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抚顺顺城区中心医院割包皮手术顺城区妇幼保健院治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好抚顺男科哪家医院最好 Science and technology科学技术Biometrics计量测定学Clocking peoples clocks识别人们的行踪Facial-recognition systems are getting better面部识别系统愈发完善WITH some pride, the FBI trumpeted the news last month that thanks to the agencys facial-recognition system Neil Stammer, wanted for sexual assault and kidnapping, had been apprehended in Nepal after being on the run for 14 years. The truth was slightly more prosaic. A State Department official had used the FBIs “Wanted” posters in a test for passport fraud. The system then matched Mr Stammers face with an American calling himself Kevin Hodges who regularly visited the US embassy in Kathmandu to renew his visa. Still, Mr Stammers arrest illuminates the growing importance of facial-recognition technology.上个月,在FBI面部识别系统的帮助下,因性侵犯和绑架而被通缉长达14年的Neil Stammer在尼泊尔落入法网。FBI对此大肆宣传,还带着点小骄傲呢~ 经过可能较为平淡。一名国务院官员使用FBI的通缉海报来测试护照欺诈行为。然后系统识别出,Stammer的面部同一名自称Kevin Hodges的美国人相符。后者经常到美国驻加德满都大使馆去更新他的签。不过,Stammer的落网,说明面部识别技术日益重要。The two main techniques used to recognise faces electronically are principal-component analysis (PCA) and linear-discriminant analysis (LDA). Both compare a picture of someones phizog with a reference image taken in a controlled environment. Passport photos and mugshots, then, are about as ideal as it gets.电子识别人脸的两种技术分别为主成分分析(PCA)和线性判别分析(LDA)。两种方法都是通过在特定环境下比较某人的面部和参照图片。碰巧,护照照片和疑犯照片是最理想化的。Basic PCA and LDA are good for skin colour, hair colour and the like. Advanced systems, such as that used with British biometric passports, may look at cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, jaw lines and eyes.基本的PCA和LDA擅长处理肤色、发色等。先进系统,比如英国计量生物学护照所采用的,可能会记录面颊骨骼,鼻梁,下颌轮廓以及眼睛。All of which is fine when someone is sitting or standing in front of a camera, but is less useful in the world beyond the studio. That requires a technique called Elastic Bunch Graph Matching (EBGM), which tries to create a three-dimensional (3D) model from two-dimensional images. This model can, thereafter, be used to match any subsequent image, or part thereof.在人正坐在或者正立在摄像头前的时候,所有这些标准都好办,但是在摄影棚外就不那么有用了。这要求一种名为弹性束图匹配(EBGM)的技术,该技术力求通过2D图像创建一个3D模型。因此这个模型就能用于匹配任何相关图片,或其中的部分。EBGM considers the head as a union of two ellipsoids: one whose main axis is vertical, and runs from forehead to chin; the other whose main axis is horizontal, and runs from tip of the nose to the back of the cranium. This basic scheme is overlaid with “fiducial” points which act as anchors for the modelling. These can be as few as half a dozen (the pupils of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, and so on), or as many, in one system, as 40,000.EBGM将头部视为两个椭圆的结合体。一个的主轴是垂直的,从前额到下巴;另一个的主轴是水平的,从鼻尖到头盖骨后侧。基本方案是通过确定基点位置,定位模型尺寸。基点少则6个(瞳孔,嘴角,等等),多则可能在一个系统中达到40000个。EBGM allows the construction of a three-dimensional representation of a face from poorly lit images taken at odd angles, such as a closed-circuit television camera might provide. Once it recognises enough fiducial points it can work out what aspect of a face it is viewing. It then extrapolates the expected positions of other fiducial points. As more data come in from the camera, the models shape is updated. Given enough horsepower, says a British official, such a system can build a model from as few as 80 pixels located between a subjects eyes—and only two images are needed for a 3D reconstruction.EBGM可以将小角度拍摄的暗光照片,比如闭路电视所提供的,塑造为三维模型。一旦它捕捉到了足够的基点,系统就能计算出它所观测的是面部的那个位置。然后系统推断出其他基点的预期位置。随着摄像头提供的数据增多,模型的形状不断更新。如果有足够动力,比如英国官方要求,只需要两张照片,像素少到在人物的眼睛中只有80个像素,这个系统就能偶建立出3D复原模型。Governments are not the only ones interested. Earlier this year, Facebooks DeepFace system was asked whether thousands of pairs of photos were of the same person. It answered correctly 97.25% of the time, a shade behind humans at 97.53%. Although DeepFace is only a research project, and is aided by the fact that many Facebook photos are tagged with the names of people in the images, which lets the system learn those faces in different poses and lighting conditions, it is still an impressive feat.并不只有政府对此感兴趣。今年早些时候,有人拿脸谱的“深脸”系统测试了成千上万张照片,看他们是否是同一个人。其正确率为97.25%,在人背后后有阴影的情况下识别率为97.53%。尽管深脸只是研究项目,并且脸谱上的许多照片都是贴着人的姓名这个情况给出了一定帮助,使得系统能够辨别出不同姿势、不同采光下的人脸,但是这个成果仍旧令人瞩目。As DeepFace shows, access to an accurate gallery of images is crucial. Passport photos, or those on national identity cards, can act as such galleries, as they can be rendered by EBGM into usable 3D models. Add in the increasing ubiquity of closed-circuit television, and the idea that anyone will be able hide for long in Nepal, or anywhere else, looks quaint.正如深脸所显示的,想精确识别大批量图案依然困难重重。护照照片,或者那些用在国民身份上的,可以作为这种相片管理系统,因为他们可以可以由EBGM转述为实用3D模型。再考虑到闭路电视的普及,那么任何一个人,想要在尼泊尔或者其他任何地方藏起来的这种想法都会变得不切实际。 /201410/333530抚顺治疗慢性前列腺炎需要多少钱

抚顺市新抚妇幼保健院男科挂号抚顺市有什么好的男性医院 The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on the legality of same-sex marriage later this month, and a group of young conservatives is pushing to change the Republican Party platform on gay marriage.The group Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry is launching an effort to change the GOP platform on same-sex marriage.;We would like to see language that is more inclusive, that gives people a sense that there can be dialogue on the issue,; says group member Ed Lopez.He worries that the polarizing issue is not only dividing party members, but distracting them from focusing on other policy changes they would like to see made.Member Nina Verghese says the group aims to discuss this issue with the Republican platform committee that will be meeting in 2016. She says their goal is to educate them on the issue and show that Republicans from across the country are changing their outlook on the issue.According to Lopez, the base is moving rapidly toward supporting marriage equality, with 61% of conservatives under age 30 supporting it.;I think at the end of the day, we want both parties to support the freedom to marry,; Verghese says.If the party doesnt change its stance in its platform, Verghese says the group will continue to fight for this issue. And Lopez says refusing to take part in a dialogue about the issue could cost it young voters.;If we want to grow as a party, were going to have to come together on this issue and find a way to agree to disagree,; Verghese says.201504/370402抚顺做个包皮手术需要多少钱

抚顺最好的男科医院是哪I had a feeling.I could tell by the look on your face.我感觉到了 我从你脸上的表情看出来了So I decide when Im going to do is I will just turn the volume down and then I will go to sleep.于是我决定调低声音 然后睡觉So I press volume on the TV and I can see the little nozzle go to zero on the wall unit thing but I can still hear it.于是我按了电视的音量键 我能看到壁橱电视上的小圆标变成了零 但是我还能听见And Im like what is going on?What the hell is happening?我心想怎么回事 发生了什么And then I remember that the night before,I had gone out to my backyard with a glass of wine and listened to the music.然后我记起了前一晚 我拿着红酒去了后院 听了音乐Then I realized for the last hour I had been blasting a porno out of my outdoor speakers.然后我意识到了 过去的一小时里 我一直在我的户外音响上放毛片I remember that day.all the way down into the San Fernando Valley.我记得那天 传遍了整个圣费尔南多谷Thiss one oclockin the afternoon,mind you.这是下午一点 提醒你们一下Kids are riding bike around.People are walking their dogs.孩子们在周围骑着自行车 人们在遛It was terrible.I moved shortly thereafter.You had to.太糟糕了 之后我很快就搬了 你不得不搬Good God!All right.My apologies.Thats why you wont get your picture taken with Tom?天啊 好吧 我要道歉 这就是你不和托马斯·列农拍照的原因吗oh,ok,thats why.All right.You never know whats going to happen.You never know.对 好吧 这就是原因 好吧 你永远不知道会发生什么 你永远不知道Lets take a break.Much more with Matthew Perry after this.Stick around.我们休息一下 稍后继续采访马修·派瑞 别走开Were back here with Matthew Perry.Now,you tweeted recently about going to the gym.我们回来了 这是马修·派瑞 你最近发推说了去健身房的事Are you a gym rat?Are you one of those guys that goes to the gym often?你是个健身狂魔吗 你是那种经常去健身房的人吗Im not a gym rat.I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of years and I cant move.我不是健身狂魔 我这几年来第一次去了健身房 然后我动不了Right,right.I cant move.Really?I dont understand the gym.I dont understand the point of the gym.对 对 我动不了 真的吗 我不了解健身房 我不知道健身房的意义Weights to me seem like theyre very heavy.哑铃在我看来非常沉201607/457432 You have to admit, Ellen.It took a lot of balls to pull off this prat.你得承认 艾伦 为了整这出真要不少乒乓球I was gonna say that.And, uh... Oh my God.我正要说这个 呃 天啊Dont I have security around here?这都没保安吗How did this happen? How in the world.怎么会有这种事儿 到底怎么...Can I just end by telling you the obvious?我能告诉你一件显而易见的事吗Whats that?I adore you.I adore you too, but now its on,什么 我欣赏你 我也欣赏你 不过现在要开战了Before these funny games, it was jokes,之前都只是玩玩 都是些玩笑But now,it is on, Lauer.Alright.不过现在 劳尔 我跟你杠上了 好吧Alright, you got me and you got me good.Not.好吧 被你整了 还整得挺惨 才怪You call that prank Lauer?For shock.你这就叫整蛊了吗 劳尔 真让人震惊All Im gonna say is,I barely even wasnt trying before.我要说的是 我之前都还没放大招Now April Fools Day is right around the corner,4月1号愚人节马上就要到了So as April second,April third, April fourth.然后就是4月2号 4月3号 4号Alright, anyway, Im gonna get you.好了 不管怎么样 我会整你的I will. I have a...Im gonna move on.我会的 我想到个... 先继续录节目One more important thing I have to talk about is Classic Joke Friday.还有一个更重要的环节 接下来要说的是;周五经典笑话;Okay, are you y,everybody.Its a good one I think.大家准备好了吗 我觉得这个很经典Why did the bird go to hospital?Why did the bird go to hospital?鸟为什么去医院 鸟为什么去医院Because he needed a ;tweetment;.因为它要;吱疗; /201601/421784抚顺曙光咨询抚顺割包皮哪里比较好



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