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Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires ever- being only 8 days too old to hold the title. Everyone knows who he is and what he has done for the Internet with the invention and wildfire sp of his social networking site, Facebook. Yet, he remains one of the most controversial figures in Silicon Valley, constantly under fire from allegations ranging from the theft of the idea for Facebook to privacy concerns. Zuckerberg has been an advocate of technology since he was 10 years old and both the mission and actions of Facebook have demonstrated this with the purchases of some of the coolest companies in tech to a new initiative to bring the Internet to the entire world. Despite being the infamous founder of the world#39;s largest social networking site, there are a lot of things people don#39;t know about Mark Zuckerberg, and as Zuckerberg himself will tell you, David Fincher#39;s Oscar winning film The Social Network has not helped the matter.Here are ten things you should know about Mark Zuckerberg:众所周知,马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)曾是全球最年轻的亿万富翁之一。虽然他的这一头衔只保持了8天就被更加年轻的成功者所取代。只要提及他的名字,定是无人不知、无人不晓。他所创立的网络社交平台——脸书(Facebook),更是风靡全球。即便这样,他仍然是硅谷(Silicon Valley)最饱受争议的人物之一,不断被指控其创立的脸书存在盗窃隐私等问题。扎克伯格十岁时就已成为一个实打实的;技术控;,脸书优越的运行程序明了他的;编程;能力。一些业内顶尖的技术导向型企业都选择购买脸书的版权,试图将这一互联网革新产品推广至世界的各个角落。尽管扎克伯格是一个;臭名昭著;的世界上最大的社交网站的创始人,可我们对他依然知之甚少。正如扎克伯格自己说的那样,很多事情就连大卫·芬奇(David Fincher)的奥斯卡获奖影片——《社交网络》(The Social Network)也没有铺开讲明。关于扎克伯格,我们还需知道以下十件事。10.Zuckerberg Is a Private Person Who Wants to Make the World a More Open Place10.扎克伯格只是一个普通人,他只是单纯地想让整个世界的沟通变得更加开放Zuckerberg gives very few interviews and considers himself to be a private person. But, his job has increasingly required that he do large events and speak on stage. Zuckerberg is often criticized after these events because he is not the showman that other tech giants are. For instance, he doesn#39;t have the calm, collected manner of the late Steve Jobs, nor does he have the crazed enthusiasm of Microsoft#39;s Steve Ballmer. Some have complained that Zuckerberg is a ;robot; and that he has been ;overprogrammed.; Interviewers have described him as speaking as though it were an instant message with few words and a flat voice. When asked if he is the same person on stage that he is with his friends, he agrees and says that he is indeed the same awkward person wherever he is.扎克伯格很少接受采访,因为他一直都觉得自己只是一个普通人。但是,他的工作属性需要他参加各式各样的大型活动,并在各式各样的舞台上发表讲话。扎克伯格毕竟不像别的科技巨头那样,有艺人般的表达技巧,每每活动结束,他都会被众人批评表达欠佳。怎么说呢,他没有史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)那样淡定的心态,也没有微软(Microsoft)史蒂夫.·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)的狂热态度。就像有的人抱怨的那样——扎克伯格的表现力简直太;程序化了;,活脱脱一个;机器人;!采访者评价他说话:语调平淡,寥寥数语。有人就表示疑惑,扎克伯格在舞台上讲话是这样,难道他和他的朋友私下聊天也是这样说话吗?事实上,扎克伯格承认自己无论在哪、同谁交流,都是这样一个尴尬的人。The release of the film ;The Social Network; did not improve Zuckerberg#39;s public image. After the release of the film, which is supposed to be based on the events surrounding the foundation of Facebook, Zuckerberg described the film as ;kind of hurtful.; He insists that both the writer, Aaron Sorkin, and the director, David Fincher, embellished his life to create a more interesting film. In reality, coding is not glamorous and Zuckerberg did not create Facebook to spite a girlfriend after a break up. In fact, he was aly dating his future wife at the time. Zuckerberg has said that his goal was never to make Facebook cool because he does not consider himself a cool person nor does he try to be. What he wants is for Facebook to be useful.电影《社交网络》的上映并没有对扎克伯格的公众印象有什么改善。这部围绕着脸书的创立所展开的电影上映之后,扎克伯格称这部电影对他来说就是;一种伤害;。他坚信,不论是编剧艾伦·索尔金(Aaron Sorkin),还是导演大卫·芬奇,都在不同程度上为了描绘自己想要塑造的故事而美化了他的人生。然而现实中,编程这件事并不像电影中那样华丽精,扎克伯格本人也没有在分手后创建脸书用以中伤其前女友。事实上,那个时候的他已经在同未来的妻子甜蜜约会了。扎克伯格曾表示,他从不认为自己是一个天赋异禀的名人,也并不想成为这样的人,所以他也从没想过让脸书变得如此火爆,他只是单纯地想让脸书变成一个对大众有用的社交平台而已。9.Zuckerberg Dropped out of Harvard to Devote His Time to Facebook9.扎克伯格为了创立脸书,选择了从哈佛辍学Zuckerberg was Harvard material. His application listed speaking five languages and he had an education in classics which he enjoyed. He was approached by both Microsoft and AOL while he was still in high school, and he is often described as having a brilliant and focused mind. Zuckerberg was accepted by Harvard to join the graduating class of 2006 to study psychology, which fascinated him. Zuckerberg insisted that he would finish college before his sister having no intentions of dropping out. When he arrived at Harvard, he found that programming was more interesting than his classes and he admits to having a rather scarce studying schedule.扎克伯格是哈佛大学的一名高材生。他的申请材料上罗列着他所掌握的五种语言以及他酷爱且接受过的古典教育。他还在读高中的时候,就经常被别人夸奖拥有一颗;杰出且敏锐;的大脑,小小年纪便收到了来自微软和美国在线的工作邀请。2006年,扎克伯格被哈佛大学录取,且加入毕业班学习他朝思暮想的心理学课程。扎克伯格说到,如果当时他的不同意他辍学,那么他一定会继续完成自己的大学课业。在哈佛学习时,他发现编程比他的心理学课程有意思得多,于是他开始疯狂地逃心理学课,旁听学习编程知识。Zuckerberg admits that most people in his life thought he would drop out of school long before he actually did. Although he wasn#39;t sure at the time that Facebook would become a viable company, his visit to Palo Alto inspired him to see where his coding mind might take him. While in Palo Alto, his first big investor wrote him a big check, insisting that Zuckerberg would drop out of school, even if Zuckerberg himself didn#39;t know it yet. His parents also always knew he would not finish college. But, Zuckerberg is not an advocate of leaving post-secondary education behind. He insists that it is a time for young people to explore their minds and develop new hobbies and interests.扎克伯格说到,他身边的大部分人都以为他会更早地从哈佛辍学,然而事实却有违众愿。那个时候,他并不确定脸书会在日后变成一个有巨大发展前景的公司,直到访问帕洛阿尔托市(Palo Alto)时他才受到启发——他的编程思维一定会引领他走向成功。在帕洛阿尔托市,扎克伯格人生中的第一个大东家给他开了一张巨额票,在扎克伯格自身都没有意识到时,这个大东家便笃定他一定会从哈佛退学。其实,他的父母也知道,扎克伯格想必是不会顺利从大学毕业了。但值得肯定的是,扎克伯格并不是;辍学;行为的倡导者。他认为大学时光在人生中占据十分重要的地位——年轻的我们有充足的时间探索自己的爱好和兴趣,进行头脑风暴。Other famous dropouts include Michael Dell of Dell, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple, Larry Page of Google, Evan Williams of Twitter, David Karp of Tumblr (who dropped out of high school at 14!) All of these guys are billionaires, some several times over, and all of them have had a dramatic impact on both the tech industry as programmers and the world as philanthropists.当然,还有很多我们所熟知的名人都没有完成他们自己的学业,比如迈克尔·戴尔(Michael Dell, DELL品牌)、比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates,微软)、史蒂夫·乔布斯(苹果)、拉里·佩奇(Larry Page,谷歌)、埃文·威廉姆斯(Evan Williams,推特)、大卫·卡普(David Karp,汤乐)等,他们最终都变成了亿万富翁。作为程序员,他们在高新技术产业上取得了重大成功。而作为慈善家,他们也为世界范围内的慈善事业做出了巨大的贡献。8.Mark Zuckerberg Insists That There Needs to Be More Women in Technology8.马克·扎克伯格坚持认为更多的女性需要加入科技行业He says that young women should be encouraged to do computer science by older women in the industry, but at the same time, there are not enough women in the industry to do so. It is a vicious cycle but Zuckerberg insists that tech companies need to do better because more diverse companies do greater things. Facebook has started a program that pays for their female employees to freeze their eggs should they want to delay plans to have a family to further their careers at the company. Women would no longer have to leave at critical moments in their careers to have children or care for their families. This program benefits both Facebook and its employees. Facebook is not alone in this uncommon movement, either. Apple has also announced a similar program for it#39;s employees. Facebook and LinkedIn have also announced a collaborative initiative to boost the number of women studying engineering and computer science. The initiative includes both mentoring and support programs at colleges across the country.他认为这一行业中年长的女性应该鼓励年轻女性参与到计算机科学中,但事实上并没有多少人这样做。这是一个恶性循环。扎克伯格强调,随着更多不同的公司做出了更好的东西,技术导向型企业必须更胜一筹。如果女职员们愿意为了在公司获得长远发展而推迟建立家庭,脸书将为其承担冰冻卵细胞的费用,这样她们就可以不用因为照顾家人或怀而在关键时刻离开岗位。这样对脸书及其员工都有好处。不只是脸书,苹果公司也为其员工提供了类似务。脸书和人际关系网(Linkedln)也宣布要合作进行一项创新,旨在增加学习工程与计算机科学的女性人数。它还会为全国大学生提供指导与持。Facebook is home to Chief Operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, who is worth .1 billion and is one of the wealthiest women in technology. In 2013, Sandberg published her book, ;Lean In,; in which she described some of her personal experiences to encourage women to pursue the top positions in their fields. Her book launched international conversation about women in positions in power.对脸书首席运营官(Chief Operating officer)——雪莉·桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)而言,脸书像是自己的家。她的身价已达110万美元,是技术领域最富有的女性之一。2013年,桑德伯格出版了《向前一步》(Lean In)一书,通过讲述一些个人经历来鼓舞女性在各自行业里获得最高职位。她的书引起了全球女性高管的热议。审校:围巾 校对:Candy 旭旭 /201507/386313淮安中山医院治宫颈糜烂淮安开发区泌尿科咨询The European car industry was shaken yesterday after Volkswagen’s share price fell almost 20 per cent over its admission that it cheated on US emissions tests, triggering calls for a broader inquiry into the sector.大众汽车(Volkswagen)承认其在美国的尾气排放测试中造假后,昨日股价暴跌近20%,还引发了对整个行业展开全面调查的呼吁。消息震惊欧洲汽车业。More than ㄠ3bn was wiped off VW’s market capitalisation, triggering a wider fall in carmakers’ shares, after Martin Winterkorn, the group’s chief executive, apologised and ordered an external investigation into the affair.大众汽车的市值蒸发逾130亿欧元,并拖累其他汽车制造商股价。该集团首席执行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)已就测试造假道歉,并下令对这件事展开外部调查。The German government called for an urgent probe into whether VW and other carmakers had also manipulated emissions’ tests in Germany. Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice-chancellor, said it was a “bad episode” for the car industry.德国政府要求紧急调查大众等汽车制造商是否也曾在德国接受排放测试时造假。德国副总理西格马尔加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)表示,这是汽车行业的一个“不光篇章”。The world’s second-biggest carmaker was ordered on Friday to recall nearly half a million cars in the US after it admitted to the US regulator, the Environmental Protection Agency, that it had fitted “defeat devices” to bypass environmental standards.世界第二大汽车制造商上周五被勒令在美国召回近50万辆汽车,此前它向美国监管机构——国家环境保护局(EPA)承认,它曾安装“欺骗装置”以便冒充达到环保标准。The EPS and California Air Resources Board have now begun procuring other manufacturers’ vehicles to test for similar devices, while Berlin plans to examine whether emissions data have been manipulated.美国国家环保局和加州空气资源委员会(California Air Resources Board)已开始采购其他厂商的汽车,以测试其是否安装了类似装置,而德国官方拟审查排放数据是否曾纵。The news prompted a fall in carmakers’ shares with Daimle, BMW, Renault and PSA Peugeot Citro渀 each being sold off amid investor concerns over the potential scale of the cost to the broader industry. VW faces billions of dollars in fines and warranty costs, possible criminal charges for executives and class-action lawsuits from US drivers.这一消息导致汽车制造商股价纷纷下跌,戴姆勒(Daimler)、宝马(BMW)、雷诺(Renault)和标致雪铁龙(PSA Peugeot Citro渀)均遭到抛售,投资者担忧整个行业潜在面临巨额成本。大众面临着数十亿美元的罚款和保修成本,还可能被美国车主提起集体诉讼,该公司的高管可能面临刑事指控。 /201509/400253淮安中山医院割包皮

淮安市中山医院无痛人流手术多少钱淮安市人民医院男科咨询Samsung has made a lot of money selling smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system. So why is Samsung trying again (and again, and again) to build out a competing operating system?三星(Samsung)依赖谷歌(Google)的安卓操作系统已经赚了很多钱。那么三星为什么还要反复尝试构建自己的操作系统呢?Android, which is open source, is free for Samsung to install on its Galaxy phones, Note mini-tablets, and other connected devices. It allows Samsung to outsource to Google the concerns of planning of future features, locking down security, and maintaining a marketplace, the Play Store, with more than 1.5 million apps. Best of all, it actually earns Samsung a cut of Google’s mobile advertising revenue.三星可以免费在其Galaxy系列手机、Note系列平板和其它相关设备上安装安卓的开源系统。三星相当于把规划未来功能、确保系统安全和维护应用市场(谷歌的官方应用市场Play Store已经拥有150多万款应用)的任务都丢给了谷歌。最妙的是,三星还能从谷歌的移动广告收入中分一杯羹。So why would Samsung bother with its own operating system? Because it can.那么三星为什么还要大费周章去构建自己的操作系统呢?因为它能做到。Samsung has tried many times to launch a phone running Tizen, an open-source operating system it is co-developing with Intel. It has made many promises along the way, such as using the OS for its high-end flagship devices. This week, it revealed that it would instead chase low-end devices in emerging markets such as India—an acknowledgement that, despite its efforts, Tizen lacks traction. (Neither Samsung nor Google responded to requests for comment.)三星已经多次尝试发布运行Tizen系统的手机了,Tizen是三星与英特尔(Intel)共同开发的系统。三星在这个过程中也做过不少承诺,如许诺在它的高端旗舰机型上使用Tizen系统等等。不过就在上周,三星发布了一款旨在进军印度等新兴市场的低端Tizen手机——这相当于承认尽管付出了不少努力,但是Tizen还是缺乏吸引力。(三星和谷歌都没有就此给出。)The technology community has long questioned the merits of the Tizen project. On one hand, the mobile devices market is largely dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, with Microsoft’s Windows Phone and the BlackBerry OS trailing far behind. A strong third player would heighten competition and spur further innovation, and Samsung—a massively successful manufacturer of devices around the globe—is best positioned to be it.科技界早就在质疑Tizen项目的魅力。一方面,移动设备市场很大程度上是由苹果的iOS和谷歌的安卓主宰,微软(Microsoft)的Windows Phone和黑莓(Blackberry)的BlackBerry OS只能远远落在后面亦步亦趋。如果有一个强势的老三,必将提高市场竞争程度,激励进一步的创新。而三星作为在全球范围内大获成功的设备厂商,可以说是一个最合适的人选。“If anyone can succeed at building that third ecosystem, it’s Samsung,” said Jeff Orr, senior practice director for mobile devices, content, and applications at ABI Research. “They make their own CPUs, modems, displays, software . . . it makes sense they would have a strategy to move away from Google, rather than locking themselves into something outside their own control.”ABI研究公司移动设备、内容与应用高级业务总监杰夫o奥尔指出:“如果说有人能成功构建第三大生态系统,那一定是三星。他们能生产自己的CPU、调制解调器、显示器、软件……因此他们摆脱谷歌也是说得通的,而不是继续把自己拴在自己无法控制的东西上。”On the other hand, previous operating systems (such as the ill-fated Palm OS) failed to disrupt an apparent duopoly. Less than five percent of smartphones around the world use operating systems that aren’t Android or iOS, according to estimates by IDC, the market research firm. Does the Korean electronics giant really think there’s room for one more?另一方面,之前一些昙花一现的操作系统(如命运多舛的Palm OS)也没能打破iOS和安卓的双头垄断。据市调机构IDC估算,全球使用iOS和安卓以外的其它操作系统的设备还不足5%。那么作为韩国电子巨头的三星,真的认为市场上还有足够的空间再容纳新的系统吗?Consider the plight of Windows Phone. Microsoft MSFT -1.48% , no mom-and-pop shop, has just 3 percent of the U.S. market and even less share globally. Or perhaps consider the mobile OS remainders bin: Palm, HP (after buying Palm), Nokia, BlackBerry, and a handful of others.大家可以思考一下Windows Phone的困境。微软的规模也不小了,但是它的WP系统只占据了美国的市场的3%,在全球市场上的占有率甚至还低于这个数。其它移动操作系统商的命运也都大同小异,比如Pam、收购Palm后的惠普(HP)、诺基亚(Nokia)、黑莓还有少数其他几家。So hitching oneself to Android seems sensible. Yet while Google’s operating system is free, it is far from without constraints. For Google’s own apps and its Play Store to come pre-installed on a phone, companies like Samsung must sign “Mobile Application Distribution Agreements” that dictate requirements that Google GOOG 0.50% has for every Android phone and tablet that ships from its partners.因此,搭安卓的便车似乎是一种合理的做法。不过尽管谷歌的操作系统是免费的,但是它并非没有限制。比如谷歌自家的应用和它的Play Store必须要预装在手机里;像三星这样的厂家必须与谷歌签订“移动应用分销协议”,在协议中,谷歌对其合作伙伴生产的每一部安卓手机都有明确的要求。Among them:其中包括:o Google will be the only search engine used on the device at all “access points” unless the owners themselves download alternatives.o 谷歌将是设备上所有“连接点”的唯一搜索引擎,除非用户自己下载了其它替代应用。o Google’s search bar will be at the top of the foremost home screen on the phone or tablet.o 谷歌的搜索栏要被放置在手机或平板电脑主页的最顶端。o A folder labeled “Google” containing a large number of Google’s apps and prominent placement of certain apps such as Gmail.o 必须有一个名叫“谷歌”的文件夹,里面包含大量谷歌的应用,比如Gmail等常用应用。Those agreements, according to a September report from The Information, are intended to enforce “consistency in the software experience by device makers.” Even before the newer agreements, there have been “frequent fights about” modifications, “particularly between Google and Samsung,” according to The Information.据科技网站The Information今年9月的一篇报导,这些协议旨在推动“设备制造商提供一致的软件体验”。就在最新的协议出台之前,谷歌和厂商就经常因为个别条款发生“经常争吵”,“特别是在谷歌与三星之间。”Other companies have grabbed Android’s open-source bits while avoiding Google’s demands. Among them: Amazon (for its Kindle Fire tablets and Fire phone) and the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. Both technology companies offer versions of Android that look and feel different from Google’s unadulterated version, yet are close enough at their core that developers can easily convert their apps for use in the Amazon Appstore or Xiaomi’sMiMarket. In China, Xiaomi recently overtook Samsung by claiming 16 percent of the country’s smartphone market. In the U.S., Amazon’s Fire phone flopped.其它厂商在抓住安卓开源的好处的同时,也避开了谷歌的要求。比如亚马逊(特别是它的Kindle Fire平板电脑和Fire手机)和中国的小米(Xiaomi)。这两家公司都提供的是安卓的变种系统,感觉上和谷歌的“纯净版”安卓很不一样,不过开发者也可以很轻易地把他们的应用简单修改后放到亚马逊Appstore或小米商城里。在中国,小米最近宣称已经击败了三星,占领了中国智能手机市场16%的份额。而在美国,亚马逊的Fire手机则失败了。So far, Samsung has succeeded in differentiating its Galaxy phones, Note tablets, and other products from Android-based competitors. Daniel Gleeson, senior analyst with IHS Technology, believes Google’s bundling is not really harming Samsung. “Google is simply better than Samsung at building those apps, and of course they are apps that are widely known and loved by consumers. Samsung’s strength is in its hardware engineering, not its software,” Gleeson said.到目前为止,三星在Galaxy手机、Note平板和其它相关产品的差异化上做得很成功。IHS Technology公司的高级分析师丹尼尔o格里森认为,谷歌的“捆绑销售”并不会影响到三星。他表示:“谷歌比三星更擅长构建应用程序,另外谷歌的应用也很有名,并且深受消费者的喜爱。三星的优势是在硬件工艺,而不是软件。”At the same time, Samsung has been pushing Tizen for use in other types of electronic devices such as cameras, watches, and refrigerators. The corporate market is also an option, says ABI Research’s Orr. Samsung has aly made steps into enterprise security with its Knox and SAFE programs; it could conceivably work its way into the workplace where support for popular consumer apps is less of a concern and customization of the operating system is more highly valued.与此同时,三星也在推动Tizen系统在相机、手表和冰箱等其它电子产品上的用。ABI研究公司的奥尔表示,企业市场也是一个可能的选项。三星已经通过Knox和SAFE项目在企业安全性方面有所建树。它完全可能继续深耕企业市场,因为这个市场并不在乎有多少流行应用,而操作系统的定制性却具有更高的价值。“For Samsung to boost development (it must) take Tizen to new devices, and hopefully own that space,” IHS Technology’s Gleeson said. “Samsung will need to provide some compelling use cases where Tizen can out-perform Android.”IHS Technology的格里森表示:“三星要想推动Tizen的发展,必须把它带到新的设备上,并且占据住那个领域。三星必须展示一些有吸引力的使用案例,明Tizen在某方面的表现要强于安卓。The clock is ticking. Samsung announced its lowest third-quarter operating profit in three years on Oct. 6, citing flagging sales of its top-end Galaxy phones, heavy marketing and price-cutting to fight the drop, and decreased component orders all around. What’s more, those results came before Apple AAPL 0.14% launched its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones, which carry larger screens that were once Samsung’s sole purview and sold in record numbers.时间在一分一秒地流逝。10月6日,三星宣布了三年以来最低的第三季度营业利润,其高端Galaxy系列手机的销量疲软、为了应对销量下降而花费的沉重营销费用和降价成本、零部件订单的下降都是导致利润降低的原因。雪上加霜的是,这些消息的宣布还是在苹果推出iPhone 6和6 plus之前。而iPhone 6和6 plus引以为傲的大屏,一度正是三星以前创下销量纪录的独家法宝。 /201411/344886Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick launched the latest salvo in his company’s battle with for supremacy in China yesterday, insisting that the ride-hailing company could outlast local rival Didi Kuaidi because of its huge balance sheets and more efficient spending practices.优步(Uber)首席执行官特拉维斯愠灓尼克(Travis Kalanick)昨日为该公司在中国的霸主之争发起最新攻势,坚称优步可以比本土对手滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)坚持更久,因为优步拥有庞大的资产负债表,而且在出上效率更高。Mr Kalanick accused Didi of being overburdened with lossmaking subsidies to the tune of m-m per week, which would represent about bn over the course of a year. “It’s not how much you spend, it’s how efficiently you spend,” he said, arguing that Uber spent less on driver subsidies per ride than Didi because of a more efficient structure.卡兰尼克声称滴滴亏损负担过重,每周需要补贴7000万至8000万美元,这样下去一年就是大约40亿美元。他说:“关键不在于你花了多少钱,而是你花钱的效率。”他表示优步在每一单上给司机的补贴少于滴滴,因为优步的结构效率更高。Didi rejected Mr Kalanick’s figures, saying that Uber “is being wildly creative about our numbers”, insisting that it was more efficient than its US competitor because it had more riders and drivers.滴滴否认了卡兰尼克提出的数据,表示优步“对我们的补贴数字拥有疯狂的创造力”,并坚称自己比美国对手更高效,因为滴滴拥有更多乘客和司机。“Didi holds over 80 per cent of the market, which means our competitor has to bleed subsidies to make up for inadequate numbers of riders and drivers,” the Chinese group said.这家中国集团表示:“滴滴拥有80%的市场,这意味着我们的竞争对手必须在补贴上投入巨大,以弥补乘客和司机数量的不足。”Mr Kalanick’s broadside is the latest in a long-running feud between the two companies, which have been bitter competitors since Didi was created out of a merger of China’s two largest ride-hailing apps last February.卡兰尼克此番猛烈抨击再一次显示了两家公司的长期争斗,自从去年2月中国两大打车应用合并成滴滴快的后,与优步的竞争变得更为激烈。Investors continue to plough money into taxi-app companies. Uber China, which operates as a separate entity, was valued at bn last September before it raised a further .2bn.投资者继续对打车应用公司投入资金。优步中国(Uber China)作为一个独立运营实体,去年9月估值达70亿美元,随后又融资12亿美元。Didi said that it was worth more than bn after its most recent funding round.滴滴表示最近一轮融资结束后,滴滴估值已超过160亿美元。Neither Uber nor Didi disclosed how much they spent subsidising drivers and riders. But both companies have invested about bn in the past year in China, much of which has been for that purpose.无论优步还是滴滴都没有透露它们对司机和乘客的具体补贴数字。但两家公司过去一年在中国投入了大约10亿美元,其中很大一部分作此用途。Mr Kalanick, who was in Beijing to sign a partnership with travel and logistics provider HNA Group, which owns Hainan Airlines, said that Uber would invest more in China.卡兰尼克昨日在北京与旅游和物流供应商海航集团(HNA Group)签订了合作协议,他表示优步将对中国加大投资。海航集团旗下拥有海南航空(Hainan Airlines)。“We have lots of cities around the world that are profitable and look forward to investing those profits in China,” he said.他说:“我们在全球许多城市都是盈利的,现在我们正期待将这些利润投入到中国。” /201601/422702淮安市治疗女性疾病多少钱淮安正规医院人流手术费用

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