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2019年07月24日 12:59:23 | 作者:乐视健康 | 来源:新华社
Download mp4 (120MB) | mp3 (3MB)On Tuesday, in my State of the Union Address, I laid out a blueprint for an economy built to last ndash; an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values.This week, I took that blueprint across the country, and what I saw was people who work hard and believe in each other. They believe in the America thatrsquo;s within our reach. But theyrsquo;re not sure that the right thing will get done in Washington this year, or next year, or the year after that. And frankly, when you look at some of the things that go on in this town, who could blame them for being a little cynical?Just two days ago, a senator from Utah promised to obstruct every single American I appoint to a judgeship or public service position ndash; unless I fire the consumer watchdog I put in place to protect the American people from financial schemes or malpractice.For the most part, itrsquo;s not that this senator thinks these nominees are unqualified. In fact, all of the judicial nominees being blocked have bipartisan support. And almost 90 percent have unanimous support from the Judiciary Committee.Instead, one of his aides told reporters that the senator plans to, and Irsquo;m ing here, ;Delay and slow the process in order to get the Presidentrsquo;s attention.;This isnrsquo;t about me. We werenrsquo;t sent here to wage perpetual political campaigns against each other. We were sent here to serve the American people. And they deserve better than gridlock and games. One senator gumming up the works for the whole country is certainly not what our founding fathers envisioned.The truth is, neither party has been blameless in tactics like these. But itrsquo;s time for both parties to put an end to them. Irsquo;m asking Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to stop this kind of behavior by passing a rule that allows all judicial and public service nominations a simple up-or-down vote within 90 days.We should also stem the corrosive influence of money in politics. The House and Senate should send me a bill that bans insider trading by Members of Congress, and I will sign it immediately. They should limit any elected official from owning stocks in industries they impact. And they should make sure people who bundle campaign contributions for Congress canrsquo;t lobby Congress, and vice versa.During my Address on Tuesday night, I spoke about the incredible example set by the men and women of our armed forces. At a time when too many of our institutions have let us down, they exceed all expectations. Theyrsquo;re not consumed with personal ambition. They donrsquo;t obsess over their differences. They focus on the mission at hand. They work together.If you agree with me that leaders in Washington should follow their example, then make your voice heard. Tell your Member of Congress that itrsquo;s time to end the gridlock, and start tackling the issues that really matter ndash; an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, American skills and education, and a return to American values. An economy built to last.Thank you, God bless you, and have a great weekend.201201/169429The young men of the country those who from their age must be its rulers twenty five years hence美国青年——25岁以后将成为国家的领导者have a peculiar interest in maintaining the national honor.特别关心维护国家荣誉。A moments reflection as to what will be our commanding influence among the nations of the earth in their day,如果说他们只对自己真诚,那么,稍许考虑一下我们对世界各国的重大影响,if they are only true to themselves,should inspire them with national pride.也应该激起他们的民族自豪感。All divisions geographical,political,and religious can join in this common sentiment.一切部门——地理的、政治的和宗教的——都能以这种共同的情感团结起来。How the public debt is to be paid or specie payments resumed is not so important as that a plan should be adopted and acquiessced in.政府公债如何偿还,硬币如何付等问题都不及采取和同意一项计划重要。A united determination to do is worth more than divided counsels upon the method of doing.关于行动的统一决心,比关于行动方法的有分歧的意见有价值。Legislation upon this subject may not be necessary now,or even advisable,也许我们现在没有必要,也不适宜采取立法来完成这一计划。but it will be when the civil law is more fully restored in all parts of the country and trade resumes its wonted channels.但是,当全国更全面地恢复实施民法,当贸易恢复常规时,就必须采取立法手段了。It will be my endeavor to execute all laws in good faith,我将真诚地致力于执行所有法律,to collect all revenues assessed,课征一切应征税款,and to have them properly accounted for and economically disbursed.妥善安排,节省开。I will to the best of my ability appoint to office those only who carry out this design.我将尽力选拔称职者担任公职。The question of suffrage is one which is likely to agitate the public so long as a portion of the citizens of the nation are excluded from its privileges in any State.选举权的问题受到公众的密切注意。在任何一州内,只要有部分公民被剥夺了选举极,就必定会使公众不满。It seems to me very desirable that this question should be settled now,我认为现在这个问题是非解决不可了。and I entertain the hope and express the desire that it may be by the ratification of the fifteenth article of amendment to the Constitution.我希望并要求这个问题通过宪法第十五条修正案的批准获得解决。In conclusion I ask patient forbearance one toward another throughout the land,总之,我希望全国人民彼此宽容,决心各尽所能,and a determined effort on the part of every citizen to do his share toward cementing a happy union;建立一个幸福的联邦。and I ask the prayers of the nation to Almighty God in behalf of this consummation.我请求全国人民为实现这个伟大的目标而向全能的上帝祈祷。02/436804THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Yesterday, I visited Wright Manufacturing -- a business in Frederick, Maryland that makes commercial lawn mowers. Businesses like Wright are the driving force behind our economic success. They create jobs and opportunities for millions of workers. And entrepreneurs like those at Wright Manufacturing keep our economy growing.This is a challenging period for our economy, and I know many of you listening are concerned about the future. My advisors and many outside experts expect that our economy will continue to grow over the coming year, but at a slower rate than we have enjoyed for the past few years. And there's a risk of a downturn. Continued instability in the housing market, for example, could cause additional harm to the overall economy, and put our growth and job creation in jeopardy.In recent months, we have taken steps to shore up the housing sector -- including measures to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure and keep their homes. I have also asked Congress to pass legislation to modernize the Federal Housing Administration and enable it to provide more assistance to struggling homeowners. Congress needs to send me a bill with these reforms right away.After careful consideration, and discussion with members of Congress, I have concluded that additional action is needed to keep our economy growing and creating jobs. Congress and my Administration need to work together to enact an economic growth package as soon as possible.As Congress considers such a plan, there are certain principles that should guide their deliberations: This growth package must be big enough to make a difference in an economy as large and dynamic as ours -- which means it should be about one percent of GDP. This growth package must be built on broad-based tax relief that will directly affect economic growth -- not the kind of spending projects that would have little immediate impact on our economy. This growth package must be temporary and take effect right away -- so we can get help to our economy when it is needed most. And this growth package must not include any tax increases.Specifically, this growth package should bolster both business investment and consumer spending, which are critical to economic growth. This requires two key provisions: To be effective, a growth package must include tax incentives for American businesses -- including small businesses -- to make investments in their enterprises this year. And it must also include direct and rapid income tax relief for Americans like you.Passing a new growth package is our most pressing economic priority. And when that is done, Congress must turn to the most important economic priority for our country -- making sure the tax relief now in place is not taken away from you. Unless Congress acts, the marriage penalty will make a comeback, the child tax credit will be cut in half, the death tax will come back to life, and tax rates will go up on regular income, capital gains, and dividends. This tax increase would put jobs and economic growth at risk. So it is critical that Congress make this tax relief permanent.I am optimistic about our economy, because people like you have shown time and again that Americans are the most industrious, creative, and enterprising people in the world. That is what has made our economy strong. And that is what will make it stronger in the challenging times ahead.Thank you for listening.END 200806/40865[Nextpage视频演讲]First Lady Michelle Obama explains the expanded mission of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports amp; Nutrition – to encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition.Download Video: mp4 (166MB) | mp3 (16MB) [Nextpage演讲文本1]【Part 1】 Hi, everybody. Yay, we’re here, we’re doing it! (Applause.) It’s so exciting. I am thrilled. I have been waiting for this day for a long, long time, and it is finally here. And I want to thank you all for being here and for hosting us.As you know, my other partner, the President, was supposed to be here with us, but he had some other stuff going on. He sends his regrets. He would -- trust me, he would rather be here. (Laughter.) But this is an important issue, and we didn’t want to postpone it. So hopefully I will be a satisfactory substitution. (Applause.)I want to start by first thanking Amy for just being a fabulously amazing middle-schooler and for her wonderful introduction. Thank you, Amy. Great job. (Applause.)And I have to thank our co-chairs of the President’s Council -- Dominique Dawes, who has just been a terrific support to this White House and to these issues. She’s just a fabulous woman and just so eloquent and poised. We are just thrilled to have her. And our other co-chair Drew Brees, who, you know, what do you say about Drew Brees, except we’re so lucky to have him as a part of this. He regrets that he couldn’t be here. But we are so grateful to Dominique and to Drew, and also to the executive director of the Council, Shellie Pfohl. Shellie, I know you’re out here. Everybody should know Shellie. She’s there in the fuchsia. (Applause.) To all the Council members who have taken the time not just to participate on this Council but to come here today, it’s going to mean so much to kids across the country to see world-class athletes and chefs and trainers and experts just coming together for the entire issue of making sure that our kids are healthy. So I am personally grateful for your willingness to be a part of this, and thank you so much for your time.I also want to recognize our mayor here in Washington, D.C., Mayor Fenty, who just got here. There he is. Thank you, Mr. Mayor. (Applause.) This is an appropriate event for him to be at, because he’s a jock. (Laughter.) Yeah, yeah. So he’s somebody who lives the message. And we’re grateful for your support and your role modeling of the issue. Thank you, sir.And we also have Congressman John Sarbanes here as well. Congressman, there you are. (Applause.) Thank you so much for your support on this issue.It is great to be here at the Columbia Heights Educational Campus. (Applause.) This is a beautiful facility, very impressive. You drive into a parking lot, and it doesn’t look like a school. I’m impressed, it looks very, very good. And I got a chance to meet your outstanding principal -- (applause) -- Maria Tukeva. Where are you, Principal? (Applause.) And I understand she’s also the founder of -- yes, yes. Thank you for creating one of the top high schools in the country right here in Washington, D.C. (Applause.) Well done, well done.And of course, I want to thank all the students from the Lincoln Multicultural Middle School -- where are my students? (Applause.) Thank you all for joining us. I sort of tried to get in my gear -- I’m going to try and do a few things with you. I got on flat shoes today. But I’m going to do my best. Today we’re here to talk about an issue that is so close to my heart as First Lady, but also as a mom. And it’s an issue that’s of importance to all of us -- eating right, staying active, and giving our kids the bright future that they deserve. And right now, we can be doing better by our kids, because one in three of our children is either overweight or obese in this country. And doctors are seeing more and more children with health problems related to obesity -- high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes -- and these used to be diseases that we would only see in adults, but now they’re becoming a regular part of a pediatrician’s practice. And every year, as a result of these conditions, we’re spending billions of dollars on treating obesity-related conditions, and we can’t afford to keep going down this road. We can’t afford it for our young people, and we can’t afford it as a nation. That’s why, earlier this year, we started this wonderful nationwide initiative that we’ve called “Let’s Move.” (Applause.) Yay for “Let’s Move”. And it’s an initiative that has been designed and worked on by so many partners all across the country. People have been fabulous about this issue. But our goal is to end the epidemic of childhood obesity in a generation. We are making this a big, huge generational goal -- with the notion that kids born today are going to have a different idea of what it means to be healthy, so that they grow up at a healthy weight, with good habits, that they can then teach the generations that follow.But one key to getting this done and solving this problem is passing a strong child nutrition bill. And I can’t emphasize this more -– this bill controls the programs that provide school lunches to kids all across the country. And what we do know is that our kids are getting most of their activity, most of their nutrition at school. So if we can do something to improve the quality of food in our schools, we’re going to go a long way to affecting the futures of our children. And right now, that bill is making its way through Congress with what I’m proud to hear is strong bipartisan support.This is an issue that everyone is getting behind because it’s not about politics, it’s about our kids. A majority of senators and House members from both parties have publicly called for swift passage of a strong proposal. So, once again, I urge Congress to provide the resources that we’re going to need to support these important programs that will be able to help change our children’s futures and those after that. This is an important time. So we’re looking forward to the Congress getting this done.But you all know back when we were kids -- and I’m talking to the grown folks here -- being healthy wasn’t that hard. It just wasn’t that hard. Parents, particularly in the summer, could just open up their back door, send the kids out, give them a little breakfast and tell them, go away and don’t come back until we’re y to see you again. (Laughter.) And you might run in for a second if you were a kid and grab a little lunch, right? But you weren’t watching the TV. You had to get up and get back out.And you usually wouldn’t even come home until dinner, and you wouldn’t even want to come home for dinner, because you were having so much fun running around. You had to be forced to sit down and eat a meal. And the meals that we got were generally pretty healthy, because they were usually cooked at home with a whole lot of loving care and fresh products and produce. Today we’ve got so many distractions -- we’ve got games, we’ve got computers -- that are just keeping kids inside after school. The whole culture of our society has changed. During the summer, a lot of times this is what kids are doing. And some folks are living in neighborhoods where they can’t go outside, it’s not safe to open up that door and let your kids run forever.[Nextpage演讲文本1]【Part 1】And we have some communities that don’t have access to that fresh produce and those fresh vegetables. We are dealing with millions of people living in food deserts. And many parents are just overworked -- they’re juggling too much -- and although they want to do it, they just don’t have time to cook a home-cooked meal every night. They’re lucky if it happens once a week.So things have changed. It’s gotten a lot tougher, and I think that’s why we’re seeing the outcomes in our kids that we’re seeing. There’s a reason why we’re here today.But “Let’s Move” is about trying to help change all that. That’s really the goal. It’s not to place blame. It’s not to point fingers. It’s really to help parents in communities and business leaders find a way out of this dilemma.But efforts to help kids stay healthy and active actually go back much further than what we’re trying to do here today. Way back in 1956 -- this is a little history lesson, students -- Dwight Eisenhower was worried that the lack of exercise was causing young people in America to fall behind their peers in Europe and around the world. And so he established the President’s Council on Youth Fitness to get kids moving. This was back in 1956. Does anybody remember that? I don’t want to out anybody -- (laughter) -- on age, but I’m sure we have some people who remember that.The Council’s original mission was simple: to encourage young people to get enough exercise. And that is still a very important component of what we need to do today. But today we know that being healthy is about more than just being physically fit. It’s also about eating healthy foods and really learning which foods to enjoy in moderation. That’s one of the reasons I talk about burgers and fries, because a life without burgers and fries is really depressing. (Laughter.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: And fried chicken.MS. OBAMA: And fried chicken. (Laughter.) And just fried. (Laughter.) But it’s about learning about all the different ways to eat healthy and to strike those balances and to be active -– whether that means playing a sport, which many kids do, but not every kid is an athlete and they don’t have to be. Because you can get the exercise you need from walking your dog vigorously, running with your dog, doing some push-ups at home, or just playing. You know, the work that we’re talking about used to be called play. (Laughter.) And it’s about developing healthy habits that kids will have for the rest of their lives. Because the one thing we know, why we start with kids, is kids learn. They’re not like us. They’re not stuck in time. You know, they learn something, they take it on, and it lasts forever. So we’re talking about developing lifetime skills that kids will then teach to their kids.That’s why yesterday, the President signed an Executive Order expanding the mission of this historic Council and creating the new President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition -- all three components. (Applause.) So we’re just broadening the scope of what we have to focus on. And this group, as Dominique mentioned, will include fitness and nutrition experts who’ve agreed to help raise awareness about how we can make our kids and our schools and our communities healthier.This Council, as I said, is made up of everyone -- chefs, doctors, health experts, personal trainers. We’ve got our Olympic gold medalists. We’ve got a NASCAR driver. We’ve got NBA all-stars, tennis legends. We’ve got it all because we know in the end, kids listen to these heroes in so many ways.And those are just a few of the 25 men and women who will be donating their time and expertise to this cause. It’s just more people coming on and making “Let’s Move” a broader and stronger campaign.Together, they’re committed to working with government and the private sector -– that’s businesses, schools and nonprofits –- to help kids everywhere learn about healthy eating and the importance of being active each and every single day. And we’re broadening the mission of the Council so that we can make a bigger difference -– focusing on what -- not just what you do with your bodies, but what you put in your bodies. We all know, if we’re focused on our fitness, it is not enough just to exercise -- you have to focus on diet. I still struggle with that. At 46 years old, if I want to lose some weight, I can work out as much as I want to -- right, Mayor? -- but you got to have that balance of food to really cut the fat. So we’re really excited about this broader mission. Here -- right here in Columbia Heights, you’re aly well ahead of the game. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to come here, because we wanted to model -- (applause) -- what’s aly working. Because that’s another thing about “Let’s Move,” we don’t have to recreate the wheel; we have to just find the models that are aly working and sp those across the country. And Columbia Heights is serving as one of those models. I know that you’ve made the President’s physical fitness test an important part of PE class, just kids living up to that test. You collect information on the student’s weight and their heart rate and the progress that they’re making throughout the year. And I also hear that at the end of the year, the students with the most improvement get to take part in a fitness challenge with teachers and staff, which is huge. (Applause.)Because as we’ve been talking with schools, what we’re finding consistently is that when the teachers and the staff are involved, when they’re sitting around at the lunch table and they’re practicing the same habits that they’re trying to instill in kids, it just makes kids want to do it even more. So I commend you all on what you’re doing here. That’s what the President’s Council is all about. It’s about all of us pushing ourselves to meet new challenges, even when they’re difficult, because none of this is easy. It only gets easy if you start young. That’s what -- that’s the gift that we can offer our children. If they start out with these habits early on, it just makes life easier for them.It’s about having fun -- let’s not forget that -- because this isn’t all work and calorie counting and all that. This is about having some fun and getting more opportunity for kids to be active and to find a way that connects with each of them, because not every kid is going to connect to activities in the same way. So we’ve got to have a broad base of opportunities for kids.So, again, I want to thank you all here at Columbia Heights for setting such a wonderful model, such a great example. I want you all to keep doing what you’re doing and help sp your message to other schools not just here in the District, but around the nation. You guys are a true model.Again, I want to thank our Council members for their excitement and enthusiasm. And I think now is the time that we actually are going to get moving. So we’re going to do some activities with the kids. And as I said, I’m going to try and hang with you all, but this bow might get in the way. (Laughter.) But I want to thank you all for being here. So let’s get moving. So thank you all so much. (Applause.)END2:55 P.M. EDT201006/106904

For Immediate ReleaseApril 20, REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT TO CIA EMPLOYEESCIA HeadquartersLangley, Virginia3:41 P.M. EDTTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you, everybody. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) Well, thank you for the extraordinary welcome. And thanks, for those of you who prepared from the CIA gift shop -- (laughter) -- the t-shirts, the caps, the water bottles. (Laughter.) Michelle and the girls will appreciate that very much. (Laughter.)It is a great honor to be here with the men and women of the CIA. I’ve been eager to come out here to Langley for some time so I can deliver a simple message to you in person on behalf of the American people: Thank you. Thank you for all the work that you do to protect the American people and the freedom that we all cherish.The CIA is fundamental to America's national security. And I want you to know that that's why I nominated such an outstanding public servant and close friend, Leon Panetta, to lead the agency. He is one of our nation’s finest public servants, he has my complete confidence, and he is a strong voice in my national security team, as well as a strong advocate for the men and women of the CIA.I also benefit from the counsel of several agency veterans -- chief among them, Steve Kappes, who's stayed on to serve as Leon’s Deputy, and he's done outstanding work. (Applause.) I have to add just as an aside, by the way, I just met with a smaller group of about 50 so we could have a dialogue, and all of you look really young. (Laughter.) And so to have a graybeard literally and figuratively -- (laughter) -- like Steve Kappes here I think is absolutely critical.I also want you to know that we have one of your own, John Brennan, who is doing a terrific job as my advisor for counterterrorism and homeland security. And we are very grateful for the work that he does and the insights that he brings from his long years of service here at the CIA.And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the extraordinary former CIA officer and Director of Central Intelligence, Bob Gates, who is also part of our Cabinet and every once in a while gives me a few tips. (Applause.)Let me share with you just a few thoughts about the situation in which we find ourselves. First, I want to underscore the importance of the CIA. When the CIA was founded, you were focused on one overarching threat: the Soviet Union. And for decades, the CIA carried out a critically important mission. With the end of the Cold War, some wondered how important the CIA would be to our future. Now we know.Here in the 21st century, we've learned that the CIA is more important than ever, for, as Leon mentioned, we face a wide range of unconventional challenges: stateless terrorist networks like al Qaeda, the sp of catastrophic weapons, cyber threats, failed states, rogue regimes, persistent conflict, and now we have to add to our list piracy.The CIA is unique in the capabilities of collection, analysis and operation that you bring to bear. So you are an indispensable tool, the tip of the spear, in America’s intelligence mission and our national security. It is because of you that I can make good decisions. You prove that the key to good intelligence is not simply technology -- it's the quality of the men and women who have signed up to serve.You're on the front lines against unconventional challenges. You help us understand the world as it is. You support the work of our troops and our diplomats and law enforcement officers. You disrupt terrorist plots and you're critical to our efforts to destroy terrorist networks. You serve capably, courageously, and from here in Virginia to dangerous outposts around the globe, you make enormous sacrifices on our behalf. So you should be proud of what you do.Second, you need to know that you've got my full support. For decades, the American people have counted on you to protect them. I know that I've come to personally count on your services; I rely on your reporting and your analysis, which finds its way onto my desk every single day.And I know you've got a tough job. I know there's no margin for error. And I know there are endless demands for intelligence and there is an urgent necessity to collect and analyze information, and to work seamlessly with other agencies to act on it. And what makes it tougher is when you succeed –- as you so often do -- that success usually has to stay secret. So you don't get credit when things go good, but you sure get some blame when things don't. Now -- (laughter) -- I got a "Amen" corner out here. (Laughter.)04/67615

Unwilling to depart from examples of the most revered authority,不愿偏离最为尊敬的权力的楷模,I avail myself of the occasion now presented to express the profound impression made on me by the call of my country to the station to the duties of which,我让自己利用现在这一场合来表达我对我的祖国召唤我到这里,I am about to pladge myself by the most solemn of sanctions.我将以最为严肃的约束来宣誓的职责上的深刻印象,So distinguished a mark of confidence,proceeding from the deliberate and tranquil suffrage of a free and virtuous nation,这样明显的信心标志,来自一个自由和善良国家的熟虑而和平的选举,would under any circumstances have commanded my gratitude and devotion,在任何情况下都会引起我的感激和投入,as well as filled me with an awful sense of the trust to be assumed,也会使我充满对所设想的信任的可敬之情。Under the various circumstances which give peculiar solemnity to the existing period,在赋予当前时期特别严肃性的各种条件下,I feel that both the honor and the responsibility allotted to me are inexpressibly enhanced.我感到赋予给我的荣耀和责任都无法表达地被加强了。To cherish peace and friendly intercourse with all nations having correspondent dispositions;珍惜和平以及同所有有交往意向的国家的友好交往;to maintain sincere neutrality toward belligerent nations;对交战各国保持真正中立;to prefer in all cases amicable discussion and reasonable accommodation of differences to a decision of them by an appeal to arms;在任何情况下,优先考虑以友善的讨论和理性来处理异议,而非通过武力来作出决定;to exclude foreign intrigues and foreign partialities,so degrading to all countries and so baneful to free ones;排除外国阴谋和外国偏颇,这些对所有国家都造成堕落,对自由国家更为有害;to foster a spirit of independence too just to invade the rights of others,too proud to surrender our own,培养一种独立的精神,其之公正不会侵犯他人权利,其之自豪不会丢弃自身权利,too liberal to indulge unworthy prejudices ourselves and too elevated not to look down upon them in others;其之宽大不使我们自己纵养不值的偏见,其之高尚使我们蔑视他人的这些偏见;to hold the union of the States as the basis of their peace and happiness;把众州的联合保持为众州和平和幸福的基础,to support the Constitution,which is the cement of the Union,as well in its limitations as in its authorities;拥护作为联邦链结的宪法,不论是其限制或权力;to respect the rights and authorities reserved to the States and to the people as equally incorporated with and essential to the success of the general system;尊重保留给各州和人民的权利,因为它的重要性把它平等地纳入联邦总体的成功之中;to avoid the slightest interference with the right of conscience or the functions of religion,so wisely exemped from civil jurisdiction;避免最轻微的对良知权利和宗教功能的干涉,这些在民事裁判中豁免;to preserve in their full energy the other salutary provisions in behalf of private and personal rights,and of the freedom of the press;代表私人和个人的权利以及媒体自由,以其全部的能量来保留其它相关有益条款;to observe economy in public expenditures;在公共花费中坚持节约;to liberate the public resources by an honorable discharge of the public debts;通过倘还公共债务来解放公共资源;to keep within the requisite limits a standing military force,在必要的限度下保持一常备军,always remembering that an armed and trained militia is the firmest bulwark of republic that without standing armies their liberty can never be in danger,时刻要记住武装并训练过的民兵才是共和国的中流砥柱,即是,没有常备军他们的自由从未有危险,nor with large ones safe;而有了一庞大军队也未必安全,to promote by authorized means improvements friendly to agriculture,通过授权的手段来发展有益于农业,to manufactures,and to external as well as internal commerce;制造业,对外和对内的商业,to favor in like manner the advancement of science and the diffusion of information as the best aliment to true liberty;以适当的方式持科学的发展和信息的传播来作为真正自由的最好食粮;to carry on the benevolent plans which have been so meritoriously applied to the conversion of our aboriginal neighbors from the degradation,执行善意的计划以把我们的土著邻居从,and wretchedness of savage life to a participation of the improvements of which the human mind,野蛮生活的低贱和不幸中转化到参加入一个文明国家内人的思维,and manners are susceptible in a civilized state as far as sentiments,和举止都倾向的改良中—-只要如此的思想,and intentions such as these can aid the fulfillment of my duty,和意图能辅助我职责的履行,they will be a resource with can not fail me.它们将成为不使我失败的资本。It is my good fortune,moreover,这是我的幸运。to have the path in which I am to t lighted by examples of illustrious services successfully rendered in the most trying difficulties by those who have marched before me.另外,我要走的路径已被在我之前走过的人最为艰难的经历所反映出的杰出务的楷模所照亮,Of those of my immediate predecessor it might least become me here to speak.在我最近的前任之中,我最不可能在这里说话。I may,however,be pardoned for not suppressing the sympathy with which my heart is full in the rich reward he enjoys in the benedictions of a beloved country,但是,我也许会得到谅解而不去压制我内心充满的感情,这是在他享受所爱国家之祝福时为他带来回报的情感,gratefully bestowed or exalted talents zealously devoted through a long career to the advancement of its highest interest and happiness.被慷慨赋予的或受赞扬的天资热情地投入到一个旨在提高它的最高利益和幸福的漫长事业中。01/84997

21世纪·希望之星全国英语演讲比赛 第三名 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200808/46065

Middle school and high school students from across the country descended on the State Dining Room at the White House today with their award-winning science fair projects in tow. From a robot that plays soccer to a smart toilet that conserves water and an innovative approach to treating cancer, these student projects represent most cutting edge science, technology and engineering. The White House Science Fair is part of President Obama’s Educate to Innovate program move American students from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math achievement over the next decade. The President has made STEM education a priority for his Administration – recognizing that that a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and math is key for laying the foundation for our future prosperity.Before making remarks in the East Room, President Obama took a minute to check out the projects at the Science Fair and congratulate the students on their impressive achievements. The President also stressed the importance of inspiring students to excel in STEM subjects:Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (155MB) | mp3 (15MB) 201010/116222

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