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Most people strive their entire lives to achieve great success in a single industry.大多数人奋斗一生,只能在某一产业取得巨大的成功。My father has succeeded in many on the highest level and on a global scale.而我父亲在很多产业中功成名就,而且他的成功山登绝顶,遍及五洲。One of the reasons he has thrived as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone.作为企业家,他成功的一个重要原因就是他善于倾听。Billionaire executives dont usually ask the people doing the work for their opinion of the work. My father is an exception.富翁总裁通常不会问及做工作的人对这个工作的意见。我父亲是个例外。On every one of his projects, youll see him talking to the super, the painter, the engineers, the electricians, hell ask them for their feedback, if they think something should be done differently, or could be done better.在他的每个专案中,你会看到他会和主管、油漆工、工程师、电工交谈,询问他们的回馈,了解是否他们认为事情可以另辟蹊径或精益求精。When Donald Trump is in charge, all that counts is ability, effort and excellence.当唐纳德·川普负责时,唯有能力、努力和卓越至关重要。This has long been the philosophy at the Trump Organization.这一直是川普集团的理念。At my fathers company, there are more female than male executives.在我家的公司中,女性高管多于男性。Women are paid equally for the work that we do and when a woman becomes a mother, she is supported, not shut out.女性与男性同工同酬,当她成为母亲,她会受到持,而不是被拒之门外。Women represent 46 percent of the total U.S. labor force, and 40 percent of American households have female primary bwinners.妇女占美国总劳动力的46%,女性在40%的美国家庭中是家里的顶梁柱。In 2014, women made 83 cents for every dollar earned by a man.2014年,男性每赚1美元,女性赚83美分。Single women without children earn 94 cents for each dollar earned by a man, whereas married mothers made only 77 cents.没有小孩的单身女性赚94美分,而已婚母亲只能赚77美分。As researchers have noted, gender is no longer the factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy in this country, motherhood is.正如研究人员注意到的,性别不再是产生最大工资差距的因素——母亲身份才是。As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workforce.作为总统,我父亲将修订生效于女性还不是劳动力重要组成部分时期的劳动法。And he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all.他将专注于让所有人都能负担得起并接触到优质的儿托务。201611/480121If the axis-tilt theory had been refuted,倘若“地轴倾斜”理论被观察否定了its defenders would have had nowhere to go.它的持者们就无路可退了No easily implemented change could make that tilt没有什么信手拈来的变动能让地轴的倾斜cause the same seasons in both hemispheres.在两个半球产生相同的季节The search for hard-to-vary explanations is the origin of all progress.对难以修改的解释的探寻是所有进步之源Its the basic regulating principle of the Enlightenment.这是启蒙运动的基本纲领So, in science, two false approaches blight progress.在科学领域,有两种错误阻碍进步One is well known: untestable theories.第一种众所周知:无法验的空头理论But the more important one is explanationless theories.但更重要的却是不带解释的理论Whenever youre told that some existing statistical trend will continue,每当别人告诉你某个统计数据趋势将会延续下去but you arent given a hard-to-vary account of what causes that trend,而又不给你一个难以改动的好解释,告诉你这趋势为什么存在youre being told a wizard did it.他几乎就是在说某个大仙做了个法就成这样了When you are told that carrots have human rights当别人说胡萝卜也是有人权的because they share half our genes --因为我们有一半基因胡萝卜也有but not how gene percentages confer rights -- wizard.却不说明相同基因的比重怎么引出人权--大仙又来了When someone announces that the nature-nurture debate当有人宣布认知论中经久不息的“先天-后天”大辩论has been settled because there is evidence已经解决了,因为有据说明that a given percentage of our political opinions are genetically inherited,某个百分比的政治主张是先天遗传的but they dont explain how genes cause opinions, theyve settled nothing.但他们却不解释基因怎么导致某些意见,它们就什么也没解决。They are saying that our opinions are caused by wizards,他们只是说我们的主张是变来的and presumably so are their own.估计他们自己的也是变来的That the truth consists of hard to vary assertions about reality真理体现在对现实提出的无法轻易改动的论断is the most important fact about the physical world.这是物质世界中最重要的一个事实Its a fact that is, itself, unseen, yet impossible to vary. Thank you.这一事实本身其实也是看不见的,但却不可能被东改西改。谢谢大家。201606/4517006. Be a good sport. 做个有风度的人。 用法透视 这个句子引申自"有运动家风度"。用来劝人要有雅量。 持范例 1. Be a good sport and help me with this problem. 做个有风度的人,来帮我解决这个问题。 2. Come on. Be a good sport. You just lost a race. 算了。做个有风度的人。你不过输了场比赛。 3. You've been a good sport to laugh at the trick we played on you. 你真是个有雅量的人,对我们的恶作剧一笑置之。 会话记忆 A: You are not being a good sport about this. 你在这件事上没有风度。 B: That's because you cheated. 那是因为你作弊。 A: I never cheat. 我从来不作弊。 B: Yes, you do. 有的,你有 /200705/130281 Differences in Culture and CustomsOne You must have been here a long time aly.你肯定在这里等了很久了。 1 Introduction A Being on time is considered good manners. It’s not polite to be late for classes, meetings, or appointments. When we do business with foreigners, make sure not to be late. Foreigners keep punctual time. Punctuality can greatly increase your credibility, too.准时被看作是很有礼貌。上课、开会或者约会迟到是很不礼貌的。当我们和老外做生意时,务必不要迟到。外国人很守时。守时作风也可以大大地提高你的信誉度。B In America, it’s impolite to call someone’s home very early in the morning or very late at night unless there is an emergency. For example, 8 A.M. is considered too early and 10 P.M. is considered too late. Especially on weekends, many people like to stay up late and get up late. So make sure not to disturb people who may be resting or sleeping.在美国,除非有紧急情况,早上很早或者晚上很晚打电话到别人家是很不礼貌的。举例来说,早上八点就被认为是很早,晚上十点就被认为是很晚了。尤其在周末,许多人喜欢晚睡晚起。所以确定不要打扰他人休息或睡觉。 2 Sample Sentences1. She was here a moment ago.她刚才还在这。2. Don’t worry, your father will come back after a while.别担心, 你爸爸一会就回来。3. The rent should be paid in advance.房租要预先付。4. We must hurry up if we want to be there on time.如果想准时到那里的话,我们就必须动作快点。5. I wish I could stay here another month.我真希望我还能在这里再呆一个月。6. I think I can have it done in a couple of hours.我想几个小时之内我就可以做好。7. Do you rent the camera by the hour or by the day?你的照相机出租是按小时算,还是按天数算?8. I was five minutes late for work this morning.今天早上我上班迟到五分钟。9. Your watch is ten minutes ahead of time and you’re still late.你的手表快了十分钟,而你还是迟到了。10. He always leaves work at six on the dot. 他六点钟总是准时下班。 3 Conversations1.A Chinese girl is caught at the subway station by heavy rain. She is supposed to meet her friend, Hans, in the lobby of the Garden Hotel at 11:00 A.M., but she doesn’t have a watch, so she decides to ask a man for the time.Girl: Excuse me, Sir, do you know what time it is?Man: Oh, it’s almost eleven twenty. Girl: Thank you.Man: You’re welcome. The rain is quite heavy, isn’t it?Girl: Yeah. I was in a hurry and I forgot my umbrella today.Man: I have one. We could share it. Which way are you going?Girl: Oh, that’s very kind of you. I am going to the Garden Hotel.Man: I am going there, too. We can walk together.Girl: Sure.Helpful Information: Time and weather is the topic that two strangers often begin a conversation. Usually people begin to know each other by this way. 时间和天气,是两个陌生人之间常开始谈论的话题。人们通常是这样开始互相认识。——对不起,先生,你知道几点了吗?——噢,快十一点二十分了。——谢谢。——没关系。这雨可下得真大,不是吗?——是啊。今天我匆匆忙忙忘了带伞。——我有伞,我们可以共用。你往哪边走?——噢,那太好了。我去花园酒店。——我也去那里。我们可以一起走。——当然。2. In the lobby. Hans: Hi, Cindy. I thought I’d missed you.Girl: Oh, I am very sorry, Hans. Thank you for waiting for me. You must have been here a long time aly. Hans: It’s all right.Girl: I was caught in the heavy rain, or I would have come earlier. I am sorry I kept you waiting.Hans: I was in a comfortable place, so really, it’s no problem. I am happy to see you. Did the rain hold you up1 long?Girl: Yes. When I came out of the subway, it was raining cats and dogs. And I forgot my umbrella. So I had to wait for the rain to let up2.Hans: I totally understand.Helpful Information:Things don’t often happen the way we expect. We may miss a lot of important things in life, but we shouldn’t miss the understanding of one another.很多时候事情都不会按照我们想象的发展。生命中我们可能错过很多重要的东西,但是我们不应该错过相互的理解。——嗨,辛迪。我以为我错过你了。——噢,真对不起,汉斯。谢谢你等我。你一定在这里等了很久了。——没关系。——我赶上下雨了,不然我会早一点到。很抱歉,让你久等了。——我等的地方很舒适,真的,没关系的。我很高兴见到你。你被雨碍了很长时间吗?——是啊。我从地铁站一出来,就下着倾盆大雨。而我忘了带伞。所以我只好等雨小一点。——我完全理解。3. Gary and Evelyn are boyfriend and girlfriend. They’re going to see a movie together on campus. They’re supposed to meet in front of the theater at five to seven, five minutes before the movie starts. And now it’s seven o’clock and Gary still hasn’t appeared. She decides to look for him at his apartment. (Evelyn is knocking the door.)Gary: Come in, come in!Evelyn: Hi, Gary, what happened? I was waiting for you at the theater. Why didn’t you meet me there?Gary: I thought we were supposed to meet HERE.Evelyn: Don’t you know our movie starts at seven? And we were going to meet at the theater at five to seven. Then it doesn’t make sense3 to meet at the apartment.Gary: I’m sorry. We must have misunderstood each other.Evelyn: Why don’t you try to be clearer about your intentions4?Gary: You’re right. I am sorry. Let’s go and watch the movie.Evelyn: It’s okay. I don’t want to go now. We’ve aly missed ten minutes of the movie. I don’t want to see a movie without watching the beginning.——进来,进来!——嗨,加里,发生了什么事?我在电影院等你。你为什么没去那里和我碰面呢?——我原以为我们说好了在这里见面。——你难道不知道我们的电影七点开始吗?而且我们又打算七点差五分在电影院见面。那在公寓见面就没有道理了嘛。——对不起。我们肯定是相互误解了。——你的意图为什么就不想清楚一点呢?——你说得对。对不起。我们去看电影吧。——没关系。现在我不想走了。我们都已经错过十分钟的电影了。我不想看电影不看开头。4. Sorry I’m late.A high-school student from Brazil is visiting several American universities5 with her parents. They are waiting to see the dean of a small college in Maine.Father: I see youve brought something to occupy your time while we wait. Good. We may be here a long time.Isabel: Yes, Papa. I brought the catalog6 for the next college were going to visit--the one in New Hampshire.Mother: Maybe we wont have to wait long. Weve only been here fifteen minutes.Isabel: Im not used to the way they treat time here. They wouldnt see me at that place in Massachusetts yesterday. I missed the appointment because I was forty-five minutes late. Thats no time at all back in Brazil.Father: It’s just that North Americans pay more attention to exact times. Theyre very punctual7 people.Mother: I think that if youre more than thirty minutes late, you have to apologize and explain what delayed you.Father: Our appointment with this dean is for three-fifteen. My watch says three-thirty. Im sure we’re not late.(The dean comes out of his office.)Dean: Isabel? Come in. Sorry I kept you waiting. Were running a little behind schedule8 today.——我知道你带了一些东西过来,在我们等的时候来打发你的时间。这样好。我们可能要在这里呆很长时间。——是啊,爸爸。我把我们将要去的下一个学院的目录表带来了-在新罕布什尔的那个。——也许我们不要等很久。我们到这里才十五分钟。——我不习惯他们这里这样对待时间。昨天在马萨诸塞州那个地方他们就不会见我。就因为我迟了四十五分钟,我连面试都错过了。在巴西,这点时间根本就不算什么。——美国北方人就是更注重时间的准确性。他们很守时。——我想如果你迟到超过三十分钟,你就得道歉并且解释是什么延误了你。——我们和这位系主任的约面时间是三点十五分。我的手表是三点半。我想我们没迟到。(系主任从他的办公室出来。)——伊莎贝尔?请进。对不起让你久等了。今天我们比预计时间晚了一点。 4 Words and Expression1. hold up 阻碍,拦截2. let up 减少,暂停,减缓3. make sense 使人懂,合理4. intention 意图,意向,目的 5. university 大寝室,团体寝室6. catalog 目录;目录册,目录簿7. punctual 严守时刻的;准时的8. behind schedule 落后于预计时间 /200603/5407

As a conceptual artist,作为一位概念派艺术家,Im constantly looking for creative ways to spark challenging conversations.我经常寻求创新的方式,通过绘画、雕塑、视频和表演I do this through painting, sculpture, and performance.去启发大家思考,一些有挑战性的话题。But regardless of the format, two of my favorite materials are history and dialogue.但是抛开形式不谈,我最喜欢的材料是历史和对话。In 2007, I created ;Lotus,; a seven-and-a-half-foot diameter,在2007年,我创造了“莲花”,一个直径约2.3米600-pound glass depiction of a lotus blossom.重达600磅的莲花花瓣玻璃刻绘作品。In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol for transcendence and for purity of mind and spirit.在佛教中,莲花是超然的象征,是纯净的意念和精神的象征。But a closer look at this lotus reveals each petal to be the cross-section of a slave ship.但是仔细看这个莲花,每一个花瓣都是贩卖奴隶的船只的横截面。This iconic diagram was taken from a British slaving manual我所临摹的图像来自于英国的奴役手册,and later used by abolitionists to show the atrocities of slavery.它后来被废奴主义者用来展示奴隶制的残忍。In America, we dont like to talk about slavery, nor do we look at it as a global industry.在美国我们不愿意讨论奴隶制,我们也不把奴隶制当成全球的产业。But by using this Buddhist symbol,用这个佛学象征I hope to universalize and transcend the history and trauma of black America我希望可以让大家意识到非裔美国人的历史,治愈他们的的创伤,and encourage discussions about our shared past.并且鼓励有关我们共同的过去的讨论。To create ;Lotus,; we carved over 6,000 figures.为了创作“莲花”,我们雕刻了6000多个人物。And this later led to a commission by the City of New York之后美国纽约议会to create a 28-foot version in steel as a permanent installation at the Eagle Academy for Young Men,在青年鹰学院制造了一个直径8.5米的钢铁版本。a school for black and latino students, the two groups most affected by this history.青年鹰学院是一所为非裔和拉丁裔学生务的学校。这两类人是受历史影响最大的,The same two groups are very affected by a more recent phenomenon, but let me digress.同样是他们,近来又到了巨大的影响。我后面会继续讲这个话题。Ive been collecting wooden African figures from tourist shops and flea markets around the world.我一直在全球的纪念品商店和跳蚤市场收集木质非洲人物雕塑。The authenticity and origin of them is completely debatable,他们的来源和真实性是很值得怀疑的,but people believe these to be imbued with power, or even magic.但是人们相信雕塑里蕴含能量,甚至魔法。Only recently have I figured out how to use this in my own work.直到最近我才找到它们用在我的作品中的办法。201607/454333

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