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PARIS — Bee arriving in the French capital, Wu Shuyun, a 56-year-old Chinese housewife, imagined Paris to be like a pristine film set a romantic love story, picturing herself as a glamorous princess surrounded by elegant Parisians, decked out, perhaps, in Chanel.巴黎——抵达法国首都前,现年56岁的中国主妇吴素云(音译)曾把巴黎想象成一个崭新的电影片场,用来拍摄一个浪漫的爱情故事,而她本人则是一个迷人的公主,周围环绕着优雅的,他们身上穿的或许是香奈儿(Chanel)Instead, Ms. Wu from Kunming in southwest China, said she was shocked by the cigarette butts and dog manure, the rude insouciance of the locals and the gratuitous public displays of affection. Though friends had warned her about thieves targeting Chinese people, she said she was nevertheless surprised when a member of her tour group was mugged on a packed Metro car, as other riders watched.然而,来自中国西南部城市昆明的吴素云在这里看到的却是烟屁股、大便、当地人令人不快的冷漠以及个人情感在公共场合的无端外露,她说这一切让她感到震惊乘坐拥挤的地铁时,她所在旅行团的一位团员在众目睽睽之下遭到了抢劫,她说尽管有朋友提醒过她要当心专对中国人的扒手,她当时还是大吃一惊; the Chinese, France has always been romantic, mysterious and desirable. We have been told that ‘God lives in France, ; she said recently after a two-week tour that included stops at the Eiffel Tower and Galeries Lafayette, an imposing, upscale department store with stained-glass domes where tour buses stop hourly to deposit tourists marathon shopping sessions. ;Once I realized that the Parisians were indifferent, I made the decision: Try to make the most of this trip, but never come back to Paris again.;“对我们这些中国人而言,法国一直是一个浪漫、神秘、令人向往的国度我们听说‘法国人过着神仙般的日子但在认识到的冷漠之后,我立刻做了一个决定:要好好享受这次旅程,但我再也不会来巴黎了”吴素云不久前说这话时,已经结束了为期两个礼拜的巴黎之旅这趟旅程的停靠站包含了埃菲尔铁塔和老佛爷百货商场(Galeries Lafayette)——后者是一家宏伟的高档百货商场,有着色玻璃穹顶,旅行团的巴士常常在此停留,让游客们进行马拉松式的购物血拼A growing number of Chinese tourists in Paris — armed with wads of cash, typically unable to speak French and still somewhat na?ve about the ways of the West after decades of China relative isolation — are falling victim to their unrealistic expectations of the city, while also being victimized by brazen thieves who target them because they are easily identifiable as Asian, Chinese tourism industry officials here say.巴黎的中国游客总是揣着大把的现金,通常不会说法语,并在某种程度上对西方世界抱有天真的想象——毕竟中国曾长期处在相对孤立的状态中国驻巴黎的旅游业官员称,越来越多的中国游客因为对这座城市怀有不切实际的期待而产生受骗上当之感;与此同时,他们还成了无良盗贼的俎上鱼肉,这些盗贼专挑他们下手,因为很容易就能看出他们是亚洲人Alarm that Chinese tourists are at risk from bandits is so acute that the Chinese government recently considered sending police officers to Paris to help protect them. Paris tourism officials said the proposal was shelved amid concerns over how they would operate.中国游客所面临的遭遇抢匪的风险令人极度焦虑,以致于中国政府最近曾考虑派警察到巴黎保护他们巴黎旅游业官员称,由于中国警察将如何执行任务的问题引发了各种担忧,这一提议被暂时搁置了The French capital — celebrated its beauty, culture and savoir faire — still retains huge allure, making it the No. 1 destination in Europe China burgeoning middle class and growing legion of millionaires, according to the European Federation of Chinese Tourism. Nearly one million Chinese tourists came to Paris last year, according to the Paris Tourism Office, spending more than one billion euros on everything from Cartier watches to meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and outspending both Japanese and Americans on shopping. Now, however, Paris glittering image in China is losing its luster amid reports of robberies of Chinese tourists, according to Chinese newspapers and social media.欧洲华人旅游业联合总会(European Federation of Chinese Tourism,简称EFCT)称,因为美景、文化和得体举止而闻名遐迩的法国首都仍然具有巨大的吸引力,让它成为中国新兴的中产阶层以及日益扩大的富豪群体在欧洲的首选旅游目的地巴黎旅游局(Paris Tourism Office)的数据显示:去年,共有近0万名中国游客到访巴黎他们购买卡利亚(Cartier)腕表,在米其林星级餐厅里吃大餐,总消费额突破了亿欧元此外,他们的购物总出比日本人和美国人还要高但中国报纸和社交媒体称,眼下中国游客遭抢劫的新闻报道,让中国人心目中熠熠生辉的巴黎黯然失色A group of 75 French luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès, warned last year that high-spending Chinese tourists fearful their safety could choose to go to Italy or Britain instead. Concerns about the consequences the country vaunted tourism industry have intensified as the French economy has stagnated.一个由路易威登(Louis Vuitton)、香奈儿、爱马仕(Hermès)等75个法国奢侈品牌组成的团体去年警告称:由于担心人身安全得不到保障,那些出手阔绰的中国游客有可能选择去意大利或者英国,而非法国在法国经济停滞不前之际,人们越来越担心这会给该国引以为傲的旅游产业带来负面影响According to the Paris-based European Federation of Chinese Tourism, which represents 30 travel agencies catering to Chinese tourists, the number of group tours coming to the French capital has fallen percent so far this year compared with . The Paris Tourism Office said that a 1 percent jump in the number of Chinese tourists last year had nearly halved in .总部位于巴黎的欧洲华人旅游业联合总会(European Federation of Chinese Tourism)由30家务中国游客的旅行社组成,该协会提供的数据显示:今年到目前为止,以巴黎为目的地的团体游数量较年同期减少了%巴黎旅游局称,中国游客的数量去年增长了1%;今年的增长率已经下降了近一半Chinese nerves were aly frayed after a group of 3 Chinese on a tour of Europe were attacked in March of last year in the gritty northern suburbs of Paris just hours after they landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The group leader was injured, and the thieves fled with 7,500 euros — about ,600 — passports and plane tickets.去年3月的一起案件已经令中国人神经紧绷,一个由3组成的欧洲旅游团在戴高乐机场(Charles de Gaulle Airport)落地几个小时后,就在混乱的巴黎北部郊区遭到袭击旅行团负责人受伤,劫匪抢走了7500欧元(约合5.9万元人民币)、护照和飞机票After six Chinese students studying winemaking were mugged in Bordeaux three months later, Beijing demanded that the French government take action.三个月后,六名学习酿酒的中国学生在波尔多遭到抢劫,北京方面要求法国政府采取行动Pierre Shi, secretary general of the European Federation of Chinese Tourism, said Chinese visitors were being preyed upon because they were known to carry large amounts of cash to avoid paying multiple currency exchange fees. Bargain-seeking Chinese tour operators were also booking hotels in Paris northern suburbs.EFCT秘书长石恒余(Pierre Shi)表示,中国游客成为抢劫目标是因为众所周知,他们喜欢携带大量现金,以避免付多重货币兑换费贪便宜的中国旅行社预定的都是巴黎北部郊区的宾馆;Chinese tourists are attracted to Paris by the glamour, by the desire to buy designer brands, by an image of France as a country of philosophers and revolution,; said Mr. Shi, who runs his own travel agency, ID Travel Pro. ;But now, they are afraid to come. Bee, they wouldnt think twice.;“吸引中国游客来巴黎的是它的魅力、设计师品牌,以及那种以哲学家和革命著称的国家形象,”石恒余说“但他们现在不敢来巴黎以前是想都不想就来了”石恒余开了一家名为ID Travel Pro的旅行社Psychologists warned that Chinese tourists shaken by thieves and dashed expectations were at risk Paris Syndrome, a condition in which eigners suffer depression, anxiety, feelings of persecution and even hallucinations when their rosy images of Champagne, majestic architecture and Monet are upended by the stresses of a city whose natives are also known being among the unhappiest people on the planet.心理学家警告称,在盗贼和失望情绪的打击下,中国游客可能会患上巴黎综合症(Paris Syndrome),当外国人对香槟、宏伟建筑及莫奈(Monet)的美好想象因这座城市的压力感而破灭时——被认为是世界上最不幸福的人之一——他们会感到沮丧、焦虑,出现抑郁、焦虑、被害妄想,甚至是幻觉The expression was first coined 30 years ago by a Paris-based Japanese psychiatrist, Hiroaki Ota, after several Japanese visitors to Paris fell ill when their culture of politeness and reserve rubbed up against Gallic haughtiness.30年前,居住在巴黎的日本心理学家太田昭(Hiroaki Ota)首次提出了这个说法,当时几名到访巴黎的日本游客因为其礼貌、拘谨的文化与法国人的傲慢发生碰撞而患病Dr. Ota said in an interview in his office that because China had been closed off to the West so long, some Chinese travelers could be at risk culture shock and depression when faced with the harsher realities of a city they had over-idealized. But he noted that the Chinese were less susceptible to Paris Syndrome than the Japanese, since they were tified by a directness and an outsize sense of self that was similar to the French.太田昭士在办公室接受采访时表示,由于中国对西方闭关锁国多年,一些中国游客在面对这个被他们过度美化的城市的残酷现状时会产生文化冲击和沮丧感但他指出,与日本人相比,中国人不易患巴黎综合症,因为他们像法国人一样直接、自大,内心强大;Whereas Japanese are reserved, polite and mal, the Chinese have a strong sense of national pride like the French, and they are not shy,; he said.“日本人是含蓄、礼貌、拘谨的,中国人则像法国人一样有强烈的民族自豪感,而且他们不会害羞,”他说Thomas Deschamps, the head of research at the Paris Tourism Office, said culture shock was particularly prevalent among travelers from Asia, who sometimes wrongly perceived the French capital as a museum.在巴黎旅游局负责研究工作的托马斯·德尚(Thomas Deschamps)说,亚洲游客有时候会误以为法国首都是一座物馆,他们尤为可能遭受文化上的冲击;They watch movies like ‘Amélie Poulain; they think all Parisians carry Louis Vuitton purses and smell like Dior,; he said. ;They dont know about the working-class suburbs, the overworked waiters, the grittier parts of the city. Paris is not a museum. People are busy, they are stressed, they are living their lives.;“他们看的是《天使爱美丽之类的电影;他们以为每个法国人手上都拿着路易威登包,身上都散发着迪奥(Dior)香水的味道,”他说,“他们不了解住在郊区的工薪阶层和劳累过度的侍应生,不了解这个城市不那么光鲜的一面巴黎不是一座物馆人们忙忙碌碌,顶着压力,过着自己的生活”To help protect and reassure Chinese tourists, Mr. Deschamps said, the city has beefed up security at popular sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, while instituting warnings in Mandarin to be vigilant against pickpockets on the Paris Metro.德尚说,为了帮助保护中国游客、打消他们心头的顾虑,这座城市已经在艾菲尔铁塔、卢浮宫( Louvre)等广受欢迎的景点加强了安保措施,并在巴黎地铁上用普通话警告乘客小心扒手The Paris police have also introduced complaint ms in Chinese.巴黎警方还推出了中文的投诉表格Meanwhile, the tourism industry has redoubled its efts to be more culturally sensitive. An online guide hotels and businesses produced by the Chamber of Commerce Tourism in Paris notes that visiting Chinese, a ;simple smile and hello in their language will plainly please them.;与此同时,旅游界正加倍努力地提升自己的文化敏感度巴黎旅游业商会(Chamber of Commerce Tourism in Paris)为酒店和商家制作了一份在线指南,那上边说:接待中国游客时,“奉上一个简单的微笑,再用他们的语言跟他们简单地打声招呼,就可以很明显地让他们高兴起来”While thieves and Gallic aloofness could be a hazard, some Chinese in Paris said they deserved some of the blame the French reactions they sometimes provoked.巴黎的一些华人表示,中国游客可能会因扒手以及法国人的冷漠而受到伤害,但他们也要对法国人的反应负一定的责任,有时候,那些反应正是他们自己挑起来的;The Chinese are used to spitting. We are used to snapping our fingers to get attention, or even yelling,; said Mr. Shi, the Chinese travel agency federation chief. ;But if you do that with a French waiter, they will ignore you even more.;“中国人习惯于随地吐痰我们还习惯于通过打响指或者大喊大叫来引起注意,”石恒余说,“但你要是对着法国侍应生做这样的事情,他们只会更加忽视你” 6651When the Oscar nominations were announced last month, revealing that not one black actor was in the running, the resulting furor touched on the permances that critics said should have been considered: What about Idris Elba in “Beasts of No Nation”? Michael B. Jordan in “Creed”? Will Smith in “Concussion,” or one of the stars of “Straight Outta Compton”?上个月,奥斯卡提名公布,没有一位黑人演员获得提名,引发强烈抗议,人们纷纷谈论影评家们认为应该予以考虑的演员:比如《无境之兽(Beasts of No Nation)中的伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴(Idris Elba);《奎迪(Creed)中的迈克尔·B·乔丹(Michael B. Jordan);《震荡效应(Concussion)中的威尔·史密斯(Will Smith);又或者《冲出康普顿(Straight Outta Compton)中的其中一位明星The uproar over #OscarsSoWhite made me curious. What does the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences value in black permance? Black artists have been nominated best actress or actor on 30 occasions, work spanning films. Over the last few weeks, I watched all of them.#OscarsSoWhite抗议活动的喧闹让我很好奇:美国电影艺术和科学学会(Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)是如何评价黑人演员的表演的呢?黑人艺术家凭借部影片在30个奖项中获得最佳女演员或男演员提名在过去几周里,我观看了所有这些影片These are movies with a lot in common, not least that most were written and directed by white men. Only three were written and directed by black men. None were directed by women. Perhaps these numbers aren’t surprising, given the well-known demographics of the film industry. Other numbers are more eye-opening.这些影片有很多共通之处,相当重要的一点是,这些电影的编剧和导演大多是白人只有3部的编剧和导演是黑人没有一部是女性导演的这些数字可能并不令人意外,因为大家都清楚电影业的人口构成其他一些发现更令人吃惊Consider: In the history of the Oscars, black women have been nominated best actress, and nine of them played characters who are homeless or might soon become so. (The exception is Viola Davis, the drama “The Help.”)那就是:在奥斯卡历史上,有名黑人女性获得最佳女演员提名,其中9名饰演的是无家可归或很快就要无家可归的角色(唯一的例外是维奥拉·戴维斯[Viola Davis]在年影片《相助[The Help]中饰演的角色)The first was Dorothy Dandridge, “Carmen Jones” (195). That musical drama, like the opera from which it derives, is mostly known as the story of a sexually rapacious young woman and her obsessive, ultimately murderous lover. But it’s also the story of a wily, prideful human running out of places to go. Late in the film, Carmen and her fugitive boyfriend hide out in a seedy Chicago apartment. There’s no money rent, and soon they’ll be evicted. Carmen, who’s spent the movie working hard to seem carefree and fierce, tries her best to summon that look again as she sets out to scare up food and rent money.第一位是多萝西·丹德里奇(Dorothy Dandridge),她出演的影片是《胭脂虎新传(Carmen Jones, 195)这部音乐片改编自歌剧,它主要讲述的是一名在性方面很贪婪的年轻女子和痴迷并最终杀害她的情人之间的故事但它讲述的也是一个狡猾骄傲、无处可去之人的故事在影片末尾,卡门和她逃亡的男友藏在芝加哥一个破旧的公寓里他们没钱交房租,很快将被赶走在整部影片中,卡门都努力显得无忧无虑而热情,她出去张罗食物和房租时,也努力再次露出那副神情Nearly every black best-actress nominee has faced a similar plight, right up through “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (), in which Quvenzhané Wallis played a little girl about to lose her home to a flood. No black woman has ever received a best-actress nomination portraying an executive or even a character with a college degree. (Though Gabourey Sidibe’s character in “Precious,” from , seems likely to get one eventually.)几乎每位获得最佳女演员提名的黑人女演员在片中都处于类似的窘况,一直到年的《南国野兽(Beasts of the Southern Wild),奎文赞妮·瓦利斯(Quvenzhané Wallis)在片中饰演一个即将因洪水失去家园的小女孩从没有一位黑人女性因饰演高管或者哪怕是拥有大学学位的角色而获得最佳女演员提名(虽然加布蕾·丝迪贝[Gabourey Sidibe]在年影片《珍爱[Precious]中饰演的角色似乎很可能最终获得学位)All permances which black women have received best-actress nominations involve poor or lower-income characters, and half of those are penniless mothers. Two of the portrayals — Diana Ross’s incarnation of Billie Holiday in “Lady Sings the Blues” (197) and Angela Bassett’s depiction of Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It” (1993) — are of singers who enjoy a measure of wealth at some point. But Holiday begins broke, and viewers know she’ll end up that way, while Tina Turner doesn’t have money of her own until the film’s last five minutes. The remaining characters are maids, sharecroppers, criminal-drifter types, impoverished housewives and destitute girls.获得最佳女演员提名的位黑人女演员所饰演的都是贫穷或低收入的角色,其中有一半是身无分文的母亲有两位饰演的是一度拥有巨额财富的歌手——黛安娜·罗斯(Diana Ross)在《难补情天恨(Lady Sings the Blues, 197)中饰演的比莉·哈乐黛(Billie Holiday);以及安吉拉·贝塞特(Angela Bassett)在《与爱何干(What’s Love Got to Do With It,1993)中饰演的蒂娜·特纳(Tina Turner)但是,哈乐黛一开始一文不名,观众知道她最终也会破产,而蒂娜·特纳直到影片最后五分钟才有了自己的钱其他角色是女仆、佃农、罪犯游民,以及贫穷的家庭主妇和女孩A few more commonalities to note: Seven of the best-actress nominees played characters with absent or incarcerated husbands, boyfriends, or fathers. And six of the characters suffer physical abuse, with five of them being raped.还有其他一些共同之处:这个角色中有7个没有丈夫、男友或父亲(或者在狱中)其中6个曾遭受暴力虐待,有5个曾遭强奸The academy has tended to honor black men different sorts of roles, and it has honored them more often. Black men have been up best actor times, with four nominations going to Denzel Washington, three to Morgan Freeman, and two each to Sidney Poitier and Mr. Smith.奥斯卡似乎更青睐黑人男演员饰演的各种角色,而且更经常给予他们荣誉黑人男演员共获得次最佳男演员提名,其中,丹泽尔·华盛顿(Denzel Washington)曾次获得提名,根·弗里曼(Morgan Freeman)3次获得提名,西德尼·波蒂埃(Sidney Poitier)和威尔·史密斯各获次提名Thirteen of the recognized permances involve being arrested or incarcerated. Picture Chiwetel Ejio as the newly kidnapped Solomon Northup in “ Years a Slave” or Mr. Washington behind bars as Malcolm Little, soon to change his name to Malcolm X. (His other nominated characters all face arrest, even his corrupt detective Alonzo Harris, bee he flees in the last few minutes of “Training Day.”) Picture the police bursting through the bedroom doors of Jamie Foxx’s Ray Charles in “Ray” () or James Earl Jones’s Jack Jefferson in “The Great White Hope” (1970). Most of the films deliver these men into bondage with the best of intentions — so we may identify with them, and hate the injustices done them. Nevertheless, the images seem endlessly — and sadistically — repeated.获得提名的角色中有个曾被捕或遭到监禁比如,切瓦特·埃加福特(Chiwetel Ejio)在《为奴十二载( Years a Slave)中饰演刚被绑架的所罗门·诺瑟普(Solomon Northup);丹泽尔·华盛顿饰演的马尔科姆·利特尔(Malcolm Little)被关进监狱,很快把自己的名字改为马尔科姆·X(Malcolm X)(他获得提名的其他角色都曾被捕,甚至连他在《训练日中饰演的堕落警探阿朗佐·哈里斯[Alonzo Harris]在最后几分钟逃脱之前也曾被捕)还有,警察冲开《灵魂歌王(Ray, )中杰米·福克斯(Jamie Foxx)饰演的雷·查尔斯(Ray Charles)的卧室门,或者《拳王奋斗史(The Great White Hope, 1970)中詹姆斯·厄尔·琼斯(James Earl Jones)饰演的杰克·杰斐逊(Jack Jefferson)的卧室门在影片中,这些角色大多是出于善意而被捕,所以我们可能会同情他们,憎恨他们遭遇的不公但是,这些形象似乎在不断地施虐般地重复In of the films, the nominated permances involve violent or criminal behavior. It’s often justified or victimless — or, as with the boxers in “Ali” (01), “The Hurricane” (1999) and “The Great White Hope,” part of a day at the office. These characters tend to end up in jail anyway. (When the crime is not victimless, as in “Training Day” or “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” the perpetrators often never see the inside of a jail cell.)在这部影片中,有部涉及暴力或犯罪行为这些行为通常有正当理由或者没有侵害他人,或者像《拳王阿里(Ali, 01)、《飓风(The Hurricane, 1999)和《拳王奋斗史中的拳击手那样,暴力是他们日常工作的一部分不过,这些角色最后似乎都进了监狱(如果犯罪行为并不是没有侵害他人,比如在《训练日或《与爱何干中,那么犯罪者通常从没进过监狱)Ten of the characters have a white buddy or counterpart — or, when it comes to “Lilies of the Field” (1963), a whole convent full of them. In most cases, the white counterpart is the apparent protagonist. Think of Tim Robbins in “The Shawshank Redemption” (199), Jessica Tandy in “Driving Miss Daisy” (1989) or Ethan Hawke in “Training Day.”其中有个角色拥有白人搭档或对手,或者像《野百合(Lilies of the Field, 1963)那样,黑人主角的搭档是一整座修道院的白人修女在大部分情况下,那个白人对手是明显的主角比如《肖申克的救赎(The Shawshank Redemption, 199))中的蒂姆·罗宾斯(Tim Robbins)、《为黛西开车(Driving Miss Daisy, 1989)中的杰西卡·坦迪(Jessica Tandy),或《训练日中的伊桑·霍克(Ethan Hawke)Seven of the actors’ films feature no major black female characters. Seven of the characters abuse or mistreat women.这些影片中有7部没有主要的黑人女性角色有7个角色虐待女人I shared these numbers with Dr. Todd Boyd, the author and professor of critical studies at the University of Southern Calinia School of Cinematic Arts. He wasn’t impressed, but he also said the focus on the Oscars was misplaced. “The Oscars are a symptom,” he said, and not the illness itself. 我把这些发现分享给南加州大学(University of Southern Calinia)电影艺术学院(School of Cinematic Arts)的批评研究教授兼作家托德·伊德士(Todd Boyd)他没有感到震惊,不过他也说把焦点放到奥斯卡身上不合适他说:“奥斯卡只是症状”,不是疾病本身The academy president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, in announcing changes intended to address #OscarsSoWhite, cited the film industry’s failure to produce movies with diverse casts, and Dr. Boyd made a similar point: “You have to backtrack and look at the kinds of movies that African-Americans have been cast in.”电影艺术和科学学会主席谢丽尔·恩·伊萨克(Cheryl Boone Isaacs)在宣布针对#OscarsSoWhite做出的改变时,提到电影业没有制作选角多样的电影是根本原因伊德也表达了类似的观点:“你必须回溯和研究非裔美国人演的那种电影”And what kind is that?哪种电影呢?These films are full of enormous characters, men and women of world-historic or pop-cultural significance, people who face seemingly intolerable oppression with nigh-unimaginable resolve, characters who are victimized or who encounter and occasionally inflict cruelty.这部影片充满各种人物,讲述的是具有世界历史意义或流行文化意义的男女,他们以不可思议的决心面对似乎难以忍受的压迫,他们受到迫害或残酷对待,有时他们也残酷地对待别人What they’re not full of is characters who resemble ordinary people. And when such people do make an appearance, the camera tends to linger on the parts of their lives most likely to interest white Americans struggling to reckon with their country’s racist past. We learn all about Miss Daisy — her son, her childhood, her politics. But we hear only a sentence or two about the family of her driver (Morgan Freeman). Similarly, there’s a lot of inmation about Billy Bob Thornton’s Hank in “Monster’s Ball.” But watching Halle Berry as the bereft Leticia Musgrove, we see only her wretchedness, and her eventual rescue by a white man.这些影片所缺乏的角色是普通人当这样的角色确实出现时,摄像机似乎停留在他们最可能引发美国白人反思美国种族主义历史的那部分生活我们非常了解黛西——她的儿子、童年和政治立场但我们只听到一两句台词是讲述她司机(根·弗里曼饰)的家庭类似地,《死囚之舞(Monster’s Ball)中有很多关于比利·鲍勃·桑顿(Billy Bob Thornton)饰演的汉克(Hank)的信息,但是关于哈莉·贝瑞(Halle Berry)饰演的失去亲人的莱蒂西娅·马斯格罗夫(Leticia Musgrove),我们只知道她很不幸,最后得到一个白人男性救赎These are largely isolated characters, said Dr. Miriam J. Petty, an assistant professor in the department of radio, television and film at Northwestern University. “And they’re bound to the destinies of the white people with whom they appear in these films.”西北大学(Northwestern University)的电台、电视和电影系助理教授米利娅姆·J·佩蒂士(Miriam J. Petty)说,这些角色大多很孤独,“他们与影片中出现的白人的命运紧密联系在一起”It is not entirely surprising that so many of these nominees have portrayed the poor, imprisoned, great or tragic. The history of African-Americans contains many such people, and the academy loves history. Of the most recent best-actor nominees, eight played historical figures. But the academy has never nominated a black leading actor a role like Woody Grant in “Nebraska” ( which Bruce Dern was nominated in ) — an idiosyncratic person who is both fictional and unexceptional.这么多获得提名的演员都是演绎伟大或悲惨的穷人和犯人,这并不完全出人意料非裔美国人的历史上有很多这样的人物,而奥斯卡很喜欢历史最近获得最佳男演员提名的位演员中有8位是饰演历史人物但是,在奥斯卡提名过的黑人男主角中,没有一位是《内布拉斯加(Nebraska,年,布鲁斯·德恩[Bruce Dern]凭借在此片中的表演获得提名)中伍迪·格兰特(Woody Grant)这样的角色——这个角色很独特,但同时也是一个虚构的普通人“If you had a film about an ordinary black guy — well, that might mean that he knows other black people,” Dr. Petty said. “Those black people might need to be in the movie, too. And then it’s a black film.”“如果一部影片讲述的是一个普通黑人——呃,那可能意味着他认识其他黑人,”佩蒂说,“那些黑人可能也需要出现在影片中然后它就变成一部完全是关于黑人的影片” 193

Need a unique holiday gift your child this year? Budsies, a toy manufacturer, will create a custom, handcrafted stuffed animal based on your child artwork.今年需要为你的孩子准备一份独特的节日礼物吗?一家叫做Budsies的玩具制造厂可以根据孩子的画生产订制的手工毛绒玩具The Florida-based company can turn basically anything into a plush toy, including doodles and even pictures of actual people.这家位于弗罗里达的公司基本上可将所有画作变成毛绒玩具,其中包括涂鸦,甚至是真人照Budsies founder Alex Furmansky said he wasinspired to create toys from doodles after watching his younger sister drawings go from the fridge and kitchen walls to a box and then eventually be thrown away.Budsies公司的创建者Alex Furmansky说,他是在看到的涂鸦从冰箱和厨房墙壁上被撕下放进盒子里,最后被扔掉后才有了这个根据涂鸦制作玩具的想法的By turning his little sister drawings into stuffed animals, Furmansky said it enabled her ;quirky childhood artistry to live ever.;Furmansky说,将的涂鸦变成毛绒玩具就可以“让她童年的奇特创作永存了”The first two Budsie dolls were made Furmansky sister, Michelle, with the original becoming the company unofficial mascot.公司生产的头两件娃娃是给Furmansky的Michelle的,而原稿则成了公司的非正式吉祥物To have your children artwork come to life, all parents have to do is snap apicture of their kid drawings and upload or email it to the Budsies website.想要让你孩子的涂鸦变得活灵活现的画,所有家长所需做的就是将孩子的画拍下来,上传到网上并发到Budsies公司的网站Because the company prefers to keep its production process a secret the kids, it explains that the toys are created with ;a sprinkle of fairy dust, a pinch of magic, and a wave of thewand.;由于该公司更倾向不向孩子们公开生产流程,公司对孩子们说这些玩具是由“几颗仙尘、少许魔法和一把魔棒”变出来的After ordering your Budsie doll, your budding Picasso will have to be patient;the one-of-a-kind toys take at least five weeks to make.在向Budsie公司下了订单之后,画画的孩子们得耐心等待了;你独一无二的玩具至少需要五周的时间才能被制作出来 6300

The Scottish border town of Gretna Green has an influx of visitors, and not just the human kind.It seems locals and tourists alike just can't get enough of watching millions of starlings converge on the sky on sunset as the birds search a safe place to roost.Hundreds of spectators have been treated to the amazing sunset display, which has left them mesmerised by the huge flock's sweeping aerial acrobatics.Dozens of people watch in awe as millions of starlings return to roost at dusk near the Scottish border town of Gretna GreenDrivers on the A7M, the main motorway between England and Scotland, have been stopping in their droves to witness the sight.But the shear mass of birds is causing a distraction to commuters and truck drivers who are urged to take extra care when pulling over and parking to watch the display.And while it may look like the birds are on a kamikazi mission, the logic behind their aerial acrobatics makes much more sense.Every winter, the birds take to the skies after a long day spent feeding in nearby reed beds.As they take flight during the last minutes of daylight, the starlings fly quick and fast in a bid to confuse waiting predators such as sparrowhawks and buzzards. The swirl of starlings was clearly visible in the early evening skyThe sheer number of starlings appears to turn the sky blackThe tiny birds must converge, fly and squawk, in an attempt to confuse their predators, reaching speeds of more than mph, with few if any crashes.Scientists say the secret behind their amazing spatial awareness is that each starling tracks seven other birds enabling the group's cohesion.The naturally occurring event is a spectacle which takes place only during the winter months.A farmhouse can just be seen in the distanceThe spectacular winter sight has mesmerised nature loversStarling numbers have halved in the last 5 years and they are now red-listed as an endangered species.Experts say the starlings are a mix of British and European birds and will leave Russia in February and March.Nature lover Jon Tait, , said: 'It's amazing to see the natural world like this. The shapes and movements they make are beautiful - Hollywood special effects couldn't make it more breathtaking.'Whenever I get the train I have to dive undercover at the station when they come because they leave a bit of a mess, but it's worth it to see them in the sky. The starlings put on a permance every night as they come to roost in the area bee leaving Russia苏格兰边境小镇格里特纳格林迎来大批“访客”,只不过它们不是人类数百万只星椋鸟聚集在格里特纳格林镇的上空,寻找安全的栖息之地,在夕阳西下的映衬下显得格外显眼,令当地人和游客们目不暇接数百名观众目睹了这一黄昏奇景,大群星椋鸟变戏法的奇特飞行让他们看呆了为了观看这一绝美景观,驾车行驶在英格兰和苏格兰之间的A7M主路上的人们不由地停下来但是,雾般的这些鸟儿也给上班族和卡车司机带来麻烦,他们被要求停靠路边格外小心这些鸟儿看起来象在执行“神风”任务,它们的飞行逻辑使得队形妙不可言每年冬天,星椋鸟会在附近的芦苇荡中觅食,一天活动之后,它们就会飞上天空结伴飞行在夕阳的余晖中,在领头鸟的带领下快速而聚集飞行,以迷惑食雀鹰和秃鹰之类伺机等候的捕食者为了迷惑它们的天敌,这些小鸟一定是聚集一起,盘旋飞行,并发出叫声它们的飞行速度超过每小时英里,而且,很少发生碰撞科学家称,星椋鸟令人惊讶的空间意识的秘密是为了保聚集一起,每只鸟跟踪另外7只鸟这种自然奇观只发生在冬天的几个月内 80第1名 Bugatti Veyron. 产地:法国 价格:97美元Bugatti Veyron因为不断地推迟上市而没落得好名声,如今它终于在欧洲上市销售了其制造公司还打算将其引入美国市场销售这款车使用汽缸01马力的发动机Bugatti Veyron is lack of good reputation because of constant postponing, and now it was finally sold in Europe. The manufacturing company also intended to be introduce it to the U.S. market. The car carries a -cylinder 01 hp engine. 87

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