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2019年10月16日 12:44:37 | 作者:好医大夫 | 来源:新华社
Thai Troops Withdraw from Disputed Area in Cambodia泰国部队从有争议柬埔寨领土撤离 Border tensions between Thailand and Cambodia have again flared after Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen accused Thai troops of entering his country. The confrontation follows talks between the foreign ministers of both countries over the land surrounding an ancient temple. The Thai government says it will defend its territory if Cambodia uses force. 在柬埔寨总理洪森指责泰国部队进入柬埔寨境内之后,泰国和柬埔寨边界的紧张局势再次白热化。发生当前的对峙局面前两国外长曾就一个古老寺庙周围的土地问题举行会谈。泰国政府说,如果柬埔寨动用武力,他们将捍卫本国领土。Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thai troops had entered his country and on Tuesday issued an ultimatum for them to leave or risk conflict. 柬埔寨总理洪森说,泰国部队已进入柬埔寨境内,并在星期二发出最后通牒要求泰国部队立即离开,否则面临冲突。The once dormant dispute over 900-year-old Preah Vihear turned tense earlier this year after Thailand granted Cambodia the right to have the temple recognized as a ed Nations World Heritage site. The temple sits on Cambodia's side of the border, but the main access route to it is in Thailand. 围绕历时九百年的柏威夏古塔寺的争端一度处于静止状态,但是今年年初局势开始紧张,泰国之前曾授权柬埔寨让联合国认可该寺庙为世界文化遗迹。这座寺庙座落在柬埔寨边境内,但是通往寺庙的主要通道却在泰国一边。A public outcry in Thailand caused both governments to send troops to the area.  由于泰国民情激愤,两国政府都派兵驻守该地区。On Monday, the two countries' foreign ministers met to resolve the dispute over the border area, but the talks were inconclusive. 星期一,这两国的外长会面试图解决边境地区的争论,但是会谈没有取得结果。The Thai Foreign Ministry warned that if Cambodia resorted to force, Thailand would exercise its right to self defense. But the ministry also called for issue to be settled peacefully. 泰国外交部警告说,如果柬埔寨动用武力,泰国则会运用自卫权利。但是泰国外交部也呼吁和平解决问题。The Thai military and Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat met Tuesday to discuss the matter. Mr. Somchai proposed a joint committee to oversee any troop withdrawal. 泰国军方和颂猜总理星期二会面讨论有关事宜。颂猜提议设立联合委员会监督部队撤离。Shortly before Cambodia's noon deadline for the Thai troops to move, the Cambodian army chief said all were back in Thai territory.  柬埔寨军方领袖说,泰国部队在柬埔寨设定的最后撤离期限,也就是星期二中午前不久已全部返回泰国境内。Panitan Wattanayagorn, a political scientist at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, says the two governments need to resume talks to avoid violence. 设在曼谷的朱拉隆功大学的政治学家潘尼坦说,两国政府必需继续会谈以避免冲突。"The Thai military, it's quite clear they're not going to move back from the claimed territory. If the Cambodians want them to move out from these areas they may have to use force," said Panitan.  潘尼坦说:“泰国军方显然不愿从他们所要求的领土上撤退。如果柬埔寨方面要他们撤离这些地区,他们可能必需使用武力。”The countries have long disputed the ownership of the temple and the border. In 1962, the International Court of Justice granted sovereignty to Cambodia, but adjacent land remained under Thai control. 这两个国家长久以来一直在为这一寺庙以及它的边界问题争论不休。1962年,国际仲裁法院给予柬埔寨该寺庙的领土主权,但是与这寺庙相毗邻的土地却仍在泰国的控制下。The dispute puts further pressure on the Thai prime minister. For weeks, opposition groups have occupied the main government office building, demanding the ouster of Mr. Somchai and new elections. 这场争论给颂猜总理更大的压力。几星期来,反对派团体一直占据泰国政府的主要办公大楼要求颂猜总理下台,并再次举行选举。200810/52847Officials with Afghanistan's new peace council say they are in the early stages of beginning a process to negotiate peace with Taliban militants. This comes a day after the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, said NATO has facilitated the safe passage of Taliban leaders to Kabul for talks with the Afghan government.The spokesman for Afghanistan's High Council for Peace tells VOA there have been "unofficial" discussions between the Afghan government and the Taliban.阿富汗高级和平委员会的发言人赫拉里告诉美国之音说,阿富汗政府与塔利班分子之间已经开始了“非正式”接触。Bryali Helali says these talks have been in Kabul, other areas of Afghanistan and even other countries. He says Taliban officials are protected during these discussions.赫拉里说,会谈地点包括喀布尔、阿富汗其他地区以及其他国家。他说,塔利班官员在这些会谈中受到保护。"The protection was provided not only by the international security forces, but as well as the government of Afghanistan," said Helali. "This is something routine that is happening in Afghanistan."他说:“对塔利班官员的保护不仅仅是由国际安全部队提供的,阿富汗政府也对他们提供了保护。这是阿富汗目前发生的一些日常情况。”Helali's comments Saturday come a day after the top commander for the international forces in Afghanistan, U.S. General David Petraeus, said NATO is facilitating the safe passage of Taliban leaders to Kabul as part of the alliance's support for President Hamid Karzai's reconciliation efforts.赫拉里发表的前一天,美军驻阿富汗最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯说,北约正在协助塔利班领导人前往喀布尔,以此作为联军对卡尔扎伊总统和解努力的持。Officials have not released details of any security arrangements. 官员们并没有公布任何关于安全部署的细节。201010/115914U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said while much has been done to combat racism and xenophobia, much remains to be done. He spoke on the 10th anniversary of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action.联合国秘书长潘基文说,虽然联合国在打击种族主义和排外主义上有了很大的成就。但是还有许多事有待完成。潘基文在德班宣言及行动纲领十周年纪念仪式上,发表谈话。The document was adopted in Durban in 2001 at the U.N. World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. At the time it was called an “innovative and action oriented agenda to combat all forms of racism.”这项宣言是于2001年在南非德班举行的联合国世界反种族主义、种族歧视、排外和有关不容忍大会上通过的。当时这项运动被称为“革新和以行动为前提,对抗所有形态的种族主义的行动纲领”。Then and now“Ten years ago, in adopting the Durban declaration and Program of Action against Racism, the international community acknowledged that no country could claim to be free of discrimination and in tolerance. Ten years later, that is still the case,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.潘基文秘书长说:“10年以前,当我们通过了这项反种族主义的宣言和行动纲领时,国际社会中没有一个国家能宣称自己不存在歧视和不容忍的现象。10年以后,情况仍然如此。”The world today, he said, is better prepared to “prosecute and protect” against genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and contemporary forms of slavery -- and is more aware of the subtle face to face and institutionalized forms of discrimination.潘基文说,今天的世界已经比较能够针对种族灭绝、种族隔离、族裔清除以及各种形式的奴役制度,采取起诉和对被害者的保护措施。也更能揭发隐含性面对面方式,以及制度化的歧视案件。“We must acknowledge that intolerance has increased in many parts of the world over the past decade. The resurgence and persistence of such inhuman attitudes and detrimental practices indicate that we have not done enough to stem the tide,” he said.潘基文说:“我们必须承认,过去十年来,世界上很多地区的不容忍现象增加了。这类非人道态度和伤害性的持续不断行为显示,我们在遏制这种潮流方面,做得还不够。”He cited examples of discrimination against Africans and people of African descent, Asians, indigenous people, the Roma and others.他举出对非洲人、非洲后裔、亚洲人、各地土著和吉普赛人的歧视为例。201109/155237墨西哥首都墨西哥城4日宣布,该市将从本周起恢复正常的经济活动。 Flu-hit Mexico mulls reopening schools, businessesFrom CRI News in Beijing, I'm David Nye.Life in Mexico could soon return to normal.This, after the government claims the H1N1 flu virus outbreak is declining.Mexico says it's considering reopening businesses and schools, despite reports Colombia became the latest country with confirmed virus cases.The virus has killed 22 people in Mexico and sickened close to 570 others.Worldwide, the virus has affected at least a thousand people.The Mexican government is planning to disinfect schools and provide safety recommendations to businesses.WHO lists Nigeria among countries with capacity to diagnose H1N1 virusAnd the World Health Organization, has listed Nigeria, as one of the countries, capable of diagnosing the virus in humans.Li Changchun calls on youth to further promote spirit of patriotism of May Fourth MovementAbout 3,000 delegates from across China, have marked the 90th anniversary, of the May 4th Movement in Beijing. Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao, were among the leaders who attended.Senior Chinese official, Li Changchun, called on young Chinese people, to further promote the spirit of the movement, through patriotism, diligence, and devotion.China to work with UN to address food shortage China is set to sponsor a UN program, to promote hybrid rice planting, in countries facing food shortages.A UN agriculture agency, says the program, hopes to help underdeveloped countries, enhance grain production, amid the global economic downturn.The UN says the Chinese-developed technology, could raise yields, by up to 20 percent. The program is expected to start in August.Chinese scientists to launch excavation at Peking man siteChinese scientists, say they will soon excavate a cave, where the first Peking Man skull was found, almost 70 years ago. They hope to find additional relics of ape men, who they say roamed the earth, hundreds of thousands of years ago.Scientists say they will begin excavating by mid-May.You're with the news, on China Radio International.To news overseas.05/68898

Aid Agencies Say Congo Fighting Has Split Families救援机构说刚果战乱导致家人失散Aid agencies say recent fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to the widesp separation of family members. More than 250,000 people are believed to have been displaced since fighting resumed between rebels and government forces in August. 救援机构说,刚果民主共和国最近发生的交战在许多地方导致人们同家人失散。据信,自从反政府武装和政府军在今年8月再次爆发战争以来,已经有超过25万人背井离乡。Humanitarian organizations, including Save the Children and Oxfam, say more than half the civilians displaced by recent fighting in eastern Congo may have lost contact with family members. 救助儿童会和乐施会等人道救援组织说,在为躲避刚果东部战乱而逃离家园的人中,有超过一半的人和家人失去了联络。Save the Children emergency officer George Graham spoke to VOA from Goma, the capital of North Kivu province in Eastern DRC. 救助儿童会紧急行动官员格雷厄姆在刚果东部北基伍省的首府戈马对美国之音说:"The survey was conducted by four British aid agencies who went into the camps around Goma. We interviewed almost 300 people and found that of those people, two thirds had lost a family member, whether that be a parent or a husband or a wife, or indeed a child," said Graham. "About a quarter of the people we surveyed had lost children." “四个英国救援组织进入戈马周围的难民营,并且进行了调查。我们采访了近300个人,并发现,在这些人中有三分之二同家人失散,包括他们的父母、丈夫、妻子或孩子。有四分之一的人找不到孩子。”With its limited sample size, the survey does not provide conclusive figures, but the organization says it provides an indication of the scale of the problem. 由于这次调查的抽样范围有限,调查结果并不具有绝对性,不过,救助儿童会说,调查反映出问题的严重程度。"The villages have been attacked completely by surprise. Families have found themselves in the middle of the night having to gather their possessions, gather all their family members together and flee to safety," he added. "And in the chaos of this situation, we are finding numerous reports of families ending up separated."  格雷厄姆说:“这些村庄是在完全没有准备的情况下受到袭击的。人们不得不在半夜收拾行囊,把家里人叫到一起,然后逃到安全的地方。在这种混乱的情况下,我们发现许多亲人失散了。”The aid agency CARE has also said that up to one-fifth of displaced families around Goma are headed by single mothers. 国际关怀组织也说,在戈马周围的逃难家庭中,有五分之一是靠单身母亲撑的。Sporadic fighting has plagued eastern Congo since the official end of the country's civil war in 2003, but the violence has intensified since late August. The heaviest clashes have pitted the rebel National Congress for Defense of the People, led by Laurent Nkunda, against government forces. But several other armed groups have been involved in attacks. 自从刚果内战在2003年正式结束以来,刚果东部一直在发生零星的交战,不过,暴力袭击自8月底以来不断加剧。其中恩孔达领导的反政府组织“全国保卫人民大会”和刚果政府军之间的冲突最为严重,不过其它一些武装组织也参与了袭击。The U.N. Security Council last week approved the deployment of an additional 3,000 troops for the peacekeeping mission in the Congo, known by the French acronym, MONUC. With 17,000 troops it is the world's largest peacekeeping mission, but its forces are sp across a large area and have had difficulty preventing clashes.Government troops stopped a U.N. convoy Sunday near the Kibati refugee camp outside Goma and removed 23 people being transported by the ed Nations. The men were taken despite the apparent objection of the peacekeepers. U.N. officials say they included members of the Mai Mai militia, who have traditionally been allied with the government, but government soldiers accused the men of being rebels.After the incident, civilians threw stones at the U.N. convoy, the latest manifestation of local frustration with the operation. But for the most part, a tentative ceasefire has been holding in the region. Last week, Nkunda's forces pulled back from front lines near the town of Kanyabayonga, north of Goma. MONUC military spokesman Jean-Paul Dietrich says that so far the peacekeepers have encountered few problems. 上周,恩孔达的部队撤离了位于戈马北部的卡尼亚巴永加镇附近的前线。联合国驻刚果维和部队的军事发言人迪特里克说,到目前为止,维和人员还没有遇到什么问题。"The situation has been calm for about a week in this region. There was some attempt of incursion on Thursday, when a group of about 70 Mai Mai tried to enter Rwindi, which was left by CNDP on Tuesday evening," said Dietrich. "But we finally convinced them not to continue towards Kiwanja, I think this was their plan, and they returned from where they came." 他说:“这一地区的局势过去一周以来基本平静。有一些人试图在星期四入侵。在全国保卫人民大会星期四晚上离开鲁因迪地区后,有大约70名迈迈族人试图进入那里,他们的计划是到达基旺加村。不过,我们最终说他们不要这样做,他们也回去了。”Nkunda says he is protecting the region's ethnic Tutsi community from Rwandan Hutu militia operating in the area, and has demanded direct negotiations with the Congolese government. The government maintains negotiations must involve all of the numerous armed groups operating in the country's east. 恩孔达说,他在保护这一地区的图西族人不受在这里活动的卢旺达胡图族民兵的伤害,并要求同刚果政府举行直接谈判。而刚果政府表示,所有在刚果东部行动的众多武装组织都必须参与谈判。200811/57129

Doctoral degrees士学位The disposable academic学位贬值Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time为什么读通常是浪费时间?Dec 16th 2010 | from PRINT EDITION ON THE evening before All Saints’ Day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg. In those days a thesis was simply a position one wanted to argue. Luther, an Augustinian friar, asserted that Christians could not buy their way to heaven. Today a doctoral thesis is both an idea and an account of a period of original research. Writing one is the aim of the hundreds of thousands of students who embark on a doctorate of philosophy (PhD) every year. 1517年的万圣节前夕,马丁路德将批判教会的95条纲论钉到了威登堡一教堂的门上。那时,论文仅作为人们辩论的场所存在。路德,一个奥古斯丁教的传教士,他认为基督徒们不能买断到天堂的路。今天,一篇士论文是一种想法也是对某一特定时期原创性研究的陈述。完成一篇士论文是成千上万一届又一届为取得士学位而奋斗的士生们的目标所在。In most countries a PhD is a basic requirement for a career in academia. It is an introduction to the world of independent research—a kind of intellectual masterpiece, created by an apprentice in close collaboration with a supervisor. The requirements to complete one vary enormously between countries, universities and even subjects. Some students will first have to spend two years working on a master’s degree or diploma. Some will receive a stipend; others will pay their own way. Some PhDs involve only research, some require classes and examinations and some require the student to teach undergraduates. A thesis can be dozens of pages in mathematics, or many hundreds in history. As a result, newly minted PhDs can be as young as their early 20s or world-weary forty-somethings. 在大多数国家,取得士学位是进入学术界的基本条件。士是独立研究的开始,有点学术著作的意思,通常是在与导师密切合作的基础上完成的。不同的国家、大学甚至是不同的学科,取得士学位的要求也不尽相同。有些申请者需首先读两年的硕士并取得相应学位或学历。他们中有些在攻读士学位期间可以获得一定的补助,而有些则完全是自费。有些士生专门搞研究,而有些则需完成一些课程和考试,还有些需他们给本科生上上课。至于士论文,数学的需要几十页内容,而历史方面的需要更多。因此,士毕业有的年轻才20多岁,而有的都到不惑之年了。One thing many PhD students have in common is dissatisfaction. Some describe their work as “slave labour”. Seven-day weeks, ten-hour days, low pay and uncertain prospects are widesp. You know you are a graduate student, goes one quip, when your office is better decorated than your home and you have a favourite flavour of instant noodle. “It isn’t graduate school itself that is discouraging,” says one student, who confesses to rather enjoying the hunt for free pizza. “What’s discouraging is realising the end point has been yanked out of reach.”士生有一个通病:不满足。有些士认为他们干的是“奴隶们才干的活”:一周工作7天、每天10个小时、低薪以及不确定的未来,这些都很普遍。有这么个讽刺:当你工作的办公室装修的比你家漂亮时,当你端起一碗泡面的时候,你就知道自己是一名士生了。“其实学校本身并不让人沮丧”,采访中的一个士这么说道,他坦言宁愿**,而真正让人沮丧的是不知道这样的生活何时才是尽头。Whining PhD students are nothing new, but there seem to be genuine problems with the system that produces research doctorates (the practical “professional doctorates” in fields such as law, business and medicine have a more obvious value). There is an oversupply of PhDs. Although a doctorate is designed as training for a job in academia, the number of PhD positions is unrelated to the number of job openings. Meanwhile, business leaders complain about shortages of high-level skills, suggesting PhDs are not teaching the right things. The fiercest critics compare research doctorates to Ponzi or pyramid schemes. 这些士生们牢骚不断也不是什么新鲜事,但培养学术型士的机制似乎的确出了什么问题(诸如法律、商业和医学等强调实践方面的专业学位士相比还不错)。尽管培养士主要是针对学术研究方面的,但有很多士专业的设置与需求却不一致。同时,企业老板们总是抱怨缺少高层次人才,表明士期间所学的内容完全不对口嘛。更有甚者,将整个学术型士的培养机制比作是一个庞兹骗局。201108/147782

Reaction to President Barack Obama's speech on the Middle East has prompted some initial mixed reactions in Egypt. While plans for economic and development aid are being welcomed, hopes for a more consistent stand on regional unrest and a new approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict were largely dashed.奥巴马总统就中东局势发表的演说在埃及引起了褒贬不一的反应。奥巴马的经济和开发援助计划受到欢迎,然而人们期待美国对地区动乱表现出一致的立场,在以、巴冲突问题上采取新的作法,在他们看来这些希望大都落空。The promise of aid, in the form of debt relief and loan guarantees, is helping allay some fears in Egypt and Tunisia. Popular uprisings in the two nations succeeded in toppling the old governments, but at a cost. 以免除债务和贷款保的方式提供援助的承诺,有助于消除埃及和突尼斯的一些忧虑。两国的民间起义成功地推翻了旧政权,却也付出了代价。"The economic situation has become very dire, particularly on the financial front. There is a big financing gap and this needs to be closed right away. So I think any amount of money and any opportunity to have access to cash would help this situation immensely," said Magda Kandil, director of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies.埃及经济研究中心主任坎迪尔说:“经济情势变得非常可怕,特别是在财务方面。现在出现了一个急须弥补的财务裂痕。因此我认为任何数额的金钱,以及任何可以获得现金的途径,都是非常有帮助的。”Both Tunisia and Egypt have been hard hit by a drop in tourist revenue. In Egypt, remittance earnings are down after more than a million of its workers fled the conflict in neighboring Libya. General uncertainty has kept foreign investment at bay and led to hoarding of key commodities at home - all elements that put the chances of a peaceful transition at risk. 突尼斯和埃及两国都遭受到观光收益下跌的打击。由于一百多万埃及劳工逃避利比亚内战,使埃及外汇收入大幅滑落。一般情势的不确定,使国外投资裹足不前,主要商品囤积仓库。所有促使政权和平转移的因素,都在飘摇不定。Economist Kandil says that the way the economic assistance has been structured will help. "I think the beauty about the debt forgiveness is that it starts in the form of debt swap, which means that the money will not be just loose cash that the government can do whatever it wants to do with it," he said.坎迪尔说,经济援助方式的设定,将有助于目前的情势。他说,“我认为债务减免的妙处是把减免的债务用作发展项目基金。这笔钱政府不可以随便动用。”201105/137358

India is urging its oil companies to expand overseas to meet the soaring demands of its growing economy. India 's massive dependence on imported oil has prompted the country to look for energy assets overseas.印度敦促其石油公司扩大在海外的业务,以满足印度日益增长的经济猛增的需求。印度严重依赖进口石油促使该国在海外寻求能源资产。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told a petroleum conference Monday in New Delhi that over the coming decade, India 's demand for fossil fuels is set to increase massively. He said domestic production, though rising, will not keep pace with this demand.辛格总理星期一在新德里召开的一次石油会议上说,今后10年,印度对化石燃料的需求注定要大幅增加。他说,尽管印度国内的石油产量也在增长,但还是跟不上这样的需求。"In India, the demand over the next 10 years will increase by about 40 percent, whereas the increase in supply from the maturing oil fields is expected to be about 12 percent," said Sing.辛格说:“在印度,今后10年对石油的需求将增加40%左右,而预料从国内已达到饱和状态的油田供应的石油只能增加大约12%。”Mr. Singh told delegates that India 's state-owned oil companies will search for energy assets overseas. "Indian government is therefore encouraging all national oil companies to pursue equity oil and gas opportunities overseas. For these reasons we seek to build strong economic partnerships with other producing countries, and their oil and gas industries, to the mutual benefit of all us." 辛格对与会的代表们说,印度的国有石油公司将在海外寻求石油资产。辛格说:“因此,印度政府正在鼓励所有天然气公司在海外寻求外国石油公司的股本油和股本天然气。由于这些原因,我们寻求与其他国家以及他们的油气工业为了我们的共同利益而构建强大的伙伴关系。”The push to acquire overseas oil assets aly has acquired momentum in a country that imports about 70 percent of its energy needs. This year, India 's oil minister, Murli Deora, traveled to several countries, including Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Angola and Venezuela, to lend diplomatic support to the search for oil and gas fields by state-owned companies.印度目前进口的石油占其需求量的大约70%。辛格总理推动购买外国石油资产的努力已经获得了势头。今年,印度石油部长前往包括尼日利亚、乌干达、安哥拉和委内瑞拉在内的几个国家,为国有公司寻求油气田的努力提供外交持。201011/117081

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