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2019年10月21日 05:22:46 | 作者:挂号新闻 | 来源:新华社
Some homeowners along the Champs-#201;lysées don#39;t feel like they have a piece of the one of the world#39;s most romantic avenues--especially investors in the one under construction in east China#39;s Hangzhou.在中国东部的杭州市,在建楼盘天鸿香榭里的投资者并不觉得自己与香榭丽舍这条世界最浪漫的街道有什么关系。Since this weekend, unhappy investors in the 11-tower residential housing project named after the famed avenue in Paris have been making their frustrations known.从上周末以来,心中不快的投资者在这个以法国巴黎知名街道命名的住宅区项目外抗议,宣泄他们的不满情绪。该小区由11幢高层建筑围合而成。The protesters, unhappy that the developer is cutting prices and the government#39;s unsightly above-ground high-voltage cable nearby, have been staging a sit-in at the showroom of the developer, Tian Hong Group.由天鸿集团(Tian Hong Group)开发的天鸿香榭里楼盘售楼处外有不少静坐抗议的业主。开发商降价,以及政府在楼盘附近架起的高压线网也极其不雅观,这令他们感到非常不满。A police tape cordons off models of the project, which protesters toppled in an angry moment, making it look like a miniature earthquake struck. Security guards dressed in black shirts and caps kept a watchful eye on what was left of the display.在被愤怒的抗议者砸坏的沙盘模型四周,当地警方拉起了警戒线,这场面看上去就像一场微型地震。安保人员身着黑色衬衫,带着黑色帽子,警觉地注视着售楼处内剩余的展品。Chinese property owners often demonstrate outside showrooms when developers cut prices of subsequent units, and news of Hangzhou#39;s angry buyers#39; outrage was splashed across local media on Monday.开发商下调后期楼盘售价时,中国房地产业主通常会在售楼处外示威。周一大批当地媒体报道了杭州老业主上门讨说法的消息。Some 20 disgruntled homeowners were sitting quietly in the showroom when China Real Time turned up Tuesday. Over their winter jackets, some wore white-T-shirts with red Chinese characters demanding their right to return their homes to the developer. Some claimed a high-voltage tower built across the street is a health hazard--a concern that is often raised elsewhere but is medically disputed. Tian Hong says there is insufficient evidence to support the radiation claims.“中国实时报”栏目记者周二到天鸿香榭里售楼处时,大约有20位老业主在静坐抗议。一些人在冬天的外套外面穿了写着红字的短袖T恤,要求开发商退房。一些人说,与楼盘仅一街之隔的高压线塔严重影响身心健康。其他地方也经常有房主提出这一担忧,但医学上仍有争议。天鸿集团表示,没有足够据持高压线存在有害辐射。#39;Stay away from radiation. Stay away from Tian Hong,#39; the protesters#39; T-shirts.抗议者身穿的T恤上写道:远离辐射,远离天鸿。Tian Hong cut the prices of the apartments last week, which seems to have been the last straw for many investors.天鸿集团上周折价销售该楼盘,这似乎是压倒很多投资者的最后一根稻草,让他们忍无可忍。#39;We wanted the developer to address the cable issue. But when it launched discounts last week, it made us even more doubtful. Would the value and quality of our homes be affected?#39; said Mei Yanfen, a 32-year-old administrator and homeowner sporting one of the T-shirts who said she took the day off work to join the protest.从事行政工作的32岁的业主梅艳芬(音译)说,业主们希望开发商解决高压线问题,但上周楼盘降价让他们更担心了,不知道房子的价值和质量会不会受影响。身穿抗议T恤衫的梅艳芬说,她特意请了一天假来参加抗议。#39;There is nowhere to bring our complaints to,#39; said a 61-year-old homeowner who joined the protest and only wanted to give her surname, Zhao. #39;The developer should have been more honest, and it now has to provide an explanation.#39;参加抗议的61岁的赵姓业主说,他们没地方说理,开发商应该更诚实,应该给个说法。#39;We#39;re here to protest that the developer was negligent in informing us about a high-tension cable across the road. There#39;s going to be radiation and it will affect our health,#39; said Zhu Chen, a 23-year-old who bought a unit at the Champs-#201;lysées project in August and says he was told the cable would run underground.23岁的朱晨(音译)去年8月份在天鸿香榭里(Champs-#201;lysées)购买了一套住房,他说,当时他听到的消息是高压线走地下。他表示,我们抗议开发商没有告诉我们马路对面会架高压线,高压辐射会影响我们的健康。Price cuts in Hangzhou, one of China#39;s largest second-tier cities, are raising alarm bells among property watchers. The country#39;s housing market is showing signs of cooling, but a sharp slowdown could derail aly-slowing domestic growth.杭州是中国最大的二线城市之一,该市楼盘降价给关注房产的人们拉响了警笛。中国楼市正呈现降温迹象,但剧烈下滑会让放缓的中国经济雪上加霜。Another developer, DoThink Group, said last week it cut prices by 12% at its North Sea Park project near the Champs-#201;lysées to 15,800 yuan (,578) per square meter from 18,000 yuan per square meter to clear inventory. Homeowners protested outside that project#39;s showroom as well over the weekend.另一家开发商德信地产(DoThink Group)上周也宣布,为了处理尾房,毗邻天鸿香榭里的北海公园(North Sea Park)项目降价12%,每平方米均价从人民币18,000元降至15,800元(约合2,578美元)。该项目的业主周末也在售楼处外举行了抗议。Champs-#201;lysées homeowners said they paid an average of 15,000 yuan per square meter for their units. The developer said it is cutting prices to as low as 11,800 yuan per square meter, translating to a 21% discount.天鸿香榭里的业主们说,他们买房时的平均价格是每平米人民币15,000元。开发商表示将把均价下调至11,800元,相当于降价21%。Chen Ke, the Champs-#201;lysées project#39;s marketing manager, said the firm has taken note of concerns made by some 170 unhappy homeowners who signed a petition.天鸿香榭里的销售经理陈可(音译)表示,大约170名业主联名签署请愿书表达不满,公司已经注意到这一问题。#39;The owners are emotional right now, and we need time to check out their claims,#39; said Ms. Chen, adding that the developer has lobbied the government to move the high-tension cable, which was originally planned to be placed even closer to the project. She said the developer introduced the discounts in response to a similar move by competitors, as well as concerns regarding oversupply of homes in the area.陈可说,业主们现在情绪很激动,公司需要时间来处理这些投诉,她补充说,德信地产曾向政府申请改变高压线的位置,原定位置距离项目更近。她表示,公司降价一方面是为应对竞争对手的类似举措,同时也是考虑这一地区的楼盘供应过剩。Perhaps an enterprising sales person will make the case that if there is a Champs-#201;lysées in Hangzhou, a high-voltage tower nearby is just a homegrown version of the Eiffel Tower.如果碰上一个敢想敢说的售楼员,他或许会这样给你解释:既然杭州有个香榭里,附近的高压电塔就全当它是埃菲尔铁塔吧。 /201402/277640Chinese companies are significantly ramping up their spending on research and development, according to a new report.一份最新发布的报告指出,中国企业正在大幅增加研发出。Companies based on the mainland of China have increased their spending by a factor of 15 over the past decade, according to a report from the management consulting firm “Strategyamp;,” and the number of Chinese firms on Strategyamp;’s 2014 Global Innovation 1000 has gone from eight in 2005 to 114 today.据管理咨询公司Strategyamp;的报告显示,总部设在中国大陆的企业出水平在过去10年里增长了14倍。入选2014年Strategyamp;“全球创新企业1000强”榜单的中企数量,已从2005年的8家跃升至如今的114家。The reason for the Ramp;D growth: Chinese companies are shifting away from producing cheap goods for export and concentrating on higher quality economic growth.中国企业研发出增长背后的原因在于,它们正把重心从从生产廉价出口商品上移开,专注于实现更高质量的经济增长。“When we are looking at the regional cut, China continues to go gangbusters,” said Barry Jaruzelski, the report’s author and a senior partner with the firm.该报告作者巴里o雅鲁泽尔斯基是Strategyamp;公司的高级合伙人。他说:“在亚洲地区企业纷纷削减研发投入之际,中国企业仍继续大幅增加投入。”“It’s been in the high double-digits for many, many years,” he added. “The rest of the world was double-digit, but lower — around 13 percent — and North America and Europe were positive, but much lower, at 3. 5 percent in North America and 2.5 percent in Europe.”他补充道:“中企研发出已经多年维持两位数的高增长,虽然世界其他地区也有两位数的增幅,但相对较低,在13%左右;而北美和欧洲的增长更是要低得多,分别为3.5%和2.5%。”The findings dovetail with overall research and development trends in China, including government spending, which the National Science Foundation found, is second only behind the ed States.这些结果与包括政府出在内的中国整体研发趋势相契合。美国国家科学基金会(National Science Foundation)称,中国政府的研发出仅次于美国。Patents, too, increasingly have a Chinese flavor, with the largest number of applicants coming from China and Chinese residents. The Chinese overtook the ed States in 2012, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization.在专利申请领域,中国份额也越来越大。来自中国和中国居民的专利申请数最多。世界知识产权组织(World Intellectual Property Organization)称,2012年中国的专利申请量已经超越了美国。“In terms of their development, they have advanced a lot over the past 20 years,” said Mosahid Khan, head of the intellectual property and statistics section at WIPO in Geneva. “They are sort of catching up with the ed States and Japan on the technological frontier whether it be patents or R amp; D investment.”世界知识产权组织日内瓦知识产权及统计部负责人莫萨德o肯说:“在发展方面,中国在过去20年中进步了很多,在技术前沿,无论是专利还是研发投资,中国正在赶超美国和日本。”Chinese companies are still are dwarfed by American-based firms when it comes to the 7 billion spent on global research and development. The Americans, as they have traditionally done, are the biggest spenders at 6.9 billion followed by European-based companies at 3.8 billion and then Japan which is third at 6.7 billion.2014年,全球研发投入达到6470亿美元。但中资公司的研发投入仍然远比不上美资公司。美资企业的研发投入规模历来都高居全球首位,今年达到2569亿美元,其次是欧资企业达到1938亿美元,然后是位居第三的日资企业达到1167亿美元。Still, the Chinese growth can’t be ignored. It has gone from almost negligible number in 2005 to billion in 2014. Chinese firms increased their spending from a year ago by 46 percent.不过,中资企业的研发投入增长也不可小觑,从2005年几乎可以忽略不计的水平跃升至2014年的300亿美元,今年同比增长46%。Robert Atkinson, the president of The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a Washington, D.C., technology policy think tank, warned that some of the Chinese figures may be “somewhat overstated” due to a “rewards system” for state-owned enterprises which is based on them doing “a lot of R amp; D” and thus classifying some things as research and development which wouldn’t be treated as such in the ed States.美国信息技术与创新基金会(The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)是一家总部设在华盛顿特区的科技政策智库,该基金会的总裁罗伯特o阿特金森提醒称,中国的企业研发投入数据可能“有些水分”,因为中国对国有企业实施的“奖励制度”看重研发,因此中资企业会将一些在美国不会归为研发的活动列入研发出项目。Still, he said, China was “pulling out all the stops” in Ramp;D as part of a strategy to become more self-sufficient by producing as much as they can indigenously and ending their dependence on foreign firms like Apple or Boeing for help.中国正在加大研发出力度,而美国一直在削减其政府研发出。这也是中国未来也许能赶超美国的原因之一。巴特尔研究所(Battelle)和《R&D 杂志》(Battelle/Ramp;D Magazine)公布的《2014年全球研发经费预测报告》(2014 Global Ramp;D Funding Forecast)预测,在研发投入方面,中国最早可能在2025年超越美国。“They have basically decided the old strategy of attracting foreign firms to set up assembly operations is no longer their path to growth,” Atkinson said.阿特金森说,中国的目标是“超越美国”,因此美国若要想保持世界创新领导者的地位,则必须做出更多努力,包括制定更优惠的税收政策持研发、取消对科技经费的削减。“They feel like they have maximized that potential,” he said. “This is one reason why you are seeing now a real backlash against foreign technology firms in China going after companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm and other with whole set of trumped up anti-monopoly complaints and things like that. They feel like they don’t need them anymore.”他说:“美国要硬着头皮像过去那样大力投入研发,我们必须做到这一点,因为我们不能输,如果我们在投入上做到位了,我坚信我们在创新上能继续领先于中国。如果我们不这么做,未来10年或15年内,中国将在很多领域赶上或超过我们。”And while China is spending more, the ed States has been cutting its government R amp; D spending which could be one reason why the Chinese could one day surpass the Americans. The 2014 Global Ramp;D Funding Forecast, published by Battelle/Ramp;D Magazine, projects China could overtake the ed States as early as 2025.Strategyamp;公司发布的这份报告使用了彭资讯(Bloomberg)和Capital IQ提供的数据,并结合了相关调查和访谈。该报告分析了企业的研发投入和创新水平。除了预测全球趋势,该报告还指出了在研发方面投入最大的行业和公司。Atkinson said the goal of China is “beat us” and that America must do more including more generous tax incentives for Ramp;D and reversing cuts in science and technology if it wants to remain the world’s innovation leader.对于美国而言,让人颇为安慰的是,目前还没有一家中资企业在研发投入或创新方面进入十强榜单。这意味着,在短期内没有中国企业能获得谷歌(Google)或强生公司(Johnson amp; Johnson)那样的辉煌业绩。事实上,排名最高的中资公司仅排在第62位。“We’ve got to go back and just bite the bullet and you know what we are going to do that because we are not going to lose,” he said. “If we did those things, I have every faith we could stay ahead of China from an innovation perspective. If we don’t do those things, within 10 years or 15 years China will have caught up to us in many, many areas or surpassed us.”2014年,大众汽车公司(Volkswagen)和三星公司(Samsung)研发投入分别达到135亿美元和134亿美元,连续第二年荣登研发投入榜单榜首。英特尔(Intel)和微软则分列攀升至第三和第四名,而谷歌也首次进入十强,仅领先默克公司(Merck and Co)。除了默克公司外,还有其他三家医药企业进入研发投入十强名单。The report, which uses data from Bloomberg and Capital IQ data combined with surveys and interviews, looks both at a company’s Ramp;D spending and its level of innovation. Along with charting global trends, the report also highlighted the sectors and companies that are doing the most in research and development.英特尔发言人克里斯汀o多茨说:“我们所处行业的发展日新月异,我们需要时刻准备好取代自己的技术。”他以英特尔的14纳米处理器作为例子并说道:“我们不能按兵不动,我们需要遵循尔定律不断创新。” /201411/341215

After graduating from New York University in 2013 with a degree in film and television, Dan Kim found himself in an entirely unexpected situation: a friend asked him to help shoot a music , an incredible opportunity at the time, and Kim had to turn him down. ;I was in film school, but I didn#39;t know anybody who could help,; he explains, referencing his then-nonexistent set of industry contacts. ;I thought it was insane that there was no space for people like me to share their ideas. People still use Craigslist!; The realization drove Kim to create Unique Board, a website where artists working in seven different categories – cinematography, fashion, design, music, art, dance/performance and technology/programming – can find each other for different projects. ;We#39;re digitizing the collaboration process, making it simple but effective by cutting off all the extra steps of networking,; Kim explains about the site, which has amassed over 200 members — many based in New York, many others international — since going live in February.丹·基姆(Dan Kim)2013年从纽约大学毕业,获得影视专业学位,却发现自己完全置身于意想不到的情况:一个朋友请他帮忙拍一部音乐录像,这在当时对于他来说是个非常好的机会,基姆却拒绝了。“我学的是电影,却不认识什么人可以帮忙,”他说,自己当时在这个圈子里没有什么熟人。“我觉得居然没有什么地方可以供我这样的人分享创意,真是荒谬。人们还在用Craigslist!”这种想法驱使基姆创立了Unique Board网站,电影、时尚、设计、音乐、艺术、舞蹈/表演和技术/编程这七个门类的艺术家们可以在这里寻找同伴,开展各种项目。“我们正在把合作过程数字化,减少多余的交往步骤,让它变得简洁有效,”基姆说。自从2月运行以来,它已经有了200多个用户,很多人来自纽约,也有很多来自海外。There are two kinds of users on the site: project leaders who need to staff up, and artists who need work. Both types create profiles explaining what they#39;re in the market for and, hopefully, find each other. It follows the age-old want ad formula, a simple and no-nonsense setup that has aly attracted the attention of people like Brian Meece, a co-founder of RocketHub, a global crowdfunding site, who recently became an advisor to the start-up. ;Dan#39;s Unique Board concept has huge potential to impact artists in a very positive way – both creatively and financially,; said Meece. ;By focusing on bringing professional opportunities to the creative class, Unique Board is positioning to become a leader in the ‘tech arts#39; space. The business could be massive in three to five years#39; time.;这个网站的用户分两种:需要工作人员的项目领导者,以及需要工作的艺术家。两种人都要在网上建立档案,解释自己在这个市场上的需求,理想的情况下,就能找到自己需要的人。它沿用传统的招募广告形式,是一个简单、没有废话的结构,吸引了不少人的目光,其中就包括国际众筹网站RocketHub的创始人之一布莱恩·米斯(Brian Meece),他最近成了这个新项目的顾问。“丹的Unique Board概念有巨大的潜力,可以在创作和经济方面对艺术家们产生非常积极的影响,”米斯说。“Unique Board注重为创意阶层提供职业机会,把自己定位为‘技术艺术#39;领域内的领袖。这种商务模式在三五年内就会兴盛起来。”Like the virtual dating platforms Match.com and Tinder, Unique Board also offers an offline place for members to meet organically: a series of parties called Unique Gatherings. Following on the heels of the first successful event in Manhattan at the end of February — designed by Paul Clay, who created the sets for the Broadway musical Rent and has staged events for the Museum of Modern Art and Anna Sui — the second is scheduled for May 22, around the same time that Kim expects to release the 1.5 version of the site. As the platform grows, Kim hopes to add social media and crowdfunding components to the mix. ;Artists have to survive and the current options are not practical,; he says. ;So many ideas are wasted. We need each other.;和Match.com及Tinder等在线约会平台一样,Unique Board也为成员提供真实的线下见面:一系列名为;Unique Gaterings;的派对。第一次活动由保罗·克雷(Paul Clay)设计,他曾为百老汇音乐剧《吉屋出租》(Rent)设计过布景,也曾为MoMA和安娜·苏(Anna Sui)设计过舞台。活动于二月底在曼哈顿举行,大获成功。第二次活动将在5月22日举行,基姆期望在同期推出网站的1.5版本。随着平台不断发展,基姆希望增加社交媒体和众筹功能,“艺术家必须生存,现在的选择都不够实际,”他说,“有那么多创意被浪费了,我们需要彼此。” /201409/328959

The Natural Resources Defense Council has presented research that attempts to take on the Herculean task of quantifying the environmental, social and economic toll of China’s reliance on coal.自然资源保护协会(Natural Resources Defense Council)所展示的研究试图开展一项艰难任务:对中国的煤炭依赖造成的环境、社会和经济损害进行量化。The report, released Tuesday by the New York-based environmental organization, is part of its China Coal Consumption Cap Project, begun last October in conjunction with Chinese government research organizations, universities and industry groups to help China begin diminishing its use of coal by 2020. Researchers from Tsinghua and Peking universities, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other government-affiliated bodies worked together to develop concrete figures that, according to the study, show how a broad range of ecological problems and human suffering resulting from coal consumption can be discussed in terms of cold, hard cash.周二由这个设在纽约的环境组织所发布的报告,是中国煤炭消耗总量控制工程(China Coal Consumption Cap Project)的部分内容。该项目开始于去年10月,旨在帮中国在2020年前减少煤炭使用量,中国的政府研究机构、大学和工业组织也参与了进来。来自清华大学、北京大学、中国社会科学院及其他政府相关机构的研究人员通过共同合作得出了切实的数据,表明煤炭消耗所引起大量生态问题和对人的伤害,也是可以通过冰冷而严酷的金钱角度进行探讨的。Yang Fuqiang, senior adviser on energy, environment and climate change at the council, said that the report was a response to China’s lack of clear quantitative data on the external costs of coal use. ‘‘In order to understand the true impact of coal, we absolutely must talk about all of the hidden costs to society behind it as an industry.’’自然资源保护协会能源、环境与气候变化高级顾问杨富强表示,在煤炭使用的外部成本方面,中国缺乏量化数据,这篇报告对此做了回应。“为了理解煤炭的真正影响,我们绝对应该考虑煤炭作为一个行业,让社会付出的潜在代价。”The most severe of the costs, air pollution, is ily apparent to the 70 percent of the country’s population found by the study to be living in regions where levels exceed World Health Organization recommendations. Coal and coal-related industrial processes account for 50 percent to 60 percent of the airborne pollutants known as PM 2.5 — or particles 2.5 micrometers or smaller — that make their way deep into the lungs, increasing the likelihood of lung cancer, stroke and other diseases. According to the report, approximately 670,000 people died because of PM 2.5 pollution generated by coal use in 2012.这些代价中最严重的是空气污染,这对于中国70%的人口而言尤其明显。研究发现,在这些人生活的地区,污染水平超过了世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的推荐标准。对于通过空气传播的污染物PM2.5,50%至60%是来自煤炭及煤炭相关产业。PM2.5是直径小于等于2.5微米的颗粒物,它们能够深入肺部,增加人们罹患肺癌、中风和其他疾病的危险。报告称,2012年,大约有67万人死于煤炭使用所引起的PM2.5污染。There appears to be little chance that China will ever be completely weaned off coal, despite a decrease in coal consumption for the first time in nearly a century over the first three quarters of this year. There have also been recent high-profile promises to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, including one by Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli at the ed Nations climate change summit meeting in September. Yet coal, naturally abundant in the country, accounts for 65 percent of China’s primary energy consumption, the report said. China is the world’s largest consumer of the resource.中国似乎不太可能完全放弃煤炭,虽然今年前三个季度,煤炭消耗量在将近一个世纪的时间里首次出现下跌。中国最近也曾高调承诺要减少二氧化碳的排放;9月,中国国务院副总理张高丽就曾在联合国(ed Nations)的气候变化峰会上做出相关承诺。但该报告称,中国的煤炭资源丰富,煤在该国主要能源消耗中占65%。中国是世界上最大的煤炭消费国。The price of coal in China is now just over 500 renminbi, or a little more than , per ton, a seemingly inexpensive energy source. The study, which used data from 2012, when coal cost more than 0, asserts that for every ton, an additional in social costs was imposed on the country. Pricing mechanisms do not reflect this external expenditure, the report said, because coal producers are required to pay an environmental tax of only to per ton. The study also found that it is consumers like factories and power plants rather than mining companies that are responsible for the majority of this social toll, with 64 percent of the total burden coming from the pollutants released during combustion as coal is transformed into electricity for industrial and residential use.中国目前的煤价为每吨500元人民币多一点(约合80美元),表面看来是一种廉价的能源。该报告使用了2012年的数据,当时煤价超过了100美元,该报告称,每吨煤还会耗费43美元的社会成本。报告称,定价机制没有反映出这种外部出,因为煤炭生产商需要付环境税,每吨只要5到8美元。该研究还发现,应该为大部分社会成本负责的是工厂、发电厂等用户,而并不是煤炭公司,总负担中有64%是通过煤炭燃烧产生电力,供工厂及居民使用的过程中产生的污染。The council and its Chinese partners are developing carbon tax proposals that would take into consideration these ‘‘true costs,’’ to adequately offset them.自然资源保护协会及其中国合作伙伴正在制定碳税提案,该提案会将这些“真实成本”考虑在内,以便充分抵消它们。Zhou Fengqi, senior adviser at the Energy Research Institute — a government-affiliated research group that is part of the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planning agency — applauded the new findings, with reservations. He was skeptical that the goals would be feasible within the span of a single five-year plan. ‘‘If we are going to implement such taxes, it must be done in steps so as not to have a negative effect on the Chinese economy, even in the short term,’’ Mr. Zhou said.能源研究所高级顾问周凤起对这些新研究表示称赞,但有所保留。这家政府下属的研究机构隶属于中国最高经济规划机构国家发展与改革委员会。他对能否在一个五年计划内完成目标表示怀疑。他说,“如果我们准备征收这种税,必须一步一步来,避免对中国经济产生负面影响,即便是短期内的负面影响。”But he acknowledged that China could no longer turn a blind eye to its smoggy skies: ‘‘Even in Zhongnanhai’’ — the leadership compound in Beijing — ‘‘they’re breathing in all this pollution and realize how uncomfortable it is.’’但他承认中国不会再对雾霾天视而不见:“即便在中南海”——领导人在北京的住所——“他们吸入的也是受到污染的空气,他们知道这有多不舒。” /201411/341547

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company, has admitted to making a strategic error in India by ignoring more affluent consumers and pursuing buyers of cheaper sweets and noodles.世界最大食品公司雀巢公司(Nestlé)承认在印度犯下战略性错误,忽略了更富有的消费者而把主要目标对准了那些购买较廉价糖果和面条的顾客。“We made a mistake,” said Nandu Nandkishore, who heads Nestlé’s Asia business. “We basically focused on driving the mass market and we really ignored a little bit the emerging affluent segment.”雀巢亚洲业务主管南都#8226;南基绍尔(Nandu Nandkishore)表示:“我们犯了一个错误。我们基本上将精力集中于发展大众市场上,对正在兴起的富有人群确实有所忽略。”Like other consumer goods companies, the maker of KitKat chocolate bars and Maggi noodles has been increasing its focus on emerging markets, which now account for 43 per cent of its .2bn global sales.和其他消费品公司类似,这家奇巧(KitKat)巧克力棒和美极(Maggi)面条的制造商一直在加大对新兴市场的关注。如今,新兴市场销售额占雀巢全球982亿美元销售额的43%。But, like some of its peers, Nestlé is having to redraw its strategy in the face of depreciating local currencies, slower economic growth, higher input costs and rising domestic competition.然而,和部分同行类似,面对当地不断贬值的货币、放缓的经济增长、更高的投入成本以及日益加剧的竞争,雀巢不得不改变其经营战略。These factors have proved especially punishing for makers of cheaper, mass-market goods – as L#39;Oréal has aly discovered. Last week, the French cosmetics group halted sales of its mass-market Garnier brand in China.正如欧莱雅(L#39;Oréal)已然发现的,事实明上述因素对于廉价大众商品制造商的负面影响尤为严重。上周,这家法国化妆品集团停止了其大众市场品牌卡尼尔(Garnier)在中国的销售。Nestlé’s sales in India had been growing at about 20 per cent a year in the three years to 2011, but this growth decelerated sharply – to 8 per cent – in the third quarter of last year.在截至2011年的3年里,雀巢在印度的销售额保持着约20%的年增长率,但在去年第三季度,这一增速急剧下滑至8%。In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Nandkishore said that at the peak of its sales growth in India, Nestlé focused primarily on making its more mass-market products available to large numbers of new, cost-sensitive consumers, largely in the countryside – even though demand for premium products at the upper end of the market was also exploding. “We have realised this aly,” he said. “We’ve been working to plug that gap.”在接受英国《金融时报》采访时南基绍尔表示,在印度销售额增长最快的时候,雀巢主要关注的是,如何向大量对价格敏感的新顾客(多在农村地区)提供旗下那些更大众化的产品——尽管高端市场对高档产品的需求也在迅猛增长。他说:“我们已经意识到了这一点。近来我们一直在努力填补这一漏洞。”The Swiss manufacturer is now switching tack in India to cater to more affluent Indians, whose household budgets are more immune to the country’s rising inflation and faltering economy.这家瑞士制造商正在调整在印度的经营战略,以迎合印度更富有的人群。面对通胀的不断加剧和经济增长势头的减弱,这部分人群的家庭出预算受到的影响比较小。 /201401/273102

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