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We think this approach is well aligned with the needs of customers like the Xiamen Post and Telecommunication Authority. The comprehensive solution we implemented for its Internet Service Provider required both UNIX and NT systems, and our ability to manage and support both environments was critical to the success of the project. Furthermore, weve been working very hard to build bridges between these two worlds. In fact, HP has been the only company with an explicit strategy of bringing these two worlds together. Were working on all levels shown here. We dont have time to go into detail on each, but let me give you some examples in each area. In the area of services and support, HP now provides consulting services in Windows 95, NT and Desktop Exchange. Weve created a joint Enterprise Solution Center with Microsoft. And we at HP have created a strong support offering for NT. Were collaborating in the area of high availability. Ill have more to say about that later, when I talk about our PC strategy. In the area of security, Microsoft has endorsed Ver Secure, the cryptography technology developed by HP that the ed States government has just approved for export. HP OpenView is the only management platform that is certified for Microsoft BackOffice, and parts of OpenView are being bundled with the next release of Microsofts Systems Management Server.我们认为,这一方式可以很好地满足客户的不同需求,具体的实例如厦门邮电局。我们为其因特网务供应商提供的综合性解决方案既需要UNIX系统,也需要NT系统,而我们可以管理和持这两个环境。这是该项目取得成功的关键。此外,我们一直努力在这两者之间架起一座桥梁。实际上,惠普是唯一一家将这两者融为一体并制定了明确的战略的公司。所以正如大家所见,我公司致力于所有这些层面的业务。因时间的关系,我今天的发言没办法做到面面俱到,但我可以在每一领域举例说明。在务和持方面,惠普现提供有关 Windows 95、NT 和 Desktop Exchange方面的咨询务。我们与微软公司共同建立了一个企业解决方案中心。惠普公司在NT系统方面提供强有力的持。我们两公司在高度可用性方面进行了紧密合作。稍后等我谈到我们的PC战略时将对此详细论述。在安全方面,微软公司已表示持惠普公司开发的安全加密技术VerSecure。这一技术最近刚获得美国政府允许出口的准许。惠普的OpenView是目前唯一针对 Microsoft BackOffice 开发的管理平台,其中的一部分与微软的系统管理务器捆绑在一起,拟在近期推出。201410/333891For all that I have done, I am so sorry.为此我深感歉意。I have a lot to atone for, but there is one issue I really want to discuss. Some people have speculated that Elin somehow hurt or attacked me on Thanksgiving night. It angers me that people would fabricate a story like that. Elin never hit me that night or any other night. There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage, ever. Elin has shown enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. Elin deserves praise, not blame.我有很多的罪过需要弥补,不过其中有一件事我必须跟大家交待清楚。有些人猜测伊琳在感恩节那天曾经动手打过我。为此我感到很是气愤,居然会有人如此不负责任地造谣。伊琳从来没有对我动过手,在我们俩之间从来没有任何的家庭暴力事件。在整个事情当中,伊琳一直保持着很优雅和宽容的姿态。伊琳的行为值得大家称赞而不是责备。The issue involved here was my repeated irresponsible behavior. I was unfaithful. I had affaris. I cheated. What I did is not acceptable, and I am the only person to blame.今天的问题是我不断地干不负责任的事。我不忠诚,我有外遇,我撒谎。我的这些行为都是不可接受的,我是唯一要受到责备的人。I stopped living by the core values that I was taught to believe in. I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules didnt apply. I never thought about who I was hurting. Instead, I thought only about myself. I ran straight through the boundaries that a married couple should live by. I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to. I thought that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didnt have to go far to find them.我抛弃了从小被教导相信的核心价值观念。我知道我之前的行为是不对的。但我却蒙骗了自己,以为那些道德框架对我是无效的。我从来没有想过那些被我伤害过的人。我只是以自我为中心,我直接越过那些为夫妻所设定的道德界限。我以为自己不受那些规则所限制,我可以为所欲为。我以为我自己一生都有努力奋斗,所以我就理所当然地能去享受身边的这些诱惑。我觉得有权这么做。也因为我的金钱与名誉,我很容易地就得到这些。201402/275875

People are living longer人们现在越活越久and societies are getting grayer.社会也逐渐变得老龄化You hear about it all the time.你可能总是听到别人这么说You about it in your newspapers.你也从报纸上如是读到You hear about it on your television sets.从电视上看到Sometimes Im concerned有时候我很担心that we hear about it so much我们听过长寿太多次that weve come to accept longer lives以至于人们带着自满with a kind of a complacency,甚至安逸的情绪开始接受even ease.长寿的事实But make no mistake,但是请别搞错longer lives can长寿能够 --and, I believe, will而且我相信,它肯定会 --improve quality of life改善所有年龄的人们的at all ages.生活品质Now to put this in perspective,现在让我们先拉个远景let me just zoom out for a minute.从宏观的角度来看More years were added人们的to average life expectancy平均寿命in the 20th century在整个20世纪增加的年数than all years added要比across all prior millennia上千年来of human evolution combined.人类进化过程中所增加的总和还要多In the blink of an eye,就在眨眼之间we nearly doubled the length of time我们已经将我们的寿命that were living.延长了一倍So if you ever feel like you dont have this aging thing quite pegged,所以,如果你觉得你对变老这件事并不关心dont kick yourself.不要自责Its brand new.这个话题太新了And because fertility rates fell因为在同一时期内across that very same period生育率下降了that life expectancy was going up,平均寿命增加了that pyramid那个用来表示that has always represented the distribution of age in the population,人口年龄分布的金字塔形with many young ones at the bottom底部的年轻人口总是很多winnowed to a tiny peak of older people延伸到老龄人口的尖顶who make it and survive to old age那些是成功存活到高龄的人is being reshaped(人口金字塔)形状发生了改变into a rectangle.变成了长方形And now, if youre the kind of person如果你是那种who can get chills from population statistics,对人口统计感到恐惧的人these are the ones that should do it.这些变化应该会让你感到难受Because what that means因为这变化表明is that for the first time in the history of the species,在人类种族历史上头一回the majority of babies born大多数in the Developed World在发达国家出生的婴儿are having the opportunity有机会to grow old.活到老年How did this happen?这是怎么发生的?Well were no genetically hardier than our ancestors were我们并不是在基因上10,000 years ago.比一万年前的祖先强壮This increase in life expectancy平均寿命的增加is the remarkable product of culture --全要归功于文化 --the crucible一个包含了that holds science and technology科学和技术and wide-scale changes in behavior以及广泛的(社会)行为改变的熔炉that improve health and well-being.导致人们的健康和福利的增进Through cultural changes,通过文化的改变our ancestors我们的祖先largely eliminated early death大幅度地消除了早亡so that people can now live out their full lives.所以现在的人可以走完完整的一生Now there are problems associated with aging --老龄化催生了很多问题diseases, poverty, loss of social status.疾病、贫困、社会地位的丧失Its hardly time to rest on our laurels.这可不是坐享荣誉的时候But the more we learn about aging,不过当我们研究的越多the clearer it becomes老龄化就变得越清晰that a sweeping downward course把它说成是一条单纯的下坡路is grossly inaccurate.是非常不准确的Aging brings some rather remarkable improvements --衰老也带来一些非同凡响的进步increased knowledge, expertise --知识的增加,专业的精深and emotional aspects of life improve.人生的情绪层面也有所提升Thats right,这句话很对older people are happy.老年人是快乐的Theyre happier than middle-aged people,他们比中年人更快乐and younger people certainly.更理所当然地比年轻人更快乐201507/383649

Something called the Danish Twin Study一个叫“丹麦双胞胎”的研究表明,established that only about 10 percent普通人在生物学允许的限度内的寿命,of how long the average person lives,仅仅有百分之十within certain biological limits, is dictated by our genes.是由我们的基因决定的。The other 90 percent is dictated by our lifestyle.另外的百分之九十则取决于我们的生活方式。So the premise of Blue Zones: if we can find the因此,对蓝区研究的前提是:如果我们能找到optimal lifestyle of longevity长寿的最佳生活方式,we can come up with a de facto formula我们就可以得出一个实际的for longevity.长寿公式。But if you ask the average American what the optimal formula但是,如果你问个普通的美国人,最佳的of longevity is, they probably couldnt tell you.长寿公式是什么,他们就有可能答不上来。Theyve probably heard of the South Beach Diet, or the Atkins Diet.他们也许听说过南海岸饮食法,或者阿特金斯饮食法。You have the USDA food pyramid.你见过农业部的食物金字塔There is what Oprah tells us.奥普拉会这么说There is what Doctor Oz tells us.欧兹士会那么说?The fact of the matter is there is a lot of confusion但是我们真的很困惑around what really helps us live longer better.什么东西才真的能使我们更健康长寿。Should you be running marathons or doing yoga?你应该跑马拉松,还是练瑜伽?Should you eat organic meats是该食用有机肉制品呢?or should you be eating tofu?还是该吃豆腐?When it comes to supplements, should you be taking them?需不需要用滋补品,How about these hormones or resveratrol?激素,或者白藜芦醇?And does purpose play into it?还有,能否达到食用这些东西的目的?Spirituality? And how about how we socialize?我们的信仰呢?我们与他人的交往呢?这些重要吗?Well, our approach to finding longevity我们找到健康长寿秘诀的研究方法是was to team up with National Geographic,与《国家地理》杂志and the National Institute on Aging,和国家老龄化研究院的研究人员合作?to find the four demographically confirmed areas找出四个人口统计学信息确切的that are geographically defined.并且有明确的地理界线的地区?And then bring a team of experts in there然后带领一组专家到这些地区to methodically go through exactly what these people do,仔细分析在那里生活的人们做些什么to distill down the cross-cultural distillation.提取出跨越文化的健康长寿真谛?And at the end of this Im going to tell you what that distillation is.在我的报告的最后,我会揭晓这些真谛?But first Id like to debunk some common myths但首先,我想戳穿一些常见的when it comes to longevity.关于长寿的谣言。201507/385704

I went a few years ago to a conference, and on Friday of the three-day conference,几年前我去参加一个学术会议,连开三天,第一天是周五one of the participants took me aside, and she said,一个与会者把我叫到一边,她说;I suffer from depression and Im a little embarrassed about it,“我有抑郁症,我为此有点难为情but Ive been taking this medication, and I just wanted to ask you what you think?;而且我一直在吃某种药物,我只是想问问看你的意见?”And so I did my best to give her such advice as I could.我但是尽我所能给了一些建议And then she said, ;You know, my husband would never understand this.之后她说,“其实,我的丈夫并不知道这件事情Hes really the kind of guy to whom this wouldnt make any sense, so I just, you know, its just between us.;他是那种无法理解这种事情的人。所以,嗯,我们的谈话能否保密。”And I said, ;Yes, thats fine.;我说, “好,没有问题。”On Sunday of the same conference, her husband took me aside,周日开会的时候,她的丈夫把我叫到了一边and he said, ;My wife wouldnt think that I was really much of a guy if she knew this,对我说, “我的妻子并不知道我跟她了解的那个我之间的不同but Ive been dealing with this depression and Im taking some medication,我有抑郁症,有一段时间了。我现在需要吃一些药物维持and I wondered what you think?;我想听听你的看法?”They were hiding the same medication in two different places in the same bedroom.他们两个人用同一种药物,并且将药物藏在同一个卧室的不同的地方And I said that I thought于是我对他说communication within the marriage might be triggering some of their problems.我觉得婚姻内部的沟通问题可能是他抑郁的原因之一But I was also struck by the burdensome nature of such mutual secrecy.让我感到震惊的是人们想要保守这样的秘密,并因此成熟的沉重负担Depression is so exhausting.抑郁让人精疲力尽It takes up so much of your time and energy, and silence about it,它会消耗掉你几乎全部的时间和精力,而对此保持沉默it really does make the depression worse.只会让抑郁的症状变得更加严重And then I began thinking about all the ways people make themselves better.我开始考虑所有可能的途径帮助抑郁的人们变得好一些Id started off as a medical conservative.我在治疗方法上,一开始是很保守的I thought there were a few kinds of therapy that worked, it was clear what they were我觉得只有少数几种疗法是有效的,就那么几种——there was medication, there were certain psychotherapies,药物治疗,几类特定的精神疗法there was possibly electroconvulsive treatment, and that everything else was nonsense.电休克疗法有时候有效果,其它所有的方法都是扯淡But then I discovered something.但是后来我的看法变了If you have brain cancer,如果你的脑子里长了肿瘤and you say that standing on your head for 20 minutes every morning makes you feel better,然后你觉得自己每天早晨倒立20分钟会让自己感觉好一些it may make you feel better,或许让你自己感觉好一些but you still have brain cancer, and youll still probably die from it.但是你的脑瘤还在那里,你还是可能因此死去But if you say that you have depression,但是如果你患上了抑郁and standing on your head for 20 minutes every day makes you feel better, then its worked,然后你觉因为每天倒立20分钟感觉好一些,那是有一定效果的because depression is an illness of how you feel,因为抑郁是你的感觉和情绪出了问题and if you feel better, then you are effectively not depressed anymore.如果你感觉好一些了,那么你的抑郁就会少一些So I became much more tolerant of the vast world of alternative treatments.所以我现在变得非常的宽容,各种奇怪的偏门疗法我都能接受了And I get letters, I get hundreds of letters from people writing to tell me about whats worked for them.我收到了成百上千的邮件,人们写信跟我分享他们使用的治疗方法Someone was asking me backstage today about meditation.就在刚才还有人在幕后问我关于药物治疗的事情My favorite of the letters that I got was the one that came from a woman有一封邮件提供的方法我很喜欢是一位女士写给我的who wrote and said that she had tried therapy,她尝试过心理疗法,不管用she had tried medication, she had tried pretty much everything,药物疗法,也不行,各种方法都尝试了,还是不行and she had found a solution and hoped I would tell the world,最后她自己发现了一个方法,她希望我告诉全世界and that was making little things from yarn.她认为最好的疗法是用纱线做一些小制品She sent me some of them.她还给我邮寄了一些And Im not wearing them right now.我现在没穿在身上I suggested to her that she also should look up obsessive compulsive disorder in the DSM.我建议她再去医院查查,看看有没有强迫症201602/426494One of the most important ways that we are delivering these benefits is by working closely with partners to deliver comprehensive enterprise solutions.要使客户享受到以上益处,我们的主要作法之一就是与合作伙伴紧密合作,从而为客户提供更全面的企业解决方案。With the acquisition of Digital, we have enhanced our ability to provide customized solutions for key markets like finance, manufacturing and communications.随着对DEC的收购,康柏增强了其为重要市场,如金融市场、生产制造市场以及通讯市场等提供定制解决方案的能力。But many of our customers - big and small - are looking for packaged, high-volume solutions that they can implement quickly and efficiently.但我们的大多数客户--无论规模大小--都在期望我们能够提供大容量的套装解决方案,以便使其能够迅速高效的进行实施。This is an area where Compaq has an opportunity to change the competitive landscape.在这里,康柏有机会改变竞争的格局。Let me explain.现在让我解释一下。Two strategic inflections have emerged over the last decade.在过去十年间发生了两种战略性的变革。The first was standards based platforms.第一种即是基于标准平台的出现。The second was the replacement of custom applications with packaged applications from companies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others. IDC projects that 72 percent of all new enterprise applications purchased this year will be shrink-wrapped.第二种即是套装的应用软件取代了客户化应用软件,推出这种套装应用软件的厂商有SAP、Oracle、Microsoft以及其它一些厂商。IDC公司预计今年销售的所有企业应用软件中有72%将是套装软件。Today, we are approaching a new inflection point based upon tools, information and methods that will simplify implementation of industry standard applications.今天,我们正面临着一个新的转折点,这次转折将以工具、信息和方法为基础,它们将简化工业标准应用软件的使用。In fact, I foresee a day when enterprise applications will work almost as plug-and-play modules. An information manager will take the software module plug it in to his information infrastructure and see an immediate return on the companys investment.实际上,我已经可以预见到会有那么一天,公司的应用软件几乎可以象即插即用的模块一样易于使用。信息管理人员可以拿出一个软件模块,将其插入公司的信息基础设施中,并且亲眼看到公司的投资获得即时回报。It may be hard to conceive of today but its going to happen.这一切在今天似乎难以想象,但终有一天将成为现实。Compaq is turning its knowledge and expertise into repeatable, volume-based solutions that we will make available to customers through Compaqs large reseller network and dedicated websites.康柏正在将其知识和技能转变成可重复利用的大容量解决方案,我们可以通过康柏巨大的分销商网络和专门的站点向客户提供这些解决方案。Next month, for example, we will introduce an enterprise extranet that will standardize the knowledge and best practices we have collected around planning, designing, implementing and managing enterprise solutions.例如,下个月,我们将推出一种企业外联网,这种外联网将把我们在企业解决方案的规划、设计、实施和管理方面长期以来积累的知识和最佳的实践经验进行规范化。This knowledge will be available to channel partners and, ultimately, customers in the form of tools and enablers that will help them plan more effectively deploy more rapidly and operate more efficiently.这些知识同时将向我们的渠道合作伙伴和客户以工具或授权的方式提供,它可以帮助客户更高效地规划,更快速地安装并且更有效地运行其计算环境。201311/264736Later this year, Brisbane will host the leaders of the world’s biggest economies at the G20 summit. This year’s summit will focus on boosting economic growth – because stronger economic growth is the key to addressing almost every global problem. The outcome should be more jobs, better infrastructure, freer trade and greater co-operation -- because these are the foundations of stronger economies. As President, Australia is aly leading by example. The Government’s Economic Action Strategy is delivering results. Since the end of last year, 110,000 new jobs have been created. We’ve also held a red tape repeal day to cut 50,000 pages of unnecessary red tape – as part of our plan to save Australians billion in red tape costs every year. We’re also scrapping bad taxes like the carbon tax and the mining tax – and the Government will keep talking to the new Senate so that this can happen as soon as possible. And the Government has signed free trade agreements with Korea and Japan. The agreement with Japan will benefit our farmers and our businesses – 97 per cent of Australia’s exports to Japan will receive preferential access or enter duty-free once the Agreement is fully implemented. And consumers here will benefit from less expensive Japanese cars and parts, and from lower prices on household items like white goods and electronics. This coming week, business leaders from around the world will meet in Sydney. My message to them is that Australia is open for business. Together, we can foster growth and we can and will create more jobs.201503/364768

He remembers people saying, as he was sort of half-conscious, he remembers people saying, Steiners been hit in the head. Steiners dead.他记得。在他处于半清醒状态时听到人们说:斯坦纳被射中了头部。斯坦纳死了。And he was thinking, Im not dead.他想:我没死。And he sat up.于是坐了起来。And Brendan realized after that he could not protect his men,and that was the only time he cried in Afghanistan,was realizing that.之后布伦丹意识到自己没能保护自己的手下在阿富汗那么久,他第一次哭了。因为他意识到没能保护他的战士。Thats brotherhood.这就是兄弟情谊。This wasnt invented recently.这不是什么新词。Many of you have probably The Iliad.在座的应该都读过《伊利亚特》。Achilles surely would have risked his life or given his life to save his friend Patroclus.阿喀琉斯宁可牺牲自己也要保护他的朋友普特罗克勒斯。In World War II, there were many stories of soldiers who were wounded,were brought to a rear base hospital,在二战期间也有许多故事,关于受伤士兵的故事。他们被送去后方战地医院。who went AWOL, crawled out of windows,slipped out doors, went AWOL,wounded,to make their way back to the front lines to rejoin their brothers out there.可是他们会逃跑,爬墙穿门。即使身负重伤也要回到战场。回到战士们中间。So you think about Brendan,you think about all these soldiers having an experience like that, a bond like that,所以想到布伦丹,就能想到这些战士。他们有着这样的经历,彼此之间建立起重要的纽带。in a small group, where they loved 20 other people in some ways more than they loved themselves.在一个小群体中关心着其他20个人胜过关心自己。You think about how good that would feel, imagine it, and they are blessed with that experience for a year, and then they come home,and they are just back in society.可以想象一下这是一种怎样的经历。他们有幸能有这样的经历回到家中回到社会中。like the rest of us are, not knowing who they can count on,not knowing who loves them,who they can love,not knowing exactly what anyone they know.像我们普通人一样不知道自己可以依赖谁。不知道谁关心自己,也不知道有谁值得自己关心不知道那些自己熟悉的人。would do for them if it came down to it.在自己倒下时会作何反应。That is terrifying.这是很恐怖的事情。Compared to that,war, psychologically, in some ways, is easy,compared to that kind of alienation.相比之下从心理上说,战争是很简单的,没有这种陌生感。Thats why they miss it, and thats what we have to understand and in some ways fix in our society.这就是为什么老兵会恋战。我们必须要理解这种陌生感并且尝试找到办法去回应这一问题。Thank you very much.谢谢大家。Applause掌声。201411/342698Both of us needed to be adults very early, but when we were together, we were two little kids having fun. We never collaborated together, we never performed together or danced on the same stage. Although he did try in vain one night to unsuccessfully teach me the ;moon walk;. And he just basically shook his head and crossed his arms at my attempt.我俩小小年纪就要做成大人的样子。但是当我们在一起时,就是两个贪玩的小孩子,真的非常非常开心。虽然我们从没合作过,从没在同一个舞台上表演过或一起跳过舞,不过我还记得有一天晚上,他教我“月球漫步”,可我没有学会。而他只是摇了摇头,抱着手臂,微笑地看着我尝试。We never filmed the or recorded a song, but what we did do was laugh. It was a competition to see who could make the other one laugh and his heart would just burst out of him when he was laughing. He adored it when I did silly imitations or told him stories about my life.我们从来没有一起拍过录像,或者录过歌,但是我们曾一起欢笑过。我们常比赛谁能笑得更多,或者谁能表现得更傻。迈克尔超级爱笑。他笑的时候就好像他的心都要跳出胸口了。当我做了傻乎乎的模仿或者和他讲我的生活故事时,他都会很喜欢。MJs laugh was the sweetst and purest laugh of anyones that I had ever known. His sense of humor was delightful, and he was very mischievous. I remember the night before Elizebeth Taylors wedding and he had called me prior and asked if I would join him. He didnt want to be alone for all the festivities. And it was the night before the big day. Michael and I tried to sneak in to get the first peek of the dress. We were giggling like crazy, and we almost passed out in his hysterics when we realized that Elizabeth was actually asleep in the bed. We thought she was in an entirely different room. We had to laugh and sneak out.迈克尔的笑声是我听过的最甜美、最纯净的笑声。他的幽默感也令人愉快,他还很顽皮。泰勒婚礼的前一晚他最先打电话给我,问我是否能陪他一起参加活动。他不想孤单一人出席这些活动。我还记得我们参加伊丽莎白·泰勒婚礼的前一晚,他和我尝试着偷偷溜进存放婚纱的房间,去偷看伊丽莎白的婚纱。我们一路狂笑,歇斯底里得几乎都要笑昏过去了,直到我们发现伊丽莎白就在那间房里睡觉,然后我们就笑着偷偷溜出来。我们原以为她会睡在另一个房间!201401/271498

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