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仙桃男科医院哪家好武汉切包皮长包茎的手术的费用1.do one thing at a time, and do well. 一次只做一件事,做到最好!通城县人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 1. Sell stuff on eBay.Clothes, exercise gear, books, housewares — anything you've got lying around that's in decent shape can be put up for sale on eBay or another Internet auction site such as craigslist.org. Post decent digital photos of your items so browsers can really see what you're pawning off; credibility is key to making a sale. Also, ask that the buyer pay the shipping charges, not you.在易趣(淘宝)上开店,可以卖衣,运动器械,书,和家用器械之类的。 /201003/97588She#39;s considered one of the best actresses of our generation, and now Kate Winslet has something else to show for it.凯特·温丝莱特(Kate Winslet)是最出色的当代女演员之一,如今她除此之外又多了另一个新头衔:爵士。The Oscar-winning actress, 37, was given the prestigious CBE honor for services to drama by Queen Elizabeth II herself during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London today, Nov. 21. CBE standing for Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire -- pretty snazzy, huh?由于在戏剧表演领域的杰出贡献,这位37岁的奥斯卡影后于当地时间11月21日在白金汉宫接受了英女王伊丽莎白二世的嘉奖。她获得的CBE勋章属于“大英帝国最优秀勋章”(The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire,简称“大英帝国勋章”或“不列颠帝国勋章”是英国授勋及嘉奖制度中的一种。译者注)——这个新头衔真华丽,不是吗?;The sense of gravity is enormous and you very much feel you are being acknowledged by the whole country in a way,; Winslet said on receiving her honor.“这有种沉甸甸的庄严感,而且感觉好像是你在某种程度上被整个国家认可了,”凯特接受嘉奖后表示。Looking sharp in a fitted black skirt suit and sporting a black-and-white feathered hair-piece by Natalie Ellner for Ellsewhere, Winslet chatted with the Queen after accepting her medal.凯特一袭裁剪合身的优雅黑裙出席于白金汉宫举行的授勋仪式,黑白羽毛头饰抢眼而不失典雅。;It was such an honor to meet the Queen, it was my first time,; Winslet said, adding, ;She told me that she was delighted to be presenting me with my award and then asked whether I liked my job. I told her that I loved it but I love being a mom even more.;“能见到女王很荣幸,这是我第一次被女王接见。”在被问及仪式后与女王闲聊的内容时,凯特说,“她告诉我她非常高兴能够亲手把勋章交给我,还问我是否爱我的工作。我回答她当然爱,但比起演员我更喜欢我的另一个身份:母亲。”;The Queen said ‘Yes, that’s the only job which matters.’ What a genuinely lovely thing to say!; the actress continued. ;And I couldn’t agree with her more.;“女王说‘噢,当然,那可是人生中唯一重要的工作。’这真是太诚恳也太正确了,我非常同意。”她补充道。Winslet#39;s two children Mia, 12, and Joe, 8, were on hand to support their mom during her memorable ceremony.凯特的两个孩子——12岁的米娅(Mia)和8岁的乔(Joe)也都在场持母亲接受这一特殊的荣誉。 /201211/210678咸宁市第一人民医院看男科怎么样

仙桃治疗前列腺疾病多少钱A rare and unusually public legal battle between two of China#39;s most prominent property developers is raising eyebrows in the industry, as well as questions about the solidity of legal agreements there. 两家中国知名房地产开发商之间展开了一场罕见而极其公开的法律战,此事不仅令业内人士吃惊不已,也令外界对房地产业法律协议的可靠性产生了质疑。 It also illustrates the desire of big property developers to pick up choice properties from smaller rivals weakened by Beijing#39;s more than two-year campaign to tame real-estate prices.此事还表明,大型房地产开发商迫切希望从较小的竞争对手手中攫取优质房地产。中国政府推出已逾两年的抑制房价措施削弱了较小开发商的实力。 A Shanghai court is expected to begin hearing arguments this week in a suit filed in May by Shanghai-based Fosun International Ltd. against Beijing rival Soho China Ltd. Fosun is seeking to claim back its right to acquire a piece of land near Shanghai#39;s prestigious Bund area.预计上海一家法院本周将开庭审理这起复星国际有限公司(Fosun International Ltd.)今年5月对SOHO中国有限公司(Soho China Ltd.)提起的诉讼案。复星国际力争夺回收购上海外滩附近一个地块的权利。 Fosun owns half the commercial land, but the other half was sold last year to Soho by units of Fosun#39;s former partners there. Fosun claims the other half should have been offered to it first. Soho says the suit is meritless.复星国际持有这块商业用地的一半,另一半则被复星国际在上海的前合作伙伴的旗下公司于去年卖给了SOHO中国。复星国际声称,另一半本应优先卖给自己。而SOHO中国则说这一诉讼案毫无法律依据。 Other property players in the city are paying attention. #39;It#39;s unfortunate that they#39;ve gone to court,#39; said Vincent Lo, chairman of Shanghai-based developer Shui On Land. #39;But if you look at this from a positive angle, it shows that Chinese companies are trying to settle their disagreements through proper legal procedures.#39;上海其他房地产开发商都在密切关注此案。上海开发商瑞安房地产有限公司(Shui On Land)主席罗康瑞说,很遗憾他们选择了对簿公堂,但如果从积极的角度看,此案显示出中国公司开始努力通过正当法律程序解决分歧。 Indeed, legal experts say the suit could forge new ground in an industry where legal agreements often are short and lack specifics. Local Chinese parties generally prefer less detail in their contractual arrangements, said David Blumenfeld, a Shanghai-based partner at law firm Paul Hastings. The goal is to provide guidelines through which the parties can work out later disputes quietly over the negotiating table, avoiding China#39;s often slow and cumbersome courts.实际上,法律专家说,此案可能为房地产业奠定新的基础。在中国的房地产业,法律协议常常篇幅很短,并且不够详细明确。普衡律师事务所(Paul Hastings)驻上海合伙人布卢门菲尔德(David Blumenfeld)说,中国当事方常常不愿在合约性协议中做出详细规定。这样做的目的在于提供一些指导原则,让当事方在今后发生纠纷时能够通过谈判私下里进行解决,避免在中国走常常缓慢、繁琐的法庭程序。 #39;The question on people#39;s minds was, how could this happen?#39; said one real-estate consultant in Shanghai. #39;They have to make sure their contracts are airtight.#39;上海的一位房地产顾问说,人们心中的疑问是:怎么会发生这样的事?他们必须得确保合同滴水不漏。 The site in dispute, which covers 45,472 square meters (about 489,000 square feet), is located south of the Bund area along the Huangpu River, which cuts through the heart of mainland China#39;s financial capital.争议地块面积45,472平方米,位于外滩南部黄浦江沿岸地区。黄浦江是一条横贯中国内地金融中心上海的河流。 The winner could have an impact on the Bund#39;s skyline. The planned building for the site will contain offices and some retail. Fosun, which calls the project the Bund International Financial Center, said it would be a landmark in Shanghai. Currently, work on the foundation of the north portion of the project is continuing, with the expected date of completion at end June 2014, according to signs at the construction site.胜诉的一方可能对外滩的天际线产生重要影响。该地块上计划修建的建筑物将包括写字楼和一些零售店。复星国际将该项目称为“外滩国际金融中心”。该公司说,它将成为上海的一个地标。目前,该项目北部分的地基施工仍在继续。据工地上的牌子显示,项目预计于2014年6月底完工。 Fosun and Soho declined to provide details on their plans for the building, given the lawsuit.鉴于双方处于诉讼期间,复星国际和SOHO中国拒绝就计划如何打造这一建筑群的问题提供有关细节。 Developer Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd. originally paid 9.22 billion yuan (.44 billion) to purchase the site in February 2010, as the property market still was climbing. The company sought an exit as credit dried up and the housing market soured. In November 2011, it sold half the property to Fosun and another 10% stake to developer Greentown China Holdings Ltd. 这幅地块最初是由开发商上海大房地产有限公司(Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd., 简称:上海大)于2010年2月斥资人民币92.2亿元(约合14.4亿美元)买下的,当时楼市还处于上升期。随着信贷紧缩和住房市场行情恶化,上海大希望将这幅地块转手。2011年11月,上海大将其中一半地块出售给复星国际,并将另外10%的权益出售给开发商绿城中国控股有限公司(Greentown China Holdings Ltd., 简称:绿城中国)。 In December, Greentown and Zendai agreed to sell their combined 50% stake in the land to Soho for 4 billion yuan. Fosun fired back the following day, saying it was surprised by the deal, and that it had the right to buy the remaining stake.去年12月,绿城中国和上海大同意将双方共同拥有的这幅地块50%的权益作价人民币40亿元出售给SOHO中国。复星国际在第二天就做出回应,称这宗交易令其感到意外,还说它有权优先购买剩下这一半的权益。 Fosun#39;s suit also names Greentown and Zendai. The two companies declined to comment.复星国际提起的诉讼还提到了绿城中国和上海大的名字。这两家公司均不予置评。 The disputed transaction is one of a number by stronger players looking for opportunities in the downturn in China#39;s property market. A number of Chinese developers took on too many projects during the market#39;s boom years.在中国房地产市场,因为实力更强的开发商在市中心寻找商机而引发的争议很多,上述存在争议的交易只是其中一宗。在楼市繁荣时期,一批中国开发商拿了太多项目。 Shanghai recorded more than 11.7 billion yuan worth of what are known as en-bloc commercial real-estate transactions in the second quarter, up from 4.3 billion yuan in the first quarter and 8.7 billion yuan in the same period a year earlier, according to property consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle, despite sluggish activity in other parts of the Shanghai real-estate market. Such transaction involving existing buildings but excluding land and residential transactions primarily include properties that developers and investors sell to one another.房地产咨询公司仲量联行(Jones Lang LaSalle)的数据显示,今年二季度,尽管上海房地产市场其它类型交易低迷,但上海商业房地产整体交易规模超过人民币117亿元,高于今年一季度43亿元的规模,也高于去年同期87亿元的水平。此类交易(涉及现有楼宇但不包括土地和住宅交易)主要包括开发商和投资者之间出售的房产。 #39;Owner-occupiers were especially active pursuing upcoming office projects in Pudong,#39; said Alan Li, head of investment for Jones Lang LaSalle Shanghai, referring to Shanghai#39;s bustling Pudong district. Mr. Li said he expects that volumes will accelerate should debt financing become more widely available or less costly.仲量联行上海投资部总监李凌说,浦东即将推出的写字楼项目尤其受到自住业主的追捧,这里他指的是上海繁华的浦东新区。李凌说,如果债务融资变得更加普及或成本变得低,预计交易量将加速上升。 As for the Bund International Financial Center, Fosun said that there is a possibility the company would move its headquarters to the new building from its current one less than one kilometer away. Owners of such buildings usually want to attract Fortune-500-type tenants.至于外滩国际金融中心,复星国际说公司可能会将总部迁到新的建筑中来。复星国际当前的总部与这幅地块相距不足一公里。此类项目的所有者一般都希望吸引到《财富》(Fortune)500强企业的租客。 By contrast, Soho#39;s main customers are small and medium-size Chinese businesses, including coal-mine owners. Soho#39;s usual business model is to sell its office units on a piecemeal basis to small and midsize businesses, which would run counter to Fosun#39;s plans for a swanky new building, said people familiar with Fosun.相比之下,SOHO中国的主要客户群体是中小型中资企业,比如矿业企业。SOHO中国通常的业务模式是以零敲碎打的方式把办公面积出售给中小型企业。据接近复星国际的人士称,复星国际要建的是时髦奢华的大楼,跟SOHO中国的定位相悖。 /201208/193274武汉华夏男子切包皮预约 武汉华夏男子治好前列腺炎的花多少前

武汉前列腺切除了什么后果According to the UPI on February 14, around 100 youngsters brought together by Twitter feeds and Facebook postings gathered in downtown San Jose, California on Sunday - for a pillow fight. Wearing tutus, gorilla suits and pajamas, they came by car, bike and train to fight with pillows, filling the air with feathers.据美国合众国际社14日报道,当地时间13日,约100名通过微“推特”和社交网站“脸谱”召集在一起的年轻人聚集在美国加利福尼亚州圣何塞市,举行了一场枕头大战。他们身着芭蕾舞裙、大猩猩套装甚至是睡衣,乘坐火车、汽车以及自行车,赶到圣何塞市的凯撒#8226;查韦斯广场,然后拿起枕头互相击打,枕头的羽毛在广场上到处飞扬。 武汉包皮手术哪个医院比较好?广州军区武汉总医院治疗龟头炎多少钱



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