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Todd: What do you think about plastic surgery — you know, like, especially lip implants, breast implants?托德:你怎么看整容手术?尤其是丰唇和隆胸这样的整容手术?Wendi: Yeah, absolutely. I would be like, maybe like four years ago, I was like, ;No; if you do that kind of thing you are so vain. Thats so not cool. And now, Im like, ;Yes, sign me up!; like ;Any spring specials?;温迪:完全赞同。如果是四年前,我可能会不赞同,当时我认为做那种事情完全是徒劳,并不酷。可是现在我会说:“算上我!”我会问有没有春季特价。Todd: Actually, how old are you?托德:你今年多大了?Wendi: 30.温迪:30岁。Todd: 30.托德:30岁。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Todd: OK, so youre saying that maybe when women get older, they think like OK maybe they would like a nip and tuck here and there.托德:好,你认为女性年老以后,会愿意接受拉皮整形手术吗?Wendi: Yeah, absolutely you know, you know move some stuff from place to place. I dont have to give up any parts but you know just place it in a more appropriate location.温迪:对,当然愿意,你知道,去掉各个地方的皱纹。我不用放弃任何部分,只是让它们复位,回到更合适的位置去。Todd: Interesting.托德:有点儿意思。Wendi: Yeah. I dont think its so bad.温迪:对。我认为这并不坏。Todd: Yeah.托德:对。Wendi: Yeah. Like you know, some minor maintenance, I think. Nothing wrong with that.温迪:嗯,你知道,这就像日常保养一样。没什么不好的。Todd: Maybe if you do it once but two problems. One — I think, I dont understand the breast implants. I think most men dont like them.托德:也许你可以做一次,现在我有两个问题。第一个问题是,我不理解隆胸手术。我认为大部分男性并不喜欢。Wendi: I think most men do like them actually.温迪:可是我认为大部分男性确实喜欢。Todd: No way.托德:不可能。Wendi: Yes.温迪:是这样的。Todd: I doubt it.托德:我对此表示怀疑。Wendi: Yes, of course they do.温迪:他们当然喜欢。Todd: It looks just terrible.托德:那看上去太糟糕了。Wendi: What kind of men do you hang out with?温迪:你经常和哪种男性朋友一起外出?Todd: Actually, thats a good question. Ive never actually asked another man.托德:这是个好问题。其实我没有问过其他男性这个问题。Wendi: Oh, you dont have friends.温迪:哦,你没有朋友。Todd: Thats — you hit on the truth there. Thats so true.托德:你说出了真相。的确是这样。Wendi: What were we saying though?温迪:我们在说什么?Todd: I dont know. Well, there was two things. I dont have friends and breast implants.托德:我也不知道。我们说到了两件事,我没有朋友,还有隆胸手术。Wendi: Im joking. But actually, for me, I wouldnt get breast implants because I couldnt run.温迪:我是开玩笑的。实际上,对我来说,我不会去做隆胸手术,因为这样会对跑动造成影响。Todd: Oh, you cant run. Thats a good point, huh?托德:哦,会妨碍你跑动。这个观点很好,对吧?Wendi: Well, I dont know if its just like, I cant imagine you could, well, I mean, Im sure people do, but I mean like actually play sports and stuff. I wouldnt want to like dive onto the ground to catch like a frisbee and the chance that they would explode or anything could happen.温迪:我不太了解,也没法想象,我知道人们会做隆胸手术,但是我指的是参加体育活动的影响。我不希望在我冲向地面去接飞盘的时候,会发生假体爆炸或其他的事情。 译文属 /201506/381817。

Kara: So, Lupe, you moved to the ed States when you were about eight, and you had to learn English because Spanish is your first language. What did you think about bilingual education in the ed States?卡拉:卢佩,你八岁的时候搬到美国生活,你的母语是西班牙语,所以你搬到美国后要学习英语。你认为美国的双语教育怎么样?Lupe: You know coming in, I was really, really scared of not being able to communicate with other children and being able to fit in. But coming at a really young age like that, you realize that its not as hard to learn the language and the school I happened to go to had a great bilingual program and they were actually helping us continue our Spanish speaking education and the ing and writing, which was great because I never wanted to lose that aspect of my life and a lot of kids had to do that because there are schools that dont have bilingual programs, so a lot of kids our born and raised speaking Spanish, but once they start school and they start learning English they really forget their Spanish, so it was really important for me to be able to learn the English language, but still be able to know the Spanish language and its a great benefit because now in my job it really helps me to be bilingual and not only to speak both languages but to be able to and write both because its really important to be able to communicate with other people not only, you know, speaking but also in ing and writing.卢佩:你知道,我搬到美国以后,曾经非常害怕和其他的孩子交流,我也无法很好的适应。不过在很小的年纪搬到美国的好处是,学习语言不会那么难,而且我念的那所学校拥有非常棒的双语教学体系,老师帮助我们继续西班牙语听说读写的学习,这点非常棒,因为我不想让这些在我的生活中消失,可是有很多孩子却必须这么做,因为有些学校没有双语教学体系,所以有很多出生后说西班牙语长大的孩子在美国上学,开始学习英语以后,都会忘了西班牙语怎么说,所以对我来说,既能学习英语又能继续学习西班牙语非常重要,而且这给我带来了很多好处,会说两种语言对我工作上的帮助很大,我不仅会说两种语言,而且能阅读两种语言也能用这两种语言写作,因为和其他人交流时,不仅仅是说,读写也非常重要。Kara: Now, youve also taken classes in French in school. Do you think it has been easier learning French through a textbook or learning English being thrown into the ed States and having to learn it?卡拉:你在学校里还学过法语。你认为是通过教材学习法语更容易,还是在美国有语言环境的情况下学习英语更容易?Lupe: I think learning a second language made it that much easier to jump in to a third language. You aly sort of have a foundation of what its like to start learning to speak a different language and communicate in a different language, but as you get older I definitely think it gets a little harder with pronunciation and different, you know, different aspects of the language and learning it, but I think it depends a lot on the teachers and the way they teach the language because I can a textbook and try to understand what they are teaching but its a lot easier when I have someone in front of me who knows the language, who can answer my questions and not only that: someone I can listen to and see the pronunciation and make sure that Im doing it correctly.卢佩:我认为学会第二种语言后再学第三种语言就容易多了。因为你已经有了基础,你已经知道如何开始学习其他语言,知道如何用另一种语言去交流,不过随着年龄的增长,在学习时会更难掌握发音和语言的其他方面,不过这很大程度上取决于老师和他们教学的方法,因为我可以看教材去理解他们教的内容,而如果我身边有一个懂这种语言的人会更利于学习,因为这个人可以解答我的疑问,而不仅仅是教我发音,确保我的发音正确而已。Kara: Now, do you think it would be easier for you to learn French if you actually went to France and lived there?卡拉:你认为如果你去法国生活,学习法语更容易一些?Lupe: Definitely. I think being around other people that speak the language make it that much easier to learn the language and I think thats why I learned to speak English when I moved here so quickly because I was surrounded by people who primarily spoke English, so there were times when I had no choice but to try and speak it and it kind of forced me to give it a try even more when I was afraid because I had no other way to communicate, so I think being around others who speak and understand the language definitely makes it easier for you to understand it and learn it quicker.卢佩:当然是。我认为旁边有说这种语言的人会让我更容易地学会这种语言,我搬到这里以后能很快地学会英语,就是因为我周围的人们都说英语,我没有别的选择,只能学着去说英语,虽然我有点害怕,但是我不得不去试,因为我没有其他方法来交流,所以我认为有语言环境的话,肯定会更容易去理解这种语言,也可以更快地学会。译文属 /201512/413696。

我们家的洗衣机上星期坏了,我到商店去买了个新的,说好了昨天送到家里来。我专门请假在家里等,到最后也没等来。我打电话过去问,才知道他们把时间改成了明天,真是气死我了,我真想......对了,形容我现在的心情,用;fix someones wagon;是再合适不过了。大家都知道,fix有修理的意思。wagon是马车的意思。不过,Fix someones wagon可不是助人为乐,帮人修车,而是要设法报复别人的意思。那家商店的人,说好了昨天送货,害我浪费了整整一天的年假在家等他们,结果却没来,气得我真想好好报复他们。下面这个人上大学的时候,宿舍室友经常偷他的东西。让我们听听他是怎么修理这些人的。例句-1:Again and again, Id go into the kitchen in my dorm only to find that my roommates had eaten my food. So I bought some cupcakes and replaced the vanilla frosting with toothpaste. That fixed their wagon. They never stole from me after that!这个人回忆说:我经常发现放在厨房里的食物被室友偷吃了。所以有一次,我就买了一些小蛋糕,把上面的香草霜去掉,换成牙膏,着实报复了他们一番。他们从此再没偷吃过我的东西。这种做法真是够绝的。既给了他们点教训,又不会造成太大的伤害。如此fix someones wagon, 确实行之有效。******在美国,性骚扰是一个很严重的问题,而且属于违法行为。然而,工作场所性骚扰的情况还是屡禁不止,由此引起的官司也是接连不断。让我们来听听下面这个男子讲他女朋友的遭遇。例句-2:My girlfriend works in a restaurant. She likes her job, but her boss has been making rude and suggestive comments and grabbing at her. I told her I wouldnt let him harass her anymore. Were going to get a lawyer and fix his wagon.他说:我的女朋友在一家餐馆干活。她很喜欢这份工作,但是她的老板一直对她十分无礼。不仅经常在嘴上占她的便宜,有时候甚至还会动手动脚。我告诉她说,我们绝不任凭他这样肆无忌惮下去。我们要找个律师,好好收拾收拾他。英语里有句话叫;Dont get mad, get even.;没错,是别生气,去报复。不过有的时候,也不能意气用事。上个周末,我老公开车,遇到一个蛮横无理的司机,突然插到我老公的车前面,差点没出事。我老公怒气冲天,真想追上去fix her wagon. 好在他马上就冷静了下来,知道跟这种人斗没意思,万一再出个车祸,就更不值得了。 /201504/370049。

Joel: So, youre from a smaller island. What kind of concerns do people on your island have or what kind of concerns do you have?乔尔:你来自一个小岛。岛上的居民关心什么事情,或者说你关心什么事情?Patricia: For the world you mean?帕特里夏:你是说世界范围吗?Joel: Right. Right.乔尔:对,没错。Patricia: Well recently, when I was in high school I had a friends aunt who died from AIDS and she was probably the first victim of AIDS, the first AIDS victim in our country and from then on Ive had a concern about AIDS. I think its a very sad issue that should be — people should be concerned with at present and being at a university that is in Asia at the moment I think that the country that Im living at now (which is Japan). They have this issue but the thing is their cultural understanding is a bit limited to a certain degree whereby theyre not allowed to accept the fact that there are AIDS victims. So I think that like other countries Japan should be one of the countries that should be concerned with AIDS, should have projects and should have workshops and lectures to discuss certain things.帕特里夏:我上高中时有个朋友的阿姨因为艾滋病去世了,她可能是我们国家第一个感染艾滋病的患者,从那时起,我就一直非常关注艾滋病。我认为这是一个令人难过的问题,这是人们现在都应该关注的问题。我现在在亚洲上大学,在日本生活,日本也有艾滋病患者,但是他们的文化在一定程度上限制了他们的思想,他们不接受存在艾滋病患者这个事实。所以我认为和其他国家一样,日本也应该重视艾滋病,应该出台计划,举办研讨会和讲座进行探讨。Joel: Youre involved in those sort of things here arent you?乔尔:你在日本参与了类似的活动,对吧?Patricia: Yes I am. Ill be organizing an event particularly for the AIDS lectures and workshops which will be held in December. Well be discussing and we would like to come up with a summary which basically teaches Asian students, basically Japanese students about the importance of accepting AIDS in their community and how they should be aware of it and how they should be on the safe side rather than on the not-so-safe side. So...yeah.帕特里夏:对。我将组织一场活动,主要进行艾滋病讲座和研讨会,活动将于12月进行。我们会进行讨论,会传授亚洲学生,主要是日本学生接受社区内存在艾滋病这一事实的重要性,以及教导他们如何正确看待艾滋病,如何保持安全避免风险。Joel: I see. So it sounds like you keep yourself very busy.乔尔:我明白了。听起来你非常忙。Patricia: One has to be.帕特里夏:人就是要忙一些。Joel: I dont know when you have time to study.乔尔:你还有时间学习吗?Patricia: I put in time for that as well.帕特里夏:当然我也会安排时间学习的。Joel: What will you actually teach them at the conference like specific things to make them aware?乔尔:在研讨会上你会传授哪些他们应该知道的信息?Patricia: A lecture. We have lectures which is basically done by doctors or health clinic individuals who know more about AIDS. Then we facilitate students from our university who have researched or who have had previous experience with the disease or who have worked at a medical institute for example or have worked with people who have AIDS before. We use these individuals to be facilitators whereby we have workshops and they will teach people who will be coming to our conference or our meeting about the program. What they do is they give out condoms and we write posters and we inform them of issues of how AIDS comes about, the origins of AIDS anyways. How it comes about, what should be done when you have it, who you should be consulting with, what other diseases or sickness or how you can actually get AIDS. And we also, the other things we do is we inform them of how important the victims of AIDS — we should actually be supporting them as well. Like, thats what we teach them we give ideas of how these families, these victims, what they go through when they are having the disease, how their families oppose them. Some people dont really accept their children once they have AIDS for example. So what we do is that we teach individuals that in a humane sort of way, a disease which kills and is caused probably by either your own choice is something that you also have to have that concern for them. You have to say, ;Oh Im sorry that you have AIDS but would you like support?; This is the important thing. I think its basically to do with a humane cultural view. Not cultural view but a more humane global view.帕特里夏:我们会举行讲座。我们会请更了解艾滋病的医生和医务工作者来讲课。我们会邀请曾经研究过艾滋病或有艾滋病经验的学生,以及那些在医疗机构工作或接触过艾滋病患者的人。我们会邀请这些人作辅导员,向参加研讨会或参加活动的人传授艾滋病知识。辅导员会分发避套,我们还会制作宣传海报,讲解艾滋病是如何产生的以及艾滋病的起源。我们会告诉人们艾滋病是如何产生的,感染后应该做什么,应该去哪里咨询,艾滋病可能引发的疾病,艾滋病的传播途径等。我们还会教导人们理解和持艾滋病患者的重要性。我们在传授这些信息时,会告诉人们艾滋病患者在感染后是如何度过的,他们的家人是怎么反对他们的。举个例子,有些人不接受得了艾滋病的孩子。我们要做的就是让人们知道,这个致命疾病可能是由自己的选择导致的,人们要以人道的方式去关注这个问题。你要说:“哦,你有艾滋病这件事让我很难过,你需要持吗?”这点非常重要。我认为要从人文的角度去看待这个问题,不是文化角度,而是从人道的角度去看待。 译文属 /201505/376410。

unit 429驾车加油dialogue 英语情景对话A:Excuse me. Where is the nearest gas station?A:劳驾,请问最近的加油站在哪?B:Turn right, and you will find one about a mile ahead.B:右转,然后你会在前面大约一英里处发现加油站。A:Thanks. (At the gas station)A:多谢。(加油站)A: Fill it up, please.A:请加满。C:Shall I check the oil?C:要不要检查油?A:Sure.A:好的。 /201605/446835。

讲解文本:go too far 走得太远,太过火,过分Dont go too far, or youll get into trouble.不要太过分,否则你会有麻烦I dont mind a joke, but this is going too far.说笑话我不介意,但这也太过分了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201701/488506。

话说昨天我接到了我的电话,她跟男朋友吵架了,特别伤心。她把他们吵架的内容一句一句转述给我,足足讲了两个多小时! 这让我想到了一个习惯用语:blow by blow.Blow, 这个词本身的意思是“敲击”,而blow by blow作为一个习惯用语的意思是 “详细地描述事情经过”。My sister told me the fight blow by blow,我把她跟男朋友吵架的事原原本本告诉了我。下面这个句子谈到一对好莱坞夫妇,Debbie and Charles。我们来听一听:例句-1:Whats happened to one of Hollywoods hottest couples? First, Debbie learned that Charles had a serious gambling problem. There was a huge fight. A couple months later, Debbie threw all of his belongings into the street. He moved out, and then asked for a divorce. Thats the blow by blow so far.这段话是说:好莱坞最红的夫妇,Debbie和Charles之间到底怎么了? 原来啊,Debbie得知Charles特别好赌,他们俩大吵了一架。几个月之后,Debbie把Charles的所有东西都扔到了大街上。Charles搬了出去,还提出跟Debbie离婚。目前知道的就是这些。当个明星真不容易。现在社会,各种录音设备齐全,仔队很容易就能give a blow-to-blow description of their private life, 他们很容易就能详细披露明星的私生活。******我有个朋友前几天在外面等人的时候,目睹了一次抢劫的经过! 他向警方详细描述了他所看到的情况。让我们来听一听:例句-2:I was waiting outside of the bank. And, through the window, I saw the robber approach the teller, pull out a gun, and demand that she hand over all the money from her drawer. Then he shot at a guard before running out the side door. Since I saw it all happen, it was easy for me to give the police a blow-by-blow description.这段话是说:我当时在外面等人。透过窗户我看到那个抢劫犯走向出纳员,拔出一把,逼她把抽屉里的所有现金拿出来。之后他向警卫开,从侧门逃了出去。因为我一直在那,所以我能够向警察详细描述事情的全部过程。有了这么详尽的描述,警察寻找起嫌疑犯来一定容易多了。请大家注意,blow by blow,也可以当作形容词来用,意思是“详尽的”。比如说,a blow-by-blow description, 详尽的描述;a blow-by-blow analysis, 详尽的分析; a blow-by-blow review,详尽的审查。做形容词的时候,我们一般要在这个短语之间加上hyphen, 连字符。 /201609/463157。

1. Shopping Budget 1.购物预算 A: Check out my birthday haul!A:看我的生日收获!B: Wow, thats a lot of cash!B:哇,这是一大笔现金!A: My relatives were really generous.A:我的亲戚真的很慷慨。B: What are you gonna buy with it?B:你要用它们买什么?A: Well, Im going to save half of it.A:好吧,我要把一半存起来。B: What?! You could buy so much with this!B:什么? !你可以用这些钱买好多东西!A: I know, but I want to save some for later.A:我知道,但是我想为以后节约一些。B: Well, maybe you can still afford that new game.B:好吧,也许你仍然可以负担得起那个新的视频游戏。A: No way! Im going to stretch this money.A:没门!我要利用这笔钱赚钱。B: How are you going to do that?B:你要如何做到呢?A: Im going to buy used games instead.A:我要去买二手游戏。B: Well, I guess a used game is better than nothing.B:好吧,我猜一个二手游戏总比没有的好。 /201510/403677。