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1、Get with the times!:do the things that the people do at present - day ( go with the flow )2、Workaholic:you do a lot for your work ( bookworm )3、Set in stone:permanent or not for change4、Jump on the band wagon:Go with the flow !5、Thesis:Papers you must finish at he end of the university6、Bonkers:You go crazy ...( going nuts ) ( do ones nut ) ( Are you insane ? )7、Procrastinate:you put sth for out for another day or put off or delay8、Pay the price [for something]:suffering consequences or pay price9、Rome wasn’t built in a day:( You got the picture, right ?) /201311/264880。

  • 经典句型:Can I write a check? 我可以用票吗?A:How are you going to pay?甲:您打算如何付?B:Can I write a check?乙:我可以用票吗?A:Yes, you can.甲:可以。经典句型:Do you accept credit cards? 可以用信用卡付吗?A:Do you accept credit cards?甲:可以用信用卡付吗?B:Sorry. We only accept cash.乙:对不起。我们只收现金。A:Then where can I draw money?甲:那么我到哪儿去提取现金呢?B:There is an ATM in that corner.乙:那边拐角处有自动取款机。句型讲解:当收银员询问How are you going to pay?时,意思是你付款的方式,即现金、粟或者侑用卡付。银员也可能会问charge or debit也是问你要用什么方式付款。如:信用卡(credit card),或是现金(cash)。ATM 即 Automatic Teller Machine 自动取款机。 /201407/312766。
  • 13. The train has to stop for a while for there is something wrong with it.火车出了点故障,因此暂停片刻。还能这样说:The train has to pause because the train has broken down.Since the train has been out of order, it needs to stop for a while.应用:a while back 一段时间之前,前阵子;at whiles 有时,时常14. Due to the heavy snow, the train was temporarily suspended.由于大雪,火车将停运。还能这样说:The train was to a halt because of the heavy snow.The heavy snow blocked the train.应用:snow job 花言巧语的欺骗;snow sb. under 使某人不胜负荷15. The locomotive engineer apologized for the train being stopped.火车司机为火车暂停而道歉。还能这样说:The locomotive engineer expressed his regret that the train was paused.The locomotive engineer made an apology for the train being paused.应用:stop at ones post 坚守岗位;stop off 不能出席;stop still 完全停止16. The train went on moving after the stop.暂停之后,火车继续前进。还能这样说:The train continued to drive after it paused.The train kept on running after it stopped.应用:a clever move 妙棋,机智的一招;lose a move to sb. 输某人一招;move along 再往前走,走开17. The train has stopped when it just started the engine.火车刚开启就停了。还能这样说:The train has come to halt when it was leaving.The train has stopped when it was off.应用:stop in ones tracks 突然停下;stop within 继续受……限制;stop over at a place 在某地做短期停留 /201409/325434。
  • (Feifei is giving Finn a lift to work in her car)(菲菲开车载芬恩一起去上班)Finn: Thank you for the lift to work today, Feifei.芬恩:菲菲,谢谢你今天载我去上班。Feifei: Its a pleasure, Finn. But my car has got a few problems. Sometimes it makes funny noises. And I even had to call a mechanic a few times.菲菲:芬恩,这是我的荣幸。不过我的车有点儿问题。有时会发出可笑的噪音。有几次我不得不打电话给机修工来修理。Finn: Yeah, it looks like quite an old car.芬恩:嗯,看起来这是辆非常旧的车了。Feifei: Yes, it is. Im saving money to buy a new one.菲菲:对,的确是。我正在存钱,想买辆新车。Finn: Well, maybe Feifei you should give up eating in expensive restaurants every week, and all those expensive holidays...芬恩:也许菲菲不应该再每周去昂贵的餐厅吃饭,还有不要再享受那些昂贵的假期……Feifei: But I love my holidays! And the good food, the designer clothes...菲菲:可是我喜欢我的假日!还有好吃的食物,设计师品牌的衣……Finn: Yes, but if you want to save money you have to go the extra mile.芬恩:可是如果你想存钱,那你必须要加倍努力。Feifei: The extra mile? I dont think this old car would survive even one more mile!菲菲:再走一英里?我认为这辆旧车走不了一英里了!Finn: I dont mean go the extra mile in the car. I mean go the extra mile when saving money.芬恩:我并不是说开车再走一英里。我是说要努力存钱。Feifei: How do you mean?菲菲:你是什么意思?Finn: In English, when you tell someone to go the extra mile, youre telling them to make more effort than usual to achieve their objectives. And thats our phrase in this The English We Speak. Lets listen to some examples.芬恩:在英语中,如果你告诉某个人go the extra mile,意思是你要比平常更努力来达到目标。这就是今天的地道英语节目要讲的短语。我们来听几个例句。If you want to succeed in business, you have to work harder than your competitors. Youve got to go the extra mile.如果你想在事业上成功,你必须要比你的竞争对手更努力。你必须要加倍努力。Mary left university without a diploma. She spent all her time partying with her friends. She didnt go the extra mile and study harder.玛丽毕业时没有拿到学位。她所有的时间都在和朋友狂欢。她并没有努力学习。Feifei: Now I get it. I have to be prepared to give up things I like-to go the extra mile-to save money to buy a new car.菲菲:现在我明白了。我必须要准备好放弃那些我喜欢的事情了,我要加倍努力存钱买辆新车。Finn: Yes.芬恩:对(The car stops)(车停下来了)Feifei: Oh no! Not again!菲菲:哦不!不是又坏了吧!Finn: Why have you stopped?芬恩:你为什么停下?Feifei: Well, this car has broken down again! Ill have to ring the mechanic.菲菲:这辆车又坏了!我必须要给机修工打电话。Finn: Im sorry about that, Feifei. I dont think this car will go any more miles, but I have a feeling you will if you kiss goodbye to the expensive dresses...芬恩:菲菲,我真为这情况感到难过。我认为这车走不了了,而且我有种感觉,你要和那些昂贵的裙子说再见了……Feifei: Oh... goodbye... Oh Finn, my beautiful dresses and the cool gadgets…菲菲:哦……说再见……哦,芬恩,我那些漂亮的裙子和酷炫的玩意儿……Finn: Oh, the cool gadgets. Yes, those too.芬恩:哦,酷炫的玩意儿,对,那些也要放弃。Feifei: And no more fun weekends in Paris or expensive seats in the theatre...菲菲:不再有巴黎有趣的周末,也没有剧院昂贵的票价……Finn: No more real gold jewellery.芬恩:也不再有真金首饰了。Feifei: Im so sad. Bye.菲菲:我太难过了。再见。Finn: Bye.芬恩:再见。 译文属 /201408/321693。
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