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淮安市淮安医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱淮安市妇幼保健院阳痿早泄价格Attractive fathers do not pass their looks on to sonsAttractive fathers do not pass their looks on to their sons but they will hand their good looks down to their daughters, research shows.In a study of family photographs, psychologists Professor David Perrett and Elisabeth Cornwell - now at the University of Colorado have found that while both father and mother can influence the attractiveness of their daughters, the couple's good looks do not necessarily contribute to the attractiveness of their son as an adult.Handsome men with masculine looks are likely to pass on masculine features, but not facial attractiveness.The theory suggests it is not unusual for attractive parents to produce a beautiful daughter while failing to pass on the same good looks to a son.While many celebrity mothers produce stunning daughters - such as Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson or Jerry Hall and her daughter Georgia - the same is not necessarily true of celebrity fathers.Sean Stewart, the son of Rod Stewart and his first wife Alana, would probably be judged less attractive than his model sister Kimberly."We can't see a strong relationship between the parents' attractiveness and the sons. If the parents are supermodels, the chances are the daughters will be lookers," Perrett said.Prof Perrett said it has previously been suggested that a woman could increase her own reproductive success by choosing a "sexy" mate whose genes would be passed on to male offspring, making them irresistible to the next generation.But the new study, published in the current edition of the journal Animal Behaviour, contradicts the theory.He said: " When we looked at women's faces, we found clear evidence that attractiveness passed from both father and mother to daughter. For the male line, we find that facial masculinity conforms to the rule 'like father - like son'. Masculine dads have masculine sons.But we did not find any evidence that facial attractiveness is passed from father to son." /200904/66177淮安包皮环切术需要多少钱 To one who has just sneezed, people generally say, “God bless you.” In many European countries, sneezing is traditionally associated with death. Americans believe that one is very close to death when one sneezes, because sneezing can drive the soul from the head, or the life from the body. So to the sneezer they say, “God bless you”, as a charm against the danger of the moment. But some people have given more sensible explanations for the custom. They say it was St.Gregory who first said, “God bless you”, after others sneezed, because in his time there was a deadly disease, and sneezing was a sign that the sneezer might have caught the disease. Aristotle mentions a similar custom among the Greeks. One Greek writer tells us that sneezing was an important symptom of a disease that sp in Athens.打喷嚏对刚打过喷嚏的人,人们通常说:“上帝保佑你。“在欧美,打喷嚏意味着死到临头,因为过去有人以为打喷嚏会把灵魂从脑袋里打出去,或者把生命从身体里打出去。于是人们祝福一下,以化解危险。但还有一些解释似乎更合理。有人说是教皇圣格列高利最先说这句祝福话的,他在世时正流行一种致命的疾病,打喷嚏是一个症状。亚里士多德也在著作中提到,希腊人就有向打喷嚏的人祝福的习俗。另一位古希腊作家写道,雅典流行的一种疾病的重要症状就是打喷嚏。 /200906/74388Oscars chiefs promise 'bold, risky' show第81届奥斯卡颁奖礼将于2月22日在柯达剧院隆重举行。由于近年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼收视率持续下降,去年的第80届颁奖礼更是创历史新低。因此,美国电影艺术与科学学院决定在今年的颁奖礼上进行大胆改革,使其重新成为一大吸引人的“亮点”。据主办方透露,今年的典礼主持人为澳大利亚演员休#8226;杰克曼,典礼开场将不复以往老套的主持人独白,也不会放那些颁奖嘉宾预先录制的搞笑片段。典礼颁奖嘉宾的身份则一直处于高度保密状态,直到典礼当天才会闪亮登场。为了让颁奖典礼更加精,制片方要求提名演员在准备答谢词时要简短、真诚,要在仅有的45秒钟内说出最想说的话。Oscars organizers promised a bold new approach to this month's Academy Awards, at a star-studded luncheon here Monday to salute this year's crop of nominees.After years of declining viewing figures that culminated in last year's 80th Oscars recording an all-time ratings low, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have moved to revamp Hollywood's annual extravaganza.The co-producers of the February 22 show, Bill Condon and Laurence Mark, have so far kept full details of their planned changes to the Oscars' tried-and-tested formula tightly under wraps.However Academy president Sid Ganis told nominees at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Monday to expect some daring tweaks to the telecast."It's going to be a show that takes some bold risks," said Ganis.Oscars organizers have aly confirmed one change by announcing Australian actor Hugh Jackman as the host of the show, a departure from the recent tradition of popular comedians acting as compere.Among the changes reported to be contemplated by Mark and Condon are the decisions to dispense with the ceremony's opening monologue and to keep "canned" segments to a minimum.The identities of the presenters on the awards night have also been kept a secret when in previous years the Academy revealed presenters in the weeks building up to the ceremony.The New York Times reported Monday that the producers are seeking to boost the appeal of the show by asking studios to provide scenes from future films.Under the initiative, 10-second clips of around two dozen new movies would be shown as the show's credits roll.Meanwhile Ganis on Monday also urged nominees to give some thought to making their acceptance speeches memorable -- and short."As for the acceptance speeches -- you know what's required," Ganis said. "Be brief, be personal and be heartfelt. You have a grand total of 45 seconds."Ganis was speaking before an audience that included 15 of the 20 actors and actresses who are nominated for Oscars this year, notable absentees including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep.This year's Oscars are expected to be a shoot-out between rags-to-riches Mumbai-set romance "Slumdog Millionaire," which has 10 nominations, and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," with 13.Although historically the film with the most Oscar nominations has prevailed in the coveted best picture race, "Slumdog Millionaire" is widely seen as the clear favorite after a virtual clean sweep at key awards shows this year.The movie's favorite status solidified at the weekend after British director Danny Boyle scooped the top prize at the prestigious Director's Guild of America (DGA) awards, regarded as an important Oscars bellwether. /200902/61768淮安治疗不孕医院

淮安做人流医院哪个好布什女儿致信奥巴马女儿:享受白宫生活Bush's daughters advise Obama girls to have fun As George W. Bush vacates the White House, his twin daughters have passed on some advice to the Obama girls -- find loyal friends, slide down the banisters, and remember who your dad really is.Barbara and Jenna Bush, 27, reflected on their years in the White House in an open letter to 10-year-old Malia Obama and her 7-year-old sister Sasha, in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday."We also first saw the White House through the innocent, optimistic eyes of children," they wrote, acknowledging their seven-year-old perspectives when their grandfather George Bush was sworn in as the 41st president in 1989."Our seven-year-old imaginations soared as we played in the enormous, beautiful rooms."The twins returned to the White House in 2001 after their father was elected 43rd president of the ed States."The White House welcomed us back and there is no doubt that it is a magical place at any age," wrote Jenna, an author and school teacher, and Barbara, who has worked for various museums and charities.The twins advised the Obama girls to "absorb it all, enjoy it all," as four years goes by fast. But they also gave more specific advice:- surround yourself with loyal friends- if you're traveling with your parents over Halloween, don't let it stop you from doing what you would normally do- cherish your animals "because sometimes you'll need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide"- slide down the banister of the solarium, go to T-ball games, have swimming parties, and play sardines on the White House lawn. Have fun and enjoy your childhood- when your dad throws out the first pitch for the Yankees, go to the game- in fact, go to anything and everything you possibly canBut they cautioned the Obama girls that life as the First Daughters would not always be easy with their father portrayed differently than they know him."Many people will think they know him, but they have no idea how he felt the day you were born, the pride he felt on your first day of school, or how much you both love being his daughters," they wrote."So here is our most important piece of advice: remember who your dad really is." 布什已经离开白宫,而他的双胞胎女儿则为新任总统奥巴马的两个女儿留下了一些意见和建议,比如交几个知心朋友、滑楼梯扶手以及牢记自己的父亲是个怎样的人等等。布什的双胞胎女儿、27岁的芭芭拉和詹娜在写给奥巴马的两个女儿——10岁的玛利亚和萨莎的一封公开信中回顾了她们的白宫生活。这封信在本周二的华尔街日报上刊登。她们在信中写道:“我们第一次看见白宫时还是天真无邪的孩子。”1989年,七岁的詹娜和芭芭拉随祖父老布什、美国第41任总统入驻白宫。“在白宫又大又漂亮的房子里玩耍时,真让我们遐想无限。”2001年,布什当选美国第43任总统,俩又重返白宫。詹娜和芭芭拉在信中写道:“白宫又向我们敞开了大门,毫无疑问,白宫对于任何年龄的人来说都是一个神奇的地方。”现在,詹娜是一名撰稿人兼学校老师,芭芭拉则在几家物馆和慈善机构工作。这对双胞胎建议奥巴马的两个女儿“吸收一切,享受一切”,因为四年的时光转瞬即逝。不过她们还是给出了一些更具体的建议:·多交知心朋友·如果万圣节随父母出行,也不要打乱你的正常“计划”(译者注:指玩“不给糖果就捣乱”的游戏)·珍爱你的宠物,“因为有些时候你们需要无声的安慰,而这种安慰只有宠物能给你”。·从日光浴室的楼梯扶栏上滑下来,玩棒球游戏,参加游泳派对,在白宫的草坪上玩游戏。总之尽情在这里享受你们的童年时光。·去看你们的爸爸为纽约Yankee棒球队开球的那场比赛·总之,尽量参加所有的活动但同时她们也告诫奥巴马的女儿,做“第一女儿”并不容易,因为她们的父亲被塑造的形象会和她们所了解的不一样。她们在信中写道:“很多人自认为他们了解你们的父亲,但事实上他们永远不会知道当你们呱呱坠地时他的心情、你们第一天上学他感到的那种自豪,以及做他的女儿你们有多开心。”“所以这是我们最重要的一个建议:永远牢记你们的父亲是个怎样的人。” /200901/61412淮安哪里做人流经济 There's no denying the Web's value as a resource, but the temptation to quickly navigate from one site to the next makes it challenging to remember where the content was found. 网络的资源价值毋庸置疑,但人们在上网时习惯于很快从一个网站跳到另一个网站,很难记住具体内容是在哪个网站找到的。A query on hotels in Italy might lead you to select a link about Florence, then two links about Michelangelo and four links to Italian Renaissance art. Suddenly, the home page for a carefully researched hotel is forgotten. It's especially tough to backtrack through research using new sites with rich Web 2.0 features that display extra data directly within a Web page. 在网上搜寻意大利的饭店时,你可能会看到一个关于佛罗伦萨的连接,两个关于米开朗基罗的连接,四个关于意大利文艺复兴的连接。突然之间,你会找不到自己想看的饭店网页。如果你使用的浏览器有Web 2.0的功能,直接在网页中显示额外信息的话,那么回过头来寻找浏览过的网页变得尤其困难。Some people try to organize Web research by opening Microsoft Word documents alongside their browsers. They copy and paste data from sites into the documents, but this is usually a messy process that traps users into wasting time fixing formats and deleting ads. Others press Print whenever a helpful site appears, resulting in wasted paper and ink. Savvier users create folders within their Web browsers that hold multiple URLs about a research topic, but these data can't easily be shared or printed for use away from the PC. 有些人一边上网一边打开微软(Microsoft)的Word软件,以此规划自己的网络浏览记录。他们把网站的数据复制到Word文档中,但这是个烦人的过程,用户经常不得不浪费时间去调整格式和删除广告。有些人在找到想要的网页后就选择打印,但造成纸张和油墨的浪费。有经验的用户在浏览器中创建文件夹,存储关于其研究课题的各种网络链接,但这些数据很难与别人共享,身边没有电脑也很难打印出来。There's a better way, and this week I took it for a spin. I tested the HP Smart Web Printing Software, a free program from Hewlett-Packard Co. that aims to help users compile a virtual clip book of content from Web sites while they're browsing, within the same window. Using a tool in the browser, users highlight and copy images and text from a Web page and add them to the clip book. These clips can be edited, enhanced, saved as a PDF or printed out, without excess banner ads or sidebars. 还有一个更好的办法,这星期我尝试了一下。我测试了惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard Co.)推出的“惠普智能网页打印软件”(HP Smart Web Printing Software)。这款免费程序旨在帮助用户建立一个能管理网页内容的虚拟剪贴簿,并在一个窗口内即可完成这些工作。利用内嵌在浏览器中的工具,用户可以选择网页文本和图片,将其复制到剪贴簿上。剪贴内容可以编辑,整理,保存为PDF文件或打印出来,使用户免受条幅广告和边框内容的困扰。I tried a version of this program that will be available for download at the end of next month from www.hp.com/go/smartwebprinting. It improves on the first version of the program (available now using the same URL) in various ways, including allowing you to add your own text to the clip book and crop clip-book items. 我试用的这个版本在2007年10月末就能从www.hp.com/go/smartwebprinting下载到。它在最初版本(现已能在上述网站下载到)的基础上做了很多改进,包括允许用户自己添加文本到剪贴簿,并编辑剪贴簿的各项内容等。HP Smart Web Printing Software isn't without its quirks: It only works on Windows computers, not Macs, and only with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0. Not everything copies over to the clip book perfectly. Also, typed-in text has its limits: changing the font type, size or color of one word changes all words in the text box. 惠普智能网页打印软件也有其弱点:它只能在使用Windows操作系统的电脑上运行,不兼容Mac机;只能配合微软的IE6.0和7.0浏览器;并非所有内容都可完美地剪贴过去;输入文本也有限制,改变一个单词的字体、大小或颜色时,该文本框中的所有文字都会同样改变。But all in all, I found this smart program to be a real boon. It's unobtrusive enough to stay hidden until used, and you'll remember how it works even if you only use the program once in a while. It functions as a printing assistant, helping to send certain sections of a Web site to the printer, and it will also save whatever you're working on as a PDF -- the universal format for sharing with others. 但总的来说,我觉得这个智能程序大有用武之地。它并不张扬,只有使用时才显露身影;即使不经常用它,你也能记得如何操作;它是你的打印助手,能把要打印的网页内容输出到打印机;还能把选中的内容保存为PDF文件──这是一种与他人共享文件的通用格式。H-P likes to tout its HP Smart Web Printing Software's environmentally friendly qualities, namely its ability to print just what you want, without wasting ink or paper on extra pages that would otherwise print. But make no mistake about it: This product, while helping users not to print extra items from Web sites, still encourages users to print, thus helping H-P sell more of its high-margin ink and paper. 惠普公司大力宣传该软件的环保特性,比如它可以有选择地打印你想要的内容,这样一来便可节省油墨和纸张。不过,我们也要清醒地意识到:这个产品虽然便于用户少打印无用的网页内容,却会鼓励用户多打印文件,从而帮助惠普公司销售更多高额利润的打印机墨盒和纸张。I used the program to trim content from Web sites, printing more of what I wanted to in fewer pages. I focused on this program's clip-book functionality, which works as a bare-bones virtual scrapbook to organize research. 我利用该软件整理网页内容,以便在打印我想看的资料时减少用纸。我更看重的是这款软件的剪贴功能,它就像一本 素的剪贴簿,便于用户整理各类研究内容。 /200804/33390盱眙县做人流需要多少钱

淮安中山医院有治疗前列腺炎吗How do you spend your off hours? Do you watch television? Do you surf the web? Read articles here at Lifehack.org? There are many ways you can spend your leisure time. But is it really possible to get more out of your time off? Not just making this time more productive, but actually making it more enjoyable.Breaking the Work/Play DistinctionI believe the answer goes against what many of us have been taught about how to spend our free time. From early childhood we’ve been taught to divide everything to do into two groups, work and leisure. Work consists of all the things we need to do and leisure is everything else.Splitting the world this way isn’t necessarily wrong. But the subtle message contained in this split is that work and leisure shouldn’t resemble each other. Your work needs to be productive, efficient and challenging. Therefore leisure should be relaxing, accomplish nothing and be free of pressures.Why This Kills Your Free TimeThe problem is this assumption, that work should be the opposite of leisure, ruins your free time. The belief that the most enjoyable moments of life are spent relaxing in the fruits of our labor doesn’t match the real world. Research has shown that the most enjoyable moments of our life are the ones where we are most engaged.Psychology researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi recorded this phenomenon. He did this through a device that pinged at random points in time. The subject then filled out a form based on their feelings, thoughts and current activity. What he found was people have more enjoyable experiences from work than from their time off. He mentions this paradox in his book, Flow:“Thus we have the paradoxical situation: On the job people feel skillful and challenged, and therefore feel more happy, strong, creative and satisfied. In their free time people feel that there is generally not much to do and their skills are not being used, and therefore tend to feel more sad, weak dull and dissatisfied. Yet they would like to work less and spend more time in leisure.” [emphasis mine]I believe the dissatisfaction for work stems from the external need to work. Since we cannot exercise freedom in choosing to show up every morning, it is easy to begrudge the time there. Even if it produces positive experiences in our lives.The Answer Isn’t Becoming a WorkaholicI don’t believe the resolution of this problem, is to work all the time. I think that would only exacerbate a situation where people feel trapped by oppressive work schedules. Even if jobs can produce,challenging flow experiences, putting all your eggs into one basket can be risky.Instead, Fill Your Spare Time With Active LeisureActive leisure is free activities you choose that challenge and fulfill you. But because you take up these tasks through internal desires, not external constraints, you won’t feel trapped by them.Many people have found ways to incorporate active leisure into their lives. Taking up hobbies, sports and learning new skills even when time is limited. But as the standard forty hour workweek gets pushed longer and passive entertainment becomes easier to consume, it is harder to take up active leisure.Leisure is Hard WorkUpgrading your leisure time to make it more enjoyable isn’t always easy. This may sound backwards, since many people believe the purpose of leisure is to be easy. But sometimes the benefits of being active in your time off aren’t immediately apparent.Activity requires that you invest your attention. The body was designed to be efficient, not enjoyable, so it may resist your attempts to invest energy in anything non-essential.How to Start the Active Leisure HabitThere are many ways you can upgrade your leisure time, but it requires effort. Unlike watching television or relaxing, opportunities for flow need to be structured in advance. It can sometimes require planning and always requires an initial push of momentum to get started.I suggest an experiment. Try replacing some low-energy task with a more engaging one. Continue it for a month. After that month, if you don’t feel the new task is more satisfying than your old usage of time, quit. This is about enjoyment, not productivity, so you don’t need to feel guilty if you decide to switch back later.Suggestions for Active LeisureHere are a couple ideas to get the ball rolling:1. Join Toastmasters -At toastmasters.org you can find clubs near your location. There are thousands of them and they are a great experience. I’ve known many people who tell me Toastmasters is the highlight of their week.2. Start a Craft -Try learning a new hobby or restarting an old one. Painting, woodworking, sculpting, programming or blogging are all great starts. Buy a tutorial book to get you started and learn from there.3. Play Sports -Find a physical activity that will get you to move and provides a challenging environment. Not only will this keep you healthy, but it will put your mind into a state of flow more easily than sitting on the couch.4. Learn a New Language -Challenge yourself to learn a new language. This has always been a goal of mine. I’ve heard from many sources that it can be both challenging an enjoyable to gain fluency in a non-native tongue.5. Play a Game -Computer games and interactive entertainment can be great ways to produce flow. Although you can get addicted to the enjoyable environment, structuring a small amount of time to play games can engage you mind to have fun.6. Start a Project -One of my personal favorites is to get a new project going. Starting a project to complete something over the course of a couple months can be exciting and incredibly rewarding. Go start that novel you’ve been thinking about. /200903/64310 To learn a foreign language, the culture background of the target language will helps a lot. Take this sentence For example: 学习外语,外语的文化背景十分重要。以下面的句子为例: They had planned on marrying as soon as they graduated from high school but "Uncle Sam" had other ideas. 他们计划高中一毕业就结婚,但“山姆大叔”却另有主意。 Most of us know the "Uncle Sam" means the government of ed States. But suppose we don't know it, we will got misunderstanded. 大多数人都知道“山姆大叔”指美国政府,但是设想我们不了解这个词,我们就会弄不清是什么意思。 "Uncle Sam"是美国人的绰号。它源自1812-1814年间美英战争时期的一个历史传说。相传在纽约州的特洛伊城(Troy)有位年长的肉类加工商,名叫山缪尔#8226;威尔逊(Samuel Wilson)。他勤劳、诚实、能干,很有威信,人们亲切地叫他"山姆大叔(Uncle Sam)"(注:Sam为Samuel的昵称)。这位山姆大叔也是一位爱国者,他与父兄曾参加过美国独立战争。在1812年的美英战争中,他的工厂与政府签了一份为军队生产桶装牛肉的合同,美国政府每当收到他交来的经其亲自检验合格的牛肉,就将肉装入特制的木桶,并在桶上盖上US的记号。由于Uncle Sam的首字母是US,而美国(The ed States)的缩写也是U.S.,于是人们便把这两个名称合二为一了,意即那些经"山姆大叔"之手的牛肉,成了"美国"的财产。于是当地的人们就把"山姆大叔"当成美国的绰号,并逐渐流传开来。  19世纪30年代,美国漫画家根据历史传说,赋予"山姆大叔"形象,于是出现了一个蓄着胡子的高瘦老头形象。他头戴饰星高顶帽,身穿红、白、蓝三色燕尾和条纹裤(美国星条旗的图案)。虽白发苍髯,却精神矍铄,一派威仪。从此,这一形象就成了美国的象征。"山姆大叔"勤劳开朗的性格和爱国热忱,体现了美国人民的天性和精神。因此,1961年,美国国会正式承认"山姆大叔"为美国的民族象征和代表。 美国人的绰号,除了"Uncle Sam"外,还有"Brother Jonathan"和"Yankee"。"Brother Jonathan"代表美国人,源自华盛顿的好友,美国民族英雄、革命志士"Jonathan Trumbull"(1710-1785)。据说,华盛顿经常向他请教问题,而且亲切地唤他作"Brother Jonathan(乔纳森兄弟)"。至于"Yankee",最初是指在美国东北部新英格兰地区定居的殖民者。在美国南北战争(1861-1865)期间,"Yankee"的含义扩大了。南方军人把北方各州的士兵都叫作"Yankee(北方佬)"。在第一次世界大战(1914-1918)期间,"Yankee"简化成"Yank"。一唱起"The Yanks Are Coming(扬克来了)"这歌,欧洲那些处境艰难的协约国人民无不欢欣流泪。从那时起,"Yankee"对于欧洲人来说,就成了美国兵或美国人的代称了。在拉丁美洲,Yankee拼作Yanqui,在民族独立运动风起云涌的五十年代,长期遭受美国剥削和压迫的拉丁美洲人民发出了Yanqui go home!(美国佬滚回老家去!)的吼声,对美国的经济利益和政治影响可说是一个巨大的打击。洪泽县治疗便血多少钱盱眙县不孕不育多少钱



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