Troy Dillard say even though Melvyn didnt know his address or where hed come from, he absolutely knew where he was going.Brian Grigsby警官与Troy Dillard员警表示,即便Melvyn不知道他的地址或是他从哪来的,他完完全全知道他要去哪里。He was pretty adamant.他非常坚定。He wasnt going home until he got those flowers.他在买到那些花前不会回家。Flowers?花?Thats what he wanted. He wanted flowers for his wife, because tomorrow was Mothers Day.那是他想要的东西。他想要买花给他的太太,因为隔天是母亲节。Melvyn had bought flowers for his wife every Mothers Day since the birth of their first child, and he wasnt going to disappoint her now.Melvyn自从他们第一个孩子出生后,每年母亲节都会买花送他的妻子,现在他也不会让她失望。We had to get those flowers. We had to get them. I didnt have a choice.我们必须买到那些花。我们必须买到它们。我别无选择。So, after telling dispatch they were taking the man right home, the officers secretly stopped by the grocery store. Surveillance shows them helping Melvyn pick out the flowers. And when Melvyn came up short at the register, look who slipped the cashier the difference.所以,在告诉局里他们要直接带那男人回家后,警察们偷偷地顺路经过杂货店。监视录影带播出他们帮忙Melvyn挑选花朵的影像。当Melvyn出现在收银台前钱不够时,看看是谁偷偷塞给收银员差价。Meanwhile, back at home, a very worried wife was about to get the gift of a lifetime.同时,回到家里,一位十分忧心忡忡的妻子即将要得到终生难忘的礼物。As he came up those steps, and I saw those roses and the smile on his face, I just broke inside, I just said, ;Thank you, thank you,; because I saw his heart.当他出现在那些台阶上,然后我看到那些玫瑰以及他脸上的微笑,我内心就崩溃了,我只说:“谢谢你,谢谢你”,因为我看见他的心意。Amazing whats possible when love becomes an instinct.当爱已成本能时,所有可能都是美妙的。201509/397779

With Joe and the others trained up,在训练过乔和其他人后Mr Zou can now roll out the puzzle to the whole class.邹先生现在要将这个游戏推广到全班Hello.各位Education is not always working.;教育并不总是有效的;Sometimes you have to wait.有时候你需要等一下As a teacher you have to have these ability or techniques to get them back.作为一个老师,你需要有能力或技巧将他们抓回来This time we, were going to do an extra activity, say Chinese ring,这次,我们,我们做一个课外活动,叫做九连环and it was created by ancient Chinese 1,000 years ago.这是一千年前,由中国的古人发明出来的Okay. And take this as a small gift from me.这个就作为我送你们的一个小礼物I bought it from China and you can keep it.我从中国买了带来的,你们可以留着玩OK. Thank you.好,谢谢Yeah. You can put, then you slide it back over like this.对,你可以移动,然后可以像这样把它向后翻You have to grab them together, put them through and then you can take that off.你要把它们穿到一起,让它们穿过,然后你可以把它取下来Three has to be on.要穿上这三个Its Joes job to pass on his knowledge of the puzzle to the others.乔需要把他所掌握的这个玩具的知识传授给他人You have to slide it up through the middle.你要把它从中间滑过去Joe is good at puzzles.乔对智力游戏很拿手Thats basically all I know that Joe is really...这基本是我对乔的全部了解了...He can do a Rubiks Cube in 30 seconds!他能在三十秒内复原魔方Everyones asking me for help.大家都在找我帮忙It was kind of a bit odd, everyone really wanted to talk to me and wanted me to teach them.这很难得,大家都主动来找我,希望我能教他们It was, it was really different for me cos thats never really happened before.这,这对我来说很不同,因为以前从来没有过Why are you helping him?你为什么要帮他In a crowd Id probably be, like, just watching everyone else do everything,在人群中我可能会是静静看着大家的一举一动的人I wouldnt really be joining in that much.我不能真正地融入大家After his nightmare on the running track,在经历了跑步的噩梦之后Joe is gaining confidence.乔重获了一些信心In China, it is more focused on, you have to be the best在中国,大家更注重要成为最优秀的and you have to try and focus to get to the top of the class in everything要努力并且专注于在全部科目上都成为全班第一but in Britain its OK if youre not the best at everything.但是在英国,你有长短板是不要紧的Im not really good at PE我体育很不好but when I knew the solution to the Chinese rings,但是当我知道九连环的解法时I picked up the pattern really easily.我很轻易明白了这个道理You know, its not just everyones better than you, and it makes you feel a lot more happy.不是每个人都比你强的,这让我感觉开心了很多Its just been really good.这感觉很棒With the class engaged in the challenge, Mr Zhou is hopeful the kids have turned a corner.班里的学生都在挑战九连环,邹老师希望学生可以克困难As young children, they will make mistakes,作为小孩,他们会犯错误so as a teacher you have to be patient,所以作为一个老师,你要很耐心you need to give them time to learn from this,你要给他们时间,让他们从错误中学习even sometimes they cannot see this at this stage,即使有时候他们并不能当即发现自己错在哪里but sometimes they will in the future.但将来某时他们总会明白过来的You solved this. Is that you? Yeah.你解开了,是你吗?对Hello. Take a look. Connor solved this successfully.大家来看,康纳成功解开了Lets give a big hand.大家掌声祝贺他Great job. Great job.很棒,非常棒201602/428450

After her mothers death Jo moved to Portugal to teach English as a Foreign Language.在她母亲去世以后,乔移居葡萄牙当教外语的外语老师。She married Jorge Arantes, a television journalist.她和乔什·阿朗特斯结婚,他是一个电视记者。Together they had a daughter, Jessica.他们育有一个女儿,杰西卡。But the marriage failed after two years.但两年后,婚姻破裂了。Jo succumbed to depression.乔被绝望击垮。Id had a short and really quite catastrophic marriage and Im left with this baby and Ive got to get this baby back to Britain and Ive got to rebuild us a life.我有一段短暂而灾难性的婚姻,我带着小孩离开,我带着孩子回到了英国,我得重建我们的生活。And adrenalin kept me going through that, and it was only when I came to rest that it hit me what a complete mess I had made of my life.那种精神上的刺激一直让我渡过难关,但在我喘口气的间歇,我才发觉我的生活真是糟糕透顶。And that hit me quite hard.那对我打击很大。We were as skint as you can be without being homeless. In other words, we were existing entirely on benefits.我们除了有个寄居之地以外身无分文。换句话说,我们完全靠社会救济生活。And at that point I was definitely clinically depressed.在那个点上,我确确实实地陷入了临床忧郁症。And thats just characterized for me by a numbness, a coldness and an inability to believe that you will feel happy again or that you could feel lighthearted again.这么形容当时的我:一个麻木的,冷漠的生物,不相信自己还能再感到幸福还能感到愉快。It was just all the color drained out of life, really.那时生命里所有的光真的都退去了。And I loved Jessica very, very much and was terrified something was going to happen to her.我非常地爱杰西卡,害怕有什么事会发生在她身上。Because I think I got into that very depressive mindset where everythings gone wrong so this one good thing in my life will now go wrong as well.因为我觉得我已经走入了极其绝望的境地,一切都是错的,那么我生活中唯一的好事也会变糟。So it was almost a surprise to me every morning that she was still alive.所以当我每天早上发现她还活着的时候,几乎是一种惊喜了。I kept expecting her to die or... It was a bad, bad time.我总想着她会死掉,那真的是非常可怕的时候。Jos depression inspired her creation of the Dementors in the Harry Potter series.乔的绝望启发她创造了哈利·波特小说中摄魂怪这一生物。;Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth.“摄魂怪是世界上最可怕的生物之一。They infest the darkest, filthiest places.它们出没在最黑暗、最肮脏的地方。They glory in decay and despair.它们以腐化和使人绝望为乐。They drain peace, hope and happiness out of the air around them.它们吞噬周围环境里的安宁,希望和快乐。Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you.;一旦接近摄魂怪,一切美妙的感觉,一切快乐的回忆都会从你的身体被吸走。”201510/406189

At least five dead and a million evacuated in Chile智利强震已造成至少5人死亡 100万居民撤离Chiles Interior Ministry has announced that five people were killed in the 8.3-magnitude earthquake that shook the country Wednesday evening.智利内政部长宣布周三晚上的8.3级地震已造成5人死亡。The US Geological Service said the epicenter of the tremor was in the Pacific Ocean, just 46 kilometers north-west of the town of Illapel and some 200 kilometers from the capital Santiago.美国地质调查局表示此次地震震中是在太平洋—距伊亚佩尔镇西北仅46公里,离智利首都圣地亚哥约200公里。It is the biggest earthquake since 2010 to hit the South American nation.这是自2010年以来这个南美国家所遭遇最为严重的一次大地震。President Michelle Bachelet has said she will make her way to the areas worst affected by the quake.智利总统米歇尔·巴切莱特表示她会前往受影响最严重的地区。 译文属201509/399615

More individual mainland tourists visit Taiwan赴台湾旅游散客人数增加赴台Data from the Taiwan tourism department said that about 5 million mainland tourists visited Taiwan in 2015, one third of them were individual visitors.据台湾旅游部数据显示2015年约有500万名大陆游客赴台旅游,其中三分之一是散客。The Taiwan tourism department said the number is expected to increase substantially in 2016.台湾旅游局表示,预计2016年游客数量将大幅增加。They expect the number of individual tourists will grow to nearly the same amount as group visitors.他们期望散客的数量将会增加到近乎与团体游客数量相同。 译文属201601/420519

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