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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 what a young person should do to life年轻人的生活Spoil yourself on the stuff that matters.在重要的事情上宠爱自己Eat well, sleep well, drink (water) well.吃好、睡好、喝好(喝水)Buy a good bed (you spend #8531; of your life in your bed).买一张好的床(你一生有三分之一的时间在床上度过)Buy a good computer (since you will spend so much time on it).买一台好的电脑(因为你会花很多时间在它身上)Similarly, good chair, keyboard, mouse, etc.同样地,好的椅子、键盘、鼠标等等三分之一 one - third例句:If we reword the telegram we can save one-third of the cost.如果我们改写电报文字,费用能省三分之一[本节目属] 8作者:阎成席Ill vouch your ability, because you are one up on others.你的能力我敢担保,你比其他人强多了【Martin Note】Life, to many people, is a race. You have to stay ahead of your colleagues, your neighbor, even your family. Someone who seems to be a step or two ahead in the race is one up on everyone else.对许多人来说,人生就是一场赛跑你必须领先于你的同伴、邻居、甚至家人在人生赛跑中稍微领先者就略胜他人一筹(比别人强)[1] Alex decided to kiss all future promotions goodbye and quit his job at the second tier university. Alex would brave all the dangers ahead to seek fresh opporties in exciting new places. In his opinion, there were no chances him here in Java. Bee Alex put all his decisions into action, he thought it would be wise to ask Dr. Quinn advice.[1] 阿历克斯决定放弃未来一切晋升的机会,辞掉二流大学里的工作阿历克斯需要勇敢地面对前面的一切艰难险阻,在其他有刺激的地方寻求新的机会在他看来,爪哇对他来说已经没有机会了在实施决定之前,阿历克斯认为有必要听听奎恩士的意见,这是明智的选择[] ;Oh, really? If you have decided that, I can recommend you to a school in Hong Kong, where one of my best friends needs very good English instructors. I can vouch your ability in teaching good English because you are really head and shoulders above the rest. If you are interested in that, I will set about it right now. But youd better give it some second thought, and try to listen to cautions from your friends here in Java(爪哇). ; Dr. Quinn said.[] “哦,真的吗?如果你决定了,我建议你去香港的一所学校,那里有我的一个朋友,他需要好的英语教师你的能力我敢担保,你比其他人强多了如果有兴趣,我马上就着手这事不过你最好重新考虑一下,要听听爪哇朋友们的意见” 奎恩士说[3] ;Oh. No need! Ive thrown caution to the winds. My decision is all in the bag, leaving me no space to withdraw. There are no two ways about it(别无选择). And thanks your help. Please get on with it.; Alex thanked him.[3] “哦,没必要我决心已定,我要不顾一切的往前走我的决定已是铁板上钉钉的事儿,没有退却的余地了我已经别无选择了谢谢您的帮助麻烦您联系那位朋友吧” 阿历克斯一边致谢一边说 659,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活  Get rid of tiredness 摆脱劳累YOUR SLEEP睡眠 Without sufficient sleep, were basically going through the day drunk. This means tiredness, difficulty to respond quickly and smartly to anything that comes up.如果睡眠不足我们一天都会昏昏沉沉的,意味着会疲劳、很难对发生的事做出快速敏捷的反应 The sleeping hours needed an averageadult ranges from 7 to 9 hours. Just keep in mind that your body is not wiredin the same way your computer is. You cannot have instantaneous change. Letyourself have at least 1 to weeks minimum to start sleeping a little earlierregularly. And this sort of timeline is meant small changes, like minutes to 30 minutes earlier than your current sleeping schedule.普通成年人所需的睡眠时间为7~9小时你要记住身体不像电脑那样能插电你不可能瞬间就发生变化,提前给自己至少1-周的时间每天早睡一点点,这种安排意味着很小的变化,比如,比目前的睡觉时间提前-30分钟But this is an absolutely must. Withoutsleep, your body and mind is weak, slow, and definitely not energetic enough toaccommodate any new activities you want to do.这些是你必须要做的,睡眠不足身体和精神就会虚弱、反应慢,一定没有足够的精力去参加你想参与的新活动【知识点讲解】come up vi.上升,升起;靠近,走进;提升;提及,被讨论;长出;上庭受审例句:The snowdrops are just beginning to come up.雪花莲刚刚开始长出地面He came up and introdued himself.他走上前来并作了自我介绍更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 68法媒报道称法国第一夫人卡拉·布吕尼·萨科奇周三玩诞下一名女婴—这是当今法国在任总统的第一个孩子,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活后悔备忘录-更好的规划人生Better planning更好的规划人生I regret not focusing more on where I wanted to go in life, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be and what it would take to get there.我后悔我没有仔细思考我的人生道路,我想要做的事情,我想成为一个什么样的人以及如何才能实现With some more planning in our twenties, wed be further ahead in our 0s and perhaps a bit happier as well.如果在多岁的时候我们能更好的规划人生,我们在0多岁的时候就会更上一层楼,也许还会感觉到更幸福 790

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 how to accept criticism and do your jobs well如何接受工作上的批评以及更好地完成自己的任务 Tips额外提示 Whatever you do make sure that itis the best from your side. People who have difficulty accepting criticism areless likely to succeed in their profession. 无论通过什么方法,确保那都是自己最佳的表现难以接受批评的人们都不太可能取得事业上的成就 Always give yourself sometime tothink bee responding, will save you loads of problems later.回应批评前,总要给自己一些时间思考,这样就能为你以后卸下大量的负担 If the opporty arises, discussthe criticism with someone you trust to give you an objective view; in this wayyou can see if the criticism is reasonable or just someone using his status toassert his authority over others. 如果有更多的机会,与你相信的朋友讨论这个批评,请对方给你一个客观的评价;通过这个方法你能够分析出批评是否有道理,还是这只是某人利用自己的地位向他人施压 Often coworkers find your mistakesbecause they want to make a mark of their own. It is a good hack to leave oneobvious mistake that is easy to solve; your boss and coworkers can see it andtell you about (and feel theyve contributed). Once they found that, their hunger to find mistakes will besatisfied. 通常你的同事们发现你的错误因为他们想给自己做个标记这是一个很好的突破口让他人很容易发现你留下的容易解决的问题;你的老板和同事能够发现这个问题并跟你反映(然后他们就感到自己有所贡献)一旦他们发现错误,他们迫切寻找错误的欲望就得到了满足 Remember, your co-worker is notdoing this because he or she does not like you andor your work. They are doingthis because they want you to improve your work. 请谨记,你的同事并不是因为他他不喜欢你或你的工作才批评你而是因为他们想让你完善你的工作 Always remember that it is yourwork being criticized, not you. example, if your co-worker is criticizing aletter you wrote, get that you ever wrote it. Pretend that someone else did,and your co-worker is merely asking you to revise it them. 还要谨记,被批评的是你的工作,而不是你本人比如说,如果你的同事认为你的信件很差,那就忘了你曾经写过这么一封信吧假装是别人写的,而你的同事只是想提醒你修改它而已【知识点讲解】更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 187

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活讨人厌的微朋友圈消息Declarations of love that dont ever need to declared炫耀无需声明的爱Declarations of love that dont ever need todeclared: ;I love my daughter sooo much.;炫耀无需声明的爱:“我太太太太爱我的女儿了!” They feel the need to convince someone like themselves, or perhaps felt a pang of love and instead of telling the beloved,they felt the whole world should be in on it.这种人是在寻求认同感他们不把这种爱告诉至亲,却选择昭告全世界【知识点讲解】declaration n.宣言,布告,公告,声明例句:Some delegates believe the finaldeclarationis likely to be too timorous.一些代表认为最后的声明可能不够强硬更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3768

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