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SETI研究员赛斯.肖斯塔克打赌说我们会在接下来的24年里找到外星生物,否则他就免费请你喝杯咖啡。在TED的加州圣何塞拍摄点,他解释了新的科学技术和概率学规律是如何明寻找外星人很可能有重大突破的-- 也预测了如果发现一个比我们先进很多的文明会对地球造成什么影响。201312/270233Your partner can be emotionally unfaithful to you when they become emotionally connected to someone else.当你的伴侣对其他人产生情愫时,可能会精神出轨。You Will Need你需要Reflection反思Communication skills沟通技巧A plan计划Steps步骤STEP 1 Reflect1.反思Ask yourself if you are being too sensitive or if your partner is being thoughtless.问一下自己,是你太敏感还是你的伴侣太粗心大意。STEP 2 Define2.定性Define what the issues are. If your partner is withdrawing emotionally, define what that means to you so you can communicate that concern later.确定一下事件的性质。如果你的伴侣投入了感情,确定一下这对你来说意味着什么。这样有利于稍后沟通。STEP 3 Communicate3.沟通Talk to your partner. Ask them what is going on and why they are seeking emotional support from someone else.跟你的伴侣谈一下。问一下他们到底怎么回事,他们为什么向其他人寻求感情寄托。If communicating is too difficult, seek the help of a professional.如果沟通很困难,寻求专业帮助。STEP 4 Share your needs4.分享需求Share with your partner your needs and what is acceptable behavior. Make sure your partner is committed to change.跟伴侣分享你的需要,告诉他们哪些行为是你可以接受的。确保伴侣决心改正。STEP 5 Plan5.计划Plan with your partner changes you can make to build trust and intimacy again.与伴侣一起制定计划,你们决定作出哪些改变来重建信任和亲密。Did you know? As few as 46 percent of men believe that online affairs constitute adultery.你知道吗?只有46%的男性相信网恋构成通奸。201412/349584

  Victory! And the male can return to guard his female.打赢的公乌贼 可以回去守护母乌贼Cuttlefish are great communicators,乌贼是一流沟通者but there is a flip side -但这种绝技有黑暗面they can also be masters of deception.它们也能成为诈欺高手This male is too small to fight for a mate, but he has another plan -这只公乌贼太娇小 无法打斗争取交配机会and its sneaky.但它另有一个狡猾计划He approaches the couple cautiously,它小心接近这对乌贼holding his tentacles tucked up at the front,收起触手举在面前mimicking a female that wants to mate.模仿想要交配的母乌贼To complete his disguise,为了完成伪装he changes colour to appear even more like a female.它还改变体色 让自己更像女生The guarding male seems convinced,站岗的公乌贼似乎上当了maybe he thinks his luck is in -或许它自以为鸿运当头another female to add to his conquests.多了一只母乌贼让它征201310/259972

  Listen to me, please.请听我说。Youre like me, a Homo sapiens.你跟我一样是智人。A wise human.一个有智慧的人。Life, a miracle in the universe, appeared around four billion years ago, and we humans only 200,000 years ago.生命是宇宙的奇迹。出现于约四十亿年前,而我们人类只有二十万年历史。Yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance...但是我们却破坏了。that is so essential to life on Earth.地球生命赖以生存的平衡。Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it.请细听这个不寻常的的故事,你的故事。然后决定你应该做什么。These are traces of our origins.这是我们的起源的轨迹。At the beginning, our planet was no more than a chaos of fire, formed in the wake of its star, the sun.最初 我们的星球不过是一个浑沌的火球。伴随它的恒星-太阳诞生而形成的。A cloud of agglutinated dust particles, similar to so many similar clusters in the universe.一团粘聚的尘埃颗粒。就像宇宙里面许多类似的星云。Yet this was where the miracle of life occurred.然而生命的奇迹就在此诞生。Today, life- our life-is just a link in a chain of innumerable living beings...今天 我们的生命是地球上无数生物形成的生命链中的一环。201409/329539。

  Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Waist Size ChangesA new study found that a womans waist size may be tied to her chances of developing breast cancer after menopause.Host: A surprising new study that concludes that women’s development of breast cancer after menopause may be tied to the changes of waist size. As a gymnast here, please explain.Guest: Well, this is the actual study, you guys, very dense statistics. Epidemiology in there. But basically, this really looks at the issues: weight, weight gain, body mass index and that central adiposity is we refer to as, which is the fact of our main section, and how they are all associated with our breast cancer. And the bad news, which was actually kind of surprising, is that for each size’s increase, so you go from size 10 to size 12, in a woman’s skirt or pants’ size, in her 20s, 30s or 40s, her risk of post menopause breast cancer goes up by 33 percent.Host: But is it natural for your waist to get bigger over time?Guest: Well, I am second minded. I mean, It is, and of course we see it over time, but this is really what is interesting about it, is thought to be used as a proxy or an easy-to-understand way that we can kind of track what our risk factor for breast cancer may be.Another guest: So what is the thinking behind this possible connection?Guest: The theory, because again it didn’t show cause and effect, is that weight, the fat, that concentrated in our middle section, sometimes we refer to it as waist fat, is more dangerous and hormonally active and actually produce estrogen and trigger our breast cancer . So… watch your weight, watch your alcohol, exercise more and if your waist size is increasing, possibly you need different types of slimming. But we are not very young. Er, suck it up. Suck it up.Host: Dr. Ashton take your question in this morning and tweet her at doctor J. Ashton. /201410/334995

  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》There he goes!他过来了Hes gone ten centimetres in four seconds,他4秒钟内爬行了10厘米but were running at 500 frames a second,但我们是500帧一秒which is 20 times normal time.比正常时间慢了20倍So in fact, hes covered those ten centimetres in...那事实上 那10厘米距离他用了...We know that he does half a metre in one second.我们知道他1秒钟能爬半米Half a metre per second, yep.1秒半米 没错50 centimetres in one second, roughly.大约1秒50厘米So, how many body lengths is that?那相当于他的几倍身长Hes maybe doing five body lengths a second,他1秒之内能走5个身长if hes two metres tall like I am.如果他像我一样有2米高Are you? Yeah. Thats how much more than a normal man I am.你有这么高 我就是比一般人高Eventually, the duo decide that if the silver ants were our size,换算过来 如果银蚁有人类的体型theyd be doing 280 miles an hour.他们可以达到280英里的时速Theyre one of the fastest sprinters in the animal kingdom.他们是动物世界中最快的短跑健将之一了No wonder weve been struggling to film them.难怪我们拍摄得如此困难It does explain a few things.那确实说明了不少事情内容来自:201405/298671Chinas National Meteorological Center is warning the public to prepare for rainstorms in large parts of the country.中国国家气象中心发布预警,提醒中国大部地区公众注意防范即将到来的暴风雨。Heavy rains and scattered thunderstorms are expected to hit in the Eastern parts of Tibet, Western and Southern Yunnan, the Sichuan Basin, and large parts of West, North and Northeast China. The Sichuan basin, Northern and Southwest Shaanxi Province, and Southern Liaoning Province are forecast to receive precipitation of up to 180mm.暴雨和零星雷电天气将会袭击西藏东部,云南西部和南部,四川盆地以及西部大部分地区,华北和东北地区。四川盆地,陕西北部和西南部以及辽宁南部预计降水将达180mm.201307/248608Don’t go out to eat and be disappointed in your selection again. With careful consideration given to every entree and a couple tips you can order the best dish anywhere.下次外出点菜时不必再为自己的选择感到失望了。根据主菜和我们提供的建议,你在任何地方都可以点到最好的菜肴。You Will Need你需要Restaurant餐厅Menu菜单Step 1: Read the entire 1.仔细阅读菜单Read reviews of the restaurant online before you go. Once you arrive, peruse the entire , ing the descriptions carefully.在去餐点之前最好看看网上的。到了店里要仔细阅读整个菜单,包括里面的简介。Find out from your server if there are any specials being offered.向侍应生了解有没有什么特色菜。Step 2: Skip the basics2.跳过每个饭店都会有的那些家常菜Skip the basic dishes that are available in just about any restaurant.跳过每个饭店都会有的那些家常菜。Ask the server for recommendations, but be wary if they seem to be pushing a certain option a little too hard. Servers sometimes recommend bad sellers or items that the kitchen is trying to get rid of.可以问问务员有没有什么推荐的,但是同时也要注意,不要被骗,因为务员有时也喜欢将厨房卖不掉的菜推给你。Step 3: Skip the fancy entrees3.跳过那些写得过于好的菜Look for main dishes that seem particularly out of the ordinary. These are probably the chef’s specialties.找找菜单里面的特色菜,这些有可能是厨师的拿手菜。Beware of entrees that sound too good to be true. They probably are.但是有些写得过于好的,也要留心会不会不真实,虽然他们有可能是真的。Step 4: Stick with the restaurants genre4.遵循饭店的特色Stick with the restaurant’s genre. Do not go to a Japanese restaurant and order a hamburger.遵循饭店的特色。不要跑到一家日本料理去点汉堡。Step 5: Select from the remaining options5.从剩下的菜谱中挑选Select from the remaining options, sit back, and relax knowing that you have selected wisely.根据以上几点,选择自己喜欢的,然后等着享用,There are over 900,000 restaurants in the ed States.美国大约有90万家餐厅。视频听力译文由。 /201410/338257

  Obama authorizes 1,500 more US troops for Iraq奥巴马总统授权向伊拉克增兵1500人The US will almost double the number of its troops in Iraq, as it steps up its efforts to fight the militant group Islamic State.随着对激进组织伊斯兰国打击力度的加大,美国将向伊拉克增派近一倍军事人员。Up to 1,500 additional forces will be deployed over the coming months.因此未来数月内美国会部署多达1500名军事人员。The Pentagon says the increase comes at the request of Iraq’s government.五角大楼方面表示,这次增加是应伊拉克政府的要求。These non-combat troops will train, advise and assist the Iraqi military and Kurdish forces in fighting Islamic State.这些非战斗人员将训练,指导并协助伊拉克及库尔德部队打击伊斯兰国。The US currently has about 1,600 troops in Iraq.美国目前在伊拉克大约有1600多部队。And, President Barack Obama is asking for more than 5-billion dollars to help fund the fight.奥巴马总统正争取50多亿美元以持这场打击恐怖主义的战事。201411/341253Newcastle scraped through with a win over Chelsea.纽卡斯尔险胜了切尔西。But it wont be enough in itself.Liverpool are breathing down their necks.但这还远远不够。利物浦队的积分紧随其后。重点词汇:scrape through 勉强通过例句: I just scraped through a couple of A-levels.我只是勉强通过了几门高级程度考试。 201406/303012


  Getting up is a drag without a plan. Anticipate your day by outmaneuvering your first impulses to stay under the covers.如果没有计划,起床时间会一拖再拖。做好一天的计划,克制继续赖床的欲望。You Will Need你需要Discipline约束Objectives目标Food食物Steps步骤STEP 1 Set a daily routine1.制定每日惯例Make a long-term plan to discipline yourself to get up early. Set the alarm to wake up earlier than needed at first. Then set the clock across the room with a new rule: once up, no going back.制定长期计划,约束自己早点起床。把闹钟时间设置得比需要起床的时间早一点。然后在房间所有的钟表上贴上一条新规定:一旦决定,永不回头。STEP 2 Get to bed earlier than normal2.比正常情况早上床睡觉Get to bed earlier than normal, even if only to for an hour before dozing off.比正常情况早点上床睡觉,即使睡着前要读一个小时的书。Use a fan for ;white noise; so that sleep will be uninterrupted and deeper.利用风扇的白噪音保睡眠更沉,不受干扰。STEP 3 Train yourself with water3.训练喝水的习惯Train bodily habits to accommodate sleep and quick waking by reducing water intake at night. Keep a tall glass by the bed for morning and drink it when you wake up -- this will help wake you up and get you out of bed more quickly.训练身体习惯更加适应睡眠,早上更快醒来,夜间减少水的摄入量。床边放一杯水,早上醒来后饮用——这样可以帮助你醒来,更快起床。STEP 4 Reward yourself4.奖励自己Reward yourself for getting up with your favorite breakfast foods. Sitting quietly to reflect or to before starting the day may be reward enough.用最喜欢的早餐食物奖励自己起床。静静地坐着反思或者阅读,然后开始一天的生活,这是最大的奖励。Create a life with purpose and daily goals that excite you.打造有目标的生活,每天设定让自己充满的目标。STEP 5 Create objectives5.制定目标Create tasks that must be done right away in the morning before the actual work day starts, whether exercise, cleaning, or fixing something around the house.一天的工作开始之前,早上先列好必须立即完成的工作,无论是锻炼,清洁还是修理房间里的东西。STEP 6 Eat sensibly6.饮食明智Eat for waking up by ingesting the greatest amount of your daily calories in the morning and during the day and eating a smaller meal at night, so that instead of digesting a heavy meal, the body can repair and rejuvenate while you sleep. Wake rested -- and a little hungry --which will give you the added oomph you need to get up.早上和白天摄入一天所需的大部分能量,晚上尽量少吃一点,这样,睡眠期间身体的消化负担不会很重,可以集中在修复方面。醒来时已经休息好了,而且有点饥饿,这样可以让你更有动力起床。A 2007 University of Pittsburgh study found over 72 percent of children with depressive disorders had histories of sleep disturbances.2007年匹兹堡大学一项研究发现患有躁郁症的72%的儿童曾有睡眠障碍病史。201412/348020。

  Today in History:Thursday, June13, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月13日,星期四June 13th, 1971The New York Times begins publishing The Pentagon Papers --- a leaked, top secret study of Americas involvement in Vietnam. President Richard Nixons administration tries to block further publication in court, citing national security. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird,“It is our responsibility to call this violation of security to the attention of the Justice Department. This I have done.” But the U.S. Supreme Court rules The Times and The Washington Post can publish the material.1967,President Lyndon Johnson nominates solicitor General Thurgood Marshall to be the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.1966,The case behind the phrase “You have the right to remain silent.” , as the U.S. Supreme Court issues its “Miranda” ruling. That landmark decision says criminal suspects must be informed of their constitutional rights before police can question them.1900,In China, the Boxer Rebellion, a national revolt targeting foreigners, as well as Chinese Christians, erupts into full scale violence.1983,Pioneer 10 becomes the first spacecraft to leave our solar system, as the American space probe crosses the orbit of Neptune.And 1986,Benny Goodman, the clarinet playing “King of Swing”, dies in New York. He was 77.Today in History, June 13th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press /201306/243831



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